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youtube has finally started to take down channels and videos of black men attacking black women. Oshay Duke Jackon, some of Tommy's channels and MANY others have all been taken down and they are PRESSED! they making videos saying black women just want to see them broke and black men need to stay positive and dont rely on youtube for their income. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gabrielle union hair flip*

Yes they have. This is a victory! I haven’t had the time to cover this, but thanks to celebrity author (and I believe she’s also a lawyer) Sophia Nelson. Sophia Nelson is the Black Woman responsible for starting this campaign to take down the bw-hating cyberbullies. The He-Man Black Woman Haters Club REALLY barked up the wrong tree, this woman is powerful and has powerful connections! She posted a video not to long ago about how BW-hater Youtuber, Obsidian has been making bashing/stalking videos about her and unlawfully using her images for years without her knowledge. He thought that he was getting away with it  because he thought that she was just like many black women, powerless to do anything about it. I’ve said for a while now that we just need ONE powerful black woman with MANY powerful connections to get an successful black woman anti-defamation league going. Mrs. Nelson ain’t playing! She’s friends with Christelyn Karazin. CK talks about it more here. Here’s the video with Mrs Nelson discussing the bullying of her and black women and girls:

Christelyn also did a google hang out with Mrs. Nelson (below):

It ain’t over yet and there’s more work to do!

-Bitch, look up your facts, McCree is from Santa Fe, New Mexico so the statistics apply perfectly.

-Reaper’s voice actor, Keith James Ferguson, is latino just like Reaper.

-Lucio’s voice actor, Jonny Cruz, isn’t afro-latino, but he still is latino.

-Every other voice actor in Overwatch fits their race, so why would McCree’s match his race like everyone else’s?

-Blizzard even said themselves that they created overwatch to make a feel of a diverse world so they represented the cast to fit the characters.

-Black people make up a very small percentage of France. Which is why Blizzard would represent the European character as white person. Is that hard to understand?

-White people have lived in Africa, Latin America, and Asian countries for centuries too. But if a company is going to represent the majority people of a country they will go with the larger populated race. Understand?

-This is widowmaker’s noir skin:

-She has blue skin. Not brown. A light shade of blue.

-Those aren’t dreads those are cables and wires. How many black women do you know who walk around with bulks of wires on their head? 

-I’m fight for a canon white women to be white. Awesome.

-Honestly I’m just… amazed by how stupid you are.

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what is the hardest lesson you've ever had to learn? and how did you teach this lesson to yourself?

the hardest lesson i had to learn is that i can’t do this by myself. and by “this” i mean live life. i’m not meant to do this alone.

this was a hard lesson because i’m a very independent person. like so many black women, i was expected to do everything and support others while doing it. my mental health and my physical health faded while i tried to be mis perfect. i thought it was normal. i thought it was normal to suffer in silence. i thought it was normal to be expected to do it all on my own.

there was a point after i graduated undergrad, after graduating with honors, with a slew of student groups i was president of and had founded myself and everyone around me was talking about how great i was. and i realized i wasn’t happy. i had forgotten how to be happy. i was accomplished but i was unhappy and i was surrounded by people but i felt like i was alone.

even still, for months after i graduated i just accepted that this was my fate. 

but i didn’t learn my lesson on my own. God came to me in those dark dark moments. He got me out and told me, against what i had grown to think was normal, He told me He wanted more for me than titles and accomplishments.

He wanted me to feel as much love as i had in me to give. and for that, i had to accept that i couldn’t do this alone.

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I'm mentally exhausted because of black men. I can't go a day without seeing a hateful post from them about black women. Why do black men hate black women so much? I'm like so hurt to the point where I'm mostly around non-black men, I know that they can also say racist stuff but it'd be easier to cut them off it's more hurtful coming from a BLACK man. I wish they'd praise non-black women without bashing the hell out of us because I'm really numb to their "preferences" rn. What should I do?

Many black men’s hatred for black women goes back thousands of years prior to slavery and colonialism (aka the moors). A lot of it was because of their jealousy of the power that black women had back in the motherland amongsts many other things. I can’t cover  all of this #ancientbetrayal in one post, it’s a lot to cover. I’ve posted, re-blogged, and provided many links discussing the origins of black men’s hatred of black women. You can find some of them in my archives.

However, For your sanity, try to avoid  videos or post in the blogosphere, Youtube, or social media by these hateful black woman bashing black men, do not follow them, do not click on their posts or videos, and if you have to take a break from social media from time to time PLEASE do so, we all need it. Ask your friends or others to not send you any negative posts, videos, retweets, etc  by hateful black men. Follow, subscribe to blogs, social media that are positive and uplifting towards black women and girls.

Folks still out here believing these ‘stats’ about rape. Acting like so many Black men aren’t falsely accused on a regular.

This is exactly why I NEVER instantly believe when a woman cries rape. I look for the truth. I wanna hear both sides of the story.

So many innocent Black men are locked up falsely behind certain women that will do this. And don’t start with the comments because she’s white. This issue has no color. Black men are the victim too many times as a result of these lies.

ive noticed a few of the more passionate anti-terf ppl have been saying shit like “stop romanticizing menstruation blood is gross lol!” and like…. yall realize you sound like a bunch of 10 year old boys right? Like menstruation art and art that’s obsessed with period blood and vaginas, etc as a way to convey a message about the nature of femininity or womanhood is definitely transphobic and essentializing, there’s no doubt about that, but the fact remains that throughout the world menstruation has been demonized and connected to women and used to oppress those women who do menstruate, even though many people who are not women menstruate, and many women do not menstruate.

Like, not everything is black and white, talking/creating art about menstruation can be harmful and transphobic in a VERY SPECIFIC set of circumstances, but that doesn’t mean we should give up advocating for safe, clean, affordable, and available hygienic products for everybody who menstruates (regardless of gender), and for removing the stigma about a normal bodily function that a massive chunk of the world’s population goes thru regularly.



King Jane’s new video for her latest single, “Yoga,” is the type of video so many people have waited for. First of all, the song is such a summer jam, with hints of club beats and trap vibes to keep you sweating on the dance floor or in the comfort of your own home. And the video, which shows Jane baring some skin, booty popping, along with her hair swinging to her waist in a braid that could whip you into shape, has us seeing Janelle in a light we weren’t sure she’d touch base with.

But of course, all of these changes have raised red flags to stans that are not ready to see Janelle tread new looks of territory. “She’s selling out,” “She’s showing ass? Nah, can’t respect her,” and “This isn’t her, at ALL,” comments have been spewing, and I am here to shut them down. Because it seems to me people are getting the wrong idea RATHER quickly without processing the information.


  1. “Black People Don’t Do Yoga! / “Yoga Isn’t Sexual! She’s Sexualizing It!”
    Sadly, because of cultural appropriation, many believe Yoga is a “White People Thing,” even though it originated in India. So, thanks to Jane, the song and the video actually show Black women engulfed in the physical, mental, and spiritual disciplinal practice known as Yoga. Because we exist. And no, it’s not a thing only White people do.
    Also… yoga isn’t MEANT to be sexual, but the point of it is to exercise your mind, your body, and your spirit, all of which can help create a better sex life for yourself. IDK about you, but some tricks done on the mat can be done in the bed with AMAZING results. And Janelle isn’t telling you to bend over and catch some eggplant. Her song promotes being centered, being in tune with yourself, and exercising you, to be the best you that you can be. IDK how that’s sexualizing.

  2. “She Preached Not To, But She’s Showing Skin & Being Sexual, Like Every Girl In The Industry!”
    Jane has never preached AGAINST showing skin or being sexual. Janelle has no problem with that, actually. What she had a problem with was the EXPECTANCY for women, especially in music, to do just that in order to make it ahead. She rebelled against that notion to indicate that she wouldn’t and couldn’t be controlled, and to illustrate that there are many means of sexiness. She’s made that point loud and clear for years, especially since we all have swooned hard for Jane in her tux’s, and is now allowing herself to show a little more skin because she wants to, and it can get pretty boring doing the same ol’ thing where people now have expectations.

    Also, if you think Janelle is getting sexual NOW, then you definitely have not paid attention to her music in the past, cuz…

  3. “Where’s The Message? This Song Is For The Clubs!”
    Oh, you damn skippy this song is for the clubs, and the beach shindigs, and the house parties that will erupt this coming summer. I can’t wait, especially since Janelle is now the CEO to her OWN record label, Wondaland Records, where she’ll have a huge say in the diverse music that’ll be coming from the Black artists on the label, which we’ll hear on their compilation album, “The Eephus.” Jane deserves to enjoy herself for making a huge dream of hers come true. This song is also a means of promotion, especially because it’s coming out as the weather transforms into heat. Also, debunk that stigma that club/party music has no message. We’re talking about Janelle Monáe here. Just because she made a song for the clubs, doesn’t mean there isn’t a message. 

    “Crown on my head, but the world on my shoulders / I’m too much a rebel, never do what I’m supposed to,”
    isn’t a message about wearing your crown with pride even with the stereotype Black women face as backbones to this country with no respect in return? 

    “Some call me peachy, and some call me vulgar / Even when I’m sleeping, I have one eye open,” isn’t a message about being conscious and aware of your surroundings, because at the end of the day, loving yourself as a Black woman in this country is the greatest rebellion, and will have people ready to tear you down even though they don’t KNOW you?

    And my fave, “You cannot police me, so get off my areolaaaaa…” ISN’T A MESSAGE ABOUT TELLING YOU TO BACK UP OFF ME JUST BECAUSE WHO I AM MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE? Isn’t a message about telling anyone who tries to put you in a box, who tries to tell you who you are isn’t who you should be, to kick rocks and hop off you?

    Get outta hurr.

  4. “She’s Dancing Like That For The Male Gaze!”
    So, check this out. Point me to the men that were in Janelle’s room as her and the many beautiful women of color danced and bended it while not breaking it. Because what I saw was Janelle dancing in the mirror and admiring herself, which is probably my favorite part. She could have easily sexualized the song and the video, doing Yoga poses in front of a man to turn him on, but she didn’t. She literally danced for HERSELF. Janelle knows how gorgeous she is, and she’s mentioned it. So the fact that she danced in the mirror for herself to see and admire is not for the male gaze, but for her own. It’s claiming her sexuality, which is something women are told they shouldn’t do, and if they do, are called names such as “Ho,” “Slut,” and the new & wretched, “THOT.” I saw a video where women danced amongst each other, enjoying their company, and practicing yoga while getting their life. I saw a sexy ass man talk about, “She’s put my collar on, like she’s my owner,” illustrating the women have the power and he’s willing to obey. And even in the end, when everyone’s together, man and woman, I don’t see the women dancing to catch the man’s attention, and I don’t see the men hounding the women. I see people enjoying themselves and each other.

  5. “Where’s The ArchAndroid Janelle? She’s Gonna Go Pop & Sell Out!”
    Bruh. She was levitating in the beginning and middle of the video. The ArchAndroid is still there. Relax.

I’m so happy to see Janelle expand. This video gave me freedom. This video gave me power. This video gave me beautiful Black women in many shades and many styles doing them. This video gave me sisterhood. This video gave me admiration and love of ONESELF. This video gave me Carefree Black Girl, which, as I mentioned, is the greatest rebellion this world will ever see.

You may believe Janelle is selling out because of ONE song and ONE video that illustrates that she has many palettes other than the one you’ve gotten quite comfortable with, but trust. This is just the beginning of something bigger. In order to be a true artist, you must bend your palette and never break your soul. Janelle is doing just that.

I’m so excited for her direction. I’m falling more in love with her as she grows.

G’on, King Jane. Shine that throne. Prepare for world domination.

C: Sometimes I get slightly annoyed with single Black fathers and mothers who are resentful towards their children.

I get that a lot of Black people are pro pregnancy because of God or whatever but that’s the issue: there are many of us, not all but many, don’t understand how serious children are. You cant be angry at your children for existing, you can’t blame them for you not having the financial means to provide for them. They didnt ask to live.

I’m always looked down on by the women in my family who have chosen or “stumbled into” single motherhood. My brother is a single father and is always asking why I’m not with anyone. And it’s cause of them. I don’t wanna be trapped with a poor man of any race and I certainly do not want to be struggling to take care of a child I cannot afford in the first place. That’s not even close to fair. If I have the power to not allow another child born into poverty and dysfunction I will exercise my rights to not be apart of the cycle I see in my family.

My brother will be like"oh I put food in your belly and a roof over your head you better listen to me" as if that’s not his job? He also gets angry at me for not beating them when they misbehave while babysitting or family functions. I’m their aunt I refuse to put my hands on any of my kin. Plus: every time we’ve talked about why they shouldn’t do a certain action they have listened and corrected their actions.

In fact, my brother and their mother recognized a change in their behavior. Wow who would have thought patience and persistence along with listening to these little human beings would help? Smh.

The only thing stopping some of my family members from allowing their children to starve or not have a home to live in is the fucking law. Otherwise these babies would be in even worse conditions.

One of my cousins yells at and slaps her three year old for “walking too slow” to the point where I was taking him to the park and I stopped to wait for him to catch up and he kept saying sorry and “please don’t hit me”.

This is is three year old Black not who is already traumatized by early childhood abuse. My gosh.

It’s not an isolated family issue either;I see this shit all the time because I live in a predominately Black area. Black dads threatening to punch their kids for laughing too loud or spilling a drink, Black mothers blaming their kids for existing. They punish their kids for doing what kids do. Shameful. It’s heartbreaking. How many Black women come to this blog with their stories of how their parents resented and emotionally neglected them? How many times do we have to discuss this shit? It’s terrible.

I hope to adopt one day and I promise myself that I will never treat my child like a hurden, a play thing with no feelings. And I’ll keep looking after my niece and nephew with love not anger or disgust.

An open letter to white nationalists on tumblr.

You know I’d have zero problems with white pride or white nationalism if all it was was celebrating heritage.

Everybody has a cultural identity. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding your features beautiful and taking an interest in your family history. You should celebrate where you come from and the things that make you unique. 

I’d be fine with a White History Month.

I’d be fine with a “White Pride” event or parade or whatever.

I’d be fine with people saying “white girls are beautiful!” or “I only wanna date inside my own race”. 

Because someone else expressing love for themselves or living their life  to a certain set of beliefs doesn’t diminish how I feel about myself. I can say “Good for you” with complete sincerity. 

The problem is, you guys don’t just leave it at this.

White things are always done as a “Retaliation” or a “take THAT!” to other movements. 

When I see and participate in things centered around black people, 99% of the time people of other races don’t even come up. We’re not trash-talking white people. We’re not using racial slurs against white people. We’re not putting white people down to make blackness seem special or superior. We’re just talking about ourselves, doing our own thing, and having fun.

When was the last time the Black Panthers burned a cross in somebody’s yard? Never. The answer is never. It did not happen. 

We don’t dress up like white people to make fun of you. We don’t create entire websites centered around hating you where me and my friends can have a good ol’ cackle and feel superior for 10 minutes on the internet. We don’t lord the accomplishments of people we have zero connection to other than skin color over the heads of other ethnic groups just to go “haw haw!” 

If anything, the only time you enter into the discussion at all is if we’re sharing experiences of how we are violently mistreated in a country that would not exist without us. Whether you recognize the contributions black americans have made to building this nation or not is irrelevant. Ignoring this fact does not make it unture. 

You did not want a “whiteout” until we had blackout.

You never mention White history month any other time except when February creeps up.

You didn’t shout “AllLivesMatter” until we shouted “BlackLivesMatter”

Now the internet is a big place. I cannot speak for every single individual person who identifies as a white nationalist, I can only judge by what I’ve seen and heard and read by other people who call themselves such. And most of the time what I see is the pattern I’ve mentioned above.

Black people do something for black people. White people take offense to this and decide to do something else in retaliation. But there’s nothing to retaliate against. And if its not a retaliation, its an opposition.

A prime example is this “dindu nuffin” meme. An unarmed child is killed by the police, you find humor in our outrage and in the way we protest. Similarly, there are no memes or caricatures or general culture of hatred that circulate whenever a white child is murdered. I have yet to find one “Caylee Anthony” meme. Yet I can find several of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and many others

We do not treat you the way you treat us. 

I’ll use this presidential campaign as an example. Donald Trump has the support of many self-proclaimed white nationalists. One of the most prominent supporters was a man who starred in a documentary called “White Student Union.” 

This man and one other violently assaulted a black woman who was involved at a peaceful protest at this rally. Freedom of speech declares that this woman and the other protesters were within their right to be there. Yet if you go on google, there’s numerous stories of black people being assaulted at these rallies. When checking white nationalist websites, videos, and postings; I’ve found that Trump has a lot of support in the white nationalist community. 

From an outsider’s perspective, white nationalism is painted as movement who’s only purpose is to curb the waning self-esteem of white people who don’t feel special anymore because they know they’re not better than anybody else. Much like those southern racists who’ll hem and haw about the good ol’ days where you didn’t have to treat all people like people.

If this is false, then here are some suggestions from a black man to help you with your image.

1. Lose the racially charged symbolism. Pick something besides the confederate flag or Odin’s Cross to flail around. Stop trying to evoke the imagery of groups that have literally tortured murdered people for not being white. There are plenty of great images in European history to choose from. Or you could choose an animal. How about a polar bear? 

2. Keep us out your mouths. Go on the “blackout” tag and what do you see. Pictures of black people, and people explaining the need for blackout right? And that’s all. You are nowhere to be seen. There is no one going on about how blacks are superior and blah blah blah. If you want to be proud of your heritage then be proud of it. But if you’re only proud of it because you think its better than somebody else’s- that speaks volumes about your true intentions.

Go on the “natural hair” tag. How many black women do you see talking trash about white people’s hair? How many comics and memes can you find? None. 

The only time black people trash talk you is when someone else brings it on themselves by saying something ignorant about us first. “But Jj two wrongs don’t make a right!” And when someone is a victim of something they want to stop happening and nobody else does anything about it- they’re going to retaliate. this is the real world, not kindergarden. 

If you want to be proud of being white: be proud. But if you’re ONLY proud because you think being white makes you better than other people, then you’re just looking for an excuse to justify your own unwarranted sense of superiority and I pity you. 

Finally: Educate yourselves. Do you know what I’ve come to realize just by lurking and my brief stint debating on white nationalist forums? A lot of you immediately swallow anything that already coincides with your worldview and when something challenges that- you refuse to think critically. Granted, everyone is guilty of this to some degree. But see, if you’re going to be a nationalist then you need to have a core understanding of the real issues that affect your people and why you are treated the way you are. 

A prime example: black-on-black crime is a myth. It is a term used to demonize the black population and should have no bearings in any serious discussion on race relations. Why? Because it is isolated. There is no “white-on-white” crime mentioned, despite people who identify as white making up a majority of the american population. there is no “asian-on-asian” crime. Or “latino on latino crime.” Yet somehow black people are painted as more criminally inclined than anyone else despite being only 13% of the overall population. 

That is mathematically impossible. And socially irresponsible to believe.

People who live near eachother are going to commit crime among themselves. A thief who lives in white neighborhoods is going to steal from white people and white businesses. It is mathematically impossible for 13% of the country to commit more crime than any of the other 87%. But many of you keep using this phrase “black on black crime” like it has any sort of credence. 

 You use it to devalue and discredit a race. Yet in the same breath you will claim white nationalism is not about racial superiority. 

This kind of cognitive dissonance is an insult to my intelligence and only serves to make your movement look shallow, racist, and foolish.

It is the same when you bring up IQ scores. I see numerous threads saying the average IQ for a black person is “70″. 

Let us say for the sake of argument that this is true.

The trans atlantic slave trade began in 1619 when the first West Africans were brought to Jamestown. West Africans who did not speak or read any English and were forbidden from learning to read or write in this new language. Who were forced to work from sun up until sundown over many generations in an environment where access to education was denied to them. Slavery officially ended in 1865 when the 13th amendment to the United States constitution was ratified. That is over 350 years of non-education and learning English only by ear.

After 1865 America entered into what was known as the Reconstruction Period. Blacks were “free” in the sense that they could no longer be kept as slaves, but white leaders implemented laws designed to keep blacks both disenfranchised and dependent on the structure slavery had built. This was done through Sharecropping. Blacks worked the land owned by someone else and gave the land-owner a share of the crops.This was one of the few and only ways blacks could earn a living in a nation where they had no education. 

This was further extended into the Jim Crow Era, where “Separate but Equal” was enforced until 1965 when Brown vs The Board of Education first served to dismantle it. 

Blacks could not vote. This was enforced through the “grandfather clause” which stated that someone could only vote if their grandfather had the right to vote. And since blacks were descended from freedmen who came from slaves, this was coded language used to target them specifically.

Blacks could not use the same facilities whites had access to, and when they could, they were often mistreated. This meant that schools were taught by people who had to teach themselves, who were previously farmers, who were previously slaves with no education and no formal understanding of the English language itself beyond what they could pick up. 

This period also marked the return of the KKK through D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation.” Black towns and businesses, most notably Black Wall-Street were destroyed by angry whites who were upset at the progress blacks were making. So they used violence and fear to knock them back down. Supported by a government who also shared these same ideals, they were of course largely successful.

And this continued until 1965.

Do you know how long ago that was? 51 years ago. 

My father  was born in 1936. My mother was born in 1954. 

My sister was born in 1975 and she was the first person in our immediate family to receive what could be considered a cohesive education. I was burn in 1991.

We have had one generation, as a family, to get our shit together . And the only reason we even had that launchpad, was because my father was light enough to have “White” listed on his military ID. So he had access to things other black people did not have, including my mother.

My mother did not go to an integrated school until she was in 8th grade. That means she had 9th, 10, 11th, 12th– 4 years. 4 years of a “quality” education and was somehow expected to make a life for herself in a place that didn’t even want her using the same bus.

Those “ghetto’s” are the remnants of segregation. Those black children who struggle in school are the product of centuries of exclusion, violence, and discrimination and a country that still thinks of and treats them as lesser beings.

I will say it again: It is an INSULT to my intelligence when white nationalists will spout these numbers and figures without any context, ignorant of the history and the conditions that bring these results. My IQ is 127 132  [just took a test to write this post actually]. But that is not because I’m some special snowflake black. It is because I had the environment and the access to things and people that allowed me to develop this way. There are many black people who do and many who do not. 

If you are going to be a nationalist, then deal in facts. Deal in reality. Understand history, understand issues in their context, before you open your mouth to say some ignorant ass shit just to shake your head and lament on the sad state of nonwhites around you. BE INTELLIGENT. Think beyond the narrow view of the racist propaganda that’s shoved in your face just because it makes you feel good you’re “not like that.”

If you stopped trying to feel better than everyone else and did a little research , you would see and understand where a lot of these issues that plague many different communities come from. But most of you that I’ve seen have no interest in that. Most of you will just grab the first link off some backwater website that confirms whatever prejudice you already hold and drop it into a thread like you’ve just said something profound while everyone else applauds and nods in approval. And the second someone pops in to criticize it, you’re rarin’ to go with more propaganda. 

Human beings are unique. We’re all alarmingly similar and different at the same time. I’m not going to pretend like the black community is without flaws, I call black people out on their shit too, but this issue just really irked me so I had to write a post about it.

Every race has beautiful and unique things about them. Every people has a history and a culture that goes deeper than a picture or a statistic, and its by educating ourselves and working to understand as much as possible that our knowledge grows. I could not in good conscience participate in a discussion that did nothing but slam white people. I’ve made some petty posts in the past in retaliation to some of the racist and entitled things some white people have said, and a part of me regrets them, but I cannot believe with any amount of sincerity that pro-black has to be anti-white.  So why cant the opposite be true?

Why is everything pro-white rooted in anti-blackness? 

Why do you have to feel better than me in order to feel good about yourself?

I can love my skin and yours at the same time.  

Why can’t you?

Why Do People See Men Acknowledging Black Women’s Unique Beauty such a Threat?

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a video by Christelyn Karazin interviewing a young white man name Jacob Micheal Mason, a white man who openly acknowledges the unique beauty of the Original Black Woman. I’m not going to give everything away, I’ll give you some little tidbits. Jacob discussed how he caught so much backlash from both misogynistic blacks and whites for saying “Black Women are Beautiful” and that he prefers Black Women. He also said that he gets backlash from Black Women (I find this a lil’ sad).Christelyn mentioned how his statements made misogynistic blacks and whites call a lynch mob for him. 

Remember not to awfully long ago when a black man, Mack Wilds announced his preference for dark skin sistas on Wendy Williams show. Oh the drama when ANY man publicly states that he finds black women beautiful, attractive, and desirable. I have my issues with Christelyn, but this interview made me think about how people don’t want ANY man, black, white, or other to acknowledge black beauty and find black women attractive. In addition, many people also do not want black women to be in a loving, happy, healthy, relationship with ANY man.

Christelyn brought up some very good questions during the interview:

1. Why do people get upset and dramatic when a man publicly states that he finds black women beautiful, attractive, and desirable?

2. Why when a non-black woman publicly states a attraction and preference for black men, we don’t see this type of backlash?

3. Are some black women so damaged by the constant anti-black woman propaganda that some of us can’t accept a simple compliment uplifting our beauty? Why are some black women overlooking the self-hating black men who uplift other races of women over black women, yet getting upset over Jacob’s compliments, calling it a fetish, yet ignore the black men who fetishize black women? 

Here a video where Christelyn ask, “Why are Black Women Worried About Jacob Micheal Mason?”

Here’s Christelyn’s actual interview with Jacob


anonymous asked:

concerning your wolf359 post, dont you think your being a bit harsh?i dont think it was the intentions of the creators that you where implying with that post. like yes i understand in many ways that there needs to be representation but there is no need to micromanage the creators like that. you also said it wasnt okay to kill their own character. her death was a plot device to advance the story. the way she was killed wasnt intended to have an ill effect on the listeners.

*eyes roll so far that i can see the back of my head* 

i know it wasnt their intention. but fiction reflects reality. fiction affects real people. theres no question about that. its not that we just *need representation* its that we need thoughtful writing.  

when characters who face oppression get killed off as plot devices, as SO SO MANY do, it sends a message to the audience. That these characters should die. that its ok for them to die. its ok for them to suffer, or sacrifice themselves for other characters because those other characters are our top priority. Not the marginalized characters. This only reinforces ideas about an oppressed group being less worthy of not only representation, but LIFE. it hurts people. real people who want, no, NEED to see people like them being powerful and resilient and surviving.

I am a white gay man, so theres only so much i can say about lovelace and misogynoir. but i know that her death (permanent or not) has hurt people. do you know how many black women have been killed by police? in this year alone? to kill a black women character by the hands of a white man in authority with a gun means something. reflects something.

I want the wolf 359 creators to listen and be held accountable bc 1. we have the unique opportunity to have creators that interact  with us and see our posts 2. science fiction has a long and powerful history of social reflection and representation, which i think can add so much to the writing and characters. 

also im being harsh because im angry. im sad. i know what its like to not have thoughtful representation. im tired of marginalized characters, whether that be characters of colour, queer characters, women characters, being treated as plot devices.


I know it’s dumb to get worked up over Internet trolls and racists, but I’m honestly really heated. I was on Facebook and I had watched a video about Chris Brown’s situation with the white girl lying on him or whatever. There was a comment someone posted saying, “that’s why y'all need to stop fucking with white bitches” and of course no other than a coon ass black man came out to start tap dancing for massa. He said, “regardless white women were still better than black women who do nothing but hold black men down, give them STDs, and make their lives miserable” and he said he’d “rather have his son date a Becky than a Shaniqua”. 

He then proceeded to go on a rant on why he thought black women were so terrible, and how we were unattractive, undesirable, and not worth anything. I was so fucking furious I went off on his stupid ass in which he proceeded to only throw more insults at me as a black woman and he told me to “go back to a corner and twerk for $5 weave.” 

I just don’t get what the fuck is wrong with so many black men today. Like this man was spewing so much hatred I could not believe my eyes, like why do so many black men hate black women so much? I’ve honestly never faced disdain or blatant disrespect from black men in real life, but online they are so damn ruthless! This whole trend there is to bash black women on social media platforms needs to end. I’m so sick of it; it’s exhausting. I don’t think that black men realize that without black women, they would cease to even exist. Ugh, y'all I’m honestly really frustrated right now and I feel dumb for letting a stranger get me so worked up, but I’m just tired of the disrespect. Like we can’t catch a break from anyone; not white people, non-black POC, society, and not even our own men.

Black men beef with each other over skin complexion more than black women. I hardly hear black women perpetuate #teamlightskin and #teamdarkskin the way our lovely, knights do. I hear so many black men ask black women of all shades, “Are you into darkskin guys?”…”You should give lightskin men a chance. Why do y’all hate us?”…”Nuh uh! You need yourself a dark nigga!”…”No! Pick me! Lightskin niggas are cool!” And I’m just like, “WHO cares!?!?”

 No one is concerned about skin color but them and yet they constantly ask us why we as black women hate light-skinned women? You know how many dark-skinned men I encountered that tried throwing shade at light-skinned men and vice versa? I just watched a weird ass rap video on IG where this guy I’m following literally rapped, “#TeamLightskin and she don’t fuck with a dark nigga! I’m winning!” Oh my God! If there’s one group of people who perpetuate colorism and skin color teams, it’s black men. Most of us black women just try to live, especially when we’re dark-skinned. Hell, I don’t even see as many light-skinned women try to dirty-mack dark-skinned girls as much as I see the other gender…

Confession: I’m honestly at my end with black men. I’ve rode for them for so long, defended the actions of a few stupid ass dudes, pushed the idea of “not all black men” when they constantly slander and dehumanize us, but I just can’t do that anymore. It’s literally exhausting seeing men who look like us and come from women like us constantly slander us to the highest degree.

Why are black women the butt of jokes all over social media? I wish I could say it is mostly non-blacks doing it, but no, it’s BLACK MEN. Why do so many black men hate black women so much??? Like I just don’t understand. It’s one thing for a black man to claim he has a preference for non-black women and go about his day dating those women without causing trouble for us, but these men date non-black women while tearing US down at the same time. Like if they don’t care for black women, why are we constantly being mentioned??? It’s so hard on my self esteem seeing the things they say and spread about us.

The thing that sickens me the most is that these ideas they spread about black women are really popular; they get so many retweets and likes just for saying “black women ain’t shit”. Like wow is that really what the whole world thinks of us? It’s even sadder when the main people you see defending the shit they do/post is other black men and *drum roll*… the NON-black women they love to gas up so much. “It’s just jokes fam”, “y'all too sensitive”, “it ain’t even that deep”. It’s not a fucking joke when you and other black men are telling black women they are not worthy of love, that we are ugly, and not desirable in anyway. It’s not a joke when a little black girl sees and hears such slander and begins to wish she was no longer black. It’s not a joke when black women already have to live their lives in a white society that tells them they are inferior among everyone else only to hear the SAME thing from their own men.

I’m just so tired and I’ve reached a point where I now hold so mush resentment for black men. I can’t even control it, I can’t tell myself “not all black men” anymore because so many of them do it! I honestly can’t see myself ending up with a white man and I really don’t care to (because they are no better tbh), but I’m willing to open myself up to others. I won’t completely shut all black men out, but I’m not about to sit here and wait around for their ignorant asses either. I’m angry and I just for once want to have a man who appreciates and respects me and all of my blackness.

rosezeee  asked:

Lol. Solidarity with white women? They were/are our oppressors too. It is so strange when I see black women being baffled by white women not speaking out against the abuse and ill treatment of black women and girls.

I don’t understand why black women would think that white women would speak out against misogynoir. The only explanation I could think of at the moment is Stockholm Syndrome. I come to the conclusion that Black People in general really don’t have Stockholm Syndrome for white men, but for white women. That’s another subject I’m gonna address later. However, a sista blogger (I forgot which one) I follow on WordPress once talked about how white women give lip service to sisterhood, while exhibiting racism and misogynoir towards Black Women and Girls. Another thing is that white women are not gonna EVER speak out against racism/sexism/misogynoir towards Black Women because is will challenge their white privilege and pedestal placing them above black women that so many people do. 

Many women are reluctant to advocate feminism because they are uncertain about the meaning of the term.Other women from exploited and oppressed ethnic groups dismiss the term because the do not wish to be perceived as supporting a racist movement; feminism is often equated with white women’s rights efforts. Large numbers of women see feminism as synonymous with lesbianism; their homophobia leads them to reject association with any group identified as pro-lesbian. Some women fear the word “feminism” because they shun identification with any political movement, especially one perceived as radical. Of course there are women who do not wish to be associated with women’s rights movements in any form, so they reject and oppose the feminist movement. Most women are more familiar with negative perspectives on “women’s lib” than with the positive significations of feminism. It is this term’s positive political significance and power that we must now struggle to recover and maintain.

bell hooks, Feminist Theory: from Margin to Center

on why many women do not identify with feminism

There’s many black guys who do not find white women attractive, but will still date black women who closely resemble them due to anti-blackness and colorism. Just because a black man will date a black woman doesn’t mean he’s not anti-black. 

C: I stay off Instagram comments for a good reason. I love how when Chris Brown humiliated two women and got a baby mama but black women are the dirt to dog and trash Karrueche and Rihanna. But poor Karrueche gets hell thrown at her just because she isn’t “relevant”. People soon compliment the baby mama that once was a friend to Karrueche and it makes me sick. I honestly feel like no matter what black men do, it seems like so many black women will defend black men more so than their fellow women. And black men treat us like shit.