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CEO!GOT7 reaction when they surprise-visit you

(requested by anon: Hum I really liked your CEO au so if you’d be willing to do it for seventeen and got7 maybe… He surprises you at home, when you thought he was working, and fluff (or smut if you want wink wink). Idk if you write for all of the boys but if you don’t, just pick whatever unit you like. Thanks a lot)

Seventeen version

warnings: none

As he got in the house you were in shock as well as overjoyed for him coming home earlier


He imitated your cute reaction, making you laugh and giggle at his cute impersonation. He pulled you closer, hugging you really tight. „I missed you so much it drove me crazy“ he whispered in your ear. You moved your head in his direction and nuzzled your nose against his.


He was still breathing heavily from all the hurry but seeing your face lit up his face immediately. „Hi“ he said out of breath as you were still shocked yet super happy. „Oppa!“ you exclaimed happily as you ran into his strong arms.


As he entered and put his stuff aside, he untied his tie charmingly. „Jagiya, oppa is home“ he looked at you with a cute expression while he played seductively with his tie. You giggled and ran up to him, kissing him all over his face.


He looked at your overjoyed self and it made his heart flutter with love. He chuckled to himself, blushing a bit for his girly feelings. He came up to you and hugged you tight giving you multiple kisses on the lips, each one deeper than the previous.


He was startled by your reaction but it was hard not to laugh at your cute self. „I see someone’s happy to see oppa“ he said with a chuckle. As you ran up to him he managed to pick you up and spin you around, making you giggle.


He had a smile from ear to ear as he stood in front of you. He waved at you and you waved back, giggling. You ran to eachother and he hugged you really tight, nuzzling his nose in your hair. „I’ve been dreaming of having you wrapped around me again“


He laughed really hard at your cute appearance. You covered your face with your hands because of the blush that was visible on your cheeks. In moments he was inches away from you, softly removing your hands from your face. „Don’t you ever hide your beautiful self from me“

xx this was requested ages ago and it took me so long bc i was just starting to write back then and im so terribly sorry, i hope anon likes it.. anonnie dont be mad pls 😖 bc i was a brat and it took me so long imma make the seventeen version of this too for anon ❤️ keep requesting xx

Yoongi Drabble #5 - Spy!AU

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Anonymous said: “Did they hurt you anywhere?” + “Stop looking at me like that.” with Suga (angst and possibly fluff?)! If that’s alright :0

I wanted to try a new AU I hadn’t written before for this one, feedback would be very much appreciated!

Was this cliche? I don’t know tbh cx

Also, I’m not sure if parts of this entirely made sense so cx

Genre: Spy!AU | Fluff | Slight hint of angst (I’m sorry anon, but this didn’t come out very angsty, I don’t know if it would be considered fluff either, it’s more action/drama? With fluff… kinda? cx)

Word count: 1324 (I got a little carried away… cx)

Warnings: Mention of assasination, nothing overly violent though cx

#61: “Stop looking at me like that.”

#71: “Did they hurt you anywhere?”

You sighed, pushing your perfectly curled hair over your shoulder, your fingers tugging slightly at your elegant, flowing dress. Subtly patting at your leg, a feeling of reassurance spread through you, and your fingers brushed over the hidden pistol strapped to your thigh. Glancing over at your partner, Yoongi, you exhaled, taking in his elegant appearance, watching as his fingers trailed up to adjust his bow tie, pulling at the lapels on the suit. Your gaze flicked back to your dress, your lips twitching into a frown, not liking how the dress clung to you, restricting your movement. You were going to need to be able to move fast once you initiated your mission; the target wasn’t going to be easy to eliminate. Your hands trailed over to the subtle slit on your dress; the dress could be taken off to reveal your usual uniform beneath, and you sighed in relief, leaning back in your soft seat.

Yoongi noticed your discomfort, shaking his head with a small smirk. “Worried about your mission as usual, Agent?” He inquired, glancing at you with his eyebrows raised, a lazy smile appearing on his face.

You scoffed, flicking your hair and keeping your head up high. “The question is, why are you so relaxed about it? Letting your guard down so quickly?” You looked him up and down, trying to keep the smirk off your face.

“You might be skilled with a gun, Agent Min, but now’s not the time to get complacent,” you retaliated, turning to face the front once again, the silhouette of your chauffeur visible through the translucent divide of the sleek car.

Yoongi simply chuckled quietly, patting down his own suit, ensuring everything he needed was there. His hands reached out to adjust the frame of his “glasses”, his finger brushing over the minuscule button on the temple of the glasses. The two of you were all set; your mission, assassinate the host of the gala you were attending, a wealthy, devilish mastermind. Simple enough, you thought.


Stepping into the crowd of elegantly dressed people mingling in the midst of the hugely spacious hall, your arm linked around Yoongi’s - all part of the act, you tried to convince yourself. Your eyes skillfully scanned the premises, trained to spot the target. You failed to spot the man, and so you had to turn to Yoongi - he had the gadget for the job.

Leaning over, your free hand resting on Yoongi’s shoulder, you whispered into his ear, “I need to scan the premises. Now.” All part of the job, you reminded yourself. You focused back on the task at hand, trying to ignore the small distance between you and Yoongi. Strictly professional, you told yourself.

“Of course, (Y/N).” He smirked, his gum just about visible as he smiled, and you rolled your eyes, scoffing at his attempt to act suave. Yoongi tapped on the frame of his glasses, ever so subtly, a grid appearing on the lenses that was only visible to him, a small flashing dot pinpointing on your target.

“Got him. He’s up on the overhead balcony, to the left.” You followed his gaze, your skilled eye focusing in, finally spotting the man you were looking for, mentally matching his face to the pictures you’d been shown in briefing.

“It’s up to you now, Agent (Y/N).” Yoongi nodded at you, the smile vanished from his face, a serious expression left. While the two of you were highly skilled, there was always a risk factor to every mission, always a chance that the target would get the upper hand. Yoongi would be close by, surveying and on standby just in case things got out of hand, but this mission rested largely on your shoulders.

Ascending the spiralling staircase, inching closer and closer to your target, you kept your head held up, carrying yourself with an elegant poise, hair cascading down your back. You spotted the man, standing by a pillar, his gaze focused on the people interweaving past each other, the music drifting through the hall.

You approached him, your hand gently resting on his shoulder as you took by him, your lips curled up into a devilish smile. The man glanced down at your hand, his eyes trailing up to make contact with yours, the twinkle dancing around his pupils weirdly enchanting.

“Hello there,” he finally spoke, his voice silky and smooth, the strange smile never leaving his face. The two of you proceeded to converse for a short while, all whilst you put on an act, your gaze alluring, inviting, your hand trailing down his arm.

He led you away to a secluded area, the sound of your heels hitting the marble floor echoing through the hall. Reaching around your waist, he gazed into your eyes, that devilish sparkle never once leaving his eyes. One hand continued to stroke up his arm, the other reaching down, your fingers brushing at the slit of your dress where the hidden weapon lay in wait. Except, when you slowly reached for it, it wasn’t. Your weapon was no longer strapped onto your thigh, and you slowly looked up, only to see the man holding the gun, his hands chillingly still as he pointed it to your forehead, the smirk only growing wider.

“Nice try, darling. But I’m not stupid. I know all the old tricks.” He chuckled darkly, relishing in the fact that he supposedly had the upper hand, the cold barrel now pressed to your head.


Yoongi weaved in and out of the crowd, waiting for your signal. He knew you could handle the situation; your skill unrivalled by many. And yet, as time passed, he grew more and more anxious by your lack of response.

Usually, you would have carried out the job by this point, and so as every second passed, every minute that ticked by, he grew restless. Anxious. Worried.

When a significant amount of time passed with still no response, he decided to take matters into his own hands, opting to search for you.


The man cocked his head to the side, his gaze curious as you stared right back, unwavering, one eyebrow perfectly arched. He seemed to be growing tiresome, and his finger twitched on the trigger, ready to shoot any moment now.

He supposedly had the upper hand.

What he didn’t realise, was that the best agents always, always had a second trick up their sleeves.

And so, as a look of “pleading” appeared onto your face, your finger brushing across his lips, the ‘diamond’ on the ring hooked onto your finger opened, spraying a blast of cyanide directly into his mouth, enough to drain the blood from his face, his eyes wide with confusion and from the affect of the poison, his knees buckling beneath him, his body convulsing.

You grinned down at the ring on your finger, before giving the man one last glance and spinning on your heels, tugging at your dress. Pulling it away, you finally exhaled in relief, less restricted by the confines of the tight dress, left with your usual black pants and top. It was at that moment you spotted Yoongi walking towards you, an expression of concern on his face.

“Did he hurt you anywhere?” He blurted out, his face distraught, and you held back the urge to giggle, his usual demeanour of suaveness completely gone.

You cleared your throat, raising your eyebrows at him as you said, “Stop looking at me like that.” You discarded the dress, beckoning at Yoongi to follow you. “We haven’t got all day to get out of here.”

You darted down the hallway in a flash, your clothes blending in perfectly with the darkness, flipping open a window. Taking one last glance at Yoongi following close behind, you skillfully leaped out of the window, Yoongi shaking his head in disbelief as he followed suit.

“She never fails to surprise me.”

Too Close For Comfort

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Pairing: Sami Zayn x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing and really rude and hurtful things but then fluff at the end, also, claustrophobia.

Rating: Mature (for only swearing)

A/N: This was a request from an anon AGES ago: “I’m a sucker for hate/love things so I’m going to request it with Sami to feed your need lol Reader and Sami TOTALLY hates each other and are always fighting like they cant even see each other without saying something rude (Im also a sucker for rude and angry Sami) turn out they get stuck in the elevator together and one of the is claustrophobic so the other has to comfort it and they end up kissing each other and having a lot of fluff but then she says “I still hate u” so he try to change that

Sami Zayn is a fucking asshole. Whatever his fans said about him didn’t matter, you hated him. He hated you too. It all started when you came up from NXT. There was something he just didn’t like about you, and he made it known to everyone. “So please explain y/n, who did you have to sleep with to get here?” Even Kevin Owens glared at him, mouthing “what the fuck man?” at him.

“I worked my fucking ass off and you say that shit to me?” Sami just rolled his eyes and walked past you, slamming his shoulder into yours. It took everything in you to not run up and slap the hell out of him. Fuming, you stormed back the locker rooms. That’s how it’s always been between you two, pure loathing and hatred.

You were called up to the main roster about two months after Sami did. When he was gone from NXT, it felt like you could properly breathe again. Now he was back. The first few weeks were okay, just a few snide comments from both sides. Then it got bad. You started up a rivalry with Charlotte leading up to Wrestlemania 32 and would be placed in the match along with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Sami thought you were overstepping your “low status”. Your arguments would get so heated that people from Kalisto to the Big Show would have to separate you two. The fights were vicious. Although Sami wouldn’t hit you because he said it was against who he was, he made it clear that he would love to. You, on the other hand, didn’t care how you looked to others. Before you could usually smack his smug little smile off his face, someone much stronger and more level headed would swoop in and throw you over their shoulder. Whoever was brave enough would have to dodge your fists and knees as you tried to claw your way back to Sami. Kevin would usually come in and try to calm down Sami.

It was Wrestlemania weekend and like most NXT alums, you had just seen Takeover Dallas. It was amazing, minus Sami’s match. Not that it was a bad match, but Sami kept glaring at you when he would attack Shinsuke, like he wished it was you in Shinsuke’s place. 

After catching up with everyone, you along with the huge group of main roster stars, headed back to the hotel. You lingered a bit down in the bar, just sipping on a coke because the last thing you needed was a hangover during the biggest match of your life. Finally, you decided to head upstairs, taking the elevator to save your legs the strain. Once in, you hit the number 7 button and it flashed. Sami came sprinting in, just barely making it.

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Take My Wife, 1x01

But I chose this job. It’s a privilege to choose what you get to do. How many people get to choose what they get to do? Like nobody, right? Just to invent out of thin air what you want to do. And it’s terrible and lonely. And I love it.

Make Me

Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 2,159 holy i got carried away

Request: yes!  Request here.

Warnings: smut, dom hotchner, lowkey kinky sex although that shouldn’t be a warning more like a blessing so you’re welcome

Summary: Anon requested:  Hello could I please request a Hotch x reader smut with dominant Hotch after he’s come back from a really tough case? :) 

A/N:  I’ve just finished reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy, so I’m way into this.  Hopefully this fulfills your needs!  Also, sorry for the delay, I’ve been super busy the past few days.  Life of a college student isn’t easy, but I’m always going to make time to write my lovelies!!  Enjoy!

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He finished the last report at a quarter to two.  The rest of the team left ages ago, wanting to get a good sleep after a case like that.  The amount of stress that lingered in the BAU for the past month was unbelievable, and it was finally over.

All Aaron could think about that night was getting home to you, hopefully awake.  He had a plan to take out his stress on you, with your consent of course.  He would never do anything you weren’t comfortable with.

But after the night he had, he was desperate to find his release hopefully balls deep inside of you from behind.  The thought made him way too eager to leave the BAU, his feet carrying him quickly through the bullpen and out to the elevator.  He could barely keep his erection concealed with his briefcase, and when he was thinking about you handcuffed to the headboard, it only made it worse, so his legs seemed to take on a mind of his own as they started jogging to his car.  Anyone who saw would know he was in a rush, but they would never know why.

Stepping on the gas, he sped through the streets towards his house, where you no doubt were sitting awake, waiting for his arrival.  Jack was probably fast asleep in his room, clueless to what was about to happen with his dad and his soon-to-be stepmom.

Ten minutes later, he was through the front door, locking it behind him quickly.  The smell of lavender filled the air, signalling you were in the bath.  Perfect, he thought with a smirk.

He quietly sat his briefcase and keys down on the coffee table, slowly making his way to the bedroom where your clothes were sitting on the bed.  To his approval, you had sat out a silky nightgown paired with a tiny thong.  His mind immediately pictured you inside of it, making his patience shrink.  

But he managed to keep his mind away from you long enough to go to Jack’s room to check if he was asleep.  He smiled at the sight of his son in his deep slumber.  Closing the door, he muttered a quick thank you to whoever might’ve been listening for his luck.  He had the most beautiful son and the perfect wife to be.  He was just so happy in his life, and it had been a long time since he felt that way.

He made his way back to your bedroom, feeling the humidity from your steaming bath.  He knew exactly what he wanted to do to you, so he grabbed your nightgown and underwear from the bed, shoving the revealing piece of fabric in his back pocket, and throwing the silky dress into the dresser where you keep the rest.

A few minutes later, his erection was well evident through his work pants, and you were climbing out of the tub.  You wrapped a small towel around your body, leaving little to the imagination.  When you opened the door to the bedroom, you were startled to see your fiance laying across your bed, his hands folded behind his back, wearing nothing but his work trousers.

“Jesus, Aaron.  You scared the shit out of me,” you said to him.  He only looked at you in reply, taking in your wet body.  “Aaron?”  Without a word, he held up his hand and gave you a come hither motion with his index finger.  You looked around, noticing your missing bedtime clothes.

“This isn’t funny,” you said, gripping the towel around you.  You didn’t say it because you didn’t want it, more because you were suddenly all hot and bothered seeing him half naked on the bed, seeing his apparent erection.

“I’ve had a long day, Y/N.  Get over here.  Now.”  Despite his demand, his voice was calm and quiet.  You knew it was because Jack was just a few doors down the hall.

“Or?” you dared, wanting to rile him up more than he already was.

“Not wanting to mind, are we?” he asked, standing up from the bed.  You pressed your thighs together, knowing that you were going to need another shower when he was finished with you.  He could tell you were turned on just by the way your demeanor changed within seconds.  He’s a profiler after all.

“Long case, huh?” you questioned, continuing to taunt him.  “Must be tired.”

He chuckled and made his way over to you, ripping the towel from your hands and throwing it to the floor.  “Not even close,” he muttered.  Suddenly, his hand was at your heat, cupping it firmly, making you moan in pleasure.  He tsked at you, raising his other hand to pull your hair, making your head lean back.  “My son is in a few rooms over, and I don’t want him to hear you.  Be quiet or be punished.”  The thought of being punished made you all the more wet, so naturally you toyed with him.

“Make me,” you said softly.  

He took this as an invitation, grabbing your hips firmly and backing himself to sit on the bed.  Within seconds, he pulled you so you were laying across his lap, the wetness from your body transferring to his pants.

He rubbed his hand across your bare derriere, gently passing over your soft skin, but no later than he soothed the skin did he bring his hand back and slapped your ass, making you yelp in surprise.  You covered your mouth in order to keep quiet, but with another slap, you couldn’t hold in the squeals.

“Keep quiet,” Aaron said above you, slapping your ass again.  Your skin stung, and you knew that it was most likely glowing red, but wanted - needed - him to spank you some more.  

“No,” you said in defiance.  A smirk glided across your face as you felt Aaron’s legs shift beneath you.  He was getting a better angle, and you knew exactly what he was about to do next.

“No?” he asked, slapping your ass again.  “You’re telling me no?”  His hand came down hard onto your bum again, and with every slap, you jolted forward, excited for the next.  “I’m about to show you what ‘no’ will get you,” he threatened, and that’s when you felt his fingers press into you without warning.  He roughly assaulted your pussy, his fingers digging into again and again, making you pant in appreciation.

“Fuck,” you whispered.  While he continued to plow his fingers into, his other hand came to rest on your back, holding your shaking figure into place.

“This case has had me stressed to the max, and I come home to a defiant fiance,” he said, his voice breathy.  You knew he was incredibly turned on by the sight of you naked and at his mercy.  “Do you want to apologize?” he asked through his own pants.

“No,” you whisper-yelled, knowing that it would be incredibly awkward if Jack did decide to wake up and see what all the racket was.  “No,” you repeated.  You could feel your orgasm approaching, fast and hard.  But right before you reached your climax, Aaron removed his fingers from you, as he could feel you were about to come as well.  You noticeably pouted, upset you were able to find your release.  This was your punishment.

“If that’s the way you want to play,” he tested, grabbing your hips and throwing you back onto the bed.  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out your thong.  “Give me your wrists,” he demanded.  You complied, ready for this.  This was the kind of torture you were seeking.

He grabbed onto your wrists and used your lacy undergarment to tie them together and onto one of the bed posts at the top of the bed.

“What are your safe words?” he asked, and you felt a surge of excitement at his question, knowing what he was about to do.

“Red and yellow,” you breathed, writhing beneath him.  He hummed in approval, knowing full well he would stop if you needed him to.

“Don’t use either unless you need to.  Understand?  Take as much as you can handle.  I know you can handle a lot,” he said to you.  You felt your face heat up at his praise of you, and also because you were just anticipating his next move.

Slowly, he stood up from the bed and removed his pants, leaving him in his boxer briefs.  You pulled slightly at your restraint, the lacy material rubbing at your skin.  Aaron climbed back onto the bed, hovering over you.

“Why am I punishing you?” he asked, not touching you.  You felt like you were in agony, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside you, but that was all it was - a want.  You would know when you needed it.  You instinctively arched your back, trying to feel him in the slightest against you.  Unfortunately, he was too far above you.  “Answer me,” he said sternly but quietly.

“Because I was being uncooperative,” you replied, giving into his game.

“And that’s not okay, is it?” he asked you, slowly beginning to lower his face to your skin.  His lips hovered above your breasts, and he was still not touching you at all.

“No sir,” you whispered.  With that, he sucked into his mouth one of your nipples, assaulting the tender nub with this teeth and tongue, eventually giving your other nipple the same treatment.  You were maneuvering beneath him, desperately trying to get a feel for his erection against you.

His mouth finished its venture to your chest and slowly and agonizingly moved down your body, and you felt him hover over the area you needed him most.

“What do you want?” he asked, holding your hips down so you couldn’t move.  His hot breath glided against your core, making you twitch.

“You.  Your mouth, your cock, everything,” you breathed in admittance.  “Please.”

Hearing you beg was his favorite thing, so he immediately gave in, licking clean up your slit.  Unable to cover your mouth, you moaned out loud, the sound echoing throughout the room.  You knew he didn’t care at this point, considering his tongue continued to explore your pussy, dipping in and out of your folds, making its way up to your clit and back down, repeating these actions over and over again.

“Fuck Aaron,” you breathed, unable to keep your voice down as his tongue sped up its torture.  Your arms were desperately trying to escape from the thong, but you were secured too tightly.  You legs wrapped around his shoulders as you felt your release approach, but once again, just before you came, Aaron halted his actions, not letting you.  You breathed out in annoyance, feeling completely spent without the satisfaction of a climax.  You knew what he was doing, but this was punishment enough.  

“Aaron,” you begged.  “Stop.”

“What do you want?” he asked again.

“Fuck me,” you said loudly.  You were done playing games.  It wasn’t a matter of want anymore.  “I need you.”

In no less than a few seconds, Aaron had his underwear thrown across the room, and he was hovering you once again.  He pressed his mouth against yours, this being the first kiss of the entire night.

“I love you,” he admitted before ramming into you.  It was if the dominant man from moments before was gone, as was the worry about his son hearing the two of you, because he was pounding into you, loud claps of skin against skin filling the room, probably surfing throughout the rest of the house, but neither of you cared.  

“Fucking christ,” you yelled just as you felt yourself finally release.  Your legs shook uncontrollably, your climax taking over your entire body.  It was as if it was the first time you’d ever reached complete euphoria.

“Dammit,” Aaron muttered above you, reaching his release soon after you.  There was no sound in the room other than panting moans and strings of curses.

“That must’ve been a hell of a tough case,” you said between pants.  Your fiance chuckled above you and kissed you again, reaching up to untie your wrists, allowing you to wrap yourself completely around him, feeling him against you making your heart soar.

“I can always count on you to make it better,” he said, cupping your face with his hand, gently brushing your hair back.

Suddenly, you both hear a thump from down the hall and you knew that meant your antics had woken up his son, and he was probably making his way to your room to see what it was that woke him up.

“You go take a shower, I’ll handle him,” Aaron told you with a smirk.  He climbed off the bed and threw on a pair of sweats and shirt as quickly as possible.

“Come meet me when you’re done,” you replied with a wink.

Monsta X As Dinos

Requested ages ago by a super sweet anon! I gave it my best shot, cutie!


  • Parasaurolophus
  • mama duck type
  • except always spacing out in the water
  • still watching out for their babies
  • waddles around and tries to keep everyone together
  • when danger comes tho
  • head tips back and that loud ass HONK! comes outta his mouth
  • gather babies, protect babies, nobody touch my babies


  • Stegosaurus
  • peace-loving
  • will only fite u if you hurt his babies
  • once you get anywhere near them his tail goes swingin’ abt to kock ur head off your shoulders
  • makes lil nests for his babies and puts them on his shoulders
  • strong mama™


  • velociraptor
  • wont stop screaming
  • the type to run everywhere screaming and trip over a rock, but not even get fazed
  • hes still screaming
  • incoherent mess
  • snaps his jaws at everyone but it’s not done with any mean intentions
  • he’s just got too much energy in his lil skinny body


  • T-rex
  • smol arms
  • big ego
  • screaming but different than Minhyuk
  • more loud “fear me” type of screaming
  • will come at you if you even look at him weird
  • like those ppl in pokemon who come up to u and r like “were you looking at me? let’s battle!”
  • no bitch, nobody was looking at ur ugly ass


  • Brachiosaurus
  • long neck
  • makes weird groan type noises all the time
  • chews his leaves and grass really slowly, staring at you
  • judges you


  • Triceratops
  • looks rlly calm
  • but u walk into his territory?
  • he comes at u with those big ass horns
  • chill and eats plants, but if you try to come near him and take his food he’s gonna come swingin’
  • boutta cut straight through you


  • Barney
  • tf is this man
  • knock off t-rex
  • hugs everyone
  • weird asf
  • remeber that time barney made a song abt mac and cheese?
  • its like changkyun
  • “i am butter”

Bonus: Changkyun beating Kihyuns ass

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Surprise Surprise!

Summary: A requested imagine from ages ago about going out with Jenna whilst Josh is away on tour.

Warnings: None, y’all all safe here. There is some alcohol and an dirtbag bastard trying to get some sex

Rating: Safe, no smut

A/N: A request from an anon about a century ago that I am re-writing. I doubt the anon even sees this or follows this blog. Also I am British and Madness is amazing, I don’t know whether you American’s know them - let me know if you do! I do have a wattpad, two in fact: shadowbees and X_TheOutcast_X

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Imagine being one of Charles’ students, but being close in age to him. Eventually he nervously asks you out not knowing how you feel about him and since you’re a teleporter you use your powers to go somewhere special for your date.

Originally posted by holy-cherik

(Requested by an Anon forever and five days ago. Sorry it took so long honey.)


So @bookocd might like this (the poor thing kinda got spoiled on my fic and I think this might make her feel better) and @sympauny kinda requested this as well, so I decided to post it! I wrote this ages ago at the request of an anon, but then decided it was too spoilery for my fic A Court of Hearts and Darkness. But make no mistake my friends this can be read without having read any of my other works! But if you don’t want to be low-key kind of spoiled on something that was kind of spoiled anyway, don’t read ahead. 

If you’d like to see more of my stuff, you can check out my masterlist if you’d like. Much Feysand. Much ACOTAR. Much stuff.

Happy reading!


Feyre and Rhys had never had such a perfect moment in all their years. Their tiny little baby boy, who they had been waiting to meet for the last nine months, had finally arrived and he was the most beautiful boy they had ever laid eyes on.

The golden-brown honey tufts of hair, the shocking blue eyes. He was an Archeron through and through.

Actually, the moment wasn’t quite yet perfect, but it would be soon.

“She assured me they’re on their way.” Rhys told her.

No, their perfect moment hadn’t quite happened, but it would when their twenty-two-year-old daughter came to meet her brother for the first time. She had been gallivanting around Velaris doing Mother knows what, likely causing havoc at every possible moment. She was a wild one, and maybe her brother would be the tamer sibling. Rhys didn’t even want to think about what it would be like if he had another child like her. He loved her like the spirts love Starfall - without question and until the end of days – but he had also never worried about another person so much. He guessed it was just another part of being a father.

“I can’t believe this has happened,” Feyre was close to weeping with joy. “Mother, he’s so beautiful. Look at him, Rhys, do you see how beautiful he is?”

Feyre was sitting in bed – she’d only recently left the room she gave birth in – and was clutching her son to her chest, smoothing his sparse hair back. Rhys sat dutifully next to her, his arm around her shoulders and his other hand help captive by the grip of his son.

Feyre was still very hormonal and Rhys suspected the random emotional tangents she experienced during her pregnancy wouldn’t stop anytime soon. He could also tell that she was utterly exhausted. She wanted to stay awake though, they both did, for the arrival of their daughter. That meant that Rhys kept having to answer, ‘yes, of course,’ every five minutes when Feyre asked him if he saw how beautiful their son was. Not that it was a hassle, every time he answered it was true.

“He’s wonderful – perfect. Now about his name-”

“You named Eleana.” Feyre interrupted. She playfully smirked at her mate.

“We both named Eleana-”

“No, you just kept calling her that since I told you I thought she was a girl and it stuck. This one’s mine, and he’s perfect and so is his name and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Okay,” Rhys conceded. He pulled her even closer to him.


He turned to face her and saw that tears shone in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He pulled his finger from his son’s clenched fist to wipe away the tears that were streaming down his mate’s face. Just as he thought – she was still very emotional.  

“Does the name really bother you? He’s your son as well,” She cried.

Rhys smiled at her and replaced his hand with kisses.

“I was just joking - the name is perfect.”

He kissed her lightly on her lips. Before he had a chance to deepen it, he heard quiet knocks on the door.

“Can I come in?” Her voice was muffled through the wood but it was undeniably his daughter.

“Eleana!” Feyre shouted joyfully.

Their daughter took Feyre’s shout of enthusiasm to mean that she could enter.

Their daughter was the opposite of their newborn son. She reflected Rhys in every way. The thick dark hair, the stunning blue eyes, the devilish smile – the few things she inherited from Feyre were her freckles and magic.

And stubborn attitude, not that Rhys ever mentioned that.

Eleana walked into the room and gawked at the sight of her brother.

“By the cauldron, look how small he is!” She skipped over to her parents and stole the baby from her mother’s arms.

“Eleana, be careful.” Feyre said sternly. Her hand automatically reached for her baby, but she let it drop.

“Oh stop. I’m wonderful with babies. I’ll take first in line for babysitting duty - lovely baby needs to know his sister.” She sung.

She stepped away from the bed with her brother in her arms. She cooed at the small boy and it made Rhys’s heart wrench with happiness. There were days, some far behind him and some still fresh in his mind, that he thought something like this would never happen. That he would never see a day when his wonderful daughter would have a sibling. Or that his children would all be in the same room. There were others he knew that couldn’t say the same thing, and he was eternally grateful to the world that it hadn’t done that to him.

“Eleana, you left me to carry everything,” a gruff voice came from the hallway.

Suddenly a head of bright blonde hair appeared in the doorway.

He had his arms full of clothing and presents (Rhys could see an overwhelming amount of Feyre’s favourite chocolate) and walked to the edge of the room to dump them in the corner. The man, Kaden, was his daughter’s mate and husband of three years.

Once he had dropped the presents in an orderly fashion he made his way over to the new parents.

“Congratulations,” He said as Rhys stood up to hug him. They clapped each other on the back then Kaden leaned down to kiss Feyre’s cheek.

“He’s quite wonderful,” Rhys grabbed Kaden’s arm and pulled him over so they could peer at the little creation in his daughter’s arms.

“What’s his name?” Eleana cooed. She may have been talking to her parents but she only had eyes for the tiny bundle in her arms.

“His name is Elias,” Feyre sighed happily.

Eleana made a choking sound and dragged her eyes away from her brother to talk to her parents.

“Please tell me you’re joking,” She deadpanned.

“What’s wrong with Elias?” Feyre frowned.

“You cannot have Eleana and Elias. It’s too much! Have you told anyone his name?”

Both Feyre and Rhys shook their head at the question. Usually a birth in the Inner Circle was a family affair. This time it had only been Feyre, Rhys, and their healer. The rest of the family had yet to even meet their son - they wanted Eleana to be the first.

“Perfect. Now you can change it and no one will know! I know you both love matching names or whatever, but this is just excessive.” She tried to persuade them.

“Eleana?” Feyre summoned her daughter to her side.

Eleana handed her brother to her mate to hold and went to crouch down at her mother’s side.

“I’m just kidding. Of course I wouldn’t name him Elias! I just knew you’d hate it.” Feyre flicked her daughters scrunched up nose. “His middle name is Elias, though.”

Their daughter carefully stepped onto the bed and climbed over Feyre. She plopped down next to her and laid her head against her mother’s shoulder.

Rhys could see her quietly speaking into Feyre’s ear, but was too enamoured by his son to take notice of what they were talking about.

His daughter’s mate started to slowly rock the baby back and forth. His son’s face was scrunching like he was going to cry, but Rhys didn’t do anything and just smiled at the way his son’s face matched his other child’s when she was that age.

Rhys was still in disbelief. Feyre and him had done many great things during their reign as High Lady and High Lord, but it still somehow baffled him that they had created such wondrous children. His daughter was the light of his and Feyre’s life, so strong and beautiful and confident and Rhys could sing her praises until his last breath. As for his newborn son… he already loved him so much that it ached.

His children would always be his greatest accomplishment.

“Don’t go getting any ideas, young man.” Rhys ruffled the hair of his daughter’s mate jokingly.

“Oh, Mother.” He blushed profusely. It wasn’t hard to get that kind of reaction out of the young Illyrian. It was rather endearing. “Neither of us are ready for this. We’re at the stage where we’re happy to steal other fae’s children and give them back the next day.”

“Yes, it was a stupid suggestion.” Rhys became serious. “Because for you to have children it would mean you were doing certain things with my daughter that I know you don’t do.” Well, serious as far as her daughter’s mate knew. Rhys just liked teasing them.

“Oh – Rhys, um, oh-”

“Stop being awful Rhysand.” Feyre laughed. “Don’t listen to him, Kaden. He’s a cranky old man and it’s past his bedtime.”

“His sense of what is appropriate has dimmed in the past seventy thousand years of his miserable existence. I wouldn’t listen to a word he says.” His daughter added jestingly.

Rhys put his hand over his heart and gasped in fake hurt. “Seventy thousand? I am not even one! The audacity! Tell me, who raised you child?”

“Some High Lord. You wouldn’t know him - he’s never done anything overly notable.” Eleana laughed. She got up from her spot next to Feyre and joined Rhys at his side. “In all seriousness though, he’s quite lovely, isn’t he?” She said, gazing at her brother. Rhys draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled her into his side.

“He’s cuter than you were.”

“Well now you’re just taking things too far.” She rolled her eyes and held out her arms for her mate to place her brother in.

He did as she requested and then kissed her quickly. “I’m afraid I have to go, but I couldn’t resist seeing the baby first. I’ll see you in a few days.” He then walked over to say goodbye to Feyre, placing a quick kiss to her cheek in farewell.  

“Uh hem.” Rhys pointed towards his own cheek.

“Shh, Rhys, we don’t want to make Eleana jealous.” Kaden stage whispered. He smiled and came over to clapped Rhys on the shoulder, and took the opportunity to kiss Eleana once more.

He waved to the family as he left, once again saying his congratulations while they could still hear him. It wasn’t long before they heard the booms of his wings taking flight, and Rhys looked over to see his daughter looking wistfully out the window.

“How long is he gone for this time?” Rhys asked his daughter.

“I don’t know.” She clutched her new brother tighter to her chest and leaned down to press her face against his. Her dark her fell in a veil that Rhys couldn’t see through, hiding his baby and her expression. “As long as it takes.”

Feyre started to sit up, and Rhys’s eyes widened at the sight and he rushed over to usher her down again.

“I’m not an invalid, Rhys.” She placed her hands on his chest, but rather than pushing him away, held onto his shirt and pulled herself up.

She held onto his shirt with one hand and reached the other out to her two children – effectively dragging him along behind her. She hugged her daughter, trapping her son between them with Rhys awkwardly to the side.

He may not be a part of their little embrace, but he didn’t mind. Why would he when it meant he got to see his family all together? His mate, and his daughter and his son, on a night he would never forget in all his centuries.

“It’s the middle of the night,” he felt the need to remind them.

It may be a heavenly moment, but he could feel Feyre’s exhaustion pulsing through the bond.

“You’re right.” Eleana pulled back, the baby still in her arms. “You should both get some sleep. Cauldron knows you’ve had a big day.”

Feyre nodded, a small smile on her face, and went to take their son into her arms.

“Oh no! That’s, um, I’ll take him. You go sleep. I’ll watch him and you can sleep. Yes. Let’s do that.” Eleana pulled him away with a grin and backed away from her parents. “You two behave now! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She said cheerfully while she whisked the baby out of the room – closing the door behind her.

Feyre’s hand were still upheld waiting for her baby. “Should we let her take him?” She questioned cautiously.

“If she can save the world she can take care of him for a night.” Rhys shrugged.

“He’s only a few hours old…”

“They’re only downstairs. Here,” He gently grabbed her hand and led her back to the bed. He lightly pushed her down so she was lying and then climbed in next to her. “I’ll stay awake and if anything happens I’ll be there in a second. But you need to sleep, Feyre Darling, and I’m not going to leave you. Rest, my love, he’s only a floor away.”

Feyre rearranged herself so that she was draped over his chest and he was holding her tightly. It only took seconds for sleep to overcome her, and Rhys was glad. He knew that he said he would stay awake, but maybe he would just rest his eyes for a bit. Only a minute.

Yes, that was a good idea. He was only going to rest his eyes.


It was dawn when Rhys woke, Feyre still dreaming at his side. The house was silent - the only noise coming from the chirping of birds on his windowsill - and he didn’t know whether to be thankful or weary that he couldn’t hear his son or daughter.

Either way, he carefully extracted himself from his mate and made his way downstairs. He was still a bit bleary eyed from sleep, but the sight he was met with focused his vision.

His tiny son, so very small, was sleeping on the same mat they used for Eleana when she was an infant. He was laid in a makeshift crib Eleana had made from pillows that that the mat and him resting on top. Eleana herself was sprawled next to the crib in an awkward position that illustrated to Rhys that she had fallen asleep while gazing at her brother.

Rhys thought – No, Rhys knew that with a life like this he could never be anything but happy again. All he needed, and all he would ever need, is his wife and two children.