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A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

I feel so homesick right now… so I took my homesickness and gave it to Lance bc thinking about how homesick Lance must be somehow made me feel happier for a second before I started crying bc he must feel it at least 10x worse bc I know I’ll see them soon and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see his family again

Sorry if there are any typos, I can barely see through my tears

-at the garrison it was somehow different. he wasn’t with his family, but he knew he’d get to see them around the holidays and such things, plus skyping or texting or calling

-he still missed them and so he thought he knew what homesickness felt like: a tiny squeeze of your heart and a whispered voice reminding you of your family, but still fairly easy to ignore with the smallest distractions

-even then, if things got really bad for him at school he knew the worst they could do was send him back to his family, who would still accept him even if he was kicked out

-and then he was pulled into a giant space war

-which, unlike the garrison or literally any other school, has his schedule entirely unplanned

-was he going to eat breakfast tomorrow or were they going to have to fight something? was Allura going to surprise them with a crazy drill that they’d have to suffer through? was Hunk going to wake up later than usual and cause to Coran decide to make them disaster food? if he slept in, would the team let him sleep til lunch? who knows

-was he even going to live long enough to see his family? if Zarkon attacked earth, would they know? would they be able to stop him? what if his family is already dead? for all Lance knew, he could die in his sleep, but Allura dismissed him and said they couldn’t visit earth yet

-he has so much more time to think of things and at first he thought that would make him would feel better, but it doesn’t

-instead he notices that he can’t remember the way his sister parted her her hair, or where the freckle on his brother’s face was or if there even was one. he can’t quite remember the tune to the song his mother always sang, or the way his dad’s face lit up as he came home from his late shift at work only to find that everyone had stayed up late just to see him walk through the door

-his first thought is that it didn’t matter, that those were only the small things

-but then he noticed that he could barely breathe

-he was gasping and his lungs felt like they were full of cotton, his eyes stung as he tried not to cry, his head pounding out his erratic heartbeat. his hands and feet felt numb, his arms and legs like jelly. he felt nauseous too, and bile stung his throat as his mouth went completely dry. his heart felt like it was being ripped out of his chest viciously

-he tried to think of something else, anything else, but now his head was screaming everything he must be missing back at home

-does his sister still make cookies every saturday? does his brother still pick flowers on his way home from school? does his mom still make ridiculous cards for him and his siblings? does his dad still insist that they take pictures everyday?

-do they think he’s dead?

-at this point Lance just needs to get out. he’s scared and just hopes that distracting himself will still work because it’s the only thing he could think of

-so he walks right down into the dining room where the rest of the team is and starts talking

-the others talk back, and everything goes back to normal for Lance

-but the longer he’s away from his family, the more often this occurs, until it’s a habit to just talk to everyone every time he has someone to talk to

-he talked to the paladins, he talked to the alteans, he talked to Blue (and any other lion, although he couldn’t tell if they were listening or not)

-and eventually the others found him to be more and more annoying

-which sucks, because he needs them more than ever now, because now everything he does reminds him of home

-bathing, eating, sleeping, practicing, laughing, even talking

-and there are things he never did in space like fighting, training, or using crazy machines, but it just helped remind him that he’s doing them because he’s not at home

-Lance wants to tell them, but no one else talks about being homesick so he decides he has to stay strong

-they all say he’s annoying (wether or not they mean it) so he slowly gets quieter and basically loses his only coping mechanism but no one seems to notice how much worse he’s getting

-they don’t notice how quiet he is now either, until he says something and someone asks him if he knows how to shut up before they realize that that was the first time they had heard him speak in days

-they see his face fall and his eyes fill with tears, and now they notice his eye bags and the way he seems to be ready to fall over at any given second

-they don’t say anything however, because they aren’t very social and don’t know what to say (only Hunk and Coran seem to have any skills socially, but they wouldn’t be telling Lance to shut up in the first place so it’s safe to say whoever said it wouldn’t be a feelings expert)

-so they leave it alone. Lance was probably just tired lately for some reason but they won’t make him go to sleep because they figure he’ll be fine (again, pretty sure Hunk and Coran are the only ones who know what sleeping is)

-they’re too lost in thought to notice Lance leave the room gasping for air

-they’re too busy moving on to notice that Lance won’t be fine

BTS reaction to you sending nudes

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if you have sent in any requests recently and I haven’t done them, i’m really sorry :( i’m a student so I need to find time to write and study, so expect your requests done in a few days after sending them in <3
(dear person who requested: I love your username. love ya.)

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

requested by @sunflowerlecki: huehuehue can i request a bts reaction to you sending a nude picture ;)))) 

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anonymous asked:

can you write Keith with "give this a chance"? thanks

This one has been sitting in my inbox for a while, because I really had no idea what to do with it. I hope this turned out okay, anon! I know the original prompt is ‘give me a chance’, but I like how this one turned out, so I’m keeping it.

contains season 2 spoilers!

– Ryan

It was a shock to everyone when Shiro and Keith returned from the Blades of Marmora’s base. Not the fact they’d brought Kolivan and Antok with them, but the news they carried that they’d just dropped into everyone’s laps.

Keith? A Galran? Not only was it an absurd accusation, but Keith looked nothing like those giant space alien cats. To top everything else, Keith was born on Earth. To human parents.. right?

“The only way that blade could choose him would be the presence of Galran blood in his veins.” Kolivan speaks up from the awkward silence, but you don’t look at him– your eyes are locked on Keith, your boyfriend. Though, he wasn’t your boyfriend before you’d gotten sucked into all of this Voltron business. It was a fast relationship, yes, but it was built upon earned trust and respect. 

You look him over, and take in his expression, and the way he holds himself. Seems like this was news to him, too. You felt a bit more relived, knowing that he wasn’t intentionally hiding that information from you, but you couldn’t say the same about anyone else.

Especially not Allura.

Everyone took the news as if someone told them Keith had died, and the atmosphere sunk like a dense and heavy fog.

“C-c’mon, it’s not like Keith is working with the Galran Empire.” You speak up, hating this moment more than anything else. And it brakes your heart to think how Keith is feeling right now. Everyone looked to you as you tried to bring the mood back up, but Allura wouldn’t have any of it. She continued on glaring at Keith, and it was unsettling to see her go from one extreme to another, over her friend.

“How do we know to trust them, any of them? Just moments ago the Red Lion was attacking the Blades, and now we form an alliance? This is madness, and I refuse to believe it.” You look at the princess, wishing to say more things, but you didn’t want to fuel the fire.

“Listen, Allura, they wouldn’t have tried so hard as to hide between a black hole and a star if they were working with Zarkon. I understand that it may be hard to trust them, but you should at least give them the benefit of the doubt.” You reason with her, but she just bites her lip, and nods.

Although the tension in the room is still palpable, the team continues on making plans with the Blades to take down Zarkon’s ship. Plans run real smooth, and the seeds of hope are sewn as the probability of this plan working is enough.

It’s not until later that night, after everyone is given their assignments, that Keith finally approaches you.

“[y/n]..” He starts in a quiet voice, looking at the ground. You stop, and turn to him. You can sense the anxiety rolling off him in waves, and you reach out to him.

“Keith, I…” You want to find the words to comfort him, but you don’t know what to say. No one, besides you, Shiro, and the Blades, seems to be on his side. He must feel so… isolated.

“It’s a lot to take in, and I know how everyone feels. You don’t need to put up with it, if you can’t. It’s the last thing I want.” He brings his hand up to his arm, as if building a wall between the two of you. The sound of shoes scuffing the floor hit your ears as he backs up a step. “It was enough that you would defend me, and stand up to Allura, of all people, but I can’t hurt you. I won’t.” 

Was he breaking up with you?

After all you’ve been through, after all this time, he would just give up because of a little recently discovered genealogy? Was his faith in you that weak?

Before he can leave, you grab him by the wrist, and tug him back to you. Once he’s facing you, you dive into his chest, holding him as tight as you can. He stiffens, surprised by your action.

“Nothing’s changed, Keith. You’re not any different than when you stepped off this ship into the Blades of Marmora. If anything, you’re just more sure of who you are, even if it’s a shock. You’re not a new person, with a new agenda, just because we found out you’re part Galran.” You whisper into the collar of his jacket, and his rigid form loosens a bit. His arms slowly come up, and meet your waist to complete the embrace.

“What do you say, Keith? Why don’t we give this a chance?”

He smiles, but he hides it in your hair as he kisses the top of your head.

“Heh. What did I do to deserve you?”

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19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Prodigy AU [15/19]

requested by anon [x]

“…all in one place. I’m a little starstruck!”

In which the original Big Four each pick a successor that will inherit their job as Guardian when the time comes

@terra-eternus | drabble

   His heart squeezes

   Lea skids to a halt. He’s meant to be meeting Isa - he’s running late. His feet seem entirely more interested in turning ‘round and dashing in the opposite direction, though. He wants to be there. It’s not unlike the sensation of forgetting something important; there is the immediate need to reclaim it. 

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Preschool Teacher!Yoongi

And now it is time for the second member of the hyung line, the first half of the Daegu princes, my highkey spirit animal whose smile is so fucking precious !!!! like when his eyes light up and he does that silent laugh good shiT, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Okay so this is actually really really cute and I’m here to tell you why
  • Yoongi would get s o gentle around the kids like all that sarcasm is dialed back, like he jokes around with them but it’s obviously not at the same level as he would with the boys 
  • They all laugh so much around him bc he’s got such a funny sense of humor and he’s not afraid to be a giant goofball
  • Like he has that arm dance he does and he makes weird faces, he’s more than happy to “sing” for them whenever they want him to
  • There’s this one day where he nearly loses his damn voice bc he spends the entire time singing/screaming high notes to their favorite children’s songs and he’s :D bc everyone, even the shy bbys, are laughing so hard
  • He does s o well with the shy kids
  • He totally understands it, he understands that they don’t find it as easy to open up or get loud as the others and he knows that they sometimes need help
  • He has this one lil girl who’s super shy and she becomes his shadow, she just follows him around wherever he goes and during lunch, she sits next to him always 
  • They don’t always talk, some days she doesn’t say anything at all but it’s okay with him bc he knows sometimes she just needs that lil understanding of I’ll sit with you to keep you company, we don’t have to talk until you’re comfortable with it
  • One day, before she leaves, she gives him a huge hug and he almost wants to cry bc on her first day, she didn’t even wanna look at him and now she was the one running to him for a hug
  • He would totally let them call him Suga
  • Mr. Min just doesn’t fit him, especially with the bbys, he teaches a hs class for one semester and they do call him Mr. Min there but that’s an entirely different ball park
  • He always plays music, it’s of course gotta be kids music bc he can’t exactly go blaring out songs with “fuck” and “shit” in them bc that is one conversation he wants to avoid having with the parents
  • He brings in a lil piano and he always plays it for them and teaches them how to play a bit and they get so excited and proud of themselves and he’s just do :D!!!!
  • Lowkey takes a nap with them when it’s nap time bc they always want him to come lay with them so he sits off to the side of the mats and ends up falling asleep with the shy lil girl curling up next to him
  • Will always always always tell the kids stories before nap time bc one of my biggest head canons about Yoongi and bbys is that they love his voice bc it’s so deep and raspy and to me, it’s really soothing like just hearing his voice calms me down so much
  • So they all get comfortable on their lil mats with their blankets and everyone’s listening to Yoongi’s voice making a story up and no one even really cares if it doesn’t make sense
  • “Is it against the rules to offer to pay the children to eat their vegetables??”
  • “Did you give the children money so they’d eat the carrots Yoongi”
  • “Well no, not yet”
  • “Did you tell them you would pay them”
  • “…no” 
  • Has a l l the Kumamon toys for the kids
  • So one of the kids in the class l ov es Kumamon as much as yoon does so for his birthday, yoon comes in wearing a Kumamon costume and the bby just lights up
  • And seeing the bby get just as happy as he did when he met Kumamon reminds him of why he does what he does, it’s for them, to make them happy and give them happy memories or at least fun stories for their parents to tell them when they get older
  • You’re one of the volunteers for his class and the kids tease Yoongi about how sweet he is to you bc he loves you
  • He tells them the story of how you two have been together for longer than they’d been alive and how you two were gonna have a bby soon
  • He promises they can meet his bby when she’s born and he tells them what he wants to name her and how excited he is
  • At the end of the day, you go over to help Yoongi say goodbye to the kids and all you hear is shy lil bby girl whispering to Yoongi and your hearT is ow
  • “You won’t forget about me when your bby gets here right?”
  • “I’ll never forget about you”




#SanversWeek Day 1 Master Post

Feeding each other, whispering to each other, I’m #done.

Alex terrifies everyone at the DEO, who all ship it hard.

Cuddles are demanded.

Perfect gifset is perfect.

Maggie certainly doesn’t make a speech and it certainly doesn’t make me cry.

Make the pain from this stop it’s so pretty yes yes Alex smol bby.

I’m not crying from intimate domestic fluff, that’s all you.

That “Oh, sweetie” scene fucking launch me to the Phantom Zone why don’tcha.

Maggie grows a little sister and I am here for it.

They have a baby and I’m Not Okay (I Promise).

Smol bby Alex good god all my feelings.

These Nerds, ft. ace!Alex perfection.

Alex likes when Maggie feeds her and that is what cures 2k17.

Sanvers Wedding no one is crying.

Ofc Alex is secretly into poetry.

What the hell even is this gay shit.

Bby Alex and her changing feelings about intimacy no one is weeping.

Alex’s first moment of real intimacy, gif-style.

Whose crime scene was it tho.

Soft nb!Alex once again, there are no tears.

Pinkie compatibility is super important okay.

Maggie’s fingers trace ‘I love you’ on Alex’s arm I’m fucking done.

In which Maggie Sawyer steals Alex’s heart and the writing steals mine.

Alex’s glasses are only for reading okay.

Bby Alex has so many happy lessons to learn about intimacy.

Space Dad, I can’t even.

These “sick” little tinies.

Alex Danvers will never recover from Maggie Sawyer.

Grumpy period Alex is grumpy.

Intimacy angst is intimate and angsty.

Alex never liked being intimate gifset and there are no tears.

Perfect social media AU is absolutely fucking perfect.

Holster unbuckling, massage-giving girlfriends are #goals.

Sleepy Maggie is perfection.

Alex is a blanket fort nerd.

Post-2x19 intimacy is angsty and intimate.

Ace!Alex is perfect!Alex.

Sanvers family traditions I feel personally attacked and love it.

Spiderman kiss what A Nerd.

Maggie’s memory box doesn’t make me cry at all.

Soft morning intimacy with I love yous and such soft gentle lesbianness.