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Good For You pt.4

a/n: i’ve been procrastinating. anyway here’s part 4 of a series no one asked for (and was originally meant to be more sin less plot but turned out more plot and less shitty sin bc im trash) unedited i have to go sleep


Summary: He needed you as some sort of stability, you needed him as some form of rebellion.

Word Count: 2.5k+

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warning(s): none besides usual shitty writing

“Who would’ve thought?”

You jumped and immediately leaned back up away from the mirror, running your hands through the ends of your hair, trying to play nonchalant despite being caught red-handed.

“Here.” Hope smiled, reaching inside her bag for something before extending her hand to give it to you.

You blinked at the tube in her hand, still red in the face and not knowing how to react.

“You’re as red as your goddamn fuckin’ hickeys, take it.” She laughed out loud, shaking her hands for emphasis. You hesitantly reached out to grab the tube, finding out that it was concealer.

“T-Thanks.” You nodded lightly, examining the tube.

“You got yourself a boyfriend?” she asked, crossing her arms.

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genre: I’m pretty sure this is fluff with some angst thrown in there but not that much. angst ain’t my type.

words: 4k+

warnings: Swearing! there’s swearing. 

summary: While Phil is away up in the north to celebrate Christmas, he starts wondering just how much of a clingy boyfriend he is. Because sure, he misses Dan a lot, but does he misses Dan to the point he hallucinates conversating with his 2009 and 2012 versions? Or maybe he just needs to sleep. It is 3:30 AM after all.

a/n: Merry Louis Tomlinson day. This is for my cute friend @pjothekick I hope you have a great day, Alex :’) also this is… 2009x2012x2015? Yeah? That’s not a thing? Oh.

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Jared x Reader

Word Count: 770

Summary: A drabble in which you’re exhausted and Jared takes care of you. A little beard!kink. @impalaimagining

Warnings: Nudity, kissing and wandering hands. 

You slip into the passenger seat and tip your head back, closing your eyes.

“You okay?” Jared grins, squeezing your knee as he pulls the car away from the curb.

“I’m wonderfully tired.” You grin at him, reaching over to rub the ball of his shoulder. “Take me home.”

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Title: Metallic pt. 7

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

have fun reading, everyone!! this is the part 7 of Metallic!
ALSO FOR THOSE WHO HAVE MESSAGED ME, THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! i love all of you! pls never forget that ♡
ps if you wanna be mentioned when a chapter is up, hmu.
Part 6.

this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic might contain themes that is not suitable for some audiences. you’ve been warned!

I believe, I believe there's love in you,
Grid locked on the dusty avenues,
Inside your heart, just afraid to go...

I am more, I am more than innocent, But just take a chance and let me in... And I'll show you ways that you don't know...

What happened? You remembered talking to V in the chatroom just a few days ago… and what happened with the party? Is it halted because you were hospitalized?
Why were you hospitalized?
No matter how much you fish for information or at least try to remember any peculiar thing before you were admitted, you can only remember going to sleep and waking up in the hospital.
You must be missing something.

… Jumin.
Everyone claimed you’ve been in love with him.
He had been telling you you’ve been together with him before you woke up in the hospital and that you two already met… but you became skeptical since you couldn’t remember anything about it.
Not even tiny details.

He had been looking at you with hope in his eyes that you’d remember anything but you can only return a small apology because you just can’t. Out of everyone, Jumin had been pretty persistent in staying with you no matter what. You felt a bit uncomfortable — why would he bother? Isn’t he a busy man?

You were a bit puzzled at this — you couldn’t exactly remember things and that everything seemed normal to you, even now. You knew everyone but it appears as if you’ve been missing an important piece of a puzzle. The cause of the fight between Zen and Jumin and why would Jumin be mad if you’ve been with Zen.
He is just your friend, right…? Then why is he acting like an offended lover?

Two days passed since the fight and this is your fourth night at the hospital. Just as promised, Jaehee and Zen told you the details you deserved to know. Yoosung even contributed his own side of the story as well as Seven’s. They told you everything you’re supposed to know to help you remember… but no recollection of such.
You even started doubting if any of those even happened…
Jumin and Zen never visited at the same time too. It seems like they have been purposely avoiding each other since the fight.

Jumin. You can’t help but wonder… how were you able to fall in love with him?
You know him as a member of the RFA now rather than the man they told you you love. Yet strangely, like how everyone claimed you loved him supposedly, your heart just won’t beat any faster. It happened once… why is it not happening again?

You can only gaze at him with sad eyes as he insisted on visiting you day by day without fail. You just can’t remember all the things they told you that happened — your heart might have forgotten how it loved him too.

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anonymous asked:

THANKS SO MUCH for shedding light on Taka/Hiro's relationship. I discovered Hiro through Taka and I got caught up in these horrible forums saying that Taka & Hiro don't like each other. I didn't wanna believe it! So I tried looking for ANYTHING(like pictures of them being chummy) to prove those people wrong but came up empty. What you said MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!It's totally understandable why they keep their Relationship away from the public eye. I'm happy they're on good terms. YOU'RE AWESOME! :)

You’re welcome (^^) This is going to be a looooonggg reply but it has to be said.

I’m aware of some people saying the brothers disliking each other. I stay away from OOR fandom because of these kinds of people. I found that the bigger the band got, the crazier the fans became. Some of those so-called fans behave almost like haters especially when talking about the Moriuchi family and MFS …… particularly Hiro.


To me it’s strange how these fans came up with their “conclusion” of the brothers “supposedly disliking each other” when all the clues and evidences are showing exactly the opposite.

1) These “fans” conveniently left out the fact that Taka started to personally show photos with his parents ONLY after OOR started breaking into the American market and performing at Yokohama Stadium. After people firmly acknowledged him as a star on his own. There were no photos of Taka and his parents at all during the years of OOR trying to establish themselves in Japan, right?

It took Taka more than a decade to break away from the “Mori’s son” image that was plaguing him in his Johnny days. So, isn’t it natural for Taka to want his little brother to be viewed and acknowledged as his own person by keeping their professional lives separate?

2) There is one person on YT who claimed that “Hiro dislikes Taka” based on the assumption that Hiro talked awkwardly to him about his birthday in that conversation with Takeru Satoh. This person even went on to say that Taka was the reason for his parents’ split. My Goodness! Papa and Mama Mori have always loved and supported their children despite that difficult time in their lives. A marriage is a complex thing. You are insulting them by accusing their son of that.

Hello people, Hiro speaks in “keigo / honourific language” with Taka because their mother Masako Mori raised him that way. She wanted her kids to learn to respect older people since young age. Hiro spoke “keigo” to the older members of MFS in the beginning too as he admitted in this HAL College interview. It may appear awkward or something different to other people but it’s normal to this family. I saw a video of their mother saying Taka’s friends thought it was “Sugoi!!”. Also, for Heaven’s sake, Taka is NOT the only “tsundere” older sibling in the world yo! 

3) Did anyone notice that Takeru Satoh asked for Taka’s permission first at around 0:41**  before continuing telling that story about Hiro? Taka replied with “Hai…hai….”* or “Yes….yes…”.. Takeru didn’t simply blurt out everything just like that. He knew the conversation was being filmed and he remained respectful even though they are besties. Oh, didn’t Takeru said in this video that he’s also friends with Hiro?

*Update: Taka said 『いい / ii』not 『はい。。はい / hai…hai』but it means the same in this context. Sorry for the confusion :-P

** Update (5 Dec 2016) : Since the video I linked was removed, I put the original video the clip came from, 3にん. Takeru said it at around 13:37 time mark.

4) The fact that Hiro is friendly with many of Taka’s friends is a clear clue that he is VERY CLOSE with Taka. I think that applies to even ordinary people like us. You must be truly close with your siblings if their friends are yours too, right?

Top photo is GEN playing ping pong with OOR members Ryota & Tomoya with RxYxO Coldrain watching. Well, by now, many MFS fans (at least those who read my blog) should know who GEN is to MFS, right?

This photo of Hiro & Toru is REAL. Not Photoshopped. They were at Subciety’s Christmas / Year End party in December 2012. It was held at Wonderbowl Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Many of GEN’s friends were there like Maximum the Hormone, AIR SWELL, Takahiro Ikeda (BMX Pro rider) and a bunch of others. The entire MFS members were there. Alas, only Toru came representing OOR ….. huhu. Anyway, I think you can see from Hiro and Toru’s body language that they’ve known each other a long time.

5) When their father Shinichi Mori was hospitalized for cancer scare, I believe all the 3 Moriuchi brothers were together by his side because he informed all 3 of them about his condition. Read the translation here by Dessy.

Look at their message and flower bouquet for their father on his 50th Anniversary of being in the music industry. The 3 brothers shared the bouquet together instead of sending it separately.

6) I remember reading an interview where Taka said he’s happy that each of his family member is doing their own thing and specifically mentioned about “my brother has his own band”. Sorry I forgot which interview though. I believe it was from Ryeon’s blog. If it’s not there, at least you get to read a bunch of her OOR translations (^^)

7) This is an actual photo of Taka buying a present for Hiro and it wasn’t even Hiro’s birthday from Taka’s friend Yosuke’s blog on Ameblo (it’s gone now…huhu). But you can read that part on Dessy’s old Tumblr here.

8) Their mother Masako said her sons would visit their father during important occasions like Obon Festival and New Year in this interview or the translation by Dessy here.

9) Let’s not forget how busy musicians’ schedules are.
i. Touring. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. Moving. You know how exhausting that is?
ii. If they’re not touring, they’ll be in the studio working on new music or rehearsing for the next show.
iii. There are also series of meetings with staff and crew.
iv. Discussion with designers and engineers for their stage show, lighting, sound, merchandise.
v. Interviews and promo rounds with magazines, TV and radio stations.
vi. Photo and video shooting.
vii. Meet & greet with fans.
viii.Travelling from city to city. This takes a lot of time. Doraemon’s magic door exists in comics only.

OFF time from band to band may not match unless you’re on the same Tour. It’s unrealistic to expect Taka and Hiro to get together easily. Hey, I work a regular office job and I hardly see my own family even though we live in the same house!

10) That Daikanyama Unit sighting of Taka at MFS Live and his message on IG still make me feel warm and tingly inside (^^). The show was under Tsutaya Records’ special event ツタロック / TsutaRock for those who bought the ALONE single from them. OOR was scheduled for Ozzfest 2015 on 21 November. So, Taka squeezed in some time out of his busy schedule to see MFS on 19 November.

This is a photo of that Daikanyama Unit show. The concert report from Tsutaya is here.

Here is the photo that Taka uploaded to IG that night. Look at his message.

Take a closer look at what some of the Japanese fans were saying.

Isn’t it obvious that Taka is supportive of MFS and is happy for Hiro?

What I’m trying to say is the family is a lot closer than what we think or know. It might take a bit of effort to see the hints and evidences but they are there. So, it’s horribly mean and cruel to accuse the siblings of disliking each other simply on the basis that we don’t see their physical closeness.


Part 1: 

 You and Glenn had been together for well over a year almost two from what you could guess. So clinging to him before him going with Daryl was normal but something just didn’t feel right in your stomach. Though you decide to just return his smile while giving small, quick kisses and ignore your gut feeling.

“I love you, see you soon?” You whisper when leaning in to give him a lingering kiss.

Glenn has a stupid on his face when he pulls away making you give a big smile back, “Promise.”

Part 2: 

You did what Rick had told you. Stray behind and stay in the trees. Staying hidden was what you were good at plus you needed to find Glenn and if the Hilltop could help you’d take it. Last thing you expect was for everyone to now be sitting in the forest surrounded what looked like a couple hundred men. 

You raise your gun to aim for the man who claimed to be Negan. You hesitate to pull the trigger though knowing you aren’t as good of a shot as Sasha. Faintly you hear Negan starting to choose. The moment the bat goes towards Glenn your heart stop for a moment before you aim the gun further down and now instead shoot into the countless backs of Saviour that were in front of you. 

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call him by his name – a parivan fic

a/n: this is a one shot i had thought of during school and i finally got time to post it online. and also, this is based on the movie – kind of. i may get some facts wrong but it’s just for the sake of this drabble. I’m so sorry if this is crappy but i hope you like it.

summary: cassie just likes his name. That’s all.

Ben Parish.

She likes his name – she always has. It rolls out of her mouth comfortably and the name always seems to bring a smile to her face. She also likes the fact that she’s the only one who can get away with calling him Ben instead of Zombie. She likes feeling special – it’s silly but she likes having the privilege to call him that. Besides, she can’t really bring herself to call him Zombie. She can never see him as one.

(She will always see him as Ben Parish – her first love. Her first crush. He’s gonna be the father of her kids some day – after all these ‘saving the world’ thing is finished, anyway)

She also likes the fact that he’s the only one beside her brother who calls her Cassie. She loves the way Ben says her name – she likes it when he pronounces it as Cassiopeia. It’s just a fucking turn on to be honest.

There’s a question tugging in the bottom of her heart, though.

Why is she the only one who he lets to call him Ben Parish? It doesn’t make sense. Ben gets all upset if Ringer or Teacup or even Sam calls him that. He doesn’t like it, but always seems okay when she says it.

(She’s thinking too much into his name oH MY GOD.)

“Cassie?” all her thoughts dissolves into the air. She blinks, turning her head to see him plopping down beside her inside the jeep. She smiles at him – thinking about why they seem to be awake at the same time and always manages to do this everytime.

“Oh hey, you’re awake,” she says. He gives her a smile.

“Yep. Like always,” he says, moving closer to her. Her heart flutters when he accidentally touches her shoulder. “So what are you thinking about this time?”

“Nothing,” she replies sheepishly.

“Cassie Sullivan – I may have not known you that well but I know that there’s always SOMETHING going on in your brain. Seriously, Cass, you can tell me about it,” Cassie couldn’t stop the blush that’s creeping up to her cheeks right now. It was true what Ben had said. This isn’t the first time Ben had caught her thinking.

“Seriously, Ben, I’m not thinking about anything important,” she presses again.

“I still want you to hit me up with whatever you’re thinking,” Ben says. “Come on, Cass, please?” He turns to her and gives her the best puppy eyes look he could muster. She always gets weak when he does that.

“Screw you Ben,” he grins at her because he knows she’s finally giving in. “Okay, fine, I was just thinking about your name.”

“My name?” Ben repeats. She nods shyly because it’s such a stupid thing to think about. “What’s wrong with your name?”

“Nothing.” I love your name. Your name’s perfect. “I was just wondering why I’m the only one who gets to call you Ben Parish and why you don’t want anyone else to call you that,” Cassie couldn’t bring herself to meet Ben’s eyes because she knows he’s grinning at her right now – having the biggest smile on his face because it’s Ben. No matter how much times Ben claims the old guy is dead – Ben Parish will always be the same boy he was a few months ago. “Okay, don’t say anything. I know it’s dumb.”

Ben laughs at her. “It’s not,” he says between laughs. “Cassie, I swear to you, it’s not dumb.”

“Then why are you laughing?” Cassie looks up, looking confused. He’s looking at her like she’s a genius (she doesn’t get it), and his mouth is smiling his thousand watt smile.

“Because,” Ben continues. “Because it’s such a Cassie Sullivan thing to think about.”

Cassie looks down again, punching him quietly in the shoulder. “Oh my god, shut up. Go back to sleep.” But instead, Ben scoots closer to her – their knees touching now as he looks up at the jeep’s ceiling. “Ben…?”

“I let you call me Ben – because.” Cassie waits for him to continue. “I don’t know, I guess. When I first saw you in the Airbase – I flipped. I thought I was completely alone - when I first come, I was alone. I knew no one – but then you came,” he explains quietly. “You remind me of my old life – the Ben I was before. I keep telling myself he’s dead – but he’s not. You’re the only one here who knows me when I was Ben Parish and I want you to think of me as him as sick as that sounds – the Ben who doesn’t kill, the Ben who’s biggest problem is not winning a football match and having an A+ at school.” He turns to look at her in the eyes. Those brown eyes that never fails to melt Cassie. “That’s why I still call you Cassie,” Ben smiles at her softly. “I wanna remember you as Cassie,” he touches her cheek softly, caressing it with his soft hand. “I’m being stupid.” He softly chuckles at himself.

Feeling a surge of braveness, Cassie takes the hand that was holding his cheek and squeezes it tight. “It’s not,” Cassie grins at him. “It’s such a Ben Parish thing to say.” Ben laughs at her – Cassie swears the sound just became one of her favorite sounds in the world – and grabs her by the shoulders to hug her.

Cassie laughs too – her arms wrapping theirselves around Ben’s torso as she leans into Ben a little bit more. He’s warm and Cassie doesn’t want to let go. Which is fine because she doesn’t think Ben has any plans to move. He hugs her tighter (by the way he’s hugging her she doesn’t think it’s even possible anymore).

“Cassie?” Cassie doesn’t lift her head when he says her name. She’s too comfortable on his shoulder right now. “Promise me you’ll still call me Ben after everything that will happen. Promise me that everything will be okay after this.” He sounds like a child and Cassie almost laughs.

“I promise,” Cassie says softly, and even though she can’t see him she knows he’s smiling right now. Not one of his thousand watt smile – but one of his genuine smile that she loves seeing so much.

They pull away a couple of minutes later – their eyes locked in almost immediately. She doesn’t know if they’re just too caught up in the moment or what but suddenly someone’s leaning in and suddenly they’re both leaning in to each other just like there’s a magnetic force between them. His lips find hers first, capturing them in his own. Cassie closes her eyes immediately, kissing him back. Their lips moved in perfect rhythm. It’s not rushed or anything – it’s just how Cassie had imagined the kiss to be. It’s perfect.

Before the kiss had gotten too intense, they both pull away, resting their foreheads agains each other giggling like little kids. “I promise,” Cassie repeats. “Everything is going to be okay.”


a/n: the ending?1/229323?? Im honestly shocked I didn’t think it would turn out this way. Anyways, I hope you liked it!

Placebo lyrics sentence starters
  • "I've never been an extrovert, but i'm still breathing."
  • "I gotta get high, before I go outside."
  • "I'm in alcoholic kind of mood."
  • "I know, you've got me wrapped around your finger."
  • "I know, the past will catch you up as you run faster."
  • "I know, the last in line is always called a bastard."
  • "We were born to lose."
  • "It's either you or me."
  • "S/he stole the keys to my house and then s/he locked herself/himself out."
  • "I'm confused and racked with self-doubt."
  • "Don't you wish you'd never met her/him?"
  • "You don't care about us."
  • "You're too complicated, we should separate it."
  • "Think I'll leave it all behind, save this bleeding heart of mine."
  • "I'll take it by your side."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing at all."
  • "Don't let me down."
  • "Your smile would make me sneeze."
  • "I'd pay to have you near."
  • "Don't forget to breathe."
  • "Another love I would abuse, no circumstances could excuse."
  • "I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind."
  • "There's nothing here but what here's mine."
  • "Never thought I'd fill with desire."
  • "Never thought I'd feel so ashamed."
  • "Never thought all this could back fire."
  • "Never thought you'd fuck with my brain."
  • "Say goodbye."
  • "You must realise that you're never alone."
  • "I'm a man, a liar."
  • "Now it takes him all day just to get an erection."
  • "Things aren't what they seem."
  • "I dream of a face that is pure as perfection."
  • "Hey motherfucker, I'm after you. I know where you live."
  • "Change your taste in men."
  • "Come back to me."
  • "Join the masquerade."
  • "I'll describe the way I feel; weeping wounds that never heal."
  • "No escaping gravity."
  • "Draw your final breath."
  • "Every time I rise I see you falling."
  • "Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?"
  • "I was never faithful, and I was never one to trust."
  • "I'm forever black-eyed, a product of a broken home"
  • "I was never grateful, that's why I spend my days alone."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you, that's why it's vulgar, that's why it's blue."
  • "Those motherfuckers got it wrong."
  • "They said I should get expensive help to fix my head."
  • "I don't care for myself."
  • "Run away from all your boredom."
  • "Run away from all your whoredom."
  • "All it takes is one decision."
  • "Run away!"
  • "You're the one who's always bruised and broken."
  • "I understand the fascination."
  • "I understand the fascination, I've even been there once or twice or more."
  • "Please don't die."
  • "It seemed a place for us to dream."
  • "Love can die."
  • "Wake up..."
  • "I've got problems with the booze, nothing left to lose."
  • "I'm faithless... I'm scared."
  • "I'm on my own for far too long."
  • "She's insane, this friend of mine."
  • "Always stays the same, nothing ever changes."
  • "Hold your breath and count to ten."
  • "Beware this troubled world."
  • "Soulmate dry your eye."
  • "Soulmates never die."
  • "Hush, it's okay."
  • "See you at the bitter end."
  • "There's something rotten down here..."
  • "Don't forget to be the way you are."
  • "The only thing you can rely on is that you can't rely on anything."
  • "Don't go and sell your soul for self-esteem."
  • "Remember me..."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry the whole night through..."
  • "I'll be your father, I'll be your mother, I'll be your lover, I'll be yours."
  • "I'll be yours."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry for days and days..."
  • "You never were a genius."
  • "Yes I know you're the jealous type."
  • "Walk away!"
  • "Protect me from what I want..."
  • "Maybe we're victims of fate."
  • "Remember when we'd celebrate? We'd drink and get high until late."
  • "Now we're all alone."
  • "Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die."
  • "I've been waiting far too long!"
  • "Be mine."
  • "I was alone, falling free..."
  • "What happened to us, what happened to me?"
  • "Baby...did you forget to take your meds?"
  • "I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget."
  • "I will be the one to make you crawl!"
  • "I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday."
  • "Someone call the ambulance..There's gonna be an accident."
  • "I can see in the dark."
  • "I will be the one to watch you fall."
  • "I will find you!"
  • "You're always ahead of the game, I drag behind."
  • "You possess every trait that I lack."
  • "You got A's on your algebra test, I failed and they kept me behind."
  • "I just gotta get off my chest, that I think you're divine."
  • "You let me down before."
  • "I'm medicated...How are you?"
  • "It's the pills that bring you down."
  • "It's between you and me."
  • "It's the pills that pick you up."
  • "It's the special way we fuck."
  • "Fall into you, is all I seem to do..."
  • "I'm afraid to be alone."
  • "This house is no longer a home."
  • "Don't give up on the dream!"
  • "Tear us in two, is all it's gonna do."
  • "Don't go and leave me."
  • "Please don't drive me blind."
  • "I'd fill your every breath with meaning."
  • "I'll find a place we both could hide."
  • "You don't believe me."
  • "You do this everytime."
  • "I know we're broken."
  • "Your eyes forever glued to mine."
  • "I know I broke it."
  • "I know I broke you."
  • "It's horrid to see you again."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your lips."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your kiss."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your fists."
  • "I was not honest."
  • "And I'll wait my turn,to terrorize you."
  • "Can't you see these skies are breaking?"
  • "one of a kind is all I own."
  • "I wanna try but I get annoyed."
  • "In the cold light of morning the party gets boring, you're high."
  • "In the cold light of morning,You're drunk sick from whoring and high."
  • "You are one of God's mistakes."
  • "You're a waste of skin."
  • "You're waste of space."
  • "It's a song to say goodbye."
  • "Well now you need me more than I need you."
  • "You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?"
  • "It doesn't hurt me."
  • "You don't want to hurt me."
  • "So much hate for the ones we love."
  • "Tell me, we both matter, don't we?"
  • "Let me steal this moment from you now."
  • "The way you're dancing makes me come alive."
  • "Move closer, I wanna feel your touch."
  • "The way you're moving, makes you all that I desire."
  • "You are the one who took my place."
  • "And it was a leap of faith I could not take."
  • "And it was a promise I could not make."
  • "You are getting in the way!"
  • "I have nothing left to say."
  • "I will pretend it didn't hurt."
  • "You are a cheap and nasty fake."
  • "I am the bones you couldnt break!"
  • "I always aimed to please."
  • "I nearly died."
  • "For what it's worth?"
  • "Come on walk with me."
  • "Got no friends, got no lover."
  • "I've been wasting all my time!"
  • "I got no energy to fight."
  • "I don't see the point in trying."
  • "All of my wrongs, and all my wicked ways,Will come back to haunt me."
  • "He wrote all the songs I hope to write someday."
  • "Looks like the devil is here to stay."
  • "We'll kiss and tremble with the delight."
  • "I had so very much to say."
  • "I pretended I was okay."
  • "So I haven't given up."
  • "A heart that hurts, is a heart that works."
  • "No one can take it/you away from me."
  • "I long, I burn to touch her/him/you just the same."
  • "Don't let them get their way!"
  • "There is no law we/you must obey!"
  • "Damn you all to hell!"
  • "Time will help you through..."
  • "The sound of silence grows."
  • "The two of us are rebels."
  • "The payback is here, take a look, it's all around you."
  • "You thought you'd never shed a tear."
  • "This ain't no singing in the rain."
  • "You can run but you can't hide!"
  • "No one here gets out alive."
  • "Breathe me every time you close your eyes..."
  • "Taste me every time you cry."
  • "This memory will fade away and die."
  • "Just for today, breathe me and say goodbye..."
  • "How many times?!"
  • "Now I can't look you in the eye!"
  • "And I don't even want to try."
  • "Every word from you is a lie."
  • "I'm always falling on my face."
  • "I don't think that you're aware of the cost."
  • "Stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you!"
  • "Don't leave me here to pass through time!"
  • "I don't know where to begin."
  • "Don't leave me here."
  • "I'm sick of fighting..."
  • "The cold is biting..."
  • "My broken spirit is frozen to the core."
  • "Don't wanna be here no more."
  • "Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes?"
  • "And wouldn't it be good if we could wish ourselves away?"
  • "You must be joking!"
  • "You don't even know a thing about it!"
  • "You've got no problem."
  • "I'd stay right there if I were you!"
  • "The grass is always greener over there."
  • "I don't want to be alone."
  • "I'm alive, so alive."
  • "I'm in a desperate situation."
  • "Now there's a hand print on your cheek."
  • "Is it my imagination?"
  • "Let me pay you back in kind."
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming"
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming because I know it's not of me."
  • "I smoke a dozen cancer sticks."
  • "We run for our lives."
  • "Promise me that we will make it through."
  • "Don't worry baby - it's just the end of the world."
  • "I refuse to remain in regrets."
  • "I've existed too long in secrets."
  • "Help me start to heal."
  • "Every one of my needs will be met."
  • "I refuse to be left behind."
  • "I know you want to stop."
  • "Be glad for what you got."
  • "I recognize the smile."
  • "There are some things I cannot forget."
  • "It may be for a while, I'll pretend we've never met."
  • "And maybe we will part."
  • "Will your paranoia keep you warm?"
  • "I will still enjoy to watch you fall."
  • "Stop!"
  • "I try every day"
  • "I try every day, to think of something deep to say."
  • "If I am an extra in the film of my own life, then who the hell is the director?"
  • "Show me how to live."
  • "There's a riot in my head."
  • "Let's fight until the end of days."
  • "Let's destroy and let's devastate."
  • "I know where you live."
  • "Time is money, bastard."
  • "You are so beautiful."
  • "Love claims to have the answer."
  • "Can you imagine a love that is so proud?"
  • "We are loud like love!"
  • "If you were mine, then we would know!"
  • "And with our bodies entwined we will know paradise."
  • "My computer thinks I'm gay."
  • "I got too many friends."
  • "I'll never be there for you/them."
  • "I am a small and gentle man."
  • "Hold on to me..."
  • "My behaviour is hard to understand."
  • "But I'm still doing all I can, to try and get me some redemption."
  • "And I'm knee deep in sinking sand, crying out for your attention!"
  • "Rob the bank!"
  • "Take me home, then make love."
  • "There wasn't much I used to need..."
  • "Now my mistakes are haunting me."
  • "I've lost the power to understand what it takes to be a man."
  • "You tried your best to be a friend to my heart."
  • "I saw you wanted this to end."
  • "Please no grieving, my love, understand?"
  • "Now I feel I've lost my spark."
  • "Can't you see I'm sick of fighting?"
  • "Can't you see I've lost my way?"
  • "All my dreaming torn in pieces..."
  • "As you wake does he smother you in kisses long and true?"
  • "Want you so bad I can taste it!"
  • "If I could, I would hover while he's making love to you, make it rain as I cry."
  • "Your touch, I cannot regret!"
  • "You're so my kind."
  • "You're so my kind, erotic and devine."
  • "To me you're more than a human, you are more complex."
  • "You are like a fallen angel."
  • "Look me in the eyes, say that again."
  • "Knock me off my feet like heroin."
  • "No need to disguise or to pretend."
  • "Tonight's the night that we begin the end."
  • "I tried, God knows, I tried."
  • "There's nothing you can do to change my mind."
  • "I don't enjoy to watch you cry."
  • "Blame me for the sorry state you're in."
  • "I love you more than any man, but something's getting in the way."
  • "I do you harm because I can for the second time today."
  • "When I get drunk, you take me home and keep me safe from harm."
  • "I ask you for another second chance, but then I drink it all away."
  • "I was so delicate when we began, so tender when I spoke your name."
  • "Now I'm nothing but a partisan to my compulsion and my shame."
  • "You know, I'm grateful, I appreciate."
  • "Then I run away to wonderland, and disappear without trace."
  • "Can't you see there's a world out there?"
  • "Don't be scared."
  • "Babe I'm gonna be your man!"
  • "And it's plain to see you were meant for me."
  • "I wanna be your toy."
  • "I've been smoking too long."
  • "I wanna turn you on."
  • "I'm only a person."
  • "Open up your heart, let me slip inside."
  • "Lie to me."
  • "Drink you pretty."
  • "My mother told me, that you're never lonely when you're laughing all the time."
  • "My father told me, that you're always lonely when they're all laughing at you."
  • "He tries to impress her, mentally undress her."
  • "Theres a look on your face I would like to knock out."
  • "All I want is to see you in terrible pain."
  • "Theres no light in your eyes and your brain is too slow."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "So fuck you anyway."
  • "Makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say."
  • "Theres a time for us all and I think yours has been, can you please hurry up cos I find you obscene?"
  • "I cant wait for the day that you're never around, when that face isn't here and you rot underground."
  • "Your eyes are almost dead."
  • "I wanna be much more like you."
  • "I wanna take a bath with you."
  • "I wanna say I do."
  • "The way your smile lights up the room."
  • "To jealousy I'll stay immune."
  • "She's a faker, always let's me down."
  • "Don't you make me frown."
  • "I never wanted the real thing."
  • "I didn't mean it."
  • "I'm the one to blame."
  • "Did too much cocaine..."
  • "One more time for me."
  • "Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you give a fuck!"
  • "The only place you’re truly free is cosy in your dreams."
  • "We need to concentrate on more then meets the eye."
  • "Patience comes to the ugly, not me."
  • "Laughter comes to the lucky, not me."
  • "Where is my mind?"

anonymous asked:

i hope you don't mind this question. but I've always thought willow was bisexual but the writers just wouldn't acknowledge it, and that's why it's okay to ship woz. I've always thought this because of the way she was written.

i know where you’re coming from. i used to say that willow’s categorization as a lesbian was bi erasure, but i’ve changed my mind on that. while i think the writers’ motives for labeling willow a lesbian are rooted in biphobia, that doesn’t change the fact that she is canonically a lesbian (i’ll tell you how it’s canon: that’s how she identifies. regardless of her relationship with oz, her attraction to dracula, etc, her word is gospel. if she says she’s a lesbian, she is.)

i feel like this conversation is complicated because you have to acknowledge two different “realities:” the reality of the writers and the “reality” in which willow exists. i think it’s good to acknowledge the writers’ motives in their labeling of willow, and i’m gonna try to put myself in their shoes. i can kind of see the seams of their storytelling a little bit; the little inconsistencies in how they portray willow reveal a lot of biphobia and lesbophobia imo. i can’t remember where i heard this but there was a writer who alluded to the fact that, when they first wrote about tara and willow getting together, they didn’t intend to label her as gay or permanently nix boys from her dating scene. the writer then went on to say that after the huge positive fan reaction the writers thought something along the lines of “we can’t go back now.” and by “going back” they seemed to mean willow dating boys (biphobic much? as if bisexual identity is less valid when people of different genders are together). this would suggest that, as originally conceived, willow was supposed to be bi. but given whedon’s beef with bi people (he doesn’t seem to think they exist) i’m willing to bet the dreaded b-word would never have been uttered. when i look at the vagueness of willow’s coming out to buffy in “new moon rising” (no labels are used) and willow’s goodbye to oz where she suggests they’ll find each other again when they’re older, i don’t think the writers meant to portray her as a lesbian originally.

although the writers settled on the lesbian identifier for willow after she got together with tara, they seem to want to have their cake and eat it too. of course they would never consider labeling her bi because, bah! bisexuality isn’t a thing!!!! bisexuals r not gay enuf 2 b on our show, we wanna make a P OL I T I C AL statement ok!!!!!! at the same time though, they choose to slip in these little references to willow’s attraction to men even though she’s obvs a lesbian. (her attraction to dracula in “dracula,” her attraction to giles in “where the wild things are” and her attraction to what’s-his-face in “him” all come to mind). it’s like they’re winking at the audience, going “she’s not reaaaaallllyyyyy gay.” see how they manage to be both biphobic and lesbophobic at the same time, by treating bisexuality as ~not gay enough~ (given what the writer said in the interview i saw) and also invalidating her gay identity with all these random attractions to dudes, played for laughs?

ok, so that’s one level. let’s now talk about willow’s identity from an in-universe perspective. this is where it’s gonna become clear why i’m so hard-headed about willow definitely being a lesbian, no ifs, ands, or buts.

we can talk all day about the writers’ biphobia and lesbophobia, their motives for choosing to label willow a lesbian, and their need to invalidate her identity regardless of label. it’s important to acknowledge all those things and recognize that these writers are flawed and therefore their conception of anything non-het and their treatment of anything non-het will be flawed.

but if we take away all this conversation about the writers, and focus on willow herself, it becomes incredibly important to support her lesbian identity and to not question it. i’ve seen plenty of people point to willow’s attractions to men as “proof” that she’s “really bi” and i’ve even been one of the people to do that in the past, but in reality that’s extremely hurtful to lesbians. taking everything willow says about her identity to heart, she is representative of a huge part of the lesbian community in that 1) she had a long term relationship with a man 2) she seems to struggle with compulsory heterosexuality 3) she conceptualizes her identity as changeable.

1) after willow identifies as gay we don’t hear much from her on whether or not she thinks her relationship with oz was “valid,” but regardless of what she might say, her past relationships with men don’t make her any less of a lesbian. her past relationship with oz doesn’t make her “really bi” because she identifies as gay, and that’s all we should need to let the subject drop. we need to trust that willow knows herself better than we do.

2) from an in-universe perspective, i definitely attribute willow’s occasional attractions to men to compulsory heterosexuality. she grew up being taught to see men in a certain way, and to perform heterosexuality. all that conditioning doesn’t necessarily disappear when you come out.

3) willow makes with the quippy “gay now!” line a few times after coming out. this has bothered a lot of people, understandably, because it’s a common misconception among straights that people turn gay or become gay. but willow’s assertion that she’s “gay now” tells us a little bit about her perspective. she may phrase it that way because she believes she was once bi or once straight, but is no longer. she may feel because of her past relationship with oz that she has no right to claim she was gay back then. either way i think the phrasing is rooted in uncertainty about her past identity, and while i know that’s frustrating, it doesn’t make her any less gay. it doesn’t make her less of a lesbian to suggest that in the past she may not have been one. people change, and evolution shouldn’t invalidate identity.

all of the above three points are things that a lot of real-life lesbians identify with and struggle with. i’m a lesbian and i can say that all three of the things i just listed apply not only to willow, but to me as well. i want to emphasize that willow is, of course, a very important character to the lesbian community and a lot of lesbians identify with her. it’s precisely because of willow’s identity and because of her popularity with lesbians that it is extremely hurtful to suggest she is bi, especially if you use any of the above three points to support your argument.

using willow’s vulnerabilities and inconsistencies to invalidate her identity from an in-universe perspective is hurtful because it suggests to all lesbians who deal with the same issues that they are equally invalid, pretenders, or “really bi.” it may not be obvious to you, but people often use real-life lesbians’ inconsistencies to invalidate their identity by saying “well you once dated a guy!” or “so you used to be bi… and now you’re… not? BUT YOU DATED A GUY” or “omg ahhaha you just said that guy was attractive….. u sure ur gay?”

also, just on a broader level, it’s very common in our culture to invalidate lesbian identity and experience. so suggesting that a lesbian icon (c’mon, that’s not a stretch is it?) is not in fact a lesbian takes away from the little representation we lesbians have. it’s also just another way of invalidating lesbians’ feelings and identities in a culture where lesbians are never believed to ~really~ be lesbians in the first place.

i hope this helps, because i turned this into meta and i didn’t mean to!

  • Who needs true love as long as you love me truly?
  • I don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in you and me.
  • You want the same as I, so stop pretending.
  • This is not a love song, hunny if you want one better turn it off.
  • Don't need your heart 'cause I got mine.
  • Take my love before I go because you should know I'm about to break your heart.
  • Feels like we are stuck here in a badly written TV show.
  • Do you want me for my body? Do you want me for my brain?
  • I'm in love with a zombie, but his heart is so cold.
  • You like your words to cut, you like to choose the best artillery.
  • Am I the epitome of everything you hate and you desire? You love me like an enemy.
  • It feels so surgical how you dissect every mistake I make.
  • Say my name, hit me hard, put that gun right to my heart... Bang.
  • Shut your mouth and close the door, I wanna watch you while you take it off.
  • You're 'bout to, but boy don't pull the trigger yet, I haven't reloaded the clip.
  • I'm gonna make tonight a show.
  • Thought that cupid shot me with love, it was only a arrow.
  • If you wanna be the one be the one, just for now, but we're not in love.
  • Broke a couple hearts but I'm not trying to start a collection.
  • If you're wondering why your window's smashed, your shirts are slashed, your house is trashed, me. Don't you know that it's me?
  • Call me psychotic or numb, I'm just a product of love, so thanks for showing me how.
  • If i had a dime for every single time you ever made me cry I'd be a millionaire.
  • I'd rather beg then live that lie with you again.
  • You had it all but all I am is not enough, so I'm taking back my heart.
  • They say a picture says a thousand words, but I would trade a thousand pictures to hear one of yours.
  • I miss you every day like they took summer away, like they took color away, and this grey, needs to get the hell away from me.
  • I know my heart is broken but you can have it anyway, if I could only see you again.
  • My heart stopped but I'm still breathing.
  • How can you say that someone is really bad when they do everything with a good heart?
  • What do you know about love? What do you know about real love?
  • We'll never go to heaven but who needs to when you live this good?
  • If I paint my sins white will it make me pure again?
  • You got no power to control how I make you my toy.
  • Don’t you wanna claim my body like a vandal?
  • Come and pin me down.
  • We’re hell raising and we don’t need saving ‘cause theres no salvation for a bad boy.
  • We’re rock bottom but there ain’t no stopping ‘cause its you and me against the world.
  • I put my high heels on so I'm closer to God.
  • When the night is young and we look 25 but we're sweet 16 can I be the one to turn your nightmare into a dream?
  • I'll be yours tonight, but don't hold me too tight... When we say goodbye, remember, boys don't cry.
  • I'm gonna tease you through your jeans yeah but when it's over better catch amnesia.
  • Don't f***ing tell me when I've had too much.
  • I'm over the limit? What is the limit really?
  • You know I'll ride with you right through the fire of hell.
  • Do I look pretty through all your tears?
  • Too late to trade it all for that one last chance.
  • Can you hear my heart through the prison bars?
  • I’m a ****ing teenage tragedy.
  • Hold on before you say that you’re better off without me.
  • I’m gone and I ain’t coming back this time, I’m gonna find my home underneath the city lights.
  • Don't tell me I'm unfixable.
  • You don’t know what it’s like to be seventeen with no place to go!
  • Remind me one more time it’s the best days of our lives.
  • Just because I fight don't mean that I never learned how to love.
  • You know, devils don't fly, so don't expect me not to fall.
  • Devils don't fly, but I try.
  • Angels were never meant to fall and you were the loveliest of all.
  • I used to put my ear against the wall to hear the screams, to hear the fall, more reasons to escape it all.
  • You knew that I could hurt you but you said I was worth the fight.
  • We're the kids your momma warned you about.
  • I eat boys like a cannibal, f**k hard, howl at the moon like an animal.
  • When I fall in love, I fall down the rabbit hole.
  • We're gonna do it anyway!
  • We're gonna f**k like rabbits.
  • Follow me down the rabbit hole.
  • Been 25 times that I called but I know that you love me.
  • Out of all the stupid boys I knew I had to fall for you.
  • Out of all the pretty lies you told can one of them be true?
  • When you wake up I'll still believe you're mine.
  • No, no, no, this is not the plan, if I can't have you, then no one can.
  • Tell me it's over.
  • I'll open my bottle but no, I ain't opening my door.
  • Say you'll forget me, say you'll erase me from your mind.
  • Save the words you've rehearsed, we both know I won't be fine.
  • You know that fate don't take my bribes and I only want what's never mine.
  • At least can we be friends?
  • But if no one understands me at least you could pretend...
  • I'll stay here to defy our fears even though I know it'll end in tears.
  • I know your friends say that I'm trouble.
  • Love me even when my lies ain't white.
  • I'm the best mistake you'll ever make.
  • Save your innocence for the next life.
  • I'm trouble.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry I just wanna say that I'm a huge fan of your blog I truly am and I'm also a 100% richonner without a doubt but don't you think that you and the rest of richonners are being mean to AB? She's just the actress playing Jessie so I don't really understand why you would disrespect her like that. And please so t say that oh it's probably her sending you this anon. It's not. It's a huge fan of your blog and hopefully a future actress who wants to know why the actor is getting so much hate. Xo

Nope, I don’t think I’m being mean or unfair at all. I have no problem separating actors from their characters, hence my love for Sarah Wayne Callies, David Morrissey, Jon Bernthal, and Laurie Holden. I have very little affection for their on-screen personas, but they seem like wonderful, thoughtful actors with reverence for the show, their castmates, and the fans.

Alexandra Breckenridge, on the other hand, doesn’t just play a character I don’t like. Yes, Jessie is poorly written and this storyline is problematic, but I don’t hate her as a character that much. I want her to die so that my show can get back on track. So that Rick can be who he was before she came along, because I don’t know who the fuck he is right now, or what the writers are doing with his character.

I can’t speak for the entire Richonne fandom, but I can tell you why I, personally, don’t care for AB offscreen.

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ALRIGHT, DEAR FOLLOWERS LISTEN TO ME PLEASE. It’s time for me to get some shits straight, unpopular opinions about over sensitive Tumblr. It’s long, but I WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IF YOU READ IT. It’s so very important.


Some triggers are absolutely delusional. For example: gifs, eye contact, food, cursing and much more… Excuse me, you’re on the fucking internet, gifs are part of this culture and have been there since 1987. Eye contact? What do you live in, a grotto? Food? Mc donald’s sitting in your country with its balls at every corner of your city. And good news, you have to eat FOOD every day. I first thought the system was good, like if you have phobias or this disease with the flashing lights that gets your body convulsing, but people are being way too sensitive. I have coulrophobia, phobia of clowns. I don’t want any of that shit near me, but you know, like yesterday a clown popped up at a tv program. I coped with it. It really scares me that YOU people who’re supposed to be already adults are this way. You’re probably already in the work industry, and it’s a world where you have to toughen up, my teacher (an amazing woman) always kept repeating me so. I also saw a South park episode, and it represented so well Tumblr’s community nowadays! Basically, there were people hiding in a transparent block, and this block represented their safe zone, and outside was a man who represented “reality” and that thus, the people inside the block weren’t letting reality enter the block, and so never face it. And last but not least, I had that one time someone asking me to tag videos, because apparently “you won’t know if there’s a jump scare in the end or something, and that’s very triggering to some people”. Well again here are some good news from queen obvious: jump scares are MEANT to scare you. The first one I saw was when I was nine years old, I cried, it was scary as fuck… But I’m here, safe and sound. 


There was someone who once claimed that if you’re not a victim, you can’t rp certain themes. Like, if you’ve never been raped, you can’t rp rape RP. This is so… sad. So, if I want to rp incest for whatever reason, I have to fuck with my brother first? Absolutely not. I shouldn’t have the right or not to roleplay something based on my personal experiences. If I want to roleplay female with female fluff, do I have to become homosexual? Impossible.


OOOOO WE’RE GOING ON A TOUCHY SUBJECT. It’s a slippery sloppy slide. Just as anyone would do his or her or their, whatever, coming out. I am telling you that I am 17. Exactly, one year away from hitting 18 years old if you went at least in primary school in your life, you can count. But I roleplay-ED and roleplay smut. Now before making that cringing face and going to talk to your buddies about how much of a liar I am, let me tell you some things. We all did it. For those who like to write this I mean. We all wrote some shitty one liners that went along the lines of: he puts his dick in her belly button and gives her a baby. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but we sure all once were curious children, who had fun writing about these things. About the legality stuff now, more seriously. The police has other things to do than dealing with those affairs. If both rp partners agree to doing a fictional sex scene, then there’s no problem. You are not your character, you are simply depicting a scene. Now if your partner turns out to be a harasser, here you can do something, but otherwise if you agreed, you both will enjoy writing with each other, no? And how even would anyone even know your real age? Come on, we have no real proof that you are the age you claim to be. I find it strange that 99% of Tumblr blogs are directed by 18+ muns. No but honestly, please don’t be delusional and think about it. So underage writing gore with you is okay, hurting, torturing, guts everywhere, all of that is fine, but a breast touch and WHOOPS IT’S TABOO? Excuse my French (literally) but you’re an asshole. Now I can understand that you don’t feel comfortable, and in this case politely refuse to rp such things. That’s all. But as a matter of fact, I’ve seen so many adults unable to write smut correctly, things like: *moans, *sucks* and the likes.People need to do the difference between fiction and reality. If you want to draw, on a side note, DO IT. DRAW EVERYTHING YOU WANT, no matter how gross. I would rather have someone depicting abuse on a paper rather than relieving their rotten desires in reality. As I know that it sometimes help people. This does not mean that I condone it, far from it. I hate animal abuse, it’s truly the worst for me, but I’d rather have someone drawing a horrible thing rather than hurting a creature. Going to move on, because for personal reasons, this thing really disgust me and makes me sad.


HEY COWARD. YES YOU, WHO HIDES BEHIND A GREY FACE. GROW SOME BALLS HAH. I can’t fucking stand anon hate, Even if I had the whole world against me, I’d still face you and not go anonymous. That’s how you handle problems.FIN. Now if you decide to unfollow because boohoo, ha-hi-hoo, then do it I don’t mind it is your right. I will know who you are, and probably be disappointed, but apart from this, you can feel safe. I respect your choice to unfollow me if you decide to not enter reality with me.

Taking the Horse to Water

Claire lets slip the fact that Cas can sense a person’s longing, which shocks and horrifies Dean.

“Better directions would have been beneficial,” Cas drawled as he bowed out of the passenger side of the Impala. Dean rose from the other side, Claire standing at the head of the hood in her typical mood of haughty petulance.

“I knew you’d find me,” she smiled. “I was thinking about you, so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult.”

Dean furrowed his eyebrows.

“That’s no excuse,” Cas scolded.

“You said it yourself you could sense my ‘longing.’” She made air quotes with her fingers. “Why does it matter?”

“Wait, what?” Dean was confused.

“Because it’s one thing to know in what direction to head and quite another to navigate the streets that go there.” Cas didn’t look at Dean as he questioned, instead making a desperate attempt to breeze on past the subject. Unfortunately, governing conversation wasn’t one of his greatest strengths.

“Can’t you just fly around or something?”

“My wings are no longer functional, as you very well know.”

“Hold on, what’s this about 'longing?’”

“It’s nothing,” Cas finally looked to Dean. Because people who are lying don’t look others in the eyes, right? So he should make a blatant effort to stare at Dean.

“It’s something that Angel-Dad here uses to stalk me,” Claire rolled her eyes, completely oblivious to the tense expression Cas then threw her way. “I guess I don’t have to actually pray to get him to know where I am. If I’m even thinking about him or wanting to see him a little bit, he can find me.”

“You can?” Dean looked quickly to Cas, unsure what to make of this news. “Can you do that with everyone?”

“W-well…” Cas’s eye darted back and forth nervously. “Generally speaking, yes. If-if someone is thinking about me, or wants me around, it acts as a kind of indirect prayer.”

Dean’s lips tightened for a moment, as if he was processing this information, and Claire glanced between them curiously.

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Preference 9- You're A Secret

Pt 2 (x)

Michael: It was infuriating, really, that you had to walk 5 feet away from your boyfriend when you went out in public. It was stupid that you could only kiss him and act like a girlfriend when you were in the complete privacy of your own home. You sit on a park bench as fans swarm Michael, pretending you were just acquaintances who happened to be in the park at the same time. You were actually supposed to meet up and go to a movie, hoping the setting sun would be able to somewhat conceal you. You were wrong, and now you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs waiting. The worst part is there’s no real reason Michael wants to keep your relationship such a secret, but you can’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt when he insists you keep it to just you and a few select people. As the time passes your heart sinks more and more, and you become restless watching Michael talk to his fans. The street lamps have flickered on by the time he’s done and he comes bounding up to you, a large smile on his face. “Okay babe, are you ready-” “Can we just go home?” You cut Michael off, standing up, making sure to take a few steps away. Michael pouts, oblivious to how upset you are. “But I thought we were having a date night?” You smile softly, “This isn’t a date night, this is a game of ‘let’s see how well I can pretend my girlfriend isn’t my girlfriend.’ And I don’t really wanna play that game anymore.” You don’t give Michael a chance to respond before you start walking away, needing time to think. “I’m sorry this didn’t really work out.” 

Ashton: “I’ll see you when you get home.” You say softly, crossing your fingers that Ashton won’t see the fake smile you have plastered on right now. “You know I would take you if I could, babe,” Ashton says, “but you know management-” “Doesn’t want to let fans know you’re off the market. I know.” You finish his sentence. You’ve had the conversation plenty of times before. You love Ashton, but you were getting sick of hiding from the world. Right now he was about to go to an awards show, and leave you home to watch it on the TV. He frowns but doesn’t talk, only kisses your forehead before leaving. You sink back down onto the couch and turn the TV on, distracting yourself until the awards how comes on. You watch all the celebrities pass through, smiling when Ash and the boys come on screen. And all is going well until the interviewer decides to ask one last question. “Now, Ashton,” She begins, “there’s lots of rumors of you and Y/N Y/L/N going around, can you confirm or deny any of them?” You clench your fists, ready to be called a “friend” like you always are. Ashton smiles, shrugging his shoulders. “Y/N Y/L/N?” He questions, looking confused. “I don’t even know the girl, so I can confirm that the rumors are false.” An it hurts more than you thought it would. A single tear rolls down your cheek as you watch your boyfriend’s cheeky smile leave the screen. No wonder management didn’t want your relationship to go public, Ashton was too embarrassed to even admit you knew each other. You bite down hard on your lip, trying to ignore the fact that your relationship was falling apart right in front of you eyes.

Calum: “Babe, please don’t be mad.” Calum begs, resting a hand on your upper arm. “I’m not.” You lie, shrugging his arm off and leaving him in the kitchen, needing to get way from him. Honestly, you’re pissed. You’ve been with Calum for over a year now, and somehow you managed to keep it a secret. It was hard, but you convinced yourself it would be the best in the long run. And you and both agreed it would only be for a little while. But that isn’t why you were angry, you were angry because your boyfriend was trying to push back the day you two will go public again. “It’s for the best.” He tries to explain, failing and only pissing you off more. “It’s for the best my ass.” You roll your eyes, finally voicing your opinion. “If you’re that embarrassed to tell everybody you’re with me then maybe you shouldn’t be with me.” Calum scoffs. “You know that’s not it.” You give him a hard look, daring him to lie again. “Well, it sure as hell seems like it. You refuse to be linked to me in any way, shape, or form. What’s wrong with me, Cal? Am I not pretty enough for you? Not skinny enough?  I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you want but until you can make up your mind about all of this I’m gonna go, you know where to find me.” You slide on your coat and ignore his protests. You ignore him and his weak attempts to stop you and grab your car keys, marching right out the back door and very possibly his life.

Luke: A soft sigh passes your lips as you enter your apartment. It was quiet, as it always is when you get home. It shouldn’t be like this. You should be living with your boyfriend of nearly 2 years, not hiding for him. But it’s Saturday, meaning it’s date night for him and his publicity stunt, Ariana Grande.You slide your shoes off, already feeling your mood sink. It was happening far too often to be healthy. This whole situation with Luke was killing you slowly, it makes you tired and angry, and you’re not the chirpy girl that Luke first fell in love with. Maybe that’s why he’s been spending so much time with Ariana, because she’s got a future, a bright one at that, and is still full of energy and life. Your heart clenches at the thought and before you know it you’re in your bedroom, shoving a few clothes and your toiletries into an over night bag. You don’t want to leave Luke, but you need to think, and so does he. You’re not good for him, you can’t help him, you aren’t anything too important. He keeps you a secret for a reason. If you were as important as he claimed he would show you off like Calum shows off his girlfriend. Kiss you like Ashton kisses his girlfriend. And take you out on crazy, spontaneous dates like Michael does with his girlfriend. You feel hot tears rolling down your cheeks as you write Luke a note to explain your absence. And just as you’re about to exit the front door you stop and decide to use the backdoor instead, taking extra precautions so no one will see you. After all, Luke wouldn’t want his little secret getting out, would he?

A/N: I’m really sad so I decided to write something sad. Let me know what you guys think. Maybe part 2? Let me know here

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SAO I have been avoiding pic of Freddie because I don't wanna know much about the babygate because I know how hard it is for Louis, but my friend showed me recent pic of Freddie and he looks like Louis alot. Same eyes, nose and mouth. I am freaking out because I don't know what this could mean... Is there some possibility that Briana was supposed to be a surrogate for him and Harry, but something went wrong?

Okay at first I was like 

because if I never hear someone claiming a baby looks like Louis as paternity evidence ever again it would still be too soon. 

You know who also looks exactly like Louis (and Freddie)? 

The pampers baby. Not to mention every other baby when you google “blue eyed baby boy”…

However, you raise a very valid point and a possibility that I thought was infinitely more likely than Louis ever sleeping with a woman, which is that B had initially been a surrogate situation gone wrong. @richardlawson even brought it up in Vanity Fair.

The timing of the baby and the lack of public solo projects for Louis and Harry would certainly imply that now would be as good a time as any if they wanted kids right now. 

But, the complete lack of emotion when Louis is in the presence of this child, as compared to every time he’s around literally any other baby or child, would heavily imply that he has no idea who this kid is. I’ve seen him bond with a box of popcorn faster. 

Not to mention that Harry “loves all the children and pregnant women” Styles hasn’t said one. Word. 

Like, really?? EVERYONE, including Zayn mind you -

- has acknowledged this child except Harry. Almost as if it was a stipulation that he wouldn’t have to be involved in watching the exploitation of Louis and a stranger’s baby. 

I know it seems as if Louis’ legal team is like

But I would be absolutely shocked if this was some kind of “surrogate getting one over on pop star” situation. Also the narrative around how they met and the clubbing photos imply that it probably wasn’t their intention to have her carrying their baby. Last time I checked surrogacy deals weren’t done over copious amounts of alcohol and in the presence of chimps. 

Also I would cry forever if this was a surrogacy gone so, so very wrong, because that would be heartbreaking. 

Anyway, this has been your daily reminder that

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Btw Pidge, about AUs: The Kylux fandom is so huge and a lot of ppl have AUs and a lot of these AUs are really great but the thing is: it's hard to get noticed in such a huge pond. In all honesty, I felt like I wanted to leave this fandom for a while now bc nothing I do seems to matter. I know a lot of people say 'don't do it for the notes' but what's the point if you can't connect to people? (1/2)

I’m so depressed about this, tbh. I just wished I could create smth that ppl love so much that they would draw fanart or even write fics or whatever but nah it’s not happening. It also didn’t help that the kylux-positivity week blog reblogged like 90 % of artists that were already super popular in the fandom and didn’t need the publicity. I’m just sort of down about this and the only reason I’m taking this to you is bc you’re a positivity hub - sort of. Sorry. (2/2)


ohhh man… this is one of the most difficult Asks i’ve ever received… (o   0 o) in a perfect world, i want everyone in the fandom to feel happy and loved and enjoy their time here! but i know that just isn’t how it is in reality. I’m really happy you find solace in the positive vibe of my blog though! thank you! <3 but i’m also really sorry that you find yourself feeling this way Anon, and also that i don’t quite know how to respond to this… hmmm… (=  3 =);;;

I don’t run the kind of blog that has thousands of followers, and i don’t get thousands of notes per post ~ but i DO feel loved and appreciated, and have dear, dear friends in the community! so regardless of my perceived status, i’m just here because i love being here! <3 fandom is a complicated beast and i’m only just learning about it myself. this is my very first fandom! and my very first blog! i’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over five months! so i can’t claim to have much wisdom or insight about the way things work; i can only talk about my own experience.

though… (O ___O);;; even then… my experience hasn’t been the kind of one a lot of other people CAN have. i don’t go to school anymore, and i don’t have to leave home to work for half of my week, so i have more time than the average person to devote to my art and my relationships here, which is a big part of how i started to have the confidence and inspiration to keep drawing and growing as an artist ~ and also how come the wellspring in my heart for this fandom never runs dry! what i think i might mean is… (and omg… i really hope this doesn’t sound mean, or awful, or like i’m saying you don’t work hard, or try hard ~ cuz dear gawd, that’s not what i mean!!!) you get out of the fandom what you put into it.

If you want to eat cake, you gotta have a cake to eat. You can go out and buy that cake from someone else - and it’ll be perfect, and beautiful, and you’ll enjoy the fuck out of it!!! but if you want the satisfaction that comes from eating a cake you made yourself, then you’re gonna have to not only bake that cake, but get all the ingredients, skills, and tools necessary to make it in the first place!

the “i just wanna eat cake” crowd, are the people who just LOVE the fandom! all the people who like and reblog and enjoy the works of others! they’re so, SO important to the health and vitality of the fandom as a whole! people who leave comments and thoughtful tags are the ones spurring creators into creating more! and it sounds like you’re searching for the feeling of baking a cake that everybody wants a slice of! (-^ O^-) the fulfilling feeling of creating content that people want to talk with you about! but people aren’t gonna eat your cake just because you baked it… which is the sad part… so you just have to keep making cakes over and over and over until they are either SO fancy that nobody can miss them, or you’ve made SO much cake that nobody can help but notice your passion for cake making!

(O   A O);;; this cake metaphor is making me realize that i’m starving… omg… lol lol lol XD it’s 6am! this is no time for cake! (^ ___^) i’m sorry… lol… i’ll try to be more serious… Ummmm… (O  vO) anyway… the things is… you just gotta keep doing what you’re doing. there is a rule i believe exists in the world, one that i hate because it’s incredibly exploitable… but one that is also very positive with the right intentions: “it’s not what you do. it’s how much you do it.” When you make your work, and keep on making it, and keep on making it, regardless of how people value it or don’t value it… regardless of the feedback… you just keep creating and being positive about your own experience - i think THAT is how we build the foundations for our own success and growth. My work when i first came here was NOT spectacular, and i didn’t have single follower on day one ~ just like everybody else ~ but i just kept making things, and making things, and making things, and now it’s nearly been half a year!

You know who i really admire and think is an amazing example of being passionate about the fandom no matter what? @katherine1753 !!! i ADORE her. she doesn’t get tons of notes or have thousands of followers, but she is SO passionate and SO positive! in the short time i’ve been following her work, she has already created so much and grown so much as an artist! she also gives of herself without expecting anything in return and people around her see this and want to interact with her! she gives and gives and gives to the fandom, and we are all lucky to have her, even if not everybody knows it. because you just have to keep growing and changing with positive intentions for YOURSELF, and THAT is what people find engaging! when you believe in yourself other people want to support you; and that’s the thing about this fandom! making friends is easy if you try! (^ O^) we’re all here for the same reasons!!!

now… i don’t want this next part to sound like grandstanding… ((oO ^Oo)) or like i’m trying to talk myself up… i’m just trying to say what it’s been like for me…

i don’t care about the number of followers i have or the amount of notes i receive; the core group of followers and friends who show me undue kindness and love every day, are already more than i deserve <3 <3 <3 <3 but the REAL amazing thing has been my own personal growth as an artist and how much much positivity this experience makes me feel! and i think THAT is what people follow me for. Every day i feel SO in love with the fandom, and with my own ever-changing work, and with the chances i get to talk to people! and i think others pick up on that! <3 doing what you love for YOU is what will make other people enjoy loving the experience of it along with you <3

the very first piece i posted to Tumblr was this:

character sketches for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU! (-^  v ^-) i didn’t find her because she was running a high-profile blog, and i wasn’t making work that was seen by tons of people! i just found her by accident and fell in love with her work! and now, the experience of her friendship is one i wouldn’t trade for anything! her positivity towards my work fostered my own positivity towards my work! and it’s just grown and grown from a tiny sapling to a huge tree since then!!!

so just now i drew this:

and i think it’s safe to say that i have grown and changed a lot since that first post! (-^ O^-) and so has my blog!!! (o   w o) <3 i’ve made wonderful friendships along the way, enjoyed the kindness of strangers, and learned so much from all the wonderful and talented people around here!!! but it took a HUGE investment of time and love and never giving up!

it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! nobody gave a crap what i made or what i did - nobody @’d me in posts or wrote about me - and that was fine! it didn’t stop me from making things! i’ve always been here for me and my own growth first. and regardless of my timeline, the fact still remains that i’ve drawn over 130 piece for this fandom, and drawn over 140 reaction selfies to interact with people on my blog. i put in time and effort and withstood the slings and arrows that come along with doing things that not everybody agrees with… but… you don’t get to eat the cake unless you make it! and if you’ve never made a cake before… the first one sure as hell isn’t going to be perfect! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (-^ O^-)

so don’t get discouraged!!! people are right when they say “don’t do it for the notes”. no matter what fandom you go to, it will always start the same. you will always be a small fish in a big pond in the beginning! we all are! and that isn’t a bad thing! you just need to grow! and you grow and get stronger the more you do! <3 just like anything in life, you’re going to get out of it what you put in. if you put in time and positivity, other people are going to give you their time and positivity back. not right away. but eventually (-^ ___^-) building up a following and growing your blog, those are things that happen a tiny bit at a time with every piece of original content you make. so if you want to grow… you gotta just keep going! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) it takes a long time! it really does! there is no easy answer and no short cut to take! but everything you do will help you to grow and change, and THAT is the really, really valuable stuff!

Good luck with all of your projects in the future! never stop doing what you love! if you don’t love it… move on to the next thing. and keep moving forward and moving forward with love, passion, and positivity!!! <3

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so I just read your thing about how Izetta and Flip Flappers ended up with the most canon ships but you don't even mention Hibike! and I read elsewhere a bit earlier that you think Kumiko wasn't gay for Asuka at all. So either you're blind or just really stupid. Get a clue the kumirei ship sank just let it go already.


I mean why did you even stop there? Wanna insult my family too while you’re at it? Lmaoooo

This message is just all kinds of wrong. You chose the wrong girl to talk shit to, as well. Hope you like spankings because you’re about to get one babe! ;)

So yes you’re absolutely right, I did indeed say that about Izetta and Flip Flappers. The Izetta x Finé pairing has a MOUNTAIN of evidence to lend to their gay relationship. This evidence has been pointed out and analyzed plenty already by the community and by people like @gasiangaond and there is virtually nothing anyone can say that would definitively prove otherwise. On top of what was shown in the show we also have the official comic that literally shows attraction between the two girls, so yeah. Then we have Flip Flappers with the practical fucking wedding that occurred in the last two episodes, but I don’t have as much to offer when it comes to that analysis.

But those two shows ended in such a way that said GAY. GAY AS FK.

Now how did H!E end? Let’s take a look.

Kumiko was very excited about her sister Mamiko coming to watch her at nationals in the second to last episode. And when she found her afterwards she told her she loved her, that she liked the euphonium and concert band because Mamiko was there. When she said that she wasn’t merely referring to that day, she was referring to everything. Mamiko is the reason Kumiko even started learning euphonium or joined band. Mamiko was someone Kumiko looked up to and tried to mimic, this is common with younger sisters. It confused and devastated her to a degree when Mamiko stopped playing music and stopped being supportive. Kumiko wanted her sister to continue to be that someone she could aspire to be like but Mamiko’s circumstances had changed and therefore she too changed. After that point there was no one else that Kumiko looked up to in that way when it came to music, until Asuka. But she eventually, as we saw, came to understand why Mamiko had changed and she also wanted to mirror the words her sister had spoken about not having any regrets. Thus the whole chasing Mamiko down thing and telling her she loved her and such.

The “no regrets” thing was actually a theme in both seasons but it truly came to a climax when she realized Asuka being in the band was something she didn’t want to be without. We saw her break down in front of Asuka twice, the first time she was telling Asuka not to give up on band, that she wanted her to continue playing the euphonium, that she wanted to hear it. These words could almost be said to be the words she would have said to Mamiko. Those feelings were likely very similar if not exactly like the feelings she had about her sister quitting music. Also if memory serves, she was particularly bothered by home matters involving Mamiko at that time. Hence the level of her emotional output and the literal waterfall she became. The second time was essentially the final scene of the series in which she tells Asuka that she was annoyed with her for a while. That she may have even hated her. The thing that annoyed her about Asuka is essentially the same thing that annoyed her about her sister. But then she says she loves her, and while I’m sure all the AsuKumi shippers were losing their minds, the key here is that she is speaking to Asuka like she would a sister. Saying shit like I want to play the euphonium like you is not something you say to someone you want to be with romantically.

We also don’t see Asuka react in a manner appropriate of a romantic love confession. She reacts like an older sister.

Also note the very specific arrangement of flashbacks when Kumiko finds the letter from Mamiko earlier in that same episode. She has a flashback of Mamiko at nationals. THEN RIGHT AFTER THAT we see a flash of Asuka. This imagery was communicating to us that in Kumiko’s heart and mind, Asuka had come to parallel her sister. And that’s why she loves her.

Your claim that Asuka and Kumiko are canon or that at least Kumiko was confirmed gay by her “confession of love” to Asuka is incorrect.

My claim that Asuka became a sister/mentor figure to Kumiko is correct.

Do I think people should stop shipping Kumiko and Asuka? I think people are free to do whatever the hell floats their boat. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me when I see people claiming that the confession scene was a romantic love confession though. But that’s just how these things go, some people get it and some people just don’t.

Now that that’s been smacked down, that leaves us with the question IS KUMIKO GAY?

I think we confirmed that a long fucking time ago. WITH REINA. STARTING WITH SEASON ONE. REFER TO EVERY EPISODE PLS AND THANKS LOL.

Just because Reina confessed to Taki doesn’t mean the KumiRei ship is sank. I’m sure my fellow shippers would agree that at some point that confusion would fade, she’d finally figure out that it’s a hopeless love (I mean let’s be real the guy is waaaay older), and there would be a chance, not a guarantee, but a CHANCE that she may possibly want to grow closer to Kumiko. Kumiko is, after all, the closest person to her, and she’s been all up in her face like she wants to fucking kiss her.

So, tell me again, which ship is hopeless exactly? Lawl.

Thanks for giving me the satisfaction of demolishing your message. :)

Happy shipping! ;D

More Felix & Locus Thoughts

This is literally just me rambling so please please feel free to ignore it… 

Warning… LONG and also I wrote this a many months ago, like right at the end of season 13 and I literally just found it in my drafts soooo… Ehh?

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