as now it would be snow

Thank you, Dany.
—  can we talk about how freaking PERSONAL that was?! I really don’t remember ANYONE who would speak to Dany with such straightforwardness and gentleness!
Khal Drogo always called her either ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Moon of his Life’, Jorah or Daario - ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Your Grace’. They all treated her like a Queen (who she obviously is).
And here we have Jon Snow. A man who loved once but has tragically lost his beloved. He knows the feeling of loss better than anyone and now he sees this powerful woman going through something heartbreaking. He feels responsible for it and wants to comfort her. Not because he has to.
He may know Dany for a short amount of time but already feels emotionally attached to her (and vice versa ;) ).
Jon sees more than just the Heir to the Iron Throne.
He sees a human being with the surface of a strong and beautiful woman.

So about Jon Snow calling Dany "My Queen"

I know some fans reacted negatively to Jon calling Dany “my queen” and blah blah blah… I hadn’t noticed this the first time I watched the episode, but in the beginning Tormund made a great point that I think had an impact on Jon! He said “you spent too much time with the free folk, now you don’t like kneeling. The king beyond the wall would never bend the knee and how many of his people died because of his pride.” Watch Jon’s face when he says this. He really takes that to heart. Then when all hope is lost, Dany shows up and saves the day. She risked her life and the lives of her dragons to save them. Her children. The dragons she needs to fight Cersei. So no Jon has not betrayed the north. He’s not an idiot. He knows this is the right thing to do. She’s proved herself to him.

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Somehow I still find it hard to believe that the same guy who chose his duty to the Night’s Watch over love for Ygritte and goes around saying things like “It’s (The North) part of me, and I will never stop fighting for it, no matter the odds.” and “With respect, Your Grace, I don’t need your permission. I am a king.“ would now suddenly bend the knee to a foreign queen and give her the North because he’s fallen in love with her after knowing her for two days and seeing “her good heart” and her dragons. This is either really poor writing, or something else is going on.

four years ago I learned that if god or my mother or
a young boy with sticky hands
detached mount everest from the ground
and dropped it into the marianas trench,
the mountain’s snow caps would disappear entirely
beneath the trench’s waves.
I realize now that this indicates there’s more depth to this world
than there is an ability to rise,
which would explain why my antidepressants are cheaper than what I’ve spent while trying not to hate myself.
(“cheaper” and “trying” are both operative words here.)”

if something that massive,
that capable of consumption,
can be made into something small enough to be swallowed
so can this memory.
so can this map I shoved folded and solitary down my raw wizened throat. I need to figure out how to let
go of this.

“She nursed them both and loved them both,” said Aemon, “but not alike. No mother loves all her children the same, not even the Mother Above. Gilly did not leave the child willingly, I am certain. What threats the Lord Commander made, what promises, I can only guess … but threats and promises there surely were.”

“No. No, that's wrong. Jon would never …”

“Jon would never. Lord Snow did. Sometimes there is no happy choice, Sam, only one less grievous than the others.”

—A Feast for Crows - Samwell II

Now, could you imagine what KING JON would do?

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And Arya…he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had…yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him. - Jon, AGoT

It makes sense that Jon would bend the knee after all of that. I knew he would the second she came in with her dragons. I think the comments by Tormund about Mance Radar come full circle the moment that Daenerys rides in with her dragons because he realizes that being a king wouldn’t do him any good with the efforts that he and Daenerys can lead together. Since he’s now seen her in battle, he knows not only that she would be good ruler, but also that she would be a fierce leader in the battle against the Whitewalkers. She also shows her commitment to him right before he bends the knee, so he knows that, even if he doesn’t live or something else happens *knocks on wood*, fighting the Whitewalkers will still be a top priority. Jon knows they are all in safe hands with Daenerys in charge.

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we can talk about the episode now??? poor dragon ;~; i literally screamed... and i almost died when i thought tormund died. not feeling the stark rivalry

I didn’t think Viserion dying would get me so much, but like, the fire coming out of him and all the blood and the other dragons screaming was hard to watch (still a pretty amazing scene tho, ngl). But now we have a white walker dragon…a white flyer, ha. I’m hyped for that.
And FUCK, I was yelling at the screen for someone to help Tormund, I was so scared! And him also screaming for help made it even worse, I was sure he was a goner. Bless the Hound for saving his new buddy.
I still think Sansa and Arya are playing Littlefinger because otherwise the writing would just be dumb, it’d make no sense and I’d hate it. But I’m pretty sure it really is a scheme because “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

An English Blizzard- Part 5

Warnings: Kinda nsfw (not really that bad to be honest) swearing? I can’t remember

A/N: Now I know I said ‘five parts’ but y'all are getting six because I love you all that much! 😅😁

Chapter 5

After spending the night at your dads and Sebastian’s house, you rushed home as soon as you possibly could to jump in for a shower and get ready.

When you arrived back at your apartment it was empty so you could shower in peace. You threw on a cosy jumper and jeans and put on boots that would withstand the snow and ice on the pavements.

You checked your watch and noticed it was almost twelve so you rushed downstairs and to the street where Greg would be picking you up. He pulled up five minutes later in a bright red mini. You got into the car with a huge smile in your face “Hi.”

“Hello,” he greeted and leaned over to kiss you “You ready to go?”

You nodded “Yeah, where are we going?”

“I’m going to introduce you to someone,” he winked and you went wide eyed, gasping as you grinned.

“Am I meeting Cooper? I’m meeting your dog today?!”

Greg could help but smile at your excitement. His jaw was aching from smiling so much. He nodded and you clapped your hands in delight “What are you waiting for?! Drive!”

Your happiness was infectious and Greg couldn’t wait to introduce you to his dog.

He didn’t know how something so little could make him so unbelievably happy. “Are you ready?” He asked.

“I’ve been ready since I saw the photo of him like a week ago!” You bounced on the spot. Greg opened the door and you heard the tapping of claws as Cooper ran through the house to greet you and Greg. He pounced on you and you fell to the floor in a fit of giggles as you pet the dog. “He’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!” You squealed and looked up to Greg who was lightly pouting “Oh come on don’t look at me like that! You know you’re never going to win against this adorable face!” You scratched the back of coopers ears and placed a kiss on his head “He’s gorgeous!”

“Hmm…whatever you say. You want to watch a movie?” He asked.

“Sure!” You smiled and he helped you off the floor. Greg pulled you in close and placed his hands on your hips before wrapping his arms around you and tightly hugging you. He lead you through to the living room and sat you down on the couch. He set up the DVD while you removed your boots. He joined you on the couch and lay back, allowing you to rest your head against his chest as the rest of you lay between his legs.

“This is so relaxing,” he hummed and you nodded, lazily tracing circles over his shirt with your finger.

You looked up to him and he leaned forward, kissing you almost teasingly. You shuffled yourself up a bit and kissed him forcefully, he let out shaky moan and it made your lips tingle from the vibrations. Greg’s hands began to wander and he grabbed your hips, pushing you up off of him so he could sit upright.

Greg pulled you back towards him and you wrapped your legs around his waist whilst sitting on his lap. He pulled away and gently brushed back invisible pieces of hair behind your ear “Does it not worry you that I’m…old?” He asked with a hint of sadness in his voice.

You felt your heart aching hearing his words and the tone he used to speak them in. “Does it not worry you that I’m Jim’s daughter?” You asked.

Greg shook his head “No it doesn’t.” He kissed you again.

“Well then you just took my words right out of your own mouth. Age isn’t a factor that bothers me and besides you’re not that old. You’re less than double my age.” You smiled and pecked his lips. You saw a wave of relief wash over his face.

“Yeah but I’m two or three years away from being double your age,” he let out a snort of laughter before kissing you again.

“It doesn’t bother me…” you breathed out and cupped his face. Greg ran his fingers though your hair, as he brought your mouth to his again. He playfully bit your bottom lip making you gasp and giggle.
His hands went wandering to under your jumper, it sent chills down your spine as he gently caressed your skin.

Greg tugged slightly at the hem of your jumper and you pulled back. You bit down on your lip and gulped before slowly peeling off the fuzzy red jumper. Greg’s breath hitched as he ran his fingers over your exposed skin. He stopped when he reached your bra straps and moved his hand to take it off.

“Greg…” you stopped him and he looked up at you with worried eyes.

“What’s wrong? Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” you laughed and glanced to the side before returning your gaze to Greg “The dog’s watching…”

You both looked over to an oblivious Cooper and burst out laughing. “I know a place where he can’t watch…” he trailed off and you stood up. He got up off the couch and took your hand in his, leading you to his bedroom with a smile.

Greg opened his eyes to a bright room, the snow falling outside made it look almost clinical. He felt the space next to him was empty and propped himself up on his elbows, wondering where you had gone.

But when he looked up to the window he smiled.

There you were sitting perched on the frame, wearing one of his shirts with nothing else but bright yellow fluffy socks that could bring sunshine to even the gloomiest of days, frantically writing as if your life depended on it.

“I didn’t want to wake you…” you softly whispered while still writing “But I had a brainwave and I had to jot it down.”

Greg lay back on the bed again, looking at you full of admiration. Your body against the snowy, white backdrop was like looking at a work of art.

“You were veryinspiring…” you trailed off and glanced up to him with reddening cheeks and disheveled hair.

“Sex with me was inspiring?” He asked with a voice full of amusement.

You nodded with a bashful smile and continued to write. Scribbling the words; Blizzard of feelings…a snowflake is never the same, neither is my feelings for him each time or the way it feels when he touches my skin, even if his fingers have been there before.’

“What are you writing anyway?” Greg curiously asked and craned his neck slightly in attempts to see.

You turned to him and placed down the piece of paper and pen “Something about the weather and feelings. Interlinking them. Was just a moment of 'Post-great sex’ inspiration” you smirked and stood up. You noticed him eyeing up his shirt on you.

Greg extended his arms and you joined him on the bed again, allowing him to engulf you in a hug “That shirt suits you…” he whispered and kissed down your neck.

“I still have your scarf,” you breathed out before letting out a small moan under your breath as his lips brushed over a sensitive part of your neck.

“It’s yours, you can keep it. Looks better on you anyway.” You smiled at his words and joined him under the sheets once more with a giggle as it continued to snow outside. The coldness that lingered out there could never burst the bubble of warmth you shared with Greg under the covers.

“It’s been weeks and we still haven’t met him, Y/N. If not before Christmas, when?!” Mary asked as she scoured the library with you before she and John left to go their parents for Christmas break.

“You’ll meet him one day…” you sighed and took out a book from the shelf, glancing over the cover before realising you had read it before and put it back. You walked the length of the passage once more and continued looking at books.

“Yeah but I want to meet him now!” She whined and placed her head on your shoulder as she took out a book. “Oh hello Professor Lestrade!”

Well…she got what she asked for.

You tensed on the spot and felt your mouth dry up. Greg was looking directly at you with wide eyes and a smile between the small gap the book used to reside in “Hello Mary and hello Y/N.”

You loudly gulped but Mary was to busy conversing to notice. “Oh you remember Y/N?” She asked with a large smile.

“How could I forget?” Greg smirked and your face burned. You turned away and continued walking, Mary and Greg-who was on the other side of the wall of books-followed. “What are you two lovely ladies up to today?” He asked.

Mary answered “Just helping the book nerd here-”

“Hey!” You cut her off with a nudge.

“I’m also trying to find out who her boyfriend is. She isn’t telling anyone a thing!” Mary complained.

Greg looked at you with a knowing smirk and you furrowed your brow at him “Well technically he’s not my boyfriend…” you trailed off with a playful smirk. You looked up to Greg though your eyelashes who had a face riddled with confusion. You continued with a coy smile “He hasn’t asked me if I’d like to be his girlfriend…”

Greg opened his mouth but it snapped shut when he realised he was still in Mary’s presence. “He will of he knows that’s good for him…” Mary trailed off and you looked up to Greg with a 'That’s you told’ expression on your face. Mary’s phone rang, much to the annoyance of the librarian on duty “Oh that’s John!”

You engulfed her in a hug “I’m going to stay here for a bit but I hope you and John and all your family have a lovely Christmas.”

“I hope you have a good Christmas and new year too, you too professor,” she smiled at the silver haired man who wished her the same “Okay I’m off! And remember Y/N no peeking at your presents!”

“Don’t you or John attempt to look at your gifts then! Bye Mary!” You waved her off with a smile. You turned to Greg as soon as she disappeared though the doors “Hello professor…” you purred and slowly walked to the end of the aisle, meeting Greg at the end who glanced around before wrapping his arms around you.

“Don’t call me that here, you’ll just be asking for trouble…” he huskily whispered and gently bit your ear. You quietly giggled, trying not to draw attention to the two of you.

“You have a professor kink? I’m sorry to tell you that it doesn’t surprise me,” you playfully smirk and Greg growled under his breath “Do you fancy a going for a coffee?”

You walked along the banks of Thames hand in hand, your coffee in the other. It snowed the other day and there was little white piles dotted along the edges of the streets.

Greg stopped for a moment and pulled you into an alleyway “Greg what are you-” you were cut off by his lips crashing against yours. The only onlooker was Big Ben that had chimed as it struck five in the afternoon. Your coffee as slipped out your hand and your heels had raised slightly.

Greg pulled back slightly “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He asked as he gulped down air.

“Yes,” you smiled and nodded “Yes I really would!”

You crashed your lips to his again, full of delight. Greg balanced you by placing his hands on your hips, but he was discreetly pulling you closer to him.


You pulled away when someone screamed your name. You and Greg paled as you turned your heads to a very confused and extremely angry Sebastian.

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If I would’ve known that this whole show would build up to this stupid romance bullshit between Jon and DAENERYS I wouldn’t have EVER watched a single episode. I would rewatch the red wedding 30 times in a row rather than this eye torture. WHY can’t there be a show where there ISN’T any cringy ass romance where the dudebro gets the perfect girl? Supergirl ended for me this season, OUAT ended long ago, and now this. Should I start Wynonna Earp or am I gonna be dissapointed in that too? There isn’t much I can watch right now.


I thought you’d be heading for Winterfell. Why would I go there? The Boltons have it. No, the Boltons are dead. What? Jon Snow came down from Castle Black with a wildling army and won the Battle of the Bastards. He’s King of the North now. You’re lying. Why would I lie about that? He’s your brother, right?


— “I want Jon and Arya standing together before the White Walkers attack and Jon says something like “maybe now would be a good time to start praying” and Arya just goes “There’s only one god, Jon, and his name is Death. And there’s only one thing we say to Death: not today.” And Jon just looks at her like she’s the most badass person he’s ever met”——–


I have a son you have a daughter. We’ll join our houses.

The fact that Gendry probably thought that he’d never be worthy of being with a high born like Arya. I wonder what does he think now that he knows his true heritage. Because, oh lord, Gendry Baratheon would be the only man Arya Stark would tolerate as a husband


Keep faith Jonsa fam <3

With S07E06 it’s easy to lose faith in the ship and so many people are reasonably upset but fret not! We still have plenty of points that are still as valid as they were prior to this episode.

Let’s go through them and calm down, alright? (For Jonerys shippers, people are allowed to ship whoever they want. Please don’t take this as an attack to your ship.)

Here are some summarised points just to refresh yourself on why this ship makes so much sense!

1) Sansa being the first Stark to reunite with Jon, forming a bond between the two. Think of all how refreshing it was to see Jon and Sansa smile on screen for the first time in forever, and how crucial it is for developing the plot!

2) The marriage symbolisms in the scenes they share. Sansa is cloaked in(what I assume to be) Jon’s cloak when she first arrives at Castle Black. She then cloaks him in the Stark fur she makes him(and he’s worn it ever since - even on the cliff at Dragonstone). They both have also shared a drink together, which just paints more wedding imagery. Not to mention, Jon has promised to protect her(sounds like something you’d vow to your partner).

3) How their scenes are shot in a particular way that may suggest a foreshadowing of them being endgame. Candle lit rooms, gentle snow falling and panned close ups of anytime Sansa’s grabbed Jon’s hand/arm.

4) Bickering like an old married couple while still empowering each other and Sansa reassuring the Jon that he’s good at ruling thus giving him the confidence he needs and reminding him that he’s a Stark to her. Wow I love a supportive dynamic. Nothing but mutual respect from my two children.

5) How well they work together and how they balance each other out. Jon of course being the military man, and Sansa being more politically savvy. Wow, Westeros is shook at this power couple.

6) The Ned and Cat parallels. I don’t even need to get into this one because there are plenty of sources out there that have pointed this out!

7) Littlefinger’s panned close up of him looking at Jon, then looking at Sansa as if he’s putting two and two together. This is incredibly significant considering the event that led up towards it could be seen as Littlefinger trying to see what would make Jon tick.

8) Angry Kitten Jon i.e. the strange way in which we see him react to different people bringing up Sansa. Choking Littlefinger, glaring and not being interested in discussing her with Tyrion, Sansa being the only reason he chooses to spare Theon. Davos’ close up right after his interaction with Theon. Very suspicious.

9) Them mentioning each other even when they’re miles apart. It’s an odd thing to note that Sansa keeps saying she wishes Jon were with her and that she hopes he comes back soon, meanwhile we also have Jon not being able to escape the mention of Sansa.

10) Jon taking notice of her new silk dress. Remember when he said he’d want to see Ygritte in a silk dress… so he could tear it off of her?

11) The forehead kiss and lingering gaze. They could have reshot this if it wasn’t meant to give off any other vibe that wasn’t perceived as brotherly. 10mill for that last episode, just saying.

12) The deleted scene. In which Jon tells Ghost to stay behind and protect Sansa.

13) Name parallels in both the Stark and Targaryen family tree. There was a Jaeherys Targaryen(some people think this may be Jon’s true name) who married an Alyssane(which is remarkably similar sounding to Alayne - Sansa’s adoptive name while she was in the Vale. But even if it turns out his true name isn’t Jaeherys, there’s still the Jonnel Stark that married a Sansa Stark. Now that’s on the nose.

14) Sansa giving his new life purpose. When we see Jon after he’s resurrected, he was ready to abandon his post as Lord Commander. Sansa walks in just in time, and she gives him a reason to fight for - the reclamation of Winterfell. Jon is truly reborn when he resurfaces from the crowd and we see in him something that’s been missing throughout the season - purpose. Then he goes and knocks the sh*t out of Ramsay.

15) The Prince Aemon/Joffrey bit. Ned had promised her someone brave, gentle and strong like Prince Aemon, noting that the match with Joffrey was a mistake. This happens in Season 1 and in the 1st installation of the ASOIAF books. In the 3rd installation of the books, Jon recalls a time where he and Robb would be training as kids, referring to himself as Prince Aemon the Dragonknight.While in the show in Season 7, we see Jon get insulted at the thought that Sansa might think of him to be like Joffrey - to which she says he’s as far as Joffrey as anyone she’s ever met.

16) Sansa’s hair. This is often overlooked but I remember reading that when Sophie Turner got her role, she asked the producers why she had to dye her hair. They told her that it’s actually important and crucial to the plot in some symbolic way. Let me just point out to you how most if not all the women in Jon’s life that he’s been involved with in some way or another has had red hair. While this seems like merely a coincidence that’s not worth bringing up, it could be tied to the validation he never received while growing up - of Catelyn’s(who had more of an auburn shade), and Sansa who took after her mother in never accepting Jon fully.

17) Janos Slynt. Sansa had wished for a hero to behead Janos Slynt(in the books). Jon ends up beheading Janos Slynt(in the books and the show). This has a romantic connotation since the hero always falls for the princess in the songs.

18) How their arcs almost reflect and mirror each other throughout the story. Both Jon and Sansa had romantic ideas of the world that are debunked by reality. Jon believing the Night’s Watch is a place of honour, and Sansa having her whole reality flipped. (My poor bbs </3)

19) How their arcs are at one point reversed. Sansa finds herself born into a position of power in the beginning, while Jon was a bastard. She then at finds herself being the bastard, while Jon is raised up as Lord Commander. This is good to take note of as they now have a better understanding of each other respectfully.

20) How them getting together would literally give them both what they wanted as children. Sansa’s always wanted her prince(and since Rhaegar annulled his marriage, Jon is a Targaryen Prince), and Jon’s always wanted a family and to live in Winterfell(+ deep down I’m sure he’s always craved the validation he was denied as a child growing up in Winterfell - he had hoped Ned would have the King legitimise him).

21) Poetic justice. How fitting would it be to have a situation that started out from a Targaryen/Stark wedding to end with a Targaryen/Stark wedding(this time done right)? Too perfect.

Those are some of the points I could think of straight off the top of my head, without taking into account the points that stand against D*enerys. I wanted to make sure this post was as positive without having to be perceived as me taking a go at D*ny. But, for the purpose of making this complete, let’s see some points against that ship(you can stop reading at this point if you only want positivity, but I’ll try to be as rational!)

1) The argument that J*nerys together makes the Song of Ice and Fire. This is a questionable point since there could be many interpretations of what’s truly Ice and Fire so I’ve never found this to be persuasive. You could argue that Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire himself, since it’s been revealed that he is both Stark and Targaryen.

2) D*enerys’ story arc serves as a foil to Jon’s. The reason why these characters seem alike is because they seem to mirror their positions throughout the story. However, if you take a closer look - D*ny has risen to power on account of her birthright and dragons, and she has actively sought out her power. Meanwhile, Jon finds himself in a position of power not because he wants it or has a birthright, but because people want him to assume that position(like being elected Lord Commander and then crowned King in the North).

3) The highlighted differences between these characters. In Mereen in Season 5, we see D*enerys sentence a man to death but have Daario Naharis carry out the sentence in front of her people as a deterrent. This has always been interesting to me because she cannot bring herself to look at him as he is being beheaded. It reminds me of the saying that he who passes the sentence should swing the sword. In the same season, we see Jon behead Janos Slynt himself.

4) The direction the show seems to have taken in relation to D*ny’s methods of ruling. Yes, I do agree that you’ve got to be more and more ruthless as you hold more and more power but it’s interesting to me how they’ve decided to shoot her scenes lately. There’s her insisting that she is Queen(Tywin: “Any man who must say “I am the King” is no true King.”). Then we are asked to empathise with the Lannister army for the first time in the series - with Ed Sheeran’s cameo meant to humanise the soldiers, and the Field of Fire 2.0 battle being shot from the Lannister army’s point of view - of devastation when going against a weapon of mass destruction(Drogon). To top it all off, she displays ignorant hypocrisy - saying she wants to break the wheel but only when she’s already on top, deflecting and ignoring any attempts Tyrion makes to talk some sense into her(we’ve seen Tyrion trying to deny that she’s being irrational while with Varys, and mentioning that she’s known to lose her temper), telling the army she’s not there to murder them and then giving them an ultimatum of bending the knee or dying, and burning the Tarlys alive. That last point is interestingly enough never brought up with Jon the same way the maesters don’t inform Samwell - which makes me feel like it’s been left out for now, for a reason. It’ll come back and change Jon’s perspective of her further.

5) Contrasting D*ny’s ruling methods with Sansa’s. While D*enerys’ loot train attack destroyed the food that would have fed the people, in the same episode we see Sansa trying to ensure that her people are fed. It’s there for a reason. For us to be able to extract and juxtaposition these two together and start questioning who would make a better Queen - a ‘foreign invader’ and conquerer who uses her weapons of mass destruction to pave a way for her on the Iron Throne, or the key to the North who has learnt how to play the Game of Thrones from arguably a few of the best players(Cersei, Margaery, and Littlefinger).

6) Cersei’s Prophecy of the Younger, more beautiful Queen. People seem to overlook this when it’s actually quite indicative of endgame. People are also quick to assume that D*ny is the Younger Queen that would talk all that [Cersei] holds dear. But how could she be? D*enerys had nothing to do with the deaths of Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. Sansa did. Although unknowingly. Sansa was the one who informed Olenna Tyrell of how much of a monster Joffrey was - this set the chain of events that led to all three of Cersei’s children’s deaths. While Margaery could be perceived as the Younger Queen as well - she had no clue of Olenna’s involvement, and furthermore - Cersei still has Jaime while Margaery has already been reduced to ashes. So, if Jaime were to sometime in the future join forces under Sansa, she would fulfil the prophecy. I highly doubt that Jaime would be keen on joining D*enerys after what he’s seen her do with fire - I’m sure he was getting war flashbacks, poor guy.

**I’d like to mention and give fair warning that past this point, I’ve hinted at some things that happen in E06 so if you want to be absolutely spoiler free, please stop yourself from reading further. Or, you could go ahead and read only the bolded first line of each point!**

7) A marriage between D*enerys and Jon serves no greater purpose. We are reminded that D*ny is barren(please don’t make it seem like I’m picking at this being her fault and hating her for it, I’m trying to be rational), she cannot give Jon an heir(children he’s always wanted though I don’t doubt that if he truly loves someone he wouldn’t mind giving that dream up, so don’t see this as me trying to pit two women against each other for the sole reason of one not being able to have children). So the Targaryen lineage would truly die with D*enerys if this marriage is realised. Furthermore, the North will not accept a Southern ruler, and will always follow the Stark name. If Jon bends the knee, not only will he be giving up what his family fought for, but he would be betraying the wants of his people. If it is revealed that he is Targaryen and it’s made public knowledge, the marriage that makes the most sense to maintain peace is if he marries Sansa - a Stark, since Jon would be abdicating his position as King in the North by bending the knee and Sansa would still be Lady of Winterfell as she has the Stark name. On the topic of children though, for some reason in E06 we keep getting hints of possibly foreshadowings of Jon having his own children - specifically when Jorah doesn’t accept Longclaw, saying it would serve [Jon]’s children well - and then the scene cuts to Sansa and Arya.

8) Jon possibly playing D*enerys is not completely OOC. Take into account what he did with Ygritte, then take into account the number of reminders he’s had this season alone. Sansa reminds him to be smarter than Robb and Ned, and one of the other Northern Lords reminds him that Robb rode South once, married a foreigner and lost the North. What’s the one thing Kit Harrington says about Jon this season? That he’s beginning to listen to Sansa. You may argue that it’s character assassination to have Jon, who’s so pure, resort to manipulation but he could be putting his family and duty first - he needs to do what he can to secure her alliance. In fact I think it’s more insulting to his character if we were to assume that he would deliberately give up the North without first consulting his people, let alone Sansa. It’s way past time Jon plays a little bit of the game, it does his character justice to develop and learn from past mistakes at least that much. Of course, there’s also guilt following the events of E06 during the wight hunt. Let’s not forget D*ny’s prophecy that states that she will be betrayed thrice - once for blood, once for gold and once for love(this last one has yet to happen).

9) The Odysseus/Penelope/Calypso parallel. I saw this going around at some point and it’s been quite popular ever since! Unfortunately I’m not too sure who the original source is, but please feel free to tag them below! They made a link between the three greek characters with Jon, Sansa and D*ny respectfully. Calypso had detained Odysseus on her island for some time, while Penelope stayed behind and ruled on behalf of him in his absence. Odysseus and Calypso end up sleeping together but in the end, he comes back to his Penelope. It’s not to say that I like the idea of Sansa being ‘second’, but I’m choosing to interpret this in a way that guarantees Jon coming back to Sansa despite the boatbang.

That concludes this little list/semi-meta(?) I’ve never taken a go at these, in fact I’m pretty sure this is my second time making my own textpost. Again, the point of this was not to put one character against the other just so we can be satisfied with our ship. You are allowed to ship whoever you want to! I simply felt the need to bring these points up again because the night is dark and full of red-herrings.

Please try to leave this post as hate-free as possible. If it appears on the wrong tag, I apologise. But if you were secure with your ship then you wouldn’t feel the need to come at me. Although if you do still feel the need to defend a certain character, no one’s stopping you - just be respectful! x

Last but not least… can we just… appreciate these two. (I saw this gif online but I’m not sure where, apologies if it’s yours - all credit to you and please don’t hesitate to let me know.)