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You can’t call yourself ahgase if you don’t love all GOT7.

Honestly, I don’t care what your excuse is. Due to these recent events of fans rejecting GOT7 members I just gotta say, why do you even go? Like, come on, we all know I’m a hardcore Jackson stan. I would literally CRY if I was taken on stage by him but honestly? That would be my reaction to ANY of them taking me on stage. Maybe it will be the member I’m not so in love with, but uh, who cares??? I love them so much, I don’t care who would pick me as long as I get to be close to GOT7. 

Learn to love all your idols, they’re all unique and great in their own way! 

It’s all GOT7 or never.

Goblin: I’ll put my bet on Sad Love, a love that surpasses the Heavens.

This is gonna long, but bear with me :)

It has happened, Goblin’s last episode officially ended yesterday.
Until now the hollowness inside me is there, I’m still in a bit denial that it’s all over.
It was worth it, everything was worth it. Sticking to the drama, avidly watching for two months, crying over it, laughing, stressing over what will happen next.

Everything was worth it, the ending is worth it.

Funny thing though, my friends are like “how in hell are you so calm right now?”
”How are you not flipping every flip-able thing around you proximity”
Maybe because I’m not mad or angry about the ending.

Am I sad though? Yes, devastated, I am a wreck right now, I am literally choking back my tears. 
Do I think there are different ways the drama could’ve ended? Yes of course. Was this the ending that I wanted? That I cannot answer, because I never really asked for a specific one. Only a satisfying one where I could see our lovely characters smile.

I get the people who are not satisfied, or was/is disappointed with the ending, i really do, I understand their sentiment, we all want that happy ending for them, Sunny and Yeo got it, got reborn and stuff, why can’t Shin and Eun Tak too?
It is sad that Eun Tak had to die, and that Shin had/have to wait for her to come back and be reincarnated. I am sad too, It’s gonna be repetitive but I am devastated that It’s over, I am so emotional right now I can’t even. 

But if you just stop and see, just absorb it, the ending, you might also realize how just, amazing it is, sad and fucking tragic yes, but just, amazing.

I just hope you guys get the message of this drama as well as I did.
It was the matter of their choice.
All these things had started and finished with choices, Deity was right, he throws the questions, humans finds the answer i.e
He gives us “destiny/fate”, but still it’s our decision, our will can still change that fate, we can still choose, It’s up to us to whether to follow that given fate or change it. It’s Yin and Yang, It’s balanced.

It has been foreshadowed how a man’s will can overcome anything, how desperation can overcome anything, how it can open doors.

How did you think Shin managed to come back?  

Everything is ultimately up to them. The drama showed us this old couple whom have been separated.
The old lady chose to wait for her love, and her love even in death chose to wait for her to come. And that foreshadowing the ending or should I say the start of Kim Shin and Eun Tak’s life together.
Sacrifices are to be made in order to be together, ultimately forever. 

It started Kim Shin chose to return after he was basically sent to die in the war, the King decided, out of ignorance, to follow Joong Won’s whispers and lies, Kim Sun chose to side with his brother and to die as the sister’s traitor. Wang Yeo chose to kill himself, ultimately choosing to drink the tea of oblivion to forget the painful memories and became a reaper.

It ended with Sunny accidentally expressed her sentiments towards God as well, how it is her choice, it is her life and it’s up to her if she wants her memories to be kept and what did Deity say? “I understand” so he didn’t take them.  
Kim Shin choosing to stay with Eun Tak instead on having the sword be pulled and him be returned to ashes, then ultimately choosing death to save her as he learned it was the only way.
Then afterwards he chose not to cross, to remain and be the rain and the first snow.
Eun Tak chose to save those people, those children instead of her life,

”I questioned myself, but I was already doing it. I was really scared”

She chose not to drink the tea of oblivion to be able to find Kim Shin in her next life.

Shin chose to wait to wait for her. 

But is it a cruel fate? Heck yes it is, I will forever carry this bittersweet angst inside my heart forever.

But they chose a Sad but Endless love, a love that conquers the laws of man and heaven.

It was the perfect finish for me, because Eun Tak was destined to die, it was inevitable because balance must be retained. Even if Shin did not return she was bound to die at the age of 29. The destiny of a missing soul.
They got to meet after Shin returned, they had the chance to get memories they can treasure, they got to get the chance to meet again, yes in exchange of for waiting

Again it is cruel,cruel fate, and even though it’s hard to swallow this fact, we must.

It is a sad love after all.

Are they going to spend Eun Tak’s other remaining lives together?
Yes, that I am sure of, and this time they don’t have to worry about Eun Tak’s safety, there is no inevitable death they always have to dodge. 
They can now both be happy and continue their love, their sad but eternal love.

“She’s his first, and he chose her to be the last love of his eternal life.
As well as he is to her.”

Even now, I’m still sighing while typing this, because I’m not going to be pretentious, it hurts like hell.

But their story is stuck with me, the ending is stuck with me.
The ending gave off that feeling that it will never end, the show is ending sure but in the viewers hearts, it’s gonna be there forever, and that’s an amazing thing actually. 

We’ll continue to be sad, we’ll think about other ways this drama could’ve ended, some of might curse the writers even.
But we’ll smile, even if it hurts remembering how it ended it’s gonna bring a smile in your face (god I’m choking cause I’m trying to hold back my tears)
It will continue to give off that warm feeling remembering how lovely their love story was, and how they literally, and will continue to conquer everything, even death itself. I think that’s a beautiful thing, and I hope you got that also. 

We’ll be okay.

It’s all in the matter of perspective.

With he heavy but filled with love and warmth heart.

I am now saying goodbye to this amazing drama that is Goblin.

thank you for the warmth and happiness this have brought to me, for a short period of time, it made me a very happy person, and I’ll forever cherish this story.

  • Remind me that you love me...
  • Teacup13 & Allwordsunspok3n

Remind me that you love me, because my heart has been feeling void of those words lately.. and my brain attempts to explain to my emotions that they aren’t always right but they don’t seem to listen to reason, they never have. And so, I tell my feet to travel to all the places we had memories together, hoping to somehow relapse my emotions back to the times we were together.. I tried to find you in the things you weren’t, and I regret it every time I feel that bitter sense of longing in the air.. I didn’t mean to lose you, or push you away,.. but your hands were never mine to hold and I never seemed to have your heart the way you had mine.. and when I closed my eyes I swear I could see your face but now I’m starting to forget what you looked like. Maybe that’s a good thing because you can’t miss something you don’t remember, right? But, if you do.. still love me.. tell me? Because my emotions aren’t accepting that you’re gone, and even though my mind is moving on, my heart isn’t listening to my thoughts

- And maybe, one day.. you’ll come back to me

The first cut hurts like hell because these days are always preparing us for eyes that will never look twice, hands that always leave, and lips that lie faster than gravity swallows up the stars. we stand in front of mirrors alone and expect to find love beside the prologue. I looked outside of myself for meaning, but all I feared became the years you’re outgrowing - the vision beyond the pocket I have kept is neatly folded in. I can feel my lips getting progressively worse, and I would text the moon about loneliness, but I have run out of lessons to keep my tongue cool. I push everyone away and wonder why silence always wants a divorce. I’ve been dislocating the parts of me you’ve been okay loving, the days you see more sun than tears trying to grow a garden out of symphonies I never learned to hear. I listened to your words, not your thoughts. I held your hand instead of your heart. There’s nothing you could say that would hurt more than never hearing from you again.

- And I know I’m growing into a walking apology, but in what scenario do I get to keep you?

So find me in our epitaph and I’ll resurrect our love with forgiveness, because you never knew how to accept what I had to offer and I never knew how to gift you the things you were so afraid of. Commitment was like Russian roulette with a barrel pressed to your head, and I unknowingly kept pulling the trigger, so, forgive me. I never knew your past haunted your thoughts of me, and I didn’t take the time to learn from my mistakes. We fell for each other never understanding how to stand for ourselves in the first place, so it’s not fair to only blame yourself when we hit the ground. You did not lose me love, we simply lost track of each other in our own darkness, and I am still trying to find the light to our souls. So please, remind me of what once was and maybe, just maybe we can go back and do things differently because while you long for me,.. I look for you.. Other eyes don’t shine as bright and your light always grew so warm in my arms, come find me. I will stay with you, if you want to try again.

- But promise me you’ll stop apologizing for both of our sins.

Collaboration with @teacup13 (Italics) and @allwordsunspok3n (Normal)

The Sherlolly Network        Updates!!!


Sorry that I have been gone for quite a while, but I am back and ready to get back into the role of this blog’s admin which I have been neglecting for far too long.

I need to do some updating of the page , fix pictures , delete blogs who are no longer active and such but for now I would like to put out a call to any Sherlollians who want to join this blog and have your own link to your blog placed on our page.

So as always ,we are looking for more members to join this community !! Just message me through @the-sherlolly-network   or through @thewomanwhocounts. I would love to add you to this network , be you a Writer, Artist or Blogger.

Also if anyone is interested in becoming Co-Admin With me @thewomanwhocounts message me privatelyand we can talk things over as I do need a little help for the times that I get busy with well… life !!

Hope you all enjoyed the new season, I am loving seeing all the beautiful and unique things to come from the season, thanks to all you artists and writers. Keep up the good work.

For Good.

GENRE: Angst

PAIRING: Mark Tuan and Reader (Y/N)


Author’s Note: The two songs that inspire me to write this are Knots by Travis Garland and Time Travel by Daley so if you’re one of those people, like me, who love to listen to music while reading. I’d suggest listening to those two. Anyway thanks for reading! Enjoy :)

He wasn’t speaking.
Neither were you.

It was 10:00 and Mark was driving you back to your apartment. The two of you had spent the evening together. It was really nothing special, your dates hadn’t been anything special for a long time. You both sat in the car and silence settled around you, not as suffocating as before, actually this time it was strangely comforting. You had become so accustomed to the absence of conversation that it became familiar, like an old friend.

His eyes didn’t leave the road.
Neither did yours.

Despite your outer, almost placid, stillness your mind was operating at maximum speed. Your thoughts weren’t necessarily about him but every now and then your inner you would hyper focus on the way you subconsciously mirrored each other’s movements. It surprised you how in tune with each other you still were.

The car pulled to a slow stop.

He didn’t say goodbye.
Neither did you.

Slowly you undid your seatbelt and grabbed your purse from the backseat. You were almost to your front door when you heard a leaf crunch  behind you instinctively you turned around.
You were face to face with a man’s chest. You yelped and stepped back.

A pair of hands reached out to steady you.

“Damn it, you scared me!” You shouted and although you sounded angry you were actually relieved. Mark knew that.

“I just wanted to make sure you got to your door safely.”
That was a lie he knew you knew but neither of you outwardly acknowledged it.

“I thought you’d driven off.”

“I never drive off before you go inside. I like to make sure you get in safely .” His hands were still warm on your body.

“That’s sweet.” You colored your words effectively but a smile was harder to fake.

Mark noticed that.

You struggled to find something to say because you began to get slightly uncomfortable with the cold puffs of air that left Marks mouth and caressed your face.

Mark noticed that too.

He removed his hands from your waist and took a step back. You knew he had something to say, you could see it in his expression, but for some reason he kept his mouth shut. He found your eyes and again you two were shrouded with that seemingly ever present  silence, although this time it wasn’t warm it had a slight chill it made you shiver and sink deeper into your jacket. You wrapped your arms around yourself to combat the ice you could now feel on your tongue.

“You’re cold. Go inside.” He motioned to your front door.

“You want to talk. I can see it.” You said not understanding why so suddenly the thought of Mark leaving made you panic when a minute ago you wished it.

“We’ll talk later. Go inside.”

“We’ll both go inside. I want to talk.” You tried again, almost to the point of pleading, almost.

“No.” His response was sharp not necessarily harsh just quick. Still you flinched slightly. He noticed and made an effort to soften.

“We’ll talk later. Go inside.”

“Mark please.”

You shocked the both of you, you never begged, ever. There was no denying in either of your minds that you relationship was on it last leg and up until that moment you’d been okay with it you’d accepted it, but now there was nothing you wanted more than for Mark to stay the night, for him to comfort you and tell you that everything was going to be alright.

“We both have to be up really early tomorrow and I don’t think we should-”

You cut him off. “Just for a second Mark, I really want to talk.” Your voice began to crack

He grabbed your hands and pressed his forehead against yours in an effort to comfort you. It was something he hadn’t done in a long time; he used to, whenever your emotions would carry you to strange places, but it hadn’t happened in a while.

“We’ll talk. Later, I promise.”

You sighed defeated. “Okay, later.”

You tore yourself from his embrace anticipating the tears and not wanting him to see you cry.

“C'mon Y/N let’s not do this tonight. I just need some time to think.”

“Okay go think. ” The winter in your tone was difficult to force but hard to miss even with your back to him.

You clawed for your keys, grabbing them roughly, and jammed them into your door.

It didn’t open.

You tried again. It didn’t open.

One more time. Nothing.

Mark sighed. “Let me do it.”

You handed him the key and stepped back.

“It’s the gold key not the silver.”

You only nodded, your eyes on the door as it opened.

He stepped aside to give you space enough to walk into your house, he trailed in behind you.

“Mark, what are you doing?”

“You wanted to talk.”

“You wanted some time to think. Go home.”

He either didn’t notice your newly sour disposition or he didn’t care because he didn’t acknowledge it,  "You’re upset and I don’t want you to be alone.“

You knit your eyebrows. Mark didn’t care about things like that. Whenever you two would fight, not that this was a fight it was more the avoidance of the inescapable, he usually gave you your space to fleck through your feelings on your own before the two of you talked again.

"I’m fine.” You lied. “I’m not upset, Mark. Just go home.”

“Why are you always fighting me? I know you want me here stop being so stubborn.”

“You said it yourself we both have early mornings tomorrow; we both need sleep. Go home, Mark.” I said one last time although I knew that he wasn’t going anywhere he was already taking off his jacket.

“I’m not leaving.”

“Okay, stay.” You no longer had the energy to argue. The way you two switched back and forth grabbing and trying to capture and hold right to to at least one of the thousands of constantly changing emotions that you tied to one another, was incredibly exhausting.

He closed the door behind himself and grabbed your jacket.

“We should talk.” Why the hell was so set of wanting the opposite of what you wanted.

“I don’t want to talk anymore. I just want take a hot shower and go to bed.”

“Go get undressed and I’ll run us a bath.”

“Mark, I’m not going to tak-”

“Y/N Just…Please.”

You knit your eyebrows in question. He answered only with a nod motioning you upstairs to your room.

Your curiosity got the best of you and you obeyed the request.


“Y/N.” Mark called softly when he was ready for you.

You almost didn’t hear him seeing as you were only barely conscious. What ever he had planned took a little while to set up and you began losing the battle against your closing eyelids. Tightening your belt on your silk you walked into the bathroom.

You were shocked to say the least. Mark had transformed your bathroom the same way he had the first time he stayed the night at your place. He’d set up your boom box to play soft jazz and r&b, your favorite type of music. Then he’d hooked up your old ferry lights and he programed them to glow your favorite color. Mark sat in the tub watching your reaction. He had run a bubble bath, your absolute favorite way to relax.

The corners of your mouth turned up slowly.

“Mark…” You let your voice trail off not knowing what you wanted to say.

“Do you like it?”

You nodded in a nostalgic haze. “Yeah.”

“Are you just going to get in or just stare at me?”

“Oh.” You undid your robe and slid into the water.

You sat facing Mark and for a few seconds you didn’t say anything. The both of you just sat staring into each other’s eyes. There was that silence again. This silence didn’t relax you like in the car, it didn’t leave frozen like the silence between you outside, it didn’t even excite you like it did the first night Mark stayed over.

This silence was full of understanding. It seemed like as soon as your body hit the suds realization hit the both of you like a ton of bricks.

No matter how many cute picnic lunches you planned, how many adventure dates you two went on, no matter how many incredibly romantic baths  you took together, nothing would be salvaged. The damage was done. Your relationship wasn’t one that was destined to last. Mark no longer belonged to you and you were no longer his.

“I still love you.” He whispered.

You reached for his hand. “I know…I love you too.“

He put his head down, he was crying and he didn’t want you to see.  You wanted to wrap your arms around him in comfort  and tell him that everything would be okay but you didn’t;  you stayed put on your side of the tub holding on tightly to his hand.

The bath didn’t last for very long after your moment you washed yourselves ignoring each other almost completely until you got dressed in your night clothes and got ready for bed.

When the both of you finally laid down Mark, as usual, wrapped a protective arm around you but instead of facing toward the wall you shifted into his chest breathing in his scent for what you knew would be the last time.

He didn’t sleep that night.
Neither did you.

“Yeah, Mark?”

He didn’t want it to end.
Neither did you.

Unfortunately that didn’t change things. Your relationship had run it’s course and it was time the both of you to find new roads.

You knew that.
And so did Mark.

generouslouis  asked:

the three second video says SO MUCH about this whole thing. instagram has had 1 MINUTE videos for a while now, and Breep would have loved to post a 1 minute long video for attention, but she didn't/ why? cause something was hella weird. first: on the floor??? second: muted??? third: yes louis is smiling, but he isn't beaming like he always is with other kids (i mean look at him with the twins) and you can just see the awkwardness off of the whole thing like, they're on the FLOOR i mean wut

I’m posting without comment because I wholeheartedly agree, but look at the waves of anons I’m getting “so what’s wrong, my nephew/cousin/neighbour’s son had his first bday cake on the floor, so were they fake too!1!!!??”

house pairings + love songs

gryffindor + gryffindor: tear in my heart - twenty one pilots
  “ the songs on the radio are ok; but my taste in music is your face! ”

gryffindor + hufflepuff: thinking out loud - ed sheeran
  “ take me into your loving arms; kiss me under the light of a thousand stars. “

gryffindor + ravenclaw: just you and me - zee avi
 “ we can do it all together. ”

gryffindor + slytherin: howl - florence and the machine
“ until i wrap myself inside your arms i cannot rest. “

hufflepuff + hufflepuff: i’ll cover you from rent
   “ i’ve longed to discover something as true as this is. “

hufflepuff + ravenclaw: quiet - lights
“ i’m the one, there’s not too many. hold my hand to keep me steady. “

hufflepuff + slytherin: human - dodie clark ft. jon cozart
  “ i want to give you your grin, so tell me you can’t bear a room that i’m not in. “

ravenclaw + ravenclaw: crayola doesn’t make a color for your eyes
  “ there is no way i could possibly describe you. “

ravenclaw + slytherin: a girl, a boy, and a graveyard - j. messersmith
  “ life’s a game we’re meant to lose; but stick by me and i will stick by you. “

slytherin + slytherin: wolves without teeth - of monsters and men
“ it’s perfectly strange, you run in my veins. “

reading-is-an-escape  asked:

Lia, have you watch the finale? It hits me like that truck. And my eyes are puffy and red and sore. And I'm glad. I'm happy they made it the way it were. I am one satisfied viewer. Are you satisfied with how it unfold?

OMG.. you know I had to torture myself by watching both episodes again… AND I FUCKI CRIED ALL OVER AGAIN… so my eyes are extra puffy and they hurt soooo much… 

But I’m feeling quite mixed right now since the ending left a bittersweet feeling behind in my heart after all the crying… but what touches me heart the most is how pure and innocent their reunion is despite their obvious longing for each other. And that’s why I love Eun-Tak and Shin’s relationship… their chemistry is sweet and is the “punches your gut” kind of feeling. While GR and Sunny finally had their long due sexy kiss and needed to end on a good happy note after they both punished themselves in their previous life. T.T

So overall, I am quite satisfied with the ending because it’s the kind of ending that leaves you on a good note while allow you to think of how the characters will live their lives afterwards. :)

I’m so proud of everyone in Goblin… My babies are all grown up :’)

ask from @ilex616 @sansy-owl @lightsofganymede @p-aurisan 

1.Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

traditional drawing! i love hand-making. but i always do digital, because i can fix it more easierXD

5.What’s your favorite thing to draw?


7.How often do you use references?

when drawing background. i’m terrible on it.  

10.Are you confident about your art?

totally no.

14.Do you ever collaborate with others?

yes. but it always go to bad results tho

15.How long does an average piece take you to complete?

30 minutes ~ 3 hours

16.Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?

less than the past. i miss the past me.

20.What is the easiest thing for you to draw?


25.Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

whit music, or it’s hard to me to be concentrated. my brain just can’t stop to torture me XD

26.For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?

sai,photoshop CS

27.For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require?



thank you^^

simply-zerah  asked:

Do you have any really good InuKag fanfics you'd recommend? :)

DO I??!! Yes. It’s always the answer. I wish you could see how long my Story Alert list was on FF. I love all these fics so much. 

Dizzy Defense for an Underdog by ArtisteFish Now this had me fangirling up and down. I mean the stupid glass keeping them apart makes my heart ache. It’s so gooooood. 

Spirited Away by Kongosoha This writer is a darling and I just. Her writing style is so fun! I can’t explain it. But I love this movie so I can’t help but be drawn to this fic. 

Fractured by ajoy3 This author. THIS AUTHOR. Same writer of A Deal With A Demon. I. Love. Her. This fic has me in pieces!! I mean. How–no no. When. When will Inuyasha come back. And the recent update. Oh god. Kagome is so selfless! 

The Creed by M.M. River This has got such an interesting plot! I mean you get to see this conspiracy unravel before you. (Well along with the InuKag smut I’m not gunna lie I’m all for that) 

A Home for Inuyasha by QueenKami now this fic is interesting. And I really suggest leaving a review for this author. She’s cute and I’m totally down for the fluff she provides. ALSO if anyone wants someone to rant and rave about a fic to them ask me about this fic or it’s sequel. I am so filled with opinion! 
Sequel Surviving College

How to Flirt with a Dog Demon by TouchofPixieDust I bow to this author. She breathes out rainbows and the path she walks is paved in gold. I worship/have a fan crush/love this woman. This fic. I shed tears on what joy it gives me. 

Little Things by Elantina This is an adorable drabble series. I mean it! He’s so little and she’s so cute!! ! khfklsahglhrkl;h

When she’s late by DelusionFusion THIS! This is the kinda oneshot that’s got me all tied up. I’ve read it like 10 times already. I love these kind of scenarios and Inuyasha is such a hero. A Kagome-centric hero. (my favorite type) 

Soul Came Out of the Mirror by Bianca Cai SUPER FLUFFY I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. IDK what I could say that hasn’t already been said. It’s so comforting to read. 

Future, Present by NattiKay I adore these types of fics. And this one is complete!! 

I hope something here is new for you!! I enjoy all these fics! 

I’m honestly quite surprised that over all this time, as I’ve cycled through all these different fandoms, the Steam Powered Giraffe fandom and its’ beautiful fans have still come back to me as some of the most welcoming and memorable to me

You’ve always made me feel welcome no matter how long it’s been or how long I’ve produced anything for this fandom or band, and it really warms my heart that despite it all, I’ve managed to remain friendly with you all! You really are one of my families, and I cherish you dearly!

I mean maybe I can chalk that all up to it being a small fandom and also my first tumblr fandom, but I just love you guys all so much and thank you for including me in your community for this long ❤

anonymous asked:

Hi traincat! I was curious to what you think about Peter's friendships with Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson?

Hey anonymous! I love both of those relationships! They’re both great, complicated friendships with a lot of emotion on both sides, and they’re both so key to 616 Peter Parker’s character and story. 

I feel like a lot of people only know Flash Thompson in the context of being a high school bully which is such a shame. Flash has some really amazing character development after he graduates – he’s friends with Gwen, so he and Peter accidentally end up spending time around each other and clashing heads

until eventually they realize that they don’t actually hate each other and they other is actually a really good guy OH HOW TERRIBLE FOR THEM. (This is actually more or less how Harry and Peter became friends, too.)

Flash was even the best man at Peter’s wedding to Mary Jane:

Anyway I love them a lot! They love each other a lot! Where’s that one drawing of them shirtless and wrestling.

Then there’s Harry and Peter which, wow. I love this tangled yarn ball of a relationship. I love that they love each other and hate each other – or, okay, I don’t think Peter ever truly hates Harry after they become friends, but there’s definitely a period of time he’s afraid of him. 

I LOVE Harry’s death, though I’m not sad at all that it was retconned:

I love how protective Peter can be of Harry

and when he abandons him at his weakest moments, too. 

I love that Harry’s so envious of Peter and a little in love with him. I love that Peter keeps so much of himself – an entire half of his life – from the person he considers his best friend. I love the huge sense of nostalgia they both carry for their college years, when Gwen was alive and everything seemed so much simpler. I love how much they both love Gwen and MJ, and Liz too. I love that Harry’s tried to kill Peter three times. I love that one of those times Peter was willing to let him.

I love that they always seem to end up back together again, no matter what.

I find them so compelling together – even when they’re enemies, even when Harry believes his father was innocent and that Peter killed him, there’s that bond there. What a simultaneously messed up and beautiful friendship. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND IT’S GREAT.

anonymous asked:

I was in love with my best friend. We dated but it didn't work out because I told him how depressed I was and he said that he "couldn't cope with me"... nothing changed except from the fact that as time passed, he was moving on and I was still in love with him😓 sorry this is way too long but my question is, how does one get over someone they love so much? I think about him every day and I cry because I miss him as a friend and he doesn't even want to speak to me and it really hurts. Please help

Honey, it’s hard. I don’t know if anyone actually moves on, or if they just accept it and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I think the first step is coming to terms with the fact that he has moved on, and know that you can too. I hope this helps and it goes well💙

anonymous asked:

dark gry show us the 96-word-long echolalia

asdfghhjkl i love you anon… also i think i miscounted. i think it’s actually 97 words long.

it’s the alphabet game jon stewart and stephen colbert did in this clip (whooo could have guessed it was comedy related…):

A little alphabet game?

But you promised we were through with this.


Don’t drag me into this Stephen…


For God’s sake….

God! Has nothing to do with it!

Ha ha.

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to-

Just stop!



Maybe you’re right! Maybe we should stop.

Now Stephen-

Obviously you want to quit.

Please! I’m having a great time.


Really… I wanna see this through.



Understand! You’re stuck with X and Z.

Very challenging I know, but I have an idea.

What’s your idea?


You’re making no sense.

Zero sense.


after this last week or so of radio silence i have decided to leave fr tumblr completely. yes i mentioned this before but i dont believe the short and, to be frank, mad message cut it.

truth be told after being here for 2+ years fr has stagnated badly. theres nothing other than a users personal lore and blog posts to keep us entertained and even then its repetitive. of course when the sites not really moving forward theres not a lot of new content that a user can write about. or well make silly jokes about.

that being said ive loved talking with yall and reading not only your fr related content but the stories you tell about your daily lives too. theres been a lot of discourse too of course and id be lying if i said that didnt have any effects on my decision to leave. but looking back i can say the good times out weighed the bad in the most chessy of voices.

so thanks for sticking around with me this long ^^ this post will be popped in the queue for sunday and the blog will be deleted on monday. if you wish to still follow my tumblr escapades my main blog is @rnirnikyus

this is one of those things that been sitting on me and Amars minds forever. WE KNEW FOR SO LONG, we know shit about so many people, but with the way tumblr works we gotta wait until that person has no one to defend them because some people on here REALLY love defending pedos. AND IM COMING FOR YOU NEXT FAUST I HAVE YOUR ADDRESS BITCH

anonymous asked:

The discourse between ruby and sapphires relationship often gets me in a tizz, but its mainly because fusions like sugulite or malachite have to unfuse (malachite makes more sense then sugulite, i mean a toxic relationship corrupts the mind of both gems but garnet and amethyst are friends? That didn't make much sense to me). Like in the case of "if you fuse too long its bad for you" how is Garnet not a bad thing? like im not being mean or rude im just genuinely asking bc its really confusing

there’s discourse?

i think they said it’s the power and intensity of their love that keeps garnet together for so long i think garnet said that exact thing in one episode