as in it didn't respond to commands

Alliance to Commander Shepard.
Alliance to Commander Shepard, please respond.
Alliance to Commander Shepard.

Commander Shepard, no response.
Commander Shepard is End of Watch.
She has gone home for the final time. x

icsek  asked:

Some funny before you go sads this week. Since we have Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. now, you'd think they probably had AI assistant on their datapads and terminals. With Obi-Wan's particular diction and accent, I could see him getting frustrated as he repeated his request at least 3 times all with "I didn't understand that, did you mean _." Then Yoda walks by and says the request and it does it. Just Obi-Wan being frustrated with technology being too smart as a trope (we all know this person).

Ha! Anakin, being a nerd, definitely sets up his and Obi-Wan’s entire quarters to respond to voice commands. More than one morning he walks into the kitchen to find Obi-Wan, soaked from head to toe with tea, wiping his face with a dish towel and swearing under his breath about how he just wanted some blasted tea why does everything require a bloody password. 

Brought 100 plastic army men, a toy Jeep, and a toy tank to work and spent a fair amount of time organizing them into an all-out war

When my sergeant walked over and asked where in the hell I got all them from, I asked him if commanders use plastic Army men with their sand tables when planning operations, because it would be perfect.

He just walked away muttering “I can’t work under these fucking conditions”