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Home || Spencer Reid x Reader

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Summary of plot: Spencer gets home from a hard day at work, but you calm him down and you realize how much he means to you, finally saying those three words you have been dying to hear. 

Rating: 11+

Length: Medium, 1089 words

A/N: Hey all! I am a new Spencer/Matthew acc that does some one shots and gifs and reblogs stuff like crazy so I would LOVE if you could give this first post some affection and reblog and stuff and yeah anyway now for the reason you are all probably reading this!! 

You had been waiting so long, the excruciating hours slowly counting down as you tried to fathom the length of time until Spencer was home, cutting the remaining minutes into small intervals in your head. Paint streaked your sore knees resembling a light brush stroke in one area, or harsh, mindless splatters in another, bringing your whole ensemble together to resemble what you really were both mentally and literally - a mess.

It had been a hard day in the new apartment you and Spencer had bought, yet he was nowhere to be seen because according to him, the team needs his “substantially large IQ” and his “relevant fun facts” to solve the cases the BAU comes across. In all actuality it didn’t really matter to you, you adored the fact that such an attractive man was so useful to the world, even on a small scale.

The time had continued to drone within your mind, constantly glancing at the clock as if you were a child back in high school, waiting for the big hand to reach the twelve so you could be free from all the stress and anxiety school had in store for you. It has been like this everyday - you would wait like a dog for Spencer to come home, only to work on the damn house some more. But it was okay, because the renovations were almost finished and you had fun spending time with the boy that you fell in love with.

As you finish the last coat of dark blue paint in the Office, or, Spencer’s Man Cave, (consisting of endless Edgar Allan Poe writings and a plethora of random items he thought were irreplaceable from his childhood) it’s almost as if on cue you hear that same floorboard creek - the one fault Spencer insisted on keeping because it “added rustic character”, (even though the only rustic ideal it added was the color of your skin from tripping over it so many times) - and I know he’s home.

“Y/N?” He calls, his voice clearly strained from a long day of work and talking about statistics. Surprisingly he still has a voice by the end of the day, considering he won’t shut up long enough for you to get in an “I love you” before he passes out in your bed at the end of the day. He had never said it before, but you felt as if it was something that didn’t need to be said, because it was already felt.

You call back to him, giving an indication that you are in the office, well, his “man cave”. He comes in with a sad smile on his face, the pain still in his eyes from a day of witnessing the unthinkable. You can tell it was one of the worst days for him, it was almost as if you can see the red hue and tears forming in his eyes. He had to deal with a kid today.

“What’s wrong?” You drop the dripping roller soaked in paint and run to him, your blue pigmented arms encasing his thin torso.

“We had this kid… we got to him too late Y/N.” His eyes started to water and you just hugged him tighter, trying to squeeze any pain he had out of his body. He never deserved this, and sometimes you hated that he was in the FBI, but he loved it so much you just kept that your little secret.

Spencer eventually wraps his frail hands around your waist, slowly letting his face fall into the warm crook of your neck, letting the unsettling silence speak for itself. You run your colorful fingers through his hair - as much as you could reach - and butterfly kiss his neck. That’s what you always did to make him feel better, and usually it worked. He eventually came unravelled from your waist and his hands found their place on your chin.

His sad eyes mask your own, the delicate brown iris’s showing a reflection of yourself as you look up to him. The small smile eventually prevailed, trailing from the start of his lips, to the profound dimples that adorned his soft face. You smile back, knowing that he was okay. Spencer’s calloused finger goes from your chin to your lips, tracing a map of the pink, damp skin before settling on them, eventually calming the gesture.

Spencer slowly gives another small grin, and you can both feel the intimacy of the proximity between you two. He tucks a small piece of hair behind your ear, putting it back in place where the pony tail that you were wearing should have held, but didn’t.

He slowly starts to lean in so that his creased forehead is touching yours, eyes and lips only inches away from each other. You just stare at each other for the longest time before Spencer closes his eyes and sighs, one of those sighs that made you feel like the weight had been lifted off of his broad shoulders.

Eventually Spencer’s lips meet yours, the soft skin moulding with your own. You smile so big - just like you normally would when he kissed you. Not a normal kiss, but a kiss like this - one that you knew meant a lot to him - a lot to the both of you.

Spencer’s large hands move from your chin to up further by your dimples, his thumbs brushing against the indented skin as he kissed you more passionately. His left hand fell effortlessly from your cheek to your waist, molding his hand to fit under the ruined shirt you were wearing. His fingers slowly went in circles around your skin, but never broke away from the lock your lips kept. The apartment was filled with silence, but the noise you felt from your mind was screaming volumes. You were happy. Finally happy.

As Spencer eventually pulled away from the kiss, he smiled an even bigger smile from before. You got lost in his grin, because you knew his smile, his arms, his way of being was like home to you. Some place you felt safe. Home was never about owning brand new couches and breaking in the bed, home wasn’t even a place. It was a person, and that person was and will always be Spencer.

“I love you, Y/N. So much.” He whispers, and finally, you realize with a small laugh, that he did shut up long enough to utter those three words your mind had been praying would fall from his lips since the moment you met him.

“Can’t Buy Me, Love” PART 1 Jungkook x Reader Angst / Fluff

I added gifs, similarly to my “Goddammit, Hoseok!” fiction based on another dream [I think I’m a bit too deep into the k-pop fandom now, having solid dreams about idols but ah well]. Though this one turned out to be way longer in word count than expected so it’s in 2 parts whilst I get to the ending!

Fiction Masterlist // Reactions Masterlist - Requests always open

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Jeon Jeongguk. He’s a beautiful man. You have to sometimes try excuse and justify yourself for being, what can only be referred to as, shallow.

But you’ve always been a sucker for pretty people; it’s probably the reason you’ve always managed to utter the courage to let your feelings be known to the targets of your desires. Sure, it’s a little unconventional, even nowadays, for a girl to ask the guy out, but it anything otherwise just isn’t you. You’re just not a fan of suppressing emotions and bowing down to over-oppression.

You first saw him from across a crowded room, just like a dream. It was cliché and surreal, and you were drawn in. You knew you should have known better than to fall for looks, but… Well actually, there was something in the expression of his features that suggested a kind person inside and out.

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i’ll take care of you pt. 2

Fandom: Descedants

Warning(s)?: Fluffy fluff fluff. Also, mentions of being clingy.

Word Count: 1213

A/N: It took forever, but I finally finished! If you guys want a part three then I will gladly do it, it just might take a little while to upload because I will be doing other imagines!

A/N 2: Also, sorry if it’s trash! I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m rather tired today which resulted in this piece of trash XD 

I hope it’s okay!

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“For the last time Y/N, Ben is completely fine!” The now annoyed nurse slammed her stethoscope against the table before she stood up from her seat, her glare directed towards the female who was currently fiddling with her fingers.

You didn’t understand exactly what was happening; all you wanted to do was figure out if he was fine or not but clearly the nurse had enough with your ‘innocence’.

In her eyes it was just obliviousness and idiocy.

“I-I’m sorry.” Your voice was low and gentle like a little squeak from her mouse that only certain people could hear, and Ben happened to be one of those people.

“Nurse, there is no need to speak at Y/N in such a manner.” It was a habit to speak formally and this happened to be one of those moments. He did come from a royal family after all.

“Now, I expect you to apologize to Y/N, or I will get my father and you wouldn’t want that. He is the king after all.” A triumph smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he adjusted his seat on the uncomfortable bed to indicate he was being serious. Ben wasn’t afraid to bring his father into this; especially when the female he fell for happened to be the one getting persecuted for absolutely no reason.

“I-I’m sorry, Prince Ben.” Her voice stiffened at the thought of him getting his father so she just decided to lay it off, even when it was just a simple misunderstanding. You understood where she was coming from, you were in fact always worrying about people and it came off as rather clingy.

It may not have been clingy in other’s eyes, but to yourself you always second guessed yourself and this wasn’t an exception.

“Thank you.” As soon as the nurse left into her office, you bowed your head towards Ben in appreciation before you looked up into his green eyes that drilled deep in your E/C ones. Your breath slightly hitched in your throat as you noticed how handsome he was – completely forgetting any type of down grading yourself what so ever.

In the beginning you never really noticed him, or his features, because he was always busy with the villain kids, but when everything died down and he actually had time for fun and games, you were the one who was busy with your studies and your extracurricular activities. 

But now, since he was right in front of you, your heart skipped a beat just by admiring his appearance. Who knows what would happen when things start to escalate.

“U-Um, c-can I make it up to you?” Slowly regaining your voice back, you pulled away from his loving gaze towards the floor which was surprisingly clean compared to the rest of the school; including Chad’s room.

Noticing your shyness, the male slowly lifted up your chin and moved a strand of hair, that happened to fall out of your perfect bun, and placed it behind your ear which caused your cheeks to glow a sudden pink.

“How about a picnic in the garden of Auradon?” His shyness completely faded away as soon as he saw his affect on you, especially how he watched your cheeks turn from a pastel pink to rosy red. To him it was adorable and he wanted to see more of it.

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anonymous asked:

Justin didn't love Brian ever. Justin's the one who cheated, left Brian many times, he even broke HIS OWN agreement. He tells Brian he can't kiss anyone on the mouth but him and literally the next episode later, he's kissing someone else on the mouth. Yeah it was a virgin but that doesn't change anything. Justin was attracted to the idea of Brian but when it comes to actually loving Brian? He didn't love him at all. I see no proof besides puppy dog eyes occasionally that indicates Justin's love

I don’t wanna be rude but like….. are we watching the same show??? I honestly cannot comprehend the amount of people who truly believe that Justin never loved Brian. 

Now before I probably go off on a tangent lmao, let me just say Justin was never perfect. Kind of like Brian wasn’t perfect and Ted and Emmett and Michael and Lindsay etc. Like every single character on this show, Justin made several mistakes and was flawed. You wanna list all the mistakes Justin has made and I’ll make a list just as big of all the mistakes Brian has made. Because it’s simple: They are written as human beings. Human beings are not perfect. They will sometimes do things that are hard to forgive. If any of these characters were written as perfect, I probably wouldn’t even like qaf. It’s their flaws that make them relatable and easier to sympathise with. 

While you’re, of course, allowed to have your own opinion about whether or not you like Brian and Justin together, you really can’t make a statement like “Justin didn’t love Brian ever” because it’s not true. It just isn’t. And the proof is all there for you to watch. Like literally, it’s all there. Maybe it’s harder for some people to see that because they can’t look past the mistakes Justin made in season 2 but it doesn’t make the fact that he loved Brian any less true. 

Let’s start with your first point: Justin is the one who cheated. I can’t excuse cheating ever and yes, that is what Justin did. Like a lot of people, I was kind of angry and upset about it. Do I understand why he did it? Yes. He was thinking about his future with Brian. He was feeling sad in that relationship because he felt like it was never going to move forward and he didn’t want to wait anymore for Brian to take those extra steps that he wasn’t even willing to make at the time. Does that mean it’s completely forgivable? No. But again, like every single character has, Justin faced the consequences. Which he does talk about in 3x08. If he had just gotten away with it and had his happily ever after with Ethan, I would probably still be fuming over it. 

Moving on to your next point: Justin left Brian many times. Well let’s see… He left Brian in 2x20 and then again in….. 5x07? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think those are the only times he left Brian. And I can completely understand why he wanted to in both situations. I feel like I’m having to repeat myself a lot with these asks but apparently no one cares ‘cause y’all keep telling me the same things hahahaha. Other than in those two episodes, Justin never left Brian. A part of me wants to go back and just count the amount of times Brian told Justin to fuck off or pushed him away in just season 1 alone but I don’t think anyone should have to put in that amount of effort for someone to get the point (but quickly lbr, it’d probably add up to 100+). Justin stayed no matter how many times Brian pushed him away. Brian blatantly rejects him in 1x01, Justin comes back in 1x02. Brian rejects him once again but oh he comes back in 1x03. Brian tells Justin that he means nothing to him in 1x05, (which by the way, would just destroy someone who had a little crush on that person but that wasn’t the case with Justin) but guess what? He still comes back. He still fights for Brian. Hell, he was there for Brian when no one else was. Can you believe that time and time again he was told that he was just a fuck and that he meant nothing and still, that 17 year old was strong enough to keep trying? Why would he do that? I think he maybe he loved him! 

Next! The agreement. Surprise, one of Justin’s many fuck-ups. He should not have broken that agreement, it was completely wrong. Again, I understood why he did it. He saw a little of himself in that kid and he simply felt bad for him. Did he have feelings for him? Nope, he didn’t wanna be an ass and treat him like shit just like he was treated after he lost his virginity. Did that mean he didn’t love Brian? Nope. Does that make it okay? Again, nope! We always knew Justin was persistent and fought for what he believed in and sometimes, like in 2x08, to a fault. 

“Justin was attracted to the idea of Brian but when it comes to actually loving Brian? He didn’t love him at all.” Maybe he was simply attracted to the idea of Brian in the beginning. Maybe he just wanted the attention and to feel wanted by the hottest guy in Pittsburgh. Understandable. It’s not like Brian was all hung up on him and Justin was just using him. But you can’t tell me that that was the case for the entire series. And hey! I actually answered an ask about this exact topic just yesterday! Feel free to give it a read, it’s pretty important and comes with straight-up facts! But if you don’t want to read it… Long story short, Justin loves Brian lol. 

And now for your final point: “I see no proof besides puppy dog eyes occasionally that indicates Justin’s love”. Right here is how I just know for sure we ain’t watching the same show! Here’s a link to another ask I answered about Justin apparently not loving Brian! But if you don’t wanna read that one either… Long story short, Justin loves Brian. I seriously cannot stress this enough. Justin Taylor loves Brian Kinney. If you still don’t believe that, I highly recommend you give all five seasons another rewatch. If you don’t believe it after that then fair enough. But next time you want to have a chat about this, you should come off anon and we can talk. But please do not go on my blog, click on the ask link, type out a message completely trashing on a character I have made crystal clear I love and clearly not doing your research by completely disregarding everything I’ve said about this topic not even that long ago, then have the nerve to send it to me anonymously. There are other ways to talk about your opinion than attacking others? 

In-depth analysis of camren in the bunk

I know that there’s already an analysis youtube video of this and I’m gonna use some of the same arguments and also focus and analyze other things I’ve noticed in the video ‘’Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout’’ from the channel AwesomenessTV. I suggest that you watch that video and follow this analysis in order to understand the analysis better. I’m not forcing you to believe in this, this is just how I read the situation. Now without further ado, let’s get on with the analysis.

First of all, we only see Lauren making an appearance at the very beginning of the video. It seems like she’s talking/facetiming somebody:

Now if you crank the volume up and try to mute Ally out, you can actually hear Lauren say something along the lines of: ‘’Hey, It’s okay babe.’’ (0:04) Followed by her whispering: ‘’I wanna do it.’’ (0:07). I will elaborate on this at the end of the analysis.

Afterwards, we see Ally asking Normani if she wants to watch a movie and so on. Ally is very giggly and expresses childlike behavior from the very beginning of the video (0:21). I will elaborate her and Normani’s reactions throughout the analysis. Notice in the video how Ally is (purposefully?) blocking Camila’s bunk throughout the entire video (or at least she tries to)

Then we hear the infamous moan (0:50) which causes the girls to burst into laughter. Notice how Ally’s voice tone changes. Is she trying to hide/cover something up? Also right before we hear the moan Ally’s got this big smile on her face and her cheeks are beetroot red. From embarrassment perhaps?

This is the girls’ reaction after they hear the moan at (0:50):

At (0:53) you can clearly see movement in the reflection just beside Ally. We know that this is Camila because she appears later behind Ally’s shoulders. At (0:55) you can see this in the reflection as mentioned in the analysis video:

(I know it’s a shitty picture, watch the analysis video for better resolution)

Even though it’s a shitty picture, you can still make the silhoutte of a girl out because of the long hair. To me, it looks like the girl is on her phone/ reading a book etc. Could this be Lauren?

Also, notice at (0:57) Ally makes, I guess you could call it a signal, behind her back and Camila closes the curtain after the signal. This is also mentioned in the analysis video. Also, why did Camila close the curtain if she was not going to be in the video for that long? She knew she was coming back to the bunk to ‘’read’’.. Hmm. (Maybe this is a reflex idk it just seems weird to me)

This is what Camila looks like as she appears behind Ally’s shoulders at (1:02)

Now make what you want of this look, but to me it looks like she was maybe doing something else than reading as she claims to have done. Her hair is a mess and she looks a little awkward. A worthy mention is also that she staggers at (1:04) but that could just be Camila being Camila. 

Another interesting fact is that Dinah said ‘’Who are you?’’ to Camila at (1:12) which Camila ignores (or maybe she wasn’t paying attention to her) . This can’t be because it could be either Camila or Lauren that could show from that part of the bus, and remember Lauren was at the beginning in the kitchen, where Camila is about to go. So this means that Dinah must have thought that one of them was coming out of Camila’s bunk and it was actually Camila. Did she know that Lauren and Camila were in Mila’s bunk?

Another thing I find a little off is, why is Dinah not talking to the others but instead goes back into her bunk with her phone after seeing Camila? (Maybe Dinah was texting Lauren?) 

Notice after Camila scares Ally, Ally’s saying ‘’Heey, what’s up?’’ in a suspicious manner and she also looks at Camila’s neck (Hickey maybe?). This just proves how bad of an actress Ally is xD. And pay attention to how red Camila’s lips are.

(1:15) I liiive for Mani’s face and reaction here. This is her reaction when Camila says that she’s ‘reading’ and turns down an offer to watch a movie with them. Notice that Mani squints her eyes and shakes her head at Camila and gives her a once over.

There are of course different interpretations when somebody squints their eyes, but I believe that it means that Mani doesn’t believe Camila in this situation as describe in the box above.

Now, in another video ‘’What’s in my bunk?’’, Camila said that she already finished reading To kill a Mockingbird (Maybe she’s rereading it but did she really want to reread a book she just read a month ago?)  After that, Dinah yells out boring and Mani says the same and notice at (1:18) Ally turns to mani and says ‘’Are you kidding?’’  with a smile on her face. followed up by her making a face whilst saying boring. 

And Camila, reading? Hmm, I’m not buying that. If you pay close attention in the reflection (Look in the second gif or video slow-mo to 0.5), at (0:53-57ish) you can see that Camila picked up the book afterwards and even holds the book upside down in her hand before switching to the other hand.

After Camila says ‘’I’m creating my own movie in my head’’ at (1:22) and doing a suggestive pose (or whatever she’s doing), Ally chuckles and looks down at Mila’s book and Mani is back at it again with the this look.

Seriously what would we do without Mani’s facial expressions?

(1:37) Camila leaves and says that she’s going to get some water and tells the girls to ‘’have fun with the movie’’. And Ally’s response is ‘’Thanks, you too with your water’’ followed up by a giggle. What kind of response is that? Mani also contributes, saying ‘’Enjoy your book’’  Notice Mani’s body language and the way she says it; she scoffs and looks down at Mila (Maybe at the book). This could indicate that she doesn’t believe Mila. Dinah also laughs after Mani says this. And also, if Mila was going to get water, why take the book with you? I believe that she took the book with her to prove that she was reading.

At (2:12) you can see the curtain move in Camila’s bunk (Look behind Ally). There are also a pair of pants outside of the bunk, and the shirt Lauren was wearing at the beginning is also on the floor(This doesn’t have to mean anything sexual, maybe she just wanted to change her shirt, but still a lil’ suspicious) There are other times where the curtain moves, but this is the most obvious one. Also at (1:58) you can see Camila eating strawberries behind Ally and (possibly?) feeding somebody. Then at around (2:58) you can see the plate on the floor. (Credit to mistakenopinion) Notice how much noise Mani and Ally make; is it really that necessary to be that loud? Maybe to cover something up yet again?

Another worthy mention is that you can actually hear Lauren at (2:04 or 2:05) say ‘’stake’’ or something like that. Again crank the volume up and listen very carefully, so we know that she’s in the room at this point. But again, this video is cut many times, so she could easily have gone back and forth several times.

At (2:57ish) You can hear somebody moaning ‘’keep going’’ out loud, followed up by another moan at (2:59). I believe this is Camila since the voice is high-pitched and resembles her voice a lot. There is another moan at (3:00) I believe this is Lauren.

At (3:08-3:10) it seems as though Mani is moaning and Ally is laughing in response(Is Mani mocking Camilla/Lauren?)

Could the person Lauren was talking to have been Camila? Or was it her boyfriend at the time (or someone else for that matter). What was up with the girls’ behavior? Why was Dinah not talking to the others, but stayed in her bunk by herself? Was she maybe texting Lauren? And most importantly, what were Lauren and Camila doing in Mila’s bunk? Just chilling? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Again, this is just a theory I’m not saying that this is what really happened. 

Link to Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout: 

Link to Camren analysis: 

EXO’s Reaction to Accidentally Seeing You Naked

For you, @candychong2nexo! Thank you for requesting~  I shall assume for hilarity’s sake, that these relationships are still in their baby stages and any nudity has yet to be seen. haha Also, these turned out way longer than I intended. :P

Baekhyun: We all know that Baekhyun seeing you naked would be no accident, but rather a well-executed plan that he had carried out. He’d wait until the exact moment he heard the shower turn off and then he’d yell for you, saying that there was an emergency situation. As you came running in nothing more than a towel, his finger would hook itself in the flowing fabric, effectively tearing it from your body. You’d scold him for it, but there’s no way it’d affect him with his mind so preoccupied.

Chanyeol: This little happy virus would quickly turn into a flustered mess when he walked into your bedroom to surprise you, expecting you to be asleep, but instead you stood stark-naked, rummaging through your drawers for clothes. He’d yelp out in shock, drawing your attention towards him, and he’d be quick to look towards the floor, sending you small hearts with his hands. “I’m sorry, Jagi-ya! It was a total accident, I swear!”

Chen: It would be a total accident that Chen walked into the bathroom as you were exiting the shower, but it wouldn’t be an accident that he’d regret. He’d laugh when you’d try to quickly cover your exposed skin, but when you scolded him, he’d simply smirk and begin sliding his sweater off. “Want to make it fair game, Jagi-ya?”

D.O: Kyungsoo would be in the shower, just getting ready to turn the water on, when he heard the bathroom door open. He called out to you, but his voice was oddly hushed with embarrassment and you clearly hadn’t heard him because, to his horror, he saw your hand reach out and pull the shower curtain back, revealing both of your bodies to each other. His hands would quickly cover himself the best he could while his eyes dropped quickly to the floor, but he’d remain tongue-tied, not knowing what to say in such a situation.

Kai: Kai would have invited himself over to your house, letting himself in with the key that you had given him for emergencies. He’d hear the shower running and decide to head to the kitchen to raid your fridge while he waited to surprise you. But he was the one who was in for a surprise when you had finished your shower and waltzed into the kitchen for a drink with no clothes on your still-damp body. When you realized he was there, you’d squeal, yelling at him for being there unannounced, but he’d just respond by averting his gaze with an odd pout on his lips. “It’s not my fault you decided to prance around naked!”

Kris: Kris’ curiosity would have gotten the better of him. The two of you had been dating for a long time, and he had yet to see you in anything less than a sweatshirt and jeans. He didn’t want to push you into anything, but he was a man, after all, and simply wanted to know what was hidden beneath the conservative clothing that you wore. He didn’t want to see everything, just a taste. But as he walked in to the image of you peeling the last bits of clothing from your skin, his “innocent” curiosity would crumble and he’d shamelessly try to flirt his way out of trouble.

Lay: Lay wouldn’t have a single clue how you two had gotten yourselves in such a situation. All he knew was that you stood before him, completely and utterly naked, and he was taking an odd amount of pleasure in your flustered form. He’d chew his bottom lip anxiously as his eyes wandered to each part of your body. It wouldn’t be until your irritated voice rang out that he’d be ripped from his thoughts and forced back to reality, apologies spewing from the poor boy’s lips.

Luhan: Luhan would instantly turn into a predator of sorts when he saw your naked body. He wouldn’t hesitate to send suggestive glances your way, clearly indicating what he wanted. He’s only the manliest of men after all, and may have trouble controlling himself. “C'mon, baby, this has got to be like, fate or something.”

Sehun: Sehun would be waiting on the couch for you to get out of the shower when he heard your voice calling to him from the bathroom, telling him to close his eyes. Despite the urgency in your voice, Sehun would be certain that you were planning something silly, so he’d respond with a lazy “okay, they’re closed,” but his eyes would never actually slip shut. He’d listen as the bathroom door opened and he’d watch in amazement as you practically sprinted from the bathroom to your bedroom, an embarrassed laugh erupting from his lips. “Did you seriously forget to grab clean clothes AND a towel before your shower?!”

Suho: Words cannot even begin to explain how embarrassed Suho would be when he accidentally walked in on you changing, seeing every inch of your unclothed body. He’d quickly avert his gaze and scratch his neck nervously, telling you that he hadn’t really seen anything, but the bashful smile that took over his face would force you to suspect otherwise.

Tao: It would have all started out with a simple dare from one of the boys. They just wanted to see you absolutely lose it when Tao walked in on you changing. Tao had declined the dare at first, but his childish curiosity would have gotten the better of him. At first, he’d be super sneaky about it, but once he saw you completely naked, a loud giggle would shoot from his lips, earning your attention. He’d know you were angry, but would resort to acting super cute to get you to forgive him.

Xiumin: It would have been a complete accident that Xiumin saw you without your clothes on. He’d retract himself from the situation quickly, thinking he had gotten away without getting in trouble. But he was very wrong. However, when you brought the question up to him, asking if he had seen anything, he’d glare at you with a serious look, trying to turn the situation around and completely disguising the fact that he had seen everything that you have to offer. “You don’t really think I’d do that, do you, Y/N?”


anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say that I really think Derek has feelings for Stiles. The anchor was the cherry on top, but I also think Derek's body language, behaviour and looks all add up to certain romantic "feels" for Stiles. Do you agree? Would love to hear your thoughts on this xx

I do agree. Actually i think this gifset more or less proves this point, and i could probably end this post here and now.

But what fun would that be? So hit the read more to endulge in a lot of screencaps, some gifs and some ramblings about sterek and feelings.

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#BlackInFanfiction MCU Masterpost

A lovingly crafted masterpost of (some) MCU fanfiction that prominently and positively features Black characters!

Most of these are by Black writers, all of them are good (Please don’t freak out about the non-black authors. I had to fill in some empty spots and I read them all myself). 

To all the Black nerds reading this, I hope this inspires you to write your own fic, create your own oc, come up with your own au. The MCU could always use more beautiful Blackness. Our lives are rich, wonderful, and colorful; our stories deserve to be told our way.

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rogueziam  asked:

Hey! I saw your post with gifs that lead you to believe in larry & ziam. I'm wondering the specific reasons you started believing that you said we could ask about (: x

I’m so sorry this took so long!  I finally did it though XD  Be warned, there are no links or specifics.  If you want dates and receipts, there are other masterposts that are great for that.

These are the things that convinced me to start with and will continue convincing me in the future if I at any time start doubting Larry and Ziam are real.

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“jjongkimkai88 ⚠WARNING⚠
This is not related with kaistal dating issue.

I just want to prove what actually happened during this moment. Some people said that jongin rubbing his water bottle on krystal

_Modu hamkke mandeuro gayo_

I really didn’t edit this video. I just modify from some fancam to prove that jongin was really far from krystal. The camera angle just made its seem like he tapped the water bottle on her..even when krystal walked to heoyeon..we didnt see jongin.

Copy url of this post and open with browser so you can copy link of the fancam easily
1. (3.31)
2. (3.37)
3. (3.59)
4. (3.41)
5. (2.38) ← u can see how far taemin jongin and yoona krystal in this video
6. (2.59) you can see clearly..there’s no jongin
7. (2.18) from back angle
8. (3.15) u can see clearly..jongin with taemin”

credit:  jjongkimkai88

in case everything that is written above still confusing, let me help you to understand what’s going on in this video;  

1) kai was walking behind – quite far away from krys – and he was shaking his water bottle, and when he did that, krys turned to the right. 

(this has caused some people think that kai was rubbing his bottle water on her.)

2) but the thing is… krys didn’t turn to look at kai bc kai was “teasing” her, she turned around to see hyoyeon SNSD (the blonde girl)

the timing and the camera angle makes it looks like he did rub his water bottle on her, while in fact he didn’t.

the IG video contains 5 parts, each part represent different angle of fancams of the same thing (means these 5 fancams were taken at the same time); 

part 1: this fancam was taken from the right-front side of the stage

(it seems) kai was rubbing his water bottle on her 

krys grabbed yoona’s right hand, then after that she turned around to face hyoyeon’s direction, not kai 

(some ppl think that kai rubbed a water bottle on her and that makes her turn back to face him, but she was facing hyoyeon)

part 2: this fancam was taken from the front – but it was far away

krys and yoona had already held each other’s hands, and she did turn right, but there was no kai

part 3: this fancam was taken from the front – but it was near the stage

krys smiled at yoona and then yoona giggled(?) at her while singing. there was no kai

part 4: this fancam was taken from similar angle of part 3 fancam (front + near the stage)

krys turned around and let go of yoona’s hand. again we couldnt see kai in this part.

part 5: this fancam was taken from the right side of the stage

here, we could see kai shaking his water bottle. 

the camera then shifted its focus and we could see krystal walking towards the middle of the stage. 

kai and krystal were far away from each other.

reminders: these fancams were taken at the same time, but different angles. (and there are other fancams that were also taken at the same time – the links of it have been listed on the description by jjongkimkai88′s him/herself.)

conclusion? kai never rubbed his water bottle on krystal, it’s all misunderstanding (because of one fan camera’s angle) just like “other members were looking at kai during mama award 2015″. 

since we’re already at it, i’m going to discuss this topic too

credit: @awkwardmickey​ for the gif and as the first one who pointed this out.

(before reading it, please open the gif on the new tab (if you’re on your laptop ofc) and zoom it. if you’re on your phone, well, just squint your eyes and hold your phone closely to your face.) 

chanyeol looked left first, but he wasn’t looking at kai. kai was slouching down. 

if chanyeol were looking at kai, his head should’ve tilt down a bit to see kai’s face, but he didn’t. 

chanyeol was looking at someone who sat beside kai, which was chen.

later on kai too looked at chen, he then looked down. imo he wasn’t looking shy, he was rather looking…defeated? 

(just open the gif on new tab and zoom his face – imo his face was like… “hah.. yeah..” after he looked at chen – his smile looks pensive, but i can’t say much nor can i confide in my words bc this thing happened only in 1-2 seconds.)  

xiumin looked down, but he too wasn’t looking at kai. if he were looking at kai he should’ve looked down w/o tiling his head to the left, but he did. this indicates he was looking at xiumin too. oppss sorry i mean chen lel

suho too was looking at chen, just zoom the gif (open it on new tab)

kyungsoo clapped during this whole thing

sehun was concentrating on the stage, but if we zoom the gif we could see his eyes shifted to the right (at where kaichenbaek were) when pcy turned his head.

lay squeezed both of his hands that were on his laps


I Don’t Get Jealous, I Get Territorial » Brett Talbot

Requested by: writeloveeonherarms and theknightsprincesss
Special and big apologies to these lovely ladies. This took so long because *finds important reason other than the fact that I was just a lazy piece of fecal matter* .. So yeah. I hope you understand and still enjoy!

Pairing: Reader x Brett (slightly Reader x Theo)

“You know if you don’t hurry up, I think the party’s gonna end before you get down those stairs,” Brett whined, once more, from downstairs as I heard him tap his feet impatiently.

As I slid on my heels, and did a quick hair check, I started walking cautiously down the stairs. “Don’t be so dramatic, Brett.”

As I reached the end of the staircase, I turned around, showing off a skintight, black dress that went just a little bit above the knee. “How do I look?”

“Beautiful,” Brett responded and pecked my cheek. “But are those really necessary?” He was referring to my four inch heels.

“It is when your boyfriend is 6'2,” I teased, and hung onto his arm for support, then making our way to his car.

As we drove, we kept on talking about who was going to be there, ride arrangements and whatnot.

We grew near to Lydia’s famous lake house, hearing the sound of the loud, thumping music already. I slid out of the passenger seat, as Brett opened the door for me. We walked hand in hand over to the door.

“Yay! I’m glad you two are here,” Lydia answered the door in an awfully enthusiastic voice. “Drinks in the kitchen,”
We walked in, into a pool full of sweaty bodies and the faint smell of alcohol, but the scent just grew stronger and stronger by the millisecond.

“I’m gonna go greet the boys, will you be okay?” Brett asked, as his arms stayed snaked around my waist.

“Yeah, of course. I’ll join you as soon as I find Kira and Malia,” I nodded, grabbing a quick sip of whatever liquid came with the red solo cup nearest to me.

“Don’t get too drunk,” Brett suggested, and yet again, pecked my cheek, then left to hang with his friends.

I lingered for a little longer, seeing mostly familiar faces, and even greeting ones I hadn’t seen in ages.

“Y/N?” a familiar voice sounded from behind me, I turned around to recognize it as Theo Raeken.

“Theo?” I greeted as he gave me a quick hug, his hands going a little lower than expected. “Hey, when did you come back to Beacon Hills? Last time I saw you, you were.. Like, ten,”

“Nine, actually,” Theo corrected. “But I came back earlier this week,”

“Look at you! You’ve changed so much!” I exclaimed. He had changed so much. The innocent, hazel eyes that I fell for in the fourth grade now changed suddenly, those eyes had an entirely new daring aura, paired with his perfect quiff. And damn it. I had a boyfriend. Nope, Y/N; boyfriend. I tried to remind myself but when you see Theo Raeken, it’s hard to remember.

“Thank you,” Theo smirked. “I hope that’s a good thing,”

“Trust me, it is,” I nodded, confidently, surprised at the words coming out of my mouth. It was like my mouth was doing things my brain couldn’t yet process, it was like it was moving faster than my mind was.

“Wanna dance?” Theo yelled, over the loud speakers.

“Actually, I-” My eyes moved to Brett, who had girls basically taped to his sides and twirling their blonde hair as Brett was sending them into several fits of fake laughter, as well as his friends who sat opposite sides of the table with him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell your boyfriend,” I hear Theo say, as a smug smirk spread across his face. Before I knew it, he grabbed my hand, leading me to where the unofficial dance floor was.

We started moving to the rhythm, Theo getting a little too close for the status of an old friend, but weirdly, I didn’t mind or stop it.

I felt Theo getting pulled off me after a little longer than a few minutes, and I opened my eyes to see Brett who was about to cause a huge scene.

“Brett!” I instinctively yell, as my eyes fell right to the jealous boy, whose eyes were now glowing yellow.

Thankfully, the dancing teenagers were too occupied with themselves and their friends that they didn’t pay any mind to what was happening.

“Brett! Oh my gosh!” Brett’s hand tightened at Theo’s shirt, Brett being several inches taller than Theo.

“Brett!” I attempt to break the two apart as I grab onto Theo’s shoulder.

Theo’s eyes glow a golden yellow. Of course. Theo Raeken just had to be a werewolf. “Break it up!”

Oddly enough, my pull breaks them, and I look at Brett in disbelief. “What the hell?” I shout, partially because of the anger in me and also because of the blasting music.

“Theo,” I turn around and see the boy in a freaked out, but stable condition. “Are you- are you alright?”

“I’m fine. We can talk tomorrow. I’ll leave the two of you alone,” Theo regarded, and walked away. He was understanding, which was absolutely surprising considering the situation he was just in.

“What the hell, Brett? What is wrong with you?” I repeat, as I start walking to the door, Brett following close behind like a guilty puppy.

“His hands were in places they shouldn’t have been,” Brett tried to explain, mumbling a bit, indicating he was guilty but didn’t regret what he did.

“And those girls weren’t practically drooling over you?” I bicker back, my torso leaning against the car door, my tone full of confidence and sass.

“What girls?” Brett questioned, inches from me, looking down at me as if to try and intimidate me.

“Like you don’t know!” I sassed, and went to the other side of the car and sat on the passenger seat.

Brett just turned on the engine and started driving away. “I don’t, really.”

“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore,” I sat the entire car ride, ignoring him, giving him my best attempt at the silent treatment. “Drive me home,”

“You don’t wanna sleepover?” Brett asked. It was tradition for us to go to Brett’s after a party and eat pizza, and gossip. Brett could be my best friend and my boyfriend.

“No, I don’t,”
“But it’s tradition,”
“I wanna go home!” With a groan, Brett drove me home. He was beginning to be pesky, and I was in no mood to deal with that this late in the night.

As he parked outside my house, I slipped right out of the passenger seat, not even saying a thank you like I usually would. I made sure to slam the passenger door shut, loud and hard enough to let Brett know I was still pissed off my ass.

As I started walking away, instead of hearing a car drive away, I heard the car door open and close, followed by footsteps nearing my way.

“What?” I spat harshly, stopping my footsteps, slinging my arms across my chest to stress my disappointment and anger.

“I’m sorry, alright?” I see a guilty look spread across the boy’s face. He really was, but I wanted him to know that I won’t or ever will let things slip easily like that. “There! I said it. I’m sorry.”

“You are NOT forgiven,” I roll my eyes at his insincere, pathetic attempt at an apology, and turned on my heels and started walking towards my door again.

“Y/N, wait,” Brett mumbled, and started walking towards me, his long strides at his advantage, as he reaches me, his large frame towering over my small one.

“I thought I told you I didn’t want to talk about this!” I sigh and turn around to face Brett. “We can tomorrow. I’m just tired.”

“No, you’re always just tired,” Brett complained, air quoting “just tired.”

“What?” I questioned. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“That means you don’t know how to handle problems! You just like to push it away long enough for it to not be a problem anymore,” Brett shouted, confidence spread all over his voice. It was like he had this in him for quite some time and it was only just coming out now.

“Woah, okay, you think you’re so perfect, Talbot?” I scoff, he was so confident about it, as if he didn’t possess any flaws either.

“Actually, yes, matter of fact,” Brett just scoffed right back, and crossed his arms against his chest and leaned slightly, as if entertained to see what I was about to respond.

“You know what?” I begin, my voice raising. “It’s always so much work to be with you! It’s like you can practically stick your tongue down any girl’s throat, but once a guy and I breath the same air, all hell breaks loose!”

Brett scoffed once more, “Yeah, make me the bad guy!”

“Ugh, this is why I didn’t want to talk about this. I’m too tired for a stupid argument. It’s twelve and I’m going to bed,” I remarked confident and clearly, turning around, and slightly felt an ache on my heels caused by the four inch heels I had used all night.

I was so done with Brett, but the feeling wasn’t mutual because I felt a large hand pull my shoulder back, followed by a voice, “No, you’re not. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this.”

“Well, what do you want me to say?” I turn around to face the blonde boy again. “That I’m sorry? That I won’t do it again? Because quite frankly Brett, this may come as a shock to you, but I’m not in the wrong this time, you are! If you took your head out of your ass sometimes, maybe you would-”

“No, I wanted to say something,” Brett responded in a calmer voice, stopping the speech I was just about to give.

“Oh really?” Now it was my turn, to cross my arms and lean back as if I knew it all, so that’s what I did.

“I’m sorry,” Brett began. “Like actually, genuinely sorry about tonight. That guy was all over you and-”

“That guy has a name and its Theo,” I corrected him, but only made Brett role his eyes and bark, “Let me finish!”

“Look, point is, I’ll apologize to the guy-” Brett continued, but paused as I gave him glare. “I’ll apologize to Theo, if that’s what you want,” he sighed, quickly rephrasing the guy to Theo, and I nodded, pleased at his apology.

“You better be apologizing tomorrow. You were a real jackass,” I tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for another apology to come, since he had several to say sorry for.

“And, I’m also sorry for doubting you. And I promise there isn’t another girl in this world, that I’d leave you for,” Brett pulled me into his chest, I inhaled and exhaled as I heard his heartbeat through his chest, as his chest went up and down. “Mark my words.” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Am I forgiven now?”

“Yes,” I gave him a tight squeeze before looking into his eyes, and pulling away from the long hug. “Yes you are.”

Brett pulled himself down to just about my height, as he connected our lips. He pulled my torso with his palms, deepening the kiss. I eventually pulled back, taking a breath. “But, I must say, Talbot. You are incredibly hot when you’re jealous.”

“Pfft,” Brett scoffed. “Jealous? Please, jealousy is for something that’s not yours. I don’t get jealous, I get territorial.”

lol i find this funny bc saintgnue is 6'2 and christian is 5'7 or 5'8 lol yes i did my research

Requests for ships and imagines are open.

OUAT and Non-Consensual Stuff

Prompt: (Anon)– What is your opinion on OUaT and rape culture. It’s seems as though the creators actively ignore the fact that many of their story lines overlook and/or romanticize rape and other matters of forced consent. Examples include: Regina’s arranged marriage to the king, Regina taking Graham’s heart and having a sexual relationship with him, Zelena impersonating Robin’s wife in order to get pregnant, Arthur magically controlling Guinevere, and Emma turning Hook into a dark one. Your thoughts?

I disagree– I think the show has done a good job consistently and explicitly showing that anything non-consensual is wrong; to argue that OUAT “romanticizes” abuse is like saying Requiem for a Dream “romanticizes” drug use or Road Runner cartoons “promote” ACME products. Showing something on-screen does not mean promoting it, and I think we can acquit OUAT of this charge because the show:

  • Shows abusive and non-consensual actions on-screen
  • Shows the bad consequences for the victims
  • Shows the effect of abusive actions on the abusers
  • Punishes villains for non-consensual actions/attitudes within the context of the show
  • Calls out problematic aspects of ships, no matter how popular

Originally posted by saralou23

Do something against someone’s will, get a dose of dark magic

Read on for more, more, more!

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filiiadcorblog  asked:

Just a question from a fan of your art... how did you get such a good eye for color? The compositions of your pieces are incredible!


So I’m glad you asked but at the same time, I’m not so sure how to elaborate! Colours I find myself always going for range around red, pink and blue. I’m somehow never to pick up green unless it’s a simple base colour or it’s nature (grass, trees etc, etc). That’s for my casual work, I have to say though! 

My heavy work (ones that at least take more than 2 hours with heavy detail and techniques) go a lil’ bit different. I think for the get-go, when I sketch out certain pieces, I like to plan beforehand the kind of atmosphere I want to create for it. Atmosphere is such a huge factor for me; most of work rely so much on atmosphere because with my heavy work I tend to want to convey certain emotions. And that’s where the colours come in; if you want to take a lookie at certain colour study tips, I would reccomend searching them up on Pinterest. There’s tons of tricks there. But even then I don’t go by certain colour rules; I just try to find certain colours that I feel fit the mood. Pastels can set a more calm, light mood but even bolder colours like reds, yellows and oranges can create a warm atmospheric tone if used in the right way. 

I’ll get onto that later but here’s one more thing I want to point out; I’m a big believer in bold usage of colours. Whilst I’ve explained that I rely on atmosphere to pick my colours, you can see certain factors in my work that does not even fit in the atmosphere. This is my way of experimentation and I’ve done it for quite some time. Bold usage of colours is something I’ve always loved doing because it’s something that can set apart a certain piece; make it more interesting and dynamic. Not everyone will be comfortable with it simply because it’s a hit or miss sitaution to some people but I’ve always tried to encourage any artist friend of mine to create works that let your onlookers wonder what the hell are they gonna do next?

Now onto a few works of mine that might set some examples; 

When I mentioned using bold colours to create calm atmospheres, I was thinking directly of this piece I collabed on with @seulil. I wanted to create a fun but somewhat calming atmosphere.

As you can see, there is almost a weird mixture of colours when added all together. Warmer colours are the colours you can associate with fall; orange, red and yellow but the real kicker is the green and especially the fact that it’s a rather bright green. Most grass and leaves are a growing dull colour by fall; the green adds a sudden colour that set itself apart from the image and thus avoids become a general warm colour palette. I could’ve made those grass a deep umber of sorts or a dull orange but I’m a rebel. 

This piece is quite interesting. This is one of the pieces where I hadn’t planned out most of my colours. I wanted myself to surprise me essentially. The only factor I knew for this piece was that it was going to be a water gif piece. 

You can spot some pastel colours such as that lilac and baby blue and then bam, a warm skin tone and dark foliage everywhere. And because of the pastel tone I had already established within the whole piece, the pink stands out in the background. The interesting tone in this piece made it one of faves so far this year; I really did adore this one specifically for the colours. The colours are almost subtle in a way in regards to contrasting each other but it makes the piece atmospheric in a way I didn’t even plan. 

Character centric work I adore because it creates a opportunity to let yourself find a tone to set clearly. This work I intended the top tips of the hair indicating the water to have an illuminating glow. 

If you can even take a lookie; the whole idea for this palette is actually almost identical to the second (due to both pieces featuring juvia) but note how no matter how similar the palettes are, their tones are different. This palette has rich blues, bold from the get-go. In fact, this can be perceived as a bit warm due to the dark not being black but this dark mauve. The colours are cool and warm and somehow they fit because of how bold they clash together. I personally took the pleasure in using different tones of blue for her hair just because the piece was underwater. Use different tones of certain colours is so effective sometimes; especially blue. Blue is a colour you should not underestimate; it can convey so many things just from changing its tone so use it to your advantage. To match the striking blue, I couldn’t settle for a subtle blush so I used a bright red coral colour. This piece was fun. 

This was a collab with @stormtrpo I did recently that I thought was a huge clash of colours. And huge clashes of colours are a fave of mine because i get to experiment vastly. This piece was initially planned out and suddenly it wasn’t; I had too many ideas. Casual elaborate pieces are something you should look forward to; there are so many opportunities for experiments with them. 

Look at that. Look how many colours there are. I’m pretty sure I even missed some because there’s colour everywhere. Let’s start with how the skin tone is all kinds of shades of pink; this is to emphasise the rich colours around her; specifically the red surrounding her waist. That almost neon green around the right bottom? Hehe..whilst it adds even more to look at in the piece, that was actually a tribute to the art I did for @mslead‘s fic Wine Red. You can find all sorts of inspiration for even your previous pieces; I chose that work because it added a mystical effect to that image. But this piece is not suppose to look particularly godly this time; it’s fun and almost quirkly. It can remind you of scenes from James Cameron’s Avatar if not for the reds and pinks. Dark colours are again used to focus more on the bright but even then, the colours really did take over in this piece and it was a fun piece because of it. Your art should be not only make others happy but you in the process of it. 

This is one of my most recent pieces and I’m using this as an example because this one is particularly interesting for me. This piece is one of my most ambitious and it goes subtly.

For a piece that is screaming for angst; I didn’t use pure black. In fact, you may note that in most cases, I tend to not use pure black in my work. And then there’s the pink, which seems almost too out-of-place. This is what I meant by using bold colours without regards to atmosphere. I love it for it’s experimentational purposes. The sudden green is a result from 3D effects. This image seems almost confronting; it seems eery and hollow and yet bright colours are showing up but dark cool colours are as well. It’s clashing in a strange way. I wanted to let this palette send out that the tone was hollow, lonely and unhappy but I also wanted to create something more. It’s almost a state of confusion. Light colours are clearly behind her but she’s not facing the right direction and she can only see the dark. This piece interested me a lot. 

For these works, I highly reccomend using overlay, soft light and all kinds of blending modes to create the colours I’ve shown you thus far. 

Some of my personal favourites are Glow Dodge, Overlay and Lighten. Take your time to research what exactly they do to your image. 

Getting a ‘good eye’ for colour is not even something I can say is true. Colours are there to convey meaning and let onlookers see the focus of your work and what you want to convey. It’s a huge factor in an art piece that has either no meaning or contain life’s secrets. But how do you find the right colours after this? Well, if you’re working on casual art pieces, go ahead and find colours that compliment and/or contrast each other pleasantly and as per my advice, try having a go at bold colour usage. But if you’re working on pieces that you want others to find more meaning to; I suggest really trying to pour emotions from that piece, let yourself be the character for a moment. It’s not a complicated process but it can be detailed out; since we were little, we could perceive red to be a colour of anger; essentially fire. But what about the process of that anger and how far it goes? Does it rage so quickly that a fiery amber takes spotlight in your piece? Or instead of even anger, it’s a warmth. I would associate a pale yellow but also incorporate oranges and suddenly it’s not quite burning red anger anymore. It’s warmth; a heartfelt and almost sad piece. Bright colours are not our enemies, dear artist frands.

I’ll tag @firedragonroaring, @cosmicloveoftheages, @meadowofstars, @doublepasse@doginshoe, @neato-ft, and @belilosove because I know they’re art people. Tag anyone you know who are art freaks if you want. 

Well then. Adios amigo. 

In a dream [2/?] - A Bucky Barnes Fic

PART 1 HERE - Part 3

A/N: I want to give a special thanks to every single person that read, re-blogged and like the previous part! It means the world to me! 
Feedback is always appreciated so let me know what you think (even anonymously ;) )
The title will be clear in the next part, which I’ll try and upload it sometime nexg week! Love you all xxx
 *gif not mine!!*

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Tale ‘Dixon vs Walsh’ [Anon request]

“Dixon!” The false sense of authority in the man’s voice and the haughty, angry tromp of combat boots that followed the yell made Daryl snarl.
“Fuck off, Walsh,” the Hunter muttered, saying nothing more. It was early in the morning and Daryl was going to take a closer look at the girl who had been creeping in his mind lately. During his daily and highly secretive observations so far he had already discovered some remarkable things about her, but was still left with a feeling that there was a lot covered underneath the surface of that gentle smile of hers. “Ugh, fuck off,” Daryl repeated this time to none other than himself. He almost hated himself for thinking something so poetic.
“Good morning to you too, Dixon,” Walsh’s angry voice retorted. “You’re off to see my girl?”
“Yer girl?” Daryl asked. Given that the Hunter had spent quite an amount of time watching the group and in particular spend time looking at her, he knew Shane had been watching her like a hawk. The Deputy was clearly interested in the girl which strangely enough only seem to peek Daryl’s curiosity in her as well. But unlike awkward and socially retarded Daryl, Shane did talk to her. In fact, if the looks on the girl’s face were any indications, Shane talked a bit too much to her. At night while sitting at the campfire the confident Deputy could babble on and on about something while the girl pretended to listen and kept giving glances at her book, lying next to her as it waited to be finished. She was too nice of a girl to tell Shane she wasn’t interested in his stories or him for that matter.

Daryl did not expect Shane to actually do something about his interest in her. But knowing how sneaky Walsh could be around women, Daryl realized now that this had been just wishful thinking on his part. “So, you’ve made it official, then? You ’n’ her together now?” Daryl asked, trying to show a believable level of indifference.
“I haven’t asked her yet, but I will,” Shane arrogantly replied, sounding sure that the girl would not refuse his offer.
Daryl snorted after hearing this. “You mean, you been ogling her for months and you still haven’t asked her? Guess, that means you never will. Face it, Walsh, you ain’t got the balls to do it. And you know, those things just don’t grow on ya overnight. Maturity takes time….”
“Please Dixon, as if I hadn’t noticed you watching her as well,” Shane angrily said as he blocked Daryl’s way. “You think I don’t see you, man. Leering on her like she is some sort of prey!”  He yelled in Daryl’s face. “You’re just as fucked in the head as yer dead brother,” he sneered.
“He ain’t dead!” Daryl yelled back with equal force. “Ya dipshits might have left him for dead on that roof in Atlanta, but he ain’t dead!”

It took a couple of seconds and a fair amount of deep breaths for Daryl to calm down. Patience had never been a strong point of his. But he had been trying lately… He had been trying a lot lately but this idiot was not making it easy. Clenching his fists at his sides, a word vomit formed in his mouth. “Ya best shut up now if you know what good for you. I normally don’t make it a habit to beat up smartasses before I had breakfast, but I’d be willing to make an exception for just ya,” Daryl replied as he still tried to pass Shane.
“Guess what… After tonight she’ll be mine. All mine,” Shane stated, provoking Daryl even further.

The Hunter knew of course what Shane implied… That piece of shit wanted to fuck the girl tonight. And Daryl knew what he was capable of doing after seeing Lori fall for the jackass enough times. The truth was Shane could have anyone, but that didn’t mean he deserved her. And even though Daryl knew he didn’t deserve her as well, at least he felt bad for having impure thoughts about the girl whereas Walsh did not seem to care at all. Quite on the contrary, Deputy Dipshit boosted his desires like a proud gorilla banging on his chest. ‘But that’s all Shane really is,’ Daryl reminded himself, ‘a fucking monkey.’
“Get out of my way,” Daryl ordered the sheriff’s deputy. “I ain’t got time for your weak bluffing, Walsh! I have things to hunt down.”
“Bluffing? I ain’t bluffing… Just watch me,” He said before stalking off into the direction of the girl.
“Walsh! Leave her alone,” Daryl yelled after him, but it was all in vain. The long shadow of Shane Walsh was already creeping its way closer to her.  

I feel the need to focus on this little moment right here because it fills me with so many emotions: 

(gif credit: x)

I mean, just look at Castiel’s expression. This moment, to me, is a perfect reflection of all the ways humanity has changed Cas. 

Let me elaborate on a few things that happened before this though: First of all, the fact that Sam has to teach Cas how to return a hug is IMPORTANT on so many levels. 

While it initially seems like a cute little moment which leaves the viewer with the intended “aww, socially awkward cas!” reaction, it also shows how little Castiel used to know about the sheer depth of human emotions and how they can/should be expressed, valued and reciprocated. Sam showing Castiel how to hug and the reaction that follows are subtextually paralleling Cas’ speech from moments before: 

“Being human didn’t just change my view of food. It changed my view of you. I mean, I can relate now to how you feel. […] And now I know what guilt feels like. And I know what it means to feel sorry. […]

You know, old me, I would’ve just kept going. I would’ve jammed that needle in deeper until you died. Because the ends always justify the means. But, what I went through… well, that PB&J, taught me that angels can change […]”

The line “the ends always justify the means” is the one we need to focus on here: because this has, more often than not, been painfully true for the way Castiel made major decisions prior to S9 (the most prominent one being the God stunt in S6/7). That’s not to say Cas didn’t know emotions before but it looks like this is the first time he fully understands how to express and act upon empathy. Pre-human Cas had the bigger picture in mind at all times - he may have felt empathy and concern for others but in a rather subdued way. It was easy for him to push away his own feelings or the wishes of others as long as he was still able to justify the means. 

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For old time sake, I’m writing a review.

Because that was GREAT! I FEEL ALIVE!

I mean. I’ve already heard a few people compare In The Same Boat to Still, and that makes sense, because both of them are the twd equivalent of a bottle-episode, and the episodes have the same writer, and a similar feel, and deeply introspective themes, and ultimately, I’m willing to bet, a similar effect on the characters at the heart: Maggie and Carol are both going to be changed by this experience. Yes, they’ve killed people before, yes they’ve been beaten and interrogated before, and they’ve had to look at dark mirrors of themselves before, but last night meant something new, for both of them.

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