as much as i'm happy that the boys have their own solo activities


2016 at a glance with EXO • HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Just a quick flashback to the many different activities EXO has done as a group, solo, sub-units, etc. They continue to show us why they’re at the top and why they will continue to be there. Not sure what will hold for them in 2017 but I can only wish for more success and opportunities to (rest) to do things as a group and on their own. I’m so proud of them! I obviously couldn’t put all their achievements and activities I totally didn’t forget EXO-CBX but the way I did this, it wouldn’t have fit or of course Yixing’s solo work so there is some organization to this madness… nonetheless, this past year was definitely full of many good things and of course bad but I try to block those out so… and can only hope for many more good things this coming year!

May this coming 2017 also bring all of us happiness and a chance to see them (and lots of rest for them too) but with as little accidents as possible T__T.

EXO we are one… SARANGHAJA!

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hello i'm a huge TVXQ fan since '08 but i still have a hard time believing all these quotes supposedly from JYJ that they still miss the boys and whatnot. likewise did homin ever really mention (in post-dispute interviews) waiting for the 3 / wanting TVXQ to stay as 5? i can't seem to find actual videos or reliable news articles/sources and i'm sure many fans are doubtful too, so maybe u & ur followers (myself included) could help compile these sources into a masterpost~ :)

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