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It took me something like 10 months to finally get around to watching "The Conqueror" because I knew, I FUCKING KNEW it would give me Tony feels and I was right and I'm not ok.

oh my gosh TELL ME ABOUT IT, idk if the writers were following a checklist or something but this episode literally covers all the “tony feels” tropes in the book, like:

  • Tony putting on his flashy “PR persona” and taking control of a press event in order to protect his teammates from unwanted attention
  • Tony having to physically turn away when a reporter starts attacking his self-worth and implying that Stark Industries can’t keep up with its competitors
    • like, this is the expression on his face when she starts mentioning Stane, Killian, Hammer, and The Ten Rings (which apparently is just another tech company in this verse??)

    • in fact, Tony turns away so abruptly that Steve actually calls out in concern as if shocked by how rattled he was by that single reporter
  • Then Whiplash shows up with unusually futuristic tech and actually manages to rough up the Avengers a bit before Natasha sprays him with a hose (hah), but then when Tony doesn’t offer his usual post-battle quip, she asks if he’s okay and HIS VOICE LITERALLY CRACKS when he says “I’m fine” before stalking away
  • So, long story short, the Avengers track down this AIM facility that’s stealing and selling tech from the future via this time portal, and Kang the Conqueror pops out and kicks everyone’s asses before disappearing
    • and this just bothers Tony even more to the point where he holes himself up in his workshop and forgets to eat and sleep because he’s trying (and failing) to understand Kang’s tech
    • cue the other Avengers expressing their concern and trying (and failing) to cheer Tony up
  • Literally there’s a shot of all the Avengers just sitting around in various states of restlessness because THEY’RE ALL WORRIED ABOUT TONY AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO
    • also, side note, because I see everything with a stevetony lens, I’m sorry: but I found it odd just how quiet Steve was in this episode? Especially since this is AA, we expect to see him giving Tony a pep talk of some kind or at least offering his two cents on the matter, but? he doesn’t?? In fact, you can see in the above screenshot that his whole posture is just….slumped? As if he’s weighed down by his own thoughts. I could totally be reading too much into this, but I can’t help but think that the reason for Steve’s lack of input is because he’s busy wrestling with his own demons: specifically his fears about being a “man out of time” that’s helpless/unable to keep up with or mitigate Tony’s “futurist” issues
  • Anyway, eventually Kang comes back and attempts to take over the world etc. etc. and we get this vulnerable scene where Tony just opens up about how he’s constantly shouldering the fear of being replaced because he’s not “enough” (and how he can’t even admit that to anyone because he’s afraid they won’t understand)
    • on a lighter note, he also geeks out over Kang’s ship nomenclature, which just made me think of a young Tony Stark surrounded by books and entranced by Greek myths and Arthurian legends…
    • honestly, thank you AA for this nerd, I love him so m u c h
  • so yeah, this is getting too long so I’m going to stop, but tldr if you love Tony Stark pls do yourself a favor and watch this episode, I promise you won’t regret it
Natural Rivalry

ask : could I request a Percy one too? where the reader and Percy are together and she’s a daughter of Zeus, Zeus and Poseidon are going into war, and she has to fight against Percy? can you make it angsty but fluff at the end?

hopefully this lives up to your expectations !! I really like this one for some reason so enjoy !

warning : maybe like one swear (I’m not even gonna sugar coat it you guys should know I’m a heavy swearer by now I literally have almost no filter like I’m semi- nice but  like swearing nice you feel me??)

You glared at the sky. The one time your father could let you down easily.

And of course he doesn’t.

“Someone has to win!” Nike screeched, and you and your boyfriend, Percy, stood about ten yards away from each other in an arena.

Zeus and Poseidon just had to fight.

“I’m not fighting her.” Percy tensed, his voice soft. His expression didn’t match. His sea green eyes were glaring at you, his fingers white from holding Riptide tightly in his hand.

“Yeah, I’m not fighting him.” You agreed, but you fought the urge to choke out your boyfriend. You looked in the crowd, seeing all of Camp Half Blood. Your fingers thumbed the small gold coin in your hand, and you resisted flipping it and attacking Percy.

“SOMEONE HAS TO WIN!!” Nike’s aura flowed through your veins.

Someone has to win.” You and Percy repeated simultaneously, matching glares. Flipping the coin, it landed in your hand as an imperial gold sword, that you wielded without effort. Something in the back of your mind screamed at you to stop, but your subconscious ignored it for you.

“GUYS STOP!!” Piper’s voice shouted, and your mind cleared for a while, your hand wavering. Percy became less tense. But as fast as Nike’s hold on you two dispelled, it came right back.

“SILENCE DAUGHTER OF APHRODITE. SOMEONE MUST WIN!” Nike screeched. That was enough for Percy. He charged at you, attaching quickly. Blow for blow, you blocked every single one, the need for victory running like poison through your veins.

But where you were faster, Percy was stronger. Bronze clashed against gold, the impact leaving a ringing noise loud enough for someone to hear all the way in Boston.

Growling, Percy knocked you off your feet, pinning you to the ground. His sword was pressed against your neck, every second he pushed it against your neck more. You screamed in a mix of rage and pain, dark clouds taking up the bright summer sky.

Thunder boomed, and you lashed out, tackling Percy and swinging at him a few times. He used the pouring rain to his advantage, the harsh and extremely quick water pelting against you, shoving you off of him.

Static electricity burned inside you, and it arced in long, white bolts, attacking Percy. Percy fell to his knees, burn marks littering his skin. He stood up again, and your swords clashed again.

It went on for a while, minor and major injuries being exchanged between the two, nobody brave enough to break up the power couple.

You jumped, your legs wrapping around your boyfriends neck before you flipped him over. He groaned, grabbing your legs and slamming you onto the ground. The wind was knocked out of you. You coughed blood, knocking your boyfriend in the mouth with your elbow.

Your boyfriend?

Your eyes cleared.

“Percy?” Pain rushed through you in constant waves. His eyes were clouded, and he charged at you again. You screamed, skidding back, getting to your feet, and bolting, ignoring your probably broken ankle.

“PERCY STOP!!” You screamed in horror, your back against a wall in the arena. He brought his sword down, and you deflected it, knocking it out of his hands. Your bloodied hand grabbed the front of his shirt.

Struggling in your grasp, Percy glared at you. You ignored it, tugging him down forcefully, pressing your lips against his. Slowly but surely he came back to you, and he pulled away.

“Shit-” You winced, looking at Percy.

“Look at you.” He responded. You both did a lot of damage to each other. In relief, you threw your arms around your boyfriend, the storm clouds clearing in the sky.

“Percy, I’m so sorry, I-” You clutched his tattered camp shirt in your fists, your head hanging. Knots tied in your stomach. “I almost killed you.” With a voice barely above a whisper, your watery e/c eyes looked up up at Percy’s sea green eyes.

“I should be saying sorry. I almost killed you.” He pulled you into an embrace, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Yeah we get it. You two are powerful. You can kill each other. Whoop de do.” Nico twirled his finger in the air, before jerking his thumb back to Will.

“Yeah, um. For what you guys did, that’s at least ten days in the Infirmary. Doctors orders.” Will looked worriedly at the both of you.

“Will I’m fine-” Percy started.

“Doctors orders Jackson.” Will argued, and you laughed slightly, leaning up and pressing a kiss to Percy’s cheek.

Let’s just say Will was very busy for the next ten days.

- Nezzie

A/N - Hey, here’s the deal. I’ve been more focused on Fallout writing for awhile, but I’ll definitely stop doing that and work on AC stuff. Meanwhile, these are preferences from my Quotev account (so, older than most of my stuff) I don’t think they’re too bad, but I haven’t read them for awhile so… sorry if they are. I love you all and thank you for following this blog despite my inactivity and laziness.

Altair Ibn La'Ahad (Assassin’s Creed)

You ran down the dusty path, clouds of dust rising up from wherever your feet landed. You cried for help as a man clad in white robes pursued you from the rooftops. To everyone you passed, you appeared to be a crazy woman, as such, they paid you no mind, offering only a glance before returning to their work. You were simply trying to survive another day, but they couldn’t see the threat-literally-looming over you.

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Have you seen the movies The Incredibles? If so, got and hc about a Incredibles au with the ot3?

I love the Incredibles so much, omg. :D hmmm how would the OT3 fit in that…?
Ok so for this, I’m gonna insert the Ot3 in place of the characters there. Because i think it’d be a lot of fun to see that haha.

-Izuku as Mr. Incredible. He is working so damn hard to keep this family going and he’s a very quiet, soft-spoken worker trying to suppress that strength of his. He lives with his two boyfriends and they have three adopted children c:

-Shouto as Frozone. Their first time secretly saving people happens like this:
“Izuku, do you miss it?”
“Ehh nah, I’m fine, as long as I’m helping people, I’ll be okay.”
“Oh, okay. ….So there’s this fire downtown–”

-Bakugou as Elastigirl (this makes me laugh just to think about)

-Izuku and Shouto show up at home after secretly saving people and are like: “Hi, honey, how was your–?”

Bakugou: *holding up minuscule speck of rubble from one of their suits* “What the fuck is this?”

Shouto *softly*: “shit.”

-anytime Shouto and Izuku try to go do something they shouldn’t, Katsuki will streeeetch his arms out, grab them by the collar and drag them back. It is HILARIOUS.

-Just the image of Izuku facing a terrified child with his car up above his head. “………”

-Izuku CAPTURED BY THE VILLAIN and listening as he hears his family being “blown up” over the radio. Izuku begging for them to stop, fighting with all his strength against his restraints as Katsuki’s and Shouto’s voices yell over the speakers.

-All of them together before the final battle, and Izuku’s hands shaking as he admits that he can’t lose them after almost losing them before. Shouto leaning their foreheads together and whispering that they’ll do this together, as a family, and that Izuku has nothing to worry about. Katsuki nodding, never as good with words, but holding them close before they face what could be their last battle.

(Holy shit i love this au and could write a ton more, thank you)


Izuku: “The public is in danger!”
Katsuki: “My fucking EVENING is in danger!”
Shouto: “Tell us where the suits are, Katsuki!! We are talking about the greater good!”

Is it okay if I...?


Rated M:  Smut

Word Count:  1400~

Warnings:  Daddy Kink  (BUT probably one of the mildest daddy kink fics ever though…)  

When Jinki realizes Taemin wasn’t asking to be considerate, he was asking for permission.  

“I had a really good time tonight.”  

Jinki was just about to start the car when a hand landed on his thigh.  The street lamps in the empty lot left just enough glow to see each other in the car when he looked over at Taemin.  

“Me too.”  Jinki smiled widely.  “I’m really glad you agreed to come out tonight.”  The grip on his leg tightened as Taemin leaned over the console.  

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On queerness, toxic monogamy, and fandom space

Nearly a year ago now I wrote this post about bi erasure and biphobia in fandom. Lately, it’s something that has been on my mind a lot again, especially since I’ve had some new experiences with the subject. And so I wanted to expand on that post as well as talk about the way in which certain aspects of “romance culture” can and often do intersect with biphobia and the erasure of various identities in fan works.

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The Gym

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning: nsfw 

Boxer Calum + thigh riding is a really hot combination js


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Read each question carefully and circle the answer of best fit. Please answer as honestly as possible.

1. How long has it been?

a) a year.

b) it feels like it was yesterday

c) I don’t know anymore, the days blur into each other

2. How are you doing?

a) fine.

b) I shouldn’t be fine, but I am

c) sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and stare vacantly at myself in the mirror wondering how a face so blank can mask so much pain. sometimes I pretend the tears are just the shower spray and I think about how much worse it was for him. sometimes I’m fine.

3. How is he doing?

a) I don’t know.

b) I hope he’s doing well. I really, really fucking hope he’s doing well

c) he’d be a lot better if he’d never met me

4. Do you think about him?

a) yes.

b) I haven’t gone a day without thinking about him since we met

c) I don’t deserve to think about him

5. Do you miss him?

a) yes.

b) every day. every fucking minute. I’m going out of my mind with how much I miss him. I can’t remember what it was like to look at him without my whole body aching.

c) I don’t deserve to miss him

6. Did you love him?

a) I don’t know.

b) I don’t know for sure, but I think so. I don’t think it would hurt this much if I didn’t

c) I think I still do

7. Did he love you?

a) no.

b) he didn’t know me well enough to love me. he didn’t know how fucked up I am. he didn’t know what he was getting into.

c) if he did, then he shouldn’t have

8. Will you move on?

a) I’ll try.

b) I’ll try, but maybe I shouldn’t

c) if I’m alone for the rest of my life, it’ll be more than I deserve

—  d) all of the above, L.F.

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If you're still taking sick prompts? Maybe 'I'm dying' or 'Insult to injury' with Kylo sick or 'Persuasive Partners' with Rey?

Kylo - Insult to Injury

What started off as a sniffle, hidden behind grunts of pain as he hobbled around the old two-story on crutches, was passed off as allergies. Then came the sneezing, and the wheezing. The fever and vomiting caught both himself and Rey by surprise, and when he’d tipped over en route to the bathroom and lost his dinner right in the hallway, Rey had a feeling there was something more to it than just a headcold. He groaned as she pulled his hair back, then helped hoist him up and onto his good leg. 

“’M sorry,” he managed to slur, his eyes glassy as he stared at her, all two-hundred or so pounds of muscle baring down on her as she eased him around the sick and into the cool tiled bathroom. 

“It’s fine,” she promised, keeping her voice as soothing as she could. Slowly, she propped him next to the toilet, stripping his shirt off and throwing it into the hall to be washed. “Don’t worry.” 

“Y’don’t have to do this.” 

She looked over from where she was starting a bath, keeping the water a comfortable temperature so that he wouldn’t catch a chill as he cleaned himself and spewed whatever else was left in his stomach. They’d only been roommates for the last half a year, and while it wasn’t always the easiest, when he’d broken his leg in a car accident she’d felt … pity. Saying nothing about the scar racing down one side of his face, it was clear that he certainly wasn’t the same after totaling the old C-Class. This … sickness, or whatever it was, just wasn’t playing fair. 

“It’s fine,” she promised, offering him a small smile. “You’ll want to strip down, though. Easier to just take a bath and get it all out now while you can, then clean yourself off so you can sleep. The heat’ll help with the chills, too.” She paused, watching his long fingers struggle with the button and zipper, before she gave up to help him with that as well. 

She’d never thought this would be how she took Kylo Ren’s pants off for the first time. 

“Rey?” He looked up at her, swallowing thickly as she helped him ease his way out of his pants, then blessedly left his boxers on as she helped to move him to the edge of the tub. “Can you call my mother?” 

Rey’s face softened and she nodded. “Yeah. I’ll give Leia a call.” 

“Thank you.” 

Rey - Persuasive Partners

“I’m fine.” Really, how many times did she have to insist on it? Rey growled as she struggled to get up and out of bed, only to have Kylo ease her back down onto the sheets from the other side of her. He’d crawled in to snuggle with her last night, and while she’d enjoyed the contact for the first half an hour of it, she’d woken up half a dozen times with overly-warm skin and a serious need for fresh air. Now he wasn’t letting her get out of bed and seriously? She needed to. Needed to stop looking at the same four walls before she drove herself insane and started seeing people in the wallpaper. 

“You could hardly keep anything down for the past twelve hours, you’re not fine.” Kylo sat up on his elbows, staring determinedly at her. “I’m not letting you out of bed.” 

“What, you’re going to keep me prisoner here? Cuff me to the bed frame?” She sneered, eyeing him and the way that his throat bobbed at the idea. 

“If you make me, yeah.” His gaze was resolute, his expression set. “Don’t tempt me.” 

They stared at one another, neither wanting to be the very first to break, but the tension grew too thick in a matter of moments. 

“Look,” Kylo started as Rey’s shoulders relaxed by centimeters. “I know you hate being sick. I know you hate feeling weak but–Rey, if you stay in bed at least for the rest of the day–until you’re feeling better, or at least until you get a clean bill of health from the doctor … I’ll let you peg me till I scream.” 

Now his cheeks were burning, and Rey felt her own lips spread into a grin. “You’re just saying that to get me to behave.” 

“Nope. I mean it.” 

She arched a brow. “Truly?” 

“Scouts honor.” 

“You have no honor.” 

“Okay, I promise.” He was looking more and more agitated as she drew it out, and it only made her cheeks hurt from grinning so hard. She eased back under the covers and gave a small yawn as she stretched her arms out above her head. Kylo, looking equally relieved and horrified that his trick had worked, rested his head on her chest and let her play with his hair. 

“Till you scream, huh?” she murmured. 

“Heaven help me, yep.” 

“Guess that’s worth a couple more hours of rest.” 

Eldritch Librarians

         Dark sat upside down on the living room’s couch, fiddling with a smart phone. He kicked his feet back and forth like a fidgeting child and scrunched his face in frustration. Beams of light came in through the windows and bits of dust floated in their rays. Anti walked into the living room, munching on a flaky croissant, flakes falling onto his black t-shirt. He dusted the flakes from his shirt and the bits of croissant joined the particles of dust.

         “I made some croissants; want one?” Anti asked and took another bite. “I know they’re supposed to be flaky but I think I made ‘em too crumbly.” Dark didn’t reply and clicked away at his device. Anti looked at him and raised a brow. “When did you get a…you didn’t steal that, did you?”

         Dark looked up and finally noticed Anti and slid down to the floor, legs still resting on the couch. “Nope. Bought it.”

         Anti chuckled, and joined him in the floor, resting his feet on the couch. “Ah-huh. Did you steal the money?”

         “No, I got this tiny computer with my own money and it does too much and I can’t figure out how to do any of it.” Dark tossed it towards a window but, using his glitch, Anti quickly teleported and caught it.

         “Dark, you got an iPhone! If you look at this thing wrong, it’ll break. Let me see if I can help you with it, okay?” Anti sat on the couch next to Dark’s feet and Dark crossed his arms.

         “I just want to do a few things!” Dark sat up and waved his arms around as he explained, “I want to call and text you but no matter how many times I type in ‘Anti’ it won’t do anything! I want to change my background to something besides some stupid water drops but when I type in ‘background’ it does nothing! I want to look up porn but I keep typing in ‘porn’ and I get nothing!”

         Anti held in his laughter and looked at the iPhone in his hand. The “notebook” app was open and, written over and over again were the words Anti, background, change background, text Anti, call Anti, porn, people fucking, and lastly SOMETHING TO JACK OFF TOO I HATE THIS STUPID THING. Anti couldn’t help it and burst out laughing. Dark crossed his arms again, pouting.

         “Laugh it up, I’m a real comedian.”

         Anti coughed and subdued his laughter. “You can’t just start typing in random stuff, Dark. To text me you need to know my number. You have to change your background yourself and to look up websites you need to know their address. Here.” Anti put his phone number in Dark’s contacts. “Now when you need me just go to your contacts and click on my name! Now, what do you want your background to be?”

         Dark jumped up and plopped down hard onto the couch. “Put that thing in ‘selfie’ mode!” Dark beamed.

         Anti laughed and opened the camera, switching it to selfie mode. Dark took Anti’s hand, the one that held the phone, and held it up. “SMILE GREENIE!” They smiled and Dark clicked the shutter button. “Make that my background.”

         Anti went to the phone’s settings and changed the background to the picture they just took. He couldn’t help but smile.

         Dark marveled at his background. “Your hair’s getting’ a little long, man.”

         “Eh, if it starts to bother me I’ll cut it.” Anti shrugged his shoulders. “Now about porn…well…it’s not safe to look that up on your phone, Dark. Wait ‘till we get a computer.”

         Dark smirked and caressed Anti’s thigh. “Hm. Bummer.”

         Anti’s face blushed bright red.

         The doorbell rang and they both jumped, then looked at each other and laughed. Anti got off the couch and went to the foyer. He walked to the front door and peaked through the peep hole; standing straight at attention was a young man in a CDO jacket. On his forehead were tiny horns. Anti opened the door and waved.

         The young man saluted. “Reporting for a Mr. Antisepticeye, sir!”

         Anti pointed to himself, “Hello there. You’re looking at him, ahaha.”

         Still saluting, the young man continued, “I am Knight-in-training Sukino, here to take you on your first mission, sir!”

         “Oh.” Anti looked back to the living room and saw Dark taking several selfies. “Can he come?” He pointed back to Dark.

         Sukino stood back to attention. “I…suppose so, sir! I’ll give you a moment to change.”

         “Er, change?”

         Sukino nodded, “It’s rather cold where we’re headed, sir.”

         “Oh. Okay. Come on in.” Anti motioned for Sukino to enter and he did. “Make yourself comfortable; I’ll be back.” Anti left to the upstairs bedroom, not before saying, “Dark, be nice!”

         Dark looked up from his phone to Sukino and giggled. “Hey, horny.”

         Sukino blushed and made sure not to make eye contact with Dark.

         It didn’t take very long for Anti to get changed (though, to Sukino, it felt like it took an eternity). Anti now adorned a black beanie and black hoodie that said, “wub a lubba dub dub!” in bright green writing. “Warm enough?”

         Sukino nodded. “Grab onto my shoulders, please.” He didn’t even ask why Dark wasn’t getting into anything warmer.

         Dark groaned and got up and grabbed Sukino’s right shoulder, Anti grabbed his left. Sukino pulled a metal tube from his pocket with a white jewel at the top and flicked it. The three were engulfed in a white light and, when the light disappeared, so did they.


Northern Canada

         A bright flash of white light appeared and along with it, so did Dark, Anti, and Sukino. Anti and Sukino shivered, while the snow immediately around Dark melted. In front of them was a stories tall, massive, brick building, with “Clericus Daemon Ordinem Tabularium” carved above the doors.

         Anti smiled and looked all around. “Yay! Snow!!!”

         Sukino pulled a folded piece of paper from his pockets and handed it to Anti. “There are some documents we need you to pick up for your first mission. They’re here on this paper.” Sukino saluted and prepared the device he held in his hand.

         “Wait, why are they sending me n’ Anti up here; why not you? Or another CDO kid?” Dark asked.

         “Commander Padula wanted to start you off with something easy…and uh…we don’t really like coming up here. The people that work up here are…strange.” Sukino stuttered. Before Anti or Dark could ask anything else, Sukino flicked the jewel on his device and was gone in a flash.

Wow, I did not mean to make this that long. I didn’t want it to just be “we need to go here. Okay we’re here” but I also did mean for the this much build up ahaha. Whoopsie. Also…this is gonna be my first time RP-ing sooo, the lovely @brittany-san  and @ari-trash , TAKE IT AWAY, YA’ BAMFS!

(btw, those of you that have been making OC’s and what not, I’ve talked to some of you about RP-ing, some of you have chosen to opt out which is totes fine- like I said, this is just a realm of all sorts of possibilities- you do what you’re comfortable with and I freakin’ love you ALL! This is a place to have fun, bb, YEAH!)

hotanekooo  asked:

too much cheating here...>.> no more cruel ones my poor heart doesn't take it D: mc getting pregnant and giving a birth from kbtbb, please.? (≧◡≦) ♡

Gaaaaah! This took ages, omg, but yay another request done! Kind of long for a headcanon, but I hope it makes up for being so late. Especially after I had Eisuke’s part finished back in like January. Oops?

Soryu and Mamoru’s are down below. Eisuke’s was done as a fic previously since I also had a couple of fan fiction requests for him. So why not combine everything into one big massive fic!? (it’s also one of my favorite things I’ve written) 

Check out Eisuke’s baby tale here: The Birthday Gift.

Soryu: Being pregnant sucked. Especially being a week overdue. Even worse was your overprotective mafia boss of a husband had temporarily stepped down. Leaving him to be home all day caring for you. Joy. He wasn’t supposed to start his paternity leave until after the baby had arrived. Yet the ice dragons had insisted on it, sending him home two weeks ago.

The first day or so had been enjoyable. Being able to spend so much time with Soryu before the newest member joined your little family. That novelty though quickly wore off. With Soryu home and bored, he first thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom. You of course being far too along in your pregnancy to do much more than some simple tidying up. Your belly made it quite difficult to bend over anymore. Besides early on Soryu had strictly insisted banning you from most household chemicals. That made it difficult doing a thorough job without the proper cleaners anyway.

You had already nested a month prior, and drove Soryu crazy with your need to dust everything. Honestly! Didn’t he care that a brand spanking new baby would soon be here?! Breathing in this disgusting air! He preferred you resting, but by this stage knew better than to argue. He had been fine with your little furniture dusting at first. So long as you only used a duster and no cleaner. Though as your dusting became more ambitious, his protests grew stricter. Especially after he came home early that one time. Only to discover you balancing on a dining chair, stretching to reach the top of the bookcase. His thunderous growl startled you, almost sending you backwards. Luckily you caught the shelf’s edge in time. By then Soryu reached you and so it all ended up alright. You would have been fine if he had properly announced himself!

After the dusting incident, Soryu had restricted you from any and all cleaning duties. Which was fine because after the surprise baby shower the tiny home found itself buried in baby gifts. All which needed washing, sorting, and proper storage. Tasks Soryu had banned you from doing of course. Yet you still enjoyed oogling over the teeny socks and adorable onesies. Your husband though was grateful for the chores once his paternity leave hit. Within a day he had everything prepped and ready to go for baby. He also caught up on the latest mystery releases over the next week and a half, clearing out his backlog of books. With nothing else to do all day Soryu had grown unbearably bored.

Presently he was curled up around your belly, enjoying a little father-baby bonding time.  Also whispering quiet encouragement to speed up his little one’s lazy arrival. Knowing his boredom was nothing compared to your miserable, overly pregnant state. You were reading one of the mystery novels he finished last week. It was a well written, thrilling nail biter. So when Soryu glanced up and saw you biting your lower lip, he thought nothing of it. The harsh wincing next time caused him some concern. He caressed your bump assuming it to be just an aggressive rib kick.

“Everything okay babe?” You lowered to book to meet his worried eyesight. You drew a breath, as deep as you could manage with your shortened lung capacity. The leisure day had been nice. You awoke in the night with a slight backache. Soryu grumbled but lovingly awoke to massage your lower back with care. He fell back asleep with ease, emitting heat like a heating pad. It helped a little but the night’s sleep was already ruined. So spending the next day relaxing helped your exhaustion. Your backache had only intensified over time. Only now… these were different pains. Ones you couldn’t discretely hide from your protective husband.

“I might-” You paused to wince, feeling another pain coming. Unconsciously your grip on Soryu’s hand tightened. Unaware of when he even reached up to hold it. Feeling the tensity, he knew. You need not say a word before he was on the phone calling Inui for a ride. He stretched up to kiss your lips, breaking out in a smile and being unable to contain his happiness.

“Well look who is finally ready to meet us.” Soryu pecked your lips again, and once more. Reaching for a fourth when you pushed him aside, giggling.

“Soryu-” Pausing to groan as another contraction hit. Wait you were supposed to count between them, right. You had forgotten, but they seemed to be coming on too fast. Weren’t they supposed to be minutes apart you read?! These were less than a minute. You wide eyes caught your husband’s panicked ones. He seemed to be thinking the same as you. He redialed the phone, telling him to hurry.

He pulled you upright while you tried to keep breathing. His shoulder muscles bulging underneath the midnight blue button down shirt he wore. He kissed you quick one more time, before grabbing the hospital bag and guiding you outside to meet Inui. You gripped his forearm as another one hit. Soryu towered above you, frowning and holding you against his side. He couldn’t help but worry. His little one had been in no hurry at all until now, but it seemed they simply couldn’t wait another moment.

Mamoru: You’d think after all these months without any, he’d have gotten used to it.

“Dammit.” Mamoru hissed under his breath, grumbling and growling. He wanted nothing more than a freaking cigarette right now. He was stressed the hell out and needed the nicotine damn it! He was nothing but a failure at quitting! He’d admit if it got him just a drag at least.

He glanced over to his wife, who was trying to sleep through the contractions. She did alright, would grimace on occasion if one got too bad. Otherwise she was quite the sport so far. Twenty something hours in and no sign of baby Kishi yet. Their son was proving to be quite stubborn. First demanding to arrive a month ahead, then taking his sweet ass time. Quite the headstrong one already, like his mama.

He could tell she was exhausted, and their doctor had tried offering a c-section. It was no use. She insisted on delivering their son herself. So long as she was still capable and their baby was in perfect health.

His foot shook, his attempt to distract himself not working the slightest. Damn it. Maybe just one puff…

“Mamoru…” She moans, her face scrunching up in harsh pain. Ouch. Baby making looked painful. Thank god he didn’t have to do it. It looked like way too much effort. This baby better be freaking cute. “Mamoru you’re loud.”

“Sorry babe.” He apologized, grumbling under his breath of her definition of ‘loud’. He learned ages ago not to poke the pregnant beast. “I’m just gonna go out for- air.”  He winced at the poor excuse. Not blaming her the slightest for seeing right through it.

“Mamo, if you smoke I’ll throw up. Please?” He growled reminiscing back to the early stages of her pregnancy. Her morning sickness had been especially awful. Of course they discovered quite a few weeks in that his cigarette smoke worsened it. So when he quit cold turkey for her, her health improved right away. His attitude however, did not. He would do anything for his wife and their kid, but damn it! Must it be his cigs?!

“I’m not.” He denied, shuffling his feet awkwardly before sitting back down beside her.

“Mamo, I’m sorry-” He cut her off with a peck on the lips. Hissing a deep sigh against them. Trying his best not to growl at her. The love of his life was making them a freaking baby. And here she was wanting to apologize for some lousy smoke? Ridiculous. He pecked her lips again, this time actually growling as she tried to protest further.

“No Mamo, really-”


“Stop. My adorable, gorgeous kid is giving us one of our own. And I’m being a good for nothing brat.” Kissing his precious wife once more, he smiles back feeling her lips do the same.

“You know, calling me a ‘kid’ might give some people the wrong idea.” She teases, running a finger along the scruff at his jawline.

“I’m not that old.” His eyebrows furrow in displeasure. His wife snickering at her grumpy husband.

“The gray begs to differ my dear.” Giggling as he becomes more cross. Their playful banter interrupted as another contraction hits. Mamoru grabs her hand at once, allowing her to work through the pain. At last she collapses back down in the hospital bed. Shooing a worried glare from her husband before he can protest. “I’m fine Mamo, I promise. I can do this.”

“I know you can.” Mamoru lifts their still coupled hands, nuzzling them. Kissing each one of her fingers. She withdraws her hand from his, and settles back down in the blankets. The deep sleep she craves has forsaken her for now, but a light doze can still happen. Baby Kishi is not expected anytime soon. “Ice chips? Wanna get up? Your phone?” Mamoru awkwardly rattles off, desiring to be useful. While also trying to fight off his stress induced cigarette cravings.

“Just you.” Clutching his hand to keep him in place by her.

“Ya know, we could get some practice in on baby number two. I hear that moves babying along.” Mamoru grins, winking at her. She sighs, shoving his hand away. Hers going to massage her baby bump instead.

“Firstly- babying?” Mamoru just shrugs at his wife’s adorable attempt to evil eye him. He’d never admit it to anyone, but she was his weakness. Adorable and precious to the core. She’d win most of their battles with a bat of her lashes, and a pout from her luscious lips. She played dirty. “Second- that only works before labor. Third- it wouldn’t happen in a hospital room regardless, you perv. Fourth- Let’s get baby one out before going for more little ones?”

“I tried.” The left corner of Mamoru’s mouth lifted as he smirked. Shrugging once more. He grabbed her hand again at another contraction.

“At least we know he takes after his dad.” Mamoru cocked his head confused, as his wife grinned after the contraction was over. “Oh for taking so long to get here? He is sure to be a lazy slacker just like his daddy!”

A night to remember

Guys I don’t recommend going two days without sleep and then drinking copious amounts of caffeine. Anyways, was doing something like sleeping when this idea hit me, and here I am writing it out, so tired I can’t even string a pretty line of pearls let alone write a coherent sentence. Also bear with me friends I haven’t taken Algebra in like four years.

Finals week ft sleep deprived Kanda and Allen. Yullen.

*Title edited because my idiot self should’ve known that when it came to me so easily the first time, it was because someone else had already posted a fic like it. 

A night to remember

The clock ticked steadily onwards towards the dawn of a new day, the three monsters and two cups of coffee Allen had downed had left him jittery and borderline Astral projecting, and he wasnt even halfway through the material he had intended to study.

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New World | Mianite S2 Fic - Chapter 1



..I can hear a voice.

          I can feel my heart pulsate and function once more as it feeds into my lungs air. It pounds on my chest and immediately I am able to breath again, as if I were dead. I gasp for air and force open my eyes. Light sends a painful welcoming and in response I pull a hand over the light radius. Swiveling my eyeballs past the searing light, I can see one man towering over me. He was donning a suit and tie, slacks and a blue faux-hawk.

          The man speaks and moves closer to me. “You alright, Sparkleydick?” Immediately his accent sends me sitting upright on the bed and hitting the light bulb with my forehead. I am met with laughter and snickering from Tom Cassell, the man standing over me. When he calms down, he sits next to me and slings an arm around my shoulders. He pulls me close and smiles. “How are you?” he asks. I blush at the concern pouring from his voice, which was something you’d usually not expect with Tom, and reply:

          “I, uh..obviously got my forehead in a predicament.” I try to laugh it off.

          “I meant from the free-fall.” Tom says, laughing. He releases his hold on me and lays back a bit on the bed.

          “O-oh!” I say, flustering up. “I’m fine. Totally fine.” He laughs and stares at me. Oh, gods. No, not with those goddamned eyes.

          I blush and mumble to myself. You idiot. I pause and think. Does he even remember Trinity Island? It’s probably only been a day.

          “Who’s an idiot?” Tom asks. C-crap. I said that aloud.

          “Forget I said anything.” I reply. I take a look around and observe. A dark dank box area, beds and steel bars set around. I ask Tom, “Where are we?”

          “In a prison, I’m assuming,” Tom replies. “Can you stand up?”

          I nod and jump off the bed. Tom stands with me and points to a staircase directly above me. He mouths, The way out and takes my hand. I blush and try to peck him on the cheek.

          “Whoa!” Tom jumps back. “Dude!”

          “What?” I ask. Maybe he doesn’t remember. Damn, that was..embarrassing.

          “Dude, I love you, homo.” Tom replies. Ouch, that hurts. He shrugs it off and dons a look of forgetting-what-just-happened. I feel my heart shatter, when he drags me towards a pair of iron doors at the top of the staircase.

          “The way out?” I ask. He nods and knocks at the door. No one’s there.

          He yells, “Hello! Anyone there?”

          As if on cue, a young adult, probably around 19 years old, flies down to the prison front and stares into the windows. A wooden helmet sits on his head and a tight fit cotton shirt wraps around his body under a leather jacket. He had on war boots and strapping his hip was a quiver of intricately designed arrows. A bow hangs over his back and a wing beats from behind him as it settles down. A handsome face to go with it all. Brown hair and blue eyes accompany his young athletic build.

          His mouth opens, “So you’ve woken.”

          Tom, being the crude man he is, yells. “Hey! Get us out of here!”

          The youth pulls a key from his jacket pocket and unlocks the steel doors. Tom races out and the boy greets me, extending his hand. “Good morning. I am Prince Andor of Dagrun. You are?”

          I shake his hand. Immediately I feel kind of protective towards the boy. I shrug it off and smile for him. “I’m Jordan Maron, Captain of the S.S. Sparklez.”

          Tom shoots me a sour look. “That joke is so old.” He sighs. “I’m Tom Cassell. Call me Syndicate.”

          Andor releases my hand and  begins talking again. “Pleasantries aside, I am now going to provide a tour of the town. If you’ll follow me, please.”

          Nodding to each other, Tom and I follow Andor to outside the prison. We meet iron golems and few townspeople along the way, some of which offers decent amounts of fish, bread and apples. We eventually reach a bridge stretching to outside the town. We turn around and see a castle in the center. I stand there marveling at the unique architecture put into the castle itself with Tom munching down on cakes given to him by the town chef.

          Andor speaks up and breaks the silence, “That is the Castle of Dagrun, where our sovereignties, myself included, live in.”

          “Ah,” I mumble. “Oh yeah, by the way.. Are we the only ones who’ve woken from the prison?”

          Andor shakes his head. “No, there were two more people with you; a blood mage named Jericho and a thaumaturge of the name Firefoxx. They seemed to already have built homes outside of Dagrun; see that tower out there?” He asks, pointing to a tower just next to the town walls. It is a tower surrounded by a dojo-inspired area. “That is where the blood mage lives. Miss Foxx lives quite farther; closer to the mountains, if I recall correctly.”

          They’re living separately? I tell myself. “Would you mind to take us to Jericho, Prince?”

          Suddenly Andor blushes as I mutter the last syllable of my statement. I guess he doesn’t get called Prince often.

          “I-I..Do not call me Prince. Only Andor will suffice, Captain.” Andor says, shaking off his flustered face.

          “Call me Jordan,” I reply. “I’ve long since held that title; I just like to flaunt it.” I look over at Tom, who was grinning. I’m assuming he was amused by Andor’s sudden flustering. I turn back to Andor.

          “Moving, I would not mind.” Andor replies, smiling for the first time since we started touring. “Follow me, if you please.”

A/N: Okay..

This is Chapter One of the story, told in Jordan’s perspective. Let’s just say I don’t do romance and I’m bad at that, but I’m willing to push it. xD But in all seriousness, I would really appreciate feedback. I haven’t really gotten to improve in writing, and I want to at least try. I hope you enjoyed :P

Request: Halo

Request: Heyyooo, could you do something fluffy with Cas based off the song halo?

Word Count: 1,089

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

You’re absolutely, hopelessly outnumbered. Demons surround you from every angle, and every one of them has the same maniacal grin.

“Oh, you’re done for, girly.” One of them chuckles, too much pleasure in its black eyes, “I can’t wait for your little angel boyfriend to find you.”

“You bastard.” You seethe through gritted teeth. The light above your head finally flickers out – it’s been threatening and flickering since the demons turned up. You’re bathed in an ominous darkness, the shadows of the demons closing in on you.

For a moment, you truly think you’re going to die, that they’re going to kill you in an instant. Just… stab you or snap your neck or whatever they want, because to them, you’re just a ragdoll sent for their entertainment. The room is too big and there has to be two dozen of the things. You’re ripe for their picking. It’s not until there’s a light from the above you – no, it’s from near the door – that you realise.


You fling your arms up to protect yourself as the room lights up with a golden grace, Cas easily obliterating every single one of the demons with little effort. You keep your eyes squeezed shut, unwilling to risk your eyesight. The last thing you hear is the agonised scream of a demon as the meatsuit collapses to the floor, all life gone.

“Y/N?” Cas approaches you hesitantly, “Are you hurt?”

“I’m okay.” You blink a couple of times, straightening yourself up. Now the demonic influence is gone, the lightbulb above your head buzzes back to life, illuminating his face. Concern is etched onto his features, and he reaches out and draws you to him.

“Thanks, Cas.” You whisper into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around him. He runs his hand up and down your back comfortingly, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“Are you sure you’re not at all hurt?” He asks, holding you at arms length and looking you up and down. You shake your head.

“I’m fine, Cas. Really.” You reach over, pressing your palms to his cheeks and planting a kiss on his lips. His arms circle your waist and you stay like that for a moment, ignoring the handful of bodies littering the concrete floor around you. He only pulls away when there’s a scuffling noise from the stairs right outside the door – Sam and Dean made it, finally.

“Y/N! Cas!” Sam looks around at the devastation in the basement, “What the hell happened?”

Instead of answering his question, you grin.

“Right on time as usual, boys. I like it.” You grab Cas’ hand, and they four of you leg it out of there.


It’s later on at the motel, when you’re sat on the bed together. You have a beer in your hand and he plays absentmindedly with your hair.

“Do you remember how we met?” He asks softly, twisting a lock of H/C around his finger. You offer a smile.

“How could I forget?”

It had been before you’d become a serious hunter – you knew what was out there, but hadn’t a clue how to go about getting rid of it – and a demon had decided to pay a visit to your home. Luckily for you, three guys exploded into the room right before it snuffed you out, and you haven’t looked back since.

“There was a second, all the way back then, I thought it had killed you.” He says quietly, “And it terrified me. I don’t know why – you were a total stranger; I’d seen people die before… it made no sense to me. And today – there were so many of them. So many. And they’d just closed in on you and I thought I was too late.” There are tears in his eyes and you look at him in surprise.

“Oh, Cas. You weren’t too late. It seems you have a skill for it.” You offer a smile, leaning over and kissing his cheek. He smiles slightly.

“I was supposed to be a warrior. A soldier. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a human.” He says softly, combing his fingers gently through your hair, “I was so… stony. Stoic. And you just… walked straight past that. How do you do that?”

“Alcohol and good pickup lines?” You suggest, making him laugh. He shakes his head.

“I was not inebriated, Y/N.” He tells you softly, and you grin, “I just don’t… you’re human. Irreversibly, intrinsically, irrevocably human. But you’re like a breath of fresh air, like waking from a millennia-long coma. You make me want to defy what I’m told and be free. Freefall. But it’s not really falling when I know you’ll catch me.”

You bite your lip as his oh, so blue eyes stare at you in earnest, as if trying to unravel you. He looks at you with awe, like you’re some sort of mystical creature made of pure wonder.

“Y/N, you’re an angel. It’s the only explanation I can see. You’re everything people believe angels to be. You’re goodness and you’re light. You’re the first ray of sunlight after the darkest night, you’re the first flower to open after the coldest winter. You’re the brightest star in the sky and the sweetest summer breeze.” His words are filled with a kind of passion you’ve never seen in him, a passion made from pure love and wonder. His eyes are wide and it makes you smile so wide it feels like your cheeks might burst – never mind your heart.

“Cas, I-” You begin, but he cuts you off.

“I was taught that humans, while important as a whole, are individually dispensable. It was entirely wrong. You’ve shown me that.” He runs his fingers over your cheek – you hadn’t realised a tear had made its escape, “Promise me something, Y/N.”

“Anything.” You whisper, reaching over and lacing his fingers with yours, “Anything at all.”

“Never let your light fade. The world needs it.”

“Never.” You promise wholeheartedly. He smiles, leaning in and kissing you deeply – almost desperately. He’s not usually one for big speeches like this, which is surprising to you. He must have been incredibly scared today to give you words so sweet as this. Sometimes he does like to surprise you, though. He doesn’t need to. You have your angel.

Emergency Commissions

Alright, I apologize in advance for how long and messy this is going to be, I’m just awful at these kinds of posts; here goes. I’ve been procrastinating making this since I really don’t like asking for help, but I’m in a really shitty situation right now. I need to raise about $500 by January because my parents (who I currently live with) are moving out of state and I’m moving into my friends place. The $500 would cover my first month’s rent and deposit. I currently work at a retail job and I’m barely making it as is, so any help I can get really means a lot to me right now.

I’m willing to take donations, but I’d feel much better about this if I worked for it. So I’ll be offering..

Talksprite Commissions:

Will Draw:

  • Trolls
  • Humans
  • Fan species

Won’t Draw:

  • Animals (I can do ears and tails)
  • Mecha of any kind
  • Overly complicated designs. Seriously, don’t go gaiaonline at me. They know how to over do avatars.

*I’m much better at drawing males than I am at drawing females.



A Pack: $25 - You get the pre set expressions shown above.

[ :) :( >:( :o :| ]

B Pack: $30 - You get the pre set expressions shown above. (A + 5 shown)

[ :) :( >:( :o :| :’( ^_^ o//o >_> ?:/]

C Pack: $35 - You get the .sai or .psd file with all the expression parts made in B pack so you can mix and match expressions.


Extra Expressions: $1 each

Extra Outfits/Hairstyles: $2 each


Sketches, lined drawings, and colored pieces: 

(Unfortunately I don’t have very many recent examples. But if you’re interested, feel free to ask and we can work something out.)


Adopts: (I’ll update this as more adopts are made)

The prices are not final, and I’m willing to lower the price for anyone who’s interested.

Orange Blood: Comes with talksprites (pack C) and I can add or change whatever you’d like. $25.


My paypal is If you want to buy art or adopts from me, please make sure to use the Pay for Goods and Services option and set it so that it doesn’t think I’m sending it somewhere. If you want to donate that’s fine too and I’d really appreciate any help I can get. If you have any questions or would like to talk about commissions or adopts, please go ahead and message me either on tumblr IM or on my skype at Aoi Ragnarok.

Your Body Is a Weapon [32/?]

[ Junkrat joins the team. Symmetra absolutely hates him. Slow-burn Junkrat/Symmetra with a struggle of chaos versus order. Series of connected vignettes and drabbles that will outline the gradual development of an odd relationship between two dissimilar individuals who happen to view the world’s components through a similar lens. Alternatively, “In which Junkrat grows on Symmetra like an undesirable plant on the sidewalk and she copes with it in progressively worsening ways.” ]

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“Wait, wait, wait. Right. Okay. So lemme understand this. You went right into one of their little hidey holes, right. Pinched a few heads. Riled up a bunch of them Talon wankers. Knicked something of theirs. And then you went and brought ‘em here.”

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anonymous asked:

oh, also, if you had to pick 5-10 movies on netflix, what would you recommend? (i'm on break and looking to live it up the old fashioned way - crying as silently as possible into a bowl of ice cream and whispering 'oh damn, that's a nice camera angle' as the sun rises)

THIS IS ALSO MY PREFERRED METHOD OF LIVING IT UP, I SUPPORT YOU. Based on things I have watched recently + some random searching and here’s some good stuff:

  • Wet Hot American Summer. TV show coming out this weekend! Get it in now!
  • Archipelago. This is a very Art House Film but omg it’s so good. Also Tom Hiddleston is a child. But like, that’s not even its main selling point. It’s just really good.
  • Nightcrawler. Fucked up movie! Good movie! Jake Gyllenhaal might murder you in the night and then sell the recording for profit but it’s fine! Maybe keep the lights on!
  • Beyond the Lights. A beautiful romance. Gugu Mbatha-Raw needs to be a Star. Nate Parker is also excellent.
  • A Room with a View. One of my favorite movies!! Perfection!! Daniel Day-Lewis is very silly, Helena Bonham-Carter is excellent, Rupert Graves runs around naked, and other things happen!
  • Roman Holiday. Gregory Peck was the most beautiful man to ever have lived. This is all I have to say about this.
  • Clueless / Bridget Jones’ Diary. Duh.
  • Weekend. I will beat the drum for this movie until I am dead.
  • The Virgin Suicides. Also read the book.
  • Top of the Lake isn’t a movie, but actually it sort of is a very very long movie, and it is I N C R E D I B L E. Season 2 is coming! Probably just to make Nic Pizzolatto feel bad.
  • Finally, both The Master and There Will Be Blood are on here for streaming (???????) but honestly, I FEEL LIKE THESE NEED TO BE VIEWED ON SOMETHING THAT IS NOT A COMPUTER. I REALLY FEEL LIKE THIS IS TRUE. The Master especially. Please find a big-ass TV for this purpose. Go old-school and rent a blu-ray. DO YOURSELF THIS FAVOR.