as in i'm not his fan but i was totally struck by it

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Okay, so I'm not much of a kandreil fan but I do like the idea of Kevin thinking of Neil as attractive. Could you write a prompt where Neil and Kevin are out somewhere without Andrew and someone starts hitting on Neil, and Neil is like totally oblivous about it and almost agrees to a date, so Kevin saves him by pretending to be his boyfriend.

Okay so i know you said you didn’t want kandreil, soooooo I crossed out the super gay parts. You’re welcome. (sorry this took so long!) If anyone else wants more of this or anything else, you only have to ask me here!

  • Kevin fucking knows Neil is pretty, okay? 
  • He’d actually never used that word to describe a boy before meeting Nathaniel as a child 
  • He had light blue eyes and long long lashes 
  • He had a cute little smile and dimples and rosy cheeks 
  • His hair was curly and looked so soft 
  • Kevin was always ruffling it as they were practicing, both to congratulate Nathaniel and have an excuse to touch it 
    • Neil flinched away at first, but it was the first positive touch that he’d felt in almost forever, so he eventually leaned into it 
  • He was a very pretty kid, a very cute one 
  • Even after nearly collapsing from dramatized exhaustion, he was adorable 
  • That feeling of “I love this kid” disappeared after seeing his father dismember a man in the name of the Moriyamas
  • But he was pretty even when he stood next to his father with icy eyes
  • It was then that Kevin understood that picture perfect people were almost always fake
  • Neil Josten wasn’t pretty, not at first 
  • He was dressed in baggy, worn-out clothing and was in desperate need of a proper shower 
  • But after he’d cleaned up a bit? 
  • Hell yeah he was 
  • That first night in Columbia, with Neil in tight-fitting clothes and his contacts out? 
  • Kevin wanted to wrap himself around the blue-eyed boy 
  • It was common at the nest, to just hook up with anyone at anytime 
  • Even when he was dating Thea, the two of them had both shared their time with others 
  • Monogamy was still something Kevin couldn’t wrap his head around 
  • But this wasn’t the nest, and Kevin had to be straight, so going after Neil wasn’t an option 
  • Then Andrew and Neil were together 
  • Okay then 
  • That happened 
  • Kevin was honestly in shock that Andrew decided to go for someone who loved exy as much as Neil did
    • (He was also shocked that Neil was alive, but his priorities are exy before life, so)
  •  At least he’d put more effort in now? 
  • It was confusing, but he accepted it 
  • It became a fact during the rest of their years in palmetto that Andrew and Neil were undoubtedly a thing 
  • If you wanted something from Andrew, you had to ask Neil 
  • If you went after Neil, you had to answer to Andrew 
  • They never outright told anyone, but it was easy enough to guess, with the way they slowly got comfortable with hand-holding around other people 
  • It also became a fact that Kevin was invested in the both of them 
  • Despite what he said about how hard it was to be gay in professional exy and how they shouldn’t even try, he supported them to the press tirelessly 
  • He might complain about them in private, but to everyone else he was aggressively defending them, and he was labeled as the number one Andreil shipper in many buzzfeed articles 
    • More like he was jealous af 
    • Not of a single one, but both of them 
    • He swore his liver would fail before he told anyone but Thea 
  • After they’d all graduated, Kevin had been with his pro team for three years 
  • Neil had only been with his for one season, so it was no wonder Kevin’s had beat his early in the playoffs 
  • Neil was still bitter 
    • Andrew wasn’t with them, he was practicing with his team up in New York in preparation to beat the shit out of Kevin 
  • Both Kevin’s and Neil’s teams were invited to a party of sorts It’s invite-only and they know everyone there, so Neil agrees to go as long as Kevin does 
    • (And of course Kevin does, because god he’d never stop wanting to look at Neil, even with his scars. He’s still the prettiest boy Kevin has ever had the pleasure of meeting) 
  • So off they go, to some classy club in California 
  • The place is full when they get there, and one of the backliners on Neil’s team is buying the rounds 
  • Kevin has always believed it’s wrong to say no to free alcohol, so he doesn't 
  • Neil, surprisingly doesn’t either, he drinks just enough to get suitably buzzed 
  • And no one else does either, and most of them get wasted af 
    • And I mean wasted 
    • Like the party in yuri on ice where everyone pole-dances wasted 
    • It’s insane 
  • From this, comes an offensive dealer filled with liquid courage, who just came up with a bunch of exy-based pickup lines 
  • She thinks they’re the best, and has been laughing so hard she cries before she gets through most of them 
  • It’s alright though, she hadn’t really been wanting to flirt with them too much anyway, just wanted to hear herself talk 
  • Then she sees Neil, and goes through all the stages of “damn he fine” 
  • She trips on her way to the table where Neil’s sitting, typing shit on twitter 
  • He’s sobered up for the most part, but is still having far too much fun typing shitposts and calling random people out on their bullshit 
  • So the dealer hobbles over, tumbling into the seat next to him 
    • “Are you are striker, bc you struck a goal right in my heart!” 
    • “Wat???” 
  • Needless to say, her one-liners only decrease in quality as time goes on 
  • Neil is just very confused bc yes of course he’s a striker Samantha you know this??? 
  • So there’s Neil who looks confused and uncomfortable and a drunk-off-her-ass offensive dealer and it’s very awkward
  • Kevin is also drunk 
  • Very much so 
  • So much so that he sees the two of them and alarm bells ring in his head
  •  Sam over there thinks she can move in on his man 
    • (Andrew’s man, Kev, gotta remember that) 
  • But Andrew Isn’t there to protect him from heinous villains like Samantha, so it’s time for Kevin to save the Day! 
  • Hehehehe 
    • (I’m not sure you realize how drunk he is exactly
  • But he shuffles over to the two of them with purpose 
  • He only almost falls on his face 
  • He’s too uncoordinated to maneuver himself into a chair, so he falls ontop of Neil from behind 
  • His arms sling over Neil’s neck and his head rests on his shoulder as he puts his entire weight onto Neil 
  • “Heesh meh boifren.” 
  • He tries to say to Samantha, but his face is buried in Neil’s neck, so it was muffled significantly 
  • “Wha?” 
  • “He’s my boyfriend.” 
  • Neil wants to die 
  • Samantha’s eyes widen and she just goes “ooooooooh!” before giggling and conking out 
  • Kevin is extremely satisfied
  • He buries his face back into the crook of the other striker’s neck and makes a contented sound 
  • Neil resigns himself to having to carry his “boyfriend” back to his apartment bc it’s clear that Kevin should be cut off 
  • All in a Day’s work! 
  • Hehehehe 

(Miss Samantha Mullings was given a ride home and had too much of a headache in the morning to try and remember the shit that happened that night. We all thank her for her participation)

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Hi! I'm a newer follower of yours and I really love your style of writing! Could you recommend some other series to read while I wait for more updates of Until it stops and Redamancy? Thank you in advance, you are the best!

First of all, thank you so much? I don’t know how to explain how much it warms my heart when you tell me you enjoy my writing.

For some other series… I’ll say the ones I can think of on the top of my head, but it is most likely that I’ll forget some and add them later. You can find them under the cut. Just warning you, this is going to be long, so get comfy!

Originally posted by armythreej

Guardian and Addewid by @kpopfanfictrash

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, probably some of my favorite series ever. They are both ‘magic’ –kind of– or lore and mythes and stuff related and I love her way of writing, it just sucks you in and I’m obsessed. Just read Shan’s entire masterlist tbh, everything is amazing.

Some other honorable mentions: The 7th Prince, Binary Star and Obsidian

Charred, Struck and Roots by @kollectionn

All of them take place in the same universe and kind of follow each other. They are again, fantasy with magic and stuff (you can kind of tell I love fantasy), super amazingly written and they read so fluently, they are amazing and I love all three. But you should just read anything out of her masterlist really, everything is pure gold.

Some more honorable mentions: A moment and Watching you

Hero by @eradikeats-writes

A truly amazing vampire/ kind of gang story that I am totally addicted to at the moment. It’s so cool and bad-ass and you should totally read it if you haven’t already. Kat writes so, so well and I really think you should read anything of her masterlist because it is art.

Some more honorable mentions: Did you see? Not a series but just read it.

Off limits by @soowritings

Look at me recommending realistic stories. It’s about a blind boy and friendships and love and love triangles and yeah. No, this is beautiful and I’m not kidding, one of the saddest and cutest stories and I think everyone should read it, it will shatter your heart into a thousand pieces because it is so sweet and plucks your heartstrings. I feel like I’ll have to repeat this a lot but you should absolutely check out their masterlist as well.

Some more honorable mentions: Aeon’s Lovers One-shot series, so good.

Devil’s Advocate by @nunchiwrites

A series about an angel and a vampire coven. Super well written, so worth reading and there is so much work put in with trailers and describing the characters and stuff and I always love reading more about the characters. Anyway, read it, it is so so good and check out all of their other series as well and one-shots as well of course.

Some honorable mentions: The Coven and Of lemongrass and french vanilla

Monster by @infiressi

A werewolf AU and a really good one at that. Lovely written, reads very easily and is just really fun to read. I’m normally not that big of a fan of werewolf AU’s (actually, that’s a lie) but this one is exceptional and I really like it. I hope I don’t have to tell you by now, like, read everything from their masterlist, everything is true gold.

Some more honorable mentions: Signed to kill and City lights

Honestly, if you haven’t read everything off @thesammtimes, you need to get your life into gear. I would recommend one or two, but there is just to many, so I’ll just list some of my faves:

Limited, Clean Sneak, Nuisance, Marked, all Exo Villains, Oblivion, Protected, A Well-kept secret, Overcome … honestly, just take a look and read anything that interests you. There is so much there I don’t even-

The Price of Privilege by @soobadnoonecanstopher

This is a Princess AU but in the modern times, it’s very fun and amazingly written and it holds a special place in my heart, it’s just amazing and you should totally read it. But again, look at their masterlist and find something you like.

Some more honorable mentions: I give up, The boxer and 2AM

With you by @park9495

Really really fluffy and cute story about a single mother and her fiancee when her past love comes in to make everything more complicated. Very beautifully written, as expected, and just a really cute and nice light-hearted (kind of) series. You should still look at their masterlist though, as always.

Some more honorable mentions: Like we used to and A promise to keep

Yours, Unfaithfully by @the-porcelain-doll-xo

Love triangles, love triangles everywhere. It’s a really nice series and really makes you feel for the characters involved. But you should totally read her entire masterlist. Bambola is such a sweet and talented writer.

Some more honorable mentions: Too right to be wrong and Oracle

I won’t stop you by @imsarabum

I love this series so much. It’s long, but totally worth it and I think you should read it. It’s a Vampire AU but re-imagined and I really really like the concept a lot. Sara has a ton of other pics on her masterlist though, you should check them out.

Some other honorable mentions: Who are you? and Magical Thailand

I think that’s it… Actually, I know for sure I have missed some people and I’m very sorry to whoever I have, this is just what my tired brain could come up with. Either way, all the writers above are amazing people and you should all follow them if you aren’t already. If I think of who I’ve missed, I might update this for you guys. Either way, happy reading and have a lovely day!!

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1) I'm just so tired after Civil War; so tired of fandom. I love Tony Stark, I'm "Team Iron Man" or whatever, but do people understand that that's a marketing gimmick- the teams? Both sides have done things that are right and wrong, and both have understandable actions/ reactions; it shows that superheroes are human. The point of any iteration of CW is to show that Steve and Tony are better together- that's literally the lesson.

2) The universes that escaped the consequences of CW were ones where they were able to sit down, talk and compromise- together. And the point still stands, because guess what, in IW they’re going to “kiss and make up”. They have to. They’re the leaders of the Avengers, the leaders of the only superheroes in the MCU, and they want and care about the same things. It’s who they are. And gosh, not to be too on the nose, but literally “Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” applies.


Yes! This! Thank you Team Iron Man, I want to hug you right now.

Seriously any fan that thinks that either Tony and/or Steve, the two most popular characters in the franchise, whose relationship actually has a 50+ year history, and who’ve always worked best when they’re unified, are going to go anywhere if the fans of either scream loud enough on Tumblr is seriously deluding themselves. 

It a shared universe. It will always be a shared universe. The writers, themselves, have stated that they wouldn’t have split them up if they didn’t intend to have it be a ‘learning moment’ and put them back together again. 

I have a Marvel RSS feed and I read an interesting article not too long ago. I forget which publication posted the article, I’ll have to dig it up again, but the gist of the article proposed that the reason GotG works so well for people, as a franchise, on a psychological level, is the bonds between the team that formed. That Marvel is pulling a thread with GotG, that focuses heavily on familial ties and the idea behind made families and audiences are not only responding to it, they’re totally eating it up. As a comic reader I can confirm that the best panels, the ones I love the most, are Steve and Tony teasing each, or Sam and Steve having each others’ backs. Basically, unified fronts.

People on Tumblr can talk about clinging to ‘pettiness’ and ‘salt’ all they want. It doesn’t sell - not in the long haul. Doesn’t allow parasocial relationships between audience and fictional character to stick. May sell at first. But wont last. Love is stronger than hate. Always.

I’ve used this example in meta before but it’s so fitting to this topic I’m bringing it up again. When Star Trek the original series first aired the character of Spock really struck a chord with people - the idea of being alien, not fully accepted into society, really resonated with the audience. For Gene Roddenberry, the show’s creator, who had to fight to keep Spock as a character to begin with (the network thought that Spock’s ears made him look devilish… networks in the 60′s, man) this was a problem, because the network wanted the focus on Kirk, not Spock. 

During roughly this same time Gene Roddenberry struck up a weird friendship with Isaac Asimov, the godfather of science fiction. Initially Asimov criticized the fledgling show for scientific inaccuracies, and Roddenberry decided to respond to the criticisms with a letter to Asimov that basically read, to paraphrase, “I know, dude, I know, but *you* try dealing with NBC, they wont let me get away with anything. Every script is an uphill battle”.

From there Asimov and Roddenberry became pen-pals, united in their mutual disdain of censoring art, particularly when it applied to science, and a friendship formed (Asimov soon became an adviser for the show) and Roddenberry asked Asimov for advice on how to get people to like Kirk as much as Spock. Asimov’s response (and keep in mind that this guy authored over 90 books - he was the George RR Martin of his time): ‘Make them friends. Make them save each others lives. Put them in as many frames together as you can manage. Make it so everyone can’t think of one without thinking of the other.’

Over fifty years later and guess what’s still a successful franchise? And guess what duo is iconic? Moral of the story, fandom? Friendship, not animosity, is way more endearing to a franchise’s longevity. 

Source on the Roddenberry/Asimov thing

Beneath the Stars Bonus Chapter II: Among the Stars

This the second Moriel bonus chapter for my Modern AU fic. I hadn’t originally intended to write it, but @acotarshipweek gave me the perfect excuse to for Moriel Smut Week. Day 3′s prompt is First Time. Thank you for including this prompt!! And thank you to @kitashiwrites for reading it over and providing endless support and encouragement while you play video games. I love you!!

AO3 Linkage

Summary: Morrigan and Azriel have been together for several months now, but they still haven’t made the all important decision to sleep together… yet. Feeling nervous about it, Mor drags Feyre with her on an unexpected shopping trip to help her work out some of the details. When her and Az sit for their portraits later that same day as part of Feyre’s AP exam project, things escalate quickly between them afterwards as they realize they both might finally be ready for the next step. NSFW

Among the Stars

“Don’t worry, it’ll be easy! And all of the paints are non-toxic, I promise. Everything will wash out.”

I listened to Feyre chat merrily on about my afternoon portrait session ahead of us for her AP Studio Art exam. Feyre hadn’t told any of us much about what to expect for these portraits and Rhys was keeping his lips sealed shut with the details except to say he hoped Feyre didn’t give us quite the same treatment he had received - whatever that meant. All Feyre would say was to pick a time to come by the gallery she worked at and bring a change a clothes, something we wouldn’t mind getting dirtied up in.

Naturally, I panicked a little. I didn’t like not having a roadmap for where I was going or what I was getting myself into. Which was probably why it was a good thing Feyre didn’t know where I was dragging her to as we walked around the mall. She might not have agreed to come if she’d seen today’s roadmap.

Even seeing the store some fifty feet ahead of us as we wove between the crowds, our shoes clicking on the shiny tile floors, I was worried I might have trouble getting to not just wait outside.

But damn it, I had a problem only Feyre and a credit card could fix. So one way or another, I was getting her in that store.

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Why Erza Scarlet Is Not A Mary Sue

I would like to preface with an expression of personal disgust for the term Mary Sue. It’s derogatory, gender specific, and completely unnecessary. There aren’t enough female protagonists or even complex female characters to warrant this descriptor. Until we have gender equality and visibility in protagonists across the board, I will not accept this as anything other than a misogynist yard stick used to swipe at female leads and the [typically] women and girls who love them.

Wikipedia* defines a Mary Sue as “An idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-ranked person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment.” The definition goes on to say that the term can be expanded to include Gary Stu to describe male characters but caveats that Mary Sue is the default and is often used for both male and female characters. Why is the female pejorative? Why is the default descriptor female? (Hint: it’s sexism)

TV Tropes** points out that the term Mary Sue originated in the generally accepted fact that most fanfiction writers are women and girls and therefore most OC’s in fic are also female. So it’s pretty obvious that despite there being an alleged male counterpart, the term Mary Sue was coined to point the finger at women trying to gain any semblance of visibility in [the Star Trek] fandom. Women have always been in fandom. Always. Yet here we are, the butt of a joke. There’s a lot more detailed information on the TV Tropes page and if fandom history interests you at all, I’d recommend giving it a read.

As a character descriptor Mary Sue has changed so much since its inception in 1974, has absorbed so many tropes, and even expanded to canon characters that it’s lost it’s original meaning. There’s no clear definition and fans now attach it to characters they simply don’t like as flame bait. The point of this post isn’t to dissect the term Mary Sue. I’m here to dissect why Erza Scarlet in particular is not a Mary Sue. The tropes that are typically used in connection to Erza are: idealistic personality, exotic beauty, [until recently] the unexplained over powered nature of her magic, dramatic backstory, and a lack of story-relevant flaws. I’m here to dismantle those one by one. This will be a longwinded post and under a cut.

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A Word on Buffyverse Ships

I’ve been thinking a lot about the romantic relationships of Buffy, the canon ones and the fandom ones. I’ve never really committed fully to one ship or another, nor have I condemned one or another. I’ve watched them, I’ve analyzed them, sure. But I’ve never picked one or voted one off the island. I suppose it wasn’t the reason I watched the show, so I never saw the point.

Recently, I rewatched both shows as an adult (rather than a teen/collegiate). It’s amazing how a few years can bring new perspective to things. Writing my own fanfiction and reading that of others as well as engaging in many wonderful discussions here with other fans has really made me think about which ships I’m really ride or die for, and which I could do without. So, here’s my take for those interested (since I’ve given my two cents here and there in many of your discussions, I’m sure). Please feel free to reply, discuss, or what have you.

I’m going to talk about these basically chronologically (to the best of my memory). I haven’t scoured the Internet for every single ship, so these are just the ones I’ve thought extensively about recently. If there’s one I don’t mention and you’re curious about my thoughts, drop me a line.

Xander/Buffy – A Nice Thought
I enjoy the idea of this one in a post-show timeline. As a teenager I think Xander is way too immature and judgmental to be a good fit for Buffy. During the rest of the show’s run they’re on different pages romantically and don’t seem to want the same things, so I don’t think there was ever really a right time for them to be a couple during the show storyline. Although when I read the rumor that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicholas Brendan pitched the pairing for season six I gushed a little. I do think by the end of the series Xander has displayed a remarkable amount of growth to become a humble, supportive man. He’s loyal to Buffy in the way that he’s by her side no matter what. Even if he disagrees with her or if he’s angry at her, when push comes to shove he’s in the fray right with her. However, he’s not a yes man. He’s not so enamored with Buffy that he doesn’t see her flaws, and he’s not afraid to call her out (albeit a bit brutally) when he thinks she’s making a mistake. He also accepts her for who she is, even the parts he doesn’t understand. I don’t think these two would work as a lifelong pair, but they’d be an interesting match if the timing was right for them. Ultimately, I think it was a good move that this one remained unrequited.

Buffy/Angel – Meant to Be
I have conflicted feelings about this one. I do not think it was a healthy example of a relationship, nor do I think it was intended to be a romanticized thing for people to aspire to. To me, the Buffy/Angel relationship always came off as a cautionary tale. Buffy was young and naïve at the start of their courtship, and the guy had a checkered past. “Oh, but he’s different. He’s changed.” Her mother didn’t approve, stating Angel was too old for Buffy (rightfully so). All the iffy red flags were there. I think Buffy was good for Angel, motivating him and helping him grow. But, I think he might have been a hindrance to her, as he always became priority over anything else (like oh, say, an apocalypse). One of my favorite Buffy moments is when she sacrifices Angel to prevent the Acathla apocalypse at the end of season two because she overcame that very issue. As an aside, I think Angel was a bit shady in his relationship with Buffy, knowing it wasn’t the best thing for her, that realistically a life with him would mean a lot of sacrifice on Buffy’s end. But, he pursued it anyway. The part where he had sex with Buffy and lost his soul is a bit suspect for me. The show seemed to steer us toward the direction that he didn’t know exactly what “a moment of true happiness” meant, so that he couldn’t really know sex with Buffy would make him lose his soul. But I have to think he knew it was at least a risk or a possibility. In my opinion, he was a bit reckless with that relationship, always going against his better judgment. So, I have my beef with this relationship for sure, and it’s not my personal favorite. However, I think Angel is the person Buffy always measures everyone else she dates up to. He’s the one for her, and I think Buffy is the same for Angel. Therefore, these two are my OTP, much to my chagrin.

Giles/Jenny – We Hardly Knew Ye
This is a tough one. I wish we’d gotten a bit more time with Giles and Jenny because they barely got to be a relationship. Because of that, it’s hard for me to land on it. They have kind of a nice bickering Pride and Prejudice thing happening, which is amusing. And it was nice to see Giles have his own life outside of being a watcher and a librarian. I also love Jenny as a character. She was portrayed in a way that I could imagine running into her teaching at my high school. She was a character I could see actually existing as a part of my world. Sadly, I don’t see this as a long-lasting relationship. Mostly because they didn’t know each other very well and never struck me as madly in love. Had they gotten the chance, I’m not sure it would have worked out, particularly with that slight deception on Jenny’s end that put her at odds with Buffy.

Oz/Willow – The One I Want to Want
This ship is particularly close to my heart for many reasons. Willow is probably the character high school me could relate most to, and Oz is my all-time favorite Buffyverse character. I can’t explain why. He just is. I think for much the same reason I like Jenny. Because he’s someone I could have gone to high school with (you know, aside from the werewolf part). This was the relationship I lived vicariously through when I was single or feeling bummed about a break-up. Oz was kind, considerate, quietly charismatic, drily witty, intelligent, and endlessly patient. He wasn’t some knight in shining armor, or a smoldering heartthrob. He was just a guy, like any other guy I could have known. The fact that Willow caught the eye of a nice guy gave me personal hope for my own situation. Some days it still does. Oz is the dude I would date, marry, and have little werewolf babies with. Willow is my spirit animal. So, even though these two aren’t an OTP for me as a fic writer/reader or a fan, they are my favorite ship. I could go on and on about them, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Spike/Drusilla – Eyeballs to Entrails
These two are one of my favorite ships on the show. They’re dark and twisted and they’re both formidable villains when they want to be. But Spike, despite his undeniable edge, is so gentle with Drusilla and so devoted to her, it was one of the first hints of depth we saw in a vampire other than Angel. And Drusilla, despite her timid personality, had so much power in that dynamic. She was a strong woman, a force all on her own. These two are an OTP for me. I think if Drusilla had never left Spike he would have stayed with her forever. If Drusilla managed to get a soul she and soul-having Spike would probably reconnect with interesting results.

Spike/Angel – I’m Sure That’s a Thing
I don’t really see a window for this in the run of the shows, but I totally believed these two were a Louis/Lestat type of thing back in the days of the Whirlwind. I definitely see a lot of subtext there, intended or not.

Cordelia/Xander – Well, There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day
I… don’t know where this one came from. When Cordelia and Xander shared their first dramatic kiss I think I laughed. “Oh, what a funny reaction for these two to have in that moment.” And then that moment continued into a pretty substantial relationship. I never quite understood why these two were ever a thing. Realistically, yes. I get it. We’ve all watched two people get together and started taking bets on the date of their inevitable break-up. And on some levels I get the appeal. It’s The Shop Around the Corner effect: these two can’t stand each other, so naturally they need to be together. I did like the depth this relationship uncovered in Cordelia, but it’s not one of my favorites.

Willow/Xander – Ugh. Really?
Okay, I’m admittedly biased on this one because I’ve told you how I feel about Willow/Oz. I also have a general pet peeve when it comes to stories taking two characters who are good friends and deciding they have to pair them. It bugs the crap out of me that a man and a woman aren’t allowed to just be friends in anything ever (except for Lucas and Haley in One Tree Hill and I love that about that show). I also can’t stand love triangles. In conclusion, I hated this. Blasphemy. Never should have happened. Oz is a saint for forgiving Willow. Cordelia has every right to be pissed off about it. Xander’s a dick for having the nerve to pull that Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered crap.

Buffy/Faith – Now That You Mention It…
A relationship between Buffy and Faith never occurred to me when I watched the show. Then I read some fanfiction and some discussions about some subtext between these two. So, when I rewatched the show recently it was like “Wow, how did I never see that before?” One of my favorite moments in the show is the shared dream between Buffy and Faith at the end of season three. There is so much going on between these two women. I’m not sure the timing for a pairing was ever right for them in the show. Buffy was kind of closed off to Faith in the beginning, threatened by her and distant. Then once Faith went rogue I think she did some pretty unforgivable stuff as far as Buffy’s concerned. Faith could say the same. Buffy did try to kill her. I don’t think Buffy would ever forgive Faith for poisoning Angel, or for the body swap, but I don’t think Faith would fault her for that. And I think Faith could forgive Buffy for stabbing her. I wish there was a window somewhere in the story where I could see this ship happening. Maybe post season seven. I’d have to think on it. However, I think these two women have a unique bond and, under the right circumstances and in the right plot, I could see this happening.

Giles/Joyce – Awkward
I’m glad this was just kind of a fun one-time thing because how awkward would that have been? I feel like Joyce is always a bit competitive with Giles when it comes to Buffy. On the one hand, she respects Giles and appreciates how much he cares for Buffy. On the other hand, she resents him at times for endangering Buffy or for taking her away on some level. I think these two would always have a difference in opinion on what’s best for Buffy, and that would kill any chance at a relationship they might have. How funny was that Band Candy episode, though?

Xander/Faith – Wait, What Just Happened?
Again, I’m glad this was a one-time thing because – wait, what? This struck me as a plot device, a way to show us Faith was more dangerous than we thought. Tough break for Xander.

Xander/Anya – Haha! Oh, Wait… You’re Serious?
The issue I have with this ship is that it became a running gag on the show that Xander always fell for the monsters or the weirdos. Even when their relationship started, Anya was so awkward and out of place it was comedic. So when they made Xander and Anya a long-term couple I could never really take it seriously. I was always waiting for the punchline. It didn’t help that as the show progressed they sort of gave Anya the Eric Matthews treatment and she went from trying to get used to being a mortal to “Who dropped her on her head?” Although they kind of grew on me, I never really considered this a realistic or long-lasting pairing. I did like Anya’s arc after Xander bailed on their wedding. We got to see her trying to return to her demon ways and feeling conflicted. We got to see Xander struggle with the idea of a healthy marriage. That was all well and good. I just don’t see this as an OTP kind of thing.

Riley/Buffy – A Breath of Fresh Air
This is another ship that I personally really enjoy. Riley is a good, solid guy who’s a badass in his own right and doesn’t mind dating a woman who’s independent and badass. I think Riley and Buffy had a healthy relationship, for the most part, until that clunkily executed break-up at the end (I think the show could have written that better). This wasn’t quite a relationship I related to or lived vicariously through because Riley’s not really my type and I couldn’t really relate to Buffy much during this point in her arc. But, I enjoyed watching this ship and I really wanted it to work. It was healthy and safe, and Buffy never has enough of that in her life. However, I think the issues in the relationship were realistic. Buffy got kind of closed off and neglectful, and Riley got insecure and needy. Had that fortuitous and conveniently timed job offer not come along, I think these two could have eventually worked through those issues with some effort and commitment. But, I don’t think Riley could ever hold a candle to Angel, so as long as Angel was in the picture I think he was always SOL.

Tara/Willow – You Make Me Complete
This ship took me some time to warm up to, mainly because I felt like they wrote Oz out a bit unceremoniously so I didn’t quite buy the quick progression to Tillow. However, I think these two had one of the most functional, realistic relationships in either of the shows. I would consider it THE most functional relationship if the whole addiction to magic arc with Willow hadn’t happened (but that was a bit manipulative and unhealthy). I think Willow truly became whole as she grew over the course of her relationship with Tara, and I think Tara could breathe with Willow and feel comfortable with herself. I can’t picture these two ever being as fulfilled with other people as they are with each other. I would have liked to see more of Willow coming to terms with her sexuality and dealing with that, and I would have liked to see a bit more development with the relationship. But these two are an OTP for me.

Spike/Anya – I Almost Forgot About That
I didn’t like this either. They just shoved these two together, got them drunk, and had them sleep together. It felt very contrived to me and I wasn’t a fan.

Angel/Cordelia – I Guess You’ll Do
I never quite bought into this. It’s very similar to Jenny and Giles for me in the way that it was hinted at that these two might have warm fuzzies for each other, but nothing was ever significantly done with it. For me, I don’t know if I see this as a viable relationship. A lot of that is due to Angel being hung up on Buffy.

Cordelia/Doyle – A Face You Could Learn to Love
These two had so much potential and I wanted so badly for them to be a couple. Another Jenny Calendar effect here where there was barely anything to suggest a possible relationship. But I think the chemistry between the two characters was spot on from the start. From the second he sees her Doyle’s head over heels with the idea of her and she’s rolling her eyes all “as if.” But then they get to know each other and he genuinely appreciates the person she is. Unfortunately she never really gets to know him at all, so I don’t really know how that relationship would have panned out. But I would have loved to see what would have happened.

Fred/Angel – Handsome Man Saved Me from the Monsters
I’m glad this never became a full relationship in the show. I like the fact that these two were genuine friends and there weren’t any romantic strings attached. Fred had a bit of a crush in the beginning, but I think that was a confusing mix-up on her part more than actual feelings. He saved her, so she automatically developed an appreciation for him. Overall these two had a sweet friendship and, while I think it could have developed into something under the right circumstances, I’m really glad it didn’t.

Fred/Gunn – What Could They Possibly Have in Common?
I’m not sure how these two ended up together. Opposites attract, I suppose. It just didn’t feel like a real relationship to me. I tried to picture these two sitting around bored and talking and I had no idea what they’d possibly talk about. I feel like they’d be having a strike out conversation. “Do you like movies?” “Oh, I haven’t really seen too many. I do like some of those old black-and-white romantic movies.” “Oh. I’m not much for romance. More of an action kind of guy.” “Oh… Have you read any good books lately?” “Uh… Not really. Been a little busy sharpening my knives and stakes.” “Oh, right…” *cricket, cricket* It’s not quite that I don’t like this ship. It’s more that I would have liked to have seen more of it, how it developed and how they worked. I didn’t really have enough evidence to buy into it.

Fred/Wesley – Too Much Alike
I understand the appeal of this ship, but in my opinion these two are too similar for a relationship to work well. I think they’re much better as friends.

Buffy/Spike – Love Me, Hate Me
I have a lot of personal bias with this one and it brings up some unpleasant feelings for me, so I don’t think I could ever fully get on board with it even if I tried. That being said, I could see why this made sense at the time. This was always a relationship I could see happening under the right circumstances. Well, the stars aligned in season six and there you have it. The thing I don’t like about this ship is how very unhealthy it is on both sides. It’s very manipulative and abusive, and while that would be just fine if the two of them were soulless villains, it felt pretty out of character some of the time, particularly for Buffy. There was always a forced nature to it for me, which maybe was the point. Anyway, overall while I can see how it makes sense and I get the appeal, this isn’t one I can rally behind because it makes me feel too icky.

Angel/Faith – Huh. Well, That’s Interesting
There’s a lot of potential here. I think Faith and Angel understand things about one another no one else really could. They’ve both done terrible things (and enjoyed it), and they’re both on sort of an impossible road to redemption. After a certain point, these two quietly became pretty ride or die for one another. And believably so. I didn’t really see a place in the show’s storyline where their pairing could have realistically fit, but I could see these two being a pair under the right circumstances. I think problems would arise because Angel’s OTP is Buffy, and I think Faith would be very troubled by the idea of being compared to Buffy. But, it would be an interesting run while it lasted.

Wesley/Lilah – A Sharp Turn
This was unexpected, but very cool. I liked that we saw a darker edge to Wesley and a softer side of Lilah. I also believed this relationship from the start. It made total sense to me at the time even though I didn’t see it coming. These two had a mutual respect for each other, and they challenged each other. I also think they were very much in love, but neither of them really wanted to voice it (and I think they understood that about each other). While this relationship wasn’t good for the rest of the characters involved because it sort of took Wesley away from the group, I like this ship a lot and it has the potential to be an OTP in my book. I would have needed to see a bit more of it.

Angel/Darla – It’s Complicated
I have mixed feelings about this one. While I think Darla and Angel totally miss the mark, Darla and Angelus are a perfect match, much like Spike and Drusilla. I think Angelus and Darla have a mutual appreciation for torturing and ruining others, and I think Darla understands exactly who Angelus is and is content to let him be that. He may not be devoted to her or even in love with her, but she’s okay with that. As long as she’s a part of the fun and she’s in on the plans. It’s not like she’s entirely loyal to him either. She has her own agenda and likes her independence. However even human Darla and soul-toting Angel didn’t really click for me. I think these two only work when they’re both soulless monsters.

Connor/Cordelia – Eww, Why is This Happening?
This was just gross. Wrong on so many levels. Cordelia was a mother figure to Connor, so her having a romantic thing with him was just icky, amnesia or no. Don’t even get me started on the “It wasn’t really Cordelia” thing. However, on Connor’s end I totally understood it. He never knew Cordelia as a mother figure. She was someone who was in a similar position he was in. They were both sort of lost and out of place, and neither of them trusted the group of people claiming to be their allies. I also think Connor sort of needs something to do or he goes a little sideways. He needs a thing to kill, a task to complete, or someone to protect. Cordelia was a purpose he could cling to, and cling he sure as shit did. However, this is another one I think was blasphemy and never should have happened. It was outright character assassination for both of them.

That’s about all the steam I have. If I think of anymore ships I’ll do another entry. In the meantime, please comment, discuss, or message if you feel the need.

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Since you're a fellow fan of versatile sterek, would you be able to rec me some? I'm having rotten luck finding any.

Sure thing!

  • Cornerstone by Vendelin (E, 84k) Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.
  • Salty Sweet by secondstar (E, 46k) Derek works at a porn store. One day, Stiles comes in asking all sorts of TMI questions about different toys. That’s where it all starts.
  • Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll (E, 77k) “Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.
  • our lives are changing lanes by grimm (E, 47k) There’s a lot of screaming going on inside the first house Stiles visits. He isn’t really worried, because it sounds like kids, but then the door opens and hi, says his dick, because the dude in front of him is gorgeous, built like a god with a face like thunder. Stiles wants to lick that solid jaw line. Hold the fuck on, says his cop brain, because the dude’s got kids hanging all over him; one’s on his back, skinny legs looped around his waist, and another two hanging off one arm, toes barely brushing the ground. There’s a tubby toddler clinging to his leg like a koala, and he’s got a baby tucked into the crook of the one arm that doesn’t have kids hanging off it. Stiles’ mouth drops open. "How many of those kids did you kidnap?“ he asks before he can wrangle his brain into submission. The man gives him a look that says what the fuck is wrong with you and snaps, “You think I’d subject myself to this on purpose?” "Oooh,“ says one of the kids hanging off his arm. "I’m telling Mom.”
  • Dwells Amidst Your Walls by the_ragnarok (E, 11k) Scott accidentally sells Stiles’ virginity on Craigslist. (Derek wins.)
  • Versus by secondstar (E, 94k) At age nineteen, Stiles Stilinski was the next big thing, according to The Guardian. It was surreal, not being able to turn on Sky Sports without hearing his name mentioned along with the names of players he grew up idolizing. Stiles couldn’t believe that this was his life.
  • Dating Backwards by RemainNameless (E, 86k) Pornstars Derek and Stiles work for the same company. Derek only shoots with werewolves and Stiles only shoots with humans. That’s not going to change after they meet. It’s really not. (It might.)
  • Derek Hale: Werewolf Cop by the_deep_magic (E, 36k) Derek Hale is a werewolf. He is also a cop. Any questions?
  • You Can Call Me What You Want by secondstar (E, 69k) Stiles Stilinski specializes in giving his clients exactly what they need.He knows what to say and how to act. It’s easy and he’s good at it. He never breaks.
  • But Then What… by Stoney (E, 23k) Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He’s someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn’t like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn’t attracted to him. Except that is a total lie. Fuck his life, seriously.
  • There’s Monsters At Home by calrissian18 (E, 83k) “How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many. The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.” Derek despised him.
  • The Sundering Kiss by trilliath (E, 92k) Stiles is a young adult incubus who has made his way to New York City. After his first makeout session ended in death, he left Beacon Hills to try and understand what he was and protect the people he cared about. But being his father’s son, in name if not by birth, he’s never been able to accept the idea of killing innocent humans to feed himself. So in order to survive and keep his morals both, he travels across the country feeding on sexual predators.Derek is a NYC werewolf cop, who dedicates his life to protecting and serving both the human and fae communities - protecting them from each other if necessary. When a string of succubus or incubus kills starts hitting his city, and Derek runs into Stiles at a crime scene, Derek wants to find a way to help this neophyte fae survive under the radar before someone else puts him down.Too bad Stiles seems to run away whenever Derek gets near him.
  • That Feeling That I’m Under by wearing_tearing (E, 289k) Stiles is a paramedic and Derek gets into a bike accident.It’s kind of love at first sight.
  • The Curse of St Valentine by llassah (E, 13k) There are a few werewolves, largely dismissed as crocks by the general population, who claim that Valentine’s Day has been commercialized by werewolves who have infiltrated the card publishing industry in order to give people an explanation for the intense increase in overblown futile romantic gestures at this time of year. Werewolves, on the second full moon of the year, are overcome with both an intense physical desire and the overwhelming urge to woo their chosen mate. Derek Hale’s struck down by the Curse of Saint Valentine. It’s not all bad.
  • You Set My Soul Alight by Captain_Loki (E, 5k) Derek finds Stiles’ toys…basically Stiles + Derek + Dildos
  • Bubbles by always_addicted (E, 58k) Stiles knew he was in trouble the minute his father sat next to him with *that* look on his face. But he didn’t expect the words “Governor Hale’s son” and “arranged marriage” to come spilling out of the Sheriff’s mouth. But really, he should’ve known it would be bad. He just couldn’t imagine anything worse.
  • Intro to Art For NonMajors by otapop (Not Rated, 13k) Derek has one more class to pass before he can finish his degree but he can’t bring himself to give a shit about art. He can, however, give a shit about his professor.
  • Public Displays of Affection by grimm (E, 7k) It starts, like so many things do, with a dare.
  • If you asked me if I loved him, I’d lie by dereksstilinski (E, 37k) Derek has already typed the entire report out and even got all of the stuff prepared for the poster that Stiles and him will have to present. Derek found that he actually didn’t mind doing all the work when it was Stiles he was doing it for, but he wasn’t going to let Stiles get away completely. He was going to get Stiles to come over and help with the poster, so help him god.
  • The Worst Thing That I Ever Did by RemainNameless (E, 41k) Stiles would say his relationship with Derek is about fifteen percent empty threats, thirty percent sass, ten percent avoiding violence together, and five percent eyebrows. If anyone asked, he would say the remaining forty percent is mutual orgasms. It’s a good thing no one ever asks.
  • Hold your tongue and hear me out by TamzStripped (E, 11k)  Derek just needs to find the owner of the stupid name on his wrist so he can finally be happy. He’s damaged goods and he can’t even pronounce the name on his wrist. He’s beginning to think he will be alone forever. That might be ok though, as long as he can keep Stiles in his life, he might just be able to be happy. Or Stiles pining after his best friends big brother waiting for the idiot to fall in love with him without some predestined bullshit so that they can live happily ever after, and if they are lucky, have lots and lots of sex. Lots.
  • First Date by onlymystory (M, 15k) Stiles has Danny set him up with a date. But Derek’s reaction ensures the night ends very differently.
  • Nine Times Out of Ten by lielabell (E, 5k) Nine times out of ten, Stiles is the one being pushed back on the bed with his head tilted back to expose his neck. Nine times out of ten, Stiles’s legs are the ones that are spread, his hands are the ones that grip the sheets. Nine times out of ten, Stiles gasps and moans and arches up into Derek’s touch, Stiles’s thighs grip at Derek’s hips; Stiles’s feet lock together behind Derek’s back. Nine times out of ten, Stiles takes and takes and takes and loves every single second of it. But the tenth time …The tenth time is different.
  • Famous Last Words by JenNova (E, 63k)  “So,” Stiles says, resting his elbows on his knees and settling his chin in his hands. “Hypothetical then: one of you guys gets dosed with some sex wolfsbane – how do we deal with it?”
  • By Fang and Fury by grimm (E, 12k)  He doesn’t come to The Beacon to pick up people. It’s precisely the reason why he doesn’t go anywhere else. People in this neighborhood know him, know he’s not interested in being hit on, which allows him to have a drink in peace. Derek knows he’s good-looking, but the type of people it attracts disgust him. At least other werewolves can smell the unfriendliness on him and stay away, but that doesn’t stop everyone. He went to a gay bar with his coworker Isaac once and it was horrifying.
  • A Mating Moon by unpossible (E, 38k) “Hey, Scott, so, I uh, there’s this amazingly hot guy and I’m uh, gonna spend the weekend with him but, you know, just to be careful, I’m sending you his picture, so if by some terrible chance my bloated corpse shows up sometime Monday, just, y’know pass this along to the authorities.” He pauses. “Uh. Kidding?” and then hangs up with a rush of air. “That is the worst voicemail in the history of voicemails,” Derek says.
  • Laundry Nights by themellyb123 (E, 7k) It didn’t help his embarrassment that the man looked like he belonged in a damn porn magazine, with his dark black hair and stubble going all the way under his chin, and high cheekbones and the most amazing green eyes and body full of muscle. And then Stiles remembers that he’s Stiles, a skinny twenty two year old who has failed in the department of obtaining muscle and facial hair as of yet. So he sits a seat away from the stranger, biting his lip as he stares at his hands on his lap. "Don’t worry about it.“ The man says, chuckling, and sweet lord if that voice isn’t making the blood rush from Stiles’ cheeks to somewhere else.

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A rumor floats around at school that his long desired crush has agreed to go out with someone else. Turns out it was just an April Fool's joke that started from one of his teammates but he doesn't find out until he confronts + confesses to her. (For Kagami, Midorima & Aomine) thanks for your time~ I'm forever a fan of you guys.

Kagami: He could still hear his coach’s words echoing around in his head. There’s a rumor ____ is falling in love with someone from another school! Now’s your chance to steal them away! He tried shaking his head, begging the thought to go away, but the movement only gave him a slight headache.

“Kagami? Is something wrong?”

He glanced over to you, your smaller frame sitting across from him at the table. He’d taken you to Maji Burger of all places. Not quite the best place for a date, but it was all he could afford. Wait; did you even realize this was a date? Maybe you were too focused on your love from another school. Kagami groaned. He’d really messed up this time.

“Kagami? Are you feeling ill? Does something taste bad?”

“I’m fine,” he finally says after a while. “It’s just. You. You shouldn’t really be here right now, right?”

“What do you mean?” Confusion settles itself in your voice. Hadn’t Kagami asked you to hang out?

“I mean, y-you like someone from another school, right? You should be with them,” he encourages, despite feeling his heart cracking in two.

He’s met with silence for a long moment before you speak once more, just as confused as before. “No? The guy I like doesn’t go to a different school.”

“He doesn’t?!”

A sense of relief washes over Kagami as he realizes the rumors were wrong. He doesn’t even realize that it still didn’t mean he was the one you were in love with. Though, from the way you were smiling at his goofy expression of gratitude and joy, it was safe to say he had nothing to worry about.

Aomine: The entire scenario seemed almost like a shoujo anime, Aomine slamming the door to your classroom open, causing all eyes to be on him. He was breathing heavily, almost as if he’d been running. He totally didn’t just sprint down the stairs from the roof. As soon as his eyes found yours, he was walking over. Hands slamming down on your desk, startling you, he glares.

“Y-yes?” You ask, unsure why Touou’s ace was suddenly staring heavily at you.

“It’s not true, right?” He suddenly asks, almost cutting you off. “Momoi’s just lying to me. She has to be.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you say. Momoi? Was she talking about you? And for what?

“You’re not dating that snob from class five, right?”


“She saw you two together at lunch!”

Blushing, you shake your head. “N-No!” You defend, before retaliating with, “He was in front of me in line and we struck up a conversation! That’s it! Why? Would it have mattered if I was?”

Suddenly, it was Aomine’s turn to blush. “Tch, no,” he murmurs, turning away to hide his embarrassment. “That guy’s just a dweeb…” Something in his voice tells you otherwise, however.

Midorima: “So, how are you and your lab partner doing?”

The question is so out of the blue, you almost don’t answer it. Looking toward Midorima, you notice he’s still quite focused on his homework, hand writing answers at a pace that nearly leaves you flabbergasted. It takes you a full five seconds before you answer.

“We’re… fine, I guess.”

His eyebrow twitches up a fraction of an inch. He’s interested to know more, but unwilling to let you know. Nonetheless, he continues his interrogations.

“You two are getting along well?”

“Yeah, he’s a great guy,” you respond nonchalantly. This line of conversation was boring you.

“He treats you well?”

“Yes, he does. Any other questions, mom?” You ask teasingly, wondering why Midorima was so curious all of a sudden.

He blushes at your subtle accusation, glaring at you slightly. “I was just curious,” he defends, huffing a bit. “I’ve heard… rumors.” His voice goes up half an octave on the last word, and he curses himself for being so afraid.

“Rumors?” You prompt, then it hits you. You’d heard them too. “Of us dating? Gross, no!” Your laugh fills the room as you clear the air of the false accusation and Midorima can suddenly feel his heart beating normally once more. “He’s just my lab partner! We’re only close ‘cause our parents know each other.”


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It's not fair to vote against Klaine. I love Chris Colfer's books, I've read them all, but the fact is I'm also a Klainer. We want to win to show those homophobic delena fans that they can't beat us, every vote for Delena goes to a Neathendral as Kurt Hummel would call it. So yes. Although I understand why you want to make it all about Chris in the chris colfer tag it's not fair to destroy our hard work for celebrating Chris's character On glee either!

First of all: you (and other Klainers) really have to stop saying that most/all? people who vote against Klaine are homophobic, whether they are Delena fans or not. It’s simply not true (although I’m sure there are a few, as there are idiots in every fandom). And it’s also quite low of you to try to bring a serious (and very real for many people) problem due to nasty, ignorant hate into a stupid fandom fight about a poll for ships.

Also: how nice of you to play the misunderstood victim card here, while in the same breath you’re calling Delena fans hateful names, saying they are homophobic and primitive (and no: Kurt Hummel would never call them that word).

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Rowling totally undervalued Ron & R/Hr in that interview she did with emma watson- saying things like "i didn't do r/hr for credibility reasons" or "the attraction itself is plausible but the combative side of it-not sure you could have got over that in an adult relationship, there was too much fundamental incompatibility" AND "In some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit" "Hermione struck with harry- not ron which says something about ron-" etc so that's why I think jkr undervalues Ron. :(

I kept my mouth shut about that whole thing because, honestly, I think the entire article was ridiculously blown out of proportion. I didn’t get why people were so upset about it. I think her actual criticism of the ship—that they would bicker too much and possibly need counselling—is completely legitimate because Ron and Hermione did bicker all. the. time. And that they were young and passionate and maybe needed to grow up a bit to make each other truly happy.

What they actually said:

Watson: I don’t know. I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy.

Rowling: Yes exactly.

Watson: And vice versa.

Rowling: It was a young relationship. I think the attraction itself is plausible but the combative side of it… I’m not sure you could have got over that in an adult relationship, there was too much fundamental incompatibility. I can’t believe we are saying all of this – this is Potter heresy!

And then, yes, they ramble on about the tent scene and JK wondering if Harry and Hermione may have been better together. She wondered, youk know? And that’s her…her right to do. Here’s what she said: 

Rowling: And actually I liked that scene in the film, because it was articulating something I hadn’t said but I had felt. I really liked it and I thought that it was right. I think you do feel the ghost of what could have been in that scene.

Watson: It’s a really haunting scene. It is funny because it really divided people. Some people loved that scene and some people really didn’t.

And then a bit about Hermione sticking with Harry through till the end, not Ron, which is, y’know, canon and part of the book and something that needed to happen for Ron’s character. This. Like this is…you know…such a large part of Ron’s character development. She’s not bashing him here, they’re just talking about him…

Rowling: That is just it, you are so right. All this says something very powerful about the character of Hermione as well. Hermione was the one that stuck with Harry all the way through that last installment, that very last part of the adventure. It wasn’t Ron, which also says something very powerful about Ron. He was injured in a way, in his self-esteem, from the start of the series. He always knew he came second to fourth best, and then he had to make friends with the hero of it all and that’s a hell of a position to be in, eternally overshadowed. So Ron had to act out in that way at some point.

Rowling: Oh, maybe she and Ron will be alright with a bit of counseling, you know. I wonder what happens at wizard marriage counseling? They’ll probably be fine. He needs to work on his self-esteem issues and she needs to work on being a little less critical.

Watson: I think it makes sense to me that Ron would make friends with the most famous wizard in the school because I think life presents to you over and over again your biggest and most painful fear – until you conquer it. It just keeps coming up.

Rowling: This is so true, it has happened in my own life. The issue keeps coming up because you are drawn to it and you are putting yourself in front of it all the time. At a certain point you have to choose what to do about it and sometimes conquering it is choosing to say: I don’t want that anymore, I’m going to stop walking up to you because there is nothing there for me. But yes, you’re so right, that’s very insightful. Ron’s used to playing second fiddle. I think that’s a comfortable role for him, but at a certain point he has to be his own man, doesn’t he?

Watson: Yes, and until he does it is unresolved. It is unfinished business. So maybe life presented this to him enough times until he had to make a choice and become the man that Hermione needs.

Rowling: Just like her creator, she has a real weakness for a funny man. These uptight girls, they do like them funny.

Watson: They do like them funny, they need them funny.

I don’t know. I just don’t see it. The interview was largely about Hermione and it was all so over-hyped by (shocker!) hypable and I just don’t see the undervaluing. 

I love Ron TO DEATH but I don’t see the big deal that people saw in this. 

Everyone, however, is free to interpret as they will!

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What's your opinion on Chris' new book Stranger Than Fanfiction? I'm seeing a lot of fans who are upset by it, which I understand. We all know that Chris has sort of a love-hate relationship with fame in general, and the crazyness of some of his fans seems to bother him at times. I'm a little worried that it will be sort of like Struck By Lightning where he wrote about hating Clover (Clovis). I don't want the book to portray the fans as crazy or weird and know that's how he feels about us.

I like this question because there is an honesty to it without vitriol. 

So what I think? I will rush to the bookstore and consume it impatiently without putting it down, and am also apprehensive about it. So I guess it’s great marketing lol?

Thoughts about the whole thing under the cut…

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