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Salam alaykum my friend. I have a dilemma. I was raised in a Christian household but have always been in awe of Islam and it's beauty. I started studying Arabic and I feel like maybe my prayers are heard when I pray in Arabic rather than when I pray in English. Lately I've been having more and more issues with Christianity and I want to convert but I am afraid to do so. How do I go about converting?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Converting is a formality. Once you have read the Quran and accepted it as the word of the God of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, that’s when you are a Muslim.

As for the conversion process, all you will need to do is go to a mosque on a Friday, wait until the prayers are finished (around 1:10 PM at most mosques), go to whoever seems to be in charge, and tell them you want to convert. They will ask you to repeat a few sentences after them in front of everyone and then you are officially a Muslim. Mosques are not like Churches, most people are not “members”, you can go to any mainstream mosque and sit down among everyone else and no one will even give you a second glance. Most of the people at any mosque do not know each other, and there generally are people from about 25-50 countries praying together at the same mosque.

You may find this Scottish man’s story helpful: I’m a middle-aged, white Scottish man who converted to Islam without ever meeting a Muslim. This is how

Best wishes

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How will being Shia or Sunni contribute to our destination towards heaven or hell?

Salam Alaykum

These names do not matter to Allah, we are judged based on what we do, not based on what we call ourselves.

However following a religion or a set of beliefs can cause us to act differently and since we are judged based on our actions; it is therefore important for us to have the correct belief.

So if we follow Shia Islam, we follow a religion which covers all needs of its followers and it provides us answers that guide us.

If you’re not following Shia Islam, then the other forms of Islam cannot function as a complete religion because they lack leadership, both in Jurisprudential sense and in political sense. However Shia Islam has a system of jurisprudence in place for providing guidance on what to do and not to do (which leads to heaven or hell). In addition a political leadership is functioning well, namely the Mujtahideen who have been bestowed a system of leadership and legitimacy from the Infallible Imams (peace be upon them), whom the other forms of Islam do not accept and as a result they lack the proper guidance of a leadership needed.

Why is leadership so important?

Because it is the leaders of a society who lead the masses, like a shepherd leading his flock, a good shepherd results in a good flock and a good leader results in a good society in which good actions of people increase and bad actions decrease, based on the religion of Allah. Thus leadership effects how we behave because it bounds us to do good by controlling us as a society, and hence a person living in that society has a more favourable atmosphere for developing goodness and remaining safer from sins.

So being Shia helps to get to heaven because it makes for us clearer what we must and must not do and who we must follow for guidance towards goodness.

Mosque Etiquette

Believe me, the first time going to a mosque can be intimidating. A new place and all new surroundings are all overwhelming at first. Especially putting into mind the fact that there are many different languages being spoken, it’s hard to know what to do, or possibly even more importantly, what not to do. This post will hopefully help you to get more of an idea about what to do when you are taking that first trip to the masjid. While every place is different, these are solid guidelines to help you feel a little more comfortable.

  1. DO dress appropriately. Keep in mind that if you are planning on praying there, the movements will have to be done without showing more than you would want.
    1. Girls, this means dressing in loose fitting clothes. Cover the legs and arms, even your hair. Even try to wear longer shirts, especially for the prayers part. I mean, you will not want your uncovered bottom up in the air when you are in sajood. That would be embarrassing (true story).
    2. Boys, wear looser pants (that has to be more comfortable). Make sure you wear a shirt and long pants. All men must be covered from their navel to the knee, so keep that in mind if you want to go wearing shorts.
    3. DO leave your shoes at the door. You’ll more than likely see a shelving unit or pile of shoes somewhere, so carefully add yours to the pile. This also offers a fun game during Ramadan (especially Eid) when the race is on to try and find them again.
    4. DON’T interrupt prayers. If someone is praying, don’t walk in front of them or try to speak with them. They are communicating with Someone much more important (Allah) therefore anything you need to say can wait.
    5. DO say “Salam Alaykum.” It is the traditional greeting and you will hear it all the time. It is commonly said as the greeting and once entering the room at the mosque (at least for girls) this is said. As an FYI, the response would be “alaykum salam”
    6. DON’T be loud. You are in a place of prayer, and by all means there is some level of reverence that should be had. That means to silence your cell phone and try to talk in an area further away from anyone one who is praying.
    7. DO get to know the people. They are probably great people, and as a convert, it is always nice to have a few new Muslim friends.
    8. DO arrive on time. While there are the stereotypical Arabs who are late (be careful I think that tendency can be contagious!) the prayers don’t wait for everyone. And walking in late can be embarrassing and a little noisy (see #4).
    9. DON’T use your phone. I mean you can live without it. It’s just an hour, tops. 

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Salam alaykum how may I manage stress and focus on myself, sometimes I feel lonely-no one contacts me I'm ok with it I really need to put myself first

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

There are hundreds of books dedicated to those topics, everyone is different so no one solution that works for everyone.

You say you feel lonely. That might be the root issue. According to Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection by the renowned scientist John T. Cacioppo, loneliness is a disease. It increases inflammation in the body, slowly blocks arteries, causes diabetes, and leads to depression, and there is no cure for it other than to stop being lonely.

Being lonely means to lack meaningful social connection with others. You don’t have to be alone to be lonely. You can have many people around you and still feel lonely.

An easy way to start solving this problem is to use your tumblr to find people to interact with on a daily basis. To cure loneliness, we need to feel that we matter, that people care about what we do and say. And on tumblr, if you have many followers, as you interact with them, as they read your posts and reply to them, that can give you some of that feeling and in this way reduce your loneliness.

Doing anything that makes you feel cared about, that makes you feel like you matter to someone, will reduce your loneliness. You can do it online, or do it in real life by finding ways of connecting with people.

As for managing stress, one thing that helps is to read the Quran. If you dedicate an hour a day to reading the Quran, slowly the afterlife will start to appear more important to you than the life of this world, and this will make all of your worldly problems appear small and unimportant, which will take the stress out of daily life.

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I committed a sin again. I didn't mean to do it, it just happened. I feel like a huge block is preventing me from going back to Allah. I feel too ashamed and embarrassed to repent. I feel like Allah doesn't like me anymore and that islam isn't (1)

(2) For sinners like me since I keep messing up. I just hate myself for this


Salam Alaykum :)

Thank you for getting in touch.

Lets see how Allah and Prophet (saw) will respond to your message:

Anas (ra) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (saw) said :“All the sons of Adam are sinners, but the best of sinners are those who repent often.” (At·Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “By Him in whose hand is my soul, if you did not sin Allah would replace you with people who would sin and they would seek the forgiveness of Allah and He would forgive them.” (Sahih Muslim 2749)

Allah (swt) says:

Say: “(God gives you hope): O My servants who have been wasteful (of their God-given opportunities and faculties) against (the good of) their own souls! Do not despair of God’s Mercy. Surely God forgives all sins. He is indeed the All-Forgiving, the All-Compassionate. ’ (Holy Qur'an, az-Zumar 53)


In a Hadith Qudsi (found in Muslim and other places) Allah says:

A servant [of God’s] committed a sin and said: “O God, forgive me my sin.”

And He (glorified and exalted be He) said:

“My servant has committed a sin and has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for them.”

Then he sinned again and said: “O Lord, forgive me my sin.”

And He (glorified and exalted be He) said:

“My servant has committed a sin and has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for them.”

Then he sinned again and said: “O Lord, forgive me my sin.”

And He (glorified and exalted be He) said:

My servant has committed a sin and has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for sins. Do what you wish, for I have forgiven you.”


Allah underlines this in a Hadith Qudsi from Tirmidhi, when He says:

“Even if your sins reached up to the clouds in the sky, I would forgive you.”

And then there is this report found in Ibn Rajab’s Jami’ Al-Ulum:

It was said to [The Prophet’s grandson] Al-Hassan:

“Is not the servant [of God] ashamed of sinning and then repenting, and then sinning again and then again repenting?”

He [Al-Hassan] said: “Satan wants exactly that. Never stop making repentance.”

So dear anon; please do not loose hope in the mercy of Allah. Islam is EXACLY for people like you and me who sin all the time and knock on the door of Allah for forgiveness! :)

Please keep me updated how you are doing insha'Allah

And Allah knows best

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Salam alaykum I have less than few hours to sleep. Please pray that I'll have enough energy to get through the day and pray that I'll have a successful day at work. Barakallahu feek.

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Asalam o alikum.. i want to ask that what happened to Aleppo is occurring to many other islamic territories. I want to ask as being a young blood of my umma , what should i do ?? Do i have to take on the guns and fight .?? Does there is any other way in which i can help this islamic sisters and brothers??

Wa alaykum al-salam. The Syrian people are not asking you to take up guns and fight. They do not need more people. In fact, many will tell you that foreign fighters with ISIS and those with Iran and Hezbollah have only created more issues in the country. What they want is for you to use your voice to bring attention to their plight. To not forget them when they are no longer in the news. To find ways to support organizations (that I have mentioned elsewhere) that are bringing relief to the population. To advocate for your countries to take in more of their people that are now homeless and without a country. Their refugees. The foreigners making the greatest impact in Syria are the ones that go there to provide medical care, to report on what is happening, to provide services to the people. You have a responsibility to use the opportunities that you have been given to make positive contributions in the world. If your politicians won’t listen to you then take part in the political process and become the politician. If that is not possible in your country then find other ways to engage civil society. Build up your voice so that it is heard. And finally, do not despair. Have faith. Place your trust in the Most High. Stay woke.

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I'm very depressed and I'm currently suicidal, but I'm too scared to kill myself because I don't want to go to hell. I'm scared and I don't know what to do, I feel so helpless Like I'll never recover

Salam Alaykum!

When I first read this message y'know what came to my mind? How strong imaan you have! Even in your lowest moments you still think about the consequences of akhirat! That is pure imaan! Mash'Allah!

Allah (swt) knows what you are feeling and He knows your intention and He knows whats in your heart. Feed yourself positive thoughts. Wallahi if you knew how Allah took care of your affairs you would not worry. Its only a matter of time before things get better. Patience is bitter, its REALLY bitter actually. But the sweetness of its fruits will prevail and you will forget any bitterness that you have ever tasted. You will recover insha'Allah! Please do everything possible. Go get professional help with your depression and at the same time strengthen your relationship with Allah insha'Allah.

Everything in this life passes. Sometimes we just need a different perspective. You are not out of options. Please remember that

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says: “The one who thinks positive will see things positive. And the one who sees things positive will have pleasure from life.”

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing insha'Allah

And Allah knows best

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Salam alaykum on these last few nites of Ramadan, please pray that I'll find someone in my life and pray that Allah grants me better opportunities in my career and health life. Barakallahu fik.

ISLAM 101: Islamic Phrases

Salam Alaykum wa Rahmetullah,

Lets do this one more time guys. Islam has its own key phrases to use in daily life. Some of these are listed below along with the times to use them. This might seem very basic for some of our followers but bear with us please.

1. When starting to do something: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.”
(In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.)

2. When mentioning something that will be done in the future. “Insha'llah.” (If Allah wills.)

3. When praising something say, “Subhanullah.” (Glory to Allah.)

4. When in pain or distress. “Ya Allah.” (O Allah.)

5. When appreciating something say, “Masha-Allah.” (As Allah willed.)

6. When thanking someone. “Jazakullah.” (Allah reward you.)

7. When you see something bad. “Nowthzubillah.” (Allah protect us.)

8. When saying you’re sorry to Allah for a sin. “Astaghfirullah.” (Allah forgive.)

9. After sneezing or when you’re happy about something. “Alhumdulillah.” (Praise Allah.)

10. When meeting someone. “Assalamu ‘alaykum.” (Peace be upon you.)

11. Replying to the above greeting. “Wa 'alaykum assalam.” (And upon you be peace.)

12. When hearing about a death or tragedy. “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.”

(To Allah we belong and to Him we return.)

13. When giving in charity. “Fee eemanullah.” (In Allah’s faith.)

14. When taking an oath. “Wallah.” (I Swear to Allah.)

15. If someone sneezes and they say, “alhumdulillah,” you reply with, “Yarhamakullah.” (Allah have mercy upon you.) The sneezer will reply back, “Yehdikumullah” which means, “Allah guide you.”

Also check this out as well:

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Salam alaykum please keep me out of trouble and please pray that i'll be granted with better opportunities in life. Please also pray that the love of my life grew to love me stronger, I'm always worried that he has his heart on other girls...

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Salam Alaykum! Are high school years supposed to be the best years of your life. Currently i have no friends. I cant comcentrate at my studies. I am having zero fun.

Wa alykum as-salaam!

No, high school is terrible too. So is college, most kids treat it like they’ve been left at sleep away camp for the first time and that annoys me.

You probably wouldn’t be friends with those people even if you did. Do you want me to be the “ghost of high school past” and show you what you life would be like if you had friends in high school/college?

OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO (we’re transforming now)

We’re in the mall, your friend sees you, you haven’t talked in 7 years.

You’re like “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

They’re like “heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

“what are you doing?”

“oh nothing, just punching squirrles”

(you have to pretend to be happy for them now) “oh my gosh! wow! So great! let’s hang out!!!”

“yes! let’s! do I have your number?”


“okay well…”

“okay see you!!”

you never speak again.

(transforming again) Doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo! (this is a wayne’s world reference, ps) 

So, refocus on school, good grades open up doors and give you chances. If you mess up, don’t worry, just get into whatever school you can, work hard, and move up from there, insha Allah.

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I have nobody. Im so down. Please help me. I need islam rn..

Salam Alaykum,

You have Allah anon! He will take care of you!

Holy Qur'an, al-Baqarah 186: And when (O Messenger) My servants ask you about Me, then surely I am near: I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he prays to Me

al-Baqarah 152. So always remember and make mention of Me (when service to Me is due), that I may remember and make mention of you (when judgment and recompense are due); and give thanks to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.

al-Nalm 62. Or He Who answers the helpless one in distress when he prays to Him, and removes the affliction from him, and (Who) has made you (O humankind) vicegerents of the earth (to improve it and rule over it according to God’s commandments)? Is there another deity besides God? How little you reflect!

Allah (swt) knows what you are feeling and He knows your intention and He knows whats in your heart. Feed yourself positive thoughts. Wallahi if you knew how Allah took care of your affairs you would not worry. Its only a matter of time before things get better. Patience is bitter, its REALLY bitter actually. But the sweetness of its fruits will prevail and you will forget any bitterness that you have ever tasted. SUN WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE DARKEST MOMENT OF THE NIGHT!

Don’t let depression get you down. Depression can be very dangerous and bit by bit, day by day it can slowly grow before it overwhelms and then controls you. Be positive in every outlook of your life. If you feel your life isn’t panning out as you want it to be, be assure that you are exactly where Allah wants you to be. AND WHO IS A BETTER PLANNER FOR YOU LIFE THAN ALLAH? WHO?

Pray. Make dua. Cry your problems to Allah and you will see He will help you.

Send me an IM if you wanna talk in detail. I am a good listener

May Allah make it easy for you

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Salam Alaykum! I always wonder what super busy people are busing doing? Honestly, what productive things do yall do?

Wa alykum as-salaam!

Work. Doing my reading instead of being on Tumblr or binge-watching Netflix.

Alhamdulilah, I’ve been able to achieve a lot, with all Thanks and Praise being due to The Most High, as anything I have done has been through Him and by His Grace.

But it takes hard work. I feel like people don’t see that, and it’s about working hard, and I feel like a lot of kids think that if their books are open, they’re studying.

It takes discipline. To quote Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." 

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Salam we alaykum, Name 5 things you would advise young girls of today

Walaykumasalam warahmatullah

I feel like this will require a long post. I’ll try to keep it short lol.

1) know your Rabb and know your deen. Take the time to learn because your youth is golden for seeking Ilm. It’s much more difficult as life goes and your responsibilities grow. If you have a good base established earlier on, it will only help you stay firm for the major decisions in your life that will come.

2) have good company. If your girls aren’t benefitting you and you them, if you spend more time chitchating about gossip and TV and useless crap, reassess everything and find company who will increase you in your imaan and remind you of Allah. You are a reflection of your company so if you want to be among the beloved of Allah on the day of judgement, be among them now.

3) do not- I repeat- do not compare yourself to others. It’s a recipe for disaster and it will leave you in a depression, insecure and ungrateful for all of your blessings. Don’t compare yourself to others who are married and having children, don’t compare yourself to those who have worked for their academic and career achievements and don’t compare yourself to those who you think are flawless the way they look. Everyone is different, everyone has a different path and Allah knows what is best for YOU specifically so strive for better but don’t let others’ fortunes and blessings keep your from being happy for them.

4) take care of your body. If you screw it up, you won’t get another one. Your health is so important and it only diminishes as you grow older and go through marriage and childbirth. Ageing in general takes a toll so take care of your body internally and keep yourself from junk. Don’t skip meals. Eat healthy. Drink lots and lots of water. Be active. Take good multivitamins/supplements. Don’t overeat or deprive yourself of that which is made halal for you. Do your kegels (you will thank me for it later). Get enough rest and don’t stress out over everything. Stress really puts your body in overdrive.

5) be careful when it comes to boys. They will try to charm you, reason with you, manipulate you, woo you, humour you, and make you feel all tingly and it’s only natural as a woman to like the attention. But be very very careful. There’s a huge difference between a boy and a man. Know your boundaries and if someone shows you any interest, show them your wali. If you don’t hear from them after that, there’s a reason. Don’t get caught up in the “we will eventually get married” or “we are just waiting until we finish school or he’s established etc etc.” If you are sincerely not ready to get married then save yourselves from the fitnah. The fitnah is real. And if you do find a man who steps up, take your time to make sure he’s a good man. Make sure he’s upon the sunnah and that he treats his family well. Make sure he will be a good leader to your family and he’s the kind of man who you want as a father for your children.
(Okay I’m gonna stop here because this can go on forever.)

Bonus tip: be patient with the trials of life. Seek help with patience and prayer. Allah will be your closest ally if only you seek Him through the turbulence that is his Dunya.


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How do I perform tawbah? Or repentance I think? I've looked it up but nothing was clear and I don't want to be doing it wrong.

Salam Alaykum,

Amazing questions today. First Dua'a now Tawbah. Good job guys.

Lets start with what Tawbah is and then answer your question insha'Allah

Tawbah is an Arabic words derived from the origin “Taaba” i.e. returned back. Tawbah thus means turning back in repentance. It means showing regret for the error and the sin one has got himself involved in.

To have a clear view of the concept of Tawbah and what it does mean, read the following:

Repentance (Tawbah) means that one feels regret and filled with remorse for his or her sins, turns to Allah with the intention to obey Him. According to scholars, repentance signifies a sincere effort to no longer oppose the Divine Essence in one’s feelings, thoughts, intentions, and acts, and to comply sincerely with His commands and prohibitions. Repentance does not mean being disgusted with what is bad or prohibited and thus no longer engaging in it; rather, it means remaining aloof from whatever Allah hates and prohibits, even if it seems agreeable to sense and reason.

Repentance is usually used with Nasuh, literally meaning pure, sincere, reforming, improving, and repairing. Tawbah Nasuh (genuine repentance) means a pure, sincere repentance that perfectly reforms and improves the one who feels it. One who feels such a sincere, heartfelt, and true remorse for the sin committed seeks to abandon it, thereby setting a good example for others. The Quran points to this when it mentions true repentance: “O you who believe! Turn to God in true, sincere repentance.” (At-Tahrim: 8).

There are three categories of repentance:

1-The repentance of those who cannot discern Divine truths. Such people are uneasy about their disobedience to Allah and, conscious of the sinfulness clouding their hearts, turn toward Allah in repentance saying, for example: “I have fallen or committed a sin. Forgive me, or I ask for Allah’s forgiveness.”

2-Those half-awakened to Divine truths beyond veils of material existence, who feel an inward pang of sinfulness and remorse right after thinking or doing anything incompatible with the consciousness of always being in Allah’s presence, or after every instance of heedlessness enveloping their hearts, and who immediately take refuge in the mercy and favor of Allah. Such people are described in the following Hadith:. “One who sincerely repents of his sin is as if he had never committed it. When Allah loves one of His servants, his sins do not harm him. Then he recited the verse: aAssuredly, Allah loves the oft-repentant and those who always seek to purify themselves.‘”

3-Those who live such a careful life that, their eyes sleep but their hearts do not, their hearts are awake. Such people immediately discard what-ever intervenes between Allah and their hearts and other innermost faculties, and regain the consciousness of their relation to the Light of Lights. They always manifest the meaning of:. “How excellent a servant! Truly he was ever turning in contrition (to his Lord)”(Sad:44).

Repentance means regaining one’s essential purity after every spiritual defilement, and engaging in frequent self-renewal.

The Stages of Repentance:

1-Feeling sincere remorse and regret.

2-Being frightened whenever one remembers past sins.

3-Trying to eradicate injustice and support justice and right.

4-Reviewing one’s responsibilities and performing obligations previously neglected.

5-Reforming oneself by removing spiritual defects caused by deviation and error

6-Regretting and lamenting the times when one did not mention or remember Allah, or thank Him and reflect on His works. Such people are always apprehensive and alert so that their thoughts and feelings are not tainted by things that intervene between themselves and Allah. (This last quality is particular to people distinguished by their nearness to Allah.)

If one does not feel remorse, regret, and disgust for errors committed, whether great or small; if one is not fearful or apprehensive of falling back into sin at any time; and if one does not take shelter in sincere servanthood to Allah in order to be freed from deviation and error into which one has fallen by moving away from God, any resulting repentance will be no more than a lie.

Repentance is an oath of virtue, and holding steadfastly to it requires strong willpower. The lord of the penitents, peace and blessings be upon him, says that one who repents sincerely and holds steadfastly to it is has achieved the rank of a martyr, while the repentance of those who cannot free themselves from their sins and deviations, although they repent repeatedly, mocks the door toward which the truly repentant ones turn in utmost sincerity and resolution.

One who continues to sin after proclaiming a fear of Hell, who does not engage in righteous deeds despite self-proclaimed desires for Paradise, and who is indifferent to the Prophet’s way and practices despite assertions of love for the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, cannot be taken seriously. This is also the case with one who claims to be sincere and pure-hearted, but spends his or her life oscillating between sin and repentance.

To conclude, for the purpose of making taubah, recall your sins and then offer repentance in profusion. However, do not meditate about the sins committed or do not make vigorous attempts in a bid to remember what sins had been committed, for this attitude will create a barrier between the repenter and Allah Ta'ala. This constitutes an obstacle in the path of love and progress. After having made a sincere taubah, if previous sins come to mind then renew the taubah. Do not be too much concerned about sins for which taubah has already been made.

While making taubah there should be a degree of moderation in mentioning the sins. There is no need to recite a whole list of sins while making taubah. Seek forgiveness for all sins in general. According to the Hadith Shareef one should say:

“And, I repent of even such sins which you are more aware of.”

“I repent of such sins which l am aware of and of such sins which I am unaware.”

Pondering about sins is in actual fact destruction of time and diversion from the remembrance of Allah. However, one should make special taubah for sins which one recalls automatically. The real Goal is Allah Ta'ala and not the remembrance of sins neither the remembrance of acts of obedience. The purpose of remembering sins is to offer repentance. Hence, once taubah has been made, one should not deliberately and consciously ponder over sins thereby making such remembrance a definite purpose because this will engender the idea that Allah Ta'ala is displeased with one, and this is a dangerous idea.

Also, there is a prayer called Salaat al-tawbah (the prayer of repentance). Here is the hadith:

Narrated that Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq (ra) said: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (saw) say:

“There is no one who commits a sin then purifies himself well and stands and prays two rak’ahs, then asks Allaah for forgiveness, but Allaah will forgive him. Then he recited this verse: ‘And those who, when they have committed Faahishah (illegal sexual intercourse) or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allaah and ask forgiveness for their sins; — and none can forgive sins but Allaah — and do not persist in what (wrong) they have done, while they know’ [Aal ‘Imraan 3:135].”

Saheeh Abi Dawood.

And Allah (swt) knows the best

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Salam alaykum please pray that I'll be able to motivate my colleagues at work to achieve greater results Please pray that I'll end the shift perfectly with great numbers. Please also pray that I get positive feedback from my superior. Jazakumallah Khairan.

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Can you please give advice on heartbreak?

Salam Alaykum!

When I think about heartbreak the dua'a Prophet (saw) made after being stoned in Ta'if comes to my mind.

Please read it carefully and cry your heartbreak to Allah. May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.

It is related that when Abu Talib died, the Prophet (saw) went out on foot to Ta’if to call its people to Islam. They rejected his call, and he walked away until he got to the shade of a tree. So, he prayed two rak’at and said:

اللهم إني أشكو إليك ضعف قوتي وهواني على الناس أنت أرحم الراحمين إلى من تكلني إلى عدو يتجهمني أم إلى قريب ملكته أمري إن لم تكن غضبان علي فلا أبالي غير أن عافيتك أوسع لي أعوذ بوجهك الذي أشرقت له الظلمات وصلح عليه أمر الدنيا والآخرة أن ينزل بي غضبك أو يحل بي سخطك لك العتبى حتى ترضى ولا قوة إلا بالله

“O Allah, I complain to You of my weakness and my insignificance in the eyes of the people. You are the most Merciful. No matter who You have put me at the mercy of – an enemy who will be stern with me, or a friend to look after my affairs – as long as You are not Angry with me, then I don’t care. However, the relief You bring would be more comfortable for me. I seek refuge with Your Face – for which the darkness has lit up, and the affairs of this world and the next are organized – from being afflicted with Your Wrath or deserving of Your Anger. You have the right to admonish as You please, and there is no might nor power except by Allah.”

(al-Haythami in Majma’ az-Zawa’id)