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can u do an imagine where pan cheats on reader with wendy and the reader ‘brings out her wrath’ on peter coz shes dangerous or something, pan has never seen her like that before so he finds it sexy, and tries everything to get reader back? sorry if its confusing xxxx

Anonymous said:

Heeeeeeyyyy! I was wondering if you could write a pan imagine based off Beyoncé’s “hold up”? I love love love your blog!

I decided to make one imagine for this two requests cause why not. 

Warning/s: swearing, cheating


What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
Jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

Y/N watched as Peter talked to Wendy from a distance. This has been going on lately but Y/N didn’t think any of it because she trusted Peter.

“Y/N!” Peter called.

Y/N smiled and walked over to the two

“Yes?” Y/N asked, excited because this is the first time in weeks Peter acknowledged her.

“Why don’t you lend Wendy some of your clothes?” He ordered more than asked.

Y/N’s shoulders slumped and just nodded.

“Sure. Come with me” Y/N faked a smile to Wendy.

“Here” Y/N said as she handed Wendy the clothes.

Wendy made a disgusted face.

“Bloody hell? What’s this piece of trash? Don’t you have something better?” Wendy complained.

Y/N sighed and walked over to her closet, looking for a better one.

“What about this one?” Wendy took Y/N’s dress which was given to her by her mother before she died.

“But that-“ Y/N was cut off when Wendy already walked out the room, wearing the dress.

“was from my mother.” Y/N sighed and walked out to see everyone gushing over Wendy’s new dress. Y/N walked over to a log and sat down, watching everyone admire Wendy. Peter was also admiring Wendy. Y/N thought that it was nothing bad. She trusted her boyfriend. Maybe Peter was just being a nice friend to Wendy.

I don’t wanna lose my pride, but I'mma fuck me up a bitch
Know that I kept it sexy, and know I kept it fun
There’s something that I’m missing, maybe my head for one

 Y/N saw Peter go to his tree house with Wendy. Now this alerted Y/N. Should I go after them? What are they doing? No. If you truly love Peter, you should trust him. Trust keeps relationships strong. 

But so is loyalty.

‘Fuck it’ Y/N thought and stood up to follow Peter and Wendy. She was behind the door, eavesdropping. She didn’t hear anything so she sighed to herself.

‘This was a stupid idea. I’m just being paranoid.’ Y/N said to herself. She was about to go back down when she heard someone moan.

Can’t you see there’s no other man above you?
What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you

Y/N stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart was beating fast. Is it what she think it is? She nervously walked back and slowly peeked through the door. When she saw the dress that her mother gave her on the floor, she burst opened the door revealing Peter and Wendy. The both of them were only wearing underwear and Peter was hovering over Wendy.

“Oh wow! Wow! This is.. just wow!” Y/N exclaimed, walking over to pick the dress up.

“Sorry to interrupt your session but this dress is important to me. I’m sure you don’t need to wear anything considering you were about to fuck. So I’m just gonna take this and” Y/N walked back to the door.

“Goodbye.” Y/N smiled and slammed the door shut. Y/N walked to the river to wash her dress. The dress was supposed to remind her of her mom but now, it will also remind her of her boyfriend’s infidelity. Y/N was stomping around, trying to calm herself. She needed to calm down or all hell will break loose. 

“Y/N” Peter called, emerging from the woods.

“Fuck off” Y/N spat. Peter was shocked to hear this from Y/N. Y/N was a nice girl. She’s always thinking about others’ safety before hers. And she always sees the good in everything.

“Y/N. I’m sorry I-” 

“I swear to god, Pan. Stay away from me. I don’t need your bullshit right now.” Y/N growled. Peter was hurt not because Y/N was pushing him away, but because she called him ‘Pan’. Y/N always calls him Peter and other sweet nicknames. Now she called him ‘Pan’ and it was filled with so much hatred.

“But-” He was cut of again when the water from the river started floating his way. He turned to look at Y/N who was holding her hands up. It looks like Y/N was the one doing this.

What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
Jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

“Maybe you need  water? You were so thirsty back there.” Y/N made a sinister smirk and waved her hands towards Peter, making the water go towards Peter’s direction. Peter almost drowned if it wasn’t for his magic that saved him. The water disappeared making Peter smirk. He somehow finds Y/N’s aggressiveness sexy. 

“You never told me you could do that” Peter walked over to Y/N.

“Leave me alone.” Y/N said quietly, trying to make herself calm again.

When Peter didn’t move an inch, Y/N broke down.

“LEAVE! For god’s sake Peter! Fucking leave me alone! I don’t want you near me anymore! Just fuck off!” Y/N fell to the ground, mopping her eyes out.

Peter stood there in shock.

“I totally fucked up this time, haven’t I?” Peter walked over to Y/N. He crouched down to Y/n’s figure.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I truly am. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Just please. Forgive me.” Peter said, almost crying.

Y/N chuckled between her sobs.

“Pan apologizing and begging? That’s rich.” Peter smiled sadly.

“Please Y/N. Tell me. What should I do to make you forgive me?” Peter asked.

“You took me for granted, Peter. That’s fucked up.” Y/N sighed.

“I’d be crazy if I ever forgive you.”

Peter looked down in sadness.

Y/N chuckled.

“But it’s a good thing I’m crazy right?”

OLA OLA OLA.  i hoped you liked this one guys. 

Requests are still open. please request stuff yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


Blackpink - Stay insipred outfits requesed by anons

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Peter Parker drabble

Requesed by anon- just a cute fluffy peter and reader one, maybe as a continuation of the one where the reader is tonys daughter and like they are dating and their interactions with the team cause they’re protective over the reader?? Thanks :)

God Peter Parker and protective dad!tony are literally my two favorite things so thank you!


Waking up with you had to be one of the best things about Peter’s life. Wrapped up in eachothers arms, under the warm cover of your blankets, Peter was sure this was what heaven had to be like. Not to mention how cute you looked cuddled into his chest, your hair a mess and wearing his shirt. Nothing but his shirt.

He wanted to fall back to sleep, to be in this moment with you for as long as he could, but his need to be an amazing boyfriend got him up and brought him to the kitchen to make you some coffee.

Rubbing the remaining sleep from his eyes and making an attempt to flatten down his bedhead, he stumbled into the kitchen, which was surprisingly empty. That never lasted long.

You being the daughter of Tony Stark and living in the Avengers tower, made it slightly difficult to get any sort of privacy when you two stayed here. In fact, it was as though members of the team deliberately tried to interrupt you two when ever you got too close. Especially your dad. But as everyone got used to the two of you dating, they accepted the idea that teenagers were gonna make out at basically any opportunity they got. That was just how it worked.

But neither of you minded the almost constant surveillance, when it really got on your nerves, you just went to Peter’s apartment, and from what started out as and short kiss in the living room turned into real love. And Peter really loved you.

“You know,” the familiar voice of Natasha said, causing Peter to jump, “When Tony said you could stay the night to help (Y/n) with her homework, I expected you guys to actually do something.” she said, leaning against the doorway, watching Peter with an unamused look, but after nearly a year of seeing that same face, Peter could easily find the underlying amusement.

“I- we got something done.” Peter lied, thinking back to what had started out as a study date turned quickly into showing each other funny memes, which evolved into a make out session, and well…you can guess when it went from there.

“Oh, really? What did you do?” Steve scoffed, glancing pointedly at Peters bare chest, reminding him that he was indeed shirtless.

“He did me.” your voice cut through their conversation as you walked into the kitchen. You were still wearing his shirt, but had put on a pair of pajama shorts on, and Peter had to stop himself from staring at your legs.

“Ew god, (Y/n) don’t say that. I don’t want to have to think about that.” Clint said as he scrunched up his face in disgust.

You strutted up to Peter kissing his cheek as you took the mug from his hands, “Thanks babe.” you said with your cute morning voice and a sleepy smile.

“You too are gross, go be a gross couple somewhere else.” Bucky grumbled as he walked in and Clint agreed.

“You go be old and grumpy somewhere else.” you retorted back to him. You took Peter’s hand in yours and began to pull him back towards your room, “But fine I guess we have no choice but to go back to my room, two teenagers, unsupervised and alone.”

“No, wait (Y/n), I changed my mind come back out here!” Clint called after you two, but you just laughed.

Peter smiled at you, letting you push him back onto the bed before you crawled up to straddle him, “You know Peter,” you smirked, making your fingers walk up his bare chest, “You know I love the shirtless look, but all those hickeys on your chest are gonna get you banned from my room again.”

He gasped, looking down to see a trail of hickeys starting at his neck, going across his shoulder blades and scattered across his chest. When had you done that- oh…ok now he remembered…

“Wait, he had what?!?” Tonys distressed voice carried through the tower followed by an angry, “God damn it Parker!”


Shawn Michaels x Reader 

 Requesed by anon 

 Prompt: Your Tripple H’s little sister and Shawn has always seen you as a little kid who just works as receptionist at WWE but when you’re in Texas you visit a ranch and he finds out you’re afraid of Horses / during D generation X

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I think i’m cute.
I know i’m sexy.
I’ve got the looks.
That drive the girls wild.
I’ve got the moves, that really move'em.
I send chills up
and down their spines 

His theme was blaring through your headphones. It sounds crazy but everytime you listened to it you felt near to him. As if there would be still a chance for you to be with him even though you knew it would never happen. Shawn Michaels, the heart break kid… there was a reason why he got that name. He broke your heart day for day since you met him, back when your brother wrestled with him for the first time.

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You Need To Chill (Simon D x Reader)

Requesed by @delirefriends. I hope you like it baby cause I even wrote a verse for you. Enjoy!

Originally posted by street-crush

Nobody expected us to be together. First off, she had just turned 21 and second was that we had a disssed eachother. She had just signed under YG and debuted as a solo rapper, most of the feedback was positive and she was very happy about that, but I did not think the same. I had publicly dissed her, I went on a radio show and when they asked me what do I think of her, I boldly said

“She needs to go to sleep at 10 p.m and calm down. She is so young and she is acting so tough like nah, she has a lot to learn. Because she is foreign she thinks she can act like she is the best, no girl you need to chill”

Of course she was hurt and angry. She did what anyone would do, she got to a studio got a beat and went off on me. She even used the beat of my song 6:30 that I had made with lady jane.

“Do you remember this song?
You used to be that soft
Claiming you know about love
But you still broke it off
You never lived with out a woman?
I don’t know if that’s true man
Leave the girls alone
Please focus on your work
You’re milking Jay’s fame and money
You’re rhymes are more than funny
34 years old and still trying to find a wife
Get a clue, no one wants to be by your side
Make a good album, then you can talk about my style”

That was the first verse. She was ruthless, I have to give it to her she hit the nail on the head, right to my insecurities.

“What are you going to do?”

Jay asked me when he heard the song. I shook my head, completely shaken up

“I can’t diss her back. She wrote all this just because of a few words I said, she clearly feels like she has nothing to lose.”

“Just try to talk to her, if this keeps going not only it will hurt your career but the entire label”


I decided to meet up with her at the studio. I walked in and saw her shaking your head to a very loud and kind of scary beat, she was wearing track pants and a baggy shirt, her hair was up to a ponytail and she had no make up on

She turned around to face me and turned the beat off, completely calm and collective, like a friend of hers just walked in.

“I am not going to lie, I was not expecting you to call me and meet up with me”

She said, letting her hair down and fixing the top. I took a seat and got comfortable at the couch before I spoke

“I am old enough to know when something has to stop”

“That’s not it. You realised just how far I can go”

She quickly fired back, raising her eyebrow at me. I had to admit that she was very pretty, even without make up on she looked nice.

“For a 21 year old you have a very bitter tongue”

“Thank you. So are you ready to apologise for what you said?”


Not only we apologised to each other, we ended up dating. She was such a precious gem, a very gifted woman. She was so young, but so… addictive, no one could do what she could do. She was completely straight forward, if she wanted to talk back she would, if she wanted to cry she would, if she wanted to be sweet she would be sweeter than a piece of pie.

A 21 year old but one of the best cooks and she loved to take care of others. She loved to cook and clean, she would take care of me when I didn’t feel good, she would hype me up when I had to do something. I was finally happy

But the guys weren’t as excited as I was when I told them the knews

“With her? Are you serious?”

Seonghwa almost yelled. They were all shocked, they had every right to be, we are talking about a woman that dissed me and dug her knife very deep.

“She is not like that”

“She dissed you! She clearly does not care about you.”

Jay claimed. That made me frown and look straight at him, I knew exactly what he was going to say and I did not like it.

“Jay don’t go there”

“I have to. What if she is using you, she is 10 years younger than you Kiseok”

I got up, I had to get out of that room while I could still talk and not yell. I looked at all four of them dead in the eyes befoer I opened my mouth

“This conversation is over”


“Baby they don’t like me”

“Because they don’t know you. Come on now, just one time.”

I was begging her. She had to meet them, I wanted to prove them wrong and show them what she is really made of. I knew that as soon as they met her that they would love her

“Why? They don’t want to meet me and I don’t want to meet them, we are already agreeing to something, why ruin it?”

“Do it for me. You know it would be much easier if we had them by our side”

I whispered to her ear as I snuggled her closer to me. She looked me in my eyes, I could see her debating on what to do

“Fine. But if they say dumb shit I am leaving”


“Do we really have to?”

Seonghwa asked. I just walked to the door and opened it. She was wearing high knee socks,black converse and a long black sweatshirt, that reacched the middle of her thighs. Her hair was up in a double buns… she looked completely adorable

“Guys, this is (y/n). Watch your mouths”

Hyun Jung was the peacemaker. So she stood up and gave (y/n) a warm hug. She was very surprised but she slowly wrapped her arms around the blonde woman

“(y/n) it’s nice to finally meet you”

“I am sure you are the only that wanted to”

(y/n) said. I took her by the hand and sat her down next to me. The guys looked at her, trying to find something to say. That was when Hyuk woo decided to break the ice

“So (y/n) how did you two ended up together?”

“Believe it or not I always thought he was a good rapper. Yes I did go pretty hard on him but it was because I was hurt, listening one of your favorite rappers say that stuff about you is pretty rough. So when we finally had a chance to get to know each other, we realised that this could actually work”

I nodded along what she said, like Hyuk woo did. I knew that these two were warming up to her and I was happy about that, but we still had a lot to do.

“You could have just tried to get in contact with him and talk, before you say that stuff”

“Jay let’s be honest here. If someone talked shit about you, actually not just anyone but someone you admire, would you really hold back your tongue. You are as straight forward and crazy as I am, don’t try to act like you wouldn’t do the exact same”

“Come on Hyung, she is right about that. We would all do that”

Jukyung said. Jukyung was never really mad at her, he just went with the flow, it wasn’t hard for him to get closer to her.


One hour after and we were all laughing like crazy, holding on to our stomachs. (y/n) had completely got in the group and they were all very peaceful about her

“I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to be like that”

“I know, but I don’t care what y'all say, I’ll smack all y'all”

“Before you smack me, I would like to have a song with you”

“Sure, but don’t think you will make the beat by yourself, I am hands in on that”


“I am currently studying music baby, I go to the school you did”

She assured him. Seonghwa stayed with his mouth open, (y/n) got up and closed it slowly

“Close your mouth boy”

“Baby we have to go”

I told her. She turned to me pouting and making her puppy eyes

“Just a little bit more”

“Hey you are the one that wanted to see the polar express”

She smacked me on the hand as the other chuckled at my reveal. They were completely take back by the knews that she watches animation

“Why did you have to say it?”

“Come on little puka, let’s go”

“You’re not getting laid tonight. Just warning you”

HTTYD FanFiction: Just Another Stitch

               Title: Just another Stitch

               Requesed by: Pure Silver

               Summary: After a small scuffle with Dragon Hunters, Heather is injured. She thinks she hid it from everyone… except for that observant Haddock who seeks her out. Sibling Fluff

               Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship

               Rating: K

               Time-Line: Race to the Edge season 4

               “Watch it!” Fishlegs shouted, dodging a large boulder in the process. Heather ducked, thankful for the warning.

               “Thanks!” She called out, leaning closer to Windshear’s neck as even more boulders flew through the air.

               “Only one ship left!” Astrid stated, she and Stormfly coming up to fly alongside Windshear. “Wanna take this one?”

               “With pleasure!” Heather pushed the handles forward slightly, Windshear taking the hint and diving towards the ship below at neck breaking speeds.

               The ship grew closer and closer, and Heather leaned forward a bit more. They were now above the deck, Windshear’s tail whipping out to slice through the flimsy wood.

               In that split second, one of the arrows zipping around them found a place in Heather’s leg. At first, she thought she’d just knocked it against one of the masts, but then came the sharp piercing pain, and only then did she realize that the worse had happened.

               “No…” Heather gritted her teeth tightly, reaching down a hand and ripping the arrow out, biting her lip tightly to keep from screaming. She tossed the arrow into the water, before twisting her leg and tossing her satchel over it, hoping that would conceal most of the problem until she could escape to her hut.

               She and Windhsear flew up close to the others, who by now were just watching the ship sink while giving happy shouts and congratulations to each other.

               “Great job, gang!” Hiccup called out, sitting up and letting go of the handles of his saddle. He was wearing a grin, and over all looked quite happy with that day’s accomplishments. “Let’s get back to the Edge and get something to eat. I think you all deserve some rest.”

               “We.” Astrid corrected, giving Hiccup a stern glare. “You will also be eating with the rest of us, instead of making me bring food to your hut where you’ll slave away and probably won’t even get sleep and-“

               “I get it I get it!” Hiccup interjected, giving a mock pout. “I’ll eat with you guys.”

               Heather continued to bite her lip and her head ducked. She could feel the blood dribbling down her leg and into her boot, but she remained silent. Hopefully they’d stop their chit-chat soon, so she could go to her hut and faint already…

               Snotlout spoke exactly what she was thinking. “Good grief! I’m starving, let’s get back and eat instead of just talking about it!”

               “I second the notion!” Tuffnut agreed with a grand air.

               “And I third it!” Ruffnut chimed in.

               Everyone began heading towards the Edge, which wasn’t far away at all. Heather could see it quite clearly, thankfully. At least they were close to home, or else she wasn’t sure she could keep her wound hidden. As it was she had to hold Windshear back so they flew behind the others.

               “Hey! You okay?” Astrid asked, Stormfly smoothing out into a glide so she could fly alongside Heather and Windshear.

               “What!? Oh, yeah! I’m fine…” Heather reassured quickly, hoping she didn’t answer to suddenly. She hadn’t really been listening to the others talk, more instead fixed on keeping her leg twisted and the satchel covering it to really notice anything else…

               Astrid stared at her, and Heather prayed that her face wasn’t as bloodless as she felt it was.

               “Are you sure..?”

               “I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be? We just won a raid from Dragon Hunters, and coming out unscathed.” Heather tried to act cheerful, but it was beyond difficult to do.

               Astrid smiled and nodded before Stormfly squawked and moved forward, much to heather’s relief. Now she could duck her head and gnaw on her lip once more.

               Windshear was about to follow the others to the Clubhouse, but Heather held her back, instead turning her towards Astrid’s hut, where she was staying. She thought that maybe she got away with it, when Fishlegs called out.

               “Heather! You coming? I’m cooking!”

               Heather halted Windshear, and she turned to look at the others, who by now were standing on the platform outside the Clubhouse. Astrid, Hiccup, and Fishlegs were the only ones still outside, while the twins and Snotlout had already dashed into the hut, most likely stuffing their faces with snacks.

               “I…” Heather sputtered, a stabbing pain in her leg making her mind blank suddenly. “I… I think I’m going to just… go back to my hut…”

               She didn’t wait for a reply, instead, she turned Windshear and headed towards Astrid’s hut, leaving the others behind. The blood was beginning to drip off her boot now, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out without fainting from blood loss.

               Windshear landed, and Heather stumbled out of the saddle, leaning heavily against the wall as she made her way slowly to the door. Once inside, she made a bee-line for the bucket of drinking water on the table, grabbing a cloth on the way.

               She plopped down onto her bed, dunking the cloth in the bucket before pulling off her dirty boot and rolling up her leggings. She winced at the sight of the angry wound, but didn’t stop. It was bleeding heavily, her entire leg stained red.

               She had just slammed the cloth over her wound when a loud knock sounded on the door, causing her to jerk her head up in surprise and panic.



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Are you serious

Requesed by @mrsmacgarret2000 - Can you make a Steve McGarrett x reader. When the reader finds out she pregnant and has to tell steve.
Word Count – 502

Characters – Steve x Reader

You sat across from Steve in the fancy restaurant. You looked around at how everyone laughed and smiled and you looked back to Steve and smiled. He reached forward and grabbed your hand.
‘Why are we here?’ you asked Steve, you weren’t complaining but you know something was up cause you usually had dinner at the shrimp truck.
‘What you don’t like it?’ He asked, worry flashing across his face.
‘No, I love it but something is happening.’ You stated.
‘Why do you say that?’ He asked leaning in, rubbing your wrist.
‘We have never went to a restaurant like this before. It’s lovely but you know I don’t like going all fancy and dressing up.’ Especially now when you stomach was growing. You wanted a quiet night in so you could tell Steve.
‘Well I have to tell you something.’ Steve said you looked up and focused on him.
‘What?’ You questioned him. He looked around and smiled before turning to you. He stood up and nodded for you to follow him. You stood up and reached for his hand, capturing it you walked beside him
‘Where are we going?’ You asked, wondering where he was taking you.
‘You’ll see. Close your eyes.’ He told you and you listened. You felt his rough hands cover your eyes, and then you felt the cool breeze.
‘Why are we outside?’ You asked but he just shut you up with a simple answer.
‘Just wait a couple of minutes.’ You walked more and soon felt sand beneath your feet. You didn’t say anything but continued walking until you stopped.
‘You can open them now.’ You opened your eyes and gasped. The small beach hut had been covered in fairy lights, so it glowed. There were roses petals, leading to the decking in front of it.
‘Come on.’ Steve said as he leads you up the ramp. You stood with your back to him. You turned around to see him on one knee.
‘Y/N, I have had the most amazing times with you. I love how much you care for everyone I care for. I love you, I love everything about you. I adore the way you except that I may be gone at any moment and time, I love you so much. So, to my best friend please do me the honour if becoming my wife. Will you marry me Y/N?’ He said as a tear ran down your cheek.
‘Yes.’ You said as he came up and stood in front of you but you stopped him from kissing you.
‘I need to say something.’ You told him.
‘What?’ He questioned looking at you lovingly.
‘We’ll be starting a family sooner than you think.’ You told him, he looked confused but then looked down and back up.
‘Are you serious?’ He questioned you. You nodded and your lips were soon captured by his. He placed a hand on your stomach.
‘God, I love you so much.’ He murmured as his lips were against yours.

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Whats up its Psycho, back with another imagine.It was cool to write but the request was a little vague so I tried my best. 

Requesed by anon:  Hey can you do a barry imagine where the reader was captured/ kidnapped? 

Word count:1346

Warnings: Kidnapping, Abuse, Beatings and Possibility of Mass Death.

A/N: I tried my best but the request was a little vague. Also i cannot write fluff at all , like at all.

Your name: submit What is this?

So instead of Cisco being captured by Snart it’s Y/N


Barry picked you up and ran you back to your apartment building. He set you down, your hair was all over the place. You pushed it out of your face.

“A little warning next time?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“How about a thank you?” He said pulling you in closer and kissing you on the forehead gently.

“Thank you.” You said in a deadpan. You paused a minute, glancing away from him. “… Barr, um before you go…. I umm…… I had a really great time tonight. I really appreciate it.” You admitted slowly, embarrassed, while blushing a little.

“Me too babe, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” He smiled, kissing you on the forehead softly. “I love you,”  he said as he disappeared only leaving yellow and red lightning where he once stood.

“I love you .” You said to the open air. You walked into the apartment building, dropping the keys to the front door. “Shit,” You reached down to grab them when you felt someone pull you up from behind without warning.

“Hello, I’m gonna need to borrow you for a minute.”

You started to struggle and screamed until your attacker hit you on the head and knocked you out. Black waves crashed over your mind and everything fell into silence.


You slowly opened your eyes, you were sitting in a chair tied down by some kind of rope. You scanned around the room. It was a damp, dark warehouse. You felt the hair on the back of your neck raise and goosebumps start to form. You felt a chill move down your spine when you heard metal clank to the ground.  You looked at the ceiling a blinding light pierced your eyes. You struggled against your chair sending a screeching sound echoing through the metal prison.

“Mick, it looks like she’s awake.” You heard one voice say.

“Coming.” You heard another voice.

The clomping  of footprints filled the eerily still air. Two men came around from behind you.

“Hello Y/N  glad to meet you, I’m Leonard Snart and this is my partner Mick Rory.” Mick cocked his head and smiled wickedly.

“Looks more like your lap dog than a partner.” You spat out. Leonard chuckled, but Mick not so much. He put you in your place with a couple slaps across the face. You spat at him, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to hit a girl?” You asked not being able to back down from this stand off. Mick just growled. “So what am I doing here anyways? I’m nothing special.” You asked firmly.

“See Y/N that’s where you’re wrong, you are special….. well actually your boyfriend is.” You raised an eyebrow and gulped. “We know you’re dating The Flash so, why not tell us his identity and move on with it.”

“Or what?” You asked. You wanted to know the stakes before you outed Barry.

“Or my partner and I turn Central City into a crater.” You gritted your teeth and struggled furiously against your restraints. “And here is some motivation.”

He brought over a tablet and took a video. “Here Flashy Flashy, I have your girlfriend,” he said tilting the camera towards you. “ In one hour you give us your name or your girlfriend gets to blow up central city if she doesn’t give up your name. You can’t save your Identity and her, so which will it be?” he said with a smirk. “Bye bye.” He clicked the tablet and sent the video to all the phone numbers on your phone.


It had been half an hour since Snart released the video, half an hour left. Half an hour until you exposed Barry, or killed hundreds of innocent people.

“Oh come on Y/N you won’t even give us a hint?” He asked playfully.

“Whoever he is, when he shows up he’s gonna give you hell.” You said receiving another slap from Mick.

“If you want to keep that pretty face you should start giving us some info.” said Mick pulling out some sort of gun. He flicked it on and flames danced around the tip. “Right now.” He said. He pushed the flamethrower closer and closer to your face. You felt the heat of the fire scorching your skin. You winced in pain.

“Mick stop it now, we need her remember?” Said Snart and Mick put the gun away and stepped away from you.

“Good dog.” You said smiling.

Your big mouth had just earned you multiple punches to the stomach.


“Look Y/N, You now have ten minutes before this city goes kaboom so I suggest handing in your boyfriend.”  You tried, you had held out for as long as you could. It was time. You couldn’t let so many people die.

“Give me proof that the bombs will be deactivated.” You said sharply, your voice echoing. You heard a chuckle reverberate around the room.

“Smart one, hmmm….” said Snart coming into the light. He walked towards you. “His name, give it to us and I promise no bombs will go off, today.”

You scoffed, “Do you really think I would trust you?”

“Thief’s honor,” he said putting his hand over his heart

You breathed in sharply and chewed the inside of your cheek in contemplation.

“Six.” Said Snart in a singsongy voice almost like he was taunting you.

I’m so sorry Barry…. Forgive me….

“Barry, his name is Barry Allen.”

“Good girl.” He grabbed your phone and looked for his contact information. He pointed to a number on the screen. “Is this his phone number?” He asked. You nodded. He called the number on the screen. He put the phone on speaker and put it on your lap.

“Y/N, Oh my god where are? Who took you, where are you, what’s going on?” Said Barry through the phone,

Snart held up a piece of paper that read, ‘Warehouse C Dock 14. You were taken by people and they want to see the Flash. Say anything else and boom goes central city.’

“Flash, I’m at Warehouse C dock 14, I wad…. taken by some people, I need you, hurry.”

Snart walked over and grabbed the phone and shut it off. “Good dog.” He said as he slumped back into the shadows.

It was dead silent that one minute, it was cold as ice. You heard the crackle of lightning and the whoosh of wind.

“Cisco I don’t see her, where is she?” You heard Barry’s voice ask.

“Flash, help.” You called out. In an instant Barry was standing in front of you in full costume.

“Y/N are you alright? Let me untie you and get you home. Now where do you live?” He asked, full show- he didn’t need to ask.

“Barry, please drop the act,” said Snart walking into the light followed by Mick. Barry sent you a confused glare. “Now now Barry please don’t freak out on Y/N- she made a tough choice, she actually waited a full 50 minutes before giving you up.”

“Why Snart?” asked Barry flashing right up to his face. Snart pushed him back with one hand.

“Leverage. You two can go home now. I’ll see you around Barry Allen. Y/N,” he said pretending to tip a hat.

Barry picked you up and ran you into your apartment.

“A little warning next time.” You said breathing heavily, crossing your arms and slowly lowering yourself onto the couch. Barry sped over to you.

“Y/N I’m not mad you saved hundreds of people I-” He started.

“Yeah, at what cost Barry?” You were upset, you felt like shit and your morals were all scrambled. “I got beat up, you were probably freaking out, I exposed you to your worst enemy, they’re probably working to hunt you down right now. But I might be able to live with the fact that I saved hundreds, but If one of them isn’t you-” You couldn’t finish your sentence your body was on fire, your muscles still sore from the beating you got from Mick. You started to cry finally realizing how much it actually hurt. Barry noticed your sudden change in demeanor.

“Babe are you ok? Please tell me you’re fine. If they laid a hand on you I swear I’m gonna-” He started to get pent up, looking at you concerned.

“Lets just say they aren’t the most understanding people.” You said quietly, clenching your eyes shut as Barry lifted your shirt tenderly and saw the large bruises.

“Shit….. I’m gonna kill’em.” He growled, rage starting to build up on his face and you immediately sensed danger.

“Hey, hey, hey, how about no more superheroing for the rest of the night?” You suggested, worried for his safety. He paused, just looking at you for a long while- before relenting.

“Sounds good to me.” Barry said as he was getting up to go, throwing one last glance at you before he left

“Hey Barr, could you just, umm spend the night, just to make sure?” You asked, a small blush burning at your cheeks.

“Of course.” He promised, a small genuine smile spreading across his beautiful lips. “I love you.” He promised, wrapping his arms around your smaller frame.

“I love you too.” You replied, closing your eyes and settling on the couch.

He looked at you in surprise, “Babe, you- you love me?” His voice was incredulous and hopeful. He turned to you but you were already snoring slightly, the events of the day finally catching up with you. He chuckled a bit to himself. “Get some sleep babe. We’ve got a lot ahead of us.” He said quietly to you, as he pressed a light kiss to your forehead and settled in for a long nap with you. “I love you so much.” He whispered before falling asleep, cuddled next to you.


Enjoy! ~Psycho

~Ricky Horror Imagine~

Requesed on Quotev.

 At this point Ricky is beyond pissed.

 He’s furious.

 And it’s better that he left the house, or something was going to be broken.

 He’s aimlesslymarching down the street, trying to calm down.

 That bitch.

 How could she ever do something like that?

 No, he should have known. It really was expected.

 But, oh God, her attitude! She was acting like cheating is completely normal!

 That’s what pissed him off the most. Not necessarily the whole act. But the fact that she was so careless….

 Ricky’s a bit calmer now, but he’s still pretty dangerous. No one should be around him, and he’s aware of that.


 He doesn’t need her anyway.

 But the whole thing is still making him pissed.

 Well, at least it can’t get any worse than this…

 “Shit!” Ricky exclaims as he realizes that the rain is starting to fall. He growls angrily as he starts looking around to find a place to hide.

That’s when he realizes that he has no idea where he is.

 He spots a small diner across the street. If nothing, at least he found a place to stay till the rain stops…

 He crosses the street and enters the diner.

 It’s a cute little place with wooden furniture and black and white fraimed pictures on the walls.

 It’s empty, except for a girl that’s sitting in the corner, reading a book.

 Not paying much attention to you, Ricky takes his pretty wet jacket off and sits down.

 A woman appears from behind the counter and she approaches him.

 “Oh, my.” She says. “I don’t think that the storm is the only thing that got you off track today, am I correct?” The short, friendly looking woman says.

 “I’m fine.” Ricky spits. You lower your book. This is about to be interesting…

 “You will be for sure.” The woman offers up. “I think that a cup of coffee will fix you up?”

 “I would like to have a beer.” Ricky refuses the offer.

 The woman just smiles. “That will do you no good right now, trust me. Maybe tea will be more suitable?”

 Ricky huffs. “I’ll just have coffee then.” He mutters.

 You close your book and rest it on the table, as you watch the woman leave. You take your own mug from the table and you stand up.

 You sit next to the dangerous looking guy that just walked in.

 Well, at least he would look dangerous to anyone else…

 He sighs. “I’m not in the mood to be around people.” He spits, not giving you a chance to say anything.

 You just smile. “I know. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.”

 Ricky rolls his eyes.

 “You’re not very polite.” You state, but you add: “I’m guessing that’s because something happened?” You say, taking a sip of your coffee.

 “Nice guess.” Ricky mumbles.

 “So, what happened?” You ask.

 “Why do you think I’d tell a stranger??” He snaps.

 The woman comes with Rick’y coffee, and that gives him some hope that the subject will now close.

 However, when the woman leaves, you continue:

 “It’s just easier to let it all out. Besides, a stranger is actually the last person who will judge you, because they don’t know you.” You offer up shrugging.

 Ricky sighs. “It’s nothing much, really. I just broke up with my girlfriend.” He says, finally realizing how unimportant that sounds.

 “Oh.” You say. “How?”

 “I found out that she was cheating.” Ricky says bitterly.

 “Well, then it’s not a loss.” You say simply.

 “I guess so….” Ricky mumbles.

 But you can see that there’s still something wrong.

 No matter how “useful” the break up was, it was still a break up.

 “Do you want to rent about your ex?” You offer.

 Ricky hesitates, but then he gives in: “Hell, yeah!”

 Whole way through his rant you just nodded and gave comments like: “That’s right.”, “She wasn’t.” and “What a bitch.” And that’s exactly what Ricky nodded.

 Fifteen minutes later he doesn’t feel angry anymore and has nothing else to say.

 After a short silence you say: “Feeling any better?”

 He takes a deep breath and nods. “Yeah, actually. Thank you for listening.”

 You smile. “No problem. That’s what friends are for.”

 “I thought we were strangers.” Ricky smirks.

 “Not anymore.” You offer him your hand. “I’m (Y/N).”

 “Ricky.” He answers shaking your hand.

 “What were you doing here by yourself, anyway?” He throws a random question at you.

 “Well… I come here to read, study, write and such. It’s really peaceful.” You conclude.

 “That makes sense, I guess.” After a short silence Ricky speaks again: “By the way, I’m kinda lost. I have no idea what part of the city this is… Could you help me out?”

 You nod. “Sure. This is my neighborhood.”

 “Also, I like how our “friendship” started. I think I’d like to see you again somethimes. Would you give me your number?”

 You blink. “Sure… Why not…”

 And to think that Ricky thought it would take him a lot of time to move on…