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thomas is like 10 please tell me y’all aren’t looking at real life 10-year-olds saying how hot they’ll look when they’re older and how you’d wait for them to grow up so you could date them like no matter how you put it wanting to date a 10-year-old is gross

like I get it, fiction isn’t reality, but even if he’s a fictional character it’s really weird, especially given this is a dating game

his crush is cute, yours isn’t, little kids have crushes on older people all the time but that doesn’t mean they need to be reciprocated

edit: listen if you try to defend yourself on this I’m blocking you like I don’t care if other games have weirder or grosser stuff, because it’s not the game that’s weird, it’s you, because you like a 10-year-old

I will gladly lose followers over this I don’t even care

Bottom right. This is happening


Having seen Kingsman nearly double digits in theatres (thank god it doesn’t cost me!), I’m now nit-picking to the extreme and taking notes. Things I’ve noticed or questioned in the last few viewings, in no particular order but designed to just let the world know I’m fucking pathetic. This should go without saying, but there’s probably some spoilers under here.

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Do you also always comment on fics you read? it's important that writers support other writers too, that writers give other writers strength and say that their story is amazing

Lmao of course I do! What kind of question is this? I comment on all fics I read and enjoy and then I go and reblog the links to my blog! ^_^ 

The three important things to do with fics! Kudo! Comment! Reblog!  REBLOGGING IS SO IMPORTANT!

The only fics I reblog without commenting on are the ones I’m sorely behind in reading (sorry monsoon and sugarplum T_T ) and when I do get to them I like to comment on every chapter. 

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Eva x mc please, your work is so amazing😊

Dearest anon! Thank you so much! 😊  Hero fanfics are still a new territory for me so bear with me please.

Uh, I assume this is for the kissing prompt ask correct? Since you didn’t give me a number, I’ll just choose one I haven’t done yet!  Still open to do more kissing prompts! (if anyone is interested). Hope you enjoy it anon!

2. Early Morning Kiss - A kiss that’s a wake up call, its barely even lips touching, more like they’re kissing your chin because they’re so tired in the early morning haze.


You’re Different - Eva x M!MC

If Adrian had woken up a few minutes later, he would have missed the beautiful dark-haired woman entirely. 

He remembered most of last night; the rush they’d been in to strip each other, barely able to contain their moans when they were finally skin-against-skin. Her quick hands and all the scratches she left behind  because he knew they had more to do with her and less to with their tousle with crime a few hours prior.

Adrian smiled thinly to himself, savoring the last bits of the pieces coming together inside his head before a sound had jolted him from his sleep. The images disappeared as he sat upright in bed; wincing slightly until his eyes searched for her.

She was across the room, back turned towards his door while her hands hastily moved to get dressed. Her wiry muscles bunched together as she slipped into her tank from last night, and he watched those hips of hers sway as she wiggled into her jeans. 

She was in the middle of leaving.

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Not to be salty about the lack of Matthew fancams, but i’m waiting for the day that Korean fans who go to kard concerts/events give me the HD bm focused fancams that i deserve..surely someone with a camera has to stan???! 

Omg I’m such a dipshit. I’ve been in such a feminist rage this evening that I totally spaced on the fact that exactly one week from this exact minute I will be in Atlanta, probably having drinks with my fucking faves @carol-on and @faith5by5-1013 (and missing the actual fuck out of @alannastara, why world why).

I am like:

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