as resolution for the character

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Is it possible to write several breaking points for a character? When the climax and the happy resolution finally get there it seems like that character deserved it that much more.

You can write several sad or unhappy moments for a character, but a breaking point is a specific plot device, and there’s only one. That’s how the device works.

the ending of TLD becomes a lot more painful when you realise that at the time of filming that scene, Ben and Martin had received the script for TFP and knew there was no resolution for their characters. the characters they worked so hard to play for 7 years. they both poured everything they had into that hug scene, and now we know why


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 1


Commissions Open

Price range:

  • $150-250 USD (+5% Paypal fee) per character
  • Price depends on complexity of character designs

What you get:

  • full body character art with colour blocked bg
  • High resolution .PSD file (minimum letter size at 300 DPI)

Please email with the following:

  • Subject: Commission
  • reference image(s)
  • short desc of the character (personality, demeanor, age, etc)
  • your paypal email

Thank you kindly for your interest. :)

My New Years Resolution

• stop getting sucked into new fandoms
• stop crying bc of fictional characters
• stop hyperventilating every time fave does smth
• stop screaming bc OTP
• stop shipping everyone who touches
• stop staying up late reading fanfiction

I’m taking pixel art commissions! You can use these for a variety of things like avatars, web/blog graphics, game icons (I can’t offer animation at the moment though, so only static icons), merchandise design (such as t-shirts, stickers, and more. Please tell me when and where you will be selling it though, so I know it’s not being bootlegged/stolen), and whatever else you can think of!

I can make pixel art up to 400 pixels width and height. Any larger and it won’t really look like pixel art anymore! The examples featured here are between 30 pixels and 300 pixels, so I recommend the sizes here for the best pixel look!

Please be sure to provide good references for me to work off of. I need to know what pose you want your character in, and I need a good high resolution image of what your character or object looks like! I also need to know what you want the lighting to be like.

I won’t do NSFW work, sorry! No porn, and nothing gory. The type of work shown here is what I’m willing to do.

During the process I’ll send you a screenshot of what it looks like with just the black outline and flat color, and if you’re satisfied with what it looks like at that point, I’ll send you the Paypal invoice (meaning I’ll need the email of your Paypal. Please don’t send payment as a gift! I don’t want my Paypal to be suspended). Once the invoice is paid I’ll send you the completed sprite!

If you would like to tip me, please mention in your emails the amount you’d like to tip me. I’ll add the amount of your tip to the amount I request in the invoice.

I’ll try to get commissions done within the span of 2 weeks, but if I have other things going on in my life (like particularly big changes regarding free time, if I’m sick, if I’m traveling, etc.) it might be a while before I get to them! But generally by the time you pay I know I have enough time to finish a commission. At the moment I can get to commissions pretty quickly, so this most likely won’t be a concern.

Please let me know if you’re okay with me possibly posting your commission on social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart) or if you want me to keep it totally private.

If you’re interested in this, please email me at;

(Make sure you type both r’s at the end of that! theskywaker was taken on gmail.)

If you can’t buy or aren’t interested, it would still be nice if you reblogged this or told your friends about this! The more the word spreads, the more chance I have at finding an interested commissioner!


Pokémon Generations

Red vs Blue



  Merrill’s Resolution:  

My resolution is to STOP talking about the Dread Wolf.
He’s beginning to invade my dreams too much.

Solas’s Resolution

Varric’s friend in Kirkwall has an old soul and a
pure heart. I resolve to continue visit her in the
Fade to offer her comfort and thanks for all the good
that she does.

Some writers are not skilled.  Some writers are not visionary.  Some writers don’t have perfect execution or flawless characters or meaningful resolutions.

But every story has a right to be written, and told, and heard.  Even if you didn’t like it, even if it didn’t move you.  It’s okay to challenge your tastes and be contented with hearing something different.

Part of my new years resolution is to interact more with my favorite artists on tumblr and stop sending a shit ton of asks on anonymous. But I also want to draw stuff for them since a lot of these people are big inspirations to me and I absolutely adore their art styles and characters.
So I’m starting this off by doodling one of @galoogamelady characters :’>
Buttons is a cutie and I’ve been wanting to draw him for awhile now. So, if ya see this Galoo I hope you like it because his floofy hair was giving me hell

if you’re sending an email to the official complaints page in the BBC website, be aware that there is a character limit, so you should use this version: 

You brutes!

I am writing to complain about the handling of LGBT representation in the fourth series of Sherlock.

Throughout the series, Messrs Moffat and Gatiss have repeatedly implied attraction between Sherlock and John, implications which no one would doubt to be romantic in nature if the two people in question were not men. These implications reflect not only the wishes of Billy Wilder, writer of their favourite adaptation, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, but also elements of the Sherlock Holmes canon itself. This, in combination with their references to making history and groundbreaking television, led many viewers, myself included, to expect a romantic resolution in the finale. Instead, the only characters to be explicitly confirmed to experience same gender attraction were villains, both of who were murderers and one of whom confirmed her attraction to woman through a reference to sexual assault.

Even leaving the issue of John and Sherlock’s clearly romantic relationship aside, the promised third season of the highly anticipated 4th series of Sherlock is rich with incoherent, senseless writing which ignores entire plot points, character arcs, loose ends left unsolved, and narrative consistency in favor of a blown-out resolution which faithful viewers and BBC consumers feel betrayed by, as exemplified by the several cancelations of BBC Sherlock’s fourth season dvd/blu-ray preorders.

I am sure you will agree that this is an offensive and unacceptable way to treat sexuality and the BBC’s LGBT viewers, as you found in your research. I am extremely disappointed and hope the BBC will take measures to ensure that LGBT viewers are not treated in this way again.

Yours faithfully,
[your name]