as requested by many

So you see…I don’t know what I did this last week, but apparently I’m doing something right…

As a thank you to all of y’all, I am going to undertake a huge mission.
*clears throat*


You may send me your request by: 

  1. reblogging this post and stating your character(s) and number in the tags
  2. sending in an ask
  3. or simply requesting it on my artblog: kageyartma 


  • You do not have to follow me (although I would appreciate it if you like my content), but followers are allowed to ask for 2 characters instead of just one. Following either my main or art blog counts
  • No more than 2 characters (only 1 if you do not follow me)
  • Gif, edits, or mini-comic things are allowed, but please specify if you want one of these. If not, I will just draw.
  • Deadline to submit a request ends on the 3rd of August. I will not extend this unless you are one of my close mutuals and you didn’t see the post due to understandable reasons (i.e. Personal issues put me on hiatus, I was on a trip, etc.)
  • All fandoms are allowed, however, the quality of the picture I present will change depending on if I have seen said show/read said book, etc. In other words, don’t send me: “Thomas from the Maze Runner with number 3 doing *insert random thing here*” and expect the same result as “Haru Nanase from Free! number 6 doing *insert random thing here*” as that I don’t know Thomas’s character that well and may portray him wrong.

TL;DR: I love y’all. Shout outs to my top followers captainmush345, holyshitilovebooks, indecesentmoonlight, and fuckyeahvolleyballgays on my main as well as wegotsdis , exhausted-nerd , kittymeow321 and clairebearcheek on my art blog. You guys rock!

anonymous asked:

you have so many cute guys in the tarts. please put 5 of them together and make them do a boy band act. PLEASE. My dream succulent tart boy band: Alastren, Dice, Cal, Rana and the other tiny one with the glasses who serves drinks.

You know what anon, I completely agree with you! These guys are so pretty and talented that working together would make for one amazing show. We do this for the fans after all, for without you guys we would be nothing. This would be a fabulous way to celebrate seven years of Succulent Tart so our anniversary show on August 13th would be the perfect place for a debut!  Of course I would be willing to work with these fine gentlemen to perfect their true calling.

alastren zakariskaitos bxylesque riverblade turning-through-the-never (because I still can’t tag  why the universe is trying to keep us apart I will never know)
(eta: he was unfollowed some how?))

Frank Ocean's Website Isn't Loading.....


ONE- Web traffic to the site has clearly surpassed manageable levels, sending too many requests, and OVERLOADED the server




New icon (for a little while) As it’s August 1st, usually when the time I start getting super hyped for autumn, I’ve already decked out my page for the season lol (well the hype started earlier for me this year but it’s okay now cuz it’s august!)

I’m still working on the rest of the emoji requests but no more after this plz ;w;
Thanks for sending so many in tho, I was pretty surprised by how many I got! And thanks for almost 500 followers!!

anonymous asked:

I Like how your hijab was on a pic where you posted: 'glowing cause I know I'm gonna be well fed tonight. Gotta love Eid weekend.' I want to wear the hijab before I go to university. And I need help 😩

Lol, that was a good night. Hmm, okay, it’s super super easy style. Like after you pin it under your chin, you just keep wrapping it around your head and adjust to suit your face shape. There is no fancy pinning or tying involved. Just mummify your head LOL.

Here’s the good news : After many weeks of thinking, I’ve finally caved to everyone’s request to do tutorials for my hijab styles etc. I’ll post them only per request cause I’m too lazy to many a consistent channel.

Bad news is, I’m stuck in the motherland with very little time and resources to make a tutorial for you.

I won’t be back till late September so I’ll post one then. I’m sorry :( my advice to you is to search and watch as much as you can on YouTube cause that’s how I first learned. Wishing you all the best and may Allah make it easy on you!! I bet you’ll look great :D iA

UPDATE !!!! 150801

I just woke up and holy frikin bananas… I was not expecting so many of you to like the Jimin one shot. Like seriously, I felt like I was having a frikin heart attack and started squealing like a dumb whale and then I saw all the messages asking for part 2 and I was like:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I-I- I’m lost at words. I feel like I can’t thank you enough and you might find this corny/annoying but I really do appreciate every single one of you. 

I am so thankful and- seriously, thank you so so much. I will try to work harder in the future in order to repay all the support I’ve been receiving since I started this blog. 

Since many of you have requested a second part for the IHON. I will be writing one for you guys. :> 

I am now going to go and answer all of your messages so goodbye guys~ Have a wonderful day ‘cause you deserve that and much more. 

I love you, my friends. 

- Vinye

anonymous asked:

Rachel and Vincent watching young Ciel and his best friend huddled in a corner whispering to each other, blushing and occasionally giggling when looking at the two grown ups.

//Okay, love. I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve tried writing a scenario for this request so many times, but it just hasn’t happened, so this has just been sitting at the bottom of the ask box. My mind can’t seem to form a scenario, but I can give you some headcanons, if you’d like//

  • Rachel would definitely be teasing Vincent throughout the ordeal, saying that they’re probably giggling about how loud Vincent snores at night. He’d retort with something about how Rachel’s quite loud in bed herself.
  • Ciel and his best friend would of course think they were being very secretive–they were using their hands to block their mouths, after all.
  • Although they were having fun with it, it would be a ‘proud parent moment’ for Vincent and Rachel, and they’d remember it for quite a long time. It would be nice to see Ciel having fun with others his age, considering he didn’t get out often.
  • When the children weren’t paying attention, Rachel and Vincent would sneak up on the children before sweeping them up and tickling them (assuming the friend was either very close with them or family).
  • A little later at mealtime, Vincent and Rachel would teasingly question about what they were giggling about, only to be met with deer-in-the-headlights faces–that is, before Vincent and Rachel laughed it off, telling the two children that they could keep their secrets.
  • I feel like current Ciel would remember that day, despite it being so long ago. It would be a bittersweet memory and very nostalgic–he’d remember how happy he was and would wish that he could go back there.
Giveaway Suggestions

I’ve been thinking about doing themed giveaways, but I wasn’t sure which fandoms to incorporate. Some of the themes I’ve thought of are:


-Five Nights at Freddy’s (possibly around Aug. 8th for the anniversary)

-Steven Universe

-Disney (princess/various movies)

-characters from some of my favorite novels (i.e. Phantom of the Opera, The Time Machine)

-other video game charcters (Spyro, Handsome Jack, Crash Banicoot, etc)

-Kingdom Hearts

-various gods and godesses from different cultures

-Marvel/DC superheroes

Those are the some of the choices I’ve been pondering over. If you guys have any other suggestions, either reblog this post to add them on or shoot me a message. :) I just wanna see what you guys would want for giveaways. Also, if you do like any of these suggestions, please message me and tell me. I’ll be taking notes on how many people will request certain themes and the most popular ones will go on first. 

Thanks again, guys! :)



Do not find peace. Find passion. Find something you want to die for more than something you want to live for.“ - Michelle Hodkin  [insp]

thoughts as a writer
  • Brain:"so... You should probably write a new chapter for that story you haven't updated in months—"
  • Me:"did you say write a completely new story?"
  • Brain:" already have 3 stories, which in case you haven't noticed, really need to be updated—"
  • Me:*comes up with completely new story with intricate story line*
  • Brain:"why"
the signs in parks & rec
  • aries:ron swanson
  • taurus:ann perkins
  • gemini:mona-lisa saperstein
  • cancer:ben wyatt
  • leo:jean-ralphio saperstein
  • virgo:chris traeger
  • libra:tom haverford
  • scorpio:april ludgate
  • sagittarius:andy dwyer
  • capricorn:leslie knope
  • aquarius:donna meagle
  • pisces:jerry gergich