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Some Important Parallels
  • Arya Stark + Gendry Waters(Baratheon): AS + GB
  • Anne Shirley + Gilbert Blythe: AS + GB
  • Arya + Gendry: Squabble (and then fall in love).
  • Anne + Gilbert: Squabble and then fall in love.
  • Arya + Gendry: She famously hits him when he's being stupid.
  • Anne + Gilbert: She famously hits him when he's being stupid.
  • Arya: Passionate outcast/misunderstood little girl.
  • Anne: Passionate outcast/misunderstood little girl.
  • Gendry: Leaves Arya.
  • Gilbert: Leaves Anne.
  • Me: Oh...damn.
In That Dim Light, A Spark - rowaelin fanfiction 3/?


When Aelin Galathynius is assigned to do extra work with a tutor to make up from her leave of absence in college, she finds herself at odds with what she thought the rest of her life would be like.

AO3 : Part I, II, III, IV, V : tags - angsty af, alcohol use, drug use, college AU, think HoF-era. This gets really depressing, sorry. I almost cried while writing this chapter, and I never do that.

Tagging: @viridiantopaz @feysand-rowalin @xoluosox @rekaro12 @squaddreamcourt @photofeesh @urbisie @ny–lon (if anyone else wants to be tagged let me know, and make sure you are searchable on tumblr or you won’t see it!)


When Aelin walked to the study room the next day, she was much better prepared for whatever Rowan was going to throw her way. Getting through these study sessions so she could pass the two tests and then the final exam were the only reason she would put up with his attitude. But she’d definitely handled worse. And at this point, in a mere two-day span, she realized she would never let Rowan Whitethorn see her fail or show him a sign of weakness. So what if that wasn’t the point of her being here? It was nearly a point of pride, proving him wrong.

Aelin opened the door to the study room quietly. Rowan had his back to the glass wall and his head was down. Slamming her books onto the table next to him, she frowned when he failed to even jump. Aelin was normally very, very good at sneaking up on a person, making her presence hidden until the moment she decided otherwise.

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Creation of the Modern AU tag. Created April 21, 2017. Number of Recs: 5

Oblivious by shortystylee | R:G | W:6K+ | 3/3

A five plus one story. Five people who noticed Gendry and Arya’s relationship before Arya, and then finally when Arya did. 

hope will put the colors in the sky by monroeslittle | R:M | W:16K+ | 1/1

“The story she fed her parents about spending the night with Shireen, the twenty pounds on cab fare into town, and the incessant whining from Micah were all totally worth it. This is going to be the best night ever.” modern AU. 

Or Are We Dancers by crossingwinter | R:E | W:47K+ | 9/9

It had been months of people asking if she’s all right. If she’s over it. If she’s better. She didn’t expect posing naked for an art student’s senior project would be the thing that actually made things almost normal again.

as milady commands by hapakitsune | R:T | W:4K+ | 1/1

“I hate you,” Arya said two minutes later when Gendry still hadn’t stopped laughing. “You are the worst fake boyfriend in the world.”

Falling Slowly by winterwaters | R:M | W:47K+ | 45/45

A Modern AU about Gendry and Arya at uni. Title from the song of the same name, from the movie/musical Once.

The Phantom Thieves of Legends - Intros (cont.)

*Thor smashing glass* Another! This is more introductory stuff where we meet the rest of the Personas, so I hope you all like this one too! Enjoy! First part is here!


“I do hope you’re not planning on starting without me.”

An enchanting voice that resounded like chimes in a gentle breeze approached the table which Arsène, Carmen, and Kidd were seated at, prepared to discuss the object of interest for a most promising heist. The trio certainly had no need to glance up to discern the source of the voice; alas they had done it anyway, as 

Milady de Winter commanded a presence that one couldn’t simply ignore. As per usual, she was absolutely striking; even the most ethereal goddess would quiver with envy. Her short, strawberry-blonde locks captured the sunset, and her doe-like eyes reflected the formidable waking sea. The cunning spy sported an ornate gown, colored with pink and black in addition to golden adornments. Milady was fanning herself with her signature accessory, as the other was now in Arsène’s grasp, receiving a delicate kiss on the back.

“Fashionably late, I presume?” he inquired, casting a wink at her.

Milady sealed her fan shut and tapped the tip of it to her full lips, emitting an amused giggle. “You know me entirely too well, Arsène. It’s always a delight to see you.”

“Milady!” Carmen exclaimed breathily, ensnaring the new arrival with an embrace. “Oh, how I’ve missed you! You look dazzling, I adore what you’ve done with your hair. The shorter length suits you.”

Milady plastered a pair of kisses on each of Carmen’s cheeks prior to returning the embrace. “You’re like an angel that walks the earth, love. I’ve missed you, my dear. I trust these two haven’t given you too much trouble?”

The gypsy snickered into her palm as she retracted to make eye contact. “You needn’t worry; I’ve got them under control.”

“'These two’ are still present, you know,” Kidd grunted, reluctantly sipping his bitter coffee.

Milady’s gaze fell upon the convicted pirate, who simply raised an eyebrow and awaited her inevitably snarky reply. “My goodness, William, you don’t look a day over fifty!”

“Devil curse me of this ridicule; you’re older than I, and I’ve barely grazed thirty,” Kidd countered, his bottom lip protruding to form a slight, indignant pout.

Milady snickered into her gloved hand, planting herself on the chair Arsène had retrieved for her. “You look far younger with that adorable grimace on your face, William. And in regard to your rather rude announcement of my age, I am only older by a few months.”

“Aye, that’s true, but you have yet to act like it, princess,” Kidd jested, the faintest trace of a smirk dancing upon his lips. He certainly wasn’t wrong; Milady devotedly fancied fairy tales and the like, therefore she would often dress the part of a princess in order to replicate the flamboyance of royalty.

Right as Milady was about to huff out an indignant remark, the tinkling bells of the cafe door resonated throughout the venue, implying that more people had arrived. Indeed, two individuals were curiously eyeing the occupied table, prompting Arsène to stroll over to them. 

“You both must have encountered quite a bit of traffic, seeing as even Milady had arrived before you.”

“England has been exceptionally cautious regarding the migration of her people due to the tense relations with France, and I was only visiting. You can imagine how strenuous the journey back to the Vatican will be,” the woman sighed. Her coffee-colored hair was neatly knotted into a crown braid, with the remainder of it snaking down her shoulder and clavicle. Ruby irises glistened with a suppressed excitement at the prospect of seeing her friends once more, and she bore a simple yet elegant monochrome gown.

The petite individual adjacent to her nodded in agreement. “Yes, and navigating my way through the Middle East was no easy feat, either. Granted, I did seem to stumble upon numerous distractions. I was fortunate to have run into Joan while wandering around this city. Apologies,” they finished frivolously, adjusting their spectacles as they flashed a pearly, toothy grin that contrasted their sun-kissed skin. 

Al Azif, better known as Necronomicon, was an eccentric scholar that ventured throughout the world in pursuit of research, and their vast wealth of knowledge and intelligence could be considered alien. Underneath the headdress that was wrapped atop their head, their silky raven hair was rebelliously fashioned into a low side ponytail that ended just below their chest. Baggy black pants and a fluttery olive long-sleeved shirt completed the modest look.

“For being the eldest, you’re not imposing a very sterling example. Is your age getting the better of you already?” Arsène teased.

Al playfully hunched their back and emanated a raspy voice in an attempt to mimic a wizened elder, “My boy, when you grow to be my age, you’ll understand.” Ironically, their appearance seemed like they had not even struck their twenties yet.

“Perhaps I will have better luck aging,” Arsène heartily chuckled. “Try not to break your hip on the way to the table.”

A pair of men abruptly sauntered through the entrance of the cafe, and everyone had focused their attention on the intruders; one wore a black suit and possessed uncharacteristically cerulean cat-like eyes; the taller male was dressed in black samurai attire with blue garnishments, and his ebony hair (with navy undertones) was tidily styled into a high bun, exposing his prominent facial features. 

The samurai spoke first, his velvety, cathartic voice wafting through the air like a gentle mist. “I apologize for my tardiness, but Japan is quite a ways from here.”

The black clad man next to him shook his head prior to discarding his hat. “Señor Goemon claims that, but I happened to witness him staring quite intently at a pigeon just outside of this cafe. He would have been arrested for frightening bystanders had I not heroically saved the day.”

Goemon grimaced resentfully, procuring a pipe from underneath his vestments as he admonished, “Mock all you like, Zorro; nature is a beautiful phenomenon in its plethora of forms.”

“That is, until that very form decides to relieve its bowels on that pretentious head of yours,” Zorro teased, hanging his jet-black sombrero on the rack and gallantly gliding to the table.

“The nerve…!” Goemon seethed, igniting the base of his pipe and puffing out smoke with a scowl embedded on his soft lips.

Arsène chuckled prior to approaching the disgruntled samurai, then he leaned to his ear and mischievously whispered, “If you wish to enact your revenge on him, I’d be delighted to aid you. After all… that bastard robbed me of my succulents.”

Goemon’s silver eyes widened in blatant disbelief and horror. “Th-that fiend…! Not the succulents…!” He glared daggers at the back of Zorro’s ebony head. “Say the word, Arsène, and I will strike that barbarian down to hell.”

The gentleman thief desperately strained to choke back his imminent laughter; he felt the thinnest shred of shame for preying on Goemon’s gullibility, but his immense satisfaction from the successful prank greatly outweighed his inhibitions. Besides, he wasn’t lying about the succulents; they were resting safely on the windowsill of his stolen villa. 

“I will keep you informed, my dear Goemon. In the meantime, let us join the others. There is much to discuss, and Kidd is but a mere moment away from enduring an aneurysm.”

Kidd didn’t even grant him the satisfaction of reacting as he murmured into his coffee, “It’s only made worse by your incessant bantering. You are aware that I’m being hunted by the French?”

Meanwhile, Arsène had escorted Goemon to the table and promptly reclaimed his seat. “I can’t imagine why, the guards’ standards must have plummeted recently.” Kidd’s irritated stare bore through Arsène and he hurriedly retracted his statement. “I apologize, William, but please be at ease. Milady and I have taken the necessary precautions and eliminated any chance of your discovery. Trust us; we will not allow them to take you,” the thief concluded, a determined conviction flickering in his eyes. 

As much as he adored ruffling his comrades’ feathers, Arsène treasured them infinitely more than any material possession he had acquired through his years of thievery.

Kidd’s expression softened as he bobbed his head in understanding, and Arsène proceeded with explaining the ‘grand scheme’. 

“Now, onto the subject of why I have gathered you all here. You all have been graciously performing favors for me without any explanation, and I thank you for your trust in me, my friends. With your combined efforts, I was able to discern the precise location of a lost treasure that was initially thought to be a simple legend…”

Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 40791/ ?

Prologue (Part 1 + 2) // Ch 1 // Ch 2 // Ch 3 // Ch 4 // Ch 5 // Ch 6

Read on: Ao3

Emma’s rejected kiss stings Killian all weekend. He tries to throw himself into work. To make up for taking Friday night off, he works the day and night shift on Saturday. It is just as well, the intense schedule keeps him busy and that is all he can ask for.

“What are you so down in the mouth about?” Ruby asks, when they swap shifts on Sunday.

“Tis nothing,” Killian mutters.

“Yeah, uh huh,” Ruby teases, folding her arms on the counter and propping up her chin on her hand, “Seriously, Killian, I’ve never seen you so forlorn. Tell Madame Ruby and she’ll sort out all your troubles.”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

A strong feeling of déjà vu hits you as you enter Negan’s room. The furniture is the same, the smell is familiar, and dozens of memories rush through your mind.

“Feeling nostalgic yet, sweetheart?” Negan asks from behind you as he closes the door.

“Not exactly,” is all you say.

“Well, bathroom’s just through there. Though I guess I don’t need to tell you that,” he smirks. 

“You’re not coming with me.”

He pretends to look offended. “But, sweetheart, why not? I can be a gentleman!” He suddenly grins. “Oh, yeah, that’s right… you never wanted me to be a gentleman.” He gives you a self-pleased wink. “Should be plenty of towels and shower stuff. Take your time, relax, get yourself right. I’ll be out here when you’re finished.”

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“Once upon a time, up, up in the northernmost part of a Kingdom where the days were as dark as nights, and the land was as barren as desert, lived a young soul named Kanna, whose gentle presence and bright smile brought warmth and light for everyone behind the cold wall of a fortress they resided in…“

Thank you Aiwa for always doing such a great job realizing my HCs into pictures wonderfully! ;3;

More comments below the cut to save your dash lol.

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A significant portion of the fics in the Arya x Gendry tag on AO3 are fics in which Arya and Gendry are the beta pairing, not the primary relationship of the fic.

Here are the Top 50 completed fics, sorted by kudos, in which Arya x Gendry is the primary relationship, as of July 1, 2016.

Ratings and Length will vary. 

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pixie-dustss  asked:

I'm so sorry accidentally pressed the ask button and I haven't finished the ask yet OMG I'm so clumsy. to continue the ask, It'd really lovely to see Hiccup's reaction towards Astrid's suddenly being cuddly. I love you, your blog, your fanfictions. you're awesome <3 thank you so much! <3

A/N: Hi!! <3 Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my writing, though! Thank you so much!

I kind of tweaked the prompt a little, I think? I’m not sure- I kind of just wrote whatever came to mind when cuddling was involved. If it’s not exactly what you were looking for, please let me know!!! I hope this is something relative to what you were hoping for- it’s all just… fluff, really. Pure, pure fluff. Please enjoy! :’) Set after RTTE S2, but they’re still on the Edge… because convenience for writing, I guess? Haha.


Hiccup smiled fondly to himself as he carded a hand through the blonde’s hair.

Her toned arms, lacking their typical strips of leather and fur, were looped tightly (though not uncomfortably) around his neck. She lacked her pauldrons, let alone anything vaguely reminiscent of armor. She was dressed in nothing but a green tunic, light and worn- one that previously belonged to him- in addition to a pair of cropped leggings. In regards to her legs… they, too, were wound around his own. The two were essentially tangled up in one another- but Hiccup didn’t mind whatsoever. In fact, he enjoyed it.

The rise and fall of Astrid’s chest against his own was steady and comforting. The Hofferson radiated a certain warmth; one that was reassuring and soothing to his tired bones. There was nothing more satisfying than returning back to his hut on the Edge after a long day of adventuring- and mapping- with Toothless, Astrid, and Stormfly. Their dragons were in their respective stables, most likely taking their own well deserved rest for the evening.

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5sos Imagine - Stretch Marks - CalPal [Smut] [Requested]

Request: Can you do an imagine where Y/N and calum are having a movie night on the couch and things start to get heated and before he takes your shorts off you stop him cause your embarrassed of the stretch marks on your butt,but he comforts you about it and then you two continue 😏😏

of course im assuming you meant smut so this is smut so just be a little forewarned and im really sorry i didn’t do exactly what you asked for>

however i did mark where the smut started for all you lovelies that aren’t cool with that kind of thing <3

link to my masterlist - x


C A L U M - 

“You aren’t even watching the film.” You said, once again pushing his hand off your thigh.

“I’m not interested in the film,” You looked at him for a second, only to see him wink and replace his hand. 

His lips moved towards yours and you gladly obliged, the two of you pecking each others’ lips before they moulded together. You reveled in the feeling of his lips on yours, but it wasn’t until his hand rose a little higher on your leg that you pushed him away. 

“Calum,” You groaned. 

“What?” He poked your cheek playfully. “Come on, (Y/N), we haven’t been alone like this in ages.” If you felt like being honest, yes, he was right. Calum and you hadn’t been alone together in a long time; he was always off with the boys doing promos and interviews and every now and then you’d tag along, but for the most part you’d stay home, not wanting to infringe on him and his friends.

And, honestly, you did want him in the same way he wanted you, naked in the bedroom, but it was just your thoughts holding you back. The two of of you hadn’t taken that step yet, so unnecessary nerves were building up, and leaving your stomach in knots. 

“Maybe I want to watch the film,” You lied. “Maybe I find this film really interesting.” 

“Please, you’ve seen this film before, (Y/N).” He said. “I know you have, because you watch it all the time.“ 

"Shut up. I watch it all the time because I find it interesting and enjoyable." 

"What, so I’m not interesting and enjoyable?" 

"Not when you’re distracting me from my movie.” You were joking with him at this point, but you really sort of did want him to drop the subject of seducing you. You didn’t look like a model, naked. You weren’t proud of your body, in fact, the exact opposite. You wanted to keep it hidden. You knew it would only be so long before Calum would insinuate something, him being horny and over-rushed with hormones, but you were hoping it would be put off until another time. Or who knows, maybe never. The stretch marks on your arse flashed inside your head, as some sort of cautionary signal, reminding you that as soon as Calum saw them he’d either vomit in disgust or break up with you immediately. Maybe a combination of both. You looked down at your feet just thinking of it.

However it didn’t last for long as your attention was brought to his hand again on your thigh, running it up and down and smiling at you cheekily. 

“Come on,” He nudged your face with his nose, as if that was supposed to coax you into diverting your attention to him.

You looked down at your lap, and removed his hand once again, placing it on his own lap. You felt bad about it, really, it wasn’t anything he did, it was purely you. You and your over-imaginative mind thinking that absolute destruction would happen once he saw your stupid stretch marks. You’d even tried to get them to go away with different scrubs and lotions. But nothing worked. You were just forever imprisoned to spend the rest of your life with stretch marks on your bum. 

“(Y/N), hey, is something wrong?” He asked. You turned to him, faking a smile. 

“No, of course not." 

"Then, why?” He asked, his cheeks going a little red. “I mean, why won’t you, uh, you know…" 

"Cal, um…maybe we should, uh, not talk about that.” You shrugged, looking once again at the screen. Honestly you weren’t even paying attention to the film anymore, but you were glad that it was there to keep you from having this conversation. 

“Hey, come on, now.” He turned off the TV suddenly, and you looked at him in surprise. “Talk to me. That’s what I’m here for.” He said. “What’s wrong?" 

"Cal, I just…I don’t want you to be disappointed." 

"Disappointed?” He scoffed. “By what?" 

"Me…naked.” You mumbled, barely above a whisper as you looked at him, biting the inside of your cheek. 

“Seriously?” He asked you. He even laughed a little. You were surprised by his reaction, and your expression must have told you that, because he suddenly rushed to explain, “I mean, wha-you’re serious." 

"Yeah.” You replied.

“Babe, you’re beautiful.” His hand went up to caress the side of your cheek, and your head fell into the embrace. 

“You wouldn’t know.” You snuck your tongue out at him. “You haven’t seen me naked." 

"Not yet,” He flirted, adding in a wink for effect. “But, seriously, (Y/N), you don’t need to worry about me being, disappointed. That’s ridiculous." 

"You don’t understand,” You shook your head. “My bum…" 

"Your bum?” He asked, trying his hardest not to laugh. You really appreciated his effort; he was really trying not to crack up and ruin the sincerity of your discussion.

“Yes, Cal, my bum.” You frowned. “Stop being immature." 

"Right, yeah, sorry.” He straightened up his posture, as if that made him seem any less childish. “Why are you, um, why are you so worried about your butt, (Y/N)? I mean I’m sure it’s as beautiful as the rest of you.” He tried flirting again, but you swatted him playfully.

“No, Cal, you don’t get it. I’ve got…” You lowered your voice to a whisper, humiliated that you were telling him this, “I’ve got stretch marks." 

"What?” He asked. Suddenly you were very disappointed that Calum didn’t have bionic hearing.

“Stretch marks." 

"What?” He asked again. “(Y/N) speak up, I can’t hear you." 

"Fucking stretch marks!” You yelled. Instantly a hand went to cover your mouth and you blushed in embarrassment. 

“Aww, babe, you-you’re embarrassed because you have stretch marks on your bum?” He laughed.

“Stop laughing at me,” You frowned, crossing your arms like a little child. 

“I’m sorry,” He said, encasing you in a hug. “It’s not funny." 

"No, it’s not." 

"It absolutely is not and you’re adorable.” He kissed the top of your head. 


(if you’re not cool with smut now is the time to scroll like a maniac friend) 

“Soo about earlier…” He smiled cheekily, his hand travelling down once again. 

You looked up at him.

“I think you’re beautiful.” He whispered in your ear, lightly nibbling on your ear. 

“Thanks,” You blushed. 

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, running his thumb over your lips as he pressed his forehead onto yours. You merely nodded, not sure how to act in this certain moment. You’d had sex before, and yet you’d never felt so nervous. He attached your lips again, and you practically melted into him. He took his place over you on the couch, and your hands flew to his hair, pulling just lightly enough to make him groan. 

“Cal, Cal,” You reluctantly pulled away, and instantaneously ran kisses up your neck and collar bone. “Cal," 

"What?” He asked between kisses, his voice muffled. 

“Bedroom,” You blushed. “Not here." 

He laughed as he picked you up, effortlessly. “Your wish is my command, milady.” He kissed you again, keeping the kiss constant as he carried you through the door of your bedroom and threw you on the bed (gently). 

"Babe, you’re so beautiful,” He said, as he threw his shirt over his head and onto the floor, taking his place on top of you again. “I want you to know that,” He kissed your jaw, your collarbone, your forehead, “I want you to know how beautiful you are.”

His lips ghosted over yours for only a second, as he ran his hands up and down your sides, never once breaking eye contact with you. His hands went under your shirt to your belly, instigating those feelings of insecurity once again as Calum tugged on it lightly, indirectly asking your permission. You arched your back off the bed, and he took the liberty of throwing it somewhere in the room, only to be found again in the morning. Your hands wanted to cover up everything, and hide, but Calum had intertwined his hands with yours. He was staring at you, and you weren’t sure if it was because he was in awe or because he was disappointed. You looked away, ashamed, and red-faced, waiting any second for him to get off you and awkwardly leave. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked you. His hand left yours for a moment to turn your head to face him again. “If you’re not comfortable, we don’t have to do this. It’s fine. I’m perfectly okay waiting." 

"I just,” You looked at him desperately. Was he really going to make you say this?

“Go on,” He nudged, “I’m not a mind reader; I don’t know what you’re thinking." 

"I don’t want you to be, you know, disappointed or anything.” You shrugged. He chucked again, his hand caressing your hair as he lent down to kiss you.

“Babe, I don’t know what you’ve got going on in that head of yours, but you are completely out of your mind to think I’d be disappointed.” He said. “You are literally so out of my league it’s not even funny.” 

Me?” You snorted. “If anything, I’m out of your league, Mr. Rockstar.” 

"You should call me that in bed,” He joked. “I have a kink for being called Mr. Rockstar. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this earlier." 

"Cal,” You swatted his arm playfully. “You pick the worst times to joke around." 

"What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m, you know, shirtless.” Blood rushed to your cheeks; you never took yourself for much of a blusher before you met Calum, but this boy must’ve had super powers or something, you could never stop blushing around him. 

“I’ve noticed,” He winked at you. “It’s really distracting, actually.” You looked away instinctively, flaming up like a little school girl, and he lent down to kiss your cheek. “So, are you okay? We don’t have to continue, babe. Please don’t feel pressured or anything. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. That’s that." 

"I’m okay.” You nodded. 

“You’re sure?" 

"Yeah.” You smiled up at him. 

“I don’t mean to sound like a jerk or anything but I am so glad you said that.” He chuckled. 


"Sorry not sorry.” He laughed, leaning back down to your neck. “You’re so perfect, you know? You don’t even see it." 

"Stop,” You giggled. “You’re tickling me." 

"Really?” He laughed. “You’re ticklish? Where? Here?” He ran his pointer finger along the side of your neck and you giggled as your neck flinched into your shoulder. “You’re adorable.” He said as he kissed you.

You’re adorable.” You replied, running your hands back through his hair. 

“I hope you really do call me Mr. Rockstar, it’ll be really sexy." 

"Oh my gosh! Stop it,” You laughed.

“I can just see it, you know. You’re like on the edge of oblivion like ‘aw yeah! Mr. Rockstar! Harder!’ It’ll be super hot, promise, babe.” His smile was wide to his ears, and you couldn’t help but laugh at his childishness.

“Cal!” Your hands ran to your cheeks, trying to hide the fact you were blushing. “I’m not going to call you Mr. Rockstar." 

"So will you call me daddy, then?” He wiggled his eyebrows at you before pressing a gentle kiss right on your sweet spot, even going as far to leave a small hickey there.

“I will absolutely not,” You retorted. 

“Some other time, then." 

"Pfft. Sure.” You scoffed sarcastically. 

He grinned widely as his lips ran across your again. The two of you started up another makeout session, his tongue swiping across your lip to ask permission. You always loved that about Calum; he always asked for your permission. He never assumed. It was gentleman-ly, and you really did appreciate it. His chivalry never failed to impress you. 

You continued that way for a while, just kissing. Every now and then his lips would leave yours and run down your jaw and shoulder, but they would always return to your lips. 

Calum broke the kiss, keeping his eye contact with you and he kissed down your stomach, stopping at your shorts. He looked to you. 

“You alright?” He asked, tugging on the belt loops as he waited for your answer. You nodded. 

“I’m good." 

"Just tell me, okay, if you’re uncomfortable? I want you to enjoy this. I love you." 

"I love you, too, Cal.” You caressed his hair lightly. 

His expression wavered as he hestitantly pulled your shorts down your legs, and you kicked them off once they reached your ankles. Thankfully, you’d put on matching underwear today in some sort of miracle turn of events. 

His hand hooked on the sides of your underwear, his whole demeanor changed. His smirk was smug and his eyes were a shade darker than usual. He placed gentle kisses all around your, stomach and your legs, each time nearing your core but never quite touching it. 

He pressed his thumb into your clothed lower half, causing you to let out an unexpectedly loud moan. You instinctively covered your mouth and blushed, looking anywhere but your boyfriend, who you heard chuckling. 

“Aww, babe, don’t be embarrassed.” He pulsed his thumb into you. “It was hot.” Keeping his thumb in place he moved back up to hover over you, just so he could reattach your lips once again. “Can I take this off you?” he asked, taking his hand off your underwear and running his fingers along the top of your bra where your cleavage was shown. 

You nodded, sitting up as your watched Calum carefully reach around behind you and undo the clasp, letting your bra fall onto into his hands, as he threw it onto the floor, adding to the pile he had going on the floor. 

His hands cupped your breasts as he ran his thumbs over the tops of them trying to keep the mood slow and steady. 

He lightly kissed each when, keeping his hands you and as he lightly nudged you, hinting that it was okay for you to lie down again. 

He made his way back down to your panties again, hooking his fingers around the sides. He looked up at you, eyelashes dark and full an smirk clear as day as he slid them down your legs. You were embarrassed, suddenly, at how exposed you are. He was seeing you flat-out naked.

“You’re so gorgeous, (Y/N).” He shook his head. “You don’t even understand.” He placed little kisses around your inner thighs and travelled up to your core. 

“Cal,” Your hand went back down to his raven-coloured hair. “Stop.” You shook your head, your cheeks flushing red again. 

“What?” He asked. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t, um, I don’t…” You shook your head, unsure of how to word it. “I don’t want you to do that." 

"Do what?" 

"What, um, what you are, uh, just about to do." 

"Oh,” He crawled back up to place another kiss on the corner of your mouth. “Okay.” He rubbed your sides up and down and gave you a wink. “Maybe some other time, then.” You blushed again, feeling severely embarrassed for turning him down like that. 

“You know, I’m stark naked, and here you are,” You bit your lip, once again in an effort to be sexy. You didn’t feel sexy. You felt embarrassed, and awkward. You and Calum were moving so slow, and you weren’t used to it. Your first time was fast, and to the point, not much love or thought to it. Calum seemed to be dragging this out purposefully, not for the purpose of teasing, but to please you, and love you. You weren’t fucking. This wasn’t in any sort of way a fuck. But it sounded too cliche to say ‘make love.’ 

“Hmmm,” He hummed, smiling, and sitting up and undoing the buckle on his pants, sliding them down his knees and kicking them off as best as he could given his position. “You’re beautiful, you know that, right?" 

"Stop it,” You told him. “Stop with all the compliments." 

"No,” He smiled, shaking his head. “Never.” He resumed to kiss your neck, leaving his mark here and there. “You’re beautiful, okay? And so are your stretch marks." 

"Cal,” You whined. “You’re just saying that because you have to." 

"No, seriously,” He said. “Stretch marks are just that - marks.” He pulled way from your neck so he could see your face, bringing his hand up to your cheek to lightly caress it. “They’re not flaws or anything. They’re just marks. A lot of people have them,” He shrugged. “They’re no big deal. Don’t worry about them, okay? I’m not going to stop loving you because you have stretch marks. That’s ridiculous. Everyone has them." 

"Oh, yeah? Then where are yours?” You asked, your eyebrow raised as you insinuated the challenge. He just shook his head. 

“Shhhh…its a secret.” He whispered coyly.

“You’re not helping your case here,” You said. 

“Shut up, I’m doing a great job. I mean you clearly trust me, here are naked under me, so obviously I’m doing something alright here.” He laughed.

“It’s funny, because you’re not naked yet.” You pulled on the line of his boxers and pulled them back to snap against his skin. 

“Ow!” He pouted, bringing his hand to the red mark left and rubbing it. 

“You deserved it, Mr. Rockstar.” You mocked him. “So do you not trust me, then? Do we need to conduct some trust falls after this?" 

"Probably,” He nodded. “I’ve found that girls like a hero, and I’ll always save you from falling to the ground.” He winked. 

You laughed. “That was awful!” 

“It was not, it was fantastic and you know it.” He said. “I bet you’d fall for any bloke who used that line.”

“Well I did fall for you, didn’t I?” “You did…kind of stupid on your part, wasn’t it?” He kissed your cheek playfully. “You make me happy,” You smiled. “That’s all I could ever ask for.”

“Now who’s being sappy?“ He teased.

The two of you smiled, just joking around and bantering to ease over the awkwardness of the situation. Making conversation and teasing each other was a good way of dealing with your nudeness in front of each other. As much as you trust him, and as much as he trusted you, it didn’t make it any less awkward to be completely exposed in front of the other. It made you open. 

"I love you,” He said as he kissed you again, your lips fitting together with his smoothly, your kiss full of passion and love.

“Love,” Kiss. ”You,” Kiss. “Too.” Kiss.

The two of you were completely unattached from the world - disconnected, if you will. You were his and he was yours, and time had purely stopped. He told you over and over again he loved you with every motion he made, from each kiss on your shoulder and your neck, from each caress he made, from each touch.

“Are you ready?” He asked you, leaning his forehead on yours as he smiled down at you, now, completely stark naked. 

You nodded, smiling, biting your lip.

“Wait,” You exhaled sharply. 

“What? What is it? Are you okay?" 

"Can, you, um,” You blushed. “Can you pull the duvet over us?” You asked him.

“Seriously?” He asked. You nodded, sheepishly. “Oh, thank God. I thought you were uncomfortable or something. Of course, babe.” You found yourself relieved that he didn’t utter a word about your strange request. It felt more intimate. More to yourselves, instead of a secret seen by all four walls. It was just you and him under the duvet. 

He reached behind him and pulled the duvet over the two of you, up to his neckline. He smiled, attaching your lips as he regained his balance by situating his arms on either side of your head. 

“Ready?” He exhaled heavily, having lost his breath from the kiss.

“Yeah,” You said.

“Okay, if you want me to stop, I will. No big deal. You just, you just have to tell me, alright?" 

"This isn’t my first time, Cal.” You smiled. “But I really have to thank you for treating it like it is.” He shrugged sheepishly as he lined himself up and started to push in. 

“Shit,” He cursed. “Babe-”

In an effort to get him to shut up, you attached your lips to his, smiling as the two of you moulded your lips together, only stopping every once in a while to take a breath. 

He kept a steady pace going, slow, and meaningful, and full of love. Just a gentle rocking, a simple motion, but it meant so much to you. Eventually your kiss dissolved and the two of you stared into each others’ eyes, like nothing else mattered, nothing else even coming across your mind, nothing else except the two of you, against the universe.


I hope you liked it love!! <3 I’m really sorry this took so long!! 

oh btw thank you to acidxirwin and flowercrownsfor5sos for helping me out with this <3


The Divided Bride - Part 1
  • +18 Content. Part 1 of ?, first person perspective
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Loki and Thor 
  • Genre: Romance and smut
  • Summary: A young Asgardian noblewoman is supposed to become married to Thor, son of Odin. But her heart belongs to another man…

Everyone had a good start into the new year? 

I have a million other stories to finish, but this one just couldn´t wait. There is only build up and no smut in this part, but the (presumably 2) other chapters will brim with it - this is a promise!

“But Mighty Allfather! You can´t ask that of me! Please, have a heart!”

My pleas started out loud and vehement but my voice broke soon. For hours had I been trying to reason with my king, but the more I argued and explained the louder and less forgiving he became.

Odin´s face turned dark red and he already commenced shouting at me but regained his composure and halted on the very brink. His voice sounded even more menacing as he now almost whispered, controlled, but forceful, his face very close to mine. “First, I do not ask, Milady, I command. Second, you are not in the position to bargain with your sovereign. You come of noble stock and will marry my son Thor. The festivities will be held in three days. My ears are deaf to further pleading. Leave. Now.”

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Damn it, Bellamy

She was nearly angry to see the sun as it rose above them, working its way through the fabric that served as roof and filling the dark tent with light shades of red.

They’d been lying there for hours, not really asleep but nowhere near awake, silently resting in each other’s presences. She loved Earth, she loved nature, she loved her friends, but if she were to pick her very best moments in the ground, she knew they were inside that tent, lying naked under the covers, mixing his warmth with hers, sometimes talking, sometimes quietly. With her finger circling around his chest, tracing imaginary drawings on his skin, she never wanted it to end. But it was time.

Clarke tried to move as quietly as possible, but he was a light sleeper, wrapping a strong arm around her as she was getting up and pulling her back into bed with him.

“It’s still early…” He mumbled, clearly more tired than she was.

 “Sun’s risen. Duty calls. Jasper and Raven are probably waiting for me already.”

“Do you really have to go?” He asked even though he knew the answer, holding her tightly against him. “I don’t want you to go.”

She grinned at him. “Well, if you don’t mind starving for a month or so, I suppose I can stay.”

Bellamy smiled back, still sleepy. “Eating is completely overrated.”

“Oh, I’ve seen you eat. Judging by the way you tackled that poor piece of meat yesterday at lunch I don’t think you can make three whole hours without a decent meal.” She laughed. “Besides…I wouldn’t want you to be out energy, would I?”

“Definitely not, but there’s other people in this camp. Have one of them go hunting on your place, stay in bed. That’s the best part of being a leader!”

“A real leader doesn’t run away from her responsibilities. Today is my turn to go hunting, so I’m going hunting. Like it or not.”

“I don’t. It feels like every time someone leaves the protection of our walls, something bad happens.”

She gave him a quick kiss, careful not to let him pull her in for a longer one. If he did, she’d most likely be at least half an hour late.  “I’ll be fine. I’m tough enough to fend for myself.”

He turned a little bit to let the scratch marks on his back show. She really needed to cut her nails. “Oh, I know. But I still don’t like the idea of you out there by yourself…”

“Not by myself. With Raven. And Jasper.”

“As if either one of them was any good with a spear.”

“I am.”

He raised his eyebrows suggestively. “Yes…yes you are.”

Clarke punched his shoulder, finally loosening herself from his grip and getting up, reaching for her clothes. “Not what I meant.”

“I’m just saying, you can either go out there in the cold scary forest to kill little animals or stay here in the warm and cozy with me.”

Once she’d already squeezed herself into her pants and put on yesterday’s crumpled shirt, she took a seat next to him, using a makeshift brush to carefully untangle every string of her hair. “Will you shut up already? I’m going. You’re staying. That’s the end of it.”

“As milady commands.” His fingers sent literal electric shocks through her spine as he caressed the small area of exposed skin between her shirt and her pants while she tried to put on her shoes, and she had to get up before it got to her.

Clarke stood up, throwing on her old, worn out leather jacket, ready to leave. Finally sitting up, he grabbed her hand. “Clarke?”


“Just come back to me, okay?”

She bent down to kiss him goodbye. “I promise. And you behave while I’m gone. The hunting trip might take a few days, don’t you dare forget who your princess is.”

“I was wrong before, you know. You’re no princess.”

She furrowed her brow. “Is that so?”

He looked at her, looked at her in that one way only he could, looked at her like she was the single most amazing thing he’d ever seen. Something about Bellamy’s eyes, they simply had the power of taking her breath away in a matter of seconds. “You’re the queen. You’ve always been. I see it now.”

Damn it, Bellamy.

When she was finally able to meet Raven and Jasper, she was forty minutes late and her hair was an absolute mess.

Never Tear Us Apart (11/12)

SYNOPSIS: Killian Jones is the front man for a band who have not yet made the big time. He is also in love with his good friend ( and the girlfriend of their manager)  the unattainable Emma Swan. When their manager turns out not to be the man they thought, his friendship with Emma is threatened.

[Chapter 1][Chapter 2][Chapter 3][Chapter 4][Chapter 5][Chapter 6][Chapter 7][Chapter 8][Chapter 9][Chapter 10]


A/N: Second to last chapter! Oh my goodness. I know I have said it over and over but the fact that people have responded to this story in such a positive way has made me a bit emotional at times. And that you have been patient through these last few chapters where the time in between has started to stretch (note to self: next MC, try writing the WHOLE thing before posting LOL) The chapters have started to stretch too! Carrie, Brooke and Kaitlyn, you remain, as ever, the best cheer squad a girl could have!

Chapter 11: Don’t have to tell you, I love your precious heart

The quiet of his classroom in the early morning had seemed the perfect place to try and comprehend the events of the last few days. There was something about the peace of an almost empty school, the ordered rows of desks and chairs that helped him clear his mind when it was at its most scattered. Flipping open his iPad, he opened his music and chose his favourite playlist, the one he still wasn’t quite admitting should have her name on it. Closing his eyes, he let the thoughts swirl through his mind along with the music.

Leaning back against her door, his hand had moved absently across his cheek, tracing the spot where her lips had pressed softly against his skin. He hadn’t imagined the spark between them when her arms had curled around his neck, an attraction that had nothing to do with hurt or alcohol, but it wasn’t time. She was hurting, angry, and the Emma Swan he knew would second guess any big decisions she made when those feelings were prominent in her head.

He had no idea how she always managed to know when he was at his most vulnerable, but the sound of delicate footsteps indicated Mary Margaret was in his classroom, sliding a cup of coffee across the desk to him before he had opened his eyes.

“How’s Emma?” she asked, perching herself on the edge of his desk. He waited for the inevitable string of follow up questions, raising an expectant eyebrow at her, but it appeared his friend had decided to change her interrogation strategy. She smiled serenely, taking delicate sips of her coffee until the silence was more than he could take.

“That is a fairly minimalist request by your standards,” he said. “No list of queries today?”

Mary Margaret placed the cup down and went to get her usual chair. Killian smiled to himself - there might not be a lot of questions, but she was clearly here for the long haul.

“I think the question stands alone, Killian. Your friend - our friend - has had a horrible thing happen and I want to know how she is handling it.”

“Fair enough,” he agreed. “All things considered, she is handling it quite well. She’s hurt and angry and she needs some answers because he has told her nothing, but I think she will be OK. Eventually.”

His hand went unconsciously to his cheek, to the spot where Emma’s lips had brushed against his stubble, just as it had as he stood outside her door. There was that tiny spark of hope again, a brief moment of thinking someday she might return his feelings. A fact that clearly showed on his face.

“What’s that smile? Killian, please tell me you didn’t…”

He shook his head at Mary Margaret, who was looking at him, her eyes full of concern. “I hardly think I would be accosting Emma a day after she’s had her heart broken. Whatever I may feel for her, I’m not that callous.” His voice was sharper than he had intended, but when he went to apologise, she waved him away.

“No, I’m sorry. Of course you wouldn’t. But I know that smile. That is a hopeful smile.” She reached out and covered his hand with hers. He waited for her to speak again, but soon realised she was not listening to him, but rather to the song playing in the background.

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Scenes from a Love Story: Part 1/1

Title: Scenes from a Love Story
Author: Steph
Rating: M
Pairing: Hook/Emma
Category: Romance/Smut
Disclaimer: I do this out of a love for this couple. No infringement is intended.
Spoilers: Just a mention of what happened at the end of the season finale.

Summary: After Emma returns and the darkness is removed from her, she and Killian set out to make a life together.   This story details the important moments of their love story.

Note: This popped into my head and practically wrote itself.   I thought about making it a little angsty here and there, but figured we could all use some straight up fluff and smut after the season finale.  Hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you thought! -Steph

…Scenes from a Love Story: Part 1/1…

~First Exchange of I Love You~

Emma had been the first to say it.  Those three little words.  Unfortunately, she had chosen just about the worst moment to do it.  Killian had been so taken aback and shocked by what was happening, he didn’t have a chance to say it in return.  Of course, he had wanted to tell her a thousand times before, but he had been scared of pushing her away if she wasn’t ready to hear them.

So when Emma returned and they were able to rid her of the darkness, he swore that he would be the first one to say it this time.

Tonight, he had asked her to meet him by the water.  It was a beautiful night.  A full moon lit up the sky and stars twinkled above them.

He was lost in thoughts of her and didn’t hear her approach him from behind.  She wrapped her arms around him and placed her head against his back.  She closed her eyes, reveling in his warmth and scent that drove her wild.  

“God, I missed you,” she breathed.

He smiled and joined their hands together, as he turned around in her arms.  

“And I missed you, love,” he replied, placing a kiss to her lips.

Emma looked into his eyes as they parted. “You’re what got me through the darkness, Killian.  I kept thinking about how you were able to choose the right path and I knew that I could do it, too.”

Killian brought his hand up and cupped her cheek. “I love you, Emma.”

Emma smiled and nodded. “I know.  I’ve known for a long time.  I know I chose the worst possible moment to tell you I love you too, Killian, but I needed you to know before I was consumed by the darkness.  I wanted you to hold onto that.”  She paused and said, “I love you so much.”

She pressed her lips to his again and then pulled back, placing her head on his shoulder.

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