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   His heart squeezes

   Lea skids to a halt. He’s meant to be meeting Isa - he’s running late. His feet seem entirely more interested in turning ‘round and dashing in the opposite direction, though. He wants to be there. It’s not unlike the sensation of forgetting something important; there is the immediate need to reclaim it. 

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my favorite part in All The Wrong Moves by @gallifreyanlibertea

You guys should read it!! Alfred’s a fool here. A cute fool ;3c (also adorkable daughter Amelia?? Who doesn’t want that èwé?) and poor Arthur XD


Tom’s mind was swimming as he was stationed in the front desk of the police department, listening to too long of a story in his opinion. “So… is there an actual issue to this novel that I’m supposed to assist with, or is this merely for entertaining purposes? Because if so, I think you need to work on your content buddy. You’re better than that.” Tom explained, intending it as a joke to lighten the others mood.

“Hey pal, you alright? You’re lookin’ a little lost.”

So I was thinking and I am appalled at myself for one aspect that is missing from my aus and posts: I find that there is a disturbing lack of trooper 99 when I love him so so so much so I’m gonna fix that.

Where is the au where 99 survives the attack on Kamino and is a hero and Cody and Rex fight tooth and nail to get him to come with them? They tell their Generals and Obi-wan eventually manages to convince the Kaminoans (with the help of Shaak Ti) to allow him to take on 99.
And they give him a place on the ship where he can apply his real skills and Cody sort of looks after him and all the boys are proud of him and he gets to feel the brotherhood he should’ve and gets to feel wanted and needed.

And au where everyone lives and order 66 doesnt happen, basically the same thing happens but in the end when the clones are given rights and housed and whatnot, 99 lives with Cody and Obi-wan sometimes going over to stay with the Skywalkers because Rex’s crew loves him too. And he gets to be with his brothers and help around the house but always have someone who cares if he’s feeling ok or needs to sit down for a bit. Rex and Cody seem to always be handy with a quilt to put over his lap when he falls asleep sitting somewhere.
And he loves having tea with Kenobi or Padme and playing the star wars equivalent to chess while talking. Its all cute and he’s loved and happy amd everything is good.

Spoilers for 2x01

It felt as surreal as the first time Connor spent the night over.

Oliver had decided early on the he wouldn’t let himself hope for much when it came to Connor. He respected Connor’s right to make his own choices, understood that Connor didn’t like the idea of traditional couples, and didn’t push for anything more since the morning Connor came to him for sex and Oliver accidentally called them a couple. Maybe it was his low self-esteem talking at the time, or his disbelief that someone like Connor could stick around for him, but Oliver never thought he’d actually see the day that Connor willingly called them a couple. Let alone Connor calling them a couple while moving his belongings into Oliver’s apartment, all of his own accord. 

It was exhilarating. It was terrifying. 

Oliver looked around his own apartment, trying to imagine how Connor’s stuff would look mixed with his. The boxes still sat by the apartment door, Connor having rushed off as soon as Annalise called him, but a few things caught Oliver’s eye as he looked at them; like the numerous textbooks adorning a huge box, the framed picture poking out of one of the boxes, a blanket in a horrifying shade of green, and some kind of sports equipment that Oliver couldn’t name to save his life. 

Connor’s belongings seemed so harmless and unassuming sitting in cardboard boxes but Oliver knew that, sat among his own things, these objects had a completely different meaning. They meant that Oliver was starting a new life. A new life with one Connor Walsh -who was now Oliver’s live-in boyfriend. Oliver had the mad urge to giggle. He tamped it down and set to work on emptying the boxes for when Connor came back. 

He decided that he’d sort out the obvious things first; books on shelves, framed photos on nightstands, ugly blanket in the closet, and leave the other stuff for when Connor came back so they could arrange it together. 

Oliver worked slowly and with a small smile on his face. Despite everything that happened in the past few days, today felt like a great fresh start. He knew this didn’t change his diagnosis and that they still had a lot to worry about, but the ugly blanket held in his hand was Connor’s and it felt a lot like a small victory, and Oliver loved to revel in those.

As he emptied out boxes and made space for new things to be added to his shelves, Oliver mused that when Connor came over tonight he would be coming home. His smile widened to a full-on grin after that.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i'm bisexual and i'm afraid to come out i mean my sister is fine with the the LGBT+ community, but i don't know about my parents so should i tell them???

Hey there bby!! <333

That’s great that your sister is accepting! If you haven’t come out to her I encourage you to do that and to talk to her about how she thinks your parents might react. You can also test how your parents may react by casually bringing up LGBTQ rights in a discussion sometime. Test the waters, then decide if you feel okay coming out to them.

If you think you could be physically in danger or potentially kicked out, do not come out, kiddo. Your first priority here needs to be staying safe. 

There is no rush to come out, bby. I promise! Just stay safe and remember that you are beautiful the way you are. <333