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To the left is 
Nagao Shizune, who will play our new Kiyoko!

To the right is 
Saitou Ami, who will play our new Yachi!

The two are actually the same age, both born in 1995, and actually, Yachi’s actress is older by 5 months!

Emergency commissions!

I’ll explain it quickly, yesterday my mom went to walk with my dog in the garden of our apartment while I was away, and at night my dog began to choke and vomit, so we took him to the vet and the doctor said that it ate something intoxicated, then I discovered that my “lovable” condominium manager put pesticide on the plants without telling anyone about this. My dog will be fine, but will have to spend a few days at the vet, start a new diet, not to mention the medicines, so I urgently need money to pay for everything.

I’m willing to take commissions (only sketchs) for a lower price than normal. You can contact me via tumblr / messages.

Also, i’ve uptaded my redbubble. [ HERE ]

If you can’t pay for a comission, i would be extremely grateful if you could help me spreading the word.


Coworkers and their opinions on Ricardo’s small orange.

My dear sweet husband has given me a guilt-free out for the post-school year teacher party tonight. Cause not only has this week been a shitfest but I’m also super not capable of faking interest in teacher stories right now and I would absolutely end up offending his coworkers. Plus he took Vega with him so I have the house to mysseeelllffff (well, me and the cats).

I’m gonna play some fo4 (expect screenshots of Ivy later) and pretend that I’m going to hem my bridesmaid dress sometime tonight. 

theresalwaysaway  asked:

For the Ficlet giveaway: Vet Clinic AU + FitzSimmons in honor of Iain's days playing Young James Herriot

@ronandhermy said: Drabble prompt: The debate over what type of pet to get rages on.

what a cute idea, using YJH for inspiration! I also included the second prompt, too, because it seemed to go so well. ;-)
Anniversary Ficlet 2/8.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Vet Clinic AU.

Jemma sighed and rolled her eyes to the side so she was staring pointedly at her husband and fellow veterinary clinic co-owner. “It’s never going to happen.”

Hands busily trying to fix his newest diagnostic machine, Fitz let out a grumble that bordered on a whine. “But if we just advertised in the right places –”

“Zoos don’t bring monkeys to ordinary clinics, Fitz! That’s not how they work!” She threw up her hands, nearly letting the lab coat she was holding fly across the room in her incredulity.

Generally, Fitz took care of the clinic’s technological research and development while Jemma headed up the veterinary duties (along with her assistants), but they both worked together on the actual operation of the clinic itself. That necessitated discussions about the kinds of clients they attracted and accepted (an equal mix of high-end clientele and free care for those who could not afford the kind of treatments their pets certainly deserved). Today, Fitz had apparently decided that they should angle for more monkey clientele, and Jemma was torn between being amused and vaguely exasperated by this idea that he’d taken to like a barnacle to basalt.

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the agency that was supposed to call me back friday never did, so i thought i was fucked and went about this week miserable applying to jobs all over again, sleeping too much and just generally being a depressed piece of shit. BUT THEN they called yesterday and ya girl has a shit office job starting part time at 30 hours a week for 14 an hour until they decide if i’m good enough to go full time

and that’s a really really big deal because i’ve been struggling financially since this year fucking started. i don’t know if this temp job is gonna last, or if i’m going to like it literally at all. but the important thing is that i still got it. so yeah. not unemployed. seeing my old roomie this weekend. going to chicago next weekend. can actually afford all that and rent next month. i am still surviving!!! 

Ult charge, ult chARGE, ULT CHARGE

Zenyatta, bless your ult being ready.

Snippet from my Fantasy novel Amidst The Stars

Progress today has been writing one of Jack’s chapters! Here’s some evidence that sometimes I do write and procrastinate studying for Chemistry…