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So... Losing Shiro is one of Keith's biggest fears, right? Why do you think he saw Shiro leaving him ("You chose to be alone") instead of... You know... Dying?

Because I think his deepest fear is more so linked to rejection specifically. Shiro suddenly disappearing or dying would probably prove entirely devastating and heartbreaking. But as for what he personally fears most, I think Shiro leaving him is far more accurate. When opening up about his feelings in his vlog, Keith specifically notes his abandonment issues and how they stem from his mother:

I don’t know why I’m that way. Maybe, I’m naturally untrusting because my mom left me? And so, instead of accepting people into my life, I push them away before they reject me. I guess I have some walls up.”

The fact that he says “my mom left me,” and then immediately infers his tendency to distance himself from others is a direct correlation to this–it’s all very telling. “I push them away before they reject me.” His innermost fear here is rejection, a nightmare that echoes back to early childhood and memories steeped in desertion and starved affection. All this time, he’s actively cut himself away from others to avoid the eventual heartbreak. When arguing to keep looking for Shiro, Keith adamantly insisted that, “Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me. I won’t give up on him.”

And the notion that this one person Keith’s always trusted, the only one who’s never turned his back on him—the thought that Keith opened his heart and Shiro saw all of him but still chose to  get up and walk away? The idea that the only one he could rely on, the person he loved most, would still just abandon him? That’s his worst fear.

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What are your thoughts on Justice League flopping so badly?

my thoughts on justice league flopping? well. *cracks knuckles* shall we? we shall.

let me start just off by saying that i love the dceu. i’ve grown to love zack snyder, what his vision was for these characters. his films are deep, his films have MEANING, his films are smart, they’re full of heart and depth. they feel realistic. he’s handled these characters AMAZING in mos and bvs. man of steel is one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. i haven’t been a fan of dc for very long, i’d say around a year in a half but in that time i have grown to love these characters and care about them very dearly. 

also, those are just my thoughts and my thoughts alone, but i know A LOT of people, dedicated zack snyder fans feel the same way. go on twitter, search around in the dceu community, you’ll find that most of them share my opinions or some of them. 

you might not want to continue reading if you haven’t seen justice league as im about to get into spoilery territory. the rest is going to be under the cut because there is A LOT i have to say. 

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Batboys Headcanon (+Bruce): The S/O Knows

Notes: This is headcanons for the Batboys, involving an S/O that is aware they are a superhero but just never brings it into conversation. I hope you enjoy, dude!

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Hey cris, can I ask you what happened? All I saw about what happened the other day was the accusation, but never what the truth was. Do you know were can I find their version? I wouldn’t like to be unfair to them.

Absolutely.  @tvshows-addict’s response to not only the accusation, but the people that were reluctant to believe her is here

We all want to believe the victims, always, because so many people don’t, but there are people that take advantage of the empathy that good people have. But Addy has more than enough evidence that it was all a malicious lie designed to hurt her in the most damaging way possible in that post.

I don’t know Addy other than maybe a couple of random interactions and I have absolutely no reason to support her other than I firmly believe she’s the one telling the truth.  And I don’t know the others well either, again, other than random interactions here and there, but even from the beginning I didn’t think their names being included was appropriate based on the exact words of the initial post.  

And now of course, I’m terribly thankful that I didn’t reblog that post, though I absolutely considered it, thinking that if I didn’t I was ignoring a victim - which is why I answered an ask with my hesitation and a link to it instead of a reblog. 

I get the unimaginable hurt and anger of the people involved, or I get it as much as someone that hasn’t experienced such a thing could, and my heart literally aches for these people in my community.

So I probably won’t talk further about it, because I just don’t have anything more to say. I’m not angry at those that believed that original post, it was well written (she is a fic writer after all) and compelling if you didn’t know them, and I’m not angry at myself because I don’t think I did the wrong thing in response. I’m just so sad for them and for us all as a community and frankly disgusted that anyone would stoop this low and diminish real victims’ stories in such a way.

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I really love your anatomy and the way your art is so well proportioned. I was wondering if you have any tips for a self taught artist?

Aaaa! Thank you anon! TBH im always a bit surprised when people say my anatomy is well proportioned ‘cause i’m also self taught and discovered most things by myself. So from one self-taught artist to many self taught artists, here’s a few tips that i’ve discovered on my own and one that I learned:

1: I discovered the ribcage one by sitting on my chair while I was drawing. If you have a quick question with anatomy, it doesn’t hurt to use your body as a reference.

2: When drawing action poses, start with the torso. If you start with the head, you’re already confining yourself to have the action posed upright. Imagine you’re playing with a 3D model of a torso in space and then just fill in. 

3: This is one I learned. The higher the eyes = the older the person. Even that doodle I did for jokes sorta looks like a baby.

4: Last one! A simple mental grid + another tip. 

When drawing a new thing, draw it without a reference at first. For me, it helps me get used to the idea of drawing this new thing. Looking at references can be a bit overwhelming when you start off drawing a new thing, you don’t know where to start. It’s like dancing, you need to get used to rhythm and be comfortable with the idea of dancing before you learn any moves. Treat references more like guidelines than a place to start off with. Once you’re used to drawing that thing, then you can understand and use references more effectively.

If you had any questions for a specific body part then please ask!.
Henry Cavill...on Superman and JUSTICE LEAGUE
By Emily Zemler

“I think — and I imagine Superman would also think — the greatest quality of people and humankind is their capacity to love regardless of hardship or difficulties or personal trials. People can be living in the most horrendous war zone or under the most incredible oppression and yet they can still love so selflessly and so unconditionally — and still bear hope through that love. It’s amazing to see what people can do. I think Superman would recognize that and appreciate it.”

…There’s no word on another Superman film, or even the previously announced “Justice League” sequel. Cavill sees a future movie as a way to correct some of the missteps in previous incarnations. He also notes that he is contracted for another picture in the franchise and feels hopeful for Superman’s future.

“There’s a wonderful opportunity to tell the Superman story,” he says. “Now there is a fantastic chance to show Superman in his full colors and tell a very complex, character-driven movie that is based on story and have that wonderful sensation of hope and happiness. A feel-good movie with lessons laced in there as well.”

Why Not?

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Dean x Reader 

Summary: You finally introduce your best friend to your hunting partner and crush, Dean Winchester, but when he overhears a conversation between the two of you, things kind of head south, but in the best way possible. 

              It was overwhelming, your two most favorite people in the whole world were about to be in the same room together and you had no idea how it was going to go. Would they like each other? would they hate each other? All kinds of questions swam through your mind, none of which you had the answer to. 

           “You alright over there, sweetheart?” Dean questioned from his place on the bed. He had a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other. His green eyes stared at you in confusion, which just caused your anxiety to spike even more. 

          “Yeah, Im fine, why?” Your voice raised a few octaves immediately letting Dean know that you were lying to him, but he did nothing but chuckle. 

          “You look a little…uh nervous.” His eyes traveled up and down your form observing your current body language. Your foot bumped up and down frantically and you rubbed your palms against your jeans. You were clearly nervous, there was no point in trying to hide it. “Please tell me you aren’t freaking out over..uh…uh…what was her name again?” Dean said looking at the ceiling as if he was really trying to think of her name, but you knew better. 

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I feel bad about Charlie. Everyone is throwing shit to him lately and he does NOT deserve that, right he isn't the most beautiful man in the world but personally i think he is very handsome. Whoever is making fun of him is a dickhead, i hope he is doing well because he is a good guy and deserves better. (And sorry if my english is pretty bad omg)

Your english is great! I agree; people have been jerks for making fun of him in the ways they have. I mean a person can be beautiful for all kinds of reasons beyond the physical, like they are really talented, or they have a sweetness, or some other just unique quality, that just makes them a beautiful human. 

Also, *imho*, not that it’s what truly matters, but the dude is also really effing pretty. Would be nice if people could just chill and be less hateful in the ways they’ve felt the need to announce how much they disagree with that. 

Anyhow, he seems like a sweet human. I hope he’s having a lovely day, and you are, too, anon :) 

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People were angry at you because you tereated rape as a funny topic and laughed at it. But if you treat mystery's rape issue as a serious matter, people would like it more, for example if Alfred is his psychiatrist let him explain to mystery (and to the comic audience) that rape is a bad thing and mystery must stop doing it.

Yeaaah …what I did was extremely unrespectful and I’m very guilty for being such an ignorant asshole
But I’m still scared that even if I write rape even in the most fair and correct way a bunch of people are gonna get all salty haha

“But amatus, your reputation.”

“My reputation will get shit thrown at it either way, my love. I would rather it include raucous rumors of my the company with a good man.”


[Vivienne gave the same reaction. Most people who knew Maedwyn Lavellan did. Charming and pleasant, he was; easy to manipulate or pull around, he was not.]

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I don't know how open you are with handling sexuality or romanticism. So if I'm overstepping my boundaries feel free to ignore. But I just love hearing people's views on the matter. As such what you believe the egos sexuality and romantic attraction to be? Also how are you doing today?

Hello! You’re not overstepping my boundaries, so don’t worry. I’m actually doing pretty well today! I wasn’t very busy for once and mostly just relaxed which is nice for a change. And by the way, these are my personal thoughts and won’t affect my other imagines in any way!

(Most of) Markiplier’s Egos: 

  • Dark: Pansexual
  • Wilford: Bisexual
  • Google: Asexual He’s a robot after all
  • The Host: Pansexual
  • Dr Iplier: Homosexual
  • Bim Trimmer: Homosexual
  • Bing: Asexual Similar to Google

Jacksepticeye’s Egos:

  • Anti: Pansexual
  • Dr Schneeplestein: Homosexual
  • Chase: Bisexual
  • Marvin: Homosexual
  • Jackieboy Man: Pansexual
  • Robbie: Asexual
  • Dapper(?): Asexual
Killing Stalking’s Most(......)Scene Tag Game

I was tagged by @beenbekossi

Rules : Tag ten of whoever you want to tag.

I tag:

@getmetherapyplease @nearina @bluetheon @killingbumsoftly @oh-sangwoossi

I can only tag a few people, sorry

Most shocking scene: 

Sangwoo feeling guilty for what happened to Bum!

Most wtf scene:

Bum, wtf?

This is also one of the funniest scenes in KS. Creepy Bum is always my favorite.

Most irritating/enraging scene:

Any scene with Jieun!

Most disturbing scene:

I’m not easily disturbed but this part was a bit… unpleasant! Something about the way those panels were put together.

Most heart-breaking scene:

Really can’t choose between these two.

Cutest scene:

Funniest scene:

There are so many funny scenes in KS but I just can’t with this scene xD

Most satisfying scene:

I guess Sangwoo’s speech to Jieun about her ugly personality was a bit satisfying but also whenever Sangwoo gives Bum some sort of power over people who did him wrong. Always satisfying to watch.

This and the car keys scene with Yoonjae.


Favorite Bum panel:

Favorite Sangwoo panel:

Favorite Seungbae panel:

Thanks for tagging me @beenbekossi. This was fun. (Also I love your art <3)
Kylo Ren vs. Rey: Can the fallen son be redeemed -- or only destroyed?
To read more on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday,…

Every Reylo fic I’ve loved - the deep, dark ones that don’t excuse, that don’t woobify, that take a long hard look at what it is like to live within families that falter, that betray, that are overwhelmed by ill fortune and tragedy - all of them explore the same questions Rian and Daisy and Adam are talking about here. So much so that what they’re saying in this article are variations on the scenes I’ve most loved in so many Reylo fics.

Kudos to you all, writers, who’ve already paved the way. You’re like John the Baptists to this ship. ; )

Hell, all my serious fics, including the first one I wrote, Kintsukuroi, are singing from the same songsheet. And I started that in April last year - by then,  other people had written most of the great, challenging, thoughtful metas that outlined the bones of how this was going to go. 

We weren’t imagining things. We are good storytellers. We read the signs aright.

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About the hate on Jonathan, it's so baffling to me how the majority of these people make fun of how Jonathan/Charlie looks. I personally feel like he's easily one of the most handsome men on the show. It has some specific features that just fit perfectly his character, without any doubt Charlie is the actor with the highest 80's vibe in his looks. I'm not saying people don't have taste, but people don't have taste.

Lmao; your last line :) I mean, yes, I get it; people have totally different tastes, which I respect, but the way he’s been made fun of is ridiculous. He’s a beaut. It seems totally plausible to me that even people in Hawkins would find Jonathan’s artsy, sweet, intense, literally-cried-himself-to-sleep-listening-to-Joy-Division emo thing attractive, and I know to some of us (maybe a bit more of us than it sometimes seems), Charlie has one hell of a dreamy aesthetic going on IRL. So yeah.

You are so right, though; Charlie’s whole 80s/90s vibe works perfectly with Stranger Things (and also as early 90s in As You Are). 

Witchcraft 101: Substitution

This is a post on the theory behind substitution, as well as some pointers on how to substitute and what to do if you aren’t sure what you can and can’t substitute in a spell. 

Why substitute?

So most newbie witches start with spells that other people have written for their first few spells - I certainly did! The problem is, as a newbie witch, you probably don’t have all the ingredients that are used in a particular spell. Even more experienced witches often substitute when using other people’s spells, when they run out of something at 10pm and the local supermarket is closed, or when a spell calls for something rare and expensive and there’s no way I’m spending £5 on something I’ll never use again. You might also have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients.

How does substitution work?

Substitution is generally viewed as okay, but not ideal, because the substitution doesn’t carry exactly the same intent as the original ingredient. I disagree. 

To start with, this post by @stormheartedvamp basically explains my views on how magic works. Essentially, I believe that magic works because everything has energy. Some things have specific energies, basically because lots of people believe they’re good at that thing. But your belief, and your associations, is what brings that intent and makes it into a spell. In practice, that means that your beliefs and correspondences override other views in terms of your practice

How does this work with substitution? Well, say we’re doing a love spell, which calls for rose petals. Maybe you think that rose petals work better for protection or prosperity or luck, and you don’t associate them at all with love. So, you’ll use something that you do associate with love. The substituted ingredient isn’t at all inferior or less powerful, because it’s still something that carries the intent of the spell. In fact, the substituted ingredient is more powerful, because it will be better at helping you focus on your intent than an ingredient that you don’t associate with the intent of the spell.

General substitutions

You might see posts for basic items or general substitutions. These tend to be items that are commonly used as a catch-all for any ingredient that you don’t have or can’t use. (Sage for any herb, white candles for any candle, quartz for any crystal etc are all common substitutes.) I’d recommend figuring out your own “catch-all” ingredients - you might want something that you associate with one or more of the following:

  • magical powers (to empower your spell)
  • clarity/understanding (to help you understand the implications of your spell and how it might work/how to help it work better)
  • growth (to grow the power of your spell)
  • success (to help the spell succeed)
  • luck (to give your spell an extra boost).

What if you can’t substitute?

So, generally, you can’t substitute if you don’t know why something is in a spell (say, the spell just lists ingredients without saying “roses - for love”, “salt - for protection” and so on). Honestly, I don’t use these spells because it’s more difficult to charge them with my intent - how am I supposed to charge something with specific intent if I don’t know what that intent is supposed to be? 

So, what’s the solution? Well, you could just not use those spells and look for one that does list the reasoning for each ingredient. Alternatively, you could substitute all the ingredients for ones you associate with the intent. 

I hope this helps! Check out my other posts:

ignorance. — saizo&mc

Pairing: Saizo Kirigakure/MC
Fandom: Samurai Love Ballad: Party!
Word count: 650.
Genre: Fluff?
Author notes: A small drabble I wrote a while back. Figured I should post it. Also, @jemchew welcome back, lovely!

When he met her, he understood from her face alone that she was as good as any other commoner: ignorant. She was ignorant in the same ways all privileged people were. Depending on who you asked at Iga, being privileged meant being fortunate enough to live without bloodshed from their own hands; for the most part, anyways.

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After that anon I got this morning, asking me why i ‘quit a decent job in PR to sit in a hut’ I’ve been thinking.

When I was a secondary school I loved my art a-level, and I wanted to be a graphic designer, in fact I studied for it before doing my degree in PR because I was advised that it was more vocational and more likely to lead to a job. It did lead to a job, i started as a temp, and worked my way up through various promotions to Manager level - managing 11 people. Great? In theory. 

In practice if was pure stress, most of the time spent on paperwork, and realising that the moment you become a manager people lose the ability to manage themselves (sometimes). 

So yes, in theory I quit a decent job to sit in a hut.. In practice. Despite my moaning today, i’ve never been happier and more fulfilled. I go to bed at night looking forward to the next day, I find the people that come into my shop beyond interesting, and there is nothing more rewarding that a stranger loving your work enough to spend their hard earned cash on it. 

I know I’m lucky, because I was financially able to make a change. But if you’re unhappy in your job, and able to do something about it. Do it. You quite literally spend more than half your life at work, you deserve to enjoy it <3 And even if that’s sitting in a hut, don’t let anyone shame you into giving up x

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Do you ever feel like you’re doomed to constantly meet people who don’t really suit you (ex: its always between REALLY not getting along at all or just barely getting along under the right circumstances)? My dad thinks I should just settle, but I don’t think its a fair deal, I wouldn’t be truly happy either way.

i’ve never dated in my life before or had a first kiss or anything so i’m definitely on the “don’t settle” train LOL 

but just personally relationships seem great but i really enjoy spending my free time alone most of the time + without drama so it’s hard for me to meet someone who i feel can make me happier than i can be by myself

so i feel you on not finding anyone suited for you!! and i think you should wait until you meet someone who really enriches your life.

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There was no way BTS would preform early. They’re what most people are anticipating so they’re gonna keep them close to middle or last the views. People are going to turn the channel after BTS LOL

facts lmao, i was just telling my people this.

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are you seirously saying mads is the fame whore? mads goes to much events than lili mads does much more shoots than lili mads never creates drama on her twitter to call for attention. only because lili is your favourite you cannot just bash the other girls like this mads

Umm yes, I do think she’s becoming a bit of a fame whore. She so obviously calls the paps for a start. She does those blog things all the time, seems to be at every event you can think of and talks non-stop about her barely famous boyfriend.
I’m struggling to see where Lili does any of that? All she posts on sm are jokes, silly videos from set or posts thanking people or advertising the show. Or nice photo’s her photographer boyfriend took of her! She posts poems on here, not exactly begging for fame and attention is she? She never talks openly about her relationship, doesnt seem to really enjoy socialising and even keeps out of the way most of the time whilst fans get photos with Cole. She looks and acts down to earth. When her and Cole are together they go almost completely silent on all social media, apart from the odd few insta stories every now and again. That is not fame whoring, its the opposite.