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Any chance you have anything with fake dating/boyfriend for hire turned lover fics? >w<

Thanks for these requests! This is a fun AU! As always, let me know if you have read another fic that you think should be on this list! 

Fake/Pretend Relationship

When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Sugar by shereadsthestars, Mature, 7.7k
What could possibly be worse than getting stuck with a roommate you weren’t expecting? Discovering that roommate is none other than Viktor f*cking Nikiforov. I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO MUCH! 

Impostor Syndrome by renaissance, Mature, 61k 
At some point, most people with a childhood crush will imagine meeting their idol, and might even pretend that they’re dating. This is the story of how Yuuri Katsuki meets his childhood crush, and how they pretend that they’re dating. LOVE!

A Katsudon for Two by koi_ling, Teen, 8.6k (WIP)
Yuuri wakes up with a headache and a new boyfriend. (an AU in which Yuuri and Victor pretend to be dating because Yuuri’s mom is too worried about her son staying solo for his whole life) This is SO good so far, hoping for more!

Looking for a rhythm like you by Cesare, Teen, 12k (WIP)
“I know we only really met yesterday, and this may be skipping ahead a lot,” says Victor, “but would it be all right if we told people we’re dating?” Thumbs up!

The Power of Love by kiaronna, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Yuuko and Yuuri dominate the singles skating competition as Japan’s power couple—except they aren’t a couple, and when their old skating idol stumbles into their personal life, everything rapidly goes downhill. SUCH a good fic!

The nostalgic feeling of the familiar by myoue, Gen, 11k
Yuuri’s the one who suggested being fake engaged in the first place, tugging Victor along on such a convoluted plan at the start of cherry blossom season. This is great!

It Doesn’t Have to be a Lie by Recesskup, Not Rated, 54k (WIP)
Yuuri is not outgoing. That’s why when Phichit supplies Viktor as his fake boyfriend he’s bringing home for Christmas he nearly dies on the spot. And in all Honesty, he’s not quite sure how he managed to convince Viktor Nikiforov to play the role of his pretend boyfriend. And he’s even more at a loss for words when he remembers he has to go along with this for two weeks. Highly recommend!

locker room talk by thehibiscusthief, Teen, 1.3k
“Yuuri, I… I really like you! Will you go out with me?” Kenjirou cried. Yuuri froze. The reporters surrounding them fell silent, cameras trained on Yuuri’s shocked expression.
“Um…” he began. “I can’t, because…” His eyes desperately darted around the room, searching for an acceptable answer. “Because I’m already in a relationship! With someone very special. Um.”
Kenjirou’s face fell. “Who is it?” he demanded. His bottom lip was quivering, tears pooling in his eyes.
“Viktor,” he blurted. “I’m dating Viktor.” Cute one-shot!

Hide the Mistletoe by cosmicthief, Teen, 10k (WIP)
Yuuri has a problem. Maybe more than one.1. He just got broken up with.
2. There are five days until Christmas.
3. His mom’s expecting a date at their celebration. Awesome fic, hoping that there will be more!

It Was Simple Until It Wasn’t by marihy, Teen, 7.3k (WIP)
It was simple really. Yuuri wanted revenge on his cheating ex, and Victor needed someone on his arm to appease his parents. The solution to both of their problems was a fake relationship. Nice and simple. But of course, these things rarely stay simple. Great fic!

Rent A Date! by Y3Melisa, Gen, 3.8k (WIP)
Yuuri ‘rents’ a fake boyfriend to bring home so that Minako-sensei will stop trying to hook him up with her ballet class students. Victor, the most popular bachelor on the site, gets chosen. I really like this fic so far!

you are the best thing that’s ever been mine by JMonCheri, Mature, 13k (WIP)
Wherein famous actors Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are forced to fake a relationship for mere reasons such as fame, money, and for teenage girls to make thesis long rants about them on Tumblr. Rec’d by a follower!

never could be sweeter than with you by nihonlove, Teen, 13k (WIP)
Back in highschool, Yuuri Katsuki was basically every stereotype of an unpopular nerd rolled into one. Since then, he likes to think his life has improved in miles. But when an invitation to his highschool reunion arrives, it forces him to take a longer look at his life and his relationships. Particularly with one certain friend he’s been in love with for years and who now wants to help Yuuri through his reunion by pretending to be his boyfriend… Really good!

how sign traits manifest, when energies are focused outward vs. inward

outward: snarky, charismatic, exuding an aura of confidence mixed with superiority, ambitious and willing to do whatever they can to achieve their goals, assertive, impatient, strong physical energies 
inward: wildly intelligent, existential, well-intentioned and seeking to self-improve, thoughtful, loyal, frustrated and overly critical of themselves, desiring control 

outward: stubborn, hardworking, super cute, patient, very committed and focused to whatever they’re doing at the moment, great listeners
inward: always excited about relaxation and downtime, those people who wake up in the morning and are already looking forward to climbing back into bed, hopeless romantics, fearful of change, emotional, analytical

outward: talkative, blurs of motion, excitable, lovers of debate and low-key always looking for a friendly fight, adventurous, internalizes stress to the point where it becomes physical illness, curious, expressive, fun-loving, adaptable and able to get along with many different types of people
inward: talks to themselves in the shower and goes over possible argument positions just in case someone tries to start shit. excellent writers, philosophical, thoughtful, always seeking stimulation and fulfillment, conflicted in their own thoughts, can often feel isolated within themselves and misunderstood 

outward: heart-on-sleeve type of people, extremely supportive, excellent maternal instincts- the “mom” at all the parties who takes care of too-drunk friends, always looking to help others, easily teary, communicative, kind, thoughtful and excellent gift givers
inward: creative, sensitive, spiritually and karmically mature, understanding of their need to feel things fully, meditative, lovers of quiet and alone time, always seeking understanding from other people and genuinely deep connections

outward: loud, bright and sunshiney, natural leaders, energetic, affectionate, extremely generous, proud, protective over and loyal to others, dramatic, flirty, demanding and resilient with a visibly strong spirit, able to naturally attract people, queen bees
inward: interested in making life better for themselves and for others, always trying to look at things positively, idealistic, highly emotional, perfectionists, constantly nursing their tender egos, constantly trying to fully understand themselves, relying on gut instinct

outward: skeptical and critical of the world around them, organized, clean, cautious, practical, hard-workers, naturally intelligent, visible perfectionists, fascinating people to talk to, dedicated, detail-oriented, looking for simple pleasures in life
inward: realistic, highly critical of themselves, able to remember a great deal of information easily, passionate about particular things that they love, can often feel a heavy self-imposed pressure to succeed, focused on the moment, prideful in the quality of their work 

outward: flirty, people-pleasers, outgoing, charming and eloquent communicators, love to be shown affection, argument mediators, reasonable, graceful, those people who look like they never have an off day, dedicated to their appearances
inward: indecisive, understanding of others and very capable of understanding many different perspectives, calm, naturally inclined towards contentedness- and determined to find contentedness even when their situations seem shitty, hopeless romantics, creative 

outward: intimidating, magnetic, overtly sexual, hard to approach for many people but everyone wants to approach them anyway, impossible to ignore, often effortlessly the center of attention, masterful in their chosen disciplines, influential
inward: controlled by their emotions, constantly questioning themselves, seeking approval from others, can often be self-destructive, obsessive, determined, self-interested, sensitive, fighting spirit

outward: popular, jovial, spontaneous, effortlessly good with people and attractive to others, competitive, relentless with whatever they set their minds to, always on the go, notorious show-offs,  feeling as though the world is their oyster and ready to work hard to find what it has to offer
inward: strong sense of self, unafraid of new things and taking risks, optimistic, independent, always thinking about the big picture, always craving understanding of themselves and the world, strong gut feelings

outward: hardworking and ambitious, down-to-earth, aloof exterior, mysterious, mature, always appearing in control, consistent, guarded, very responsible with a clear idea of what they’re meant to be doing at any moment, practical and methodical, self-sufficient, extremely capable
inward: traditional, level-headed, patient, realistic, excellent judges of character who rely on gut instinct to tell them who to trust, resilient, strong, courageous, with good humor and a genuine interest in others lying at their core beings

outward: very friendly and open, unique, independent, often seen as true individuals, original, creative, spirited and energetic, inspirational, with a universally accepting attitude towards all people, and a detached/thoughtful way of looking at the world
inward: sensitive, caring, opinionated to the point of stubbornness, open-minded, unwilling to let go once they commit to something, curious, always thinking and considering all possibilities, clever, capable of personal transformation 

outward: very mature, compassionate, loving, sensitive to the energies around them, instinctive with other people’s emotions, thoughtful with conversation and advice, receptive, gentle, always appearing as an older wiser soul despite actual age
inward: daydreamers, extremely reliant on gut instinct and uncanny abilities for prediction, idealistic, emotional, very intelligent, interested in culture, hypersensitive and will often absorb negative energy, observant to the point of feeling isolated or disconnected

{PART 5} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You’re hesitant to reveal your painful past to Jungkook, but time gets cut dreadfully short when Jungkook excuses himself upon receiving an interesting phone call.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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the Basics of Cognitive Functions

So if you’ve been wandering around what I call the “MBTI fandom,” you’ve probably seen numerous posts talking about something called cognitive functions. And you’re like, “learning the order of the letters is hard enough, and now there’s SUBCATEGORIES!?!?”


And this is where the real magic of this thing called “Myers-Briggs” comes into play. Sure, the descriptions you read on were great, but what really makes your type accurate is what’s behind those 4 little letters. Which is…four more letters. 

Here is a list of all of the cognitive functions–and don’t be too daunted by them!! You’ll understand them with time. 

ESTP: Se > Ti > Fe > Ni 
ISTP: Ti > Se > Ni > Fe
ESFP: Se > Fi > Te > Ni 
ISFP: Fi > Se > Ni > Te
ENTP: Ne > Ti > Fe > Si
INTP: Ti > Ne > Si > Fe
ENFP: Ne > Fi > Te > Se
INFP: Fi > Ne > Si > Te
ESFJ: Fe > Si > Ne > Ti
ISFJ: Si > Fe > Ti > Ne
ESTJ: Te > Si > Ne > Fi
ISTJ: Si > Te > Fi > Ne
ENFJ: Fe > Ni > Se > Ti
INFJ: Ni > Fe > Ti > Se
ENTJ: Te > Ni > Se > Fi
INTJ: Ni > Te > Fi > Se

And there you have it. Find your type in there and see what it looks like. I’ll explain each one of your functions down below. But what you need to do is follow this order: Dominant > Auxiliary > Tertiary > Inferior
And what that means is first > second > third > fourth. For example, if you’re an INFP (Fi > Ne > Si > Te), the dominant function is Fi, the auxiliary function is Ne, and so on. 
Read about your functions in their proper order to understand what they mean for you.

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Jily- she said fine, when?

James Potter was persistent. But this year he had practically given up. Lily was no longer getting the huge acts he would do to ask her out. Or the weird but cute pick up calls. He was nice and that was all he was.

She didn’t realize how much she missed his constant flirting until it was gone. Or so she thought.

James Potter was even more in love with Lily Evans than ever before if that was possible. But he also had matured and decided that it just wasn’t meant to be. He would be her friend, Prongs, but nothing more, nothing less. It killed him, it almost did everyday as he watched her in class or in the great hall or in the common room. His heart hurt and he felt like he was slowly dying watching the red headed girl he loved just be his friend. Friend.

It was Tuesday, they’re third class of the day when Lily had gotten the thing she didn’t think she was hoping for all semester long. A note. With perfect script that read Lily in blue ink, flown over to her in the shape of a butterfly.
She almost destroyed the paper trying to see what he had written.

*Evans, will you do me the honor of going out with me some time?*

She stared down at the note, her heart actually leaped in her chest. It was a small question, but finally she was going to say yes.

She scribbled in her chicken scratch *fine, when?* Trying to sound as disinterested as she could.
Unable to fold it into anything special she crumbled up the ball and threw it towards his head when the professor wasn’t looking.

James tried not to watch her as she read his note. This was the last time, he had sworn to himself as he sent the note. The last time he would ever try and get Lily Evans. If she shot him down this last time he would, now it was over. They were not meant to be Mr. and Mrs. potter or Lily and James but just Evans and Potter. Friends.
He distracted himself by watching Sirius try and read the contents of the textbook and stiffed chuckles at his creative swears.

“In the name that is all holy,” he muttered “and merlin’s left ballsack help me understand this bullshit.”

That’s when he the crumpled ball hit him against the head. He looked at Lily who was busy writing notes and looked down at the crumpled ball that sat neatly on his desk.
He was practically shaking. Terrified of what this little ball of paper held.

*Fine, when?*

He couldn’t believe this. He took of his glasses and cleaned them to make sure he read the words right. And after that gave it to Sirius to read who also gave him the ‘I can’t believe it’ look.

He looked back up to see Lily red in the face and holding her quill tightly in her fist.
He quickly wrote *Sunday?*
Trying his best to make a decent show of it, folded the paper into a small swan and sent it back her way.

*Sunday* it read. There was no Hogsmeade trip that weekend. She wondered what he was planning. Taking her quill she noted back, *And what exactly will we be doing on this particular Sunday?*
This time she did try to fold the paper into something, something that resembled a boat and let it sail threw the air.

James was surprised to see the little boat settle perfectly on his current notes. It was crumbled and a bit lopsided but still a cute as intended.
Reading her new note he scribbled in not so neat hand writing.
*I don’t know. I never thought I’d get this far.*
He quickly folded the now very crumpled piece of paper into a rose and made it land perfectly in her hair like a decoration.
He couldn’t help the grin he had when he saw her reach for the flower and pet it affectionately before opening it up.

But when he saw her cover her mouth with her hands to stifle her laughs he knew that he would never give up trying to hear that laugh.

Problematic Protagonists-

Jk, the context was actually that I thought Veronica fucked up the least but then I remembered the 3 deaths she had a part of and now I realise that Evan fucked up the least…

So uh.. I guess you can just see this as Veronica possibly being the most mature of the bunch–

Hey guys! I just wanted to put a disclaimer out here on this story, it is very angsty and deals with mature subject matter, it could possibly be a trigger warning. Thankyou so much!

It all started simple enough, it wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Hanging out with the gang, that was it. But then there was Betty Cooper

Kind, selfless, beautiful Betty Cooper who would rather die than see any living thing being tormented in any way. He should’ve noticed it, seen it in her eyes, the way her shoulders drew up and her breathing quickened. She was ready for a fight. And a fight she was going to get.

They had been eating, that’s all, just minding their own business, going over school work and laughing with their friends when all of a sudden the crash of a plate hitting the ground echoed through the barely full diner. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Dilton Doiley now sitting on the ground covered in his own food, bleeding from his arm. He wasn’t alone. Surrounding him were the biggest high schoolers Jughead had ever seen, tattooed and muscled their faces so mean and rough, it was scary to even look. And then they kicked the poor boy laying on the ground.

They kicked Dilton so hard, he coughed himself into throwing up. Betty was up in a second flat, he never even had the chance to touch her, grab her arm. Keep her stuck in that seat. He would’ve done anything to keep her there.

“Stop! What’s wrong with you?! What are you doing?!” She shouted hysterically, moving to help Dilton but was quickly stopped by one of the bunch.

“Back off bitch, this isn’t your fight.” It was a group of six all equally staring Betty down with such venom Jughead thought me might throw up alongside Dilton. He saw her hands go up to her ponytail, tightening it.

Oh shit.

“It’s my fight now, this is my town, my diner, my friends.” She stood tall , not a shake to her body. Suddenly without any warning she was slapped across the face, completely knocking her to the ground. “I said mind your own business bitch.” The tallest one spoke spitting on the ground near Betty’s face.

He had hopped over the booth in a second flat, Archie and Kevin following close behind

As soon as he reached for the monster who had slapped Betty he was being pulled down by another two of the gang. Pinning him to the ground and using the heel of his boot, the one to his left kicked him hard in the cheek, splitting his lip. He vaguely heard the screams of Veronica and Cheryl and saw Archie and Kevin being held back.

“This your girlfriend?” The tallest one said shoving Betty’s face into the ground by jugheads head keeping his foot on her head, he couldn’t help but think that this asshole was getting dirt in her hair. He tried to catch her eyes, tried to tell her it was gonna be okay, he was here, they were gonna get out of this but he couldn’t find her eyes, he could only make out the light pink cardigan, they weren’t letting him move, suddenly he heard her yelp and the sound of skin hitting skin caused him to push up in the force holding him back. He caught a glimpse of the scene.

The man had Betty’s shirt almost all the way over her head and had punched her directly in her side. “You’ve gotta learn” he was saying, “you can come with us, pretty young thing like you, we’ve got space in our trailer, we could make good use of you.” The rest of the group laughed and jughead growled

“Oh your boyfriend looks jealous, why don’t we let him see a little more, hell who knows it might be the last time he gets to see this tight little body.” The man was trying to unbutton her jeans but she was wiggling too much. He gripped her face so tight, Jughead was sure he was gonna leave bruises “stop fucking around”

She looked the man dead in the eye and spit right in his face “fuck you.” He couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest, she wasn’t going down without a fight. The mans face contorted into something Jughead had never seen before, he was so angry he was physically red

“You dumb..” his hands were around her neck squeezing and jughead thrashed, pushing against the men holding, “Betty! Get the hell off of her!” He was crying now he could see her choking.

It was all over before it began, the sound of police cars blared through the windows and he was released, watching Betty slip to the ground he breathed a sigh of relief, the gang tried to run but as soon as they made it to the door, pops was there, rifle in his hands and cellphone held up. The cops rammed through the door taking down each and everyone of the monsters. He looked up to see a flash of black and red fly past him.

“Betty! Somebody help! Please” Veronica was crying, thick streaks of black mascara running down her face and Cheryl was on her cellphone with who he presumed was a lawyer based on her declaration of “you’ll be representing Betty Cooper and I want you hereNOW!”

He looked up and saw Archie, holding his arm and helping a shaking Kevin up.

Suddenly snapping out of his daze he got up running to where Betty was laying. Shoving both Cheryl and Veronica out of the way he dropped to his knees. Betty’s eyes were open, tears streaming out, her eye completely swollen and the harsh red fingerprints sticking out on her smooth skin, she had her fingers on her throat,

“I can’t Breathe” she choked out her voice raspy and weak.

Jughead was crying now, she should never look this, ever. but here she was , broken and hurt. And he couldn’t stop it, he didn’t do anything to help her, he couldn’t.

She was reaching for him

“My side juggie, its…I can’t..” his hands instantly went to the lift her t shirt, her ribs were bruised beyond belief and that brought on a fresh round of tears. Suddenly she was being ushered away by a group of emts a man gently lifting her onto a stretcher. Veronica looked at Jughead, “I’m gonna go to the hospital with her okay, you stay here and answer the questions they have, but if I don’t see you by Betty’s side in an hour, I’ll lose it.”

Archie gripped his shoulder
“This was not your fault man, they were going to kill Dilton, Betty did what she does best, help people. you couldn’t have stopped it. You know that”

Shaking his head he went over to the officer to describe the attack, apparently these men have been on a rampage, they had put six students in critical care, ones still fighting for his life. They were going away for a long time.

And Betty did that.

She stuck up to those monsters and she got them put away. But how could he face her? He looked her in the eyes as they beat her. He couldn’t do anything, just watch. The voice of Kevin Keller broke him out of his thoughts.

“She needs you, I know you’re blaming yourself but Betty would kill you if she knew you were doing that, you jumped in, you put yourself at risk for her, she knows that, she’s probably feeling just as guilty as you are, so go to her. Now. before she overthinks herself into a coma.” Sheriff Keller came and quickly took his son away. He was a good dad.

Shit, Betty’s parents were away on a week long cruise for a journalism retreat. Betty literally was on her own.

Hopping into Archie’s car, he smiled weakly at his best friend, he was waiting for him, he knew he would come to his senses, turning the key Archie turned to Jughead , a huge smile on his face
“Alright jug, lets go get you your girl.”

He rolled his eyes. Alright then, let’s go get the girl.


Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Jughead ran out of the car, sliding into the waiting room, “Betty Cooper” he yelled to the general public
“I need to see Betty cooper.” Suddenly a nurse in light blue scrubs approached him “Betty Cooper is in recovery, from her chart I can see she’s fine , no internal bleeding. Just some fractured ribs and a whole lot of bruising. Unfortunately only family can see her right now, ms.lodge is the exception.”

Jughead shook his head
“No. no I have to see her, her family is all away, I’m what she has right now. I’m … I’m her boyfriend.”

The nurse looked at the panicked boy and felt herself smile, he clearly cared about the beautiful blonde. She could bend the rules just once.
“First door on your right.”

He started to run before turning back quickly “Thankyou, Thankyou so much”

Standing outside the door, he took a deep breathe, okay he was ready. Slamming open the door he felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him.
She looked so small in the huge white hospital bed, tubes sticking out of her arms, the purple Bruises marring her perfect face. He wanted to cry, but he wouldn’t she needed him to be strong.

“Well I’m going to get pudding, vanilla or chocolate b?” Veronica said gathering her wallet.

Betty’s eyes never left jugheads “chocolate” she smiled, she knew that was his favorite.

Eyeing Jughead with cautious eyes, Veronica walked out the door. As soon as the handles clicked shut he was by her side

“I’m sorry” they both said at the same time.

It was almost comical how similar their faces were in that moment.

“For what” they both said again almost synchronized.

Jughead finally took her hand cautious of the tubes “I let them do this to you, I couldn’t get away I tried so hard, I watched everything they did, everything they tried to do. I couldn’t even protect you.” She shook her head quickly,

“This is my fault I should have left it alone, I saw how they were acting, but.. they were gonna kill him. He’s so small, he couldn’t take much more” she choked out through watery eyes “and then you jumped in and they hit you. That’s my fault” her fingers went to touch his bloody lip. But he grabbed her hand pressing it into his chest, right over his heart.
“I would go through this a hundred times over to spare even one of those bruises on your face.”

She sniffled, smiling at him

“Were quite the pair aren’t we?”

He laughed softly, rubbing the soft skin of her cheek, careful of any bruises.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight now, I hope you know that.” Betty nodded
“I don’t wanna be anywhere but with you.” She whispered
“Good, because I’m not going anywhere.” He dropped his forehead to hers and closed his eyes.

Notes on Self-Reflection

Si+Ne: Does comparing this new moment to my past knowledge help or hinder me in appreciating the wonder and possibility of what is happening?

Ne+Si: Does this train of thought or imagined possibility help or hinder me in the process of reaching genuine gratification and contentment with life?

Ni+Se: Does this abstraction about the future help or hinder me in appreciating and making the best of what is happening at present?

Se+Ni: Will this action or experience help or hinder me in advancing towards my life goals or actualizing my greater potential?

Ti+Fe: Does this inference actually help or hinder me in understanding my place in the world and how to contribute something positive to it?

Fe+Ti: Does this approach to handling people/relationships help or hinder me in becoming a capable, confident, self-sufficient person in my own right?

Fi+Te: Does this moral judgment help or hinder me in doing my part to create the kind of world that better respects me and all individuals?

Te+Fi: Does this solution help or hinder me in addressing the actual problem and achieving results that do as much good as possible?

So sorry this is quite long.

Here are my thoughts on the whole MTV Sprousehart interview. For the past few months I’ve been 99% sure that Cole and Lili have some sort of romance going on off screen. I don’t want to say they are exclusively calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend yet, even to one another, but I do believe they are seeing each other and are intimate. At Wondercon Cole kept making a lot of sexual jokes and Lili was visibly blushing and smiling every time he did. We all know Bughead are innocent and purely romantic thus far, so why make so many cheeky jokes about them? I reckon he was probably teasing Lili about their real life relationship because Cole comes across as a flirt and a shit stirrer.

Going back to the MTV interview: the interviewer asked them about their photoshoot, so logically they spoke about it in a way that would avoid them being asked the ‘are you two dating’ question. Lili then called him a friend because obviously she wasn’t going to say my boyfriend or the guy I’m dating/seeing. The word 'friend’ is the go to word when people are trying to dodge talking about their relationship status. Everyone does it, even non celebrities do it when they’re in the early stages of dating someone and don’t want a lot of people knowing. Also, imagine the reaction they would get from everyone if they admitted they’re dating at a pop culture event? The fandom would go berserk. Plus, they have been super private and secretive about this whole relationship for months, so why would they even dare admit it now! Cole probably said what he said because he believes that the only reason people think they’re dating is because of the few photo shoots they’ve done at the flower fields. So he was just trying to emphasize that if that’s the sole reason people think we’re together then that’s crazy because I’d do photo shoots with all my costars if they asked me to. However, Lili and Cole have no idea how deep the Sprousehart family read into everything they post and do. We don’t just think they’re dating because of their photo shoots; we have so much more other proof that there is something going on with them. *Also, I think Cole was slightly happy the topic was brought up, so he could try debunk the rumours, that way the two wouldn’t have to be as stealthy as they’ve been. For e.g., Lili posted more photos from their shoot not long after that interview was released. 🤔

Lili is obviously the closest with Cole in the cast, no doubt in my mind, and vice versa. So why is Lili the only female in the show who refuses to post selfies of Cole on her IG stories or even on her IG page? Ashleigh posts photos of Cole all the time, so does Cami and even Madelaine takes selfies with him when they’re in the same place. Lili takes photos with Kj, Casey, Ross and all the others but barely ever with Cole, especially since they wrapped filming season 1 and returned back to LA. Lili even goes out of her way to post things on Twitter and IG about how much she misses Kj and Casey and can’t wait to see them. Why has she never been this openly cute with Cole? If she ever does post anything to him or about him it’s usually her making fun of him (in a typical you always tease the one you love kind of way). So what separates him from the others? Because we all know they see each other more than anyone else in the cast, so why not show the world pictures of your so called 'friendship’ if that’s all it is… 👀

Here are the reasons they’re probably being so secretive about their relationship:
1. Cole is a very private person and doesn’t like the media getting involved in his personal life. Also, after his messy breakup with his ex I doubt he wants his next relationship to be the talk of the town.
2. Lili is so new to all this stardom and the whole Hollywood life. Imagine how much more attention they’d both get if they admitted they were dating? Paparazzi would be on their tails at every turn. Also, it would consume the fandom and put more focus on the actors lives instead of the show.
3. Imagine everyone knew they were dating and then they broke up? That would cause a lot of problems for the show and for Bughead because people would treat the two as though they’re the same thing. Remember the Nian and Delena fanbase when Nian broke up? It went into meltdown! Speaking of Nina and Ian’s relationship, from The Vampire Diaries, they were secretly dating for ages and people suspected it from early on, but the two never admitted it, and Nina even said in an interview she’d never date a costar and has never dated a costar. Then a few months later they were spotted in Paris arm in arm with both their mums trailing behind them. We all believed they were dating; however, they refused to admit it for a long time. (Also, in the early stages of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship the two got hounded about their romance, which they, too, denied for a long time. I remember someone once asked Andrew about his girlfriend and he said something like, 'Who’s my girlfriend? You’re making an assumption about my personal life, and my personal life is not public property.’ Justin and Selena also used to say they were just 'friends’ when they were secretly dating. The list goes on.) There are plenty of costars and celebrity couples who deny dating and merely call themselves 'friends’ before the truth finally comes out. Lili and Cole would have been well prepared for the questions to come pouring in about whether or not they’re dating, so they would have agreed to just say they’re friends. I mean, isn’t it funny that both of them just happened to squeeze the word friend into their answer? It seemed a little rehearsed and thought out. But that’s just my opinion.
4. Another reason why they’re being secretive is because Lili and Cole are still both so young; they don’t know how their futures will pan out. So maybe they’re taking this relationship slow and trying to be as mature about it as possible. We all know how the media has a penchant for ruining celebrity couples with all their fake stories and cheating scandals etc. Lili and Cole would not want that poisoning their relationship.
5. The haters! This is probably one of the biggest reasons. The two are well aware that Riverdale has its fair share of haters. Why would they willingly invite that kind of negativity into their private lives and their relationship? Imagine the comments they’d receive under their posts on SM from the toxic fans (aka B*ronica & Barfchie shippers) if they went public about being together!

This is my overall opinion: If Lili and Cole were just friends then they would use their close bond to really promote Bughead and make more fans jump on the ship. They’re both clearly fond of the onscreen romance, especially Lili. So wouldn’t they be more open about their sweet chemistry by posting videos & photos together and/or tweeting each other more etc? No, instead they treat each other like a little secret. It’s like they’re trying to protect their relationship from all the hate and negativity that exists in the world (mainly the internet). If they are in fact together, this relationship must mean a lot to both of them because of how hard they try to keep it a secret.

Lastly, I’m not saying that they’re 100% dating. I don’t know them personally; I don’t live with them 24/7 to know what goes on in their day to day lives. But there is just way too much proof that makes me think they are more than friends. I’m not going to stop believing in Sprousehart just because of one stupid interview that, like a lot of other fans have said, didn’t actually include either of them saying the words 'No, we’re not dating.’

In time we will find out the truth. Hopefully the two get spotted hand in hand or kissing behind a tree or something, and then we can finally have our confirmation. 🙏😉💜

I don’t want that (I want you instead)

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written by: Lexi | @goldenheadfreckledheart

prompt: ‘Music Festival AU!! With either them all going together and camping together (overdue sexual tension ensues) or Clarke and Raven meet Octavia and her competitive older brother Bellamy!’ for anonymous

word count: 5776

A week ago, Clarke had barely heard of Bellamy Blake.

He’s half of some indie rock duo that Raven had shown a passing interest in sometime last year, and Clarke’s half sure she’s heard the one song of theirs that got popular enough to be on a few alt rock stations. All of which is to say that she didn’t think she’d ever be in the same vicinity as him, much less… attached to him.

And not in the emotional sense.

OR: Clarke and Bellamy are musicians who get handcuffed together at a music festival. A Tonight You’re Mine AU.

A week ago, Clarke had barely heard of Bellamy Blake.

He’s half of some indie rock duo that Raven had shown a passing interest in sometime last year, and Clarke’s half sure she’s heard the one song of theirs that got popular enough to be on a few alt rock stations. All of which is to say that she didn’t think she’d ever be in the same vicinity as him, much less… attached to him.

And not in the emotional sense.

“What the fuck,” she says, looking down at their hands, where a pair of silver handcuffs glints almost smugly in the beating sun; one cuff attached to her wrist, the other to Bellamy Blake’s. She’s still trying to figure out exactly how she got into this situation, because she’s pretty sure a security guard, an attempted lesson in getting along, and a lost key were involved, but that feels so cliché that she’s questioning her own coherence. Maybe this is what heatstroke feels like.

“I think you’ve said that already, princess,” her companion says, dry. Too realistic to be a hallucination. Shit.

He’s not wrong about the repetitiveness of her swearing, but a fair few of her expletives in the last half hour have transcended the basic handcuffed-to-another-person situation, springing more from who she’s handcuffed to. Because the only thing worse than being handcuffed to a stranger at a music festival is being handcuffed to an arrogant, small-time musician who thinks he’s the next big thing. Nevermind that she’s a small-time musician herself.

One day her life isn’t going to resemble a bad TV show. One day.

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the formative phase of a newhu is interesting, where fan artists come together to decide on the loose consensus of a newhu’s body type.

Eternity (fairy) and Aunn (short and with round features, like the statues) are pretty straightforward, but Nemuno presents some challenges, i.e. “how do i make hag cute”.

Here’s my take:

  • she should definitely always be drawn with a lot of hair over her face. with no headgear of any kind, this is her most distinguishing feature.
  • general consensus is that if even zun draws a 2hu with breasts, that means she is a boobhu. you may challenge this if you like. i will not.
  • she should be one of the more mature-looking 2hus, given that she is a hag and possibly also a mom
  • she lives in the mountains and is described as “primitive”, so I think some muscle definition suits her well. not RRRIPPED like Yuugi, think more wiry and lean, like how Mokou is often drawn, but older (more bone definition, etc).
  • i gave her long, pointy fingers as a final hag-like touch.


✩ = our favorites

The Begrudging Starbucks AU.The world is winter and steamed milk and creamy espresso shots. The world is a never ending queue. The world is a Starbucks logo and a pink-cheeked smile from Niall and a bored scowl from Zayn and the world is Louis watching his best mate, Liam, fall in love with their newest customer, Harry. Who may or may not be in love with Louis. The world is cruel.

“So,” Louis asks dragging out the vowel sound and raising an eyebrow. “Heard you wanted a tattoo?”
“Oh! Um….Yeah.” Pebbles stutters his voice huskier than Louis anticipated from his first word and appearance. “This!” He exclaims, holding out the drawing in his hand.
It’s a sketch of a large butterfly in shades of black and grey.
Or an AU where Harry works in a coffee shop and Louis works in a tattoo shop. Chance encounters bring them together and they go from there.

“Gracie loves faeries, don’t you, little love?” Louis asks, cutting through Harry’s thoughts, and she spares a glance over her shoulder at her father, nodding quickly before looking back at the house and touching it with gentle fingers.
Harry looks up at him, and they share a small smile, Louis making him feel warm, warm, warm. “This is her house, and it’s my favorite thing in my shop,” Harry explains, and Louis crouches slightly so he can see it better.
“’S beautiful,” he murmurs, and Harry smiles appreciatively at him.
Harry looks at Gracie again, blonde hair falling into her face as she inspects the glittery house, and he instinctively tucks her hair back behind her ear. “I’ve never seen the faerie,” he says to her softly, “but sometimes, when it’s very quiet, I can feel her.” He closes his eyes, taking in a breath, just sitting like that for a few seconds for the effect. “That’s how I know she’s watching over me.”
Or, the one where Louis has a quiet little girl, Harry has a toy shop with a magic faerie house, and they were made to fall in love.

Louis was pretty sure that a nerd who plays Scrabble as a hobby could only be boredom personified. Harry proved him utterly wrong. 

Louis never expected himself to fall in love again, especially at a coffeeshop of all places. 

In which Harry likes to start puzzles, and Louis likes to finish them

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fic rec friday

It’s a long weekend for me. Yayy!!! So have some random fics :)

Stay in Your Lane by  mikkimouse | 5.3K

Stiles works at a bowling alley and has a crush on Derek Hale, a frequent customer. He deals with this in the most mature way possible: by giving Derek dumb nicknames for every game he plays.

Bravery is a Loaded Gun by  LiviKate | 17.3K

In which the boys speak in half sentences and have two totally different conversations. What they can agree on, eventually, is that they love each other. And that Derek should jerk off more.

Love ‘Em How They Take So Long by  Leslie_Knope | 13.3K

Because really, what are the chances that Stiles meets the love of his life in the Olympic Village dining hall?

Sourwoof by  DiscontentedWinter | 4.4K

A kidnapping, a head injury, and something about a monkey? Stiles is the most annoying person Derek has ever had the misfortune to be abducted with.

Matchmaker, Please by  LadyMerlin | 4.8K

When the Sheriff said that he wanted to set Stiles up with one of his deputies, Stiles thought he’d be meeting some chubby, doughnut-loving desk sergeant. He definitely wasn’t expecting Officer Hale.

After significant efforts on the Sheriff’s part, Stiles takes Officer Hale on their first date.

Kissing the Shoreline by  theroguesgambit | 12K

Stiles doesn’t want just any summer fling. He wants Derek. And Lydia is determined to help Stiles get him.

A Start by  Inell | 1.4K

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology by  apocryphal | 19.7K

Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons. Derek retaliates with lunch.

The war begins.

TWENTY BRIGHT YOUNG STUDENTS, all recruited by the phantom of a man, sit at their oakwood desks, guns tucked under plaid uniform skirts, blades lining the pockets of clean Oxford shirts. At the room’s head sits a seemingly unthreatening red squawk box, one that hasn’t been touched in years.

                                                 It croaks, HELLO, ANGELS.

A girl in the front row smiles, runs a finger along the dusty old thing and whispers, HI, CHARLIE.

It’s been nearly two decades since the golden trio of sleuthing bombshells answering to the man behind the speaker fell off the grid - the Angel Initiative and that telltale gravely voice disappearing along with them. Now, Charlie’s back, and he’s invited twenty young spies - all bringing a signature skillset and charm - to a remote academy deep in the forests of the Northwest. Here they are to train to become the next Angels and Charlies of his legacy, private investigators and their defense team with a knack for solving crimes unseen by the normal eye, all while gallivanting among bloodthirsty billionaires, diamond-encrusted deals, and lethal weapons.

But in an academy filled with deceit, disguises, and pure espionage, who can you really trust? The Angels are sinning, the Charlies are looking to get divine. And this new “Charlie’s” intentions? When you’ve never seen a man’s face, how could you possibly recognize his return?

NO ANGELS is a mature and literate bio roleplay group based on Charlie’s Angels coming to your dashboard in June 2017. Thorough background will be provided on the original show and film for those who haven’t seen either.

YOUR MISSION: REBLOG THIS PROMO as many times as you’d like until May 26th for a special prize. Don’t forget to track the TALK TAG for more peeks at the Initiative, including a teaser blog.

YOUR REWARD: On May 26th, five lucky Angels will be selected to get a glimpse of the main blog Initiative and characters Agents before its full reveal in early June.

Maximum-Salty Masterlist

[M] = Contains mature material

[T] = Contains possibly triggering material



when you hold their hand for the first time

when pledis hires a female English tutor

when a trainee walks into their restroom

when they see a trainee dancing to Hyuna’s “Roll Deep”

when you’re in charge of their American debut and they start to have a crush on you

when they realize they’re in love

when their short s/o keeps making tall jokes

when you’re their interviewer

when you kiss him for the first time (wonwoo)


when they see their crush in a bikini at the beach

when their girlfriend is good at sports

when their girlfriend can speak 6 languages


when their girlfriend wants them to feel her legs after shaving

how they would hug you

when they see you cooking/cleaning when you’re stressed

when you’re shy at first but become a walking meme when you’re comfortable

when you randomly give them the middle finger

when their wife is finally pregnant after a long time of trying

when their s/o randomly uses a baby voice

when you’re naturally loud

when they meet a girl that looks like Yoongi

when their s/o sends them pictures of an overly affectionate cat

when their s/o is scared of thunderstorms

when their s/o puts pigtails in their hair while they sleep

when you’re a better chef than them

when you call them “baby boy” [M]

when you call them “daddy” [M]

when you have bad period symptoms

when they meet your childish friends

when you make them a cake but it’s slightly burned


their younger sister is bestfriend with one of the other members

when they see you cooking/cleaning when you’re stressed

when you’re shy at first but become a walking meme when you’re comfortable

when you get mad on a date when they were going to propose

when they had a dream that you passed away

when you’re a forgetful person


when their first kiss gets interrupted by the other members

when they realize they’re in love

when they see you masturbating in the studio [M]

when their s/o sends them pictures of an overly affectionate cat


when you snort while laughing

when you have big curly hair

when you’re stressed for finals

when you’re in a parody

when they have a dream where you passed away

when they see you twerking [M]

when they see you dance sexily [M]


when a girl confesses to them



Mistakes (Mark angst) [T]

Painful (Mark angst) [T]

I Need You - part 1 (Jackson angst) [T]

I Need You - part 2 (Jackson angst/fluff)

King (Jinyoung fluff/smut) [M]


I’ll Protect You (Baekhyun angst/fluff) [T]

No Matter What (Baekhyun fluff) [T]

Engaged (Baekhyun fluff)

Dream Come True (Baekhyun fluff)

Promise (Jongdae fluff) [T]

English Student (Minseok fluff)


Paper Hearts (Taehyung angst) [T]

Fate (Jin fluff)

Kingka (Jimin fluff/angst)

The Vampire in the Room (Jimin smut) [M]

Even With a Soulmate (Jungkook fluff/angst/au)


Angels (Jisoo fluff)

What Was That? (Jisoo fluff)


Kings and Queens (Minhyuk fluff)


Without Him [T]



Mtl like a girl with calloused fingers from playing guitar

Mtl let their girl best friend cuddle them

Mtl date an ‘02 liner

Mtl date a ‘99 liner

Mtl date a ‘93 liner

Mtl date a curvy girl

Mtl date a ‘97 liner

Mtl date an ‘00 liner

Mtl give their wife all of their money

Mtl let you wear their clothes 

Mtl date a girl like Hyuna

Mtl be interested in someone who is really into theatre and is a triple threat

Mtl date a girl who is both sassy and polite at the same time

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper

Mtl date a girl who looks like CL

Mtl be a virgin

Mtl have a language kink

Mtl date a really tall girl

Mtl like a girl who can play classical music

Mtl date someone who has an alternative style

Mtl try and learn your native language


Mlt date an ‘02 liner

Mtl date a ‘93 liner

Mtl date an ‘00 liner

Mtl be interested in someone who is really into theatre and is a triple threat

Mtl date a girl who is both sassy and polite at the same time

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper

Mtl be a virgin

Mtl be interested in a girl who is passionate about classical music

Mtl date a punk singer

Mtl date a really short girl

Mtl like a girl who can play classical music

Mtl date a girl heavily involved in musical theater

Mtl date a foreigner

Mtl have a language kink


Mtl bang on the first date

Mtl date a black girl

Mtl be a virgin

Mtl have a biting kink

Mtl have a scratching/pain kink

Mtl date a really tall girl

Mtl date someone who has an alternative style

Mtl be a hopeless romantic

Mtl make out with you while you straddle them

Mtl play with your fingers

Mtl play with your hair


Mtl date a ‘99 liner

Mtl think dirty things when you lick a lollipop

Mtl prefer lovemaking over fucking

Mtl checking you out 24/7 with no shame

Mtl accidentally call the teacher “mom”

Mlt be a boobs man

Mtl let you wear their shirts

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper

Mtl be a dom


Mtl date an ‘00 liner

Mtl date someone younger than them

Mtl date a black girl

Mtl date a foreigner

Mtl date a sporty girl

Mtl to get jealous easily/mtl like skinship

Mt date an ‘01 liner

Mtl date a ‘98 liner


Mtl date a ‘99 liner

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper


Mtl date a foreigner


Mtl be a dom


Mtl like a girl who boxes



when they miss you (MJ ver)

when they miss you (JinJin ver)

when they miss you (Moonbin ver)

when they miss you (Eunwoo ver)

when they miss you (Rocky ver)

when they miss you (Sanha ver)


when Hoseok sends you weird snaps and the rest of bts make fun of him for it

when Jimin finds some glasses

Jikook when you’ve had a sucky week

everyday Jihope snaps

Jimin (ft. Yoongi) when your day starts off bad

Taehyung and Hoseok when they turn from fluffy to horny


when your soon-to-be hubby Baekhyun is stuck at work and wants cuddles

when Luhan finds out you got hurt while he’s on tour


when you spend more time with Coco than with Youngjae and he gets jealous

when Jaebum wanted you to come to the movies with him


when Jae misses you


when you’re sick and they want to cheer you up

monsta x:

when Wonho and Jooheon want to go on a date

when Wonho pesters you till you go on a date

when Jooheon is bored



When Sanha wants to come over but you’re studying for finals


When Brian finds out you’re insecure


Jungkook fails at flirting

“Relationship goals” with Jungkook

Jikook when you had an argument

Jimin confessing to an oblivious you

Everyday conversations with Park Jimin

Everyday conversations with Kim Taehyung

Everyday conversations with Min Yoongi

Stressed for finals with Taehyung

Fangirling to Yoongi about his mixtape

They find out that their younger sister is pregnant (hyung line ver.) [T]

They find out that their younger sister is pregnant (maknae line ver.) [T]

Their best friend who is super calm gets into a cat fight at school

Accidentally sexting their members [M] (kinda..?)

Guilt (Yoongi angst) [T]

monsta x:

They forget your birthday


Needy Baekhyun [M]

-First Kiss-


First kiss with Bobby


First kiss with Yixing

First kiss with Sehun


First kiss with Sanha


First kiss with Jaebum


First kiss with Yoongi

First kiss with Namjoon

First kiss with Jungkook


First kiss with Sana



Bambam as a boyfriend

Jaebum as your secret admirer

Jaebum as a boyfriend

Jinyoung as a prince

Mark as a boyfriend

Jackson as a husband

Jackson as a boyfriend

got7 as fruit

got7 as girls

got7 as chairs

got7 as puppies


Chanyeol as a boyfriend

Chanyeol as a schoolmate

Chanyeol as a roommate

Kyungsoo as a boyfriend

Minseok as a boyfriend

Jongdae as a boyfriend

Luhan as a boyfriend

Baekhyun as a boyfriend

Yixing as a boyfriend


Seokjin as a boyfriend

Yoongi as a boyfriend

Namjoon as a boyfriend

Namjoon as a dad

Hoseok as a boyfriend

Jimin as a boyfriend

Taehyung as a boyfriend

Taehyung as a husband

Jungkook as a boyfriend

bts as fruit

bts as cups

bts as shit i’ve heard from my dance students

bts as lamps

bts as handmade mugs

bts as mugs they’d like to receive as gifts

bts as perfumes

bts as disney princes


Minhyuk as a boyfriend

Jinwoo as a boyfriend


Seungcheol as a boyfriend

Jisoo as a boyfriend

Seokmin as a boyfriend

Soonyoung as a boyfriend

Vernon as a boyfriend

Wonwoo as a boyfriend

Minghao as your secret admirer

Mingyu as your childhood friend

seventeen as scents

monsta x:

Hyungwon as your boyfriend



First date with Jungkook

Dance practice with Bts


Coffee date with Chanwoo

What I would want in a Sun and Moon sequel:

-Hau replacing Hala as kahuna

-Guzma as a trial head/ kahuna

-Battle with Lillie

-Your rival/friend (like Hau) is an old and reformed Team Skull Grunt (Named Grunt) who decides to do the island challenge

-Different elite four

-Old protagonist as champion

-Not (as) edgy, matured Gladion who possibly acts as a mentor and leader of Aether 



-Team Skull is a force for good now and is no longer a gang

-Reformed Lusamine

-New bad guys, maybe people from Team Skull and/or Aether who still want to be bad

-Box Legend: Necrozma

-Maybe new mini islands?

-A Rotom Dex either passed on from the old protagonist or we see the old Rotom talking to the new Rotom and giving them advice on how to be a good partner(new rotom should have new distinct and fun personality)


NCT MTL to date a tall vs. short girl


Anon: Could you do a MTL to date someone short? (I’m almost 18 but at 150 I have to resort to climbing on the countertops and using BBQ tongs to reach things on the top shelf >.< so frustrating)

Heya!! xD this was interesting to write to say the least, and extremely hard since I was forced to put biases lower down :’-( why am i so tall? Tell me what you think and if you’re pissed your bias “won’t” date you according to this 


ANYWAY ENJOY AND I HOPE THAT ALL THE ANONS I SPEAK TO LIKE THIS LOL remember that time when i literally made 23872832889 tall friends? yeah same

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Tall girl


Short girl

Johnny would obviously date a tall girl because his height would allow this. He’d easily date both tall and short people, but I think he’d prefer tall people purely because he’d easily get annoyed by the height difference comments. He gets them a lot already, so if he were to get them all.the.time he’d feel offended and very irritated.

WinWin I feel would date a noona or noona-like girl who gives off that mature and protectiveness vibe, and with tall girls, he’d feel this vibe with them too. He wouldn’t want to look after someone in his relationship or help them with everything in life, since he’s quite dependent on others as it is. A taller girl would also be easier for him physically.

I’ve already said in another MTL that Jaehyun would date and usually models are tall. He’d chose a sexy girl over a cute girl any day, and with taller girls, there’s usually more of a sexy vibe with them. Practically would be a big thing for him too in a relationship, and it’d be practical to have someone of similar height who would be able to lean on him physically but also vice versa.

Taeyong would just have a slight preference for taller gals. Like Jaehyun, the practically would be better but also he’d like the fact you could share everything. In private of course he’d be very clingy, but in public he’d be shyer, preferring to show affection/love through objects. Like this he’d be able to wear your jumpers or baggy clothes and vice versa.

Doyoung, I’m not saying he’d prefer taller girls but because he is fairly tall, it’d be possible (as in he’s quite tall as well) If ever he saw a tall girl in public, he’d probably stare not expecting to see someone so striking and tall as that in public. It’d be attractive to him, but he wouldn’t be the type to just go up and talk to them. Basically, if he liked your personality, your height would just be an added bonus for him.

Again, with Hansol, dating a tall girl would be possible for him since he’s twin towers with Johnny lol. The only reason why he’s not further up is because he probably has very traditionally Korean preferences in dating so a short girl would be his “ideal type”. However he’d happily date a tall girl, if she fit the rest of his preferences or if he liked her that much.

This is where it basically got real hard lol. NCT Dream are still teenage boys who are still growing and although they’re quite tall, I still think their growth spurt is waiting for them lol. That’s why I’ve put most in the middle where they could potentially date either. Jeno, however, is probably the most mature out of all of them so wouldn’t feel too intimidated if he were to date someone tall or taller.

Jaemin obviously is a little hormonal what with being a teenage boy so probably thinks taller girls are sexy and generalises all of them as models lol I wish but they’d have to be his height or shorter. Anyone taller would emasculate him a little.

Chenle, I think I’ve said this before, but he would fit with anyone, any kind of physical appearance and any type of personality. So he’d easily date a tall or short person, as long as he liked them of course! He’s still growing so is fairly short, so probably not someone too tall at the moment!

Renjun probably wants a little cute girlfriend whose small and cuddly and sweet, but then again, he’s not that tall himself and will get taller, so could date someone taller later on in life. He’d still like the cuddliness and cuteness of a shorter person, that taller people can lack a little.

Kun, unfortunately we don’t know much about him or his personality so I was a little stumped here. Even though we have like zero information on him, I think he’d like smaller girls but then again, we don’t know how “traditional” he is in his preferences so it could be that he’d date someone tall too.

Ten, I see with someone tall or small, however, he’d want a shorter girlfriend because he’d like being the alpha male. He’s very skinny and lean, so someone tall could make him slightly intimidating, but of course, if he liked them enough and they were perfect for him, he wouldn’t really care.

I just see Mark with someone way shorter, and a large height difference. Maybe it’s because I still think of him as a small little baby, and I can’t believe he’s maturing lol, but I just can’t see him with someone tall. But because of his Western influences, he might be open to dating someone taller.

Jisung, like the rest of NCT Dream, is still growing up and he’s quite tall for his age as it is! But he is the baby of the group, and would want someone who he could baby over and protect. He’s probably bored of being the one looked after and babied over, so someone small as well would help him build his confidence.

Taeil, like I’ve said before, probably has traditional Korean preferences in life in general. Therefore a small, slim, and cute looking girl would be his preference. However, he is the oldest, so is very mature and could possibly overlook a factor like height if the person was worth it.

Yuta has already specified that his ideal type is someone 15cm shorter than him, so I think there’s no doubt he’d chose a small girl over a tall girl (that broke my heart lol) I do think he’d look adorable with someone shorter, although I can see him with both extremes, and he’d obviously be the type to always tease them about their height.

Like Yuta, Haechan would be the type to always tease his partner. Someone shorter would allow him to tease them for that reason, but of course he’d be be very playful and secretly sensitive about it. I just see him with someone tiny and sweet and they’d look so cute together.


Gigi Buffon wishes Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma a happy 18thbirthday: “Ciao Gigio, I wish you a very happy birthday. Finally you can enter into the world of the big boys, which you belong to already. Enjoy your age as much as possible, which is the age of maturity. You’ll understand that it’s difficult in the world of adults, but you have all the qualities it takes – moral and human – to create an important space for yourself, be happy and mark an era.”

anonymous asked:

Haha just continuing the fic rec trend, do u know any matsuhana fic recs?

(I somehow headcanon Mattsun to be quite a bookworm in his free time…)
This is a part of what I have in my bookmarks, most of them are on the shorter side sadly, but they’re nontheless a good read ~ please enjoy.

✧゜・:*MatsuHana Fic Rec *:・゚✧

on the anatomy of crushes - Teen and up. Short Medical School AU. Very cute :3 Basically pure Fluff.

hang out fall in love - Teen and up. Kind of a magical AU? Mattsun is a witchdoctor, Makki has a medical practice. Hanamaki doesn’t think highly of voodoo at all. :’D  very amusing, good humor.

Try Before You Buy - NSFW Explicit. Pretend relationship to get free wedding cake samples? Check. Actually ending up finding out you really like each other? Check. Very nicely written. This is the rare bottom Mattsun. ö_ö 

it’s cold out here - Mature. This is possibly my favourite MatsuHana fic? … I can’t say why and I can’t tell you much about it, it’s just… to quote the summary: “Seijoh’s parties are always a mess, but this one takes the cake.” Not meant in a humorous way. (I think it should be more like ‘Makki is a mess and Mattsun takes care of him’) Highly recommend. It’s kind of different from the usual Matsuhana with less humor. Refreshing.

poolside - Teen and up. Another one that’s very high up on my personal list. Aged up. Mattsun is a teacher at seijou, Makki comes back for a visit(?).

boiled frogs - Explicit. WARNING. This one deals with emotional abuse. I don’t recommend for you to read if you can’t take it. It was rough to read in some parts but I did enjoy it. Has a happy end! Chapters say 12/13 but once again only the epilogue seems to be missing. Story itself is finished.
Mattsuns boyfriend is an ass. Poor (pining) Makki wants to help but how do you help someone who’s conviced everything is fine?

something of a disaster - Teen and up. Probably for the insults? :D Because that’s kind of pure fluff. It’s Mattsun’s Birthday! And Makki even made a cake! Birthday wishes and insults. Cute and short.

Down For You - Teen and up. MedStudent!Makki locks himself out of his apartment at 3 in the morning right before an exam and now he’s desperate. Neighbour Bartender!Mattsun works odd hours and happens witness it, then decides to keep him company. Very cute. Poor Makki. I feel your stress.

Face The Sun - Teen and up. Sequel to Down For You. The day of receiving the results for his exam, Makki cashes in on the promised ice cream. Both fics are very cute.

surprise, surprise - Teen and up. Last but not least another one of my personal faves. Mattsun surprises Makki with a short trip for his birthday. A skiing trip to be precise. Contains dorks, snow, nosy annoying Oikawa and creampuffs. Ofc. Very very sweet, nicely written.

that’s it for now. :3 I hope you find something you enjoy reading. I love the meme-team. I wish there was more lengthy fic for them as the main couple.