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Alex for 1C or Haley for 2D from Stardew? i cry, your art is so great!! pls continue your hard work!!!

me, slamming my hands on my desk: BOTH

hayley has a big ol dork crush and alex is her faithful wingman

sorry these replies are coming so late! i have 30+ blush meme requests & a ton of work to do ….. i’ll get around to as many as i can!

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Roommates Masterlist

When four very different outcasts find themselves sharing an apartment, things are bound to get chaotic, regardless of the fact that they all also happen to be werewolves. These are the tales of their regular misadventures. Whether they are joking around or literally ready to rip the others’ heads off, like it or not, for better or for worse-they’re roommates. And it looks like they’re stuck with each other.

These are The crossed fates of the Hale roommates.

A day in the life of a band of oddball misfits who’ve made an inexplicably odd but strong bond.

Sometimes they are lucky just to make it to the remote, let alone pick out a channel.

(This is updated as I go, and is current to 06/16/17.)

The unintentional start of the journey (Aka: The one that started it all.)

Christmas Time

Name in the Tag

Make it stop

Okay, seriously

Don’t mention it

People talk

I can live with that

Welcome to the outcasts club

Creepy Crawly

Somehow I’ll make a Wolf outta You

Flip on it

Slowly but surely

One walking, talking conundrum

If you snooze you lose

Until it got…. Here

Life. You never see it coming. (Combination of 21 prompts. You can find them here.)

I didn’t do anything

Making Fun Of Derek

I can understand that

On The Hunt - Part 1 of ?

Shaking newspaper of rage

To be fair

Believe me. I know.

Emotional Hell

Making Fun Of Derek - Part 2 of ?

Whatever You Say

Roommates Texts Masterlist


Roommates Five Sentence Meme (Part 1)

Roommates Five Sentence Meme (Part 2)

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Breaking The Fourth Wall (Part 2) - My continuation.

Not while I’m around

A Relaxing Day

Not Again (Roommates)

Vernon Watching You Put On Makeup

I actually prefer specific request hun, it helps me a lot when writing so ty ^-^ I hope you like it.

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 580

“Vernon, don’t touch this! You’ll break it!” You groaned, taking the lipstick out of his hands and placing it back on the table. You continued to do your makeup before the two of you go out for dinner.

“Why? It’s cool.” He said.

“Yeah but you have buttery fingers. Remember the last time you touched my stuff?” You reminded him and he makes such a meme face. You didn’t know how it happened but when you gave your purse to Vernon to hold it for you just for a second, you came back to see that he had dropped it in a muddy puddle. After that, you didn’t trust him with holding any of your things.

“It was one time.” You rolled your eyes.

“At least I’m letting you watch me do my makeup so please don’t bother me.” You asked him kindly and he sighed while he watched you.

He stayed quiet while he stared at you, step by step in your makeup process. It was a bit uncomfortable but it was also a bit funny at how his faced showed how interested and fascinated each product and brush had a different purpose of enhancing features of the face.

You smiled when you glanced at him through the mirror. He blushed and smiled back when he realized how quiet and how awkward it was of him to stare at you for such a long time.

“Can I do your makeup?” He asked politely and nicely. You gave in and let him do your highlight since it seemed the easiest without ruining anything of your masterpiece.

He had fun with the brush as he swept the product across your cheek. He made little swish sounds with his mouth overtime he’d do it which made you laugh.

“Okay, okay that’s enough. If you put more, it’ll look like I have a glittery face or a sweaty one.” You laughed, taking the things away from him.

You finished up with your lipgloss and he looked at you, examining each part of your face. “Wow, you look so different. All that made this?” He said, pointing to everything than to your face and you laughed.

“Does it look bad?” You asked him. “No, no. You look perfect, especially that glitter part. Whoever did that was very experienced and amazing.” You laughed more and he smiled.

“It’s called a highlight.”

“Like a highlighter??!” He really knows nothing about makeup but you didn’t mind. It was funny to see how Vernon looks at all the things you use for the first time. You shared your head and he just go more confused.

“I give up, I don’t know anything.” He said and you laughed even more.

You wanted to kiss him but he moved away. “Won’t that stay on my face?” He asked about your lipgloss.

“No it’s matte. Look.” You said, kissing the back of your hand and showing him that it doesn’t stain. You tried kissing him again but he moved. “Vernon!”

“No!I don’t want any kisses. I don’t trust this makeup stuff!” He ran away and you ran after him, jumping on his back and you both were laughing so hard.

He finally did give in and gave you a bunch of kisses once you got off him. Vernon hugged you afterwards, stroking your hair with his fingers. “You know, I think you look prefect with or without makeup.”

“Thanks.” You said into his chest when you hugged him back tightly.

Imagine Request - School Surprises

Can you do an imagine of y/n being in school and Justin surprises her at school after 10 months of being on tour

The constant sound of the teacher’s voice rang through the room, coming to irritate me, but I listened intently as I made notes. Sometimes, I’d drift off and stare out the window at passing cars or people walking outside of the gates, lucky that they were anywhere but at school. But today, I couldn’t; [Y/F/N] had taken that seat, even though I always sit there.

I personally didn’t mind school, I had friends, my classes weren’t bad, the people were relatively okay. But I loved school when I knew I could be seeing Justin afterwards, when I knew I’d see the car pull up and Justin climb out, smirking at me when he watched me walk up. When he’s away and travelling the world, doing what he loves, I wonder why I never accept his offer to join.

I sighed, tuning back into the teacher’s words. Justin had text me earlier today saying he misses me. Lucky for him, he has other countries to take his mind off of me while I’m left thinking of him in class constantly.

“What’s up?” [Y/F/N] nudged my arm, snapping me back to reality. “You’re not still sulking over Justin, are you?” She grinned, her gaze staying on me.

I scoffed. “No,” I rolled my eyes, even though I was in fact, ‘sulking’ over Justin.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be back before you know it.” She sent me a grin before turning back to the teacher, making me frown in confusion.

This being the last class of the day, I felt my eyes becoming heavy, I just wanted to go home and sleep. When the bell finally rang, I practically leaped from my seat, I grabbed my backpack from the floor and through it over my back. I walked with [Y/F/N] right behind me.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket, followed by my earphones, ready to block out the world. However, when I turned the corner to the front doors, something caught my eye. People were crowding around the doors and outside, as though they were waiting for something. In big, red letters above the door, it read: “I’VE MISSED YOU, BABYGIRL.”

By now, my heart was pounding in my chest, as I looked around. Surely this wasn’t for me? But there was one person who called me that name, it made me question my previous predictions. I felt a push on my back, I turned to see her grinning at me. That’s when I knew.

I slowly made my way outside, seeing the crowd open up and the familiar car sat in the car park. My eyes seemed to water unexpectedly as I watched Justin appear, he grinned at me. I ran over to him, letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding when I felt my body collide with his. I sobbed into his body as I felt his touch for the first time in ten long months.

“I’m here, babygirl.” He whispered in my ear, gripping onto my tightly. I didn’t let go when I heard the crowd applaud, I laughed in his neck as he held me up.

“How are you here?” I sniffled, pulling away to look at him. “I thought you were gonna be away for another few months.” I frowned in confusion once more.

“After months of bugging him, Scooter finally gave in and told me to force you to come with me; I’ve been moping apparently.” Justin chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“I’ve missed you so much.” I pulled up closer, probably suffocating him at this point.

“I don’t know how I’ve survived this long without you.” He breathed out, dropping me to my feet but still not letting me go. “Come with me.” He looked worried; he knew how many times I’ve said no before.

For once, I was going to take the opportunity. “Okay.” I smiled and nodded frantically.

“Really?” His face brightened as a huge smile appeared on his face. He pulled me into him. “It’s going to be so great, babygirl. We get to spend everyday with each other and we’ll be travelling to so many amazing places. You’re gonna love it.” The excitement was in his voice.

The crowd began to chant. “Kiss, kiss, kiss..” I laughed as they continued, my face heated up.

“Better give them what they want.” Justin grinned, taking a hold of my chin with his fingers. His lips collided with mine, the crowd cheered as his mouth moved on top of mine. He twirled us around so my back was against the car and he was trapping me. They whistles and ‘ooh'ed, causing me to laugh and Justin to smirk into the kiss.

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please keith in D1 I want him to be happy

i would give dreamworks $1000 + my kidney to ensure this boy’s happiness (request from this art meme)

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5sos Pregnancy Series #1: Telling Him


(In (Y/N)’s POV): I hadn’t been feeling all that well. I was sick to my stomach and didn’t really want to leave my bed. Normal girls would freak out if their period was late. I on the other hand didn’t, only because I’ve always had irregular cycles. But, it felt different this time. I happened to have a pregnancy test left from another pregnancy scare, I took it to the bathroom and took the test. After 5 agonizing minutes, I looked at it. One tiny little sign was about to change our lives forever.

“Ashton! Come upstairs please!” I yelled to my boyfriend who was in the lounge.

He happily came upstairs. “Yes?” He asks seeing the test in my hands.

He grabbed it from me. “We’re gonna be parents?” He already knew the answer.

He picked me up and spun me around. “We’re gonna be parents,” I confirmed


(Y/N) and Calum already knew they were pregnant. They were doing IVF. She was positively pregnant. They went to dinner with her family.

“We have some news for you guys,” (Y/N) says.

She was pretty sure she was going to cry. Only to be reassured by Calum squeezing her hand.

“After everything we’ve been through with IVF, we’re pregnant!” (Y/N) says smiling.

Her family was shocked but oh so happy. Calum and (Y/N) had been trying for almost two years and now they are finally having their baby. “We are so excited for this next chapter of our lives with Baby Hood,” Calum says rubbing (Y/N)’s non-existent bump.


For the past few days (Y/N) had been feeling sick for a few days. She decided to make an appointment with her doctor

“Babe, I’m going to the doctor do you want to go?” (Y/N) asks from the kitchen.

“Sure babe, I’ll drive,” Luke says grabbing his keys and going out to the car, once they were at the doctor she peed in a cup so they could run tests to figure out why she was ill.

“Well, (Y/N) it looks like you’re pregnant. About 6-8 weeks,” The doctor says.

“I’m going to be a dad,” Luke says smiling the widest I’ve ever seen.

“I’m going to be a mom,” (Y/N) says embracing Luke in a hug,


Michael knew something was wrong. (Y/N) was crying at a movie she’s never cried watching before.

“What’s wrong, love?” Michael asks looking at his girlfriend,

“I’m fine,” she insists wiping her eyes.

Michael checks the calendar, “Aunt Flow?” He asks

“No. She’s late!” (Y/N) runs upstairs and took a pregnancy test they had under their sink.

“Michael, we’re pregnant,” she turns around, looking at Michael.

Michael kneeled down and kissed all over her belly excited about this baby.

Thanks for reading. This is my first preference and the series will continue. Feel free to message me and send in requests!

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Soulmate AU - A Michael Clifford imagine

Michael was always complemented on his green eyes, and hair color, always telling him how amazing his hair looked in blue, green, galaxy colors, or even red, the color it was supposed to be now. However, when Michael looked in the mirror all he saw was various shades of gray, he didn’t see the colors of red, or blue, or any color they named, all he saw was a light shade of gray for what he thought was red, and a dark shade of grey for he guessed was blue, and other shades for colors he was told about.

He wanted to see colors for his whole life, but the only way that he would be able to see colors would be something that sounds so simple, but was so difficult to do.

He would have to find his soulmate.

That’s how things were in his world; people were born with a soulmate, a person who is essentially their perfect match, the missing puzzle piece to their hearts. And each person was given one of four ways to find their soulmate. Some people would born with birthmark that would be an exact match to their soulmate, each pair of birthmarks unique and one of a kind. Some would be able to share each other’s pain, which would explain why a few of his friends would wake up with mysterious bruises on their skin, or mysteriously feel so sad that they just felt like crying for no reason then their other half feeling devastated. Some would have dreams of their other half, but they could never speak to each other in hopes of finding their location, just a simple image vision of the person of their dreams. And some were like Michael, born without the ability to see colors, until they gazed into their soulmate’s eyes that would instantly fill their life with colors.

Michael felt like he got the worst one of the four, all his friends could see color expect for him, and the few that were born with colorblindness, had already found their soulmate, leaving him the one colorblind on of his group of friends. But he knew that he would find her, he just had to, not because he wanted to see the colors, but rather because he wanted to feel what that love felt like. He remembered asking his parents that if they were each other’s soulmates, and they told him that they were. They told him that they met each other one day when they were walking through the beach, they were a bit older than him, and his mum literally bumped into him, and as his dad would help her back on her feet, he gazed into her eyes and like a firework, color just exploded everywhere.

Suddenly everything was filled with color they have never seen before, and years later here they were, with Michael as their son, proof of their love. Michael knew that when he saw his parents, they were meant for each other, he saw it in the glances that they gave each other, the smiles that they sent to each other, they were soulmates, a love so pure and plenty, that it would never fade, each day feeling just as in love as the day that they met.

And this was what Michael wanted, he wanted to feel that love that he saw not only in his parents but everyone who found their soulmate, he could care less about seeing the whole rainbow spectrum if it meant that he could hold the person that he would be destined to be with for the rest of his life.

But so far that idea was something that seemed unattainable to him, because he still had no idea where he would find her. She could very much have been in another country for all he knew, or maybe the person that he was destined to be with didn’t care about the whole soulmate thing, and was instead living her life with someone else, some that wasn’t him, seeing as how there were couples who were not each other’s soulmate, living happy lives together, but deep down Michael knew that their love wasn’t as pure and true like the ones shared with soulmates. But maybe his soulmate had found someone who could make her happy like he would be able to.

No, he had to shake that idea out of his head, he just had to believe that she was out there waiting for him, looking for him, just as Michael was looking for the girl that he was destined to be with. She was meant for him, and he was meant for her, it was that simple, people weren’t born with a soulmate to be with someone else, that wasn’t how it worked.

Michael got up for another day, each day waking up with a dull look to it, so lacking of color, so plain, but in the back of his mind he knew that this was temporary, this was just a chapter in his life that would soon come to a close. He could feel it, he knew that he would find the one that he was destined for, he would find her and then this dull grey life would be over and in its place would be the beautiful colored world that he would share with her for the first time, as well as many firsts as well.

Michael had honestly never even kissed a girl; he was saving his first kiss for her. He did have girlfriends, but when they would want a kiss… he would just kiss their cheek and that was it. He felt that he needed to share his first kiss with her, because according to his friends who could see color, girls blush when they kiss someone they like, their cheeks begin to turn pink, and he wanted to know what that looked like, and he wanted to see his first blush on the his destined girl’s face.

He got up from bed and dressed as he casually went out like he usually does. He told his friends that he would meet them at their house since they usually play video games, and other things like practicing their music. He was walking through the park like he usually does eager to get to his hands on the controller to basically dominate in whatever video game they were going to play, confident that he would be amazing.

Michael noticed that there were more people today in the park than usual, since usually the park was quite empty but today there were plenty of people out taking in the warmth of the sun. Michael kept looking everywhere, making sure that he wouldn’t be bumping into anyone, not wanting to be rude.

He looked over at the benches and noticed one couple sitting on their holding hands, as he stared at them his smile became soft and gentle, because on their intertwined hands was there matching birthmark. They were each other’s soulmates, giving him even more encouragement that he would find his, because even though it sounded difficult…he just knows that it has to happen, soulmates would find each other each day…so why couldn’t he.

He looked forward noticing more people passing by, him looking at just about everyone that passed by smiling at just about everyone, something changed, that made him stop in his tracks.

He started seeing colors.

His green eyes widened, everything was so different, and it was like he was seeing the world for the first time. The shades of grey were now shades of the colors he had been told about growing up, but he still couldn’t name any just a few basic ones. He noticed how there were so many shades of hair color, some dark and others light, and the people were also different shades as well. The leaves were green, something that he had been told in school, and he was now able to see that, he looked up and noticed that the sky was blue, something else he was told, but it wasn’t just blue it was colored with many shades of blue. Michael was overwhelmed, his smile stretching across his face at seeing the world differently.

But what was making Michael’s heart race was that he found his soulmate, he found the person that would complete the missing puzzle piece of his heart, the way he would complete theirs. He would have never had guessed that he would meet his soulmate as something so random, but then again how else was he supposed to meet them. He was ecstatic, he found the one person he was meant to love and love him unconditionally in return.

He knew that he was someone that he had passed, and he hoped that whoever they were would also be behind him, taking in the new world.

But as Michael turned around, there was no one there, who had the same amazed look as him, just people walking by getting to their destination. He had found his soulmate, his color vision was proof of that, but he let them get away, he had let his true love walk away.

But why would she walk away?

Michael knew he had to find her, he had to find his soulmate.


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request meme: favorite platonic relationship from Psycho Pass asked by tsunemorie

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep my promise. I wanted to go into a line of work where I could protect people. That’s why I became a detective. But Makishima changed everything. That man will continue to kill people. And yet, the law can’t judge him. As long as I’m a detective, I can’t touch him. This case made me aware… that the law can’t protect people.”

EXO reaction when they accidentally turn you on

Anon said: Could you do Exos reaction to when they accidentally do something sexy and they find out that they’ve turned you on? Love your account btw!! ^~^ <3


Suho: Of course you’re turned on, after all, this is me we are talking about

Baekhyun: How about you join me over here then?

Chanyeol: hehehe


D.O: *celebration time*

Kai: That’s great babe *giggles*

Kris: woah babe, I swear I didn’t mean to do that

Luhan: Am I really that sexy?

Lay: *doesn’t notice and continues being a sexy little shit unicorn*


Sehun: Are you serious? But I didn’t do anything!

Xiumin: Hey, it’s not my fault you find me irresistible

(Jk it’s totally his fault)

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Lost in Monteriano ~ Rupert Graves in Where Angels Fear to Tread (1991)

make me choose meme: my-citrus-pocket asked Philip Herriton or Joseph Lees

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#Silver Fox Saturday

Leave a “Join Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character giving another character an offer.

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Authors Note: Hello cuties, thank you for your messages! I’m combining these prompts because they’re quite similar I think…and to my dear anon, I’m so sad to hear that you are feeling down! I really hope that this cheers you up, even if a little ❤

Summary: This drabble is a continuation of my HaruGou short #1: “Teach Me How” 

Rated: M, because there’s no actual storyline.

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