as my best friend would say: damn!

Adorable Jerks + Bonus Chat

Pairing: Sam x f!Reader


Could you do a Sam x reader where the reader and sam just constantly tease bucky and Scott (maybe with the use of memes)

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has added Y/N, Bucky, Scott.

Scott: Hi! :) How are you two?

Bucky: what is this

Bucky: what do you two want





Bucky: S T O P

Scott: I have one question, that really needs to be answered: How did you get pictures of those events?

You: A tech genius never reveals the fairly obvious answer.


Sam: when you see an insect


You: when the insect sees you

Bucky: You think you’re so funny :(

Bucky: Well you are but whatever :(

You: thank you snape? ◔̯◔

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50% OFF Starters pt 2
  • "If you continue your attempts at flirting, I will be forced to take DRASTIC measures."
  • "I like watching you from behind."
  • "Stunning deduction sherlock."
  • *demonic voice* "by the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays of the furthest madness, we sense your intentions, (name). the gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words to temporal winds, they inform us that you are not to be trusted. Usurper. Usurper."
  • "USURPER!"
  • "I've heard a lot about you and your extensive collection of tank tops, like I'm thinking about getting like 10 more."
  • "Calm down little dude."
  • "the fear of drowning is a primal one. it's a feeling of helplessness, of losing all control. struggling against an inevitable fate as your lungs fill with water..."
  • "I don't need a piece of paper to tell me how to swim or how to fuck Dean Winchester."
  • "You know I had a dream like this once, you surprisingly had more clothes on, though, at least at the start."
  • "ten bucks says he dies."
  • "I'm gonna go run my feelings off."
  • "Yeah it didn't work out... for them."
  • "I have to go scream confusing, end-of-the-world ramblings at people under the freeway."
  • "I feel like I should argue this, but the potential for implied sexual antics is far too appealing."
  • "do not be alarmed! I am about to be hilarious."
  • "Maybe you should stop dragging me to these rap battles then!"
  • "I was under the impression there would be implied sexual antics, time to take matters into my own hands!"
  • "This feels a little exploitative."
  • "I need a soda. Or therapy. Probably both."
  • "Yeah it started because K-pop concert security is tougher than it looks but I just got hooked on the feeling of crushing someones face in with a solid right cross."
  • "sHHSHHshhshhhhh shut up shut up! shh I SMELL BOYS BEING GAY."
  • "Excuse me I am trying to scream my feelings into your mouth!"
  • "That wasn't hot... it was just fucking weird..."
  • "It's not what I would have you in, but I do appreciate beauty in all its many forms. mostly that cute booty though."
  • "hey, the heart wants what the heart wants."
  • "It may be hard to believe, but recently I lost the ability to read."
  • "Just because you can't read the words, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the book in a different way."
  • "boom! done. advice over. let's go get shitfaced!"
  • "Alright I brought the bitch-board for (name)."
  • "Alright let's call it what it is, a sissy paddle."
  • "calm down (name) we weren't talking about your internet search history."
  • "didn't we make a pact to stop her from doing this weeb shit?"
  • "this better not be anymore or (name)'s weird porn!"
  • "Please call the police, because I look so good in this it should be against the law! uh, don't actually call the police though, I WILL incriminate all of you."
  • "Yeah but didn't they train on those islands where all those teenagers were killed? ...and those witch burnings happened? ...and all that toxic waste was spilled?"
  • "if you die, I get fired and I like this job. people don't ask questions here."
  • "fish-men walk among us. conquerers of land, BORN FROM THE OCEAN--"
  • "I don't need him to make weird pornography, I have prawns for that."
  • "Finally moving out, son? I'd like to say it's been fun. I'd like to. But I won't."
  • "hey check me out! I'm on a bout!"
  • "Sit down and stop making 2009 references!"
  • "nah, I scream enough at the unforgiving void of space."
  • "You know, the ocean goblin? He lives in the ocean and if you don't brush your teeth he steals your bones."
  • "Ok I'm done for the day. If anyone needs me I'm gonna be in the tent looking at weird porn."
  • "Hey, you miss every ball you don't hit."
  • "You say 'you people' like you're not part of the family. I've got some news for you, you're already on the christmas card."
  • "You think these antics would fly at the german club?"
  • "brush your teeth, kid."
  • "Can you hear it? the ocean... it wants blood."
  • "I'm the best damn shot we've got."
  • "You know, when I was a kid, before my dad got hit by that train, he said, '(name) don't let your friends swim out into the ocean and get stranded on the haunted island of camp kill-a-teen.' and here we are... stranded on the... haunted island of camp kill-a-teen..."
  • "that's fair."
  • "hey tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumbass!"
  • "It's fine, baby, if you get scared you can squeeze my hand."
  • "now let's make like scooby-doo and split up to find a clue."
  • "In 1991 a case was discovered where a man had the remains of over fifteen victims hidden in his apartment, over 40% of which were stored within his refrigerator. do you know how unsanitary that is?"
  • "you're so cute when you never shut up. Now shut up."
  • "all hail decision cube!"
  • "that's when you started walking on the wild side, right?"
  • "Does anyone want to hear my tragic backstory?"
  • "Bed? But what about possible axe-murderers?"
  • "And we solved the curse of the island, and realized that the real axe murderer was love, all along."
  • "It was a good night for all of us, let's spend more nights in abandoned lighthouses."
  • "That hottie from the track team is here and I wanna ask politely is he wants to get rowdy in the back of my dad's Prius."

It’s okay

We ran out of things to say
And you couldn’t keep your heart from going astray
It’s okay

I wasn’t enough for you
And you were dragging me down
Thinking you could get your way
It’s okay

I guess she made you feel some type of way
And I let you get quite far away
It’s okay

It’s something we used to say
And you sure as hell wouldn’t go away
But I say
‘It’s okay’
When I’m really not okay
You don’t get to break my heart like this
But you have
And it’s okay

It’s your loss
She doesn’t feel the same way
And all my feelings have faded away
It’s okay

I didn’t feel the need to stay
Since you would never get your way
It’s okay

My best friend told you that you should ‘fix it’
But after all,
I stood tall
And ended it
It’s okay

We fell out of something they love to call love
And no longer feel the same damn way
It’s okay

We could’ve been so much more
You could’ve kept your promise
But you went astray
It’s okay

You changed and went down a path I couldn’t follow
So now I run towards a better tomorrow
It’s okay

I hope you’ve realized what you lost
Because I don’t think you know what it cost
It’s okay

Tomorrow is a beautiful new day
And I swear to you
I’m more than okay.

—  IT’S OKAY, e.l., letters to p #4

jiminniemouse  asked:

best friend jungkook ;-) 1 & 8

Irresistible (M)

Say that again you little shit, and see what happens…” + “You think I can’t resist you? Because I can…”

Word Count: 3,048 (oops)

Warning(s): Smutty smut smut

A/N: Here you go @jiminniemouse aka old perv! This was supposed to be a short drabble but I couldn’t contain my dirty mind sorry everyone (but also you’re welcome)

“Jungkook, would you please shut your damn phone off? It’s going off like a fucking fire alarm!” You yell, ripping your earphones off. He was sprawled on your couch, one hand rested under his head and the other holding his phone to his face. His gaze was fixated on the dimly lit screen of his cellphone with a lazy smirk on his face.

“I can’t help it Y/N~” He hums.

You roll your eyes. “Put it on silent, I’m trying to study here.”

You don’t even know why he was crashing here at your place on a Friday night. Usually he’s out and about, partying with friends and trying to get laid like the horny little kid he is.

“I don’t like doing that, I need to leave the notifications on or it’ll bug me.” The phone is still continuously going off, a high pitched ding! literally every 5 seconds.

“If you don’t want to play by my rules then get out of my apartment.”

You hear an exaggerated gasp from behind you. “You’d kick out your best friend? In the pouring rain?! I thought I meant more to you Y/N.”

You swirl around in your chair to face him with a glare. “Yes cause you’re being a brat! Why are you even here? Don’t you have a party or somewhere to go?”

“I mean yeah, that’s what all these texts are. All these girls are inviting me over to Namjoon hyung’s party.”

“Then why don’t you go so I can study in peace?”

He sits up, tossing the phone to the side as he clasps his hands together in front of him, then lets out a dramatic sigh. “Every girl wants me, you saw from the texts. When it’s too easy it’s boring.” He brings his face to his hands, pinching at his nose bridge as his eyebrows crinkle in distress. “Why am I so irresistible?”

You can’t help but release a loud snort, followed by uncontrollable laughter. He jumps in his seat and turns to you with wide eyes. “What’s so funny?”

You hold your sides and wipe your tears, still laughing at his statement. “Every girl wants you? In your dreams, kid.”

He jumps up from his seat. “It’s true! Name any girl from school Y/N. Any. They’ve either flirted with me or went straight for Jeon-but-not-so-Jr. here,” Pointing at his crotch.

You snort again, swirling back to your work. “The only thing that’s big about you is your ego.”

You didn’t see it but you knew his jaw dropped at the moment you said that. Cue the snarky narcissistic comeback in 3…2…1…

“Excuse you? You haven’t even seen it yet! Trust me Y/N you’d be down on your knees the moment you laid eyes on the prize.”

You chuckle at his response,

“You think I can’t resist you? Because I can.”


You continue to jot down notes as silence fills the room.

Finally, you thought to yourself, that shut the brat up.

All of a sudden you’re engulfed in muscly arms and your back is pressed into the seat.

“Just cause we’re best friends babe doesn’t mean I can’t get you riled up until you’re begging me for more,” He whispers huskily in your ear.

Heat rises to your face and you shove his arms away. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, brat?”

He grabs hold of the seat and swirls you around, arms supporting his sculpted figure as he leans closer until his face is inches from yours.

Say that again you little shit, and see what happens.”


You feel as though an electric shock courses through your body, the adrenaline pumping from the close contact and how he says his little threat. You take a good look at his facial features, your eyes gazing over every inch of his flawless face. Your eyes wonder down more to his jutting collarbone, the sense of temptation washing over you of wanting to know how his flesh would taste as you lick your lips.

You did find him attractive; since the first time you met him actually. You had the biggest crush on Jungkook but after knowing how cocky he was about himself and being younger than you, you brushed off those feelings quickly because you didn’t want to deal with a work load. But that doesn’t mean you’ve never wondered how good those rosy lips of his would feel against yours, or how his fingers would caress every inch of your body or even how he would make you feel during a lust filled night of passion.

You would kill yourself if you ever spoke those words aloud though.

You quickly came back to your senses, glaring back at him. You couldn’t let this boy drag you down as if he had all the power in the world. You leaned in closer, noses brushing along each other’s.

“You’re a brat.”

The second you finish your sentence your breath is knocked out of you, lips crashing wildly into yours. You would have fell backwards from the force if it wasn’t for the back of the chair but your head was harshly shoved into it as Jungkook ravished your cavern.

You whimper, using all your might to shove him away from you but his chest wouldn’t budge. He kept his lips locked onto yours, biting and sucking and letting out low, sexy grunts that involuntarily made your panties dampen more as each second passes by.

As much as you tried to keep yourself in denial, you can’t help but start reciprocating and mirror his ministrations, jutting your tongue out to fight for dominance. Your wet muscles are synchronizing into a rough and needy sequence, and with one particular rough suck from his lips catching the tip of your tongue you moan aloud.

He releases you and pulls back, a cocky smirk formed on his glistening mouth.

You cover your mouth quickly, “N-no! That wasn’t- well it’s just-“

He chuckles, getting down to his knees as he spreads your legs open. Grabbing ahold of your thighs, he drags you downward so you’re slumped in the seat, “Mmhmmm.”

“What are you do- Oh!”

He cups your crotch over the thin fabric of your sleeping shorts, his thumb rubbing hard circles onto your clit. You cover your mouth again, squirming in the seat as you try your hardest not to let out a peep.

“After this babe you’re for sure going to remember my name,” He says as he peppers kisses into your inner thighs.

You let out a muffled moan, your lower half bucking up from his unexpected touch. Your pride of not giving in was wearing thin. He grabs the hem of your shorts and peels it right off, his face so close to your heat that you can feel his hot pants.

He slides a finger down your slit, “Shit, why are you so drenched already?”

You refuse to comment back because you didn’t trust your voice at the moment so you stayed silent. He looks back up to you with a devilish smirk, then presses onto your nub once more.

You squeeze your eyes shut, not wanting to give into his egotistical ass that he could get every girl he wanted. He chuckled, “Y/N, give up. You can’t resist me.”

Before you could say anything a finger plunges right into your core, brushing against an area so delightful that your eyes rolled back. You gripped the hand rests, biting onto your bottom lip to the point where your skin broke as he fingers you so precisely and so good that you involuntarily lean closer into his touch. He adds another digit, loud squelches filling the room as the chair thuds against the table and you cling onto the last strands of sanity you have left to offer within you.

But what you didn’t expect was for him to bring those soft lips into the equation, his tongue lapping over your bundle of nerves before sucking harshly on your clit.

“JUNGKOOK!” You cry out, nails digging into the arm rests as you slump further down into the seat to buck into his mouth again, anything to get him to go deeper and faster.

“That’s it sweetheart,” He says as he laps your folds, “Say my name again.”

You threw all your pride out the window, lust blinding your senses and grabbing a fistful of his hair as he draws figure eights with his tongue on your folds.

“Ju- Ahh, Jungkook,” you mewl.

“Mmm, you taste like fucking heaven. I can’t believe you’ve kept this to yourself, you should have let me known how sweet you were and I would have done this ages ago.”

He keeps plunging his fingers deeper into you, his tongue not letting up even for a second as he tries to catch every ounce of your nectar in his mouth. You’re a moaning mess, eyes clenched tightly shut as you try to remember all the sensations that he’s making you feel.

You hear a series of low grunts and what even sounds like faint whimpers and slowly open your eyes. You look down and let out an even needier moan from what you see, your core igniting at an even faster rate.

Jungkook is on his knees, eating you out like it’s his last meal and his fingers pumping at a constant rapid pace. His other hand is snaked down into his pants, roughly rubbing and squeezing at his growing erection. Every moan that you let out he tugs faster at himself, releasing another small whimper that he probably thinks you can’t hear but oh you definitely do.

As much as you didn’t want him to stop, you sit up and push his face away from you. He releases you and looks up in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

His chin and lips are drenched in your translucent essence and just seeing him like that on his knees with his hand down his pants got you groaning in more frustration.

You get up from the seat and pull him up then push him down to lay on the sofa. You straddle him, facing away from his face.

“Hey, what are you- fuck!” You palm his erection through his jeans, unbuttoning them and moving his boxers over. His cock springs out, standing tall as you look at it in surprise.

Shit, it is pretty big. Good thing you were faced away from him or else he would have given you so much shit for doubting him earlier. You grab the base of his cock, pumping slowly as you stare in awe that it’s actually getting bigger than it is now. You lick your lips, bending downward to place a quick peck on the tip.

“Fuck, Y/N please, baby ahh-“

You swirl your tongue around the top as you continue to pump, sucking lightly on the tip.

“Stop teasing me babe, just fucking do it already.” He groans, gripping your ass.

You turn your head back to him, pushing your lower body back more as you situate yourself to align your core to hover over his mouth. “You think I’m just going to give you what you want? Bad news brat but you gotta work for it. I’m not like your other girls,” You say, giving him a wink.

His eyes widen in surprise, but he quickly replaces his facial features with his signature smirk. He takes a hold of your thighs and spreads them further, causing your core to sink down straight onto his open mouth. He doesn’t even spare a second as he buries his tongue deep into your dripping core.

You throw your head back, crying aloud as he keeps and iron-glad grip onto your thighs. You let out a mangled moan because he’s just ravaging every inch of you that he can reach. You turn back and sink your mouth onto his thick member, taking him in inch by inch until he reaches the back of your throat.

He moans into you, the vibrations making you buck your hips back into his face. You pump whatever else you can’t fit, starting a steady rhythm as your tongue runs along every nerve. You sink down again, hollowing your cheeks as you suck harshly. He bucks his hips upward, causing you to gag around him and he cries your name aloud.

“Y/N, f-fuck, do that again.” You blink the tears away as you try your best to take him all in again, hands keeping his hips in place as you suck harshly on him again. He releases a mangled moan, nails digging into the flesh of your thighs as you repeat your technique again and again.

He’s moaning your name like a mantra, his ministrations getting sloppier as the seconds go by. He brings his thumb to your bundle of nerves again, rubbing fiercely as he buries his tongue into you in attempts to let you go first before he does. You let go of him with a pop, eyes rolling to the back of your head as this euphoric feeling washes over you.

You start roughly grinding your hips down onto his face, “JUNGKOOK! Jungkook…Fuck, shit, fuck, oh my god don’t stop-“

He groans, then rubs you harder than ever before. You’re screaming his name at the top of your lungs right now, sobbing as you chase your release that’s oh so close and with one, two, three more harsh rubs you come undone. Jungkook’s jaw slacks, allowing you to ride out all the waves of your high as he tries to catch all of your sweet release. You’re shaking as you continue to ride his face, his tongue lapping up all of you until finally you come back to reality.

You sigh in content, moaning as you lift yourself off of him so he could finally breathe properly. He hums, bringing his hand to your core once more causing you to shiver. You turn to see him licking his lips and sucking on one of his fingertips, grunting so fucking good as he pants for air.

You unstraddle him, pulling him upward in the process so that he’s sitting on the sofa. Before he can ask anything you’re dropping to your knees, opening his legs as you grab the base of his neglected cock. You sink your mouth all the way down on him, his hands instantly finding your hair for purchase as he moans aloud. Your other hand plays with his balls while you pump him and suck whatever you can fit inside your mouth.

You feel him throbbing more and his fingernails are basically digging into your scalp as he lets out a series of profanities with your name in the mix. You release him with a loud pop then use your hand to pump him as quickly and as fast as you can. You watch his facial features squirm as his jaw clenches, his hands tightly grasping the end of the couch.

“Come on, Kookie. Come for Noona,” You knew he secretly liked calling people that name and that would do the trick.

He finally lets out one long, drawn out moan and releases himself all over his thighs and your hand, white hot spurts painting a good picture on his lower half. You keep going until the oversensitivity hits, then he lets out a small Mm, baby stop. You bring your hand up to your lips, getting a quick taste of his bitter release. You grab a tissue from the table and quickly wipe him off, still panting from this unexpected session.

He thanks you and places a quick peck on your lips, then grabs the blanket to cover you two up on the sofa. You rest your head on his chest, rubbing circles on his hand that’s resting on your thigh.

“Well, didn’t expect this to ever really happen,” You chuckle.

Jungkook pulls you closer to him, leaving a chaste kiss on your temple. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages.

You turn to face him. “What? Really?! What about all those girls who are after you?”

His cheeks turn a light pink. “Well, they were kind of not girls butactuallyjiminandtaehelpingmemakeyoujealous.”

Your jaw drops, then you go and take a look at the messages from his phone.

200 new messages from “Slut Line”

[9:43 pm] Jimin: yuavbsajkl

[9:44 pm] Tae: Beep boop

[9:46 pm] Jimin: Where’d you leave the remote Kook

[9:48 pm] Tae: I’m awesome

[9:48 pm] Jimin: I’m bored

[9:54 pm] Tae: What should I eat for dinner

[10:10 pm] Jimin: Dude how does Tae manage to burn ramen

[10:11 pm] Tae: Fuck I burned the ramen again

[10:20 pm] Jimin: You suck

[10:21 pm] Tae: Speaking of sucking

[10:21 pm] Tae: Is Y/N sucking your dick yet

[10:25 pm] Jimin: Why do we have to do this again for you?

[10:26 pm] Tae: Omg she is isn’t she

[10:26 pm] Jimin: Can’t you just tell her you like her it’s obvious she does too

1 new message from Tae

[10:28 pm] Tae: If you don’t reply in 5 minutes I’m telling everyone she is

5 new messages from “Bangtan full-of-Shityeondan”

[10:33 pm] Namjoon: Wow I’m never letting her touch me again

[10:33 pm] Jimin: DID SHE REALLY

[10:33 pm] Hoseok: GETTTTT ITTTTTTTT BOI

[10:33 pm] Yoongi: I hope you lasted longer than this sentence

[10:34 pm] Jin: coME HOME nOW

[10:35 pm] Tae: I told everyone

You toss his phone on his lap and groan, covering your face in your hands. “Oh my god they know.”

Jungkook chuckles, snuggling himself closer into you. “It’s fine. I’ll tell them how good you are and how deep you could-“

You smack him in the back of the head, making him yelp in pain. “Don’t you dare or I’m really going to kick you out here.”

“Okay, Okay.” He groans. “So does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

You look at him surprised, not really expecting him to ask such a thing.

“What? I’m yours now. Well actually I’ve always been. Will you be mine?”

Your cheeks heat up and your face is probably as red as a tomato. You smack him on the head again, making him yell. “What was that for?!”

“For being a cheesy brat. Of course I’m yours.”


Remember when I said I had a tattoo appointment for today? Well…Here it is!

I’ve been thinking about getting this for literally months and I finally decided to go through with it. I’m honestly so in love with it.

I’ve been watching Jack for years but in recent months, he’s helped me so damn much, both in terms getting me out of my creative rut and for making me happy when nothing else does. I could go into excessive detail but I’ll spare you the long read. All I’m going to say is that I’ve been so happy watching him and I can never thank him enough for all that he’s done. I met my best friend @megsiplier through the channel and tbh I don’t think I would have had the courage to talk to her if it wasn’t for him.

So…Thank you for everything Jack. :)


Edit: No, I’m not going to regret this. Yes, I thought about this beforehand.

The Way You Looked at Me. [Chapter Five]

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

College AU!

Word Count: 3k

[Teaser] [Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four] [Chapter Five] [Final Chapter]

Warning: Implications/Mentions of several sensitive/triggering topics. Please read at your own risk. (I do not wish to hurt or offend anyone).

Originally posted by jimint-condition


She continued to ignore me for days, if she spotted my presence then she would do her best to avoid me. It hurt, not going to lie. It’s as if she really doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. Because she was always doing her absolute best to avoid me, I saw her less and less. She would go to class before I even woke up, I’d either see the back of her head in the lecture theatre or she’d be looking at the back of mine. When she got back, she never stayed in the living room for more than five minutes, unless Wootak was over to dance with her. Which then I’d leave them alone and stay away because seeing her dance with another guy other than me is still a little overwhelming, I know that it’s selfish because my dance partner now is Chaeyoung but I guess now I know how she feels when she first saw me dance with someone else other than her. The more I didn’t see her or argue with her, the more I felt distant, the more I felt like I was losing her. But it’s my own fault even if I do, because I couldn’t suck it up and be a man, instead I was cowardly and stupid. No matter how much I want time to turn back so that I can fix my mistakes, or just apologise and make things right with her now - it seems like I’ve already lost all my chances and that there’s no way this can be fixed, because what we had is already too broken, to the point where the tiny pieces were missing and they couldn’t be found again to fill in the gaps.

My train of thoughts were put to a stop when I heard Y/N shout from her room -

“OUCH SHIT!” Without taking another second to think about my own actions, I was already crouched by her side in her room where she was next to a big cardboard box and a knife next to her feet.

“You idiot, what happened?” I could have guessed that the knife slipped as she was trying to slice through the tape but, as a natural reaction, that was the first thing that came out of my mouth and my own hands held hers in mine examining her bloody finger closely until she pulled her hand out of my grasp.

“I’ll be okay.” Her voice quiet, as she stepped away from me and walked towards the bathroom. The way she snatched her hand away, leaving me there as if my existence ceased to exist made me feel shitty. But I didn’t want to give up. So I went into the cupboard and took out the first aid kit and dragged her out of the bathroom and over to the counter.

“Just leave me alone, it wouldn’t even matter if I bled to death. It has nothing to do with you.” She tried to walk away again but I didn’t allow her to. Her finger was still bleeding as she held a tissue over it, blood seeping through.

“Don’t say shit like that Y/N, I know I’ve been a prick about things and I know I’ve told you many times that I hate you, but I hate hearing that shit come out of your mouth. And yeah sure, I said I despised you but I’m just a dick and I’m lying to myself, I do still care for you deep down inside, whether or not you believe me it doesn’t matter but I’m just telling you the truth.” I held onto her waist and lifted her onto the countertop, standing directly in front of her where she had nowhere to move to.

I opened the first aid kit and took out the antiseptic wipes, holding her hand in mine I took away the tissue and started to clean her wound for her.

“But how could you care about someone you hate and despise?” She scoffed, no longer trying to pull herself away from me.

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Tainted Love (part 3)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: swearin’

A/N: I bet you all look really beautiful today :)

Reality comes back to Hope and she screeches. “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“What do I do?” you slap your palm on your forehead, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Is this a joke? Am I getting Punk’d?” she questioned and you scowl, although she couldn’t see your face through the phone.

“No you’re not fucking getting Punk’d, dumbass.” you grit, trying to keep your voice down so that Lance wouldn’t hear you.

You hear Hope scoff on the other end. “I can’t believe he’s actually your soulmate. How fucked up is that?”

“Laugh about it later. Right now I need to know what to do because at the moment Lance is in my kitchen.”

Her joking tone turned serious. “Why is that dickwad in your kitchen? Oh god Y/N did you guys fuck?”

“No! God Hope, I have self respect for myself, you do realize that, right?” your friend was being unbearable.

“That guy has some mad skills. One minute you can be talking about something as innocent as a kids birthday party and the next, you’re fucking. He’s smooth as hell.” she tells you and you sigh.

“Yeah, well I won’t make the same mistake that you did.”

“I was young and dumb Y/N. Stop holding my past against me.” Hope says in a casual tone.

“I don’t! This is probably the third time I’ve ever brought it up since meeting you! You’re the one who always brings it up!” you defend.

“Yeah, yeah. Listen, just go out there, look him in the eyes and say get out of my fucking house you sex addicted freak. He’ll be gone just like that.” you can practically see her shrugging.

“I’m not doing that Hope, I’m a nice person.”

Hope sighs loudly. “I don’t know what to tell you, Y/N.”

“There has to be a reason as to why he’s my soulmate, Hope. Maybe he’s not as bad as you make him out to be.” your voice lowered towards the end and you shut your eyes, knowing Hope would start yelling at you.

“I’ve experienced what it’s like to be with Lance head on! I know what kind of asshole he can be. He breaks hearts and doesn’t care, Y/N! He’ll do the same damn thing to you and I won’t allow my best friend to get hurt from some scum bag who doesn’t have feelings!” she shouts and at one point you have to take the phone away from your ear.

“Hope, there has to be a reason that above everyone else, he’s my soulmate! We’re destined to be together!” you argue

“That soulmate stuff is bullshit.”

“Say that in front of Ben.” you challenge and she goes silent. “ Exactly.”

“He’s an asshole.” she reminds you.

“You just say that because he fucked you over and he’s been cruel to you since you got all the attention despite only winning the bronze.” you roll your eyes.

“He’s mean to Ben!”

“Hope, you’re mean to Ben.”

“Yeah but I’m allowed to be mean to him.”

Another eye roll. It goes silent on both your eyes as you process everything that has happened in the last 20 minutes. Lance is your soulmate. You share every cut, every scar, every injury, every… Tattoo.

“Hope, I gotta go.”

“What? No, where-” you end the call and toss your phone onto your bed then storm out into the kitchen, startling Lance when was leaning against the counter, sipping his cup of water.

He stands up straight upon seeing you. “Hey, what ha-”

“You selfish asshole!” you shout, coming chest to chest with him. Lance is confused. “I can’t believe how inconsiderate you are! You knew damn well that you had a soulmate and you knew damn well that I’d feel every single thing you felt!”

“What are you talking about?” was he being serious?

“I’m talking about you getting that god awful gold medal tattoo!” you shout. “Do you not know how ugly that shit is?! I hate taking showers, I hate looking at myself in the mirror and I can’t fucking have sex with anyone because that stupid tattoo is so god damn embarrassing!”

Lance smirks. You didn’t expect that reaction. “Shit, you have it too? Lemme see..” he leans forward, reaching for your pants but you swat his hand away, glaring at the tall, dark haired man.

“Fuck you!”

“Oh baby,” he rests his weight on the counter again. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

You look at him with disgust plastered on your face before turning your back to him. “Get out of my apartment.”

Now when girls would tell Lance to get out of their house, he’d be out the door before she could even finish her sentence. But with you, it was different. He wanted to stay with you, he didn’t want to go. Just being in your presence comforted him no matter if you were angry with him or not.

“Y/N, wait, no, I didn’t mean-”

“I said get out, Lance.” you snap, turning back to look at him. “Maybe it’s a good idea if we just stay away from each other. You didn’t want anything to do with me before, there shouldn’t be a difference now.”

Lance thought back to all the times you’d try to contact him with a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hey’ and he’d respond with a ‘fuck you’ or ‘leave me the hell alone’

“I’m sorry.” the cocky, asshole Lance from before was replaced with this Lance. He was genuinely sorry.

“Just leave please.” you sigh, not daring to look up from the floor.

Lance, defeated, let out a puff of air before complying to your wish. He looked at you once more before shutting the front door behind him.

A/N: Sorry it’s kind of short. Tell me what ya think :)


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Exchange Student -8- Jungkook

Originally posted by kookmint

Exchange student -8- Jungkook

“‼️a/n; Warning, this chapter has smut in it!”‼️

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Rating; Mature

Genre; Fluff, Romance, SMUT

Word count; 3.497

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS.

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Someone Else // Jaeden Lieberher Imagine

It was a Friday night and you invited Wyatt and Jaeden over for a gaming marathon. You ordered a pizza in preparation for a long night and went downstairs to retrieve it while the boys set up chairs around your TV. You were juggling a large pizza, two big bottles of soda and your wallet as you walked up the stairs back into your game room. Just as you were a step from the door, you dropped your wallet and change went everywhere.

“Shit shit” you say setting down everything and putting all the change back into your wallet. As you pick it up you hear the boys arguing from behind you door,

“No offense…but she’s crazy” you hear Wyatt whisper on the other side of the door. You nearly stop yourself from ease dropping, but you were just too curious.

“Well can you blame her? Everyone makes these edits and photoshopped pictures of me and Y/N kissing all the time. It’s no wonder she’s so jealous” Jaeden says

Oh dear…Jaeden’s girlfriend..

She ALWAYS got in fights with him whenever he hung out with you. She just didn’t trust him and especially didn’t trust you. But, you and Jaeden have been friends WAY longer than those two have dated and he cared too much about your friendship to just let it go. So, whenever he hung out with you or acknowledged you at all he just took the earful from his girlfriend and dealt with it.

“Okay I guess I can see where she’s coming from” Wyatt says

“Thank you”

“I’d be upset too if the person I was dating was in love with someone else”

Oh damn…now I REALLY shouldn’t be listening…oh well

“I don’t…I’m not..what are you talking about”

“You really think your fans just made up your secret love for Y/N…it’s kind of obvious. I mean c'mon the way you look at her, the way you talk to her, the fact that you laugh at all of her cheesy jokes and that’s just half of the-”

“Wyatt if I was in love with Y/N I wouldn’t have another girlfriend now would I?” Jaeden says interrupting him

“Jaeden. You’re my best friend. But I can tell you’re only dating another chick because you don’t want to admit you’re in love with Y/N and have her not say it back”

Well…I’m having a stroke..

“Honey what are you doing on the floor?!” Your mom walks up behind you very loudly asking.

“MOM SSHH” you yell back at her holding your finger up to your mouth. The boys hear all the commotion and open the door seeing you kneeling on the floor surrounded by your spilled change.

“Pizza’s here”


You three had been playing games for five hours and Jaeden hadn’t said a word. You and Wyatt talked to each other the whole time until he had to go home. It was just you and Jaeden playing without saying a single word to one another. Finally several more hours had passed and Jaeden paused the game,

“I should go home” he said breaking hours of silence.

“Uhm okay” you say. He didn’t have his license yet so you had to drive him home. You two get in the car and turn on the radio playing whatever you could to make it less awkward.

You reach his house and park your car out in front of it. He unbuckles his seat belt and opens the door taking one step out of the door,

“I heard every word” you say. He stops in his tracks with just one foot out the door,

“I hope Wyatt was right..because I love you too”

Coming Home (Chap. Twelve)

Alright guys, we made it past the worst part of the fic and now things can get better! I feel like this chapter is a little boring, but I also think its really important because we get to see everyone’s mental state PLUS Rhodey finds out about the suit!


Enjoy :)


It was all over the news the following Friday morning.

Something about a man who had crashed down somewhere in Afghanistan and obliterated an entire village. Another station said it wasn’t a man, but a robot. A third had spoken with survivors, who insisted the robot had ushered the civilians to safety, and then proceeded to completely destroy everything in the village.

The mountains around the village were literally falling, rockets blasted into caves and then the rubble broken down even further. Weapon caches that no one knew existed were destroyed, and the UN was scrambling to both figure out who or what the fuck was responsible, and to explain how these weapons had been stockpiled without their knowledge.

Pepper was in press conferences all morning, because leaked video footage showed that the weapons being destroyed were Stark weapons, and Pepper could only assure the reporters that no, she didn’t think it was a vendetta against Stark Industries, and no, of course she hadn’t known that Stark tech was ending up in the hands of terrorists, and god, no the robot was not some sort of vigilante hired by Stark Industries as a retaliation for their CEO being held captive for so many months.

The family all watched the news with growing unease, Steve especially, because he didn’t want to believe that the suit on the television was the same suit Tony had been messing with last night but—

–Well, if he had any doubts, they were put to rest when a very pissed off Alpha James Rhodes slammed the door open and shouted, “WHERE THE HELL IS TONY?”

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Imagine Dean confessing to you how he feels after almost losing you in a hunt, even if he thinks he’s unworthy of you.

“(Y/n)” his voice was a little louder than before and more urgent but you kept your back to him “Every time-” his voice went back to low and rough “Every time I woke up I’d go for a cold shower, habit maybe because even if the dreams were the best in my life they- they felt like nightmares.” he swallowed thickly “I’ll stare at myself in the mirror and I know every time there is only one thing I can say to myself.”

You closed your eyes, fearing to hear what he had to say next. If he said it you knew you’d break. How could you not already? The man you loved said he had been having nightmares of losing you and as if that was not enough he said that even the beautiful dreams he had with you scared him because he didn’t want to wake up to a world that anything could kill you any given moment.

I hate you. I hate you so much. You dont deserve this, you don’t deserve to live and to feel this way about her. And then- then I’ll think about you and I- I say it again. I say it again to try to convince myself of it, I try so hard.” he let out a shaky breath “I hate you. I hate you so much. I try to make myself believe it, I put everything into it. But I- I don’t. I just can’t. I hate you… And I love you. That’s all I say in the end, because I’m too weak to fight it. I love you, (Y/n) and I can burn in hell for this but I- I love you. Even if you never look at me the way I do, even if you never think of me as more than just your best friend. I love you, ‘cause I can’t help it. And I need you to know it, 'cause I might die tomorrow and I will be damned if this words don’t come out of my mouth for you.”

You didn’t know by now if he was talking to you at that moment, standing right in front of him or he was repeating the words he would utter to an imaginary you. Whichever the case you felt hot tears stream your face.

And I need you to know it. he breathed out in the end, his voice breaking.

You didn’t say a word at him, even if there were a million things you wanted to say. But you couldn’t find it in yourself. And you wanted so much to just turn and ran to him but you were so scared. Despite everything, what he’d just confessed would change everything and you - no matter how much you loved the man - didn’t know how you should react to it.You’ve spend half your life hiding your feelings for him, thinking that all the flirting was just a game but here he was. Saying the three little words that you’d die to hear.



change pronouns and such as needed ( tw death, tw suicide, tw gore)

❝ We are so far from you. ❞
❝ So long and goodnight. ❞
❝ Things are better if I stay. ❞
❝ What’s the worst that I can say? ❞
❝ Well, I’ve been holding on tonight. ❞
❝ Can you hear me? Are you near me? ❞
❝ If you carry on this way things are better if I stay. ❞
❝ Can we pretend to leave and then we’ll meet again. ❞
❝ What’s the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay. ❞
❝ And what’s the worst you take from every heart you break? ❞
❝ And what’s the worst you take from every heart you break? ❞
❝ Came a time when every star fall brought you to tears again. ❞
❝ Burning on, just like the match you strike to incinerate the lives of everyone you know. ❞

❝ Do you care at all? ❞
❝ What’d you call me? ❞
❝ Can we settle up the score? ❞
❝ We are young and we don’t care. ❞
❝ Well, I’m a total wreck almost every day. ❞
❝ Well, there’s no way I’m kissing that guy! ❞
❝ This is how we like to do it in the murder scene. ❞
❝ We never wanted it to be this way for all our lives. ❞
❝ Go on live your life but I miss you more than I did yesterday. ❞
❝ Some might say we are made from the sharpest things you say. ❞
❝ So c'mon show me how ‘cause I mean this more than words can ever say. ❞
❝ Well, don’t I look pretty walking down the street in the best damn dress I own? ❞ 

❝ Let’s go down! ❞
❝ Increase the medication. ❞
❝ Share the vows at the wake. ❞
❝ He doesn’t have many friends. ❞
❝ Would you carry me to the end? ❞
❝ If you marry me would you bury me? ❞
❝ Walk away from the choice you made. ❞
❝ He calls the mansion not a house, but a tomb. ❞
❝ Send my resignation to the bride and the groom. ❞
❝ He’s always choking from the stench and the fumes. ❞
❝ She’s got a life of her own and it shows by the Benz. ❞
❝ Say goodbye to the heart you break and all the cyanide you drank. ❞ 

❝ Well, I miss my mom. ❞
❝ I’ll kiss your lips again. ❞
❝ Life is but a dream for the dead. ❞
❝ Your life will never be the same. ❞
❝ Come with your arms raised high! ❞
❝ Well, they’re never going to get me. ❞
❝ On your mother’s eyes, say a prayer. ❞
❝ We’re just two men as God had made us. ❞
❝ Ah, nobody knows all the trouble I’ve seen. ❞
❝ Too much, too late, or just not enough of this. ❞
❝ They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost. ❞
❝ I won’t go down by myself but I’ll go down with my friends. ❞
❝ Nobody cares if you’re losing yourself. Am I losing myself? ❞
❝ Pain in my heart for your dying wish, I’ll kiss your lips again. ❞
❝ Will they give me the chair, or lethal injection, or swing from a rope? ❞ 

❝ I’m okay. ❞
❝ I’m not okay. ❞
❝ I’m not o-fucking-kay. ❞
❝ I mean this, I’m okay! ❞
❝ I held you close as we both shook. ❞
❝ For the last time, take a good hard look. ❞
❝ Well if you wanted honesty, that’s all you had to say. ❞
❝ What will it take to show you that it’s not the life it seems? ❞
❝ You really need to listen to me because I’m telling you the truth. ❞
❝ You said you read me like a book, but the pages all are torn and frayed. ❞
❝ Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor? ❞
❝ I’ve told you time and time again, you sing the words but don’t know what it means. ❞

❝ I remember now. ❞
❝ If I died, we’d be together. ❞
❝ You are never coming home. ❞
❝ I never said I’d lie and wait forever. ❞
❝ At the top of my lungs in my arms, she dies. ❞
❝ I can’t always just forget her but she could try. ❞
❝ Ever get the feeling that you’re never all alone? ❞
❝ For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me. ❞
❝ All the things that you never ever told me and all the smiles that are ever… ❞

❝ It gives the blind sight. ❞
❝ I’d like to learn your name. ❞
❝ Well, I hope you do the same. ❞
❝ It’s just the hardest part of living. ❞
❝ For the last night I lie could I lie with you? ❞
❝ I’m just the worst kind of guy to argue with. ❞
❝ Slip into the tragedy, you’ve spun this chamber dry. ❞

❝ You never had a chance. ❞
❝ Hallelujah, lock and load. ❞
❝ Just give me what I need. ❞
❝ You’ll never make me leave. ❞
❝ What’s life like, bleeding on the floor? ❞
❝ If this is what you want then fire at will. ❞
❝ Love is the red rose on your coffin door. ❞
❝ I’m just the way that the doctor made me. ❞
❝ Preach all you want but who’s going to save me. ❞
❝ Give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. ❞
❝ You’re running after something that you’ll never kill. ❞
❝ So give me all your poison and give me all your pills. ❞
❝ Love it, or leave it, you can’t understand a pretty face. ❞
❝ You want to follow something? Give me a better cause to lead. ❞

❝ Would I lie to you? ❞
❝ Bury me and fade to black. ❞
❝ That girl’s not right in the brain. ❞
❝ Well, I’ve got something to say. ❞
❝ Don’t stop if I fall and don’t look back. ❞
❝ Get your gun and meet me by the door. ❞
❝ After all is said and done, climb out from the pine box. ❞
❝ Would I die for you? Well, here’s your answer in spades. ❞

❝ I’ve lost my fear of falling. ❞
❝ Would you kill me in my sleep. ❞
❝ I’m taking back the life you stole. ❞
❝ You told me this gets harder. Well, it did. ❞
❝ Just you and I your starless eyes remain. ❞
❝ Do you remember that day when we met? ❞
❝ You’re running out of places to hide from me. ❞
❝ When you go just know that I will remember you. ❞
❝ You get what everyone else gets. You get a lifetime. ❞
❝ Promise me that when I’m gone you’ll kill my enemies. ❞
❝ I’m coming back from the dead and I’ll take you home with me. ❞
❝ This hole you put me in wasn’t deep enough and I’m climbing out right now. ❞

❝ I won’t stop dying. ❞
❝ When will I miss you? ❞
❝ If you want, I’ll keep on crying. ❞
❝ Did you get what you deserve? ❞
❝ They found you on the bathroom floor. ❞
❝ It isn’t that much fun, staring down a loaded gun. ❞
❝ Crash the cemetery gates in the dress your husband hates. ❞

❝ But I lied. ❞
❝ Well, I tried. ❞
❝ We’re all dead now. ❞
❝ Can I meet you alone? ❞
❝ Clean me off. I’m so dirty, babe. ❞
❝ Just get in line and I’ll grieve you. ❞
❝ You can say a prayer if you need to. ❞
❝ Touched by angels though I fall out of grace. ❞
❝ We’ll all dance along to the tune of your death. ❞
❝ I can’t clean the blood off the sheets in my bed. ❞
❝ They gave us two shots to the back of the head. ❞
❝ It ain’t the money and it sure as hell ain’t just for the fame. ❞
❝ Another knife in my hands, a stain that never comes off the sheets. ❞
❝ I’m so dirty, the kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes. ❞

And That’s Why I Can Fight by Ooba Reiya

Bahamut: “Unleash the power given in exchange for your life, and all will be put to an end. Destroy the darkness and the false king, and bring dawn to the world. You will abandon the joy of human life and fulfill your duty as a king.”
Noctis: “If that’s right, then…”

Noctis: “After this…I’m counting on you.” 

Noctis: “So, yeah.”

I’m ready.

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~Warning // Pt. 1~ (Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! My power only came back on about three hours ago and the first thing I did was write this because I’m a dweeb lol. IDK how many parts this is going to be, we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. Anyway, I’m going to go sleep for a million and a half years. Enjoy!!!!  

T/W: Attempted rape, roofying, alcohol, swearing, blackmail

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3  Pt 4  Pt 5  Pt 6

Thomas Jefferson was a name you had heard too many times to count.

A pompous, indignant, rich prick in a magenta suit – or so you had been told. His reputation was widely-known, though, it wasn’t like you were the only one who knew who he was. No, the Jefferson family was a popular and feared household that had worked in the law business for over nine decades.

Anyone who was anyone knew the name, and either brightened or cowered at the sound of it.

Alexander and John, however, were by no means afraid of him, nor did they like him. In fact, it was well known around the office that Alexander would rather chug a whole cup of bleach than speak to Thomas for even thirty seconds. He would come home from a long day of work looking absolutely disheveled and yet somehow still have the energy to rant and rave and fume about how bad this man was at his job.

John had a much calmer approach, but still said that he would, given the chance, gladly hurl Thomas into the sun. Laf worked on a completely different branch than John and Alex but had still had enough encounters with Jefferson to learn the American phrase ‘shit-faced motherfucker’ just to call him that behind his back. Hercules didn’t even work with the rest of the boys, but he still managed to be the one Jefferson came to for all his clothes. He swore that the man only wanted magenta suits with black trim because he knew how hard it would be to get the fabric like that.

You were the only one to hate the man without knowing his face.

“He’s nothing but a douchebag with enough money to buy Canada.” Alex huffed, pulling his hair into a floppy bun in front of the mirror.

You flattened down your dress, one of the ones Herc had made that made your boys practically salivate to see you in, and fixed your hair slightly. Alex broke his intense gaze with his hair in the mirror to look back at you, his jaw dropping as his eyes skimmed up and down your figure.

“Damn, (Y/N), you look…” He swallowed thickly, voice dropping to a growl. “Edible.”

You giggled slightly. “No touching.” He deflated slightly, pouting. “I have to look good for your friends.”

“I’d hate to think you’re implying my male colleagues, (Y/N).” He smirked, coming to stand behind you and watch your reflection over your shoulder.

“Why, Mr. Hamilton,” You put on your best southern accent, placing a hand over your heart and dropping your jaw as you looked back at him. “Are you saying I would dress this way for anyone but yourself and our lovely boyfriends?”

He smiled dopily, resting his chin on your shoulder and snaking his arms around your waist. 

“God, I hope not.” He pressed a quick kiss to your mouth and ran off before you could yell at him for smudging your lipstick.

As you pelted from the room behind him, Laf stepped out from the guest room across the hall, half dressed with his bow-tie dangling, wrapping his arms around your waist and picking you up, spinning you around. You giggled as you struggled, trying to get to Alex, but Laf only held you closer to his body.

“Laf put me down! I have to make Alex pay for messing up my makeup!”

A squeak sounded from the kitchen, and Alex’s voice was heard, “Hide me, John!”

Laf only chuckled, setting you down to turn you to face him, smiling at you as your eyes darted to the side, as though you were trying to see where Alex went. Laf tutted and took your chin gently, moving your head to make you look at him. You stopped trying to move away as his sparkling eyes met yours; your heart melting a little as he slowly retracted his hand.

His eyes moved to your lips, and he gave a soft smile. 

“You are still as beautiful as the day we met.” He mumbled, running his thumb over your cheek. A blush spread out over your cheeks and you shuffled slightly, bathing in his compliment.

“Well, so are you, Frenchy…”

He chuckled at that, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, leaning in close enough for you to feel his warm breath on your ear.

“Go get him, sweetheart.”

You broke into a grin and took off towards the living room as Laf chuckled, ducking back into the bedroom to finish getting dressed. You stopped as you entered, almost running straight into John, who stood in the middle, smirking and doing up the buttons on his jacket, avoiding your gaze.

“Hey, Jacky…” You asked breathlessly, looking around for any sign of Alexander. “Have you seen Alex?”

“Alex?” He asked, confused. “I don’t know any Alex’s.” He shrugged, his gaze not breaking from the TV in front of him, playing some game that he was pretending to be interested in.

You gave a breathless sigh. “John, where is he?”

“Alex… I’ve heard that name before. Alex-is? Alex-andria? Alex-andro? Nope, nothing rings a bell…” He shrugged, tucking his tie into his vest and turning to you. He did a double take as his eyes trailed down your figure, but he was quick to snap his gaze back to your face.

“You sure you don’t want to tell me where Alex is, Johnny?” He bit his lip as you got closer to him, placing your hands on his chest and sliding them up to his shoulders. You had to get on your tip-toes to reach his ear, but as soon as your teeth nipped at his earlobe, his knees were weak, and you could reach his head with ease. “Or am I going to have to make you?”

You could hear him swallow thickly as he stood back up, looking down at you as your lips trailed down his neck, hitting the sweet spot and making him gasp.

“B- Behind the curtains.” He whimpered, screwing his eyes shut as your teeth grazed his skin. You looked behind him, and sure enough, there was a lump behind the curtain.

You smirked against his collarbone, nose brushing the nape of his neck as you slowly pulled away from him, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek like nothing had happened. 

“That’s it?” He asked, looking like a lost puppy as he held onto your hand so you wouldn’t leave.

You smiled, winking at him as you let go. 

“You’ll get the rest later.” A pink blush crept out over his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck, walking off towards Laf’s room.

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A/N: 52 Followers!?! Whaaaa??? I’m so excited so here’s an imagine!! Sorry this took so long, but I’ve been trying to get back into he swing after winter break. I’m also trying to think of more ideas for imagines. If you have any requests, feel free to ask! Anyway, this is based off of what happened to me when I came back from MLK weekend (Except no cute guy for me) and I was so pissed that I turned it into a fic! Enjoy my shitty roommate’s decisions :)

Pairing: Reader x Thomas Jefferson

Warnings: Stripping ;), Implied smut, Swear words, Mention of sex

Word Count: 1707

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You hated your roommate. It was a month into your first semester at King’s College and you wanted to rip out your hair. Your roommate, Eliza Schyler, loved to have her boyfriend, Alexander, over 24/7. If they weren’t at your dorm for the night, you were sure they were bugging Alexander’s roommate. You were finally pushed over the edge when you came back to your dorm over the long weekend to see that your bed was a mess. You furrowed your brows and set down your bags on your side of the room. You distinctly remembered making your bed before you left, so you were trying to figure out why it wasn’t made.

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“Buried” (Chapter Thirteen)

Long chapter, almost 4000 words! I had a blast writing it, and I cannot wait to hear what you guys think about everything in this chapter!

I am still trying to figure out this stupid Tag Glitch, so sorry if tags aren’t working!


Enjoy :)


Tony woke up slowly, the ground seeming softer beneath his shoulder than it ever had, the thin blanket from Steve’s pack warm and heavy around him. He had slept wonderfully, deeper than he had in weeks, and the sun wasn’t very bright behind his eyelids yet so maybe he had a few minutes before Steve woke up and they had to start hiking.

Tony just wanted to… just wanted to lay here, warm and safe and close to the man he had loved with all of his twenty year old heart. He sighed and dug his toes into the blankets and debated sliding back against Steve’s chest, maybe Steve would put his arm around him and they could pick up where they had left off yesterday in the—

—wait that wasn’t right.

Tony opened his eyes to the softly lit hotel room, the white walls and brightly colored furniture and it all came rushing back.

Steve kissing him.

The satellite phone interrupting.

The helicopter and the truck ride.

Not seeing Steve before they showed him to a room with a bathroom and food.

Sleeping for…Tony glanced over at the small clock on the side table. Six forty pm. He had either been sleeping for only a handful of hours, or thirty hours, and he didn’t really know how to figure it out.

A knock on the door, and a hotel maid let herself in with a wide smile. “Ah, good you are awake.” Her accent was heavy but her English was good and Tony smiled back at her.

“Uh, hey. Yeah, I guess I am. Could you tell me how long I’ve been asleep?”

“Since yesterday afternoon.” She answered cheerfully, and lay several towels as well as some clothes down on the bed at his feet. “You are rested?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Clean up.” she instructed with another smile and set down several self grooming items. “Your friends are all downstairs having dinner and drinks, join them!”

“My friends. Right. Thank you. I… will do that.”

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Treat You Better

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Shawn knew about your ‘relationship’ with your boyfriend, he also knew that even though you knew he wasn’t good for you, you stuck around him for some unknown reason that he didn’t understand.

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Three Empty Words. Part 2. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you guys for all the support for this fic.

Prompt – Peter tries to win (Y/N) back but there are complications along the way.

Warning – Angsty vibes that can cause anger and teenage rebellion.

Words – 1,461. 


Part 1.

Peter’s Point of View.

Regret is common feeling of despair over an event that has occurred in a person’s life and they wish they could take back their actions. Trust me when I say that I am very familiar with the feeling of regret. Everyday I am reminded that I am the reason why my Uncle Ben died. I could have done something to change the outcome, but yet I was a pawn in his death. I try coping with it on a daily basis, but every now and then I get a little emotional thinking about what could have been. 

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You want to know why I love you? Because there are no words to describe how I feel when I’m around you. It’s just this indescribable feeling of happiness that I only get with you. Because your arms are home, I feel safe with you, I finally feel loved and accepted by someone I care about. Because your smile is totally contagious, and your laugh makes me the happiest person on earth. Because every time I see you, I still get butterflies. Every. damn. time. Because there’s no one else I’d rather be with. Not a single other person can make my heart feel the way you do when I’m with you. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying this, but I love you. And I don’t want to lose you, because I don’t know what I would do when I lose both my best friend and my lover at once. Because I have always loved you, ever since I met you, and although sometimes the words fall short, the feelings are always there. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, and that’s the truth. I just want you to be happy… I just also hope that happiness can continue to be with me…
—  we have something real, and there’s no way I’m letting you go this easily // 8:39am // 5.28.17
Falling In Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader fall for each other but have a hard time expressing it, for fear of rejection.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys!!! This is my entry for Mimi’s aka @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s “Mimi’s Trope Challenge”!! I got the prompt: Secretly in love but for some reason can’t express it. I hope you guys like it!! *hides face* Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

You know that butterfly feeling people say they get when they’re in love?

Well I used to think that was a bunch of bullshit. I wasn’t like your typical girly girl who was all about the weddings and the falling in love at first sight. It just wasn’t me.

Why, you ask?

Well, because in my humble opinion, true love didn’t exist. One didn’t just fall in love out of the blue with someone and say “oh you’re the one for me”. At least not in my book.

But fuck me, man. Who would have thought that I would eat my own words? And in huge heaps of it. Hell, even to this day, I’m at a loss for words with this overwhelming feeling. And it scared the living hell out of me.

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