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Imagine a UNIT era modern day AU where the Doctor discovers Facebook:

  • He immediately sends friend requests to everyone at UNIT. The Brigadier doesn’t really understand social media (he only uses it to keep up with family stuff) but he’s very good at clicking the delete button. The Doctor is undeterred and continues to send him friend requests.
  • One day the Brigadier has to tell him exasperatedly, “Doctor, you can’t publicly list your education as ‘Time Lord Academy’.”
  • On another occasion he has to tell him to take down the picture he posted of the First Doctor that was captioned, “And here’s me in my younger days.” “I suppose this means you’ll want me remove that photograph taken during the Omega incident that said, ‘Hanging out with myself’,” the Doctor sighs.
  • The Doctor tries to sound cool on the internet but doesn’t because he keeps using memes that haven’t been invented yet. No one has any idea what he’s talking about and internet-savvy Jo is perpetually embarrassed.
  • The Master (under a paper-thin alias) stalks the Doctor’s page and likes all his posts in the hope that the Doctor will send him a friend request and he can have the satisfaction of declining it. The Doctor ignores him, but he does get a friend request from Sergeant Benton. Somehow the thought of declining that isn’t quite as satisfying.
  • “No, Doctor,” the Brigadier groans one morning when he sees his Facebook feed, “you cannot post… selfies… with a Dalek.” “Well if you don’t like mine, “ the Doctor replies, “just wait until you see Jo’s.”
Vernon Watching You Put On Makeup

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Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 580

“Vernon, don’t touch this! You’ll break it!” You groaned, taking the lipstick out of his hands and placing it back on the table. You continued to do your makeup before the two of you go out for dinner.

“Why? It’s cool.” He said.

“Yeah but you have buttery fingers. Remember the last time you touched my stuff?” You reminded him and he makes such a meme face. You didn’t know how it happened but when you gave your purse to Vernon to hold it for you just for a second, you came back to see that he had dropped it in a muddy puddle. After that, you didn’t trust him with holding any of your things.

“It was one time.” You rolled your eyes.

“At least I’m letting you watch me do my makeup so please don’t bother me.” You asked him kindly and he sighed while he watched you.

He stayed quiet while he stared at you, step by step in your makeup process. It was a bit uncomfortable but it was also a bit funny at how his faced showed how interested and fascinated each product and brush had a different purpose of enhancing features of the face.

You smiled when you glanced at him through the mirror. He blushed and smiled back when he realized how quiet and how awkward it was of him to stare at you for such a long time.

“Can I do your makeup?” He asked politely and nicely. You gave in and let him do your highlight since it seemed the easiest without ruining anything of your masterpiece.

He had fun with the brush as he swept the product across your cheek. He made little swish sounds with his mouth overtime he’d do it which made you laugh.

“Okay, okay that’s enough. If you put more, it’ll look like I have a glittery face or a sweaty one.” You laughed, taking the things away from him.

You finished up with your lipgloss and he looked at you, examining each part of your face. “Wow, you look so different. All that made this?” He said, pointing to everything than to your face and you laughed.

“Does it look bad?” You asked him. “No, no. You look perfect, especially that glitter part. Whoever did that was very experienced and amazing.” You laughed more and he smiled.

“It’s called a highlight.”

“Like a highlighter??!” He really knows nothing about makeup but you didn’t mind. It was funny to see how Vernon looks at all the things you use for the first time. You shared your head and he just go more confused.

“I give up, I don’t know anything.” He said and you laughed even more.

You wanted to kiss him but he moved away. “Won’t that stay on my face?” He asked about your lipgloss.

“No it’s matte. Look.” You said, kissing the back of your hand and showing him that it doesn’t stain. You tried kissing him again but he moved. “Vernon!”

“No!I don’t want any kisses. I don’t trust this makeup stuff!” He ran away and you ran after him, jumping on his back and you both were laughing so hard.

He finally did give in and gave you a bunch of kisses once you got off him. Vernon hugged you afterwards, stroking your hair with his fingers. “You know, I think you look prefect with or without makeup.”

“Thanks.” You said into his chest when you hugged him back tightly.

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Boyfriend does my makeup...

Imagine: you’re a famous youtuber, and your subscribers asked you to do the boyfriend does my makeup challenge with Justin


“Hey guys! Today’s video is something that has been highly-” before I continue Justin cuts me off and adds “like highly” he says emphazing, as I giggle and continue, “requested for me to do, which is the boyfriend does my makeup challenge, sooo I brought a special guest,” I turn towards Justin as he winks at the camera. “Want to do a little intro?” I ask, smiling. “Uh sure,” he says as he looks at the camera, “hey guys, its Justin, I normally don’t do these kind of stuff but y/n begged me to do it, so yeah,” he says pointing at me. I gasp as I hit him playfully, “shut up” as we both begin to laugh.
After wiping off my previous makeup, I quickly cover my face with my hands, feeling insecure, “my face feels naked, I probably look hideous right now,” I say, muffling into my hands.

I feel Justin uncover my hands from my face as he replies,looking me in the eyes “baby, you’re beautiful…I don’t even know why you bother putting this crap on, you’re beautiful without it.”

I immediately blush, as I smile at his comment.

Justin begins by grabbing my foundation, “first I’ll be applying some skin cream/tanner or whatever you call it, and apply it all over her face to make her skin look flawless” he says in a pitchy girl tone. I laugh at his dorkiness. “Hey, quit laughing, after I’m done with you, you’re gonna look like a bieber model” he says, as he squirts a huge blob of foundation onto his hand. “Justin!” I look at him with wide eyes, “OMG do you seriously need that much?” I say looking at the huge waste of foundation on his hand in horror. He looks at me and smiles, “y/n, of course I do” as he puts the handful of foundation onto my face, and begins smearing it all over my face. He begins chuckling, “man, this feels like I’m painting” he says continuing to blend it in. “Okay, once you got that blended in, you’re going to now add some blush” he says immediately finding the blush, “damn that one was easy..okay I’m going to now put it on her cheeks, babe smile” he says as he demonstrates a big smile. I smile in return, trying not to laugh as I feel the amount of blush on my face. Justin looks at me and says, “did I ever tell you that I love you’re smile?” I feel my cheeks heat up, and he looks at me smiling “aww I made you blush while Doing your blush” I giggle looking at him, “you’re so weird,” he puts the blush away and looks at me and smirks “and you’re not?” I glare at him playfully, “touchee”

“Okay I think I’m done with the face, let’s do the lips…my favourite part…” He says winking at me. He grabs a bright red lipstick and applies it on my lips messily. “Perfect” he says smiling, trying not to laugh, probably from how ridiculous I look. “Ew gross, you got it in my mouth,” I say before quickly grabbing Justin’s face and giving him a kiss, “there much better.” I look at his lips which were now covered in lipstick, I smile to myself.

“Ew gross, you got it in my mouth” he says mocking me. “Ha ha, very funny,” as I stick my tongue out at him. He looks at me and chuckles, “sowwy, now gimme a kiss” he says as he leans in, and I quickly give him a quick kiss. “Hurry up you slow poke, I don’t want this video to be an hour” I tease. “Do you want to look like a bieber model?” He says, as he looks for the next product. “No not really maybe a Victoria secret model?” I look at him winking, but he simply nods no and says “no you’re too beautiful to be a Victoria secret model, in my opinion.” I blush for about the third time, was he always this cheesy? You watch him pick up the mascara, and you look at him horrified.. “Baby, please don’t kill my eyeballs.”

“I’ll try not to,” he says chuckling…


request meme: favorite platonic relationship from Psycho Pass asked by tsunemorie

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep my promise. I wanted to go into a line of work where I could protect people. That’s why I became a detective. But Makishima changed everything. That man will continue to kill people. And yet, the law can’t judge him. As long as I’m a detective, I can’t touch him. This case made me aware… that the law can’t protect people.”

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