as in just as dumb and bad at making jokes

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idk why but I love teenage cliche otayuri??? like, yurio is the hbic even tho he's only sophomore and yet people part for him in the hallways like the Red Sea... so no one wants to be his friend and he convinces himself he's fine that way (like the true emperor he is) until "bad boy" outcast and upperclassman (junior?? Senior??) beka breaks through the ice. they become friends then bfs then the power couple that everyone imagines doing illegal juvenile stuff (1/2)

(2/2) when actually they’re just chillin and hanging out, making each other laugh w/ dumb jokes, sharing headphones to listen to music togethe, and trying to beat each other at video games. at one point, someone spots them at the mall or wherever and at first they couldn’t recognize the two bc wtf plisetsky is smiling??? Altin has other expressions than constipation or murder??? sighs just cliche teen ota/yuri

oh ym gOD YES

another cliche is when a new kid shows up in school and everyones like “oh be on the lookout for yuri plisetsky, hes only a sophomore but hes 100% capable of ruining ur life if u mess with him” and “be careful around otabek altin i mean no one has actually SEEN him do anything but the tattoos??? the fucking motorcycle??? he has to be up to some illegal shit”

and the new kids like ??? bc he’s been here for one (1) day and he hasnt seen any of these two so people provide him with pics and is just “STAY AWAY FROM THEM” and hes like “ok chill damn”

but after school he stops by a cafe and sees yuri and otabek themselves, and wtf, yuri’s smiling as he’s chatting animatedly with otabek who’s wearing a blue fucking sweater and the fondest smile the new kid has ever fucking seen

he snaps a pic and the next day hes like “??? r u sure ur talking abt the same people” and shows the pic and everyone is sh00K

*takes deep breath*


So I don’t need to say why Lydia having feelings for Stiles since the (been-dragged-as-trash-time-and-time-by-people-who-actually-suffer-from-it) panic attack kiss is a complete and utter trash…

But I am going to address people praising Malia all of a sudden.

Because no joke, fuck you.

Half of you people were dragging Malia just a few episodes ago when she said Stiles was her anchor, but now all of a sudden you love her, she’s amazing, she deserves so much, she’s so wonderful. Could you be any more transparent?

Malia has been hated for so god damn long. Either she’s too wild and so a bad person, or the character wasn’t wild enough to make sense in the story. She’s either too dumb and annoying, or the characters too smart to make sense in the story. She’s too dependent on Stiles, or she’s too distant from everyone. She’s either fitting in too quickly, or she’s not fitting in enough. She doesn’t deserve Stiles one minute and the next she deserves better. One minute she’s trash, the next she’s queen.

At least stay consistent because otherwise it makes you look like a fool.

@ the person who asked about my gem’s sense of humour in a really bizarrely, borderline uncomfortably worded manner;

Sunny is based equal part on both Papyrus and on just.. my friends in general, hence why he doesn’t behave like Papyrus, but retains his image, his unstoppable optimism and will to work and remain well organised.
Because of how my friends tend to be however, Sunny can be a tad more savage than Papyrus when it comes to friendly banter.

Papyrus also doesn’t hate puns/jokes, he hates lazy puns/jokes (i’ve covered this in one of my ask blog comics actually, since it’s a widely accepted false fact that really bothers me, as a devoted Papyrus friend lmao)

As for Boulder, he’s not Sans. He doesn’t go out of his way to make dumb corny jokes. Most of Boulder’s humour comes from well timed blunt comments (sometimes surprisingly dark), and just the weird way his mind works sometimes.

He’s really bad at puns.

Captive Prince YouTube/Vlogger au??

•Laurent and Damen are both famous YouTube stars
•Laurent does books reviews, life talks and gives advice, talks about fashion and makes clothes, and shows how to do cool things with hair
•He also does videos of like ‘Horse Care 101’ and everyone loves them bc they r informational and he LOVES his horses
•Damen is a super funny Soft Bro™ and does silly things with his friends (Especially Nikandros).
•Damen makes videos where he “tries dumb life hacks” and reviews stuff (like make up) that he knows nothing about. Damen also does daily vlogging videos that are funny and down to earth so everyone watched them bc they brighten their day

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every day i just think about how dumb mulder is. like not only does he have no idea what rational decision making is he also just says the worst things. he could be being interrogated and he’d just insult someone’s shoes and he’d die. remember when krycek had a goddamn GUN to his head and he just made a jacking off joke? he’s so dumb! this boy has zero (0) impulse control and he’s so bad at thinking things out. he’s a damn fool


En: Tada! These are the Grimies, little creatures created by Kyla. For now is just a family, but there’s going to be more characters. For know there’s only these:

-Claire: She’s really unpleasant, but inside is a sweet heart (only with Amalia). She’s the mom.

-Luck: He’s really energetic and pure. Sometimes he make bid mistakes. It’s the old brother.

-Swirgt: He’s really naugthy. And a sinner too. He’s the young brother.

-Amalia: She’s pure, but always stressed and with anxiety. She’s the other mom.

-Alba: She’s a little dumb. Likes bad jokes. Doesn’t know what to do with her live. Is the sister in the middle.

-Kyla: She’s the Grimies’ creator. She’s really creative, but she’s always alone.

Es: ¡Tadá! Estos son los Grimies, pequeñas criaturas creadas por Kyla. Por ahora solo son una familia, pero van a haber más personajes. Por ahora solo hay estes:

-Claire: Ella es bastante antipática, pero en el fondo es muy buena (solo con Amalia). Ella es la madre.

-Luck: El es muy energético y puro. Aveces comete grandes errores. Es el hermano mayor.

-Swirgt: El es realmente pícaro. Y un sinner también. El es el hermano menor.

-Amalia: Ella es pura, pero siempre estresada y con ansiedad. Ella es la otra madre.

-Alba: Es un poco tontita. Le gustan los chistes malos. No sabe que hacer con su vida. Es la hermana mediana.

-Kyla: Ella es la creadora de los Grimies. Ella es realmente creativa, pero siempre está sola.

I matched with a girl on Tinder who’s a first grade teacher. We sent a few messages about her work and my work and I thought I’d make a joke, which was horrible in hindsight.

“Do you think little kids are dumb adults or adults are smart little kids?”

I think I was trying way too hard to be funny and impress her and if I was gonna drop it on her, I should have done it in person where it can just disappear. And first grade teachers probably aren’t the best audience to imply that their students are dumb. All around bad move by me.

how to make the signs laugh
  • aries: lowkey make fun of them but get them to join in on it
  • taurus: make faces at them
  • gemini: tell them a funny story
  • cancer: dirty jokes
  • leo: impersonations / impressions
  • virgo: just screw around and make yourself look dumb and they'll laugh
  • libra: really bad puns
  • scorpio: over dramatic facial expressions
  • sagittarius: innuendos
  • capricorn: sarcasm
  • aquarius: anti-jokes
  • pisces: literally just say a word. any word. and look intently at them.

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What do you think if our fanclub name turns out to be HidDen? Or Diamond? Or something that represent the letter D, and then they say they want us to be a part of them that support them (like EXO-L). Okay this is just my theory. Besides, got a list of 'potential' fanclub name: Wildkards, Spades, KARDashian (lmao), Royal etc

Hidden makes sense in context, but when you say “I’m a hidden” it sounds kinda dumb. But most names do,, I mean Victon stans are called Alice and wtf is a shawol lmao so I guess it’s okay. Diamond, not bad at all. Kardashian? Hell no. That must be a joke bc there’s no way in hell we’re being named after someone’s surname. Royal is cool.

Maybe its because I’m protective of my special interest but I feel like Steven Universe gets so much more shit than it deserves. You got the rabid fans that attack people and start discourse over dumb shit which makes the fans look bad. But then I feel like theres of unfair blame cast towards the show, and there seems to be a small bandwagon about mocking the show just for the sake of doing it (not even as a joke just straight up shitting on it). The show itself isn’t tellu these people to go out and be assholes, if anything it says don’t do that. People are gonna be fuckheads, which doesn’t excuse it but don’t blame a cartoon for the actions of some dumb kids.

When one half of your OTP remembers why they love their partner :

• They make a dumb joke and laugh so hard at themselves, their partner just shakes their head in disbelieve because this idiot belongs to them.

• Their partner crawls into bed and puts their cold feet on their leg and their partner nearly all but kicks them out of the bed but then two minutes later they grab the freezing feet and put them in between their legs. While mumbling something about bad circulation their partner cuddles up to them and kisses the nape of their neck.

• When their partner is just going on a monologue and is getting so passionate, their partner can’t help but watch their lips… one thought goes to another and …

• When their partner gives them a dopey smile in the morning and nuzzle their way into the crook of their neck and lets out a sigh of complete satisfaction.

• When they had a tough day at work and their partner doesn’t rant (as much) about their day and instead asks questions that usually ends with “would you like to go to bed?”

• When they’re out in public and their partner brushes their two fingers against their hand and gives a questioning smile, while blushing, and they grab their hand and kiss their partners cheek.

Seventeen reacts to you thinking you’re not photogenic...

You guys are on a date and you say no to a picture because you don’t think you’re photogenic.



“That’s a dumb word to use on someone so pretty.”

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Is super sweet for the rest of the day


Tries to brighten up your mood by joking around

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Sneaks in some beautiful candid shots of you laughing


Makes a weird face to make you feel better

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“Look at how photogenic you are compared to me!”


Squishes your face with his palms

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“How can someone as pretty as you say that?”


Understanding, but still a bit sad

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“But I wanted a way to capture our memories.”


Takes the picture anyway

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“How are you going to tell me that you don’t look beautiful?”


“What if I make weird faces?”

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Proceeds to look crazy in all the pictures you take for the rest of the day


Diva Boo comes out and forces you to take the picture

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“Look at me. I don’t look perfect in all my photos. It’s not a big deal.”


Shows you the millions of pictures he has of you on his phone

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“Show me one picture where you don’t look beautiful because I don’t see any.”


Is okay with you not wanting to take a picture

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Secretly takes pictures of you anyway


Accepts it, but he stares at you for the rest of the day

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“How could you not want to take pictures with the face you have?”


Accepts it, but gets a bit sad

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You end up taking the picture because no one wants a sad Wonwoo


Is completely okay with it

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“You have to make it up to me though. Buy me food.”

- Admin M

**None of the gifs are mine. Credit to the owners.

one of my favorite things to think about is how many pictures and videos of dan phil must have on his phone. he probably has an entire folder in his gallery dedicated to every picture he’s ever taken of taken, and another one of all the random videos he’s recorded over the years. and it’s all so dumb; snapshots of dan making dinner, recordings of phil telling dan a lame joke and dan reacting with an eye roll and a laugh, photos that phil took of the two of them cuddled up together in bed, dan sound asleep. and he has a third folder, where he puts all the selfies dan takes with his phone into, even the ones that are blurry or in bad lighting. so whenever phil is lonely, or sad, or somewhere that dan isn’t, he just opens up his gallery and sifts through hundreds of pictures and videos and he just finds himself smiling uncontrollably because dan makes him so happy and he’s so perfect and such a beautiful person. (also ugly selfies that he uses to blackmail dan later)

i’m tired of seeing girls constantly placating and mollifying dumb boys who bitch that feminism is a disease. like, if you’re gonna dilute your feminism so that white cis boys can make jokes about date rape and then say “i’m just kidding, i’m a feminist after all!!”, like how are you helping?? like so fucking what if men have no place in feminism?? is that so bad?? that we don’t include them in one fucking thing? they’ve been keeping us out of politics and sports and business and law and basically everything else for centuries. feminism should make cis male white power uncomfortable. it should keep us on our toes constantly, keep us aware of our media and our friends and ourselves. it isn’t a cutest little hobby that you make lil stickers for, it’s a multi-generational movement to undo injustice and oppression.

like i don’t give a fuck if you’re a leftist and make fun of liberals and sometimes those liberals are women who cares jen kirkman makes a bad joke where the punchline is “hillary clinton has been more than complicit in the killing of innocent people” go in on her we’re not stuck in 2014 where you can’t criticize a woman without it being about victimization that’s not it these guys just pathologically hate everything and have no fun and go after the lowest hanging fruit of dumb women and never co-sign anything smart women have to say. it’s just stupid and self congratulatory and transparent after years of watching it.