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Considering how much the general universe seems to specifically have it out to ruin his life, Jake thinks that he’s been having a pretty amazing day so far.

Of course, it is his wedding day, so it’s inherently supposed to be a good one, unless he’s the generic fiance from all those rom coms who isn’t right for spunky Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey is scheduled to burst through the doors roughly three hours ago yelling I object. Jake’s pretty sure that that movie doesn’t actually exist, but the concept of it is kind of terrifying, because what if he is Random Wrong Fiance No. 23, except instead of Matthew McConaughey ruining things, the ceiling falls in, or Amy gets abducted by aliens. Or worst, Charles gets abducted by aliens. Or even worst, Gina’s baby gets abducted by aliens.

That would definitely be the worst of all, Jake thinks, because Gina would never let any of them forget that her progeny was probably the youngest person ever to do space travel.

Jake’s point, he thinks, getting back on topic – he should really be concentrating on his dancing, because he and Amy nearly just crashed into Holt and his mom, which, wow, that’s making him emotional, look at the ceiling, Jake – God, anyways. There’s gotta be a rule, somewhere, is what Jake’s trying to say. A rule, somewhere in the universe, right, that wedding days are off limits for terrible awful no-good bad stuff to happen. If it’s not a rule already, he’s making it a rule.

Or like, maybe Amy could make it a rule, because she’s a Sergeant now, so she has more authority than him.

Something – something like that.

That being said, it’s not like the universe hasn’t tried to derail this monumentous occasion (yes Amy, monumentous is a word, I didn’t mean monumental, I looked it up on the dictionary app – yes a reliable one, no, my voice is not cracking like it does when I’m telling a lie –)

It’s not like there haven’t already been some hardcore attempts at day-derailing, is all he’s saying, so maybe the rule thing is just wishful thinking on Jake’s part. Thus far, from eight forty-two this morning all the way until exactly two minutes ago when Charles burst into tears over the remains of the wedding cake again, approximately five near-catastrophes have occurred. At least five. If not more. Jake can’t remember if there were more or less, so he makes a mental list, just to be sure.

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Pairing - Daveed x Reader

Word Count - 3541

Prompt - From @followingnaturespath -  Oh my god if its not too much trouble could you do gymnophoria with Daveed and reader? Or something of the sort? I hope it’s not too much of a bother! -💜

Warnings - SMUT. 

Tags - @serkewen12 @mysterywriter36 @hamilton-gaygod @daveedish @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @crazypurplebananas @getupoffathathang @iluvnialljameshoran @hamilfamdd @drugsdiggs @daveeddiggsit @imagineham @fragmentofmymind @manuelmiranduh @americanrevelation @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @darling-danger @h3dgehogjohn @hamilton-canyouimagine @angryflowerengineer @raesof-sunshine @authorrjcity @satisfiedstoryoftonight @a-schuylerr @imaginebeinghamiltrash @diggs4life @cupofkauffie @spilledkauffie @authorrjcity

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Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is undressing you with their eyes.

This was it. The big day. The day you’d been looking forward to ever since you’d found out about it.

Was it your wedding day? No. You weren’t even engaged.

Birthday? No.

It was the day you finally got to see your boyfriend after he’d been on tour with his band for the past month.

Clipping. was finally coming within driving distance, and you couldn’t be more excited. You loved to see Daveed perform, be it when you first started dating while he was in Hamilton, or now when he was on tour with his group, or anything he decided to take part in. He poured his heart and soul into every performance, and you loved it. You loved his intensity, his passion, the way he dropped his shy demeanor and took charge of the stage with utmost confidence. It was magnetic, drawing you to him that much more, and, if you were honest with yourself, it turned you on. You couldn’t always get him alone after a show, but when you did, the adrenaline from his performance made things absolutely electric. He usually left you with bruises or hickeys on your neck and chest, and when things were really intense, you were sore the next day. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t hoping that that happened tonight.

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We’ve Come So Far, My Dear

I’m not sure if this is the result of me trying to cope with yesterday’s news or taking advantage of the fact that I’m done with school for now and actually have time to write…either way, have some excessively cheesy CS morning fluff. Unedited, so please don’t hate me for mistakes.

Rated T | Word count: 816

She wakes up to the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of some sea shanty that’s vaguely familiar coming from the kitchen downstairs. Their bedroom door is closed, but he’s singing loud enough that he might as well be in the room with her. It’s a regular habit of his in the morning that she often wakes up early because of, but she loves him too much to complain about it.

Sitting up in bed, she stretches her arms out over her head and glances at the clock on the nightstand. It’s just after seven; she’s surprised that Killian just now seems to be up and getting ready for the day. Despite it being Saturday, he was a true sailor, and this morning routine of his should have started at least an hour ago.

As tempting as it is to lie back down and pull the sheets up over her head, she gets up and pulls on a thin black robe over the T-shirt she’d slept in. (Both Killian’s; he’d made the joke once that he didn’t realize getting married would also equal giving her free reign of his wardrobe.)

Married. The word lingers in her mind as she leaves the room and heads downstairs to see just what he’s up to. Their wedding was just over a month ago, and Emma still has trouble some days believing that this is her life now, that she has a home, a family, a husband that she falls a bit more in love with every day.

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♡ Dating Suga ♡

● You and Yoongi probably met because you lived nearby to each other and always somehow ended up in the same places.

○ You would both be in the same café multiple times but there was one time you two had been seated across from each other.

○ He was composing lyrics on his notepad while you were sipping on the beverage of your choice.

○ You both had been stealing glances at each other until you accidentally made eye contact at the same time.

○ Eventually, he slid up from his chair awkwardly, going to join you, you pretending not to notice to hide the blush from your cheeks.

○ You slowly looked up and he gave you a shy smile. And that is where you two met.

● You ended up staying in the café until closing hours, rambling on about your hobbies, dreams and everything in between.

○ He asked you for your number which you happily gave him.

● Your first date was pretty casual.

○ He doesn’t open up to people often and is quite reserved so he’d just bring you to a quiet restaurant he really likes late at night and just eat a ton of food while talking to you on a more personal level.

○ You’ll notice over time that he opens up a little more with each date until he finally decided to ask you to be his girlfriend after maybe seven dates at the least.

○ You might think it’s much but he wants to make sure he is making a good decision.

● Your first kiss was also casual and unexpected but still something special to remember.

○ He probably was like “you got sauce on your cheek let me get it” and licks it subtly and then quickly kisses you.

● After he gets more comfortable with you, he begins to get lazy with dates.

○ Yoongi doesn’t have dates in fancy places unless it’s like your third anniversary so he just wants to get pizza or McDonalds’ and watch Netflix.

○ Sometimes if he’s busy you’ll just have to get take out and sit with him in his office because he won’t leave until he finishes a song, which it seems many people would find tiring and boring but I think it would be nice.

○ You would be cooped up in a small room just with him and food listening to him ramble with the occasional visit from the maknaes looking to annoy Yoongi by being ‘friendly’ with you.

○ Tbh he works everywhere if you remember in Bon Voyage 1 he was writing lyrics on their down time in Bergen.

○ Just watching him concentrate also and just to see him honestly be passionate for music would be really uplifting.

● He often lets you tag along to events so he can see you more.

○ Concerts, music shows, mv makings and anything else in between.

○ He’d just buy snacks and bring a blanket that day and just sit down somewhere with you and talk, and when he’s gone you could talk to his makeup noonas and stuff and relax and just witness a hardworking bts in action, so like a bomb ass time basically.

● He’ll call you or text you every day and feels bad if he forgets.

○ Then he gets mad if you don’t reply and tells you that you owe him a certain amount of kisses or just says you need to be his slave for a day and cook for him or get takeout, he doesn’t care.

○ Though he likes a woman he makes bomb ass ramen.

○ I know I’m getting ahead of myself with this but imagine making Yoongi and your future kid(s) (if you have any) and Yoongi is watching kids shows with them, eating your bomb ass ramen and just showing his gummy smile because he thinks your kid(s) yelling at Dora is this cutest thing ever.

● Yoongi likes to take things slow and analyse and cherish all stages of your relationship.

○ Around the three year mark, he’d move in with you.

○ Then around five years, he’d propose.

○ And then six years you’d finally get around to getting married.

○ Yoongi doesn’t seem the type to fuss over a wedding just wants a nice small one with close family, or he might just elope with you on honeymoon.

○ I think once you’re married Yoongi will just stop wearing a condom (if you’re okay with it) and he would just be happy if you’re pregnant because he just doesn’t care after marriage. So he’s not trying for a kid solely but he wouldn’t mind a mini-him running around, or sleeping realistically.

● Of course, you two are gonna have a pet, most likely a dog or a hamster, I know it’s basic but it just depends on where you’re living.

○ If it’s a dog, I’ve heard he wants a corgi. I am 100% with him on that, I’ll have ten thanks.

○ Its name will be a reference to his career like a family resemblance. Maybe something like ‘Mini Suga’ because of ‘Min Suga’, get it?

○ He’ll give it weird cute nicknames like ‘Booty’ because corgis have juicy butts or ‘Waddle’ because they waddle.

● He isn’t into PDA but he would allow subtle pecks on the cheek and lips occasionally.

○ He would always have a strong hold on your hand, so he never loses you in the crowd and when sitting down in a restaurant he holds both your hands in both of his.

○ He is also the type to do that and kiss your hands to warm them up.

● Ah, morning lie-ins are perfect.

○ You’re usually first to wake up but you’ll just have to wait for Yoongi to wake up because he has you caged in his arms, your head snuggled in his chest.

○ If you’re in a rush or he needs to get up it’s best to wake him up with kisses and tickling him under his chin.

○ Or you could wake him up by other means 😏

● If you are on your period or sick he would be really caring and a worried mom.

○ I don’t seem many people associating Yoongi as ‘mom’ and more so Jin but he is also a very warm and caring person inside.

○ A good example was when Hoseok and Yoongi were trainees. It was new years and Hoseok was on his own in the dorm while everyone was out with their families. It was the year of the chicken so Yoongi got a chicken and went to Hoseok instead and left his family because he felt bad for Hoseok so he spent it with Hoseok.

○ Also during training Hoseok had developed some anxiety disorder and needed shots for it but he didn’t go and instead practised dancing. Yoongi found out and made it his job to bring Hoseok to all his appointments until he was better :,)

○ Sorry, this is turning into a Yoongi appreciation post but like seriously, yoonseok though.

● Anyway, Yoongi would buy you what you want and would always call and text you to make sure you are feeling okay.

○ Also if you were on your period and outside with Yoongi and he noticed you were leaking he would whisper it in your ear and give you his jacket to cover yourself.

○ Even if you have your own he’d make you wear his because he doesn’t want to see you cold.

● If you are out at night and you don’t have your own jacket but Yoongi has one of his big oversized ones he’d pull you into his jacket and zip you up.

● There would be these moments when you two are alone together and Yoongi will have a burst of energy and do something romantic that makes you sh👀k

○ One that sticks out is you two getting ice cream late at night and you two walking home. You take a bite of yours and when you ask him if he wants to taste it he says yeah and quickly pulls you into a passionate tongue kiss and then pull away and be like “mm fruity”.

○ I’ve heard people say that his ‘smooth with the ladies’ facade is a bluff and he’s really just a very shy guy and I think it is bullshit.

○ This boy oh my god, he’d make such subtle hints and unless he does something cringy, he’d never blush.

○ He’d have a hot chocolate and if you are with him and he picks up on you being cold he’d offer a sip to you and then when you pull the drink away he’d wipe your lip and lick his thumb before sipping his drink.

○ !!! BUT THEN !!! he lick his lips and glances at you. See what he’s at? Smooooother than Jimin’s ass.

● Yoongi is just a blunt person and if he wants some ass he’ll make it clear.

○ “Come sit on my lap.”

○ He’d touch your thigh also, but if he is really eager he’d grip it.

anonymous asked:

why do you hate skyrim so much, anyway?

To be honest, I don’t… “hate” Skyrim, per-say? Hate’s too strong a word for any game for me, and even then Skyrim isn’t necessarily a terrible game despite how much I dislike it.

Which probably sounds weird, but that’s just me; most games that I dislike aren’t just plain old bad games. I don’t have an emotional dislike of, say, Bubsy, or Superman 64, or so on. They’re shit games, but there’s nothing particularly redeemable about them. They might have had potential, but it’s more conceptual, rather than being very flawed games with some good ideas (like Gates to Infinity, or Super Mystery Dungeon to a lesser extent).

Anyway, to get back to the question, the reason I don’t like Skyrim is because it feels creatively bankrupt.

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cosleia  asked:

lancelot wedding XD

Ack I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this! I had to think about what I wanted to do with this one lol. I almost did something… very… very dark, but then I decided to be nice so, enjoy your fluffy crack :D

           Lotor adjusted the boutonniere on Lance’s jacket with a fond smile, smoothing the edges of the jacket down, his fingers lingering on Lance’s chest. Lance smiled at him uncertainly as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to his temple.

           “Are you sure this isn’t a bit… fast?” he asked nervously. “Look don’t get me wrong, you’re a great guy, but, uh, where I come from, people don’t usually have a wedding until they’ve known each other for years and I’ve been here, like, a week. And I spent the first day handcuffed to a wall.” Lotor cupped his cheek.

           “Lance, Lance, Lance,” he said. “You underestimate the force of our love. As soon as I saw you, I knew you were the one. Whether we have spent a week or a year together, it’s all the same. I want you by my side for the rest of my life. You shall rule the Galra alongside me. Together we can supplant my father, and then everyone will see our brilliance.” Lance turned his head so that he could kiss the fingers of the hand on his cheek.

           “Smooth as always, just like your hair” he said, winking at Lotor, and catching a loose strand of his long white hair in his fingers. He brushed it back over Lotor’s shoulder. “Alright, let’s do this.” Lotor offered Lance his arm, and motioned the guards to open the door to the spaceship bridge.

           They processed down the aisle while two dozen of Lotor’s highest-ranked officers stood at attention. At front of the bridge stood what Lance supposed was a Galra priest, dressed in shining black armor and holding a cushion with two rings and a ceremonial dagger. When Lance and Lotor reached them, he recited something about fighting together until the coming of eternal night – which Lance honestly wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing, considering these were Galra. Lotor slipped a ring onto Lance’s finger, reciting a personal vow. He promised to protect and cherish Lance and “ensure the entire universe knows of your beauty, my love.” Lance returned the favor by slipping a ring onto Lotor’s finger, accompanied by a vow of loyalty and dedication to “my beloved.”

           Finally, the lifted the ceremonial dagger together, holding it up for the audience to see. This was the binding moment for Galran marriage, according to Lotor. Lance took it and carefully sliced open a cut across Lotor’s hand, and then handed the knife to him. Lotor took his hand carefully, blood from his palm smearing across Lance’s knuckles, and held the knife out to slice. Before he could, the door blew off its hinges and halfway down the aisle, along with both the guards. Lance and Lotor froze.

           The other four Paladins of Voltron stood in the doorway, weapons at the ready. Hunk was in the front, evidently having used his bayard to blast their way in.

           “WHERE’S LANCE, YOU FILTHY— Wha— Lance? LANCE! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Keith charged straight at Lotor, bulling straight through the Galra officers that tried to stop him. Lotor yelped and jumped aside, the knife clattering to the floor. Lance watched the whole thing slack-jawed, as Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro started taking down the other Galra. Keith turned to him.

           “Lance! Are you okay? Did he hurt… Lance, why are you dressed like that?” Lance finally picked his jaw up off the floor and turned to Keith.

           “Dude,” he said, mildly offended, “you interrupted my wedding.”

[I am no longer accepting prompts, just completing the ones in my inbox] Unless for this particular prompt anyone wants to see the dark version, tell me. I would be willing to do that.

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (4/?)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (4/?)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 912
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
Series Masterlist so you can catch up!

A/N: I’m taking the weekend off for my five year wedding anniversary, the next section will post on Monday or Tuesday! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Originally posted by spacekirk

It took another day for your vision to begin to return and even then, you could only see light and dark and the general shapes of things. It was good progress, Leonard had told you, but it didn’t feel like things were moving fast enough. You were going stir crazy in the Medbay. Scotty came by to visit a few times and last time he brought you a mystery machine, telling you that if you could figure out what it was and fix it without the benefit of your vision, then you would be named the great engineer he had ever seen. Never one to leave a challenge unanswered, you started tinkering on it right away and were still at it hours later when Captain Kirk made his daily visit, bringing lunch with him this time.

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[Magazine] To The New World of Love: Groom-to-be Q&A

From  Otomedia 2015 June Issue
scanned by kurukurumaki


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“As long as I get YES for an answer, I’m willing to take the challenge and propose in any way! (unless it’s scary or if it hurts) But if I am to propose in my own style… I’ll probably just do it casually without being too stiff and formal, like usual!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“Well~ I want a ceremony that’s wow and glamourous, yay yay and lots of fun, and with lots and lots of delicious food! ”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Germany, of course!  He’s just too straight-laced… eh, wait, nooo your face is too scary stop glaring at me like thatttt!!! (cry)”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“Since it’s about two people making an important decision for their lives, I’d like to organize it properly by first making an appointment with my partner and dressing in formal clothes.  The location… should be somewhere indoor, so it won’t become affected by the weather.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I’m not particularly picky about it, but I think it’s a good idea to have a solemn ceremony in a church.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Probably… Japan. The fact that he’s attracted to those who aren’t in the same dimension as him… tldr”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I have a strong yearning for a love confession under a Tree of Legend.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremony in Kimono would be lovely.  It’s about time I become more serious with developing technologies that will bring my bride out of the computer screen.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“It would be terribly rude of me to answer such a question… I am very sorry but I cannot answer that.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I think it’d be rather nice and romantic to propose on a ship, while reminiscing the glorious Age of Discovery.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A grand wedding ceremony full of majesty and style of the Great Britain Empire.  After vowing eternal love to each other at the cathedral, I would like to hold a splendid wedding reception at the Buckingham Palace Ballroom.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“He’s not one of the five guys here, but France.  Because he’s naked.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I want my proposal to be during Superbowl halftime or right in front of Times Square with national tv live stream, it sounds like fun and a total blast!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I just want it to be something cool!  Maybe we can combine all the resources and technology of NASA and have a wedding on the moon?”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Hmm… probably England? He becomes too obsessed with everything he does, so he can be too overbearing.”

Snake Eyes | BTS Mafia AU (7)

Pairing: reader x jimin | Mafia/Gang AU

Genre: angst x some occasional fluff

Summary: You were assigned to protect, watch over, and defend him. Falling in love with him was just an inevitable side effect.

Word Count: 4,431

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] 

The next couple of days were hard and stressful. Jimin had a lot of paperwork to sign off and meetings to attend. It was hard enough catching up on the work he missed—he had only missed two days yet it felt like he had missed an entire month—but to have to deal with his uncle and you, added more to his stress.

You were appointed as Jimin’s temporary assistant after he had bribed the former one to pretend she fell ill with a paid leave. Of course, it wasn’t an offer his former assistant couldn’t refuse. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to go on vacation?

Jimin wasn’t surprised at the displeased look on some of his employees’ faces when he had introduced you as the temporary assistant. It was highly unprofessional of him to date one of his co-workers and even more so to hire his girlfriend as it promoted favoritism. You, however, were unfazed by the looks you’d get, especially from the female employees who were envious of you.

With you having a legitimate reason to be at the company now, you rarely let Jimin out of your sight.  He could tell you were wary around him and you had all reason to be. Still, he managed to escape to the restroom where he’d meet up with his uncle in secret.

“Three creams and three sugars. Just the way you like it.” You said as you placed the cup of coffee onto his desk, greeting him with a smile.

Jimin looked up from a contract he had been reading over, raising a curious eyebrow at you. He brought the coffee to his lips and took a cautious sip. He then smiled, taking another sip. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” You replied, sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk as you nursed your own coffee. “You looked like you were going to knock out last meeting and as hilarious as it would’ve been to see you face-plant again, I figured you needed some fuel to get you through the rest of the day.”

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~Request from @ilikechocolatemilkh. Happy taking his fiance wedding dress shopping.

It’s little but cute!~

Reader’s POV

I excitedly dragged Happy into the wedding dress shop. He was smirking, amused by how excited I was. Ever since Happy proposed, I hadn’t stopped smiling. I was so in love with him and he loved me just as much. Happy wouldn’t sit in a dress shop for hours for anyone else. When I asked him to come with me, he had looked at me confused and asked “What about that crap of bad luck of seeing you in your dress.”

“Hap, I don’t believe in that shit. And besides I need my best friend’s opinion.” I wrapped my arms around him and he smiled and nodded in agreement before kissing me. Which brought us here, Happy was sitting on the white couch in the waiting room. I chuckled at the contrast between him and the girly shop. I had an armful of dresses to try on and Happy settled back on the couch, knowing this was going to take a while. I didn’t want just a traditional white dress so I found ones in different colors and some white with different accents. All of them were different styles. I put on the first one. It was white with blue and purple ruffles on the bottom. It was beautiful but the only issue was it was insanely low cut. Happy was not going to be… Well… Happy. I bit my lip and walked into the waiting room.

“Hell no.” He said after one look. I sighed and nodded and went to try on the next one. This one was purple and was mermaid style with nearly no back to it. I walked back out into the waiting room. He raised an eyebrow debating, he motioned for me to turn which I did. He immediately growled out a “No.” When he saw the back.

I kept trying on dresses and Happy kept shooting them down. Some with a simple headshake, others with hell no, and others with growls and fuck no. I was starting to get mad at his over possessive behavior. I grabbed a dress I knew he would nearly have a heart attack over. It was all white which was a no from me anyways. It was shorter than Lyla’s wedding dress and so low cut that it nearly showed my belly button. I smirked knowing he was going to flip.

I walked back out and Happy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Fuck no! You ain’t wearing that in front of any other man. Especially not my brothers from the other charters.” Happy growled.

“Then you pick out my fucking dress! Everything I pick you say no to so unless you want me to walk down the aisle in this.” I gestured to the dress. “You better find something we both like.” I crossed my arms over my chest and shooed him off. He left to go search for a dress and I went back in the changing room. I waited for about 15 minutes before a knock came. I opened it a tiny bit and saw Happy. “Here.” Hap said. Passing me the dress through the barely opened door. I closed the door and looked at the dress. Honestly, the dress was perfect and I just hoped it looked nice on me.

I turned my back from the mirror and put it on. I didn’t want to look until I had it on. I turned back around and gasped softly. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at myself in the dress. It was a light blue and looked like one of those Greek goddess dresses. It had a little bit of a trail and wasn’t big and puffy like most wedding dress. It was beautiful and honestly I looked like one of those Greek goddesses in it.

I walked back out into the waiting room and Happy’s jaw dropped. “Holy… Fuck, baby girl.” He stood up and walked over to me. “You…. God you’re beautiful.” I blushed.

“Thank you…” I smiled. Happy cupped my cheek and pulled me into a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“I think you should get this one.” He said as he rested his forehead against mine.

“Really? Because I kinda liked the last one.” I teased and Happy growled. “Kidding, this one is… Its amazing Happy. You’re amazing. God I hope it’s not too much.”

“Do you love it?” He asked and I nodded. “Then don’t worry about the price tag. You’re worth spending money on.” He smiled and I laughed.

“I love you.” I said softly.

“I love you too, baby girl.” He said back.

~Sorry if this is weird I posted from mobile~

Prompt / Request: ShikaTema Belated Realisations

Anonymous said:

I have been wanting someone to write this for ages, and I love the way you write… Are you up for a different ship? Remember when Temari was confused about Shikamaru'a request that she go with him to the hot springs room. I imagine him on his own at home no longer flustered by the whole miscommunication and finally realizing that Temari essentially said yes to sleeping with him. He can’t sleep for the rest of the night because his brain won’t shut up…

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I love all your posts regarding MML. Your theory on Mr. Block is genius and am 100% behind you on that actually happening. I'm also super happy you ship Zack and Melissa too. If you have any would you be willing to share more zalissa head cannons with the rest of us?

I can feel it coming in the ask tonight / Oh lord / And I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life.

  • They’re “just” friends all the way through high school, even though everyone sort of sees it. They love each other as friends first.
  • Melissa is one of these people who flirts with every guy and no one takes it seriously, it’s just good fun, it’s how she communicates. And Zack knows that perfectly well and he’s okay with it, but still, every time his turn comes up he can’t help but feel like “I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN.”
  • (Everybody else has noticed by now that he’s her especial target, but he has no idea.)
  • The first time she turns the doe eyes on him is earth-shattering, because he’d seen her do it to other people but he completely underestimated their effect at close range.
  • Milo: “I warned you about the doe eyes!” Zack: “I KNEW about the doe eyes!!!”
  • (“Who would have thought SHE’D be more dangerous than YOU?!?” “…Oh Zack, I’m not dangerous. It’s what’s near me that you’ve got to watch out for.” “…Oh no you’re right.”)
  • But anyway, with every year that passes he’s increasingly aware that she is not only gorgeous (he always knew that) but the most amazing girl he has ever met, just enough dangerous edge to draw him in and just enough common sense to make it worthwhile, and at the same time she’s his best friend and what they’ve built together over the years is really beautiful. So he wants that to last. It’s special.
  • At first he doesn’t think he has a chance because so many boys like her and lots of them are better than him, so he’s content to just be close to her in the way he always has. But eventually he realizes his one great advantage: he actually knows her. Everybody else has befriended her at a distance because of her insistence on hanging out with Milo Murphy. He was the only one who spent time with her and developed an appreciation for her as a person. And that gives him more confidence.
  • Fortunately she had narrowed the eligibles down to him a long time ago.
  • “Milo, I’m about to ask Melissa out and this is really hard for me. You hide in those bushes and provide moral support.” “Okay!” / “Milo, I think Zack’s about to ask me out and I’m kinda freaking out. You go hide in those bushes and provide moral support.” “Gotcha!”
  • Tree nearly falls on them seconds after she’s agreed to date him and they both yell “MILO!!!” because neither of them are going to admit that they planted him there, and he’s a great sport and doesn’t call them out on it until his Best Man speech.
  • (Babyproofing their whole wedding because who else is going to be the best man. “Milo, if we can’t handle Murphy’s Law for a few hours, we’re sure not gonna be able to handle being married to each other for the next seventy years. Start writing that speech, buddy”)
  • Lots of kids and when people say “are they all yours?” when one of them is babysitting the Murphy-Lopez children, the answer is always “Yes.”
  • Zack helping Melissa remember things. Leaving little post-it notes on the bathroom mirror to remind her to call the exterminator and to dress up nice for the PTA meeting because he’s going to suddenly have an emergency and drive by to pick her up halfway through and take her out to dinner.
  • Any time they have to do something they hate, like drive the kids out to the dentist or buy groceries for a huge party, Zack insists on calling it “the Quest” and no matter how bad a mood she’s in it always makes her laugh.
  • Melissa flat-out refusing to do something for Zack unless he gets down on his knees and sings “Chop Away At My Heart.”
  • (She had already found that video long before she pretended to have looked it up and was just needlessly torturing him the entire time they were waiting for their pizza I forgot to mention that.)
Will You or Won’t You

So, my sister has been playing Speak Now by Taylor Swift on repeat for the past week and a half. I tried to push it out of my head, but I couldn’t so this came to be. I think it came out a little more angsty than I was planning, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think I’m a bit rusty. 

Word Count: 6,593

Summary: Riley is back in New York for work, but it so happens to be the weekend of Lucas’ wedding. Will his wedding happen, or will he realize that Riley has always been the one?

An update on the Road Trip: I’m trying to write this next chapter, but I am having major writer’s block with this specific chapter. Every time I try to finish it, my mind goes blank. So, I’m going to keep trying and I’ll have it out as soon as I can. I just don’t know when that will be. I’m sorry. 

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bklyn99  asked:

Can you do a Clintasha fic where no one knows they're married and they get reunited in front of the avengers after awhile apart and kiss in the heat of the moment and I want to see the avengers reactions. Please. You're such an amazing writer, I love your blog!

this deserves SO MUCH MORE than what i gave it i’m so sorry 
(also this prompt has literally been in my inbox for 28 years)

It’s been three weeks since the prison break. Three weeks of hiding away in the compound because they’re technically still criminals, unable to show their faces in public for fear of being sent back to a top security prison. Three weeks of frustration as they try to figure out how to answer for crimes they never committed. Three claustrophobic weeks of feeling stuck, trapped. Clint’s getting restless.

“Heard anything from Nat?” Clint asks Steve casually one day. Rain is coating the windowpanes and they’re all huddled in the kitchen, hands wrapped around mugs of steaming coffee.

Steve shakes his head. “She’s gone. Disappeared.” As much as it makes Clint anxious to not know where she is or if she’s okay, he has to admit that he’s proud of her ability to make herself untraceable if she doesn’t want to be found. Unless, and the thought causes a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, unless they’ve already found her and they’ve just been keeping quiet about it.

It’s like Steve can read Clint’s mind. “If she wasn’t okay we’d know. Tony’s been keeping an eye out. We all have.”

“You trust Tony?” Sam asks. “After everything we’ve been through, you trust him to help a criminal?”

“She signed the Accords,” Wanda points out.

“And then broke them,” Sam points out. “She’s just as much of a criminal as the rest of us.”

Bucky, who’s been uncharacteristically silent, pipes up. “She won’t let Stark find her. She won’t let any of us find her. She’ll come on her own, when she’s ready.”

It’s as if his words break some kind of spell. Lightning flashes, followed almost immediately by a loud clap of thunder that causes Wanda to jump, coffee sloshing over the sides of her mug. They almost miss the soft knock on the door, overshadowed by the sound of the rain.No one moves.The knocking comes again; louder, more insistent.

Wanda moves to stand but Steve stops her, a hand on her forearm. “I’ll take care of this.”

Her rain soaked jeans are so dark they’re almost black, her hair is plastered to her face, and there are dark circles of smudged mascara under her eyes. Steve stares at her blankly, both elated that she’s here and concerned that she made it all the way to the front door without setting off any alarms. “How did you bypass security?”

She snorts. “Nice to see you too, Rogers. I’m not getting any drier out here you know, the least you could do is let me in.”

Stunned, Steve lets the door fall open and she steps inside, water running off of her jacket and collecting in puddles on the ground. “Sorry about the mess.” She kicks off her shoes and looks up, face breaking into a smile as she sees the shocked expressions of everyone staring at her. “Hey, guys.”

Her eyes meet Clint’s. He abandons all form of decorum and runs at her.

“What the hell were you thinking?” he growls, lips crashing down onto hers. His arms around her are gentle, however, holding her with the tenderness she’s come to expect from him after all these years.

“Clint.” She laughs against his mouth. “It’s too late now, but did you consider maybe not doing that in front of everyone?”



Clint shrugs, reaching into his pocket to pull out two thin silver bands. “Well, if it’s all out in the open now…”

“No.” Sam’s voice is part shock and part awe. “No way.”

“God, that feels weird,” Natasha says as Clint slides one of the rings onto her finger. “I haven’t worn this thing in so long.”

“Right,” Bucky says as Natasha joins them at the counter, gratefully accepting the coffee that Steve hands her. “When exactly were you guys planning on telling us that you’re married?”

Clint shrugs. “Never came up.”

“It never came up?” Sam shakes his head in disbelief. 

“It’s not that simple,” Natasha says, sighing gratefully as the warmth of the steam rising from her mug meets her cold skin. “It’s seen as a weakness in our line of work. Something that could compromise us in the field.”

“But this,” Wanda waves her hand around her. “Are we not all compromised by now?”

“It’s been ten years,” Clint says quietly. “Takes some getting used to, is all.”

“Sorry.” Sam shakes his head, disbelief still etched across his face. “Did you say ten years?

“Give or take,” Clint replies with a grin. “The details are a little foggy but I seem to remember something about Vegas and a stripper.”

Natasha shakes her head, laughing. “That was your first wedding.”


“Let it go, Sam.” Steve claps his friend on the shoulder. “If you wanted to hear all of these two’s secrets we’d be here for days.”

“Weeks,” Natasha corrects.

Clint jumps in. “Did we tell you guys about that time in Oaxaca when-”

“We are not telling that story, Clint.”

“But it’s a good one!”

They pass the rest of the afternoon in laughter, the cares of the moment forgotten as the storm rages on outside the compound where they rest, even for the briefest of moments, in warmth and safety. 

“I hate to break up the party,” Natasha says eventually, “but I don’t remember the last time I slept and the floor is looking really nice at this point.”

“Sleep,” Steve tells her. “We’ll wake you up when there’s food.”

Clint shoulders her duffel and follows her down the hallway, his knuckles brushing lightly against the back of her hand as they walk. “So,” he says conversationally. “No more hiding.”

“Yeah.” She looks up at him with that soft smile, the one she’s always reserved for him, the one that made him fall in love with her in the first place, all those years ago. “No more hiding.”

To The Bone

She’s done everything right, you know. The proof is all around her, puncturing the cadence of her voice when she spits case law like spoken word, stalking her name in effusive headlines and a pristine Wikipedia biography, bleeding out across her Manhattan apartment with its gleaming marble countertops and untouched stainless steel appliances. Modern, the realtor had called it, fit for any young up-and-coming professional like herself who wanted to change the world.

(Can you really change the world? Or does it end up changing you?)

Maka takes a sip of gin number two and loads her social media pages with the kind of loving care Liz applies to assembling her favorite rifle. Ah, looks like Blake and Tsu’s daughter is doing well, smiling wide for the camera with dirt stains on her overalls. Mom and dad beam at her in the background, this product of their steadfast, loving relationship. Better leave a nice comment so they don’t know Auntie Maka is a hateful little human who only sees pictures like these as another reminder of what she’ll never have.

Don’t get her wrong, she’s happy for them. Happy for all of her friends. But that doesn’t silence the little voice in her head whispering where is your hand to hold, your lips to kiss? Yes, she knows it’s petty and unproductive to get sad at others’ happiness; yes, she knows she should be out trying to ‘do something about it’ – she knows more than the sniveling idiots who try to counsel her think she does. Knowing has never been the problem – she’s Maka fucking Albarn, top of her class at Columbia Law School, most sought-after public defender on the East Coast – but knowledge does not translate into action, nor ward away the crippling loneliness that saps her will to do anything at all.

The lump in her throat means it’s time for another drink and another page. Kid and Liz are celebrating their fifth anniversary in the French Alps, sip, looks like Jackie and Kim had a radiant wedding complete with a ring-bearing crow, sip, Killik and Harvar bought a house together in California and can’t wait to begin the adoption process, sip, Stein and Marie are treating each other to foot massages and lazy brunches while their daughter is in summer camp, sip, sip, sip.

So many blissful couples. So much love on her news feed.

It makes her sick.

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Summary: Katniss Everdeen is in Manhattan for one night. Her wedding ring is off, and she’s planning to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

A/N: Modern AU. A one shot originally written for The Love Games. With many thanks to @fyeah-everlark for hosting, to my amazing betas and homegirls @dandelion-sunset, @jennagill, @myusernamehere, to everyone who read or voted for my story, and last but not least to the ridiculously talented @loving-mellark for making a banner that is, once again, way sexier than anything I could write. I don’t question how you do what you do… I’m just thankful for it. Ich liebe dich, chica. <3

Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations. 

Trigger warning: Infidelity

Now on AO3


“Excuse me, madam?”

Her gray eyes flit over to the source of the voice before making their way back to the window, looking out to the same spot where they’ve been anchored for the past twenty minutes, watching for some sign of him.    

She hates how obsequious and polite that voice is, how its owner is reduced to servile smiles and ingratiating nods and bows. Some part of her feels compelled to tell him to relax, that he’ll get his twenty percent, that no one should have to dehumanize themselves to earn their bread.

“Yes,” she answers instead, her eyes surveying the wintry scene outside, taking in the sight of the whirling eddies of snow floating languidly through the air and the taxis inching their way through the heavy evening traffic, crawling slower than the pedestrians slipping along on the icy sidewalk.

“Can I get you another glass of wine while you wait?”

She runs her thumb around the rim of the stemless glass, smudging the lipstick traces she’s left on it, and considers the question.

He’ll show up. She knows that. Of course he will. Why wouldn’t he? Unless something’s happened to—

No. She’s sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he’s running late. He’s probably even texted her to explain. She bites the inside of her cheek, frustrated at herself for leaving her phone back in her hotel room. She’d just been so eager to get here—to see him—that she didn’t think to grab it as she dashed out the door. She imagines it on the bedside table, its screen uselessly lighting up the empty room with messages from him: I’m on my way. Hang on. I’m so sorry. Don’t run off with someone else. ;) And then, because it’s been far too long: I need to be inside you. I miss you

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anonymous asked:

At the wedding he said "if you'll still have me" and Aaron didn't say anything. It was for a dramatic affect but it would have been nice if he said he wanted him. Aaron doesn't ever tell Robert he wants him. He's always pushing him away.

Hi Nonnie, thanks for the question! I’m gonna be brief here because - I’ve already bored myself with my ramblings and I’m liable to get pretty exasperated when it’s inferred that Aaron doesn’t care about Rob.

Firstly, the facts. Robert cheated on Aaron two weeks after vowing to be faithful and put him first. Aaron did not immediately push him away (unless you count the emergency visit to his counsellor which I think is fair enough). He actually forgave him, for the cheating. Robert himself acknowledged how huge this gesture was and how special it made Aaron in amongst the people he knew who would never forgive him of something like that. Aaron ended their marriage because there is soon to be a permanent, living, breathing reminder of the cheating in his orbit every day. I couldn’t do it. Could you? 

Secondly, that moment you refer to at the wedding… That was Aaron gently teasing his cute fiancee. Walking away, pretending like he was mad. Robert knows Aaron does this (”you’re such a wind up”) and loves him for it. It probably gave Robert a nice little thrill deep in his belly truth be told. Like being on a rollercoaster or going over a bump in the road too fast. That’s what he likes about Aaron, the unpredictability. The reason Aaron is enough for him, is because he is such a challenge, such a Rubix cube.  

Thirdly, Aaron isn’t “always pushing him away”. He gets mad at Robert. I would too. And Robert gets mad at Aaron as well (the scrapyard scene springs to mind). They are tempestuous and maddening. Both of them. But when push comes to shove, he’s Robert’s ride or die. He would cover up his worst crimes (still is doing.. Katie lol) and would rather die, alone and terrified, in a sinking car than deprive the world of Robert Sugden. Robert knows it. 

Originally posted by flawswelove

Like please, in the nicest way possible, can you just not Nonnie? 

(Sorry, I got mad there)

anonymous asked:

Why do you headcanon Rhaenys as Arthur's child? I'm not saying it's a bad headcanon btw just curious.

Oh, there’s no real factual basis.

But you can blame it on @lyannas​ and @cosmonauthill​ because it probably wouldn’t have ever even crossed my mind (or Arthur/Elia as a pairing period) if I hadn’t read these fics. So yeah, it’s their fault.

Here’s my basic thought process though:

  • I am all about angst and this is chock full of it.
  • I hate the prospect that Rhaegar was Elia’s only love interest. Like, she was Dornish and a princess and gorgeous; no way did she not get some premarital action.
  • (Besides which, Rhaegar was almost certainly a virgin on his wedding night, and we have no indications that he was a particularly passionate person, so for Elia’s sake I sure hope she got some nice Dornish D in before that massive downgrade.)
  • Rhaenys is said to look like a Martell and according to Aerys she “smells Dornish”–maybe the reason she looks completely Dornish is because she was completely Dornish. (Yes I know Baelor Breakspear was half-Targ yet looked Martell but SHHH.)
  • I think Elia and Arthur were very much a thing when they were younger and normally it might actually work out long-term since the Daynes are historic, Nymeria herself chose a Dayne as her third husband, and Elia wasn’t the heir. But we know the Princess of Dorne was ambitious and clearly wasn’t keen on a Dornish match (Starfall was the only place in Dorne they visited, and that could have easily been about a match between Oberyn and Ashara or something), and Arthur was only the second son of a vassal house, so she wasn’t about to let that happen. Arthur knew it and so joined the Kingsguard to be out of Elia’s way and give himself purpose or whatever other stupid noble reasons.
  • We know Elia and her escort were set upon by the Kingswood Brotherhood, which to me works best if it was when she was on her way up from Sunspear to KL about a month before her wedding.
  • So, former lovers + Dornish tempers + not seeing each other in years + unresolved issues = a (lbr, very very excellent) night of fun, or several
  • Even if Rhaenys were Rhaegar’s daughter she’d have most likely been conceived on, or at least shortly after, the wedding night since she was born the same year Rhaegar and Elia married, she was “two or three” when she was killed and obviously was old/strong enough to repeatedly kick Amory Lorch so voraciously that he stabbed her 50 times.
  • So. Sex a couple weeks before the wedding, which in a world without ultrasounds or pregnancy tests would have been close enough to not be all that suspicious (after all, babies aren’t even termed premature unless they’re before 37 weeks) and presto, lil’ baby Rhaenys.
  • Arthur’s stint as a Kingsguard was probably not all that great of a time for him considering all the racism and abuse and Aerys/Tywin in general, and I like the idea of him actually having something unimpeachably good in his life. Similarly, I like the idea of Elia having a child conceived out of love, not just duty.
  • When asked about Arthur being perfect, GRRM said “keep reading,” so while that’s probably only referring to the fact that we don’t hear of Arthur raising any objections to Aerys’s atrocities, I’m using that in any way I can get it.
  • As a girl, Rhaenys wasn’t set to inherit the Iron Throne, so it’s not like her not being a Targ messes up anything dynastically.
  • Last, but not least, fuck Rhaegar that’s why.

The best part is that GRRM cares so little about Elia and Rhaenys that it’s all but guaranteed he won’t ever reveal any information about them that would unequivocally disprove this.