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OKAY so. I didn’t read that as Raphael threatening Simon’s family? I mean for a start he:

  1. Went to confront Elaine in a public place. Where there were loads of other people who would see them
  2. Made up some bullshit excuse to basically say ‘oh yeah btw Simon is okay so you don’t need to worry about him anymore’ which honestly benefited Elaine, Simon and Raphael

Plus Simon has a slight history of misinterpreting Raphael. In episode 2 Raphael told Simon what the clave does to vampires who break the Accords when he was explaining why it was so important that they don’t accuse him of being responsible for the den of vampires killing mundanes, but Simon chose to interpret that as ‘this is what Raphael will do to me if I don’t find Camille’, even though Raphael never said that.

Then there’s the whole ‘you’re threatening my family’ ‘and you’re threatening mine. Don’t make me stoop to Camille’s level’ exchange. Which…yes. Implies a threat. But it also shows that Raphael doesn’t want to hurt Simon’s family. He hasn’t hurt Simon’s family. I mean, Elaine was disappointed when Raphael said he was leaving and then she invited him for dinner. He was obviously very polite and friendly towards her. If he really intended to threaten Simon’s family and ‘stoop to Camille’s level’ he’d have straight up kidnapped Elaine and held her hostage. But he didn’t. He met her in a public place, he reassured her that Simon was okay, and he was very polite to her.

If it was intended as a threat, it seems like a very empty one. It’s almost like Raphael is actually a good guy, and while he needs to ensure the safety of his own family, he’s not actually willing to harm anyone else’s family to do it…

sorry if i’ve unfollowed you since a few month. if so, it’s because you’ve posted a nsfw pictures without a proper tag and one family member saw my dash at this moment. for safety reason, i won’t trust your ass anymore, you naughty people. for sure, i still love you with my whole heart. and, honestly, i love dick. but you know… family reputation first. i don’t want to be called the pervy auntie ten years later because of you :(

My dad told me that his dad ( my grandpa) has a clock that once belonged to my great great grandmother (my grandfather’s grandma) and my great grandmother (my grandpas mom) left the clock in a basement unattended after the death of her mother (my great great grandmother) and a few months after her mother died she (my grandpas mother) had a dream that her mother (my Grandpa’s grandmother) was admonishing her daughter for leaving the clock unattended. My great grandmother woke up with a certainty that her mother wanted the clock to belong to my grandfather, who was the favorite grandson of this illustrious matriarch. So anyway now my grandpa winds this clock and tends to it and my whole family thinks that my great great grandmother’s soul somehow inhabits / lives in this clock

I know it’s gone out of vogue to do a coming out storyline where the family doesn’t accept the family member, but damn, it’s getting hard to watch all of these happy coming out stories, because that is so far removed from my experience and it just makes me hurt inside because I don’t have that support from my family. Like I’m happy for the character, and I 100% agree that’s how the world SHOULD be. But that’s not how the world is for a lot of people.

Which isn’t to say I want to watch tragedy either. But what about a coming out story where the person comes out, and maybe the family doesn’t accept them, but they go and they make their own family. Or a friend pulls them into their family. Or something. Something that is honest, but still hopeful. 

I just. As much as I want the whole family acceptance thing to be my story, it’s not, and watching all of these supportive coming out stories just makes me more sad than happy. Maybe that makes me a salty/bitter trans dude…but that’s ok I guess. 

It’s hard to see something tied close to your heart die, even if it’s something from your childhood and to be honest you forgot about it until now.
I was nearly an adult when iCarly’s series finale premiered, and I remember my whole family cried, even my father who didnt nessisarly enjoy it but watched it with us all the time anyway- because it was something so close to our heart, something that held so many happy memories. And now I’m genuinely crying over the Regular Show finale even though it’s been a few years since I cared about it, because I remember when it made me happy, I remember how important it was to my identity if only for a little while.
It’s hard to let something you love go, no matter how silly others may say it is. It’s okay to cry for a little while.



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There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

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favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.

@seanmcloughlin and followers had some VERY interesting ideas for Antisepticeye! thanks for all your ideas folks!!

This was the product of me being at a Christmas party with Too Many People, and then listening to Jack play Layers of Fear at like 2-6 am while I drew this.

guys im literally begging you please vote 

if trump gets elected literally no one except straight, cis, white men will be safe

and as a gay ass woman in love with someone on the trans spectrum with a ton of people v dear to my heart who are not straight, not cic, not white, and not men

just pls keep the angry cheeto out of office

if any of the pending charges against him go through once he’s been elected we’ll be stuck with Pence who supports conversion camps and tried to jail same sex couples for applying for a marriage licence