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Guinevere-Kingsman Imagine

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Warnings: some sensuality, and violence

A/N: Rewatching Big Little Lies inspired this story and I promise after this, I will start publishing the requests! 

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  The low sound of the current football match along with a few shouted curses filled the small London apartment. It was a normal Friday night: Marcus was probably upset that Manchester was losing and would undoubtedly want to throw around his beers, a table lamp, and kick around the TV table. Then, he was going to want to take his anger out on his mousy girlfriend, Liliana, because something she had not done right was the reason his team lost. He would come storming into the bedroom and yank her from the windowsill by the hair at the nape of her neck, not caring that the cigarette she had been smoking would ruin the carpet—-all the more reason the crow deserved this beating. 

   That’s what I was counting on as I sat in the windowsill, overlooking the squalid dark streets of Brixton. I took a long drag of my cigarette before blowing the smoke into the air. It was a cool London night and there was only mugging after mugging after rape occurring in the streets. Of course, I had seen worse but it was gross to know how many horrid things were happening in my own city.

    Something smashed in the living room.

   “LILIANA, COME OUT HERE YOU BITCH!” Marcus screamed.

   “Show time,” I muttered.

   I waited patiently until Marcus stumbled into the doorway. He wasn’t a tall guy at one hundred and seventy two centimeters but he had to be at least twelve stone. He stunk of beer and a cheap TV dinner and he wore a dirty wife beater and boxers. He staggered over to me and just when we reached for my hair, I turned and jabbed the butt of my cigarette into his face. He screamed and lunged for me, but I grabbed his hand, using the vulnerability to kick him in the chest. He landed on the floor and his bloodshot hazel eyes filled with terror.

   “Who the f-ck are you? Where’s Liliana?” he demanded.

   “Liliana is in a safe space far, far away from you,” I said. “As for me, I’m the woman who’s going to make you wish you never laid a hand on Liliana.”

   He tried to defend himself, but it was useless as I duct taped his hand above his head and duct taped his mouth shut. Then, I proceeded to exact the revenge Liliana wasn’t able to give herself. When I was finished, I was sure that Marcus would never lay a hand on any other woman again.

   I quietly slipped out of the front door and back into the cool London air. The estate Marcus lived in was filled with promiscuous couples as well as people in screaming matches, so no one would pay any mind to me. I pulled my cell phone out of my jacket pocket and called Liliana.

   “Miss Stone?” Liliana’s voice sounded panicked, which was normal with most of my clients.

   “It’s taken care of, you will never have to worry about Marcus Smith again,” I said.

   “Thank you, thank you so much. How will I pay you?”

   “It’s been handled already.”

   I hung up and shoved the phone back in my jacket pocket. Though I did have some adrenaline still running after my session with Marcus, I still felt unsatisfied. Marcus was only one scumbag, but what about the other men beating women senseless?

   I flexed my sore knuckles and groaned before jogging down the steps and leaving the estate. As I started heading to the bus stop, I passed by a tall, athletic man wearing a charcoal gray suit with a black tie and matching patent leather oxford. His light brown hair was combed back, out of his pale, strong face that was framed with thick black glasses.

   “Impressive, Miss Stone,” he said.

   I paused for a split second. “I don’t know what you are talking about. You must have me confused with someone else.”

   “Isn’t that what you’re calling yourself these days? Miss Stone.” He stepped closer to me as I turned to face him. “It’s amazing that it took you only two hours to get Liliana Wood away from that wanker, but it took you thirty minutes to handle him yourself. Used to take you ten from what I remember, you’re slacking now.”

   I swallowed thickly and narrowed my eyes at the man. “Whoever you think I am, you must be confused.”

   “Who could ever forget you Guinevere?” he asked.

   I stiffened at the old code name. “You will want to be more covert when you canvass for former agents; I made you ages ago. If you excuse me, I’ve had a long day and I’d like to go home now.”

  “You left because you wanted to rest, right?”

  This kid was persistent, I had to give him that.


  “If that were true, you would’ve taken a simple desk job, worked at a cafe, or stopped working altogether. Instead, you are a hitwoman for abused women, a noble profession indeed but requires little to no rest at all.”

  I sighed. “I got used to the line of work, so what?”

  “Merlin and I need your specific skill set to help us and the rest of the world as we know it,” he said. “No one else has quite the combat skills like you do.” 

  “I am sorry…”


   “…Galahad but Kingsman are more concerned with helping people on a global scale, not a local one. As much as I enjoyed working with the service, there were too many evils we weren’t fighting at home. Hopefully, another agent will be able to help you.”

   I sighed and started walking to the bus stop again, willing away all the faces of men and women that I had beaten to death while interrogating them or looking at the faces of people I hadn’t saved.

   I would definitely need a glass of wine later.

   “Miss Stone,” I turned again to see Galahad walking towards me, “perhaps I can persuade you.”

   “Galahad, you’ve already tried but—”

   He cut me off with a kiss. It wasn’t passionate or anything, but it was quite steamy and I would’ve shoved him away if I wasn’t surprised. However, when he pulled away everything went fuzzy before turning black.

    “…Guinevere, are you all right? Guinevere!” Merlin’s eyes were narrowed at me when I blinked them open.

    I glanced around and saw that I was sitting in a chair in the old tailor shop, surrounded by the different high tech gadgets disguised as haberdashery. In front of me was Merlin, wearing his usual gray sweater vest, along with Galahad, who looked a little anxious.

    “What…what happened?” I muttered.

    Merlin straightened up. “Eggsy used a solvent disguised as a lip balm on his lips that was laced with chloroform.”

   “Eggsy?” I glanced at the handsome young boy standing at the front. “That’s your name?”

   “Yeah, what, got a problem with it?”

   “No, not at all. It’s different, I will say that.” I leaned back into the chair. “You must be extremely desperate to be talking to me.”

   “Not desperate at all, Y/N. No other Kingsman agent has measured up to you in hand to hand combat or in handling weapons. We have a greater threat that attacked our headquarters,” Merlin said. “If we are going to take them down, we need you on our side.” 

     I glanced at Eggsy again and he shifted. He knew it was risky drugging me of all people. However, it was for a good cause and I had always been loyal to Kingsman.

   “You haven’t said anything that really convinces me to join.”

   “If you do this, you can leave, for good.”

   “Do you really have that power, Merlin?” 

   Merlin’s mouth went into a straight line. “Because for the time being, I am also acting as Arthur.”

   “Fine, and I also want to be paid accordingly whenever you can scrounge something up.” I flexed my sore hands again. “May I leave now?”

   “Of course. It’s good to have you back, Guinevere.”

   “We’ll see about that.” I stood and began strolling to the door, but I stopped at Eggsy. “Don’t drug me the next time you kiss me.”

   “There will be a next time?” Eggsy looked ridiculously smug.

   “Goodbye, Galahad.”

   As I walked away, I couldn’t help but smile since I had forgotten how much it was fun to play with boys in a non violent way. 

I just want Kane and Abby to be happy for more than five minutes <3

#that time kane went through a boiling hot tiny maintenance shaft to rescue his ‘people’ #but upon seeing abby ignores everybody and goes straight to her to cuddle

Preference #12.1 He Doesn’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Treats You



“So where is Jake? I thought you guys were hanging out today,” Liam asked during the middle of your lunch date. 

You rolled your eyes thinking about your boyfriend of eleven months, Jake. After he lost his job at a factory, he decided to crash you and you were fairly sick of him, his friends, and their antics. The rent was due, and he couldn’t even find a way to pay half; he wasn’t even trying. 

“Yeah but he rather get high with his friends and make my house smell like a frat house on a Saturday night,” you huffed, crossing your arms. “And I don’t mind that he does smoke, I just wish that wasn’t all he did! I mean he won’t even try to look for a job,” you complained. 

“Y/N, all you do when you talk about Jake is complain about how unhappy he makes you,” Liam reminded you. 

It was true. The last couple months have been the worst for you both. You had more fights within one month than the entire time you guys were together. As annoying as it was, he never left. 

“Maybe you should just end it,” he suggested. 

“Liam, it’s not that simple. We’ve been together for almost a year, and we still have love for each other,” you admitted. 

“What you and Jake have isn’t love, and you know that.“ 

"Okay, maybe I don’t love him like I used to, but I don’t want to go home to an empty house and be alone again,” you confessed almost too loudly receiving some stares from other customers. “Yes I have other friends and I have you, but Jake is different. He’s my first boyfriend in awhile,” you whispered the last part. 

You know you could do better, but Jake was your first love. You just wasn’t sure if you wanted to love him anymore. 

“Y/N, if you have to make up excuses to why you love him compared to actual reasons why then you don’t, and he makes it evident that he doesn’t love or respect you anymore,” Liam said. “He doesn’t treat you or even look at you like he used to and should and you deserve the best the world as to offer and you should never settle for less,” he told you, taking you back a bit and making you blush. 

“Uh thanks Liam,” you smiled, “I’ll definitely think about it." 


Since you knew that Niall would of been leaving in a couple weeks, you decided to spend the night over at Niall’s. Even though your boyfriend, Chris, was little upset that you were spending the night with another guy,you made it clear that you and Niall were just friends. He was your best friend.

"So how are you and Chris,” Niall asked out of a pool of questions he had gathered in your mind. You knew that he wasn’t a big fan of Chris, but he was respectful of your relationship with him. 

“Uh it’s okay. We have just been fighting lately,” you sighed. 

“What about?” he asked curiously. 

“Stupid things; don’t worry about it,” you said trying to blow it off. You didn’t really know how to tell Niall about what was really going on, but you were just hoping it would blow over. “Actually, I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up from the couch and walking over to Niall’s room. 

You stripped down to your underwear getting ready to change into your sweats. You looked at the mirror as you changed into you bottoms. You saw the bruises on your collarbone, seeing the color was fading, but it was still there. What was a dark purple had turned a now lighter purple, but the bruising was still there. 

“What happened?” Niall asked from the door making you jump. 

“Niall, I’m getting dressed!” you yelled, quickly covering yourself. 

“I didn’t know!” he said, throwing his hands up in defense. “But what happened, Y/N?” he asked getting closer. 

“Uh you know, late night with Chris,” you said, trying to laugh it off. He rubbed his hand against it making you wince in pain. “Niall stop…” you demanded, hitting his hand. The demand came out like a faint whisper. 

“What have you and Chris been fighting about?” he asked more serious. 

“I said it was nothing Niall." 

"Did Chris do this to you?” Niall asked. 

“I already told you I had a late-" 

"No, Y/N, you know what I mean,” Niall said cutting you off. “Did Chris do this?” he asked again, making you flinch. 

“I started it,” you began. “We were fighting and I shoved him and it happened, but I’m fine, Niall,” you admitted. 

“I don’t care; he hurt you!" 

"Niall, I’m fine,” you tried to convince him. “When did he stop treating you like a princess Y/N?” he asked handing you your shirt. “He doesn’t deserve you and you don’t deserve that,” Niall whispered before hugging you. 

You felt your eyes tear up before you sobbed in his chest. “Can I stay here for the week?” you asked in his chest. 

“Of course,” he said before kissing your forehead, “I won’t let it happen again." 


You stumbled in front of Zayn’s door before leaning on it. You felt your self sway on the door making yourself giggle. Your hand hit the doorbell a couple times. 

"Zayn!” you yelled after a minute of waiting knocking on the door before it hung open. 

“Y/N? What you doing where? It’s one in the morning,” Zayn said letting you stumble in. “And are you drunk? Again?” he asked. 

“I’m not drunk…..I’m just not sober,” you hiccuped. 

“This is the third time I have seen you drunk this week, and it’s only Thursday,” Zayn reminded you. 

“I’m fine! It’s just Zach was being sooo annoying so I got a taxi and left the party. It was kinda lame anyway,” you slurred before falling on the couch.

“Does Zach know you left?” he asked. You shook your head. “Y/N, ever since you started going out with Zach, you’ve been partying a lot more, and he doesn’t even gives a shit if you’re okay or not during it,” Zayn mentioned, sitting next to you. 

“Maybe I learned to party more and have a better time,” you sighed. “You always said I should have more fun and now I’m having fun." 

"You get wasted almost every other day and I’m concerned; that’s all." 

You nodded slowly trying to comprehend what he was saying. "So you think I can do better?” you asked. 

“Yeah and you deserve better. You shouldn’t have to do this to yourself to make him happy. In my opinion, he isn’t worth it." 

"Then show me what is better; show me that you’re better,” you said before placing your lips on his. He hesitantly responded and grabbed your waist. As wrong it was, it just felt right. You felt yourself lean onto him to the point of straddling him. You felt the electricity run through your veins. You moved your lips to his neck, receiving a moan in doing so.  

“Wait Y/N, you’re drunk,” he said, pushing you off a bit. 

“It’s not because I have a boyfriend but becuase I’m drunk?” you smirked. 

“Y/N, seriously-" 

"I know you like me, Zayn, and you make it pretty obvious,” you said cutting him off. “You say Zach doesn’t treat me right, and you think I can do better and we both know you are talking about yourself.” You smiled before moving down to the hem of his shirt to lift it up. “Just show me that you are better." 

"You know this is wrong, and you’re drunk Y/N, but you can stay in the guest room,” Zayn said, pushing you off once again. 

“Fine but I still want you when I’m sober.”


From the start, Harry never really liked your boyfriend Max. You knew for your relationship with Harry and Max to stay intact, they would have to learn to get along. You took them out for lunch and you tried to keep the conversation light, but the tension was still there. You couldn’t stop that. 

“I’m sorry babe, but I have a call-in to work,” Max said standing up. 

“No, you can’t leave yet. We haven’t even ordered any food yet,” you complained. 

“I’m sorry, but my boss just text him and told me that it was an emergency, but I’ll make it up to you later,” he said before kissing your cheek. “And Styles, it was great seeing you again,” Max smiled, but you could hear the hint of sarcasm in his voice. 

“Same,” Harry nodded before Max left making you sigh. 

“Thanks anyway, Harry, for being here and trying to get along with Max,” you smiled. 

“It’s nothing, I just don’t trust him still,” Harry mentioned making you sigh. 

“He’s a good guy Harry. He treats me right,” you told him. 

“Just today alone, I saw him check out three girls’ asses, and one of them was our waitress,” Harry said with annoyance clear in his voice. 

“So you’re telling me that you never looked at another girl’s ass before?” you challenged. 

“Not if I had a girl like you in front of me,” he said making you blush slightly.

“Harry-” you began before he cut you off. 

“Y/N, I think Max is cheating on you,” he blurted out, taking you back a bit. 

“I know he isn’t cheating on me,” you confirmed shaking your head. 

“He’s always checking his phone when he’s with you, and I doubt that it’s always his boss calling him in." 

"That doesn’t mean he’s cheating on me,” you said, your voice getting a little bit louder. 

“Fine, but just ask him when you see him again. When you ask he’s going to answer with a question because he’s stalling. He knows you trust too much to think otherwise. When you asked again he’ll answer you, but then he might try to kiss you or hug you to distract you because his answer might not be good enough and you’ll know it." 

You felt hot tears form in your eyes. "Why can’t you see that I’m happy, Harry!” you yelled before storming out of the restaurant.


You huffed as you finished the last of your homework. You were suppose to do it with your boyfriend, Marcus, but he never showed up or answered your calls. It was beginning to become the same routine everything night with him. 

The doorbell rung before it was quickly opened and closed. “Louis?” you asked, but you knew it was him since he was the only person with a key to your apartment. 

“Yep!” he yelled before entering into the kitchen. 

“You know I don’t mind you here, I really don’t, but you knew that I was suppose to be here doing my homework with Marcus. Why would you show up?” you questioned as you started to put your stuff away. 

“Because I knew he wasn’t going to show up like he always does,” he said, mumbling the last part. “Why are still with him anyway?” he added, very blunt. 

“Louis, I’m not really in the mood to talk about my love life,” you muttered. In all honestly, you were pissed that Marcus didn’t show up, and you were rethinking your relationship with him. 

“All I know is that a boyfriend should always try and help you out and make sure that you’re okay; not leave you for his friends almost every night when you had made plans,” Louis stated, putting a comforting hand on your shoulder. 

You smiled knowing at least Louis cared about how you felt. “Thanks, Lou, but can we just watch a movie?” you asked. “I don’t really want to talk about him anymore,” you sighed, getting out your chair. 

“Sure but I’m picking the movie,” he laughed running over to your living room.

“Fine, but no horror ones,” you warned as you followed him. 

You sat on your couch when your phone vibrated in your pocket. 

“Is that him?” Louis asked. “Yeah he text me and said "Hey babe. Sorry I missed our study date but can I still come over? We could work on a little anatomy ;)”You read out loud making Louis gag. 

"Come on Y/N, that’s disgusting!” Louis complained before sitting right next to you. “Just forget about him for one night.” Louis told you before taking your phone. “I’ll text him and tell him you both will talk tomorrow." 

You huffed before sinking into your seat. “Okay but don’t say anything stupid,” you warned.

“I got it. Don’t worry.”

Part 2


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Elementary and civil liberties are not friends

I’ve had growing discomfort with Elementary for a while now; those of you who read them may have noticed that my recaps have been increasingly late or absent. There are several reasons for that, but “All in the Family” really brought out my distrust of the show’s politics beyond the realm of representation. So I figure I’ll talk about that one.

I am very uncomfortable with the politics of civil liberties–in particular racial profiling and surveillance–endorsed in “All in the Family.” Initially I was holding onto the slim hope that they were setting up some things to be examined or called out later, but then…that didn’t happen. That this was a case of the week, essentially, and not a longer plot thread seems like absolutely the wrong choice (also because I’m dissatisfied with the resolution of Bell and Sherlock’s conflict–but that’s a different point). Bringing up these issues so casually and not addressing them is not good enough, for me. It continues to normalize and in some cases endorse them.

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ok bear with me i just need to talk about marcus kane. because he is amazing and his character development is so beautiful and he deserves all the good things in this world.

kane, who was so dedicated to keeping the human race alive that he locked all sentimentality away, almost at the cost of his soul.

kane, who cried in his mother’s arms after learning that he’d sent 320 people to their deaths for nothing. he felt like he was the one whose stomach was pierced by shrapnel when he lost her to a bomb blast only a few days later.

kane, who would not accept that the people left behind on the ark should just lay down and die.

kane, who found all the survivors he could, and crawled through burning hot maintenance shafts, at the risk of being sucked into space, just to get to a small group of people he wasn’t even sure were alive - because no one else could die because of him.

kane, who felt that when he realized abby was still alive, that she hadn’t burned up in the Exodus ship, that she was here, alive, in his arms, that maybe hope wasn’t something false and intangible after all.

kane, who was ready at the drop of a hat to stay behind on the ark so that all the survivors could make it to Earth, because salvation comes at a price, abby.

kane, who was struck breathless at the sight of snow-capped mountains and clear water and blue sky.

kane, who had abby shocklashed even though giving the command almost broke him, who never considered that she would forgive him, that they both knew it was necessary to keep their people in line.

kane, who gave abby the chancellor’s pin because he knew their people needed her leadership more than his. kane, who saw and understood how much pain abby was in and took it upon himself to lead a mission to bring back the missing kids of the 100.

kane, who brought his mom’s treasured eden tree to the ground and planted it in the forest because he knew that’s all she had ever wanted.

kane, who would do anything, anything to stop a war between his people and the grounders, who tried to get jaha to kill him and when jaha refused, tried to kill himself to save them because after all, what was his life worth compared to all the innocent ones he’d taken? maybe if he cut his arm deep enough his blood would wash his soul clean of theirs.

kane, who was so full of guilt and grief and self-loathing that he didn’t care if he lived or died, who refused to see the good that others saw in him.

kane, who tried to make abby leave him to die so that she could find her daughter; who was utterly at a loss as to why she would want to stay and save his life, because obviously it wasn’t worth saving, was it? surely he, of all people, deserved to die in the ruins of that train depot. if he died, he could answer for his sins. but she wouldn’t let him die.

kane, who was sure he wouldn’t make it out of the rubble, either because his lacerated artery would bleed out or his chest would be crushed under a concrete slab, but who used what little breath he had to convince abby to forgive her daughter for not stopping the tragedy at tonDC.

kane, who was losing his mind at the sight of abby dying in front of him, strapped to a table with the life being sucked out of her bones when he was only feet away but it might as well have been a million miles because he couldn’t get to her, and it was all his fault, he could save her if that soulless man with the scar twisting his lip into a sneer would just listen to him.

kane, who ran to abby the moment he was freed and had no thought except to help her, to hold her close and make sure she was alright, to get her out of that nightmare of a mountain.

kane, who walked beside abby’s stretcher for that entire eight-hour walk back to camp, holding her hand because he was afraid that if he let go he would lose her, that escaping that radioactive hell was a wishful dream and sooner or later he would wake up with her screams ringing in his ears and she would be dead.

kane, who took the blake siblings under his wing; who respected clarke and recognized her independence and ability to lead before abby accepted it. kane, who was awestruck at the sight of the city of polis, who was the one to make abby smile for the first time in months, who eased her worries about clarke; kane, who helped clarke and octavia in and out of arkadia at the risk of his arrest and possible execution.

kane, who has done a complete 180 since the first season, who started out as the pale, clean-shaven, ruthless, law-abiding head of Ark security, and who is now a scruffy, merciful, kind soldier and leader who just wants his people to have peace and who is currently leading a group of teenagers in a clandestine rebellion against the current Chancellor, because he believes that peace is still achievable after all that’s happened.

marcus kane, man. marcus kane.


What are you trying to prove?

Abby is Light and Hope

There was so much symbolism in 3.09 of The 100. I want to talk a minute about the idea of “light” and “dark” in regards to Abby and Marcus.

Here’s what Marcus says about Abby:

”Our people need someone here to show them the way out of the dark.”

What guides people through the dark? Light. 

Of course, we aren’t talking about literal darkness here but metaphorical. In this case, darkness is despair.

What guides people through despair? Hope. 

For one, this is insight on Abby’s role as a character. She has always been the bringer of hope. In season 1, she was the believer that the hundred were alive. In season 2, she believed things could be different and that people are still capable of making the right choice. In season 3, she was the believer in Marcus, that he would make a good leader and also in general believes that they will find away through their struggles. 

The amazing part about that one phrase is not what it says about Abby, but what it says about Marcus. This wasn’t a phrase said by an unbiased narrator, but a quote from Marcus and through his perspective. This is how he sees Abby. To Marcus, Abby is a light-bringer and hope-bringer, to others and most especially to himself. She has always inspired him, because she has faith in a way that he never can. 

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