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Angry Omega Headcanons

-When an Omega is mad at their Alpha they will hide away in their nest because they know the Alpha wouldn’t dare approach the nest when they are not at all welcome in or even near it, so the Alpha will sit out in the hallway and try to calm the Omega from there

-Omegas are probably quicker to anger than Alphas because they are more sensitive

-If a mother Omega’s pups are threatened the Omega will become a raging mess until they feel sure that the pups are no longer in any danger

-Omegas get angry when their intelligence is insulted, because Omegas are literally known for their intelligence and they become so frustrated when an Alpha only compliments their looks

-Angry Omegas tend to pour all of their aggressive energy into thoroughly scrubbing and rearranging their home, which is fine until they are eight months pregnant and their mate is freaking out because “You are going to fall and hurt yourself and oh my god! You get off that ladder right now the dusting can wait!”

-Unmated Omegas growling at Alphas who refuse to take no for an answer, in some cases an Omega’s growl can be scarier than an Alpha’s

-Omegas are very possessive so if they see other Omegas blatantly flirting with their Alpha they will become livid and drag their Alpha home with a growl…this usually ends up with rough fucking on whatever surface the Omega settles on first

-Pregnant Omegas get mad easily if their Alpha is coddling them too much and they end up snapping frequently until their Alpha figures out that they need to tone it down a bit

-If an Omega is mad at their Alpha they will be extra attentive and coy and try very hard to make sure that their Alpha is extremely turned on…then they’ll get up and walk away and leave their mate sitting there trying to figure out what the hell they did wrong this time

-Omegas get very annoyed when people are around their nest, or even if their Alpha goes digging around where they store their nesting materials and sometimes they act really petty and give their Alpha the silent treatment because of it


Hello there! I’ve decided that it’s time to give it a try and maybe do some comissions! As you know, I am better at drawing people so i would prefer it if you could request me those! I am open with drawing animals and stuff, but be aware that i’m not that good with that! Same thing with backgrounds, i would prefer not to, but if you are okay with me doing a really bad job then i don’t mind haha✨
Apart from nsfw i think i’m good with drawing anything! If I have a problem with your request i will tell you☺️

1 character: 5€
2 characters: 8€
+1 more: 5€
1 character: 8€
2 characters: 13€
+1 more: 8€


lycanthrotp  asked:

Ayyy I love your writing!! Can I request 5 or 8 for the prompt meme??

5. “shh…hey shh. i’ve got you alright?”

So I got a lot of requests for prompt #5, from you and from a couple anons. I bet you all thought I was going to go angsty with it, right? Haha, wrong!  Cute fluffy modern AU set in Hawaii starts…now. <3

(ps: ‘haole’ is a Hawaiian word that is used to refer to non-Hawaiians, specifically, these days, white people. It can be used as an insult but I’ve also heard it used just as a descriptor - most people don’t use it in polite company tho)

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Imagine: Heir

Anonymous said:Hi, can you do a jokerxreader story where the joker wants a heir to his throne so he kidnaps the reader and says she will give birth to his son whether she likes it or not, and the she has a girl so he wants to try again, I hope I’m making sense please and thank you ❤️❤️

Me: You totally make sense hon. Thanks for requesting.  ❤️ Sorry tho it probably sucks because I have such a bad hangover-ish feeling haha also it’s father’s day tomorrow and I had to get up every 5 minutes to run to the kitchen to make a cake and come back so it’s a little messy. I tried! Might re-write if I end up hating this

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Joker was known for his mastermind crimes and cruel kills, but little did people know he was rich as hell. Of course it would make sense for robbing people and banks, but usually people focused on the fact of what he had done, not what he had done it for.

He was in his office, wondering who the heck should inherit all of the money and expensive items he had. If he would die on mission, there was no one to take that. Oh and he didn’t want the government to own it either, after so much hard word. Someone had to be his heir.

After thinking about it in the back of his mind for weeks, he finally got to the point of process. He had been talking to you for a few days after seeing you in his club. At first you had been very nervous around him and really scared ,but for some reason you didn’t understand Joker was nice to you.

Until one night that he and his henchmen kidnapped you.

A few days had passed and you had been locked up in a bedroom that was full of things for girls. ‘’Hello?’’ You yelled from behind the door and hit it a few times. Everything was hopeless. Your boss would fire your sorry ass for not showing up or even telling anyone where you were. You couldn’t either. Joker had kidnapped you! First it scared you so much you had cried for hours nonstop, but no one had done anything to you so far so you were mostly pissed. But on the inside you were scared to see Joker.

The one people you had seen were henchmen who gave you food. The room wasn’t bad. It had a big bed, a warm dark brown floor, a bulletproof window that showed the beautiful Gotham city view and a bathroom with a big bathtub. Of course it would be nice to know what the fuck was going on, but that would push your luck.

After four days of being locked up in the fancy room, you were forced to face Joker. He walked into the room and saw you lying in bed with a book. As soon as you saw him, the book fell onto the floor and your heart jumped to your throat. Fear kicked in and reminded you of the real situation going on. You weren’t a guest, he fucking kidnapped you by drugging you with a cloth and allowed his men to take you away from your freedom.

‘’Oh you’re being silly darling. We’re friends, right?’’ He smiled and joined you in the big bed. The second he sat on the bed, you stood up. ‘’Friends don’t kidnap each other’’ You let him know through your fear.Joker was bored alone so he crawled out of bed and walked closer to you. As he took one step closer, you took one step back until you were against the purple wall.’’Well that’s an exception doll’’ He whispered and stopped until he was right in front of you.How body was blocking you from escaping, but then again the door was locked so it would be useless.

‘’I know how you’re looking at me Y/N’’ He purred once again and put his hands beside you and leaned closer so your noses nearly brushed. Yes you had to admit to  yourself that he was hot and very thrilling to hang around with, but never ever would you admit it to him. ‘’You’re not even that scared. I know you’re just trying to act though because I took you here’’ He giggled and found this funny.


You rolled your eyes, but soon he grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him again. ‘’Admit it sweet cheeks’’ he nearly growled and made your heart skip a beat because he startled you. ‘’Never’’You just whispered and knew it made him angry. But little did he know this position and all got you a little horny whether you liked it or not. Joker was hot. But you were angry at him.

Before you realized what the fuck was going on, Joker pressed his lips on your neck and started kissing your skin warmly. You gasped at the sudden touch, but when he started sucking on your sweetspot, you gave into temptation and moaned out quietly. He was so dangerous that it turned me on.’’Do you like that?’’ He asked you with a raspy voice, but you bit your bottom lip so he wouldn’t be pleased.

‘’Oh I’ll make you speak’’ he warned you deeply and then gave you a wild look. First you thought he’d hit you, but his hand touched your abdomen and then slid into your pants and straight to your heat.His fingers pressed against your clit and it made your legs go weak. ‘’All wet for me?’’ He seemed surprised and made you blush, yet you didn’t say anything. ‘’You’re just asking for it’’ He chuckled darkly and so that led you two to have sex. Little did you remember protection..

Three weeks passed and Joker really seemed to be sweet towards you. Why? You had no idea, but you didn’t mind. But the truth behind it all was evil. He managed to make you fall for him without even trying too hard. Talk about stockholm syndrome. Now you stayed at his penthouse willingly and he was happy to have you around. Your old life was far behind.

But before you could completely believe that he had taken you here only because he cared, the truth came out -kinda.

You woke up one morning because you felt sick. It was early in the morning and you ran into the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet and then last night’s food came out of your mouth. It burnt your throat to throw up and it caused your eyes to sting. After emptying your stomach to the toilet and coughing, you wiped your mouth and flushed the toilet. Of course you were too tired to think through it so you brushed your teeth and headed back to bed where Joker was sleeping. He had stayed in your room for a few days now.

His eyes were open as you got back in bed. ‘’Where were you?’’ He asked you quietly and put his hand on your waist. This man really made your inner insanity come through and you wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to make you as sick as himself. ‘’I feel sick’’ You murmured tiredly and put young hand on your stomach. Instead of seeing worry on his face, he smiled. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ You groaned and tried to keep your eyes open.

‘’Nothing..did you throw up?’’ He asked you and sounded a little more worried. You nodded and then shut your eyes. Silence fell into the room. ‘’What if you’re pregnant?’’ He whispered, causing your eyes to open again. Was he fucking serious? ‘’Doubt it..’’ You sighed and pulled the blanket over you. Joker touched your cheek gently and looked into your eyes. ‘’Y/N I’m serious..we didn’t use protection three weeks ago’’ Joker whispered and sounded dead serious.

Your heart started to hammer in your chest. He was right. But could you be pregnant to a criminal mastermind? Suddenly you grew scared. ‘’I c-can’t..I don’t..know how to t-take care of a kid..’’ You stuttered and even worried about him. Just as you started to feel okay here, this happened. What if Joker would hate having a child? What the fuck would he do to you if he found out your pregnant? Shoot you?

‘’Shh..take it easy doll. How about you go back to sleep and we’ll wait a few days, hm?’’

Little did you know he was planning this all along..

*9 months later because I’m lazy lol*

Your head was a mess as you laid on the damn bed and tried to push out a living human being out of you. Dr. Quinzel came as soon as Joker said that your water broke and it was happening. You were giving birth to Joker’s and your child. Just less than a year ago that would have seemed impossible.

‘’Fuck!’’ You yelled out in pain and tried to breathe. Joker was next to you and he let you squeeze the living out of his hand. First it seemed like he didn’t care about you, but during your pregnancy, you grew very close. It’s like he fed you some kind of a mad love. He even got you to commit some crimes, but then when he saw that a bump was showing, he got you guards so you would always be safe until the surprise he had for you after giving birth. You had no idea what it would be.

A couple painful minutes later you heard a baby crying. Everything around you froze and you held your breath in shock. Dr. Quinzel was washing your baby and preparing her or him for you to hold for the first time. Tears stung your eyes and it felt like a dream

You had your own kid!

‘’Congratulations! You have a beautiful daughter’’ Quinzel chirped happily and held her so you two could see her. ‘’Oh my god’’You breathed out. Joker was quiet, but you were a little drugged by the laughing gas and epidural so you didn’t notice. He stood up and grabbed some scissors. You watched as he cut the umbilical cord like a father was supposed to do. Then finally you were allowed to hold your daughter.Your hair was messy and glued to your sweaty face, but it didn’t matter at all.

She cried loudly ,but when you started to talk to her, she calmed down. ‘’J we have a-’’ You started, but soon realized that he had walked out of the room. Quinzel gave you a sorry look for some reason. ‘’What’s going on?’’ you asked her confusedly, being way too tired to deal with his temper right now.’’He must be overwhelmed..’’ She muttered a little nervously and then sat on the chair where Joker had been on a moment earlier. You felt a little sad because you wanted him here, but on the other hand things like these were really special and rare for him. He was usually taking lives away, not bringing someone to life.

‘’Don’t worry princess, daddy loves you’’ You whispered softly to the girl that held onto your boob. She sure was hungry. ‘’Do you want me to talk to him?’’ Quinzel asked you after a while. ‘’That would be nice thank you’’ You mumbled and then yawned. She nodded and then walked out in a hurry. Well that’s a very special birth, everyone just leaves.

Not too long after your newborn little blue-eyed angel fell asleep. You forced yourself to stay awake because you were afraid to drop her. Weren’t you supposed to get rid of your placenta as well? Before you could try to get the doctor back, you heard Joker yelling which really took you off guard.

‘’Well we both know that it was supposed to be a boy!’’ You heard him yelling angrily. Your eyes widened and your heart started to beat faster in your chest. You could hear Quinzel trying to calm him down. ‘’..Try again?’’ She suggested and that’s when you felt betrayed.

Had he used you to get a baby?!

You literally had to hold your breath so you wouldn’t start breathing hastily and start crying. Also your pretty daughter was asleep on you so you didn’t want to get a damn panic attack. The door opened and Dr.Quinzel walked back with reddened cheeks, probably from frustration. ‘’Let’s put her to bed and get that placenta out. You deserve some sleep as well’’ She sighed and put on gloves. You let her take your daughter away and onto a small newborn baby bed. That’s when Quinzel walked back to you and tried to make up re-position so she could press your stomach.

‘’So this was all planned, huh?’’ You whispered and saw how her face turned a little paler from surprise. ‘’Y/N it’s not what it seems like’’ She tried to tell you, but your hormones were still freaking mad so you didn’t just lie in bed and be a good little girl for doctor and mr. clown prince of crime. ‘’I’m leaving’’ You growled angrily. ‘’As soon as I get that piece of shit out of my stomach I’m gone’’ You continued angrily. ‘’You should sleep on it Y/N’’ Harleen tried to talk you through this, but you refused to listen. You just crossed your arms and she was forced to help you to end the pregnancy.

(the placenta is an organ that works as a tube that feeds the baby that comes out after giving birth. Google it if you want to)

A couple hours later Dr.Quinzel left and you were with Joker and your daughter. You had slept a little, but you were stressing. Didn’t he care about you after all? All those thoughts ran around your head and made you want to cry out from pure frustration. He hadn’t even come to see you or his daughter and it really pissed you off. So what she wasn’t a boy? Maybe in the future, but she was born a girl and for some reason Joker was unpleased.

The door opened and you saw him walking in. ‘’Well look at you, the biggest dickhead ever’’ You spat angrily at him, not giving a fuck about the fact it was Joker. Fear seemed like an unknown feeling for you in the middle of your anger. ‘’Watch your mouth doll’’ he sighed and then walked further in. Your baby was sleeping again. ‘’I know you don’t like her so stop pretending’’ You whispered and then watched as he gave you an angry glare.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ He groaned and then waited for you to answer. The room was dim but you could see his face perfectly. ‘’What’s wrong? I heard you yelling earlier’’ You admitted and then sat on the bed. Your stomach hurt, but you forced yourself to sit. Joker took a deep breath and then looked at his daughter. You could almost see a glimpse of happiness in his eyes, but you were too angry to care.

Suddenly the baby made a squeal and let you know she hadn’t slept after all. Joker smiled and picked her up, first trying to find out how, but he got the hang of it. He held her in his arms and it really melted your heart, but you tried to keep a straight face. ‘’Hi princess’’ Joker cooed softly and took a seat next to you. She didn’t cry or anything. Instead she looked at her father wide eyed and seemed to smile. Your daughter had pale skin and very blonde hair. Probably from Joker’s unnatural features that apparently were genetic.

‘’It’s  daddy’’ Joker told her and suddenly you calmed down. Even tho he was a psychopath, a homicidal criminal, he seemed so down to earth when he saw her like this. It was touching to be honest. ‘’How could I not love her?’’ Joker suddenly looked at you. What a bastard he was making you love him so much. ‘’I don’t know..’’ You mumbled a little tiredly. ‘’Y/N darling it’s a long story.I’ll explain it later, but now we can be happy that we have our own child in this world’’ He tried to make you calm down. He had calmed down himself very well.

‘’Fine’’ You gave in and smiled. ‘’That’s my girl..I have two girls now to keep an eye on’’ He chuckled and then looked back at the newborn in his arms. ‘’Daddy won’t let anyone hurt you’’


The night was a miracle! Your baby Lana hadn’t cried and you got a full 8 hours of sleep for the first time in months. Joker had taken you to the acid bath a couple days ago and you felt like a new fresh person. He said it was very important for you to go through that and you got the clue why.

Just as you thought things were okay, he made you just as furious as the night you gave birth to Lana. He started talking about having more kids. ‘’J my vagina literally stretched to pop out one, do you think I want to do it again?’’ You groaned and looked into his eyes. He seemed a little sad and it was bad for you because you were a sucker for that guy. ‘’But think about our future. Siblings would be nice for Lana’’ He explained and walked up to you. Your arms were crossed and you felt too tired to think about this.

‘’Aw trust me darling, we can go through it again. It’s fun to see your mood swings’’ He teased you a little just to be a douche on purpose. ‘’Oh J I’m thinking more about you. You’ll run away with your tail between your legs when you see me getting angry’’ You joked and cracked a smile. ‘’That’s my girl’’ He cheered and put his hands on your shoulders. Your eyes met and you gave into him, leaning against his chest so you could hug. Damn.You would have never ever in a million years believed that Joker would be a dad and such a softie towards you.

To break the perfect moment, a loud cry interrupted you. ‘’I’ll take her’’ He promised and pressed a kiss on your head before hurrying to get your crying daughter. You watched as Joker walked into the bedroom and it made you happy. This was unbelievably amazing. Maybe siblings for Lana wasn’t a bad idea after all? Better like it since Joker already made up his mind, whether I was up for it or not.

Good for him that I was..


bokuaka fic recs pt. 2


updated 18/5/17

part 1

💖 = highly recommended, one shot

a lot of emojis = vvvvv highly recommended and is multi chaptered


  • komorebi (soulmate AU where your soulmate line appears when you’re 13 this is just fluff YUS )
  • notes: bokuto koutarou (5 times akaashi showed that he thought highly of bo and the 1 time bo proved he thought just as highly of akaashi, fluff) 💖
  • geronimo (beach resort au where bo works in a small beach resort, renting out kayaks and surfboards and akaashi moves into town for the summer for a photography internship, yus fluff)
  • anatomy of a feather (au where akaashi can see “invisible wings” on people, kinda angsty?? but yeah not fluff)
  • cookies and cream (where akaashi stress-bakes cos he just cant say the 3 famous words HAHA and implied sexual content) 
  • simply touched (akaashi loses his hearing, and damn this angst T.T but happy ending!)
  • INT. BOKUTO’S MIND (bo is just a lil boy akaashi, go easy on him. a story where bo’s bday surprise didn’t go as well as intended HAHA)
  • rules  (pianist bo and accountant akaashi, this is unbelievably adorable i just can’t; it’s kinda slow build but the character development was rlyrly good holy shit, smut in later chapters, mainly FLUFF YUSSS) 💖🙌🏼🙆🏻
  • il mio ragazzo falso (akaashi needs a fake bf to help him to come out of the closet to his italian relatives) 
  • quiet (a meiji era retelling of the fairytale< “the six swans”, slow build but rly rly amazing!! its like you get to learn so many new things about the meiji era??? and about the forests!!! its rly rly good gosh, smut near the end)💖🙆🏻🙌🏼 
  • upstairs (nsfw towards the back, pining and slow build) 


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anonymous asked:

💜💙May I request a matchup please? I'm a 5'8 straight Female and i have rosy pale skin, brown eyes, and brown curly hair that's ombre and it's midback lngth long. I love cooking😂 I enjoy traveling and learning everything like cultures. I'm down to anything and I like to help others. I use sarcasm often and I don't admit that I have a dark humor.

Admin Sarah is that you? Haha, you’re a lot taller than Admin Sarah, but similar in personality! -Admin Jay

(This was actually really hard! So many people fit!)
Based on what you told us, I’d pair you with Ludwig Beilschmidt/ Germany!

Ludwig would enjoy your dark humor and how you are willing to help others. He would love to travel with you and learn about new cultures, and would appreciate anything you cooked for him. He would learn how to style your hair and would do his best not to tangle it up.

Daughter (Taeyang Scenario)

Archived | Posted September 5, 2015

Requested by anonymous

Such a cute request~ ♡ My Taeyang feels suddenly skyrocketed and this is the result haha. I hope you’ll like it, anon! :)

Enjoy ^^

Summary: During one of their concerts, his daughter suddenly runs up on stage.

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Just so you know...

I’m going to close my ask box for a little bit! I have reached 45 asks and I as soon as I answer like 2-5 people send me asks right after. Haha. 

I love doing head canons, but right now I need a little peace of mind and get through the requests that I already have. Once I get to a decent number, I’ll open it back up again. 

Hope you all can understand! 


yah. 5 request is done!  actually this request was the first message when i open this event. I’m sorry for this late. (and poor english too!*cry*) but i had too many thought…and here is my conclusion. haha…XD

i think dante can’t say this, he worry about staying, even. because he is still fugitive.(also hunter too though.) he afraid that people get hurt near by his. if someone have to  say that question, between this relrationship…that one will be delsin.  this is my personal thought. 

hope you guys like it!

thank you for  this request,i absolutely love to drew this one. also I’m big fan of your work.<3)

anonymous asked:

What is this number thing people are requesting?? And how can I request? Do you still do them? ;u; (I'm new to all of this, sorry)

Haha xD Don’t worry, I’m still pretty new to all this tumblr stuff too TuT 

You can just request by sending me an ask (like this one). I don’t know how to link the text post, but here’s the numbers people are requesting~ 

Thanks for showing interest! I hope you request something, but no pressure lol  Love you nonny~~ <3

1. Holiday headcanon
2. Cooking headcanon
3. Sleeping headcanon
4. Driving headcanon
5. Bathing/showering headcanon
6. Hugging headcanon (seven)
7. Kissing headcanon
8. Sex headcanon (did for all of them already)
9. General physical contact headcanon (zen)
10. Physical appearance headcanon
11. Wardrobe headcanon
12. Jewelry headcanon
13. Nickname headcanon
14. Dancing headcanon
15. Singing headcanon
16. Anger headcanon (zen)
17. Soft spot headcanon (seven)
18. Favorite possession headcanon
19. Favorite photograph headcanon
20. Relationship with/thoughts on _____ headcanon

credit: cricketoreilly

anonymous asked:

Hey friend, i wanna ask you. Which scenario you've written so far that you find the most satisfying for you? (Even tho if i were you i'll be having difficulties to choose, cause everything so satisfying for me 😂)

Oh man, where do I even begin haha. You’re right, I feel like finishing any piece is satisfying in that I finally get to put it out to the world and see people reaction to it. And I feel like they’re all my babies, you know, I spent at least minumum 5 hours on even the short, written in one seating scenarios like No Matter What, Cold, or The Same. This is especially true with requests because I know someone is waiting for it and Lord know I don’t keep an upload schedule, never putting anything out on time. I do feel bad for not finishing request in time but when I do finish, oh man, such a good feeling to finally answer that ask that had been in my inbox for months. 

Uhm if i really really have to pick, the whole Just Go trilogy would be a big one. Each of them on its own is just soo long and took forever to finish and jusst so much involve into writing it. Just getting to wrap up that scenarios finally is pretty dang satisfying. I feel like I’ll feel the same about My Professor when I finally finish it just because it’s been sitting in my draft for far too long. 

But if I’m really honest, every single scenario is satisfying haha. I know that’s such a bullshit cop out answer but it’s the truth, you can’t pick a favorite among your children. 

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Guys get me writing!

I write imagines for The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf, and a few others, so I will get imagines/blurbs/other up as soon as i can. I’ll only accept requests when my ask box is open, so look in my description to see if it’s open or closed before you send a request. There are some rules, and some requirements for sending prompts.

~ the * is optional~

The Requirements:
-Name (if a name is not sent, I will make one up and put it in place or I will use Y/N for some)*
-Age (again, if one is not sent, I will make up an age)*
-Race (just so I don’t offend people if I use the wrong race)
-Height (ex: Scott looked down at my 5′5 frame and smiled)
-Boy(s)/girl(s) (I’m accepting of everyone :D)
-Fluff or Smut? (if it’s a girl I’ll try my best for smut haha!)

Actors/Actresses I Will Write About:
-Dylan O’Brien
-Tyler Posey
-Tyler Heochlin
-Dylan Sprayberry
-Daniel Sharman
-Max Carver
-Charlie Carver
-Colton Haynes
-Ian Bohen
-Cody Christian
-Cody Saintgnue
-Crystal Reed
-Holland Roden
-Arden Cho
-Shelley Hennig
-Kaya Scodelario
-Thomas Sangster
-Will Poutler
-Robbie Kay

Characters I Will Write About:
-Stiles Stilinksi
-Scott McCall
-Derek Hale
-Liam Dunbar
-Isaac Lahey
-Aiden (Teen Wolf)
-Ethan (Teen Wolf)
-Jackson Whittemore
-Peter Hale
-Theo Raeken
-Brett Talbot
-Allison Argent
-Lydia Martin
-Kira Yukimura
-Malia Tate/Hale
-Teresa Agnes
-Newt (The Maze Runner)
-Gally (The Maze Runner)
-Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time)

-Derek Luh
- plus a few others! 

I’m taking requests now, but once I get to a minimum of 10, maximum of 15, I will close my ask box until I get down to 3-4 requests and then I will reopen my ask box 

Don’t forget you can also submit your own writings and I will publish them, and I will give you the credit for writing it!

Send in any requests, for anyone, and if i don’t know them or if i can’t write about them i’ll reply and let you know, but if I can you’ll definitely see your request up!



Inktober Day 31! That’s a wrap somehow I was able to finish this whole month through. I wanted to thank you all for the nice comments and tags on my pieces and for 200+ followers. I can’t believe that many people are following me?! I still remember when I only had 5 followers (and those were all my friends sorry for my intense spam of ML fanart haha). I’m really grateful to old and new followers and hope we can all continue to grow and improve together.

Brother!Sammy (Pt. 5)

A/N: Part 5 for all you lovely people who asked me to continue. Fair warning that this is pretty long, so I’m sorry if you don’t like long sections. Also, requests for imagines or if you have any ideas on what I should write about are open! Just click here. Let me know if you want part six or if you are just tired of this story already, lol. It’s pretty long and I’m sorry. I’m kinda, sorta, getting towards the end? I guess, haha. But yeah, enjoy!

Pairing: Reader + Nate Maloley + Sam Wilkinson

Word Count: 4,000+ (yikes, sorry)

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10

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You’re short

Ashton would think you’re the most adorable thing in the world and he would love hugging you and he would rest his chin on top of your head. He loved lifting you up and spin you around and he loved how you could hear his heartbeat when you hugged.

Luke and you would be an adorable couple because he’s a giant and you were already short but when you stood next to him, you looked 100x shorter. He didn’t care if people thought you looked too short, because he had always thought he looked too tall so he thought you were perfect for him. He loved seeing you on your tip toes to reach his face so you could kiss and sometimes you had to stand up on a stool so you could look at him in the eyes.

Calum thought your height was really funny and he loved seeing you cook because all the ingredients and bowls you had to use were on the top shelves so he would be next to you to hand you whatever it was that you needed. He loved feeling helpful and everytime he reached for something you couldn’t, it made him feel like he was your hero.

Michael would tease you for being short but he secretly loved it. He loved when you got angry at him for winning another game and you would cross your arms and pout he would try not to smile because you looked so cute. He just hugged you and whispered “You look adorable when you’re angry!”

Requested by anon

Honestly I love this so much because I’m 5′1. In other words, yes I’m part of that group of people who can’t reach the top shelf haha

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Yo I'm the person that just asked for Destiel and I just read your thing on your blog and it says you don't take request and I truly apologize for that.I should've read first.I am very sorry

haha it’s fine! 8′) a bunch of people send requests, I usually consider them as suggestions, no worries

Anon:What is Life is Strange? Is it a show? If it is where can I see it?

it’s a game that was released in 5 parts, it’s based on making choices and dialogue rather than action and the graphics are very pretty, it’s also rather melancholic and has mysteries and stuff, you can watch the let’s plays on youtube (it’s sorta like watching a movie) or you can buy it on steam I think

Anon:Are You into Doctor Who?

not particularlyy, I mean I liked some of the older seasons but I stopped during the 5th ;v;


AU: Ashton is dating Jacob Artist (from Glee) and it’s their one year anniversary so Ashton decides to surprise Jacob on set with the rest of the 5SOS boys. The rest of the Glee cast “aww” and clap as the two boys embrace each other. 

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this was requested by an anon, so thank you! sorry you have to click the gifs to read em oops

due to a number of requests, there will also be a part 2 to the AU where (Y/N) is dating Jacob but Ash likes her!! (click here to check it out) (totally unrelated to this AU btdubbs, I guess people just really like Jacob Artist, and I don’t blame them at all haha) 

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