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Mirror, Mirror

[Background. we are in a fire temple fighting two dumb (yet intelligent enough to speak) Flame lions, and our monk cat/bird hybrid who was a slave most of his life gets a hold of a mirror. it went as such]

Monk: Guys! why didn’t you tell me this thing has an alternate dimension me inside of it! D0NT W0RRY ILL SAVE Y0U

Warrior: Dude that’s just your reflection

Monk: Whats a reflection?

Warrior: It absorbs the light around it to make a similar image

Monk: Light? IT’S TAKING MY S0UL?!

Warrior: no it’s just-

Monk: -flies over to the monsters- Dudes look at this shit

Monster: Don’t show that to us! It’ll take our souls!!

Monk: oh fuck! -throws it to the warrior-

Rouge: -takes the mirror from the warrior and makes a reflective spot on the ground-

Monk: -being a dumb cat proceeds to try and catch the spot-

Monsters: -they do the same-

-Through this they became friends and refused to fight us. being dumb pays off in spades-

I am a huge Dumbledore fan, I have loved him ever since the start of the series and I love him even more at the end. And I get furious when people blame him for things that aren’t his fault and hate him for things that he didn’t do. I especially hate bashing of any kind especially when they try to make Dumbledore be evil. He has his flaws but I’ll defend him to the death most of the time, out of all the HP characters he’s my baby.

However, the one thing I keep thinking about is the whole Willow/Werewolf prank. As much as I love Dumbledore, I can’t get over this. Every time I think about it I feel bad for Snape and find myself going “Albus…WTF?!” I can defend Dumbledore from a lot of accusations using canon, but I CANNOT defend this. Albus, what the hell? Snape isn’t my favorite but he’s still a kid who almost died! Merlin’s beard, man, what were you thinking?! Now I love Sirius to pieces, but his little ass needed to get expelled or locked up for that crap. JK Rowling, I keep thinking about this scene and I need you to come up with an explanation for this, something so I can get it out of my head. Unfortunately, this confession may attract Dumbledore bashers (I pray not), I will always love him. But gods dammit if this scene doesn’t make me want to throttle him. What was his reason? I really need a canon reason why this happened, and a good one. The whole “he favored Gryffindor” deal that haters use isn’t good enough for me. Nobody favors a house to that extent, it’d be bad business.

The 2 Most Common Mistakes New Witches Make And How To Avoid Them

New witches have the tendency to all make the same kinds of mistakes. It’s hard not to! We’re all swimming around in this information soup trying to figure out what’s important and what’s true or not.


Today I’ll be talking about the 2 biggest mistakes that I see beginner witches making and what you can do about them.

Mistake #1 - New witches learn things in all the wrong order

This one is HUGE but we hardly ever talk about it!

People in witchy communities are always hearing the mantra of “learn as much as possible!” over and over and while that is great advice for beginners it’s often more of a bandaid than a real solution!

The problem comes when more experienced witches get asked “how do I get started?” and they immediately think back to how they started. I don’t want you to start how I started! I don’t want you to start how most of us started!

The majority of more experienced witches learned through just gulping down anything and everything they could find about the craft. Over a long period of time you learn to separate fact from fiction and you can be pretty sure that you haven’t missed anything crazy important.

This takes YEARS though.

And in the meantime while you’re sorting through all of that info you’re confused and lost and quite possibly missing some super vital pieces of information! After all you can’t know what you’re missing if you don’t even know it exists!

Why on earth would I want to tell you to do that when I already know what a beginner absolutely must learn to get a solid start in their craft?

This is the #1 reason why I decided to create my new course. I have been through this process, it bites. I want to give you a resource that will boost you through those initial learning phases not in years but in WEEKS.

I want you to be able to get to a place of confidence and comfortability without the confusion, the struggle and the endless amounts of research hoping you’re finding the information that you need.

Skip the struggle and let me show you everything you need to get started!

Mistake #2 - New witches end up trying to learn in a vacuum

There’s nothing worse than learning something completely by yourself. Often finding your way into witchy communities can be super hard. You may not know where to find them and then if you DO find them they can be pretty darn unfriendly to beginners!

Social media can be great but it can also feel like talking into a void!

What’s the point of even asking a question if all you’re going to hear back is crickets?

So instead you end up trying to figure things out all by yourself and without anybody to help it can feel like groping around in the dark for something that you only kind of know to look for.

Talk about frustrating!

In my traditional witchcraft course we circumvent these problems by giving you a community that is open to beginners and run by experts. You’ll have a place to ask questions, talk about your craft and interact with other witches right from day one!

You get real interaction in a safe environment without the hassle.

My goal is to help YOU become the confident, badass witch that you want to be. This can be such a difficult undertaking but it doesn’t have to be!

What mistakes are you worried about making? Let me know in the comments!


In light of my “don’t feel bad about your art” post here is a lot of art from 2-3 years ago
The last one was the most recent of them and was the first digital art I ever made with a drawing tablet at the ripe age of 14 and I thought it was such a COOL CONCEPT and that I was the MOST LEGIT and I loved that thing so much?

And I got encouraged by some artists who were better and critiqued to help me learn but no one ever stepped on my feet much when I was still learning and I want you to know it’s okay to be proud of your work. It’s okay if your best isn’t the best thing you’ll ever make all you have to do is try.

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honestly that ask u got earlier about ppl saying Felicity is racist like I think people find excuses to hate her now which makes no sense since she's littearly?? so unproblematic? but like I've seen so much nasty shit about her including ppl saying gross shit about the prices of her autographs and stuff at SWC (like she's a oscar nominated actress she's gonna be higher than others) and how much $ she made making Rogue One

She is the most unproblematic! I don’t understand how people can say that she’s a racist, I can’t even, really, I laugh out loud when I remember it

Look, the thing with Felicity is: she’s white, she’s college educated, she’s rich, she’s conventionally pretty, she’s privileged. The thing about her that I believe people find to complain is exactly that. I think people got used to actors/entertainers to get into social issues and give their opinions and all that, and all Felicity does is her job as an actress. I won’t hold her accountable for that – I cannot ask that every actor that I like should be a pinnacle of enlightenment or anything like that. Felicity is the way she is and I adore her.

I’m not saying that people can’t have the right to not like her. Of course they can. Are they wrong to be bitter because she’s a white brunette who’s the star of a Star Wars movie with a diverse male cast while WOC have lots of difficulty to get a big role like that? No, they’re not wrong, but it’s not Felicity’s fault – go scream at Kathleen Kennedy and casting directors. Was it fair that she made more money than her costars? Absolutely, she’s the leading lady of Rogue One. 

Bottom line is: she’s the main star of Rogue One. She’s part of the Star Wars family now. She gave her body and soul to play Jyn Erso and she did an excellent job of it. She’s adored by her co-stars and adores them in return. Jyn x Cassian are canon. 

Haters can spew their frustration and bitterness all they want; those facts will never change.


5. The last few weeks you guys, I don’t even know, but can I just express how grateful I am to be lucky enough to have a partner who, when I tell him I’m going to be late, and then I tell him I’m going to be later, has dinner ready when I get home just shy of eight and he’s even waited to eat with me?  I enjoy my job most days but there’s no way I could do this without his support.

4. I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery yesterday, because crazy?  I do not intend to make marathon distances a regular thing, but a) I didn’t run the race I know I’m capable of last fall, so I’m in search of redemption, and b) both the Corps and the city hold big places in my heart so this marathon would mean a lot.

3. I have no complaints about growing up in Wisconsin. It had a great run in the pre-Walker era. It’s where I come from, but there are two places in this world that, from the moment I set foot in them, felt in my bones like home, and that’s DC and New Orleans.  I don’t believe in reincarnation but those cities settled in my marrow like they’d been there my whole life, and I miss them both tremendously. If only the former were possible to live in with a family and the latter didn’t have an average daily temperature my polar bear of a husband finds inhospitable to life. Ahem.


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Here’s to you, Speaker Ryan.  Y'all had seven years, congratulations.  (I am not a fan of Pelosi, but today I will put my pom-poms on and cheer for Happy Nancy, too. )


This weekend’s agenda includes reading 500+ pages of legislation, 400 of which are an omnibux tax bill, only two or three pages of which likely relate to my agency but I still have to read the whole thing. Rocking Saturday night, y’all. Come on over, I’ll have popcorn and root beer.

Hope you guys are well. I am behind in everything and feel hopelessly out of touch.  Happy weekend.  Be excellent to each other.

(I’ve seen this in many blogs, so I wanted to do that too. There are so many of them I love in this community, but I can’t draw fan art for them all, so I will do around 10 illustrations for the ones that inspire me the most)

(The first one shown is, of course, @marshie-daily . Every time I am able to see their gorgeous art I, well, I can’t explain exactly how it makes me feel. It is so beautiful. But one thing is sure: that art is goals. The colors, the style (and mod is so nice and kind), I don’t know, I love everything about that blog. 

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hey, it's the last anon! thank you so much for your answer, could i have more trans guy information?

Of course! 

Definitely invest in a good sports bra. I personally have a pretty big chest, and since I was a dumb young trans and used an unsafe binder (I had stress fractures- NOT GOOD) I have to wear the next best thing. The ones I have halve the size of my chest! Make sure you know your size, and stay safe with them.

Tell your parents you want to buy your own clothes, then hit the thrift store. Yeah, the clothes may be faded and a little bit worn, but you might be able to get away with passing something you find in the men’s area as something you found in the women’s. (example: most of my early men’s button downs were purchased from goodwill and passed off as shirts I found in the women’s section.)

Try to get a shorter hair cut. Short hairstyles are relatively in (I think?) and you may be able to get away with something short for the summer. Find a “feminine” cut, then tell your hairdresser to make it more masculine. 

Practice lowering your voice. I believe there’s an app (don’t quote me) that helps trans people train their voices. 

Have a razor? Start shaving your face. You might not have dark hair, but you have peach fuzz. Plus, shaving your face will probably help you feel a bit more masculine.

Buy “gender-neutral” deodorant. Yeah, it might say “extra strength odor protection”, but it isn’t heavily perfumed like the deodorants marketed towards women, and it isn’t strictly ‘for men’ if your parents are so worried about it.

Watch how guys hold themselves, and mimic it (if you feel safe doing so). Study intrinsically masculine body language, and try to subtly work it into your own.

Exercise! Work on upper body strength to broaden your shoulders. Plus, if you get your pecs developed, it actually makes future top surgery easier, as doctors can reshape your chest over your pre-built muscle. Check out here for some work outs to help masculinize your body.

I hope this helped, lovely anon!

-Mod Fen

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Is it awkward that I'm a touken ship but completely agree with you about Touka's fixation even before I read your meta? Tbh I would like to add something to your post but I don't know if I should. It's a bother that at one side I see haters using the "touken is unhealthy you can't ship it" and in touken fandom is like "you ship touken you can't see it as unhealthy", I really hate the fandom.

I encourage you to add something to my post!

Even if they don’t agree with me, I always love to see other people’s opinions. Also, there’s no need to get angry at people who like Touken for disliking my post. I knew when I made that post I’d be making a dissenting opinion. People are passionate about the things they like, I don’t see anything wrong with that. 

For me though, I see that most of the characters within Tokyo Ghoul are some form of unhealthy. That’s why any romance between them is always going to be unhealthy. I definitely believe though that the theme of Tokyo Ghoul is despite all of this you should try connecting to other people regardless, and work out the problems in your relationship by facing the issue together.

Despite all the unhealthy characters present in it, and the bad things that happen ultimately Tokyo Ghoul has a pretty positive message about empathy, cooperation, communication and how those will always be more valuable than violence. 

Therefore I don’t think it’s awkward of you to still ship Touken even if you agree with my observation. As I said myself, it’s not an issue that permanently damns their relationship but definitely I think it’s an obstacle they should talk out and work out rather than just continuing to pretend they can go back to Anteiku days without changing and everything will be okay. Touken is one of my favorite ships too so I can totally understand you still wanting to see them together!

A gentleman stopped by our table this evening and said he’d been in his car when we came into the restaurant. He said he saw us with our little guy, with his beautiful dark skin, and wanted to tell us how wonderful it was that we were taking care of him, that he was so happy to see this example of love in the world.

We hear this sometimes, from strangers, most often from people of color like this gentleman, who tell us that they have experienced too little of this kind of love which should be commonplace, of people caring for people, of families being something so much bigger than DNA, of differences in race being one of the things that makes us even more beautiful to one another.

And every time it happens, I’m grateful and happy and so very, very sad.

hi everyone it’s been a busy few days but I’ve been seeing this guy and he makes me really happy. he’s a genuinely great guy. though he’s a white boy that says nigga so I’ve got a thing or two to teach him. he took me on an amazing date last night and he ordered us a bottle of wine and UGH it was the most romantic thing. I smell like him. I want to see him but he’s in lex tonight and even though we hung out today I still want to be with him now????? I don’t like this


Shit is just so damn funny yo. You know how many dummies talk shit in real life and get STOMPED in my life bitches?!? STFU yo. You’re making your whole ancestral bloodline look stupid. If I want to I’ll cut any of you down to size with the verbal precision of a surgeon and decimate your feelings. I’m the ego crusher in every sense of the the word. Hate all you want you coward ass trix cuz you will not be heard.

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Could you make a star that says "there's always someone who cares"? I was thinking about my past self and what I wish I could tell them and this was the most important thing out of all I had to say to my younger self, so I want to make sure other people hear it too!

Of course! This is a really good phrase, if it’s okay I’d like to use it in future stars ^o^

There is always someone who cares, everyone. I care, this anon cares, and everyone in this community cares as well. You are not alone <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Is Kinstuck still a thing? If not, than shoot! If yes, who are Meenah and Feferi's fathers and do they even care?

Kinstuck is still a thing in my heart and brain even if I haven’t updated it in a thousand years whoops

I might as well confirm that meenah’s bio-dad is actually GHB… which makes kurloz and gamzee her uncles technically I guess. Feferi’s dad is a dude condy met in college who is not a main cast member, I don’t have a name for him but he’s a sorta goofy ska musician/scuba instructor who lives in cabo. Don’t ask me why I just thought it was fun.

Condy never told them outright who their dad’s were, she’d usually just laugh or play it off when they asked or say stuff like “What? Having the best mom in the world isn’t enough for you?”, but they’re both really smart and resourceful so they eventually did figure it out. But It was more just a sibling-bonding thing and a way to one-up their mom more than something they actually cared about. 

Meenah doesn’t really like GHB, he was basically the main male authority figure in their lives growing up and she thinks he’s a grumpy jerk, so she was sorta bummed out about being related to him and she certainly doesn’t go out of her way to hang out with him. At 17 (the time of the portraits) Feferi has skype called her dad twice and thinks he’s nice enough, but doesn’t really feel a pressing need to get to know him better.

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I heard the studyblr community has shamed people for taking a gap year or dropping out of school and I'm concerned. I'm not sure how true this is because I can't find any studyblr doing that right now, but what are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s a shame that the studyblr community preaches motivation and cheering each other on both academically AND mentally, and yet it’s one of the most shady, unfair and ignorant groups here on Tumblr. I know things have changed around here but if you ask me, the people true to this community are still about cheering each other on and motivating and inspiring each other.
I see nothing wrong with taking a gap year if that’s really what you want to do in your life ! I’m a senior this year, and after college decisions I myself have decided to opt for a community college after graduating high school and then transferring to a University; something also looked down upon by SO many people for no reason at all.
Long story short, I don’t see why people feel the need to bring others down. My advice? Don’t listen to others. Do what works for YOU and your life. Take a different route for once. Work hard for what you want. Do what makes you happy.

Text or call her just to check on her. Greet her every day and night. Fetch her at school or work if you’re free. Give her flowers with no  particular occasion  or reason. Buy her chocolates just to appease her cravings. Treat her to a meal when she’s stressed. Surprise her as much as you can. Hold her. Make her feel that she’s loved. Always.
—  c.i.j. // the little things mean the most