I want to start making custom order football shirt embroideries, if anyone is interested. It can be for gifts, I can finish it ready for a certain date for you. From any team or club, any player from any era, you send me what you’d like and I’ll make it!

The shape will be like pictured (it’ll be much neater tho I swear!)

Message me here or on my embroidery blog and we can discuss ideas including:

  • player
  • team (nt, club, vintage era etc..)
  • fabric colour
  • boarder patterns and colour if any (eg dots, flowers, line etc…)
  • size

For the prices I am willing to be flexible, £15 for the size pictured (5.5 inches) as I think that’s the best size to work with, the price will increase if you want a bigger one, we can discuss it all to work with what you can afford.

For the shipping prices as I live in England it will be more expensive internationally (I will have to check but perhaps even up to £10 for Australia and America) if the postage cost is an issue we can reduce the price overall.

They take around 2-3 days to make.

It will come in the hoop, can be easily hung up and it’ll be gathered neatly at the back.

I am really excited to get started on this! It would be amazing if you could reblog this and send it to people you think would be interested, thank you so so much!!