as in one sibling was inside the other sibling

Dynamics and their Siblings

Btw, I have two younger sisters.

Omega with another Omega Sibling

  • The older sibling would teach the younger one tips and tricks of nest building.
  • May even share a nest when they’re younger, but move to different nests later, yet they’ll spend lots of time in their sibling’s nest.
  • Having two Omegas in the house would fill the home with such sweet scents.
  • When one of them is upset the other will comfort them and release calming scents to calm the upset sibling.
  • If they are both upset, expect a very distint buringin scent to fill the room.
  • They always share clothes.

Omega with a Beta Sibling

  • Since Betas are such great cooks, meals are always great.
  • However, no one is suddenly great, but the Omega Sibling with still eat the messed up dishes.
  • Betas learning how to build a nest.
  • Omegas learning how to cook.
  • They would stick up for one another when another Dynamic bullies them.
  • Omegas soothing their Beta sibling when they are upset.
  • Beta siblings being protective of their Omega sibling and going with them everywehre.

Omega with an Alpha Sibling

  • The Omega sibling being sad because their Alpha sibling gets away with more things than they do.
  • The Alpha sibling being overly protective of their Omega sibling, they would scent them and go with them places.
  • Omegas growing up to be more confident and out spoken like their Alpha sibling.
  • Alphas having a deep respect for Omegas since they see all sides of an Omega.
  • Sporty siblings!

Beta with a Beta Sibling

  • Bakes sales.
  • Having classes together, and doing homework together.
  • They both understand how it feels to be overlooked. They reassure each other that they are important and worth loving.
  • If they move out, they’d be roommates. Clean roommates, messes aren’t their thing.
  • Best secret keepers.

Beta with an Alpha Sibling

  • Alpha sibling always sticking up for their Beta sibling.
  • Alpha sibling never goig without a meal.
  • The Alpha sibling never being late to anything.
  • The Beta sibilng learning that not everything needs a place to go, it’s okay to be messy sometimes.
  • Alpha siblings always worried when they need to be separate from their Beta sibling, like for classes.
  • Beta siblings being more bold when they enter a room.

Alpha with an Alpha Sibling

  • Extremely Competitive!
  • Either on the same sports team.
  • If on different teams, they’re team Captains.
  • They share clothes all the time, however, the other sibling doesn’t know.
  • Loud fights, almost physical. Punches may fly.
  • Lots of laughing, they have so many inside jokes.
  • Mess with one Alpha sibling, you mess with both Alpha siblings.
To the anon who requested Bakugo and Todoroki as older brothers

the only request i can remember

Bakugō Katsuki

• Over Protective brother, plus he’s bad at hiding it. He’d be one of those people who’d tell their younger sibling to piss off but in the end hangs out around them.


• Sparring against each other happens quite often as he claims that he wants everyone to know who’s the stronger sibling.
         If his sibling somehow manages to get stronger than him, he’s deadass gonna give them the silent treatment for a whole year.

• Messes with the crushes and the ones who crush. [?idk im sorry]
         —“Lol you like that girl? You have such low standards.
         “Oh, you like my younger sister? Your taste is so fucking terrible lmao.

• No he’s actually messing with the sibling. thanks for burning their self-esteem, you shit

• Talking about everyone from his class w/ him is the one of those things that strengthens the bond between him and his sibling.
          —“Fucking Deku thinks he’s better than me just because he’s All Might’s favourite. Just wait and see that I’m gonna be the number one hero of all time.
              But Midoriya’s actually nice though?                                                                    i’m diSOWNING YOU-

• They can’t hate each other because without Bakugō, sibling’s gonna fail their exams and without sibling, Bakugō is going to fall into self-blaming hell.

• (if his younger sibling is a girl) just imagine asking him to buy pads and tampons over the phone.
             But Katsuki, my insides are bleeding out-
             QLSND FINE.



accidentally bought pantiliners in the end but his sister was grateful for it anyways.

• No matter how horrible his manners might seem, he always makes sure that he doesn’t go over the boundaries and make you sad.
         That’s because when his sibling was born, even when he was young, even when he was unsure of what his future holds, he had thought, Oh, this is his sibling. This is the kid that’s going to steal all of his parent’s attention from him. This is the kid who’s going to annoy his whole damn life. This is the kid who’s gonna wreck all his All Might figurines. This is the kid who’s going to look at him and admire him with shining eyes as long as he’s there for them.

Todoroki Shotō

• Over Protective Brother ×1000 and he’s not even trying to hide it.

• The Mom-Brother™

•  Has a hard time trying to show his younger sibling that he cares.

• He had a hard time living his life without his mother, so he tried to fulfill the motherly love his younger sibling lacked.
        “no fuyumi it’s fine i shall on take mother’s role and fulfill it”
        “[Name] i know you’re only 3 years younger than me and that you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself but pls just accept my love and affection.”

• Whenever Endeavor’s home, Todoroki tries his best to either take his sibling out to run some errands or stuff them inside his room.
         —“Shōto, where’s [Name]?
             Who’s [Name]?

• He’s okay with the friends.
        —some even tried to seduce him once lol

• Like Bakugō, Todoroki would also have some sparring sessions with his younger sibling but he’d go very easy on them and fakes his lost.

• (younger sister) He had to buy pads for Fuyumi but now he has to buy pads for Fuyumi and [Name]. But say no more, for he is The Mom-Brother™
         —“Shōto, can you buy me-
         —“On your table.

• Everything was there. Chocolate, pads, tampons, you name it.

• [I want Todoroki as a brother tbh]


• He might not be able to properly show his emotions and so but he sure as hell is the best brother there is

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It's me again! I loved your post about writing friendships. Especially the part about platonic relationships and the unavoidable shippers. I actually hadn't considered that. However, I do hope that you would consider a post on sibling relationships. My "golden trio" are two sisters and their younger brother, all of them in their early 30s. I think sibling relationships are fascinating, especially when they're close in age (there's only 3 years between me and my siblings). Hope you're well!

I’d love to! (What I have to say may not be entirely accurate, as my younger sister is six years younger me and all my older siblings and I have an age gap of at least eight years. I’ll try to be accurate, though! Here we go:

Writing Sibling Relationships

So, something that’s really important to remember is that the age gap plays a large role in how close the siblings are to each other. If they’re only a year or two apart, they will have grown up together and therefore will probably be incredibly close. But if the older sibling is about six (and especially if they’re an only child before the next comes along) then they’re going to be looking at their new sibling and thinking, “What is that thing?” If they’re an only child, they’re probably not going to like their younger sibling because it’ll be seen as stealing the spotlight.

So in my last post about friendships (x), I talked about friends having inside jokes. Because siblings are around each other so much, they’re also probably going to have a slightly ridiculous amount of inside jokes. Some of them may be of unknown origin; maybe one day it just stuck. Others will have defining moments with exact stories they take turns telling each other. Along with this, they know how to get on each other’s nerves. This may include the use of an inside joke, working with a pet peeve, telling embarrassing stories, or anything of the like.

This next one is going to sound more counter-productive than anything else, but feuds between siblings tend to last longer than between friends. I know, it sounds strange, but consider this: The time apart friends and siblings get is wildly different, especially if the siblings live together. When you’re angry or upset with someone, it seems everything they do can set you off. Imagine that 24/7. Siblings don’t get any time apart to think things through and make a good decision, but friends do.

And however much we don’t want to admit it, there are general roles played by each sibling in the family. We all defy the stereotypes in our own way, but - very generally speaking - everyone plays their role in the family. The oldest is typically the leader of the group, the one who gets things done and makes sure everyone knows what they’re doing. The middle sibling generally plays the mediator and likes to blend into the background, since sometimes they can be overshadowed by their siblings. Because older and younger siblings tend to clash, the middle child has the brain to come up with compromises that keep them somewhat happy and their own feet out of hot water. Younger siblings are probably more used to being spoiled, celebrated for everything. They tend to know how to get what they want and do what needs to be done.

So, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks so much for the request! If there’s another topic you or anyone else wants to see me cover, don’t forget to leave a message in my ask; until then, much love! <333

I’ll Be Around For You

HOWDY KIDDOS!!! Sorry this is a bit late! I had to get my dad from the airport and forgot to queue it. Anyway, here is your weekly Ghost Laurens AU fix! Want to read the previous chapters? Go here! I hope you enjoy it! <333

PART FIVE: Stay Alive


“Are Mama and Papa going to be okay?” Philip whispered to Freckles.

Philip was squashed in a rickety carriage with his siblings–– he was against one wall, Angelica directly next to him with baby John on her lap, Fanny next to her, and across from them Alexander Jr. and James were huddled together, the luggage the children had brought with them taking up the rest of their seat.

John was hovering in the space between them all, where there small feet jiggled as the carriage raced away from Philadelphia and up toward Albany.

“Of course,” he said, though he wasn’t entirely sure.

Yellow Fever was rampant, and, just when it seemed that it would spare the Hamilton family, it had struck Alexander and Eliza. They’d sent the children out of Philadelphia as soon as they fell ill, praying that, even if they did not survive, their children would leave the city where the illness was taking new victims every moment and stay healthy in Albany with Eliza’s parents.

John, of course, went with Philip. He’d become too attached to the boy to stay behind, as much as he worried about Alexander and Eliza. He’d rationalized it to himself this way: he could do nothing to help Alexander and Eliza. Only Dr. Edwards, an old friend of Alexander’s from his youth, could do that. But John could help Philip. He could comfort the boy, help him feel less alone. He could help the twelve-year-old stay strong for his younger siblings until they reached the Schuyler Mansion.

“What if they aren’t?” he whispered.

“They will be,” John said firmly. He remembered the pain of losing his mother. He wouldn’t wish that upon any child, and certainly not the children of a man–– a family–– he loved so much.

They arrived at the Schuyler Mansion late one evening. The children were exhausted from traveling and from the fear of being without their parents; the fear that they may never see their parents again.

Their granddparents ushered them inside, giving them tea and cookies and comforting the younger ones, who’d begun to cry and ask for their parents.

The youngest of the Schuyler children, Cornelia, who was seventeen, and Catherine, who was twelve, just like Philip, crept down the stairs. They’d clearly been in bed already, since they were bleary-eyed and clad in only their shifts.

Catherine’s face lit up when she saw Philip and Angelica. Although they were technically her nephew and niece, they felt more like her siblings. She’d spent her earliest years playing with Philip, her other siblings either married, away at school, or too old to want to include her in their games.

“Girls, go back to bed,” their mother said with a sigh.

Cornelia gestured to the Hamilton children. “They’re all younger than me and they’re awake.” Cornelia pulled one of the dining room chairs away from the table and sat in it, arms crossed in defiance.

Her mother simply sighed, too exhausted to deal with her rebellious teenaged daughter. Little Catherine excitedly wedged herself between Philip and Angelica’s seats.

“Did you travel here all alone?” Her eyes were wide in amazement.

John Laurens snorted with laughter as he watched Philip sit up straighter, clearly wanting to come off as a tough, strong guy.

“Yeah,” he said nonchalantly. “Just the driver with us, though he barely said a word to us the entire time.”

“Wow,” Catherine said, looking between Philip and Angelica. “That’s so brave of you.”

Philip just shrugged. Angelica smiled at Catherine.

“Alright, children, bedtime,” the elder Catherine declared. She scooped baby John up and took James’ hand.

Angelica gently shook Fanny, who’d fallen asleep on her empty tea saucer, and took her hand as they ascended the stairs.

“Can Philip sleep in our room?” Catherine whined.

Her mother smiled down at her. “You know we’ve already set up the extra cots in the boy’s old room.

Little Catherine stomped her feet and pouted, but her mother took no notice. John Laurens figured that after raising eight children, Catherine Schuyler knew how to take no shit.

John floated into the room where the Hamilton children would be staying. Once they were ready for bed–– Philip, Angie, and Fanny tucked together on a single large cot–– he sank down next to them.

“Night, Freckles,” Philip whispered, his voice fading as his eyes fluttered shut.

“Night, Philip,” John said, a smile on his translucent face. He floated over to the window and looked out, only seeing trees, if anything, in the darkness.

“I hope you’re okay,” he whispered, praying his words found Alexander and Eliza well.

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write some monster hunting trio angst where nancy gets hurt really badly and jonathan is driving them to a hospital and steve is stressed and crying in the backseat with nancy telling her all the things she needs to stay alive for and honestly just FUCK ME UP LARA

Hi anon! Thanks for being so patient, sorry this took forever! But it was perfect for Angst Thursday :) 

Jonathan’s hands are clenched around the steering wheel, holding so tightly his knuckles have long been white, white like the bone under Nancy’s wound but he can’t think about that because if he does he’ll pass out. And he can’t because he needs to drive, he needs to drive, why are they so far out?

This is the type of day they had been warned about. Their parents’ fears, the calls with little siblings who tried to hide how relieved they were to hear their voices. The worry they each carried inside but refused to share with one another.

What if something goes wrong?

And they had laughed it off with the siblings and tenderly held their moms’ hands for reassurance and promised to always come home.

They have to come home.

Steve sits in the backseat, one hand pressed against the gash in Nancy’s side, feebly trying to stop the blood, the other holding up her head. He hasn’t stopped talking since they got in the car, but Jonathan prefers it to having to hear Nancy’s ragged gasps.

“It’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna get to the hospital and they’ll fix you right up. And you’ll have a badass scar and everyone will be jealous. And we’ll go home.”

She’s biting her tongue because it hurts, it hurts. She tries to concentrate on the sharp taste of blood in her mouth and the intensity of Steve’s eyes.

“We have to go home, Nance, okay? We have to go home, we’re all gonna go home. We’re gonna see the kids graduate next month and your mom is gonna have a party and make that dip you love.”

They have to go home, all of them.

“And we can tell everyone about Bug.” He flicks his eyes down to her stomach, barely starting to swell, a new little treasure inside. The tears he’s been holding back start to escape.

“I really think it’s a girl, Nance. She’s gonna be just like you.”

Jonathan thinks he’s going to throw up.

“No, no, keep looking at me Nance.” His voice cracks. “Keeping looking at me.”

The pain is starting to subside and she knows why. She knows why. Darkness creeps into her vision.

“Stay with me, okay? Stay with us. We love you, we love you so much.” He can barely get the words out through his sobs.

“Stay with us.”

Jonathan wakes up with a gasp. He always wakes up before they get to the hospital. It doesn’t matter though; he knows what happened there. It was the end of everything.

It’s been months, years, but the bed still feels too empty, the room too quiet. The sound of one person breathing is nothing like three.

He stares up at the ceiling. This nightmare. It never ends.

Japanese Horror: Sleep Paralysis

Submitted and translated from Japanese by: Shishou (

Length: Short

The following story is based on my personal experience during my high-school days.

As far as I can remember, it was a hot and humid day. My summer holidays had just started so I didn’t have anything to do. I was lying on my bed, taking a good nap.

When I woke up, I realized that I was still half-asleep, but then something erratic happened. I came to realize that I was not able to move my body! I’ve never had any paranormal experiences before. But during those days I did experience sleep-paralysis frequently, so I had gotten used to them.

This time, it happened during broad daylight, so there was no chance I was getting scared.

However, this sleep-paralysis didn’t look like going away. I sensed that something was amiss.

The futon, which was covering me, started slithering down my bed.

“What the hell is happening here? Why is it moving down slowly? If it were moving because of gravity, shouldn’t it fall down quickly?” I thought to myself. 

It was falling down in such a way as if someone was pulling it towards them slowly. 

“Someone is definitely here. I’m screwed!” I could think of nothing but that.

I shut my eyes close in fear.

I heard a thud sound as the futon collided with the floor.

Then, I sensed a presence near my bed. Even with my eyes closed, I could sense something near me.

Immediately after that I felt someone’s heavy breathing near my ears.

I told myself to not open my eyes in any case.

God knows how much time had passed when my sleep-paralysis went away. I was just relieved that I saw no signs of anybody in the room when I opened my eyes.

The futon was lying on the floor. I was soaked with sweat even with the air-con on.

I decided to quickly get out of the room. I was feeling hungry and also wanted some company, so I headed straight to my parents, who lived on the ground floor.

I wanted to talk about the creepy incident with my parents but decided not to as it sounded quite absurd; therefore, I left the house after having food.

After that, I decided to pay a visit to my friend who lived nearby. I told him everything about my creepy experience; he didn’t believe it of course, but still he decided to listen to it carefully to make me happy. He took me to karaoke and bowling to get my mind off the incident.

At around 12 in the night, we decided to call it a day and headed to our homes. By that time, I had completely forgotten about the creepy incident that happened in the afternoon.

I went to my house, had a bath, and headed straight to my room. When I entered that room, the memories of this afternoon came flooding back into my mind, but I reassured myself and dropped myself on the bed.

However, I couldn’t sleep. I rolled from one side of the bed to other, trying to fall asleep. Somehow or the other I did fall asleep. But when I thought I did, I was awoken by the same feeling - the feeling of sleep paralysis.


The whole room echoed with the thuds that repeated in succession. 

The only thing I could figure out was that the sounds were coming from beyond the wall of my room.

It sounded as if somebody was banging on my wall really hard.

I wanted to call my parents for help, but of course, my voice didn’t come out.


When I came to my senses, it was already morning. It looked like I had fainted at some point during the whole ordeal.

I descended the stairs and headed towards my parents. 

“Did you bang on my wall yesterday night?”

“No, why would we do that? More importantly, the old grandpa who lived in the neighboring house has passed away. Get ready as we have to go and pay him the respects.”

I was getting goosebumps at this point.


Recently, my friend had come to have dinner with us. During the dinner, the conversation somehow ended up being about my experience on that day. My mom then told us this:

“Before we moved in this house, there used to be a family of 4 who lived here. Among the members, there were the siblings who frequently went to the old grandpa’s house to play. The old grandpa didn’t have grandchildren of his own, so he considered those siblings just like his own grandchildren. But one day, the family had to move to some other house; and therefore, the siblings and old grandpa were heartbroken by that. After that, the house was empty for a whole year until we moved in. Don’t you think that the old grandpa had probably wanted to say his final goodbye to the siblings?” My mother mused.

I also think the same.

The fear that I had experienced that night is now subsiding, and I feel nothing but warmth inside my heart.

Credits to: Shishou (

The adult Quidditch matches at the Burrow as the Weasley siblings age become the stuff of legend. The competition is so intense, sometimes Molly has to use Stunning Spells to get them to come inside for meals.

The teams are made up of the born Weasleys versus those who married into the family. Since the teams are uneven, with one more on the Weasley team, the opposing team is allowed to include one of the house’s other guests. Each year, more and more talented players are invited for Christmas. The Weasley siblings usually win, but Harry and Angelina can sometimes maneuver a victory if they place Hermione, Fleur, and their bonus player correctly on the pitch.

For both the players, and their eventual children, the competition is the height of any gathering at the Burrow. Ron and George both keep the running scorecard on them at all times. 

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I'm pretty sure one of the only reasons I have a good relationship with my siblings is because we've shared the same interests in video games, we don't really hug each other (excluding my 5-years-old brother) but we have A LOT of inside jokes and stuff like that

Heh, good for ya. My sibling is not much older than me, and we have some in jokes and memories, but they’re just memories.

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I’m so here for these asks about the boys with kids, and I need a break from writing sin. Have some fluffy big brother Todoroki!

Originally posted by mizuyaks

Shouto met his partner at a park near their house. That day, they had been forced to bring their little sister along; he’d been warned by his partner that the little girl was very quiet, and didn’t do well with new people, so he was bracing himself for the fact that the little girl might want nothing to do with him.

As his partner walked up to him, a little girl with short brown hair clinging to their hand, he couldn’t help but smile; his partner looked nice that day, and their little sister was adorable. Shouto liked children, he wanted to protect them all from the bad things in the world, and something about seeing his partner with a small child made him think about what he wanted in the future.

“Sorry we’re a little late! We had a bit of an accident on the way over,” His partner said, smiling at him, “Emi tripped getting off the escalator at the station, so we had to get her a bandaid.”

“It’s okay, things happen.” Shouto replied.

“Emi, can you say hi to Todoroki-san?” His partner asked their sister, looking down to her.

The little girl moved behind her sibling’s legs, peeking around at Shouto; he was much taller than she was, she was intimidated. She also was unsure of how to feel about him, his hair was two different colors, and he had a scar on the left side of his face.

Shouto knelt down to get closer to her level, and he smiled softly at the little girl.

“Nice to meet you, Emi. I’m Shouto.” He said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me, I know that meeting new people can be a bit scary sometimes.”

The little girl looked into his heterochromatic eyes and began to blush slightly; this new person was nice, despite looking very unique. He was gentle.

“Shouto…?” The little girl repeated his name, tilting her head to the side a bit, “Kanji?”

Shoto pulled his phone out and typed his name in before handing the little girl his phone.

“Todoroki-san has a really cool quirk, you know,” His partner told their sister, “He can make ice and fire! His hair and his first name match his quirk.”

Emi said nothing else, but she handed Shouto his phone and smiled shyly; this Shouto guy was nice, and his name was written with pretty kanji.

The three of them walked to a playground where Emi ran off and played by herself in the sandbox for a while. Shouto and his partner looked on, making sure she didn’t get into any trouble.

“I brought some stuff she can play with,” Shouto told his partner, “I’ve got some coloring books and color pencils, if she’s into that sort of thing.”

“She really likes coloring, actually,” His partner responded, smiling, “We can find a table somewhere and do that once she gets tired of the box.”

Emi came running back to the two of them, though she went up to Shouto and grabbed his hand, trying to tug him off of the bench he was seated on.

“What would you like me to do?” Shouto asked.

Emi pointed to the swings, and Shouto looked to his partner, who smiled and nodded. Emi was small for her age, she couldn’t swing on her own, her feet couldn’t reach the ground, so she couldn’t get herself started, and she wanted Shouto to help her.

The two teenagers walked to the swing set, with Emi refusing to let go of Shouto’s hand the entire time. Shouto lifted her up and sat her on the swings, and she let out an excited squee as he began to push her. She laughed and smiled the entire time that he pushed her on the swing, and her sibling was delighted that the two of them were getting on so well.

Shouto had already developed a soft spot for the quiet little girl, and he wondered if she’d ever adjust to him enough to start talking. She had an adorable voice, it was high pitched and sweet.

After about twenty minutes on the swings, Emi decided she’d had enough, so she hopped off the swings and pulled her sibling and Shouto along with her to a table near the playground that had recently been vacated.

Shouto’s partner pulled out bento for the three of them from their backpack, and the three of them had lunch together. Emi still didn’t say much, but she was becoming increasingly more comfortable with Shouto, and he liked that. He gave her a choice of coloring books to pick from after they’d finished lunch, and she picked one that had lots of pictures of cats in it.

As Emi colored the various cats inside the coloring book, quite a few of them took on the appearance of her sibling and Shouto; some of the cats were half colored in with red fur, other cats had dark brown hair like her sibling, and some of the cats had a mix of the white, red, and brown colors she’d been using. Every cat she drew like Shouto, she gave a little burn scar around their eyes.

She wrote next to one of those cats pretty, drawing an arrow to the different colored eyes she’d given it. She spent a lot of time looking over to Shouto as she colored, making sure she got the details right. Shouto was tickled by the little girl depicting him as so many cats in the drawing book, he hadn’t expected it, but he was glad she liked him, even if she wasn’t saying anything.

“Shou-chan,” Emi said suddenly, startling both of the teenagers, “Do you like cats?”

“Yes, I do.” Shouto answered, smiling at her, “Do you?”

“Yep!” Emi chirped, giggling, “We have cats at home, you know, you should come over.”

Her sibling was floored, she’d never talked to a new person that much before, and she had even given him a nickname.

“Tell me about the cats.” Shouto replied.

So, the little girl began to excitedly talk about their family’s four cats; Yuzu, Ponzu, Panko, and Mirin, named after food items. She went on about the cats for quite a while, not that Shouto minded, and her sibling actually left the table to go cry in the park bathroom; it meant so much to them that their little sister adored Shouto the way they did, and that Shouto was so good with her.

When it was time for Emi and his partner to head home, Shouto walked the two of them to the train station. He had to take a different train home than them, so he only walked them to the gate where they needed to pass through. Emi had been talking to Shouto constantly after the conversation about their cats, and she was reluctant to part ways with him.

“Come over, okay?” Emi said, hugging Shouto while her sibling waited on the other side of the gate.

“I will come over, I promise.” Shouto replied, hugging her back.

Emi grinned at him, and he smiled back, then she ran off to the gate, swiping her suica card and going to join her sibling on the other side of the gate.

“Text me when you get home!” Shouto called to his partner.

“I will!” They responded, smiling and waving, “You better, too!”

“Bye, Shou-chan!” Emi said, waving to Shouto.

“Goodbye, Emi-chan.” Shouto replied, waving back at her.

The two of them disappeared in the sea of other people heading to the platform, and Shouto headed off to catch his own train.

Gryffindor/Slytherin Siblings

Other pairings

* * *

  • The slytherin constantly rolling their eyes at their gryffindor brother/sister 
  • The slytherin being proud that they have a sibling in gryffindor and defending them against jeering slytherins 
  • The gryffindor also defending their slytherin sibling 
  • “I’m the only one who’s allowed to make fun of them” 
  • Top banter tbh 
  • The gryffindor constantly telling the slytherin what to do 
  • “Stop telling me how to live my life, damn” 
  • Although the two fight a lot, they actually get on better than people think 
  • The two having so many inside jokes that literally no one can keep up when they’re together 
  • tackle rugby in the back yard 
  • the two being inseparable at family gatherings because neither of them feel like talking to their long lost aunt who says things like “i remember when you were *this* tall” 
  •  The gryffindor not hesitating to embarrass their Slytherin siblings 
  • much to the slytherins horror 
  • the two speaking in muggle movie quotes 
  • the gryffindor wrecklessly climbing every tree in sight while the slytherin sits on the swing
  • “don’t die, it wouldn’t be good for my reputation” - the slytherin 

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What if the Holts are the kind of siblings that when no one else is around they communicate to each other in weird noises/screaming as an inside joke? Just nobody is around and then there's is screaming back and forth? IDK I do this with my siblings all the time so I can just see it happening as a normal thing.

Hello yes as someone with two younger sisters lemme just say that this is exactly how they would be. No doubt about it. The age difference depends on what you headcanon their ages to be, but personally I think that it would be close to the age gap between me (22) and my youngest sister (16). And we are hell to deal with together.

They’re the kind of siblings who can raise an eyebrow at each other across the room and know what the other is thinking, they have jokes that’s just like. making dolphin noises at each other, or talking in made-up languages. You get one started and the other joins and they will go on for hours. Pidge gets into trouble and Matt covers for her. Matt has an idea and Pidge makes it work. Pidge wanders off from the group at a museum and Matt follows her to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble; half an hour later security calls their parents, because both of them argued with a tour guide who had their facts wrong and yes, they were right but this is a museum, can we have a little class, please?

A kid picks on Pidge and Matt takes them down, one picks on Matt and Pidge destroys them. You learn not to mess with either of them, because it is not worth the pain you will be subjected to. They’re very creative. Zarkon is going to learn this the hard way.

I wonder if Shou, an only kid who had barely known anyone near his own age for who knows how long, is kind of…. confused when he sees Ritsu and Mob doing common Sibling Things together.

Like, Mob and Ritsu sometimes talk in just glances and looks. They have small inside jokes no one else gets. They will swap lunches all the time without even saying a word. Ritsu is constantly seen in the sweater Mob wore the other day and vice versa.

And shou just…. he doesnt get it? To him, its strange and different. He feels like he’s missing something.



“Careful. They might be tame, but they still bite.”

They descend from the mountain, silent as ghosts, moving like living shadows across the snow. There is little sound beyond the whisper of paws against the fresh snow, and the soft huff of breath as they pant. One leaps for her fellow, teeth tangling in the male’s black fur. His teeth show in response, but their brother bites at them both to part them. All three turn towards the bridge that stretched across the peaks, ears pricked. It’s evening; their leaders are to return soon.

But evening becomes night, and there is no sign of them. A sigh from the black male, and they ascend to the temple where the other sister sits in constant vigil. Her silver fur shimmers in the wind and moonlight, and she greets her siblings with licks to their muzzles and cheeks, but she remains still, watching. The grey sister nudges her, urging her to follow inside where it’s warm, and where the leaders will find them with ease. The silver sister bares her teeth as an answer, and the siblings head inside without her.

Morning comes. They are the only ones on the peak. The silver sister rises as the sun crests the mountains bathing the temple in soft, morning light. The siblings trot out, their claws ticking against the stone, and they come to a stop behind the silver she-wolf. Her head turns towards them, and then back to the bridge.

Even the wolves know what this means. The silver sister lifts her head to the lightening sky, and a mourning howl leaves her throat. Her siblings gather around and throw their heads back to join in her song. Their voices carry across the mountains and the lands below; a song to the heavens, in hopes those that were lost will hear.

For @destinyweek day 6! Posting early bc I won’t be around much this weekend, and I’m quite proud of this. Reposted from my Lady Perun RP blog.

The Sibling(s) Tag Tumblr Challenge

The Sibling(s) Tag Tumblr Challenge

You can make a video together or answer the questions by yourself.
Hope you guys enjoy this challenge! :)

1. Who is the oldest?
2. What do you like and dislike about your sibling(s)?
3. What do you and your sibling(s) have in common?
4. Funniest memory?
5. Most memorable argument? 
6. What do you and your sibling(s) for fun?
7. Describe each other in one word
8. Have you ever liked one of their friends?
9. Favorite inside joke?
10. Post/show an earliest photo of you and your sibling(s)

Kovu and Zuko similarities

When I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time, I noticed how Zuko reminded me a lot of Kovu from The Lion King 2. They are very similar in many aspects:

- They have a scar on their left eye that was given to them by their parent (Ozai burning Zuko vs. Zira slashing Kovu)

- They both have experienced being exiled

- They want to escape the destiny that’s placed upon them by someone else (Zuko capturing Aang vs. Kovu killing Simba) and become a better person towards the end after switching sides (Zuko joining Team Avatar vs. Kovu joining Simba’s Pride)

- They have a psychotic/abusive parent that would go as far as harming their own children and use them for their desires

- Zuko and Kovu were never bad as little kids. They always had that good inside of them, but their parents ended up making them suffer for what they had to deal with when they got older.

-They both get advice from whimsical old men (Iroh and Rafiki)

- These two have siblings (Azula and Nuka) who are psychotic pyromaniacs who hate their sibling and constantly crave their parents’ attention

- They have a difficult time being trusted by one of the main characters that comes from the other side of where they’re from (Katara and Zuko vs. Simba and Kovu)

The characters that Zuko and Kovu are trying to be trusted by are dealing with a personal issue, which is the loss of one of their parents. Katara’s mother was captured and murdered by the Fire Nation and Simba’s father was murdered by Scar in the first film. Both Katara and Simba place their anger on Zuko and Kovu due to their relation of where the murderers come from as well as how their physical appearances reminds them of their enemies. 

“You’re the Fire Lord’s son!”

“Kovu is one of them…Scar’s heir…How can I accept him?" 

When they started gaining the trust from them after having a conversation, they ended up going back to mistrusting them due to feeling betrayed by them based off an attack that occurred later on.

In the end, Zuko and Kovu are forgiven by Katara and Simba and they no longer have issues with them.

Are You More Awake Than Your Family? 12 Ways to Heal Family Relationships for the Holidays

We are all waking up! The problem is, we are each waking up at different rates. This is particularly challenging when it occurs within families.

If you are reading this, chances are you are more awake than others in your family, and maybe this presents some issues for the holidays. After all, when you are awake, it can be super difficult to deal with family members, such as parents, siblings and in-laws, who are still sleeping, especially when our habitual reactions cause us to go unconscious; showing us where we are still asleep ourselves.

The key to healing our families is not in trying to wake them up, but rather in staying awake ourselves.

If you are fortunate to be more awake than others in your family, what does it take to stay awake in the presence of sleepy individuals?

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Do you think Robb and Sansa were as close as Jon and Arya?

No, absolutely not. I can’t think of a relationship as unproblematic and unconditionally loving in the whole series that compares to Jon/Arya. Part of it is that Arya and Jon are two of the three most POV chapters characters, we have a lot of time to see into their heads and they are always thinking of each other. 

So much so that we get this from an interview:

Granny: Are you trying to say something to the reader by drilling into us how much Arya and Jon love each other?

George_RR_Martin: “Say something to the reader?” No, I’m just reporting how the characters feel. <g> Of course, everything in the book says something to the reader. [source]

There’s a reason Jon calls Arya being with him home and his central conflict, the one that leads to his “death”, in the most recent book is about saving her. There’s a reason that Arya finds the thought of Jon not recognizing her to be sad in ADWD, that thinking of his smile brings tears to her eyes in AFFC, and that she knows he’d never judge her for her killings or unladylike appearance. 

I can’t think of any stronger, unconditionally loving bond illustrated in the series (or at least as emphasized.)

That being said, my dismissal of Robb and Sansa has less to do with how great Arya/Jon is and more to do with my own issues with Robb/Sansa. I think the fandom idealizes their relationship, I don’t like some of what Robb does in regards to Sansa.

Part of the reason I think the fandom builds it up is Sansa’s thoughts of Robb. Arya focuses more on Catelyn in her thoughts while Sansa does the same with Robb. However, we know Catelyn had a better relationship with Sansa than Arya, and that Arya/Cat’s relationship is a little strained. A lot of that I believe has to do what each Stark sister needed at the time. 

Sansa: hostage in KL, Robb would be the one to save her- him and his army.

Arya: lost child enslaved/witnessing carnage and death at every turn/starving/roamer- she’s want the stability and nurturing nature of her mother I’d expect.

Anyway, Robb says some things about/does some stuff about Sansa that rubbed me in the wrong way.

 Bran would never forget the look on Robb’s face as he stared at their sister’s words. “She says Father conspired at treason with the king’s brothers,” he read. “King Robert is dead, and Mother and I are summoned to the Red Keep to swear fealty to Joffrey. She says we must be loyal, and when she marries Joffrey she will plead with him to spare our lord father’s life.” His fingers closed into a fist, crushing Sansa’s letter between them. “And she says nothing of Arya, nothing, not so much as a word. Damn her! What’s wrong with the girl?” Bran, AGoT

His immediate conclusion is to blame Sansa and to question why she would leave out information about Arya and whatnot.

Then there’s this:

“I should have traded the Kingslayer for Sansa when you first urged it,” Robb said as they walked the gallery. “If I’d offered to wed her to the Knight of Flowers, the Tyrells might be ours instead of Joffrey’s. I should have thought of that.” Catelyn, ASoS

I just felt like he had completely detached from Sansa and only saw her value as a tool rather than his sister here. While I understand some of that in theory, considering he was trying to act as a king, I can’t imagine say Ned doing the same thing- in fact, he chose Sansa over much earlier. It just always bothered me. And this is before she’s married to Tyrion.

And even just disinheriting her, if Robb had gone through with anything- had he not died so soon afterward- taken Jon and groomed his as his heir, there’s a huge chance (considering that they no longer had Jaime) that Sansa could have been seen as expendable by the Lannisters. 

So no, I don’t think Robb/Sansa even remotely compares to Jon/Arya at all. Just look at how Jon reacts to juggling his ruler’s duties and Arya’s (supposed) captivity in ADWD vs. how Robb does the same with Sansa’s. 

Regardless, I’m not much of a fan. At least I’m not a fan in overstating it. I think they were loving, adorable siblings but not as strong as some other sibling relationships.

That being said, I have my own preferences. The fact is that Sansa/Arya is by far one of my favorite ASoIaF relationships. But if you’re looking for a more Sansa/brother feel, I would like to direct you towards my favorite:

(hearing Robb’s words about Sansa’s letter) Bran felt all cold inside. “She lost her wolf,” he said, weakly, remembering the day when four of his father’s guardsmen had returned from the south with Lady’s bones.  Bran, AGoT

(on hearing Bran will live) The night the bird had come from Winterfell, Eddard Stark had taken the girls to the castle godswood, an acre of elm and alder and black cottonwood overlooking the river. The heart tree there was a great oak, its ancient limbs overgrown with smokeberry vines; they knelt before it to offer their thanksgiving, as if it had been a weirwood. Sansa drifted to sleep as the moon rose, Arya several hours later, curling up in the grass under Ned’s cloak. All through the dark hours he kept his vigil alone. When dawn broke over the city, the dark red blooms of dragon’s breath surrounded the girls where they lay. “I dreamed of Bran,” Sansa had whispered to him. “I saw him smiling.”Ned, AGoT

Back in Winterfell, Sansa had told him that the demons of the dark couldn’t touch him if he hid beneath his blanket. He almost did that now, before he remembered that he was a prince, and almost a man grown. Bran, ASoS

Bran and Sansa are such cuties. Full stop. Bran’s instinct is to defend Sansa and even though he says so “weakly” implying he doesn’t completely buy it, he wants to defend her. He doesn’t stand for anyone talking her down. And can you just picture when Sansa would have told that to Bran? 

Ugh they’re adorable. I don’t know why people focus on Sansa/Robb when Sansa/Bran is clearly where it’s at in my opinion. Of course, Sansa/Arya is better than pretty much every relationship in my mind so….

So there’s my thoughts. 

TMNT Age Order

i really enjoy thinking seriously about certain aspects of TMNT, so i figured i’d talk about one that i’ve always considered pretty interesting. below are my personal opinions, so please don’t feel that you have to agree with me.

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Compound 0918 isn’t half bad.

Before going in for the tests, Dean had heard all sorts of rumors about the inside. He’d heard shit about people living in cells and being forced to eat, drink, sleep, piss, and shit under supervision, and to be completely honest, it had kinda scared him. He’d gone in anyway, because one, he didn’t really have a choice unless he wanted to run away, and two, if he really did have the right genes or whatever, then that meant Sammy could get away with not having to go.

Yeah, things have gotten better in the last couple o’ decades. According to the history books, there wasn’t that whole sibling protection clause, where if one sibling was chosen, no others from that family had to be tested anymore.

Supposedly, the government has a heart.

In reality, the lead scientists behind all the testing discovered that the genetic link really didn’t matter; it was the compatibility, or something. So after that, siblings were declared off the hook.

And now that Dean’s on the inside, Sam is safe. Dean hangs onto that knowledge, because it helps him sleep at night.

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hello, could you please write a detailed description of each triplet and your point of view for each of them please?? seeing your gifs really makes me wanna watch the show :3

I’m not really good at these stuff but I will try my best to delineate it ;;

Song Daehan: [송대한]
The eldest / first born triplet. At such a young age, he is such a reliable child. His dad always rely on him. He always take care his two younger siblings, like feeding them without asking to do it. When they go outside, he’s the one who look for his siblings while his dad is doing something. If his brothers will do something bad, he will say “No” to them. While they were inside their mom’s tummy, he supported his two brothers (He was under, while the two are above him) That’s why his parents want to treat Daehan as a hyung, although, he only born minutes away to other two. He really know that he is the oldest triplets and doesn’t forget his responsibility to being a hyung. Daehan is very quiet but lately, on the latest episodes, he talks a lot. He is also clueless on things, when they went to the dentist. He would not cry at first, he saw his two siblings’ crying but then when his turn, he will only realized it and start crying. He also takes everything very serious. For example, his dad is pretending to be hurt and Daehan thought his dad is really hurt. He will say “Are you okay?” Basically, Daehan is Ilkook’s sunflower. When they do something, he’s the only one who is focus and doing it very seriously, while the other two is playing around. Daehan is always frighten / shy when his dad is not around. He will do it, if his dad do it first. If Ilkook will go outside and secretly watch the triplets, Daehan will only seat on the side at first. After few a minutes and he saw his two brothers are having fun, he will joined them. Daehan is a kind and reliable…and also a handsome child.

Song Minguk: [송민국]
The second born triplet. Minguk is so lovable. He always smiling and love food. He eats a lot. He loves to sing and dance. Before they eat and/or if the food is really delicious, he will start singing some nursery rhymes, Korean or English. Minguk can remember anything, when they went to dentist, he only went there for once, when they just entered the clinic, he start crying… He’s also the smartest, during the naming the dinosaur scene, he named it all. He knows even the hardest name of the dinosaurs. He doesn’t like something on his skin. When he was a baby, he got serious atopy. He thought that those thing on his skin will hurt him. He got used to it from the ointment, probably that his parents put on before he got atopy. Everytime they eat, he will ask his dad to wipe his mouth or his hand, if there’s something on it. During their sleeping time, his parents need to scratch his back in able to get him to sleep. Thank god, he is okay now. He underestimate Manse (taking a toy so easily from Manse) but not Daehan, He is afraid of Daehan. Minguk always like to show his squishiness in front of the camera and the first one to wake up in the morning, hence being the “Morning Angel”. He will straight up go to the camera aka “the dinosaurs” to great them. He loves kisses and such a lovable child.

Song Manse: [송만세]
The youngest triplet. Manse is a free-spirit kid. He always do whatever he want to do. The bravest among the triplets. He is not afraid to try out everything. Although, sometimes, he will scared and starts crying on something that he thinks will harm on him. He loves to troll his dad, if his dad will say/do something, Manse will say/do the opposite. Manse is always the one who drives his dad crazy. But, he always obey his dad. He loves cars a lot. Don’t take away his car toy or he will whine. He loves to eat, too. You’ll always see his habit on sucking his food during their meal time. He is the talkative among them. He also like to sing with randomly words. Manse likes Sarang so much //if you haven’t really watched the show, she’s the other kid in the show// He shows his other side of him, while he’s with her. He is a happy child with great manner.

Song Triplets:
Born in March 16, 2012. These three cuties are really well-mannered. Their parents teach and disciplines them really well. That many of us [future, soon to be, or already a parent] want to follow their parenting method. They love to greet the cameramen on the tents and they always like to ask the cameramen with “What are you doing?”. They are caring as well. They will say “Be careful” to someone who they think that person will do something dangerous. Their only “quiet moment” is during their meal time. They love to eat A LOT. Daehan likes rice, Minguk likes sour and salty food, Manse can’t eat tough meat, [THEY ALL LOVE MEAT] but they’re not picky. They’re very sensitive when it comes to food but they know how to share. When one of the triplets is crying, the other two, specifically Manse [if Daehan or Minguk is crying] he will cry too. The other way to make them behave is to make them watch Robocar Poli, their favorite cartoons. They love books. Ilkook always reads them some children stories. They love role playings as they got that genes from his actor dad. They will copy one scenes from their favorite cartoons and play it. They can’t sleep without his dad on their side. Their mom is a high court judge in Busan while their dad is a famous actor. You won’t always see their mom on the show as a judge, she doesn’t want to make any issues. If she would appear, she will hide her face…. The triplets were born at the same time yet, they have different personalities.

I’m sorry if I missed something… You should definitely watch the show. The triplets first appeared on Ep. 34 
But I really recommend to watch the pilot episode first. ^^