as in pokemon takes place on earth

An Incredibly Minor Yet Underrated Marvel Character

SO imagine this. You are a member of an proud and violent warrior race. You are the handmaiden to the less violent, but probably still p proud Princess of the intergalactic empire that most of your race belongs to. One day, your Princess, whom you have served loyally for many years, gets into some bullshit star-crossed lover biz with a man who is 1) a member of the race your race has been fighting since basically forever, B) A member of the organization that has consistently opposed your empire, and Lastly) who lives on a different planet and is therefore not gonna be around when she predictably finds out she is having his goddamn baby, because of course she is. 

So your Princess has this illegitimate half alien baby now, and her Dad (your Emperor) is like “wow, no” and tries to have it executed on the grounds of he doesn’t like it and he’s in goddamned charge. And the Princess is looking at you, and her eyes are doing that thing were they’re really big and sad, and her lips all pout-y, and if you had the frame of reference you would totally call her out on doing the puppy eye thing but you don’t. So what do you do?

You take the weird hybrid baby to his baby daddy, effectively exiling yourself from your home planet, to go live on a planet were Everyone Actually Really Totally Hates You, also known as Earth(y). 

Sadly, when you get to earth, were you expect to find help from the legendary super-powered princess impregnating warrior hero guy and his buds, you find that the guy has quite rudely kicked the bucket. So here you are, on a hostile alien planet, with no one to help your exiled self or your exiled prince who is half a species you have almost no experience with and also has a price on his head despite the fact he is not yet strong enough to lift said head without help. So again, what do you do?

You become a realtor.  

Yeah, that’s right. You get a fucking job. You settle the fuck down. You take a fucking Pilates class. You raise the weird fucking hybrid baby. In fact, you do not just raise the weird fucking hybrid baby; You love and cherish the weird fucking hybrid baby. You teach the exiled heir to your proud, violent, warrior race to be a sweet ‘lil nerd, who loves pokemon, and comic books, and tries to talk through confrontations, and occasionally hits you with those puppy-dog eyes that got you into this mess in the first place. You don’t complain though. You don’t complain when you’re Prince gets sick and there is literally no one on earth to turn to (because who on earth has ever seen a skrull/kree hybrid, much less treated one?). You don’t complain when you hear Galactus destroys your homeworld and everyone on it (how can you explain to your Prince that you’re grieving for his mother when you’re right there?). You don’t complain when the Super-Skrull burst through the wall of you adopted son’s friend-who-is-totally-not-his-boyfriend-mom-oh-my-god’s apartment and demands your baby go with him. Because you are not someone who backs down from a challenge. 

You pull out a gun and you challenge the greatest warrior of your proud, violent warrior race.

You lose. 

You die. 

But it’s all right. Your son’s not-boyfriend will save him. Your weird alien hybrid baby will become a weird alien hybrid hero, and later, a weird alien hybrid King. Somewhere, your Princess and her bullshit star-crossed lover are very proud. Somewhere else, the galaxies worst Grandfather is very furious. But you, well. Who even are you?

I don’t know. Because the writers never bothered giving you a name. It’s all right though. You know why?

Because I love you. 

Klance fanfic reclist (oneshots 4)

Favorites are italicized!  I don’t usually rec the same authors on the same type of lists, so whenever I rec something, be sure to check out the authors’ other works. For a pairing as popular as Klance, I also try to rec less popular fics (for Klance oneshots, this means something with <100 bookmarks by the time I put it on the list).

Cores of Diamond (oneshot - 25545 words) by speaks - For Keith, falling in love with Lance is easy; showing him is difficult.

We lived at the carnival in summer (oneshot - 12762 words) by Resamille - Bittersweet; takes place after the war and the paladins have returned to Earth; background Shiro/Matt/Allura.

Pointless Subterfuge; A (not so) Helpful Guide to the Art of Self-Sabotage (oneshot - 7000 words) by obstinateRixatrix - Lance doesn’t want Keith to know he thinks Keith’s cool; unfortunately, he tells every alien he meets about it.

super effective (oneshot - 16361 words) by freshia - Enemies to Friends to Lovers Pokemon AU.

my whole life has led to this (oneshot - 8437 words) by erensjean (winryrockbellz) - Pokemon AU; Keith and Lance meet when Lance steals Keith’s bike.

Paws and Claws (oneshot - 5633 words) by peanutbutterapple - Lance’s new alien dog prefers Keith to Lance.

you’d fly with me (oneshot - 6635 words) by eugyne (AreteNike) - Post S2 Friends to Lovers.

Time to Intervene (oneshot - 6588 words) by nadagio - The Red and Blue Lions decide to do something about Keith’s and Lance’s bickering.

Godwalkers (oneshot - 16691 words) by Raylou - Keith and Lance are Robin Hood-type thieves; one of their clients mistakes them for lovers and threatens Lance’s life.

you could say that (oneshot - 12067 words) by voidlols - Keith and Lance do Dr. Aron’s love experiment.

Lonely in love (oneshot - 2110 words) by Warmybones - Post S3 first kiss.

Flaws (Look At The Wonderful Mess That We Made) (oneshot - 9909 words) by melancholymango - Hurt/comfort set mid-S3.

You Can See It In The Blue (oneshot - 17036 words) by eccentrick - Lance is forced to face his issues, via alien therapist.

okay i know that you are not my type (still i fall) (oneshot - 5637 words) by quidhitch - College AU; Lance gets accidentally handcuffed to Keith’s bed.

And I Miss Space (oneshot - 28098 words) by codevassie - Team Voltron has returned to Earth, and both Lance and Keith have trouble sleeping.

I know your best was still your worst (oneshot - 9863 words) by perfchan - Lance helps Keith adjust to leading Voltron.

Unsettled (oneshot - 23091 words) by closetgeekasaurus - Keith lets his own tension and anxiety build, and must decide whether to trust his instincts or his team; NSFW; background Hunk/Pidge.

How to Replace a Broken Window (oneshot - 10013 words) by ciitadel - Lance accidentally pisses Keith off, only to be stuck fixing a window with him.

Cross-Waves (oneshot - 7643 words) by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot - Remix of varevare’s Cross-Steps; Keith discovers a surfer (Lance) on youtube and becomes interested in surfing.

high tide, incoming (oneshot - 6425 words) by kojondo - Lance tells Keith that they should try dating.

The Tide (oneshot - 4116 words) by Zurela - When Lance is stuck under a tree, with broken bones, on the verge of drowning, he is forced to trust Keith.

The Sport of Bragging (oneshot - 11532 words) by ruralfishingcat (buddhacupcakes) - Lance brags, and Keith has terrible social skills.

solare (oneshot - 13626 words) by herscintilla - Lance is in an abusive relationship with Lotor, and Keith worries.

something slow, something good (oneshot - 9168 words) by hiuythn - Canonverse; Keith and Lance falling in love.

Love in the Times of (Intergalactic) War (oneshot - 3118 words) by MemeKonVLD (MemeKonYA) - A journalist interviews an older Lance and Keith.

everyone’s a winner (oneshot - 3416 words) by aquarius (fulmiinata) - Keith loses a bet and has to get his mullet cut off; Lance is a hairdresser.

all we know is distance (oneshot - 15244 words) by satellites (brella) - Five conversations between Lance and Keith.

Other Voltron fanfic reclists: Klance (multichapter 1), Klance (oneshots 1),Klance (oneshots 2), Klance (oneshots 3), Shallura, Hance, Heith, Gen 1, Gen 2 

Summaries of Animes in a Nutshell

Free!: Abnormal ab defintion and boys swimming.
Steins; Gate: Scientist laughs about a banana inside a microwave.
Tokyo Ghoul: Boy dates an older woman only to find out she wants to eat him. Literally.
Attack on Titan: Naked big people eat smaller people and a boy wants to kill all of them by joining a legion when he grows up.
Dangan Ronpa: A boy watches his classmates die and finds out who the guilty one is.
Akame Ga Kill: Boy joins rebels with really high tech weapons, gets one of his own and fights with them.
Love Live!: Girl assembles an idol group to save their schools reputation. Get sucked into gay idol hell. *\(^o^)/
Deadman Wonderland: Young boy gets framed for killing all his classmates and gets arrested.
Zankyou no Terror: Human like terrorists theaten the region in Japan they’re in.
Kill La Kill: Girl finds clothes that actually has super powers when it came to life when it sucked her blood.
Puella Magi Madoka Magic- School girls make a deal with this white cat thing.
Akuma no Riddle: Teenage girl protects another teenage girl against other teenage girls from killing her.
Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso: A piano and a violin that give you too much feels.
Owari No Seraph: Two boys who treat each other as siblings get caught by vampires and is used as livestock.
Boku no Pico: Basically porn.
Parasyte: Alien like species inhabit the earth and take over the brains of humans but one doesn’t succeed and inhabits the main characters arm instead.
Hetalia: Countries, countries and more countries.
Angel Beats-Boy wakes up in what seems life after death and attacks you with feels.
Death Parade: Girl wakes up in another place and helps judge the dead and makes you question your religion.
Corpse Party: Almost everyone dies. [Do you need an explanation for that?]
Pokemon: Pika Pika! [I bet you read that in pikachus voice]
Shugo Chara: Girl finds egg. Eggs turn out to be cute little beings that hatched and annoyed the girl.
Another: Boy enters a new school and doesnt know about the legend of his class.

So, I decided to put together a list of things I’d like to see in the next core installation of the pokémon games. This list is NOT a prediction, but instead a wishlist of sorts. 

First, obviously the game will be set in some region of this mirrored earth that pokémon takes place in. I’m not super tied to any specific region, but I think a mesoamerican region like Mexico would be A++

Obviously there will be plenty of new pokémon, and I have hopes of some of the things we’ll see:

  • Like the art implies, I REALLY WAnt something to happen with Dunsparce to improve its viability. It’s an awesome pokémon. It’s a freakING SNAKe with wings. I think an evolution or alternate forme/regional variant would be perfect.
  • I want to see a pokémon based on the Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) dog. It would make a BADASS dark type pokémon or maybe even an eeveelution? Leading me to my next point
  • I want to see an eeveelution. I made a graph for recurring themes in the franchise and, if the pattern stays true, we’ll see a new eeveelution in Gen VIII. (Poison!! Poison!! Poison!!)
  • I really want to see some more deep sea pokémon. I know, Water is the largest type in the game, so the LAST thing the games need are more Water pokémon, buT THE OCEAN is massive and we know so little about it, so I think Water SHOULD be the largest group. We have Huntail, Gorebyss, Clamperl, Relecant, Anorith, Cradily, Kyogre and maybe Lanturn (+ more?) that could be considered deep sea pokémon, but out of those, really only Huntail and Gorebyss are intentionally “deep sea”. So I want to see some truly weird, water types.
  • Since Poison is my favorite type, I’d like to see some new poison type combos that can be used in competition/party. We had Nihilego (Poison/Rock) in Gen VII, but the Ultra Beasts are still technically pseudo-legendary, (right???) so it doesn’t count. Salandit was an awesome addition (not super competitively viable, but ok)! I’m pleased, but I want more, I want to see what other unique combos are thought up.
  • A Ghost pokémon that I actually like. I love Ghost type, sosososososo much, but very few Ghost pokémon are viable for competition, which can be overlooked, sometimes, but some of them aren’t as cool as I’d like. I want a real kickass ghost pokémon that has a nice, scary feel to it and ISN’T legendary. (I do like Mimikyu and Gengar, but I feel like they’re overused? Maybe I’m just awful, whatever + I understand they gotta appeal to kids too)

Okay, the idea of Alien pokémon was cool, (and already done? Deoxys *cough* Kyurem) and, unpopular opinion: I like the Ultra Beasts a lot! (yeah, even Assembly), but I hope we’re finished with the anomaly. It’s going to be very strained and old to have to keep up with two worlds, and Hawai’i + Aliens is a recurring trope, so I hope it stays over there. If not, though, I will learn to love it. 

I do like the subtraction of HM moves, I hope the future games keep that feature. I appreciate being able to put together whatever party you want. Some of my friends however, will be very displeased if they don’t reinstate HMs, they like the challenge. 

I’d love to see them reinstate pokémon followers like in HGSS I loved it so much, it added to the experience, and with new graphics woULD BE SO fun. 

If the next installation IS on the Nintendo Switch (it is, right?) then I want to see a massive map. We’ve seen what the switch is capable of with Breath of the Wild, and I’m not expecting a huge, open world, pokémon game, BUT, if the Switch can run something as massive as Breath of the Wild, then running a hefty pokémon game should be a piece of cake. 

Also, unrealistic request, but crossbred pokémon variants would just be so cool. In a perfect world maybe. 

I also think it would be neat if the Alolan variants of pokémon were not available in the new games, I mean, they’re Alolan, so, unless you’re in Alola, why would they be available? 

Regardless, I do have a few predictions

  • We will see a new eeveelution. The pattern seems to lean towards it. 
  • We will have more regional variants that are not Alolan in whatever region we get.
  • We will (probably) have some new Mega Evolutions.
  • We will receive some additions to old evolutionary lines. It’s been a while since this happened now, and I’m ready to see what they come up with! 

That’s all, reply or reblog with what you think will be added or what you hope will be added! 

Inb4 Pokemon Go update notes be like

- Due to the fact that Magcargo is hotter than the Sun, we didn’t think it was appropriate to have it on planet Earth, so we are now moving all Magcargo to the Sun itself.
- People get into the game. So much so, that people have been taking walks in landfills for Grimer, Muk, Trubbish, and Garbador. To make it easier on our players, we have moved them to much easier to reach places.
- While we understand catching them all is important, it is also important to never intrude into a private space to capture a Pokemon. We have improved location tracking so that Pokemon don’t end up in people’s houses so much.
- On the subject of people’s houses, we greatly apologize to Rick Smith, the owner of the house that had the raid Pokemon Regigigas wrongly appear in his house, and then was raided by a mob of trainers. Again, we would like remind our trainers, private spaces are private spaces, and we ask you to please respect that.

Sun/Moon Spoilers

Idk if ya’ll knew or not,
But Guzma actually doesn’t drop off the face of the Earth after we beat the game, unlike what I predicted.


He goes back to his parent’s place, and asks you out.
You can take that how you want haha!
I’m just really happy rn c’:

Plumeria also heads back to what I assume is her house.

This is the first time since ORAS that the bad team bosses don’t just fuck off.