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could you make a list of the best smuts please :)

Hi Anon!

We’re sorry for the wait. As per your request we created a small list for you that includes some of our personal favs for you to take a look at. Also, please check out our Richonne!After Dark tag where you’ll find a few more fics for your pleasure.


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Runblr Asks

1. Favorite race memory?

2. What is your race mantra?

3. Favorite XC course?

4. Favorite running quote?

5. What pro-runner most inspires you?

6. Favorite track event? 

7. What is your strength as a runner?

8. What is your weakness as a runner? 

9. Are you superstitious before races? (certain pre race meal, clothes, etc.) 

10. What is the coolest place you have ever run?

11. If you could live and train anywhere in the world, where would you and why?

12. How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?

13. Which running shoes are your favorite? 

14. What kind of watch do you have? 

15. What’s your favorite workout? 

16. Why do you run? 

17. What is your biggest running-related pet peeve?

18. What’s the most mileage you’ve ever run?

19. What’s the longest you’ve gone without running, since becoming a runner? 

20. How many years have you been running?

21. What is your ideal running weather?

22. What is the proudest running award you have received?

23. What do you dream of accomplishing? 

24. What do you think your training look like in 5 years from now?

25. What did your training look like 5 years ago? 

26. What is the biggest mistake you have made (and learned from) as a runner? 

27. What running memory will you most fondly look back on, when your career is long over? 

How the Signs Break Your Heart
  • Aries: Demanding too much too fast and expecting you to keep up.
  • Taurus: Fighting you over something insignificant and refusing to admit they're wrong to the point where they'd go to the ends of the earth to protect their opinion.
  • Gemini: Never letting on to what they're going to do next and when they finally decide, you're not a part of it at all.
  • Cancer: Being changeable and making it look like they don't care then getting upset when you leave.
  • Leo: Never sharing the control in a relationship and becoming bossy.
  • Virgo: They try to fix you when you're fine and start you on a guilt trip when you tell them no thanks.
  • Libra: Believing anything and everything they're told then other thinking it all and making a brash decision they'll regret.
  • Scorpio: Not letting on to how they feel and always acting like everything is perfectly fine even when its not.
  • Sagittarius: Constantly shifting directions, wearing down themselves and anyone brave enough to follow.
  • Capricorn: Being pessimistic af even when they have absolutely no reason to be.
  • Aquarius: Seeming unemotional and not caring when they undoubtedly care a lot.
  • Pisces: Allowing themselves to get walked on then blame everyone around them for their own problems.

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Your request is open!! I'm so happy now! Anyway, can you do the remaining SCM being depressed when MC ignore them for karno, Zyglavis and aigonorus? If it's fine, can you also do the remaining SCM reaction to when they are making out with MC without realizing the other gods walked in for ichthys, karno, Zyglavis and aigonorus? Thanks.

Sorry Anon, one request per person. I will do your second request since it more interesting. Link to previous gods is found below.

The moment you stepped into Ichthys’s room, you end up scared by his prank. You are pouting nonstop and he pulls you into his arms to please you. He started with light kisses and it soon gets deeper and deeper. He carried you to his bed and get on top of you. He moves his lips to the nape of your neck and you can’t help but keep moaning his name, with his legs in between yours. You are totally lost in his touch when you suddenly heard voice at the doorstep.

“Jeez, can’t you guys close the door?” Scorpio rebuked, with his face turning bright red. You totally forgot about closing the door when you stepped in.

“I am really wondering if they are doing it on purpose.” Dui sighed.

“Sorry!” Ichthys apologized and snapped his fingers to close the door.

“Now we can be as loud as we can.” Ichthys smirked and starts kissing you again with his hands move underneath your skirt.

Karno visited your apartment after finishing his work. Since it had been awhile that both of you seen each other, he is more passionate as before. He pulls you down and have you seated on his laps and he kisses you deeply. He slips his hands underneath your shirt and caresses your smooth skins with his fingers. Both of you lost in each other kisses that you did not even realized Hue and Teorus had stepped into your apartment.

“Oh, I guess it is wrong timing but we needed you back in the mansion.” Hue blushed.

“It is unusual that Karno failed to notice us.” Teorus blinks at both of you.

Karno blushed at their comments and quickly fixed your shirt. He then pulls you along with him. “We will continue once I settle with what is needed to be done. You just wait in my room.” Karno whispered into your ears, as he snapped his fingers and brought you to the mansion together.

You visited Zyglavis after work and both of you decide to take a walk in the garden under the moonlight. Both of you sat under the tree to enjoy the peaceful night but soon get too passionate. He pushed your back against the tree and kisses you deeply. You wrapped your hands around his back and return his kiss passionately as well. You can feel his tongue inside your mouth and his hands caress your body over your clothes. You totally lost yourself in his kiss when you suddenly heard voices.

“I never know the ponytail can get so passionate.” Leon smirked.

“I told you that we should just walk away.” Karno blushed.

“Why? It is such a rare scene and he totally caught off guard.” Leon teased.

“Let’s go back to my room.” Zyglavis blushed until his ears are red as well, and quickly dragged you back to his room.

You arrived at the mansion to find Aigonorus sleeping in the living room. He must have fallen asleep while waiting for you. You tried to wake him up but end up being pulled down by him and now you are on top of him. He placed one hand behind your head and the other at your back, pulling you down for a deep kiss. His hand keep caressing you making your mind crazy for him. You wrapped your hands around his neck and slipped your tongue inside his mouth. Just then you heard noises near the doorsteps.

“Oh mine, what a lovely scene.” Partheno exclaimed.

“I wonder if we step in later, will we see them naked here.” Teorus teased.

Your face is flustered and not sure where to look. Aigonorus simply get up and pulled you along. “Let’s go to my bedroom. Here is too noisy.” He yawned.


Make Me Choose→ Anon asked: Hunter x Hunter or Fullmetal Alchemist? 

Hey everyone! 2015 is almost over and I wanted to squeeze just one more small event for you guys~ I’d thought to make some little customized pixel B.A.P pals for this event ^^ It’s not much but I hope it’s a nice sweet treat to end the year.

Rules for this request event:
1. Like this post (or reblog, you only need to do one or the other).
2. You must be following me before this is posted (12/29/15 12:00 PM HST)
3. Send me an ask (not a chat message) with one B.A.P member and one dessert!
4. You can be as specific with the request or make it as simple as you’d like Simple Example: “My bias is Jongup and my favorite dessert is chocolate cake.” 

You can also request specific hair/outfits for members or specific flavors/colors with the desserts.
 Detailed Example: “I’d like Matrix era Youngjae and a vanilla cupcake topped with sprinkles a purple cup liner.”

Please keep it simple! These will be small pixels, so I can’t put an extreme amount of detail into them. I may ask for you to re-request if it’s too complicated. If you are gifting this to a friend, I can also do birthday/holiday desserts ^^

5. Event closes at 1/1/16 12:00 AM HST

Once the entries are closed, I will bake up the requests and send them out around New Years Eve and New Years Day (my time). If there are too many requests, I may choose to close the event early and bake the remaining requests , so send yours in as soon as you can! 


- No anon requests! Please send me your ask off anon!
- 1 request per person!
- This is for followers only, so if you follow me just for the event, I will bypass you, sorry D:

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016! Thank you guys as always! <3 <3 <3