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anon requested: Hi there! I fell INLOVE with the kai stepfather scenario, I was wondering if I can request something along the lines of that but with taemin from SHINee and he’s the readers stepfather and there’s a 8-9 year age gap and maybe she unintentionally makes him jealous and so he sort of just goes for it? Lmao and like for it to be really kinky? Like with choking and thigh riding :)) thanks and I hope this is acceptable and that it’s not too much ^~^

word count : 4598 words
admin : - velvet
genre: smut, daddy kink, stepfather-stepdaughter relationship so if you’re not comfortable, don’t read. age gap, car sex

[I’m sorry anon I didn’t put thigh riding inside ‘cause I totally forgot, hope you still like it. I’m such a mess, I’m sorry]

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The relationship between you and Taemin started when you were ten years old and he was nineteen, he met your mother and weirdly started a relationship with a twenty-seven years old woman, mother of a little girl. At ten you already were very intelligent and knew what was happening around you, you were grown knowing that for you there was no dad because he left mom thinking that having a baby was too soon for him. You were grown listening your mother say ‘you were a mistake, but I love you with all of my being’, and you weren’t quite sure if that sentence was a good thing, because of course she loved you, you were her meat and blood, but you still were a mistake.

When Taemin came into you life you had to let him climb the barriers that you built up for you and for your mom to be protected, you had to learn a new word and repeat it almost everyday. “Daddy”, but it felt weird.

Weird, not bad.

In some months Taemin became your daddy, he always was at home with you, even when mommy was too caught up in her work, too involved in her papers to pay attention to you and her new boyfriend. Growing up you and Taemin were like real father and daughter, he always bought you things, always found the time to listen to your problems, always brought you around, showing you places, taking you shopping, he was everything you needed.

There were no taboos for you, he used to sleep with you, come in the bathroom while you were showering, help you adjust your dresses, comb your hair, he was even the first you told when you found the stain on the sheets of your first period.

Everything between you and your daddy was going smoothly, fine and perfectly, but that was not the same for him and your mother. When you turned thirteen and daddy was twenty-two, he decided that he couldn’t make it anymore, he tried, he gave your mother everything he had, but she was a workaholic and as much as he loved you, that was not the life he wanted to live.

The day he went away from home you cried all night, waiting for him to come back and for your mother to stop screaming at the phone, he then came back after three nights, when your mother was already at work and you were going to go to school. He came into the house with his pair of keys and saw you, all wrapped up in your school uniform, little and sad, you looked just like when he used to deny you favors.

As soon as you saw him you started crying, you wanted to run to him and slap him everywhere, so he could feel the pain you felt in those days, so he could feel how painful being left again was. He, however, was quicker than you and wrapped his arms around your shaking form, blocking your arms against your body, his warm one against yours. 

I’m so sorry, princess❞ he muttered hugging you tightly, he would have never thought that one day he could have left you, if he only could’ve he would have taken you with him, but he couldn’t, ‘cause legally you were your mother’s and not his.

Even if he just spent three years of his life with you, he knew that you were his daughter as much as you were your mother’s, because he has raised you in the last three years, he was the only one next to you, he came to pick you up at school, see your dance plays, he gave you money to buy food, clothes, he took you around.

He, he, he.

What did she do for you in the last period? She was not worth your time.

So you cried on his black shirt, your rib cage shaking and hurtful, ❝Daddy, don’t leave me, please❞ your voice was desperate, you couldn’t bear him leaving you, you lived with the thought of your real father leaving his own meat, but him, your daddy, Taemin, he was the only one you couldn’t tolerate leaving you.

You cried on his chest, you cried while he was packing his things, holding you and whispering nice words to you, you cried when he left trying not to look back to you, you cried and didn’t go to school, then cried all day, all night, the day after, you really thought your tears came to an end after two nights of crying, so the day after the second night you didn’t cry. But then again, when the sun went away, almost every night for two months, you cried your heart out, the fact the some else left you was breaking your bones, the fact that your daddy left you was tearing you apart. 

Years passed, you now were a nineteen years old beautiful girl, you just finished school and decided to take a gap year to relieve some stress and stay home before the beginning of university. Your mom was still working a lot, but less than what she used to, when she couldn’t be there for your prom, she realized how fucked up as a mother she was and decided to give you more of her time.

You grabbed your hair and tied it up in a ponytail, leaving it then fall on your shoulders. ❝Mom,❞ you called receiving an hum from the kitchen in response ❝I’m going to the dance practice❞ you shouted from the entrance.

Okay, don’t come back too late❞ she answered back. You were appreciating the efforts she was making to be a good mother, but you weren’t a big family anymore, you barely talked to her about what you did during the day and you were pretty sure she didn’t even know your favourite color.

You closed the door behind you wearing your cap and walking down the three stairs that led to your garden. It was a very hot evening of July, the school just ended and you were not going to come back in that place once September was starting again, you couldn’t be more happy. You walked your usual fifteen minutes to the gym where your dance classes were and entered the place with a big smile on your face.

Y/N❞ Kim Kibum, the son of the man who owned the place greeted you. As usual his smile was nowhere to be seen, his will to live not even in his vocabulary, he was constricted to work there because he owed some money to his father.

You trotted to him with a big smile spreading your cheeks, his eyes darted playfully annoyed on you. ❝You have a new instructor, you know?❞ he started taking the card from your hand and passing it on the receiver, marking your entrance.

Really?❞ you raised your eyebrows, your forearms resting on the cool high desk.

Kibum nodded giving you back the card. ❝Yeah, your teacher finally took her permit to leave, since she basically was six month pregnant. Jesus, I was really starting to believe she was going give birth to that baby during a lesson❞ he chuckled by himself.

Can you imagine it?

You smile dropped, replaced with a disgusted expression. ❝You’re so gross

Thank you, I love you too❞ he winked turning back to his laptop, where some cats video was playing.

You rolled your eyes playfully and walked to the back, where the changing rooms were. You quickly got out of your clothes and wore a white tank top and some black shorts, adjusting your ponytail higher. You got back into the dance room where some girls were already warming up their legs. You weren’t someone who necessarily made friends, you always had your circle, sure, but making friends was always a pain in the ass, so you were alone, but in the dance practice room it never was a problem. There everyone hated everyone, nobody really had friends, all the girls talked at the other girls’ backs, so with the passing time people started not to make friends anymore and you now were all by yourselves.

When the new teacher came into the room you just started warming up your ankles, knowing that a sprained ankle was one of the most hurtful things in life while dancing.

Good evening, ladies❞ chirped a beautiful man entering the room, his hair was blonde and messy, he was wearing a black gym suit with some white stripes on his arms.

He looked so unreal, looking at him walking from side to side of the class through the mirror, you really hoped that you were wrong and that was not dad- Taemin, the man that left you and your mother.

How old was he now? Twenty-eight? Twenty-nine? You were not sure, but he got older, you could see it in his eyes. Your gaze dropped on his lips; yes, that was your Taemin, you would have remembered his mouth everywhere, when you were younger you used to pinch his lips because they were ‘too plump’.

You gasped a little too loud, receiving some looks from your classmates thinking that your reaction at his handsomeness was too obvious and loud, little did they know that your need of air was caused by something else. Taemin looked up at the mirror to intercept whoever gasped that loud, his eyes locked right away with yours, almost as if he sensed you between all those bodies.

His eyes grew wide for a second, he thought about some things, you didn’t know what, but he quickly smiled at you, as sweetly as those years before. You almost felt at home, almost yes, because you were around all those envious girls, locking eyes with your stepfather, the man you used to call dad and used to sleep with because nightmares were eating you alive.

❝Doll, if daddy’s with you, nobody can come here and hurt you, alright?❞

He swallowed his smile, trying to regain his composure and clapped his hands together. ❝Okay, ladies, please go to your places and let’s start with my warming up

Having your once-stepfather as a teacher was not so awkward as you thought, your hour and a half of practice passed smoothly, Taemin gave to each one of you his time, he adjusted your hips, how your foot was touching too much the ground, he treated all, leaving you for last.

When he came to you the song was starting to play again, the other girls were deep in their thoughts or talking quietly with the girls next to them. Taemin arrived behind you and smiled through the mirror, your eyes falling shy under his gaze.

Baby,❞ he murmured gripping your hips from behind you, weirdly his touch was not strong over your skin like he did with the others, he touched you fatherly, almost scared you would run away from him.

You bit your lip forcing yourself not to smile too wide, even if he once left you, you still were so happy to finally see him again. You never blamed him, or at least not after you turned fifteen, he was right, that was not a life he could live, he wanted to study, to dance, go out at night and come back happy, he was trapped in your house with you and your mother.

Hi, baby, look at you❞ he caressed your right side, sliding his hand up and down your hip, feeling your warm skin over the tank top. Your eyes were locked and smiling through the mirror.

He grabbed your right arm and made you spin in his direction, blocking you in front of him. You quickly stretched your left leg behind you, to not make the other girls suspicious. ❝Hi, daddy❞ you giggled excited to have him again in front of you.

He still was as magnificent as the last time you saw him, his lips plump and pink, his skin pale and soft, his eyes sparkling.

How have you been?❞ he asked gripping your right hip and leaning down a little, so you could lower yourself and bend the knee that wasn’t stretched. Your muscles relaxing a little during that warming up.

You placed your hands on his shoulders to not fall. ❝I’ve been good, I just ended school❞ you said happily, you were waiting to tell someone, but you had no one, so you never said out loud ‘hey, i finished school’. That was such a release.

You did?❞ he smiled, in his eyes you saw the love he always reserved to you, you knew it was there, he couldn’t erase it. ❝You’ve become such a big girl❞ he cooed leaving you come back to your original position.

You legs both relaxed in their normal position. ❝You’re a woman now, I can’t believe this❞ he muttered to himself, his smile fading away a little.

The song came to an end and the girls started to stretch back to their normal positions. You quickly left Taemin’s shoulders and took two steps back, the others mustn’t see the relationship between you and your teacher.

Even if there was really no relationship.

Thank you so so much, ladies, you’ve been such good girls!❞ he smiled widely turning to the other girls, one of his hands came behind his back searching for yours. You saw how he was struggling to get a grip of you without turning his head from the others and you stretched your own hand to grip his.

Hope to see you all next week, have a nice weekend❞ he bowed a little, thanking his students, his hand squeezing your a little.

Slowly all the girls went out of the practice room, the sun outside was fading away and the sky was turning a delicious orange-ish color. When even the last girl closed the door behind you, Taemin turned back and squeezed your body in his embrace.

Oh, how you missed those arms around you. They felt just like home, they were the arms that protected you from the ghosts in your nightmares and all the dirt in the world. You hugged him back, your face hidden in the crook of his neck as you tiptoed to reach him, your chest pressed together and his lips on your hair. 

Aw, princess, I missed you so much❞ he cooed chuckling a little at how strong you were hugging him. You didn’t answer back, but you stayed like that for more than five minutes.

His hands were everywhere, on your back, between your hair, down to your butt and you almost gasped when he squeezed one of your buttcheeks. You weren’t stupid, you knew about sex and other things, but you didn’t know why just by being playfully squeezed, you were weirdly and quickly getting wet.

You finally parted. ❝Go change, I’m going to wait for you outside❞ he patted your butt playfully making you squirm.

You tried to cover you blushing cheeks. ❝Are you going to take me home?❞

Actually❞ he started walking to the stereo to take his things ❝I want to show you my new place, nobody saw it since I don’t know nobody here, you will be the first one❞ he smiled picking up his bag.

You nodded excited and trotted out of the practice room and back into the changing one. Meeting Taemin again was… something, now sure what. It made you happy, sure, but you still were kind of confused on how to feel, because he was the same man who left you once and could do it again. You changed and brushed off the thought, you were nineteen, you could bear being left again, besides, you always lived alone.

After you changed back into your light black leggings and a white t-shirt, you ran out of the changing room with your bag and went to meet with Taemin. He was waiting for you, sat down on one of the little red sofas in the entrance. When he saw you, he quickly smiled and got up, dressed up in tight black jeans and a dark blue shirt, his first two buttons undone.

Ready?❞ he asked picking his bag up and reaching for yours too, you let him take it with a smile on your face and he then took his keys out of his pants.

Girl❞ someone behind you shouted, your head snapped back as you saw Kibum ran to you. ❝You going?

Oh, shit. Yeah, I forgot❞ you mumbled following him, he went behind the desk and you followed him in front of it, taking your card out of the pocket of your jeans. Taemin followed behind you.

If you don’t log off the gym my father will think you came again at my house and will start cursing at me❞ he joked passing the card and then giving it back to you. You felt your father’s body stiffen behind you, his bent knee pressed against the middle of your thigh.

Kibum looked at you under his lashes, your face burning up. ❝Kibum❞ you groaned and he chuckled.

It’s not like you never came home with me❞ he said confused. You bowed slightly as a ‘goodbye’ and quickly walked out of the gym, sending him death glares that he still didn’t understand the meaning of. Taemin was following behind you.

You actually went to Kibum’s house, but you were friends, just friends, he was as gay as a man could be, so even if he was really cute, you never did anything. He was just a company because he knew you always were alone at home.

❝There❞ Taemin whispered grabbing your hand with his free one and walked you through the parking lot and at his car. You were surprised when a white and clean Ford Mustang greeted you with a quick ‘beep’ after Taemin clicked on his automatic keys.

Is it yours?❞ you gasped touching the door of the passenger seat slightly, almost scared that it could break under your fingers.

Yep❞ he smiled looking at you dreamingly ❝do you like it, babygirl?

Hearing him calling you babygirl made you core clench on nothing, your big smile dropped for a second and you had to bit down on your bottom lip not to let out obscene sounds.

I love it, daddy❞ you muttered smiling charmingly at him. You weren’t sure why you were doing it, but flirting with your daddy suddenly felt so exciting.

Jump in, baby. I’ll show you a couple of things before we go home

Expectantly you opened the door and jumped into the seat, he first put the bags down in the back seats and then came in the driver seat and sat down. The car smelled like him, it smelled like fruits and alcohol, it smelled like smoke a little bit, but the passionfruit was stronger, making your head spin.

Suddenly the hand that slid over your thigh while Taemin was starting the car was not something you felt embarrassed of, when you were thirteen and he used to tap his fingers jokingly on your thighs, you used to hate it and feel embarrassed, but now. Now you were swimming in wetness and didn’t even know how it happened.

When Taemin started driving, the music was playing in the background, it was some 80s song that you didn’t recognise, but you knew it was one of his CDs and not the radio. His hand was burning over the light fabric of the leggings, you were sure that in no time the wetness between your thighs would be pooling out and all over his clean seat. You could smell your own arousal when you parted your legs slightly, the feeling starting to become annoying and hurtful, you wanted to take your daddy’s hand put it over you begging heat.

You didn’t, you swallowed keeping your eyes on the light stain of wetness that was forming over your pants, you were so desperate for a touch, you probably should have touched yourself more often during that year without a boyfriend.

Taemin kept on driving, but his hand started kneading your skin, inching always further, until he touched the elastic of your panties through your leggings. He wanted to say sorry, excuse himself because he didn’t look where he was touching, but the surprised gasp of pleasure that trailed off your mouth left him breathless.

Baby❞ he called for you, you opened your eyes quickly and saw how dark his became. His face was painted in lust and possessiveness.

That was wrong, but you couldn’t care less, he wasn’t your stepfather anymore anyway. You grabbed his hand and positioned it over your burning core, just above your clit. He kept on driving, his mind focused on the street, but his eyes dark and his bottom lip trapped between his teeth.

Daddy❞ you mewled slightly parting your legs as much as you could and grinding slightly over his fist. Hearing your whimpers he couldn’t help but relax his hand and drag his middle finger over your clit, rubbing it in slow circles.

You didn’t think that Taemin would be okay with it, but when you started moaning under his finger, he clearly was not going to deny you your deserved orgasm. It was crazy how sensitive for him you were, he was touching you slowly, but you clit was already engorged and throbbing, all of your nerves standing to attention under his soft finger. You could reach your orgasm even like that, but he decided to stop the car in a hidden sidewalk and make your seat fall down with a quick movement.

So here you were, lying on the seat while your own stepfather was breaking the fabric of your leggings and moving away your black panties.

Stop me now❞ he mumbled trying to hover over you without knocking his head over the grey roof of the car. You gasped and arched your back when his cold finger touched your clit without barriers, why would you want him to stop, you wanted this, you wanted to be his.

Daddy, don’t stop❞ you moaned, your voice high pitched as you ran after your release, your eyes closed and your mouth opened to let little whimpers fall off.

You couldn’t even care that he actually made a hole in your leggings just to expose your womanhood.

Taemin looked at you, his pants were becoming always more and more tight, his member went commando and he didn’t even remember when was the last time he had an orgasm, probably years ago, probably with your mother, he never really cared about having sex anymore, but now - now you were showing your best virtue to him, his fingers were glistening from your wetness and he was the reason why his baby was so affected.

Quickly a thought made him snap. ❝Isn’t your boyfriend going to be mad?❞ he chuckled darkly, his other hand reached for your tummy, he caressed your shirt away from your skin showing him your naked right breast and placed around your neck choking your slightly. The air was little, but that was so damn sexy.

He’s probably going to be mad, his girlfriend being fucked by her own father?❞ he laughed without humor between his teeth, his other hand leaving your clit and tugging at the belt that was blocking his jeans to his hips. You opened your eyes slightly, he probably thought that Kibum was your boyfriend.

How wrong and funny.

You giggled and raised your hips so that your naked core was now grinding and wetting his jeans over his hard member. You had sex a couple of times, but nobody ever felt this hard.

You kept on grinding, finding release at the way his clothed member was touching your clit and you felt your orgasm come at you again, two of his fingers were now playing with your nipple, twisting it between them and making your breast tickle a little.

You were too focused on getting yourself off to care about your breasts.

With the other hand he finally took off his jeans and his underwear, his member springing free. You bit down on your lip, he was long and red, drips of precum were falling from his tip and you were shocked by how long he was.

Daddy❞ you moaned when he took his length in his hand and started tapping it over your clit, his precum falling on it while he coated himself with your wetness.

He looked up at you. ❝Raise your shirt, baby❞ he choked a little moving his tip in your entrance ❝show daddy how good you look

You raised your hands over your t-shirt and raised it over your breasts, squeezing them together and showing your daddy how good you were, how beautiful and needy for him your were.

His eyes fell on your lips and your breasts and finally his member entered you, just half of it because he was extremely long and taking everything in just one go was too much for you. Your back arched, half of him and nobody ever reached so deep inside of you. His head dropped over your bosom, feasting and grunting over your squeezed breasts.

His tongue was everywhere lapping at your skin as his member moved inside of you, the car was now smelling like wetness and arousal, the passionfruit smell melted away with the song playing.

Taemin was making love to you, he was cherishing your body, making you feel good. He was loving his babygirl and you knew it. ❝Daddy❞ you called opening your eyes and moving an hand to grip on his hair, his face still sucking on your left nipple, feeding from your breasts like he now was the baby and not you anymore.

I’m gonna come

Are you?❞ he panted leaving your breast and coming up to your lips. His forehead dropped over your and his tongue darted out of his lips and into your parted mouth.

He kept on pounding inside of you, your all body was moving from the force he was using and now you were sucking on his tongue, mimicking what you would have done if that was his member inside of your hot cavern.

You started to see your orgasm always more near and you finally let go of his tongue and of the grip on your stomach, letting the most powerful orgasm wash over your body. He bent down and kissed you, slowly, you body was clenching and shaking from your orgasm as he kept on pounding inside of you. He bit down on your lip and let his member out of you, his hips still grinding as he came all over your womanhood, not stilling inside of you.

He dropped himself over you, leaving his head over your bosom and you were both panting, your head still spinning, but happy. His hands started to caress your sides, one of them played with your right nipple as his eyes followed the movement of it and the way it bent under his fingers.

Daddy is going to take you home and wants you naked in the new bathtub, okay?❞ he raised his head a little, placing his chin on your chest. You giggled a little, your legs circling his hips.

I want to take you over every surface of the house, the bed will be the last place. Call your mom and tell her you’re going to sleep at a friend’s house. I need to take care of you for all the years I couldn’t

❝Yes, daddy❞


doe~Requested scenario~

This is gonna be a mini headcannon scenario for how SHINee would be as dads.Sorry for not posting yesterday btw. But eyyy im super excited for my holiday, a great way to end summer before going back to hell school.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy this scenario,stay safe and i love you all <3


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Onew/Lee Jinki

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  • Okay so he’s a pushover for his kids
  • but like he’s kinda smart asf
  • like the old “oh imma meet up with my friends” excuse his daughter would use to meet up with his girlfriend
  • won’t work on him
  • he’d be like “mhm yup yeah ‘friends’ “
  • drops his kids off and picks his kids up from school whenever he can
  • loves his kids they’re like his best friends
  • pulls pranks on them
  • like pretending to feed them sugar on his finger and then giving them the finger without sugar on return of superman fans where you at
  • shows his kids breaking a walnut with his finger
  • “this is what happens to kids who don’t behave”
  • they end up crying
  • so he gets them ice cream
  • “i’m sorry i didn’t mean it, see it was fake i cut it up before *nervous laughing*
  • literally goes to every single of his kids events
  • “you know you can talk to me about anything right?”
  • cries when his kids go to high school
  • “they grow up so fast”
  • stresses his wife out to the max cuz when he goes shopping with the kids he ends up returning with 10 toys and 83749 unhealthy snacks
  • also lets them stay up past bed time
  • he’s just a really cool dad that wants his kids love

Kim Jonghyun

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  • will get his kids to go to dancing and singing after school academys
  • but if they don’t want to do that he’ll support them 100% with what they wanna do
  • shows his kids ring ding dong
  • and all of his other performances
  • “this one is iconic”
  • “one day you’ll have abs just like daddy”
  • sings them to sleep all the time
  • just sings in general
  • “dad plz stop”
  • *sings louder*
  • “hey let’s go visit uncle key”
  • buys them everything and i mean everything
  • even if they didn’t ask for it
  • “am i better looking than your uncles”
  • if they reply no he will be petty and give them the cold shoulder
  • “i’ll forgive you if you kiss me and say you love me”
  • “hey quick question does this look good on me”
  • “you’re not allowed a boyfriend until you’re 49″
  • adores his kids
  • he’s like their personal cheerleader at their school events and stuff
  • “let’s pose for an insta real quick”
  • “hey who wants to get another dog”
  • the hype dad

Key/Kim Kibum

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  • Fashionista dad
  • will dress his kids to impress
  • “did you dress yourself blindfolded today what are you wearing”
  • kid is literally 4 years old
  • “lets watch my dramas”
  • “being cute will get you no where”
  • “who told you that you could have a boyfriend?
  • “can you pass me the remote”
  • “but it’s right next to you”
  • “and?”
  • teaches his kids how to be savage without meaning to
  • “who taught you how to speak like that?”
  • “you”
  • everyone thinks his kids are little devils with how sassy they are
  • lowkey proud of them tho
  • pretends not to like teir aegyo but he’s lowkey melting
  • *on his daughters prom day*
  • “dad are you crying?”
  • “no you’re wearing so much perfume that it’s burning my eyes”
  • plays pranks on the other members with his kids
  • goes everywhere with his kids they’re like his little possy
  • the well dressed and strong headed family

Choi Minho

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  • the ‘cool’ dad
  • that’s what he calls himself anyway
  • “i was a teenager once i know all the trics in the book nothing gets past me”
  • still ends up being fooled
  • won’t even let his kids win
  • “dad its our bedtime we have school tomorrow”
  • “one more game”
  • does dorky things like speak for his kids toys
  • as we can see in the gif
  • tries to be relatable when his kids are teenagers
  • ends up embarassing himself and his kids
  • all his daughters friends have a crush on him
  • and he knows and uses that information to embarass his daughter
  • takes his son to the gym
  • “watch and learn my boy, this will become your second home”
  • his kids have his eyes
  • they scare the shit out of the members
  • proud asf for that
  • basically his kids are his cabon copies
  • good for him bad for everyone else

Lee Taemin

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  • his kids are like nothing like him they’re likehella extroverted
  • “can you order the pizza i don’t feel like talking to strangers rn”
  • super good with kids tho
  • like hella good
  • all the mothers love him
  • says hello to all the kids and parents when picking his own kids up
  • his kids are hella talented
  • signs them up for dancing classes at a young age
  • a v encouraging dad
  • doesn’t have the heart to scold them so his wife does that
  • can’t say no
  • makes cookies with his kids
  • well tries to
  • burns them and then buys them from the shops
  • his wife also dresses the kids cuz he’s awful at it
  • takes them to see his members all the time
  • brings them out o the county so they can expreience different cultures
  • studies with his kids
  • ends up doing their homework for them
  • pushover dad but everyone loves him
  • he’ll learn

Why SHINee are Live Performing Legends (Part 1 reupload)

This gave me life!!!!!!!