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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


what is there to be angry about really… harry said himself that he pushed for the hiatus and honestly no matter where you stand on ot4 and the general existence of 1d its undeniable that the hiatus worked out for the best, taking into account their personal situations as well as how they’ve all gone beyond their comfort zones as solo artists 


Keith is obsessed with Human are space Orcs posts. Lance manages to find some and as a joke shows them to Allura who is just like:
“Are these true?”
And Lance just shrugs “technically.”
So Allura makes sure these posts are spread throughout space as propaganda.
These don’t really do anything until the Paladins are fighting some Galra and half way through someone’s helmet is knocked off and one Galra just stares before yelling:
“Wait their humans!”
Promptly followed by another Galra saying:
“Fuck this shit I want to live.”
Soon the whole squad just sort of runs off rather then face the humans thinking off all the terrifying things they had heard of the species.

touka&kaneki don’t have enough time to see each other as much as they want to, so toukachan enters his room and lays down on his bed, somehow feeling less lonely since the sheets smell like him—sometimes she puts on one of his sweaters—and stays there, waiting for him, until inevitably she falls asleep. kaneki returns very late at night&he’s super tired but then he sees her cuddled up on his bed and somehow he feels sad that she probably spent her whole day in there waiting for him.. he lays down beside her and she wakes up a little, smiling softly when she sees him.

“sorry,” she says. “i was bored so i decided to wait in here until you come back, but i fell asleep.” 

he’s like.. why is she even apologizing *suffers* he hugs her, squeezing her boobsbody against his chest. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m sorry that i made you wait that long..”

she nuzzles her face against his chest, sighing deeply.

“it’s fine,” then, after a long pause, she whispers, “you’re here now.”

anonymous asked:

2 yrs ago, I dove back into this fandom full force and I was at a real low point. I needed a distraction. 1D had enough drama and madness to be perfect for that cause. I lapped it up. Lived for the concerts. Most important of all though? I found my confidence. I learned to stand tall (as tall as you can at 4'11) as a bisexual woman. Started dressing how I felt comfortable. Truly felt like I was ME. And I thank Louis for that. 100%. I love him the most & would protect him with everything I have.

Anonymous said: This was one of the most eye opening interviews though. I have so many things to say because even though we saw how reserved he was in performances regarding his voice, it’s just truly eye opening to read what Louis felt. To know some of his inner thoughts. My heart breaks for him, but it also just powers my support and love for him. He deserves the world.

Anonymous said: I don’t understand how he was able to keep it together sometimes. How he didn’t break at some point. God, he’s so strong. 

Anonymous said: I just hope he knows just how muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch he is loved xx.

Anonymous said: 1D without Louis would have been a completely different group. Would they even have made five albums or would they have fizzled long before? I hope one day Louis realizes just how valuable and essential is was to the band. Without him, they would have been totally different, and not in a good way. He was/is so important!!!

Anonymous said: All I want is to give Louis like the biggest hug. I hope that one day he sees what we see. That he sees how much we love and supoort him and how amazing he truly is. He deserves the whole world. He deserves every good thing that will come his way. He is just the most passionate and beautiful human, inside and out. There will never be another Louis Tomlinson, so the world needs to treat him like the King he is.

Anonymous said: He’s our sweetest creature :(

Anonymous said: I’m just so proud to call myself his fan?! I can’t contain it in my heart.

Anonymous said: He’s just too good for this world.

Anonymous said: I want to protect him from every bad thing in the world and not let anything ever hurt him again in his life :(

Anonymous said: Buckle up louis tomlinson, you’re about to feel LOVEDtm

Anonymous said: it hurts me that i can’t do more for him. i want to give him the moon and the stars but i can’t.

Anonymous said: To this day, I randomly feel my chest constrict when I think of Jay. And oh god, I cannot imagine how he/they must feel. It’s his mom. And if I cried and still cry this much over it…I love Louis so so so much

Anonymous said: What? What can I do to make him see how special he is? Tell me and I’ll do it. I NEED him to know how great he is:(

Anonymous said: I just want to make him as happy as he makes me, how do we make this single and that album #1, take my money, my time, my sleep, just take it!

Anonymous said: He’s so incredibly STRONG.

Anonymous said: I am prepared to go to war for Louis. My heart. My sweet angel. My darling prince.

This is just a little bit of the love Louis received in my inbox yesterday. ❤️❤️


SKAM 4.10

Yousef: Hey girl, did the party turn out well?

Sana: Awesome.
<picture of girl squad>

Yousef: WOW ❤️
I’ve been here today.
<picture of Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque>
One day, I’ll bring you here.

  • hange: armin! wait! you forgot your research notes on the study of the regenerative properties of telomeres within Homo titanicus flesh cells!
  • armin: oh, right. thanks mom!
  • hange: ...
  • armin: ...
  • hange: ...
  • hange: you're welcome, child