as much as i love michael's plump and pink lips.. luke's lips are my weakness

Guys been a while since I’ve posted any writings so here is a little short story series. There will be two or three more parts so stay tuned.

Pairing: Luke hemmings/ girl
Warnings: none I don’t think.

If You Don’t Know

Part 1

The first time I saw him at the coffee shop right down the street from my house he was wearing a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black shorts. His hair was tucked into a hat.

The first thing I noticed was his light blue eyes. They looked unhappy, with dark circles accompanying them.

For the first time that day i was happy i were working.

When he came up to order he asked what I recommended because it was his first time there. He agreed to get what i said and that’s when I asked for his name.

In an accent that intrigued me even further he told you.


It fell from his lips so effortlessly. I don’t usually ask for names but I was intrigued by him. I had to know.

He gave me a weak smile and a ‘thank you’ when i handed him his drink.

And it all started there.

He came in at least once a week after that. If not more.

He ordered the same thing i recommend that first day.

He asked for my name the third week he had come in.

“Mary-Jayne. But most people call me MJ.” I say quietly.

I have always hated my name and cursed my parents for giving me such a horrible title.

“A unique and beautiful girl needs a unique and beautiful name.” My mother’s words run through my head.

“Mary-Jayne.” The name sounds foreign coming out of his mouth.

Him saying it with his accent make me not hate it as much.

I thought for sure that day I would build up the courage to talk to him some more. Ask for his number or if he was busy later.

But i didn’t. I just watched as he sat there, bringing the cup up to his plump pink lips every so often.

Next time. I tell myself.

But you didn’t then either, nor the next time, nor the next time.

I overall was a shy person, but at work I was more outgoing which is why I didn’t understand why I was having a hard time talking to him.

After having a really bad day, seeing him walked in never failed to make me smile. He always came in wearing some sort of workout clothes, which isn’t uncommon since there was a gym across the street.

Today he was wearing grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. His hair fell in curls over his forehead. He hasn’t worn a hat in a couple weeks and I was taking a liking to seeing his natural hair.

My day instantly got better when I saw him. I enjoyed seeing him and hearing his accent. It made my bad day better.

“Hey, Mary-Jayne.” Luke greets me.

“Hey, Luke. How’s a goin?” I smile at him.

“I’m alright.” He nods.

He ends up getting his regular which is no surprise to me.

Today was different.

“Can I get a name with that?” I joke, making him laugh.

“Yeah, its Maria.” He jokes back.

“Oh yeah?” I pretend to scribble the name down on the cup.

My confidence building. “And how about uh- your number?” I avoid eye contact.

When I finally glance up at him he looks flustered. His face is red and he looks as if he doesn’t believe what I said.

“I mean unless you have a girlfriend.” I stutter out. For some reason that possibility didn’t even cross my mind until then. “Which would make sense be-”

“No, no. I’d love to give you my number.” He scratches the back of his neck.

He coughs awkwardly while writing his number on a napkin.

I could feel my face burning from excitement and embarrassment.

The rest of the time Luke sat at the same table as always. In between orders I would glance at him. A couple times catching him looking at me. It would always make me smile and blush.

After he left I shortly got off my shift. I stared at my phone the whole way home. His number dialed and ready but I was again just a big coward. I groan, throwing my phone in my purse. There was no use, today would not be the day I talked to him.

I was proud of myself for finally asking but now I had to build up the courage to actually do something with his number.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb with you're a singer and the boy has a crush on you and shows up to one of your concerts like their thoughts

                        *REQUEST BLURBS*

I think you wanted all of the boys, but if you just wanted one you could just read that one. Thank you for your request. I hope it’s okay that I did a imagine instead, but if you don’t like it you can request again.


Today was the day, the day Luke would finally see you perform live. He was so exited, he even made the boys to come as well. Once he got inside the arena he was on the edge of bursting of joy, all he could think about was how beautiful you were, your pretty hair and those eyes that could make anyone fall in love. As he stood in the front row, patiently waiting for you to come out. When you did he was hypnotized by your beauty. “Luke? are you alright?” Ashton laughed as he gave Luke a dodge. Luke didn’t reply to Ashton comment, he just looked at you with his clear blue eyes.

You were just finished your last song, when you were going to answer some twitter question. You looked out at the crowded audience, little did you know that you’re celebrity crush Luke hemmings was watching your every move. The big screen light up with the first twitter question, who’s your celebrity crush? The entire audience squealed as they read the question, a soft shade of red cam across your cheeks. “Um, well my celebrity crush has to be Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer,” You announced shy. A big smile spread across Luke’s face when those words escaped your pink plump lips.  


His P.O.V

Her plump violet lips sang the last words, she looked at the dark crowd, she smiled knowing how blessed she was to be able to sing to the people who love and support her every night. “You know I  love every single one of you, I can’t explain how much I’ve struggled these last month and just knowing how many of you love and supports just amazing! Thanks to all of you I’m able to live my dream, and I’m forever grateful to you all,” She said and smiled. Cheers came from the crowd, I suddenly heard a my name being screamed to Y/N. It came from a girl in the front row, she walked up to her with her long sparkly dress gently touching the stage. She looked so beautiful with her curled hair, that only could imagine gently pulling my fingers through. She kneeled down  and smiled at her. “What’s your name pretty girl?” Her  soft voice filled the arena. The little girl whispered her name in Y/N’s ear, Her smile light up the entire jumbo screen.

“What a pretty name for a pretty girl, I couldn’t help but hear what you said, would you mind saying it again?” She asked softly, she gave the microphone to the little girl. “Do you have a crush on Calum Hood, because he said you’re the most beautiful girl and you’re his celebrity crush,” the little girl stuttered in the microphone, an awed look came across Y/N’s face as she giggled. Gosh, she was so gorgeous with her big shiny eyes.  “Well I must say I do fancies Calum, and he’s my celebrity crush” The crowd awed at her statement.


His P.O.V

The loud music echoed in my body, her powerful voice filled the arena.  Her classic red lips I could only wish kissing. “Is everyone enjoying themselves so far?” She asked laughing. Maybe a little to much, I thought to myself. I ran my fingers through my dark hair. The crowd cheered in reply. She gave the crowd a winning smile, that always makes me go weak in knees.

“I’m going to sing on last song, which personally is my favorite. Can you all do me a favor and take up your phones, so we can light up the arena?” Her angels like voice started singing my favorite melody, in everyones surprise everyone was quiet and listen to her voice filling the arena. The melody soon faded and she was done.

“MICHEAL CLIFFORD LOVES YOU, y/n,” a fan screamed through the quit arena. She giggled and looked in my direction, only if she knew, knew how perfect she is. “ I don’t know how to answer that question,” she laughed blushing like mad.


Your P.O.V

I wiggled my body soft and seductive to rhythm of the music, a smile spread across my face when I saw who was in the front row, none other than Ashton Irwin. “Why would you guys ask me to dance, you guys know I suck,” I laughed into the microphone, I gave the crew a wave to make them take next twitter question. I looked at the screen and immediately burst out in giggles. “Ashton Irwin says he’s your biggest fan, are you his?,” You read out, the crowd burst out in oh’s and ah’s. “I’m defiantly Ashton’s biggest fan, I mean how can you not he’s so kind to everyone, plus he’s my definition of a perfect guy.” You admitted and blushed.

“I can’t believe I just said that, next question please.” I laughed. The crowd awed and all screamed because they have  shipping coming up. The camera crew noticed Ashton in the crowd and filmed him smiling and blushing as much as you were.

a/n: I really hope you guys like this, because I worked really hard, I’m going to finish the rest of the blurb request this weekend or this week that’s coming. Lots of love to you all

Song Preferences: Beside you 


                                   Within a minute I was all packed up
I’ve got a ticket to another world, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go

His strong arms were wrapped around your waist, your head rested on his shoulder as tears filled your eyes.  His warm hazel orbs looked down at you, you can’t go without seeing him smile for an hour, and hearing him laugh for a day, you can’t go without feeling his embrace after a long day of work. Heck you can’t go without him. “I’ll miss you,” you croaked quietly in his neck, he cupped his hands around your face and faced you with his beautiful smile. “Hey, don’t cry! To be honest with you, I don’t want to go. I don’t want to fly across the sea if it means I don’t get to see you,” He added comforting as he took a tighter grip around you. The boys stood patiently waiting for the two of you saying your goodbyes, the airport were almost empty since they were flying quite early. The sky was still in a pretty shade of pink that you were very fond of, which was a delightful sight at this moment.

You wiped your tears away and gave him a reassuring smile. “You’re going to fly across the ocean and preform to people who love you, I’ll be there with you. Maybe not physically but in your heart,” You sobbed with a trembling lip, trying to give him reassuring smiles. But you just couldn’t. “First class boarding for flight 6373 to London, UK.” The speaker announced, making your heart skip a beat. You embraced him in one last hug before he soon was headed off to boarding.


                                His .P.OV.

               When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky.
                      To the beat of our hearts at the same time.
                        So close but so far away.

I laid alone in the cold empty bed, looking up at the grey ceiling I’ve been looking at for the past hours. I couldn’t get her off my mind, the way she smiled at me when I said a lame joke, the way she tugged her hair behind her ear when she was in deep concentration, I missed her delightful smell when I hugged her. The smell of a meadow full with flowers on a hot summer day. A smile crept onto my face as I thought about her breathtaking laugh, how she would always hold a hand over her mouth trying to hide her laugh. But to me it was the most precious sound I could ever hear.

I can’t take it anymore, I need to hear her voice. I patiently waited on the line as I was unsure if she would answer this late. “Hello?” Her lovely yet tired voice filled my ears as I tried to keep my calm. “Hey princess, did I wake you?” I could hear her small yawns on the other end, I could imagine her rubbing her eyes and trying to keep her eyes open as we speak. “You did, but it’s okay. I miss you Lukey,” as she said those words I could feel a relief fill my body, that’s all I need to know.


                      His P.O.V.

Another day, and I’m somewhere new.
I made a promise that I’ll come home soon.
Bring me back, bring me back to you.

The sight of screaming girls filled my eyes as soon as we got to the terminal. I faked a smile and greeted as many fans as possible. “You can give call her soon Cal,” Luke gave me comforting pat on my back, I returned him a smile. I couldn’t feel happy, I missed y/n way to much, I promised I would be home soon and here I am six months later in a new country. It was all so overwhelming. “Hi Cal,” a girl cheered snapping me out of my deep thoughts. “What were you thinking about?” she asked question, assuming she noticed my sudden mood change. I tried to cover it up with a smile and an simple excuse saying I was just amazed how many people that was her, somehow she managed to see right through me. “You miss y/n, don’t you?” I gave her a nod as I looked down at my feet. “All I really wanna do right now is give her a call,” I mumbled as I felt my voice croak. “Then give her a call and come back like the happy giggly Calum we all love.” She laughed and nudged me into an empty direction.

I patiently waited to her soft and gentle voice, I tapped my feet on the ground nervously as I felt butterflies in my stomach. It’s crazy what this girl does to me. “Hello?” she sang into the phone, I smiled knowing how much I loved her and I’ll be home soon.



                    His P.O.V.

The pieces of us both
Under every city light
And they’re shining as we fade into the night

The load music made my head pound as I scanned through the crowd looking for my beautiful drunk and lost girlfriend. I finally saw her smile that I could notice from a mile distance. I admire her natural beauty, how she laughs at Ashton’s lame jokes, how her eyes light up in the dark club. I lumber my way towards her in the darkness only being light up by the city lights. “y/n, let’s get some fresh air,” I yelled over the music. She shook in rhythm to the music, and kept laughing at Ashton’s jokes.

I took a grip around her arm, maybe a little too tight grip. She turned around, her eyes popping open. “Let go of me Michael,” She whimpered before she pushed her way through the crowd out from the club into the darkness. I marched my way through the door and opened it with force.

The cold air hit my face as I rubbed my hands together. My eyes focuses on y/n as she hugged herself in the cold pitch black night. I lumber my way over to her. “I’m sorry I took such a harsh grip around you,” I mumbled with my head hanging low. She sneered my excuse, I could see her breaths in the black night. “You know what Michael, I came all this way for you and if this is the way you’re going to act. Then I don’t want to stay here anymore,” She hissed with a trembling lip. Even in this moment I was lost in her beauty, the way her lips looked so pink and plump in the cold, the way her cheeks had turned into and pink shade from the cold. The way her orbs made my knees go weak and I could feel us fade into the night.

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