as long as this doesn't catch the attention of sj bloggers i think i'll be ok

i think people are too quick to label their sexuality

if you’re 14, 15, 16 years old and think sex seems gross then that’s normal and it doesn’t automatically mean you’re asexual

i thought that way until i was almost 16 when i matured a bit more, it takes a while for a lot of people

but if you’re too quick to label yourself as asexual you might almost “brainwash” yourself into finding sex disgusting by repeating it over and over to yourself, when you could actually be heterosexual or homosexual

i’m not attacking actual asexuals, it’s a perfectly legitimate sexual orientation, but i’m just saying, if you’re too quick to jump on the sexual orientation train with everyone else instead of waiting and slowly figuring it out, you could make yourself someone you’re really not

before i identified as gay and i found out asexuality was a thing i thought i might be asexual because i didn’t have a normal sex drive yet, mainly because i expected myself to be straight and i thought it was gross

just try it out and experiment and actually consider every sexual orientation and don’t just automatically think “NO IT’S GROSS EW HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE THAT” because it might just be your immaturity or childishness of thinking intimacy is unappealing. people think they’re asexual and then they grow more and realize they were just holding onto their childishness too strongly, i’ve seen it at least twice.

don’t jump on that big fun sexual orientation boat with everyone else too fast because you’re excited, really take some time to figure it out.

you could be asexual or maybe you’re just not grown up enough yet. (which isn’t a bad thing, just be yourself ok???)