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AJ Styles

Heat - AJ Styles/OFC. The OFC (part of WWE’s Glam Squad) is doing his hair and makeup for AJ in her hotel room. The AC is broken, leaving her in little to nothing on. This doesn’t go unnoticed by AJ and he can’t control himself. Smut.

Dean Ambrose

Good Vibrations - Dean Ambrose/OFC. Dean decides to play a little game with his girlfriend at work. Let’s just say vibrating panties really do come in handy. Smut.

Better - Dean Ambrose/OFC. After finding out the OC has a sex toy, they make a bet on who can please her the quickest and the best. Wonder who’s gonna win that bet… Smut.

Nikki Bella / Roman Reigns

Only You - request for ambreignsfan4life - Nikki Bella/Roman Reigns. Nikki sees Roman with another woman, they go back to the hotel room and they have an argument. Roman shows her that she’s the only one that matters to him. Smut.


AJ Styles

Somethin’ ‘Bout that Mouth - Prompts: #43 “Baby…” & #44 “Go fuck yourself”. Angst/fluff.

Fourth Round - Prompts: #35 “SHHH! They’ll hear us.” & #48 “Are you drunk?”. Fluff.

Tag Partners - Prompts: #95 “Damn, look at that ass!” “Really?” “What, it’s not my fault you have a nice ass.” & #84 “Well…um this is awkward” & #120 “And of course, we’re tag partners" Fluff.

Sweet Southern Boy -Prompt: #122 “Help me practice my moves?“ Fluff.

Buzzkill - Prompt: #76 “Fuck…" Almost Smut.

Austin Creed

Queen of Street Fighters - Prompts: #39 “Care to prove me wrong?” & #62 “ I made a promise… didn’t I?” Fluff.

Corey Graves

Plunging Neckline - Prompt: #96 “It’s kinda hard to focus when your boobs are staring me in the face” (Corey at the commentary table with his gf and forgets he’s on live TV). Fluff.

Finn Balor

Bite it for Me (Part One) - Prompt: #112 “Stop biting your lip, you know what that does to me.” “Then maybe you should bite it for me.” Fluff/Finn just being undeniably sexy/Implied smut.

Bite it for Me (Part Two) - Prompt: #98 “Go on, I dare you.”. Fluff/Finn just being undeniably sexy/Almost smut.

Bite it for Me (Part Three) - Prompt: #55 “You, me, bed, now!“ Smut.

Sleepover - Prompts: #26 “How in the hell did you get in here?” & #29 “I was bored” & #25 “I think we should have a sleepover. Fluff.

That Ass - Prompt: #95 “Damn, look at that ass!” “Really” “What, it’s not my fault you have a nice ass.“ Fluff.

Promise - Prompts: #61 “I’m just really glad you’re here.” & #62 “I made a promise… didn’t I?“ Fluff.

Roman Reigns

Babydoll - Prompt: #11 “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not lookin’.“ Fluff.

Sami Zayn

T-Shirt - Prompts: #22 “Are you wearing my shirt” & #75 “Stop doing that,” “Stop doing what?” “Teasing me like that.” & #37 “You look pretty hot in my shirt.“ Fluff.

Seth Rollins

I Can’t Forget You - Prompt: #1 “I’m trying to forget you as best I can, but damn it you belong to me.“ Angst/Fluff.

Multi-Chapter Stories

Austin Creed (Xavier Woods)

Mad Love

Roman Reigns

Broken Arrow

Seth Rollins

Line Of Fire


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