as sahra'

why everyone should read 'rivers of london'/'the peter grant series' by ben aaronovitch

• it has been described as “harry potter for adults” but only if harry potter had actual, decent diversity
• if you like the works of terry pratchett or neil gaiman, you’ll love it
• the main character is peter grant, a biracial london police officer who one day accidentally interrogates a ghost and things just kinda go a bit wild from here
• the goddesses of the rivers of london are p much all badass black women (these characters also inspired one of my favourite songs)
• sahra “muslim ninja” guleed, the woman who joined the police on a dare, is the best thing to ever happen to me
• lgbtq+ characters are never used for shock value or tokenised and are treated the same as the cis, straight characters
• there’s a muslim trans woman of colour who can fly!!!
• it’s told from peter’s pov and he constantly calls white people out on their shit i love him
• deals with themes of ethics and immortality
• it’s genuinely entertaining and the suspense is great and i love it
• harry potter would have been much better if, on his first day at hogwarts, harry said “fuck me, i can do magic”

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Neden o kız?

Gözlerine beş dakika baksam, okyanusta boğulurum, belki bundandır.
Ellerini tutsam, yüreğimin alevinden kül olurum, belki bundandır.
Saçlarını okşasam, Sahra Çölü’nün kumlarıyla sevişirim, belki bundandır.
Ondaki o gülüş, Afrika’nın çocuklarına mutluluktu, belki bundandır.
Sesi var ya sesi, ‘’Dünyanın en güzel şarkısını dinlemek gibi’’, keza dünyanın en güzel sesi onunki. Yüreğime yani.
Öyle bir güzelliği var ki, geceleyin pencereye vuran yağmur misali.
Yazılmış ne kadar şiir varsa o,
Yazılmış ne kadar türkü varsa o,
Güzel olan her şey ona…
Bak bir gülüşü var, 
Devrim lan!
Neden mi o?
Yanımda mı o?
Niye mi hala seviyorum?
İntihar bağımlısıyım ondandır belki.

Reyes Vidal and Sahara Ryder - For a first date (even if it’s on Sloane’s party) Sahara would have done anything to look her best… I mean… there are not that many chances for a Pathfinder to go on dates after all. And even rarer chances to get asked out by men like Reyes Vidal. 

The dress was inspired by the concept art in the Andromeda artbook. 

There is a tiny snippet of “writing” to go with this picture. To not spam your dashboards I keep it under a cut. I am not very confident that this is any good… but well, it’s part of the picture now, so please, bear with my bad writing.

Commissions are open.
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How to cry.

alex turner - glass in the park
alex turner - hiding tonight
alex turner - it’s hard to get around the wind
alex turner - stuck on the puzzle
arctic monkeys - despair in the departure lounge
arctic monkeys - fire and the thud
arctic monkeys - mad sound
arcitc monkeys - i wanna be yours
arctic monkeys - love is a laserquest
arctic monkeys - mardy bum
arctic monkeys - no.1 party anthem
arctic monkeys - only ones who know
arctic monkeys - riot van
arctic monkeys - she’s thunderstorms
arctic monkeys - the jewellers hands
arctic monkeys - you’re so dark
arctic monkeys - 505 
all american rejects - another sad song
all time low - therapy
alter bridge - in loving memory
alter bridge - watch over you
angus and julia stone - and the boys
alt-j - something good
alt-j - fitzpleasure
tom odell - another love
bastille - get home
bastille - laura palmer
bastille - things we lost in the fire
ben harper - forever
birdy - skinny love
blink182 - imiss you
blink182 - after midnight
blink182 - adam’s song
bloc party - i still remember
bloc party - sunday
bloc party - this modern love
blue foundation - eyes on fire
bombay bicycle club - always like this
bombay bicycle club - beggars
bombay bicycle club - fairytale lullaby
bombay bicycle club - flaws
bombay bicyle club - jewel
bombay bicycle club - leaving blues
bombay bicycle club - many ways
bombay bicycle club : my god
bombay bicycle club - swansea
bombay bicycle club - the giantess
bombay bicycle club - word by word
chrstina aguilera feat a great big world - say something
christina perri - a thousand years
coldplay - gravity
coldplay - sparks
colsplay - we never change
daughter - youth
daughter - medicine
daughter - smother
fergie - that’s whay i say, it’s not what i mean
foals - spanish sahra
foals - late night
foxes - in her arms
frams - don’t stay here
goo goo dolls - iris
imagine dragons - demons
imagine dragons - hear me
jake bugg - broken
jake bugg - a song about love
jake bugg - simple pleasures
jeff buckley - forget her
jeff buckley - hallelujah
jeff buckley - calling you
joy division - love will tear us apart
kings of leon - cold desert
kodaline - high hopes
kodaline - midnight
kodaline - one day
kodaline - talk
kodaline - the answer
linkin park - in pieces
linkin park - iridiscent
linkin park - not alone
linkin park - robot boy
linkin park - the messenger
ludovico einaudi - i giorni
mighty quinn - my road
mumford and sons - below my feet
mumford and sons - ghosts that we knew
mumford and sons - home
mumford and sons - hopeless wandered
mumford and sons - i gave you all
nirvana - something in the way
oasis - don’t go away
oasis - let there be love
oasis - stop crying your heart out
oasis - wonderwall
of monsters and men - love love love love
of monsters and men - six weeks
onerepublic - counting stars
passenger - i see love
passenger - let her go
pink floyd - if
radiohead - all i need
radiohead - fake plastic trees
radiohead - high & dry
radiohead - how to disappear completely
radiohead - true love waits
radiohead - karma police
radiohead - no surprises
radiohead - creep
radiohead - talk show host
radiohead - thinking about you
red hot chili peppers - snow
regina spektor - hero
regina spektor - us
ron pope - a drop in the ocean
ron pope - save me
seabear - cold summer
sia - breathe me
sigur ros - allright
sigur ros - sæglópur
sigur ros - samskeyti
sigur ros - varúo
sigur ros - von
snow patrol - chasing cars
snow patrol - in the end
snow patrol - new york
snow patrol - open your eyes
snow patrol - run
snow patrol - you could be happy
skylar grey - words
sum41 - crash
the 1975 - fallingforyou
the 1975 - you
the 1975 - me
the 1975 - talk!
the beach boys - only with you
the beach boys - tears in the morning
the beach boys - thinking about the days
the beatles - something
the drums - down by the water
the drums - i can’t save your life
the drums - it will end in tears
the fray - heartless
the fray - look after you
the fray - never say never
the fray - you found me
the killers - read my mind
the killers - romeo and juliet
the kooks - gap
the last shadow puppets - meeting place
the last shadow puppets - i don’t like you anymore
the last shadow puppet - the time has come again
the maccabees - first love
the maccabees - go
the maccabees - ayla
the maccabees - went away
the maccabees - toothpaste kisses
the national - demons
the national - gospel
the national - i need my girl
the national - runaway
the national - sorrow
the script - breakeven
the script - for the first time
the script - nothing
the script - six degrees of separation
the smiths - asleep
the strokes - i can’t win
the strokes - killing lies
the strokes - on the other side
the strokes - when it started
the tallest man on earth - little river
the tallest man on earth - the dreamer
the temper trap - sweer disposition
the vaccines - all in white
the vaccines - weirdo
the vaccines - wetsuit
the xx - angels
the xx - heart skipped a beat
the xx - crystalised
the xx - do you mind?
the xx - infinity
the xx - missing
the xx - night time
the xx - basic space
the xx - reunion
the xx - stars
the xx - vcr
two door cinema club - undercover martyn
two door cinema club - next year
two door cinema club - sun
vampire weekend - everywhere
vampire weekend - i stand corrected
vampire weekend - i think ur a contra
william fitzsimmons - everything has change
you me at six - crash
you me at six - stay with me
3 door down - here without you
30 seconds to mars - alibi
30 seconds to mars - city of angels
30 seconds to mars - convergence
30 seconds to mars - end of the day

Kubbet-üs Sahra, Eyyubi ve Memluk Sultanları tarafından çeşitli tarihlerde tamir ettirildi. Bölge, Yavuz Sultan Selim devrinde Osmanlı topraklarına katıldı. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Kubbet-üs Sahra'yı köklü biçimde tamir ettirdi. Kanuni, dış cephesini çinilerle kaplattı. Kubbet-üs Sahra, Osmanlı padişahlarından III. Murat, I. Abdülhamid, II. Mahmud, Sultan Abdülmecid Sultan Abdülaziz ve II. Abdülhamid devirlerinde de tamir edildi. II. Abdülhamid binanın zeminini İran halıları ile döşetti, ortasına büyük bir avize astırdı ve eskiyen çinilerini yeniletti.


Yuzuha was kinda an impulse buy when I noticed she was in stock on amiami the other day, but I love cat themed dolls, and she was luckily the only one of the cat theme Sahra’s a la mode dolls I actually liked. (Yuzuha has also consistently been the only sahra’s a la mode girl I particular like anyway, and even though I wanted to stay loyal to the ex cutes I knew if I was going to get one it’d be her.)
She’s very cute and I love all the details on her outfit - like the little cat ears on her shoes! The tail is magnetic - the other tail goes in a pocket on the back of her underwear, which is a neat system cos I can put the tail on any of the other neemos if they wear the underwear.

Her face is cute and I kinda like that her expression matched Aika’s, but I do prefer Yuzuha’s usual smile.

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for the fic meme, changes of perspective: either something from nightingales pov or something bringing lady caroline etc into that verse? thnks :)

No lie, Lady Helena and Caroline were the single biggest thing from THT I was like I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT YOU FOR CHANGES OF PERSPECTIVE, so this was a delight of a prompt to get! 

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1. Türkiye :
2. Bulgaristan (545 yıl)
3. Yunanistan (400 yıl)
4. Sırbistan (539 yıl)
5. Karadağ (539 yıl)
6. Bosna-Hersek (539 yıl)
7. Hırvatistan (539 yıl)
8. Makedonya (539 yıl)
9. Slovenya (250 yıl)
10. Romanya (490 yıl)
11. Slovakya (20 yıl) Osmanli adı :Uyvar
12. Macaristan (160 yıl)
13. Moldova (490 yıl)
14. Ukrayna (308 yıl)
15. Azerbaycan (25 yıl)
16. Gürcistan (400 yıl)
17. Ermenistan (20 yıl)
18. Güney Kıbrıs (293 yıl)
19. Kuzey Kıbrıs (293 yıl)
20. Rusya'nın güney toprakları (291 yıl)
21. Polonya (25 yıl)-himaye- Osmanlı adı: Lehistan
22. İtalya ‘nın güneydoğu kıyıları (20 yıl)
23.Arnavutluk (435 yıl)
24. Belarus (25 yıl) -himaye-
25. Litvanya (25 yıl) -himaye-
26. Letonya (25 yıl) -himaye-
27. Kosova (539 yıl)
28. Voyvodina (166 yıl) Osmanlı adı: Banat


29. Irak (402 yıl)
30. Suriye (402 yıl)
31. İsrail (402 yıl)
32. Filistin (402 yıl)
33. Urdun (402 yıl)
34. Arabistan (399 yıl)
35. Yemen (401 yıl)
36. Umman (400 yıl)
37. Birlesek Arap Emirlikleri (400 yıl)
38. Katar (400 yıl)
39. Bahreyn (400 yıl)
40. Kuveyt (381 yıl)
41. Iranın batı toprakları (30 yıl)
42. Lübnan (402 yıl)


43. Mısır (397 yıl )
44. Libya (394 yıl) Osmanlı adı Trablusgarp
45. Tunus (308 yıl )
46. Cezayir (313 yıl)
47. Sudan (397 yıl ) Osmanlı adı: Nubye
48. Eritre (350 yıl ) Osmanlı adı: Habes
49. Cibuti (350 yıl)
50. Somali (350 yıl ) Osmanlı adı: Zeyla
51. Kenya sahilleri (350 yıl )
52. Tanzanya sahilleri (250 yıl)
53. Çad'ın kuzey bölgeleri (313 yıl ) Osmanlı adı: Reşade
54. Nijer'in bir kısmı (300 yıl) Osmanlı adı: Kavar
55. Mozambik'in kuzey toprakları (150 yıl)
56. Fas (50 yıl ) -himaye-
57. Bati Sahra (50 yıl) -himaye-
58. Moritanya (50 yıl) -himaye-
59. Mali (300 yıl ) Osmanlı adı: Gat kazası
60. Senegal (300 yıl)
61. Gambiya (300 yıl )
62. Gine Bissau (300 yıl)
63. Gine (300 yıl )
64. Etiyopya'nın bir kısmı (350 yıl) Osmanlı adı: Habeş

Osmanlı Kara hudutları sınırları içinde resmen bulunmamakla birlikte fiilen Hilafete bağlı yerler:

64. Hindistan Müslümanları -Pakistan-
65. Doğu Hindistan Müslümanları -Bangladeş-
66. Singapur
67. Malezya
68. Endonezya
69. Türkistan Hanlıkları
70. Nijerya
71. Kamerun