as long as you hate him

“You wanna know the most annoying thing about it all?” She said.

“It’s the fact I tried so hard to hate him. I went over what he did to me a thousand and one times. I swore to myself that I deserved better than a boy who one day decided he didn’t love me anymore. I told myself that someone like him didn’t deserve me at all. I fought it for so damn long, I tried so hard not to love him, but then he smiled, and I almost ripped my heart out of my chest and placed it in his hands every single time.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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May I ask for an scenario where Ezarel can't stand Erika hating/ignoring him for too long and end doing a new potion to annul the effects of ep.13's potion but she doesn't trust him [either at first or anymore, you choose c:] and doesn't want to forgive him??? In summary: I want angst x'D Thank u!

A/N: Hello dear anon!!! I hope this is good enough!! ^^

Guilt overwhelmed him as flashbacks from what he did to Guardienne passed through his mind day and night. Her teary face made everything even worse and when she slapped him he knew he lost everything they had been building together.

Passing many days reading books and searching for the right ingredients, Ezarel finally was able to create a potion that would nullify the previous one, making everyone she knew on earth remember of her again.

Looking around for her, Ykhar told him she was in her room, getting ready to go on a mission, in which would take some time for her to come back.

Anxiety built inside him as he approached her room and once he knocked at her door, Ezarel could swear he was going to throw up if she didn´t open it quickly.

“What do you want.” Her voice was as cold as ice, just like her glare and he knew that he wasn´t welcomed to be there.

Taking a deep breath, Ezarel closed his eyes for a second, trying to compose himself and once he opened them, he showed Guardienne the potion he had in his hand.

“I made this potion. It will nullify the one that you drank the other day…”

The clock of Guardienne´s room ticked as the time passed by as both of them stared at each other in silence, until a dark laugh came out of Guardienne´s mouth.

“Are you kidding me? Do you really want me to believe in you? The person who kissed me just to make me drink that damn potion?” 

Silence fell once again as Guardienne entered her room to pick up a big bag that Ezarel supposed it was full of clothes and approached him once again.

“Let´s make things clear Ezarel. I don´t trust you anymore. I will never forgive you. I hate you. Never, but never approach me ever again. I no longer believe in you.” Saying that, Guardienne passed through the elf, leaving him all alone, standing infront of her room, trying to process what just happened.

She would never forgive him and there was nothing he could do about it, except keeping the potion safe if one day she somehow forgives him and wishes to take it…would that day ever come?

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Why does someone who simply wanted to do her job over a man a bad thing? Isn't that what people have been asking for in movie relationships? And I mean, even though she loved her job so much she still helped him in the end so I don't get all the hate for Tina. #MoreLove4Tina


I know what you mean - if she just followed after Newt like a guppy they’d complain that she’s “boring” or “a weak female character” like make your mind up.

Tina, I feel, has some of the best subtle development in FBAWTFT and I can’t wait to see how she continues to develop in the future movies!

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Let me give you the world (SFW)

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A/N: Hello! So i’ve been hella inactive, so i wrote this thingy with OtaYuri to celebrate a very late Valentine’s day. It’s heeeelllaaaaa long, but I hope you guys enjoy it. It was fun to write ♥ I think Yuri is like 18 here or something?? I don’t know, maybe??

There’s no proofreading at the end because I’m way too lazy guys, help

Words: 3,541 (I am so so sorry omg, under the cut for obvious reasons)

Otabek opened his eyes at the first ring of his alarm, (Yuri hates him so much because he’s the kind of person that gets up when it’s time), he poked a hand out of the blankets to turn it off, not wanting to wake up Yuri just yet.

Once the alarm was off he turned around to leave a kiss on Yuri’s forehead like every morning, however, he was surprised to find out that Yuri wasn’t laying right beside him, instead, a pink note was laying on his partner’s pillow. Otabek frowned, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes and taking the folded note in his fingers. His name written in Yuri’s elegant calligraphy.

Otabek, I prepared like the cheesiest shit for Valentine’s day. You can’t laugh. Go to the kitchen.


Otabek felt his cheeks getting warm as a big smile started to pull at the corners of his mouth. He got up with a jump, walking (more like running) towards the kitchen. Yuri Plisetsky preparing something for Valentine’s day? The the Yuri Plisetsky who gets all flustered when Otabek brushes his har with his fingers? That’s definitely something forward to see.

He stopped by the entrence of the kitchen when a delicious smell filled his nostrils. He peeked into the room and his mouth watered when he saw his favorite breakfast waiting for him in the counter, a tablet and another pink note laying beside it.

Press play, dork


Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the vide where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter.

“Yo, Otabek”, he brushed his blonde hair back with his hand. “Ah, I think I should say something… sweeter…”, he cleared his throat, looking away as his hand traveled down to scratch at the back of his neck, Otabek noticed how his cheeks started to turn pink. “Good morning, Altin. I made your favorite breakfast and also the smoothie you like, that one is in the frige”, he pointed to the fridge in the video and Otabek turned just to see another pink note.

“I can’t be there with you because I have more things prepared for you”, a happy smile broke into Yuri’s face. “But enjoy this breakfast because I woke up very early to make it! A-ah… and I made it with love”, Otabek laughed and at the same time Yuri did in the video. “Enjoy your breakfast and keep following the notes!”, he waved and the video ended.

Otabek was tempted to replay the video, but he remebered the note in the fridge, so with long steps he made his way to it, opening it up as soon as he took it.

Your smoothie is inside! After breakfast you’ll have to go to /men’s shop/ and said to the first employee you see that you came for “My best present ever”, like that, if you don’t say it they’ll not give it to you


Otabek rolled his eyes, reading the note over and over again. He could hear Yuri’s voice inside his head and his heart was jumping excitedly at Yuri’s next surprise. So far, Otabek didn’t know what to expect, turning back at his breakfast his stomach growled, desperate to dig in that glorious-looking plate, though, Otabek started to lead to the bathroom before anything else. His bladder about to explode.

He found another pink note in the bathroom’s mirror.

You look stunning today.

-Yuri ❤”

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isak and even - minutt for minutt


it was thursday, which meant that isaks last class would end half past four. he hated thursdays, he always had, since they were always so unnecessarily long. and since even had gotten really depressed just over a week ago now, he spent his days worrying about him. and so he wanted to get home as quickly as possible, and since there was a bus that was about to leave just ten minutes after they had finished their class, he was kind of in a hurry. 
“where are you going? why are you in such a rush?” jonas asked and looked worried at isak, who didn’t have the time to answer. instead he just shouted that everything was just fine and that he’d text him later. 

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Hex to bring... "Discord and Darkness"!

Here is a great Hex to bring total chaos to your enemies or someone you hate. Perfect for someone who has done you wrong in a bad way.
You will need a piece of thick string or yarn about 9 or 10 inches long. You will tie 3 separate knots a couple inches apart as you recite the following…

“With this knot I seal this hex you will not sleep, you will not rest Knots of anger, knots of hate Discord brings you to your fate I tie this second knot makes two Bringing darkness over you Slander, discord, evil too Bringing darkness straight to you With this third knot, I do bind Weaving chaos in your mind Hex of anger, hex of hate Bring him down, I will not wait So mote it be!”

As you do this spell be thinking of all the chaos that it is going to bring to your enemy and make sure you are worked up into a rage before doing the spell. This will make it all the more effective! When you are done see if you can hide this string (with the knots now tied) around you enemies home! This will make it more potent! If not then save it in a special place until you decide to untie the knots and give your enemy a second chance.

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Logan or Sirius request: fooling around under the table at a family dinner 💕💕

A/N: smut, NSFW, dirty stuff, yadda yadda 

“Why are you so tense, babe?” Logan cooed as you sat in the back of the town car together. He gently squeezed your thigh as you looked out the window.

“Probably because this is the first time I’m meeting your father and I’ve never heard you say anything positive about him in the last year.” You let out a sigh before looking back at him. He was giving you that smug look you both loved and hated all at the same time. “What Logan?!”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute when you’re so worked up,” he smiled. You rolled you eyes as you pulled onto the long driveway winding up to his family’s large brick home.

Everyone had been perfectly pleasant during introductions. You had already met his mother and sister, Juliet. Even his father, who you had long dreaded meeting, was a gentleman as he showed you around their compound. Everyone gathered in the long dining room and was seated for dinner. Two waiters came around and served everyone’s food. Never in your life had you seen in home wait staff, but after a year of Logan’s stories about his family’s life of luxury, it didn’t surprise you.

“So Y/N, Logan tells me you work for a financial institution,” his father began right as you had shoved a fork full of salad in your mouth. You quickly tried to chew and swallow before answering him.

“Yes. I uh, I work in auditing,” you smiled, looking over at Logan out of the corner of your eye. He was gazing at you, leaned back as far as possible in his seat.

“How nice. So-” His father began talking about regulatory elements of Delos, thinking maybe that was a way to connect with you. You nodded along as he spoke, but your attention was on Logan’s hand which had made its way on your thigh under the tablecloth. He silently slid his hand under the hem of your dress, slowly moving his fingers toward the edge of your underwear.

“Y/N?” His father was looking right at you. Shit. What had he just said? Something about the board? Panic was setting in and you could feel Logan loving every moment of it.

“Mhmm!” You decided it was safer to just agree with whatever it was he said. He gave you a smile and began asking Juliet about some work related business, allowing you to finally let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. You shot a look at Logan, warning him he was entering dangerous territory. All he did was wink back at you.

As the conversation became more lively, Logan continued on his mission, gently pushing your underwear to the side with his index and middle finger. He ran a long finger up your folds, gently flicking at your clit. You dropped your fork loudly on your plate, momentarily shifting the attention on you. Once everyone had gone back to their conversations, he made his way down to your entrance, gliding two fingers inside you.

“Mmm, so good!” he exclaimed as he took a bite of the chicken had been placed in front of him. You glared at him out of the corner of your eye. That same shit eating grin was all over his face, so pleased with his performance in the game he was playing.

“I’m glad you like it, dear,” his mother said smiling a sweet smile at him.

“Oh, I love it. Don’t you, babe?” He asked, turning to finally look at your face.

“It’s great,” you said through gritted teeth. He continued to pump in and out, steadily increasing his pace before passing his thumb back over your clit, making you squirm in your seat. You looked over to him, begging him with your eyes to stop before you came. But instead, he nodded only slightly, encouraging you to ride out your high here in their dining room. A few more moments and you were coming undone under the table, careful to bite down on your lip and stifle any noises that typically would be coming from you right about now. Slowly, he removed his fingers from you and placed them in his mouth, sucking your juices from his long fingers.

“Truly incredible. We should do this more often!” Logan declared to the table. Everyone nodded in tentative agreement, unsure what had turned Logan into the man who all of a sudden couldn’t get enough of family dinners.

🚨Calling All Roman Reigns Fans! 🚨

Next month (March 25th) I’m attending my 5TH WWE Live! show in Portland, ME!

It’s the Raw roster that’s coming to Portland and by using my tricks, I’m getting to meet the entire roster, including Roman Reigns (again)!

I have a goal in mind when I meet Roman: I want to be able to hand him a manilla envelope filled with letters that YOU guys have written.

What kind of letters am I looking for? Letters of positivity, of course!

See, I’m getting so sick and tired of all this CONSTANT hate Roman Reigns is getting day in and day out. I know he won’t come out and admit it but I’m sure he is, as well. So I’d like to brighten his day a little and hand him a manilla envelope stuffed with letters we’ve written for him.

You can write about whatever you like as long as it’s POSITIVE.

For example: I’m probably going to write about why I love him and his character and how much of a positive impact he has on my life and how he’s truly one of my biggest inspirations in life.

Want to submit a letter for me to give to Roman next month? There’s TWO ways to send it to me!

Option 1: You can email me your letter that I will print off and put in the envelope.

Option 2: If you feel like having your letter be a little more personal, feel free to write one and send it to my mailing address.

Keep in mind: If you are serious about sending me a letter, private message me with which option you’re going with and I will send you the corresponding address.

Come on, Roman fans. Let’s unite together for this man we proudly support!

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there is a post going around with about 17,000 notes equating terfs to nazis. people are saying that we're fascists and always have been. their biggest argument is cathy brennan outing a trans girl who was i think sending rape threats to radfems anyways. i hate this. why do they spread lies like this. i am not a nazi. how could you even make that comparison. it makes me sick. how do i cope with this. i'm going to cry.

i saw that list too! it’s sick.

to the cathy brennan thing, that trans teenager threathened to rape etc radfems for a very long time. it was very graphic, really nasty and i didn’t think anyone could be capable of havin such thoughts at that age.

genderists love to say cathy outed him just because she hates transpeople, but she got in touch with his school and let them know that he threathened to harm women and she didn’t use his pronouns, why should she? a nasty male that wants to harm women does not deserve any kind of respect and the genderists defended him lol.

to the list, i think it’s of that owl blog? i don’t remember their url but honestly. you shouldn’t care. i am on various blocklists of that person and he/she puts everyone on the list. there are nazis, pedophiles, minors, “aphobes”, “terfs”, they really had the nerve to put jewish ace discoursers or radfems next to nazis.

typical white christian asshole, don’t let it bother you sunshine.

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Which player off of every team would you date?

Pittsburgh Penguins
- Rusty or Sid.

Washington Capitals
- aaaaa wilso probs

New Jersey Devils
- Ricooooo

New York Rangers
- all of them? Skjei obvi tho

New York Islanders

Los Angeles Kings
- Quickie just to annoy Koder bc she hates him

San Jose Sharks
- PAVS 💯

Toronto Maple Leafs
- aaaaa Down Town Connor Brown bc he’s ginger and I’m from Scotland

Ottawa Senators
- Condon (even if I used to call him condom out of spite)

Montreal Canadiens

Edmonton Oilers
- Gap Tooth Bitch

Philadelphia Flyers
- Giroux

Columbus Blue Jackets
- WennbErg

Calgary Flames
- waluigi

Buffalo Sabres
- Eichs cause he’s me

Boston Bruins
- C A R L O

Dallas Stars

Las Vegas Golden Knights

Chicago Blackhawks
- No Way I’m picking a current hawk so BRINKSY my unfortunate baby husband

Detroit Red Wings
- Zetterdaddy (sorry Evie)

Arizona Coyotes

Vancouver Canucks
- Jake. (Bo if u insist on a roster boy)

Winnipeg Jets
- Chase De Leo!!!

Tampa Bay Lightning
- JO ! JO ! JO !

Carolina Hurricanes
- uh Hanny probably

St. Louis Blues

Minnesota Wild
- Parasite

Florida Panthers
- daddy

Colorado Avalanche
- yah MacDaddy

Anaheim Ducks
- Eaves :(

Nashville Predators

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About that last submission about hating Ash, like virtually no one was hating on him, everyone was just discussing what Jake said, And he isn't really a big part of the band musically if he only wants to turn up to shows and mime playing the bass. Watch a BVB performance at warped tour with headphones and then you'll see that he doesn't play. It's so obvious loads of people have said it for a long time. No a days of your not praising Ash and constantly calling him a king your bullying him. SMH.

^^^ -N

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.