as is the way with most people

Moon Signs:

Aries: Understanding the world through the palms of your hands. Touching everything that is tangible. Internal temper-tantrums that make your blood run hot. Struggling to contain your emotions; being outraged one minute, and playful the next. A secret adrenaline junkie. Being addicted to doing things the hard way. Becoming passionate about new ideas too easily. Becoming passionate about new people too easily. Falling in love quickly and roughly. Looking through eyes that watch the world burn, manic and breathless. You are the infinitely relight-able fuse at the end of a firework, or a bomb.

Taurus: A slave to familiarity. Possessing a dragon hoard consisting of antiques, or the things in which you treasure most. Speaking before you think. The lavish romantic; lover of good times and calm surroundings. The pursuit of pleasure. Slow to forget, slower to forgive. Unfamiliar with compromise. The Aphrodite of love, and the Dionysus of luxury. A social butterfly, yet undoubtedly loyal. A distaste for messy emotional outbursts; being naturally self-contained. Guided by the firm, steady hand of desire. You are the lady and the lord, peaceable and regal and charming in all things. 

Gemini: Feeling with your mind, being frustrated with emotions you can’t logically understand. The uncontrollable urge to interact with others, needing intellectual stimulation in order to function. Studying a billion different subjects in one day. A lover of literature, or just simply the words of people. Distancing yourself from emotion, never really knowing how you ‘feel’ about an issue. Always the Devil’s advocate. Constantly trying new things; needing change to keep both of your personalities happy. You are the mental immigrant, comfortable only when you’re foreign.

Cancer: Omnipotent in regards to emotions. Fearing change, and hating superficiality. The unexpected jokester. Moods that change faster than the weather. The emotional hoarder; fears throwing away anything at all. Falling into their own pain like a well and drowning themselves in it. Adopting all types of people into your ‘family’. Their own worst enemy. Offense taken towards indifference. The passive-aggressive problem avoider who leaves a trail of crumbs for their partner. You are the sea witch, who has the depth of the entire world contained inside of her, threatening to spill out.

Leo: Praying to the stars to make you one of them. Wanting to burst from a lack of affection, or attention. Hands that flail dramatically while telling a story. Needing confirmation that somebody really does love you, and feeling terribly vulnerable because of it. Wanting to shout your love, and hatred, from the hilltops- like an actor in a bad movie. Smiles that make people believe in heaven. Being painfully defensive when someone hurts your pride. Acting kingly or queenly when a situation gets uncomfortable. You are the physical embodiment of the sun, come down from the sky to bring light to Earth.

Virgo: Secretly enjoying the little things that you’re appreciated for. The woman who hides behind the fan to avoid unwanted attention. Routines biggest cheerleader. The best counselor you will ever encounter. The fine eye that takes a sledgehammer to their own self-esteem. The original skeptic. Raised eyebrows at those who put their faith blindly. A face of apathy, and a mind of curiosity. Surrounding yourself with invisible barriers, hoping that somebody finds a way through them. You are the analyst, struck the hardest by your own discerning eye.

Libra: Inevitably becoming the mediator in all conversations. Deep-seated desires to mold your life into the perfect balance of both Yin and Yang. Debating an issue for so long that everybody around you groans. A refined, attractive aura that makes you seem doubly gracious. The war for peace. Falling in love so, so young. Always feeling fickle. Having to have the last word. Finding your own strength through other people. Feeling so intensely vulnerable because of your uncertainties. You are the gentle judge, who will not cede when staring into the eyes of unfairness.

Scorpio: Not accepting any gray areas in life, living in a world of black and white. Emotions so intense that your teeth chatter, even while your face remains stoic. Living a secret life as a private investigator. Feeling raw when you fall in love, because of how deeply it cuts you. Being horribly satisfied with your obsessions. Internally burning down everything you once knew in order to be reborn. A phoenix in your own right. Looking into the mirror in order to confront your own demons, seeing dirty words stamped onto your forehead. You are a white flag on fire, spitting in the face of surrender.

Sagittarius: Mr. Brightside and the lover of open space to roam. Feeling gagged by routine, like a dentist has her hands down your throat. Throwing yourself off of the cliff towards possibility; getting taken advantage of. That deep-seated desire to leave an impression on people, like goose pimples after a gust of cold air. Being a little too honest. Experiencing highs and lows that make you seem like you’re more than one person. Naturally enthused. Always searching for something. You are the mistress of experience, bold and wild and feeding off of the knowledge of the unexpected.

Capricorn: Seeming to be cool and steady, even when you feel like screaming. Possessing a deep, undeniable need for security- in all areas of life. Dreaming of building kingdoms with your bare hands. Being embarrassed, but pleased when somebody compliments you. Being too hard on yourself, and experiencing black moods because of it. Hiding your sensitivity behind biting, but nonetheless amusing sarcasm. Wanting to feel worthwhile in the world. Having a deep desire, and drive, to make something of yourself. You are the Titan Cronus, learning the lesson of the finiteness of mortality. 

Aquarius: Growing up and just feeling ‘different’. Loving all things messy, except emotions. Rejecting negative emotions because you hate feeling jealous, or fearful. Compassion through philosophy.  The starry-eyed professor, mad scientist, or general genius. Becoming so immersed into your own goals that you forget your reasons for said goals. Attracting all types in the eccentric crowds. Lovingly charming; struggling early on to find the medium between humor and offense. You are the electric shock of innovation upon society, bold and sharp and drastic as hell.

Pisces: The unrivaled mental space cadet. Intuition resembling psychic affinity. Caring for others so deeply, that their emotions make you feel like you’re underwater. Seeing pieces of yourself inside of everybody else. Being so excited for the future, you lose the present. Empathizing with everyone. Having secret worlds to retreat to, when reality is too awful. The natural performer. Being slightly jealous of mermaids/men. Loving everybody just a little bit. Having your heart broken more than once a day. You are the holy ghost, filled with divine love for all, and longing even more so.

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Here is my secret for dealing with assholes: use your most pleasant tone of voice, but speak slightly slower than normal conversational speed, smile just a little too widely, and think "murder" in your head. Done right, the effect is super unsettling in a way that can't really be put into words. It'll get people to back off, but they'll have nothing to complain about, because if they try to explain why they were uncomfortable they'll sound crazy. "They smiled a lot and were really nice!!"

whenever i see someone on this hellsite talking about how “irl lgbt communities are better because they don’t exclude ace people!!!1111” I’m like… you don’t get it, do you

school gsas have to be inclusive, if they dont let a certain subset of people in, the school will shut them down

just because you forced your way in doesn’t mean you belong, it means the people in that space tolerate you, not that they accept you

im speaking as someone who’s worked as a leader in a gsa for the past two years

most irl lgbt communities won’t do anything about cis het aces who force their way into their space because the lgbt community is vulnerable, and by entering that space, you take advantage

Cassian Appreciation Post

- Doesn’t always show it but deeply cares for the people close to him
-always knows how to lift peoples’ spirits
-is literally a source of sunshine and happiness for the people around him
-Welcomed Feyre into the night court and even trained her in combat
-is reduced to his abs and body, when he is so much more than that
-“I can think of no better way to end my existence than to defend those who need it most.”
-was born an Illyrian bastard, and no one expected to him to be more than foot soldier, but he still rose to become a General Commander
-needs seven siphons, thATS HOW FUCKING POWERFUL HE IS
-had a tough childhood in general yet he still manages to bring humour and happiness everywhere he goes
-told Feyre that if she ever needs to talk, she could talk to him
-his wings were ruined when he tried to save someone he cared about, yet I doubt that is going to stop him from fighting for the people he loves

People need to stop reducing Cassian to just his abs and nessian. He is more than just part of a ship. There is more to him than his body. And please stop pushing him into the bad boy-player stereotype all the time and making that his key trait. Please appreciate Cassian for Cassian, not a stereotype, ship, or anything else..

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What do you think Mamoru and Usagi's wedding planning was like? Not a fan of the PGSM version, so I'm looking for a different headcanon to replace it with. :c

I personally love the implication in the manga that Usagi and Mamoru’s wedding is a spectacle. Ten bridesmaids and they’re all wearing their own elaborate wedding gowns and veils? Sign me the heck up.

Why is Chibi Chibi there? Who the heck cares, of course the paradox-causing childlike form of the most powerful sailor senshi of a dystopian future is invited. Usagi Tsukino will not let a little thing like a couple thousand years get in the way of her wedding guests. Her future daughter gets an invite! Her alien friends get an invite! Her talking cats will MC the wedding and people will just accept that as a perfectly normal development in Usagi Tsukino’s life. (Maybe not that last one. But Luna and Artemis and Diana will still get places of honor.)

It’s obviously gonna be a western-style wedding. Usagi’s been dreaming of one since she was a kid. Kenji will balk when she starts to talk about the masses of people she plans to invite and nine different types of fresh flowers that are all imports and the enormous fancy venues she is considering (cathedrals or concert halls or Disneyland or the botanical garden or or or…). But of course, most of it gets mysteriously donated or something (Michiru pulls a few favors for the venue, Haruka calls on a friend who owns a limo company after the idea of flying Usagi there via helicopter is rejected, Mako does the wedding cake herself and secures the flowers). And Mamoru pays for a lot more than is normally expected of the groom (and is way more invested in things like the napkin colors than anyone really anticipated).

The ceremony sounds like it will be weirdly lopsided with Usagi’s literal army to Mamoru’s… well, depending on what fanon you subscribe to, he might have the Shitennou, or just Motoki, or Shingo, or a white cat in a bowtie as his groomsmen. Maybe all of them. That still won’t add up. That’s okay. The senshi are there to support them both. They fill in both sides of the aisle as needed.

The party that follows is legendary. They will still be talking about it for hundreds of years to come. It’s a multi-day affair. The food never stops. Sometimes they stop for naps, just a mess of people in various states of fancy undress piled on one hotel room bed.

Usagi’s family had no idea what they were in for. There are the friends they expected, the ones who Usagi has excitedly talked about so thoroughly for so many years that they feel like part of the family. But also a bunch of really famous pop stars showed up? Who knew the Three Lights were even still around? And also this woman who smells like flowers and carries herself like a queen, and everyone definitely thought Usagi was exaggerating when she said that she was friends with Michiru Kaiou, but there she is, playing the violin. A bunch of people definitely knelt in front of Usagi and Mamoru. A few people kissed her hand. Weird magical shit kept happening. Flower petals spontaneously falling from the ceiling and such. The white cat got into the champagne and started a loud argument with one of the Three Lights. Nobody else found any of this strange.

And if you think this is the end, you are mistaken still. This is only their first wedding. Every couple hundred years, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion decide to reaffirm their marriage, just for the heck of it. Just so Serenity can wear a (different, bigger, fancier) white dress.

Riverdale Groupchat

Reblog or like this post to be apart of a Riverdale group chat, I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile​, I think it’ll be a fun way to connect with each other! Plus for all the shy/socially awkward cuties (like me, minus the cute part) it’ll be a good easy way to start talking to everyone instead of having the pressure of talking to one person, hopefully I’ll get a few responses back if I get around 10 I’ll probably start it in case some people back out. I haven’t seen to many gc for Riverdale so hopefully it’ll start something 😄 this is all for fun and meeting new people! The next post will most likely have more details to everything as in when it’ll start,who will be in it, and what soical media app it’ll be on!

*Please make sure to MESSAGE ME saying you want to be in it after reblogging/liking just so it’s easier for me to keep track*

So I wanna talk about Tony, because I always want to talk about Tony, but specifically I wanna talk about why Tony Cares. Well not why, so much as how we the audience see it in Civil War.

Now sometimes (re. all the time), Tony isn’t great about explaining his thought process. The danger of being knowledgeable in a subject, or smart enough to figure it out, is that things that are obvious to you are often not obvious to other people. A great example of a situation where this causes problems is the compound.

Tony wanted Wanda to stay in the compound where it was safe, and where she was out of the public eye while he did damage control after Lagos. He however left it to Vision to explain this, and most likely didn’t thoroughly explain to Vision because he felt the situation was obvious. 

Tony also cares in more obvious ways though.

When Ross threatens to send a squad after the Avengers to kill them Tony begs for more time to bring them in. He’s given 36 hours and he does everything in his power to achieve that task, because even if they wind up in prison (and he didn’t know that prison would be the raft) It would be better than them being killed. 

Furthermore there is his constant aim to compromise. 

Tony offers up multiple compromises to Steve throughout the course of the movie, one of which Steve very nearly accepts. He offers to work with Steve to edit the Accords, he offers to get Bucky help, and he says he’ll keep Wanda safe from the public. He doesn’t have to offer any of this, he could just arrest Steve, but he’s worked his ass off to put this deal on the table for Steve to just turn it down flat. 

When he realized that Steve was in danger what did he do?

He flew out to help him, despite the current animosity between them, Because Tony Stark cares about the Avengers, and anyone he deems his friend. He cares so much. 

Tl;dr Don’t tell me Tony doesn’t care about the others in Civil War, literally all he did was care about them through the whole movie. 

just a word of advice… 

it’s ok to enjoy someone’s content
it’s ok to ask them about details and backstory
it’s ok to toss ideas back and forth IF THEY OFFER

But please. Don’t add blocks of text trying to add in a bunch of stuff to other people’s AUs

It’s not your thing, and adding to it most likely comes off as rude.

If you look at someone’s AU and think “this should be different” or whatever, go on and make your own AU. Make it origional, make it the way you want it to be. Don’t try to alter someone else’s creative work to fit your own ideals. Please.

And don’t compare people’s content to other stuff. It can be extremely discouraging. Even if you mean it in the most genuinely sweet and excited kind of way, it can be very frustrating for a creator to have to hear that their work seems unoriginal in some way.

FFXV and Overwatch

Since I have been playing way too much overwatch lately, I thought it would be fun to see what characters I would pair them up with to play. There were a few people not listed as these were the only ones I could think of right now.

  • Noctis – He plays Torbjörn most of the time, unless he wants to actually play more competitively. In short, he would just build that turret in the best possible place and defend. The prince is too lazy to move about to actually do anything. And if he’s in close range, he’ll just do a few pew pews and then bam, back to watching and repairing his turret.
  • Prompto – Tracer. He definitely plays Tracer. He enjoys her speed and the fact she can get in and out of places really fast. And seriously, he love Noct’s warping ability and this is the closest he’ll get him… but in a game. (Reaper has it too but… ugh, he doesn’t like him so much.) Plus her upbeat personality has him maining this chick-a-dee for days.
  • Gladiolus – Who do you think? REINHARDT. Besides being the beefiest character you can possibly play in the game, Gladio enjoys Reinhardt because he is reinhardt and Reinhardt is him. He doesn’t want any other mumbo jumbo from those other character. He will never, ever switch from him. And you try taking Reinhard from Gladiolus, he will be fast to point out his 56 hours just on him and no one else. You don’t mess the Gladio’s Reinhardt game.
  • Ignis – He’s a mixture of Zenyatta and Symmetra. Most of the time, he will play Zenyatta. He’s good at support and can do much better at attacking then Mercy could. (Plus, Luna would kill him for taking her.) While he can play Zenyatta well, Ignis will also play Symmetra equally, as placing those turrets in the best possible place makes him think about strategy.
  • Lunafreya – Mercy, Mercy me. She will be the on that always picks Mercy no matter how much you tell her not to. She might not be the best Mercy but damn sure does she try. But ask anyone, and they will tell you that, Luna has the best timed resurrections in the game.
  • Cor – He’s like Gladiolus in terms of picking one character and sticking with them. Soldier 76 is his man and he has clocked in hours with him. While people joke he sounds a lot like McCree, Cor has a natural affinity with him and enjoys his skill set, even if it’s a bit basic.
  • Ardyn – Personally, he thought he was going to be a Reaper. With his want to do destruction to a certain family, it would’ve been perfect. But then… they released Sombra, and Ardyn was in love. Sure, she can’t do a punch of damage – but damn be it if her personality didn’t match his and she could be a pain in the ass character if played right. For the few games he knows he’s been as Sombra against Noct… well.. let’s just say, he enjoys being the a-hole that gives the gift that keeps on given: saltiness.

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I take it you don't approve of Sarada's, how should I say, change of attire? (change of attire is probably the most... polite way to put it, me thinks.)

Apparently the heels were already in a promo image but it wasn’t quite so blatant so most people didn’t notice. This is such a “male gaze” shot, the implied running of the eyes all over her body. And the poses! The little hip tilt! The stare! The hand to the face, as if she’s about to, what… lick her thumb?!

I commented to @kujyou12​ back when they made a post about wondering about looking forward to Boruto:

Being hopeful for Boruto is like taking your paper cut covered hands to a lemon juice fountain and saying, “I hope this will be a good experience.


Now the only thing left to fear is how much further down the sexualizing route Studio Pierrot is going to go when they animate it, given what they did to Hinata:

Robin Hood

Originally posted by marorra

Summary: Reader is trying to help Juggy but also trying to keep it on the down low. Will she succeed?

Pairings: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Shady reader?

A/N: *screaming in a high pitched tone*

Word count: 1218

For the fifth time this month, you climb out your window and down the ladder your had hidden amongst the trees.

With your bag slung over your shoulder, you made your way down all of the steps, making sure to be quick and quiet.

You had yet to be caught and you certainly didn’t want to now.

You had this all planned perfectly.

You would take things one night.

Drop them off another.

Never the same night of the week; never the same time.

Today you had decided to go out on a Tuesday at 2am. You figured most people would be sleeping because of school and work tomorrow morning - it was the perfect opportunity.

Running across your lawn, you climb over the large gate and quickly slipped out into the night.

Sure, with a murderer out on the loose, you knew this was dangerous. But that didn’t mean it was exhilarating.

From the fact that you were taking from those who had deprived you of so much to the fact that your were pulling one over on the Jughead Jones.

Just the thought itself brought a grin to your face as you walked down towards the Twilight Drive-In.
Admittedly you and Jughead didn’t speak much. In fact, you two almost avoided each other at all costs.

When your family moved here, Jughead was quick to jump to conclusions about the type of person you really were.

Cheryl assured you that you shouldn’t care what someone like Jughead thought about you. And you didn’t normally.
But the fact that Jughead Jones The Third didn’t like you? That bothered you.

So when you saw him stealing? You knew this was your chance.

You had thought over ideas for days; even considering just going up to him and offering help.

But you knew he wouldn’t accept help from you, nonetheless. So you had to come up with a little plan.

You would take things from your pantry and your family’s friends’. You’d take blankets and pillows and hell, even clothes.

Every week, after gathering the things you needed, you would put them in a bag and leave them outside where you knew Jughead was living.

At one point, you had left it at his desk in the Blue and Gold’s office.

When passing him in the halls or catching glances of him in your shared classes, you could practically see the gears in his head turning as he tried to figure out who was behind this.

Thanks to your careful and diligent work, he didn’t have a clue.

Once the drive-in was in sight you slowed down until you were practically tip toeing towards the back door.

This wasn’t your first time doing this - you’d done it time and time again before - but you couldn’t help the nervous feeling in your stomach.

Something wasn’t right about this.

Part of you knew that something was going to go wrong.

After pulling the black hoodie on over your head, you careful knelt down and took out the small box of things from your bag.

Just as you stood, ready to run as fast and as far as you could away from here, the door cracked open and a bewildered looking Jughead poked his head out the door.

You widen your eyes and quickly turned and ran away as fast as you could.

“HEY!” He called.

You weren’t turning back. You couldn’t. Even as your hood fell and your Y/H/C hair billowed out behind you as you ran, you didn’t slow down.

He had saw you. He knew.

You hadn’t slept at all last night. When you got home, you quickly changed into your pj’s and then spent the rest of the night lying awake in bed thinking about what had just happened.

After five successful trips, he finally knew.

That morning, you curled your hair, applied your red lipstick, and put on a halter skirt and crop top. You were know for always looking your best and if you let that slip because of the loss of a little sleep, you would never hear the end of it.

There was no way in fucking hell that he would tell anyone else that he thought it was you, right?

Even if he did, would anyone really believe him?

I mean, for what reason would Cheryl’s best friend be helping out someone like Jughead?

Walking through the halls, you clutched my books tightly to my chest.


Jumping at the mention of your name, you turned and gave Chuck a small smile.

“Hey Chuck.”

He grinned, falling into step besides you as he wrapped his arm around your waist, “How are you, baby?”

Trying your hardest not to cringe, you shrugged him off, “Fine, Chuck. As always, I’m fine.”

Chuck chuckled, returning his arm to where it was wrapped around you and pulling you to him as we walked.

He was saying something but you couldn’t hear him.

Someone else had captured all of your attention.

Jughead was leaning against his locker with his arms crossed over his chest, his gaze firmly planted on you.

As you two walked passed him, you managed to wiggle myself out of Chuck’s grip. But… you also dropped all of your binders.

“Babe, what the hell!”

Scoffing, you knelt down to pick up your stuff, “Oh yeah, this is completely my fault!”

Someone knelt across from you, aiding in grabbing the discarded papers and pens.

You didn’t even have to glance up to know who it was.

As he handed you back your stuff, he whispered, “Meet me at Pop’s after school.”

Sighing you gave him a small nod as you stood up, “Thanks.”

Chuck give you an impatient look, “Look, can we go? Cheryl is waiting for you outside and I promised I’d walk you there.”
You scoffed softly, “What, have I suddenly lost all ability to use my legs? Can’t walk myself places anymore?”
You heard a soft chuckle coming from Jughead as Chuck started pulling you away.

“You know we don’t talk to people like that. Cheryl would kill you if she found out he helped you pick up your stuff. She’d have it all burned.”

You sighed to yourself, “Well then it’s a good thing you’re not going to tell her, isn’t it?”

Taking quick and measured steps towards the booth, you’re eyes remained locked on his as he watched you walk over and slide in across from him.

“You wanted me to meet you here?” You gave him a bright smile, resting your arms on the table in front of you.

Jughead sighed, “We both know why. What I for one don’t know is why you’ve been leaving me stuff. Care to explain?”

You sighed, shrugging, “I just… I don’t know. I didn’t need it and I figured you did.”

He narrowed his eyes at me slightly, “But… why me?”

You gave him a small smile, “Why not you?”

“Because you don’t even know me. Why do you care?” He asked.

“Well it’s too late to turn around now. You know what I’ve done.”

“But I don’t know why. That’s what I want to know.”

You sighed, shrugging, “I’ll pass you a note tomorrow that explains everything, but, for now, here’s ten bucks. Buy yourself a milkshake and some fries.”

Without another word I slipped out of the booth and quickly walked out the door.  

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Your post with the steampunk dress you get upset about the Gender thing, but most people wouldn't know off hand you're nonbinary. Something can't be -"phobic" if it isn't done with malicious intent. Because having a beard is seen as cultural normative for a man people would assume you're a man. And it's okay that you aren't. Something about the added bit rubbed me the wrong way and I guess I wanted to ask if you intended for it to come off as hostile? I don't understand the defensiveness when f

Your post with the steampunk dress you get upset about the Gender thing, but most people wouldn’t know off hand you’re nonbinary. Something can’t be -“phobic” if it isn’t done with malicious intent. Because having a beard is seen as cultural normative for a man people would assume you’re a man. And it’s okay that you aren’t. Something about the added bit rubbed me the wrong way and I guess I wanted to ask if you intended for it to come off as hostile? I don’t understand the defensiveness when fOr many it was probably just an accident. I know why it must’ve frustrating but honestly most people were trying to support you and your decision, and had no idea they were hurting your personhood. I’m sorry off this came off as anything other than curious? I just I don’t understand I guess and so I’m confused?“
(The rest)

Ok. Let’s take this step by step.
First off. Let it be known that my words can be read in two ways. Extremely factual calm and collected. And extremely emotional hostile and angry. While both are simultaneously correct, the most accurate to my tone is calm. But note that I am angry. I am hostile.
“Why?” One asks? Well my friend. It’s because I am tired.

Picture this. You’re walking down the street wearing a name tag that says “hi my name is: Madison” (I’m using Madison bc it’s unisex but picture it as a name that fits your gender)
And for some reason everyone you pass on the street reads your name tag and decides you don’t look like a Madison enough so they all say “oh hey Alex!” (Also a gender neural name). They all smile. They all wave. They are all generally pleased to see you. But one by one they all call you Alex. You know they can’t mistake you for someone else. You know they read your name tag. But they refuse to see you as anything but Alex. You beg and plead but as each person passes buy you get more frustrated. It feels like no one is listening to you.
When you pass person number 568, they say “hey Alex!” And you respond “WHY CANT YOU JUST FUCKING READ. ITS MADISON” they are shook! This is the first and only time they have called you Alex. Why would you be so mean to them? They were trying to be nice! You shouldn’t get so angry. Be more forgiving. It’s not their fault. You are just being difficult.

Do you see? Misgendering me with a smile and a good intention is still misgendering. So it’s frustrating. Accidents happen and I am trying very hard every day to be forgiving and patient. But I can’t coddle all 15,000+ people who have seen it.

2 by “your decision” I hope to god you don’t mean that as my “decision” to be trans. You better fuckin watch that shit.

3 "something can’t be "phobic without malicious intent” good lord. Do you hear yourself. Do you see the issue here at all? “lol I mean it can’t be racist without intent to be racist” uhm sweetie.

within a societal system which punishes the oppressed for merely existing, any participation in that system is “phobic” because it supports the system that wants us dead

4 my beard was a masculine presentation marker. Was the dress not a feminine marker? Tell me. If you mix both red and blue. Doesn’t it make purple? You don’t call it “blue wearing red that is definitely still blue” you call it “purple”

5 this whole ask bothers me and honestly you and people like you annoy this fucking shit out of me. But guess what. I am forced by people like you to play nice. I have to be a soft and kind trans princess that you want to politely educate you and hold your hand while you process things. And if I don’t, you then assume that all trans people are angry and bitter and mean and don’t make sense. So I’m heavily bothered that you force me to hold your hand and make you think. But I am still trying. It’s hard enough to swim on my own without yall bitch ass gray faced dick nozzles clinging on to my back.

but I do it anyways.

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I lost this fic I was reading and cant seem to find it. I can't remember the name but basically Phil could go into people dreams and dan had a reoccurring dream about playing the piano. A bit vague but,, tysm

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind (ao3) - Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally.


What type of story do you enjoy in Pokespe?

Just curious.

Do you prefer the more self-contained, episodic feeling of let’s say–the RGB arc or the BW arc, where continuity is still present, but it isn’t the main focus till near the end volumes? Like, there’s a break in between chapters for the most part, allowing for breathing room and potential offscreen “time” has passed.

Or do you prefer a serialized, nonstop/continuous story that picks off right after the previous chapter such as the XY arc, FRLG, and the ORAS arc?

I talked to people in my discord and some on tumblr, it seems like the most complaints people have with Spe is that how the plot gets “padded” or extends for way longer than it needs to be, or the story doesn’t interest them and they want just more comedy/lighthearted relief.

Then I realized the most commonly complained arcs that people couldn’t really get into are arcs that continuously continue that doesn’t have any breathing room. So I’m using these three as an example that people complain about:

FRLG in-universe was 2.5 days. 35 chapters (Holy…)

ORAS was roughly 7 days or more for its 21 chapters.

XY obviously was a bit longer but it certainly felt like the longest week or two, and the entire arc feels like it could be a movie from start to finish.

In ASIB we learn to associate Mycroft with the Queen (“are we here to see the Queen?” “Oh, appearantly, yes”). In the “spoiler promo pic” for TFP, Sherlock is throwing away chess pieces, most prominently the white queen.

Season four has also drawn our attention to the Queen in other ways. For example, Culverton talks about what would happen if the Queen was a serial killer (“I’d be the first to know, we have that kind of friendship”). And then there’s Moriarty, arriving at Sherrinford to the sound of ‘I want to break free’… by Queen.

If there is a Lost Special, those elements definitely point to M theory. Perhaps this has been said before. Definitely some people smarter than me can write great meta about this.

Give me an Agent Washington who seems way older beyond his actual years, weary but alert, already graying and disheveled but flipping off any comments strangers make of him. 

Give me a Wash who used to sleep well most nights, who’s now avoided sleep so much so long it avoids him when he wants to rest. A Wash who most likely won’t sleep 8 hours unless he’s collapsed of exhaustion and injuries. Who dozes off in the middle of the day when surrounded by people he trusts, and who then punishes himself for that by not going to sleep at night.

Give me a Wash who makes everyone uncomfortable and worried with excessive amounts of dark humour and self-deprecating jokes while drunk. Who has a hard time talking about the things he’s been trough otherwise. A Wash that couldn’t explain why he teared up when the BGC celebrated his birthday for the first time and got him a curly straw.

Give me a Wash who’s always felt so terribly out of place at formal events, who seriously considers every time, more than once, fleeing out of the nearest window. Who knows the dress codes and customs, but not from his own life. (Still rocks a good suit tho.) Who just doesn’t like people paying all that much attention to him.

A Wash who’s memories of his youth and even his family are so messy and in pieces he’s almost abandoned them completely. A Wash who’s afraid he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with himself, what happens to him after the war he never thought he’d see the end of alive. A Wash who fights because he knows he can do it, because he has to. Who still willingly jumps at harm’s way at any turn to protect the ones he cares about, but who’s, despite everything, actually come to wish that one day he gets to walk away from it all with his friends. 

Give me a Wash who feels he doesn’t know how to word his thoughts but prays to god he can deliver with his actions. Who wears his loyalties on his sleeve and puts his genuine gratitude and affection even in the smallest gestures, awkward or not. 

Give me an Agent Washington who triesso hard, to do good. Who endures bad things until he can no longer do that, until it breaks him and makes him lash out. A Wash that hates that part of himself, but has made amends with that burning anger and bitterness and spite within him, because he acknowledges those fires kept him warm and alive trough the very rock bottom parts of his life. Because he now knows he has people who trust he can control it, because he wants to them right, because he wants to do himself right.

A Washington that wants to do better, knows he can do better, or at least try.

Give me Wash with any sort of details and headcanons, chances are I’ll only love him more.

Today we find ourselves in a precarious era. While many of the technological advancements we enjoy make our lives easier and more convenient, we have also sacrificed our relationship with many of the natural processes that must occur in order for us to not only survive, but to flourish. It could be argued that these advances have allowed us more time to enjoy life, since most of us no longer have to toil in forest and field to earn a day’s meal or a winter’s warmth, and we have free time to spend in any way that we choose. However studies repeatedly show that Western peoples are exceedingly unhappy with our existence and sense a great longing for something ‘else’, some unknown ‘other’ that cannot easily be articulated. A portion of our very souls has been lost, something that was at one time a tremendous part of our core being.

In many ways, the grasp that Christianity once held on the Western mind is sloughing off, but in its place we see the dispiriting materialism which has taken root, a profane humanist rationalism which negates all that cannot be scientifically or physically quantified. Our ability to view traditional folklore from an “insider’s perspective” has been grossly impeded, and myth even more so. We’ve placed limitations on our own abilities to truly imagine - to be awed completely and totally by the greater mysteries of our world. The results of this compromise are plain for all to see. In sacrificing this part of ourselves to the gods of an industrial age we have lost a once profound and intimate relationship we shared with the natural - and supernatural - world.

Cody Dickerson, The Language of the Corpse: The Power of the Cadaver in Germanic and Icelandic Sorcery


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A/N: Okay this request hit home for me because my best friend is one of the most gorgeous amazingly stunning people I’ve ever seen at all and she thinks exactly the same way because she’s athletic and tall so this was mildly personal for me 

Request: So I have a request for Archie x reader that’s sorta personalized; instead of Y/N could you use the name Sara(?); the two have been friends since they were kids and Sara’s a superstar athlete like her older brothers were, but recently she’s started being way more quiet and withdrawn instead of outgoing and happy and Archie finds out it’s because she’s being made fun of and being called “Amazon” because of her height and build, so she’s become self-conscious about her body and feels unattractive.

Word Count: 2,187

Warnings: None, except swears but if you’ve ever read anything by me that shouldn’t be too shocking 

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Do you think we'll get to see a redemption arc for one of the villains?

Emerald seems like the safest bet - maybe Mercury but he seems like he’s a bit too far down the path - Emerald is kind of the same way too. 

The villains in RWBY have a lot of depth, which makes redemption harder because it’s not just one thing they have to overcome. There’s a lot of things that have made them into the people they are. 

Wildcard would be Neo, since she’s the most blank slate we have. She could easily have a painted up background that sets her up perfectly for redemption.