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I drew this to beat the CRAP out of my artblock and now I never want to look at it again.


playing around with Emily’s black sparrow masquerade costume from The Corroded Man, which she then based her outfit on in Dishonored 2. 

(The book said her mask had a short beak, but given that that’s a stupid decision I’ve elected to ignore it. I want her to have a plaguedoctor-esque vibe to her outfit)

my favorite fics [41/?]

Adore You by @isthatyoularry​; 66k, read on ao3

Summary: “We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.

If next season of the 100 shows that Bellamy and Raven had a baby together over the time jump then I’ll take back every bad word I ever said about this show just tbh

Imagine a homesick lance...

And it’s just like he wakes up at like 1 pm and just-quiznacking turns on salsa music and some Cecilia Cruz and everything, and just makes the entire crew cuban food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He talks about what his family is like and Cuba and the smell of his house and stuff. Speaks spanglish for the entire day and makes everyone salsa/meringue dance with him (even against their will). And then right before he goes to sleep, he just sits there. Thinking to himself “WTF…” and “Oh god I didn’t think it’d get this bad…”. Maybe he even cries himself asleep untill he finds himself stuck in a group hug beacause, GOD HE’S A LOUD CRYER.

Bonus: He makes sandwichitos and cuban coffee for everyone and just-mmmm.