as in i can think of four couples


this couple is trying to hit it (or have me hit it rather lmao)

and I asked for pix of them both and he sent FOUR (4)

and I said “can I see your boyfriend” thinking he only sent himself

and he said “boyfriend is 1st and 3rd pic” jnewfhiebghe

Another freaking idea!! -.-’

Can someone please stop me? I have yet another fanfic idea!!! DX

The idea is a story about fem Chuuya and Dazai being a married couple in old Japan. The two have four children. Akutagawa (oldest) Atsushi (second oldest) Gin (second youngest) and Kyouka (youngest). One day Dazai just disappears, leaving his family behind. They all think he’s dead (because he’s a suicide maniac after all) and continues with their lives until one day they see that Dazai is still alive but happily living with someone else.

So… should I leave that story unwritten or shall I sit down and write it? Because I already know how I would want it to end X3


I was watching a playthrough of Yakuza Kiwami with one of my favorite Let’s Players and got to this sequence (WHICH I LOVE GOD DANG IT I WANT TO SEE B-ROLL FOOTAGE OF THE VOICE ACTORS) : And wanted to do weird karaoke doodles where everyone was super supportive of Alice. I think Kara would lose it if Alice sang at karaoke. Even if Alice was good or bad at singing. Same with Luther. And I personally think Hank has a soft spot for Alice in my doodles. This got long so cutting it a bit short with a cut. No spoilers down here so no worries!

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Seeing new canon material with Annie from official art to manga events to the announcement of the Lost Girls OVA

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A/N So I said I was going to do a drabble and then I liked two particular prompts and it turned into this… thingie…

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety) - can be read as platonic

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort

Word Count: 980

Warnings: self-deprecating thoughts


Virgil doesn’t like himself. Patton loves him regardless.

He stares into the mirror and his reflection frowns back. His eyeshadow is thickly applied today so, if he does decide to drag himself out of his room, the others won’t notice the dark bags sinking into his skin. His hair is a mess and he shrinks into his hoodie to compensate for this. The more things he hides about himself, the better he looks.

Virge sighs, and turns away from his own glare. It’s no secret that he isn’t exactly… fond of himself. A better description would be just ‘he hates himself’, but he never really had been as dramatic as a certain other side. It takes another minute of staring blankly at the bathroom tiles before he gives up and decides that today is just going to be one of those days where he doesn’t leave his room.

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I love how, of all the characters to go from 0 to 100 in the new promos, it’s Lars fucking Barriga.

Like he just stood up one day and was like, “Y’know what? Fuck this. Fuck all of this. I didn’t get brought back from the dead to spend my time in the fricking elephant graveyard from Lion King. New Lars doesn’t play that way. Y’know what we’re gonna do? You want to know what we’re gonna do?”

“What’re we gonna do, Lars?”

“We’re gonna steal a motherfucking spaceship, that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna steal a spaceship and get to Earth ourselves.”

“Lars, only maybe three or four of us (if you count some of Fluorite) know how to pilot a ship-”

“I’m an undead pink zombie. You’re alien rocks. I think we can figure it out.”

A couple seconds later Padparadscha claps her hands. “Ooh, how exciting! We’re going to be rebels!”

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i saw that prompts are open and since robin dick and dad bruce are the reason that I live i was wondering if you could you write something where little robin dick is exposed to a new strain of fear gas and bruce comforts him while the antidote is being made?

I keep missing the mark for these prompts, even while fully intend to follow them, but have some Bruce and Dick fluff/hurt/comfort.

“Bruce,” Dick whispers into the dark of the bedroom, and Bruce feels small fingers wrap themselves tightly around Bruce’s hand.

The boy is staring at him with bright blue eyes from the side of the bed, and while part of Bruce thinks that four in the morning is far too early to be dealing with anything, let alone an nine year old boy who looks like he’ll crumble at any second, another part of him opens his eyes all the way, and asks, “Dick?”

“I’m scared,” Dick says, his voice barely audible. He’s trembling from head to foot. Nightmares, probably. If Bruce had to guess, the fear toxin probably hadn’t been fully neutralized by the antidote yet. “Bruce. Can I…?”

Bruce grunts, because it’s still four in the morning, and he’d spent the last couple hours before sleeping making sure that Robin hadn’t succumbed to the fear toxin that Crane had injected into him. Dick takes it as an affirmative, apparently, because the next thing Bruce knows, there’s a child squirming his way beneath the covers and digging his heel into his shins.

“Your feet are cold,” Bruce tells Dick, and Dick kicks him with his freezing cold feet, probably just to make Bruce flinch. Bruce doesn’t give him the satisfaction. Instead, he wraps his arms around his son and pulls him closer, grumbling, “Where were you, Antarctica?”

“No!” Dick protests, swatting at Bruce’s chest. It doesn’t hurt, and the trembling starts to taper off. Bruce is glad. Dick continues, his voice a touch quieter, “I was in the bathroom and the tile is cold in there.”

“Hnn. For how long?”

Bruce feels Dick shrug. “I dunno. I was feeling sick.”

Sick. Definitely the fear toxin, then. Dick’s immune system still isn’t used to dealing with coming into contact with unknown toxins like Crane’s crazy concoctions, and Bruce is familiar with the nausea that can creep up on someone, even after the antidote has been administered.

For the millionth time today, Bruce hates how he’s let Dick become a part of his world like this. He hates the danger he’s constantly putting Dick in by letting him go out as Robin at Batman’s side. But then he thinks about what would happen if he didn’t let Dick be Robin, and how terrified Bruce had felt when Dick had gone after Zucco alone.

“Bruce?” Dick’s back to whispering, then. “Did you fall asleep?”

Bruce hums.


“I’m asleep, chum.”

He can practically feel Dick frowning at him. Maybe he’s even pouting. “No, you’re not,” Dick tells him. “You’re a liar.”

“Am not.”

“Are, too.”

Bruce tugs Dick a little closer, and then he rolls over, so that he’s on top of Dick. Not enough to crush him, but the spontaneous roll over has Dick yelping in surprise.

“Oof. You’re heavy,” Dick complains, flopping his head back on Bruce’s pillow. Then he turns his face towards Bruce and says real seriously, “I think you’ve had one too many of Alfred’s cookies.”

“Brat,” Bruce huffs, and then rolls back over, so that he and Dick are both lying on their backs.

Neither of them say anything for a little while, and Bruce finds himself drifting off into a doze. Dick’s trembling has completely stopped by this point, and his breathing is soft and even enough to lull Bruce into relaxing.

Bruce is just on the edge of sleep when he feels Dick scoot towards him, fingers grabbing onto his t-shirt. Bruce doesn’t react, letting Dick get comfortable. He’d probably pretend to be asleep even if Dick were to climb all over him like a jungle gym again. He’s just glad that the fear he’d heard in Dick’s voice and saw in his body is gone now.

He’s glad Dick’s alright.

“Thanks, dad,” Dick breathes, and in the morning, Bruce wonders if he’d imagined it or not.


Tumblr wants formatting and quality only to suffer, but, y’know, it’s Pride month, so here’s a scene from the graphic novel that @queerjew and I have been working on for the past… forever. It’s been highkey collaborative, but for the most part Dean did linework, traditional print lettering, and backgrounds, and I did the script, colors, and the tactile overlays (not shown).

It’s called Family is Always There, and it’s the first in a trilogy following a crew of queer disabled kids and teenagers as they navigate tricky situations like relationships, starting HRT without the input of actual medical doctors, and fighting hordes of horse-sized locusts with human faces! Did I mention it’s the end of the world? Because it’s the end of the world.

Anyway, we’re doing a bunch of cool stuff with this I’m really proud of, including roughs of a full-color edition with thermographic embossed braille and tactile graphics, which, as far as we know, nobody has ever tried to do before with a graphic novel. So, you know, no pressure.

Image descriptions under the cut.

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So… I was thinking about this.

Can we imagine Donald sitting with their eggs?

The first pip from all their eggs. A sign that they’re ready to hatch.

A couple of hours, and it’s the first crack in their shell.

Duck eggs can take a total of 24 hours or more to hatch- Huey comes out first, raring to go, and Dewey is right after, straight from the shell- (donald hasnt slept in the twenty four hours it takes.)

But… Louie worries him. Ten minutes, and not another pip. Not another sound.


And thirty.

He’s panicking.

He knows he can’t help them hatch, but what if- what if he doesn’t and it dies anyway-?


He promises, ten minutes, and he’s going to do somethi-

And there’s louie, still as lazy as ever- donald is just… oh honey. He’s just glad they’re all safe and alive.

Ok so I have to say something

Skimming through the Beauty and the Beast tag, along with the title characters tags, there is a TON of people crapping on the movie. Griping about costumes, Emma, how many songs there are, the plot changes… A ton of stuff. And mostly they just sound like a bunch of 5 year olds who didn’t get their minds read and catered to.
So I’m here to tell you the movie is freaking fantastic. I’ve been a major, huge, lifetime fan of the animated Beauty and the Beast from 1991 (I was two when it came out and it’s my second favorite Disney movie of all time). I went into the theater with huge expectations and this movie rocketed past them.
The dress: Is it very different? Yes but it works. Pictures of it bummed me out but seeing it move on screen was incredible. And she uses the dress to do more than dance so it’s perfect for it. Read: it’s gorgeous, especially when they dance.
The costumes: Beautiful. Of course Belle wears the iconic blue dress with a couple twists but she also changes because one does not normally wear the exact same thing for weeks.
Emma: I’ve never seen a single HP movie so I had basically nothing to go off of when it came to her. I thought she did an impeccable job. She kept Belle’s fire, her vulnerability, her big heart, her softness, and subtracted none from her.
The songs: …. It’s a Disney movie. A musical Disney animated movie reimagined with live characters, but still a Disney musical movie. And it’s awesome. I never tired of the songs, they added three or four? None felt out of place or Too Much. And honestly, holy crap, I see zero complaints on Dan Stevens’ Evermore I think we can all agree that was straight up breathtaking.
The plot: They did change a couple things but they were things that could live with being changed. If anything the changes strengthened the plot. Without giving much away, they solidified why Belle was kept at the castle, why she felt so out of place in her town, how Beast wasn’t just a bratty Prince and gave the prince an even more defined character arc, and every character was 3 dimensional by the rolling credits.
I just want to tell you all, who want to see the film or are worried from all the whining you’re seeing on here, that this movie is exceptional. It’s beautifully acted, it’s funny (even a little self deprecating,) it’s gorgeous onscreen, and as a lifetime lover of the original it brought me to tears more than once.
Bravo, Disney, seriously.

Imagine this ‘we’ll get married once he wins a gold medal’ bullshit coming back to bite Viktor, specifically, in the ass

Like, Yuuri wins Japanese nationals no problem and Viktor is like ‘perfect! I’ll come right back as the Russian champion and we’ll be such a perfect couple!’ but a) he doesn’t win Russian nationals. He’s a little out of practice and Yuri isn’t fucking around. and b) Yuuri just doesn’t think national championships count??? He’s like ‘um, no??? international competitions only.’

And then Yuuri wins Four Continents with JJ and Phichit sharing the podium and the TV cameras catch Phichit leaning up to ask if that means he can be Yuuri’s best man? And Yuuri is like ‘idk guys I feel weird about counting this as The Gold when I haven’t beaten Yuri or Viktor yet? I don’t think that’s in the spirit of the thing? Russians or it doesn’t count.’ and Phichit breaks down a little and it goes viral

Viktor deliberately throws worlds, and Yuuri finds out about it and deliberately also throws worlds. It kills him to do it, but if Viktor isn’t even going to try then fuck that. Yuri shares the podium with JJ and Chris and nobody is happy. Somebody on Twitter speculates that they may both have been hungover/still drunk from the night before and when asked about it, Yuuri stares directly into the camera and says ‘yes absolutely that is a reason for us to have made this terrible mistake’ because that’s genuinely less humiliating.

World Team Trophy is a disaster for everyone involved because the entire Russian team kidnaps Viktor and threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn’t wipe the fucking ice with his fiancee (they all love Yuuri but this is a team based event, Viktor, you useless lesbian). Yuuri does actually score higher than both Viktor and Yuri, but Team Russia still wins overall, and no, no it does not count.

The off season is full of “okay so we’re both assigned to Skate Canada, so you win gold there, it counts, da?” “babe, you didn’t win a single gold all last season.” “I’m wounded? Offended? You would treat me in this way?” “Viktor please” “I want a divorce” “We aren’t even married yet” “And whose fault is that???” “Yours? For making this stupid gold medal rule in the first place?” “You know how I am with promises! I don’t even remember this!” “like you don’t remember to replace the empty toilet paper roll???????” while Yuri sits in the corner rubbing Makkachin’s ears like “I hate this fucking family” because every single one of their fights is about this

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request: harry and the reader have a fight before his concert and he breaks down during a song and you guys eventually make up??? thanks

ITS SO SHORT AND IM SORRY!! But thank you so much for requesting, I’m just trying to get as much out there as I can before school starts on Wednesday. ((I’m aware this definitely isn’t my best work, but I hope you still enjoy.))

My masterlist

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“Are you being serious right now?” You scoff, your voice slightly raised as anger begins to consume you. How could he be so selfish? “You’re asking me to give up my job to follow you while you tour?” Disbelief was evident on your face as you stood up from the couch and started pacing in front of him.

“I didn’t word it like that, Y/N!” Harry shouted in frustration, his emotions were mostly suffering at the fact this had been the first time you had seen each other in a good couple of months and he longed for you more than ever.

“You asked me to come on tour with you!” You threw your hands up in annoyance and shook your head at him. “You really think I can just get four months off of work like that?”

Harry leaned forward ion the couch of his dressing room, his head in his hands as he sighed loudly. The buzz of fans could be heard from inside the small room, sending another type of anxiety through Harry’s system. “It was just a fucking suggestion! I get it, you don’t want to be with me. We can leave it at that.”

“You think I don’t want to be with you?” Your voice softens as you take a seat on the arm of the chair. “Of course I do. We just have separate lives.”

“I get it!” Harry yells, wiping the palm of his hands on his suit. You bite your lip nervously, the roaring feeling of guilt and sadness whirling in your stomach. “I have to go.”

Leaving you alone with your thoughts, Harry slammed the door of the dressing room. Of course, you wished more than anything that you could just drop everything and be with Harry every second of every day, but it wasn’t as easy as that. You didn’t expect him to understand. His job was wonderful, seeing the world while working was something you had always dreamed of. But instead, your job pinned you to one city and you had the rare days off that you recently spent alone due to Harry’s tour.

Standing up carefully from the couch, your hands trembled as you made your way to watch Harry from the side of the stage. As powerful as ever, screams and applause of excitement roared and spilt into the corridors of the backstage as Harry stepped on stage. “You okay?” Jeff asked, his head cocking to one side as he checked over your expression.

“I’m fine.” You lied, plastering a fake smile as you sat on a speaker box. Sensing that you definitely didn’t want to talk about it, Jeff diverted his attention back to the stage.

“God, I’m sorry. This is so stupid.” You heard Harry mumble into his microphone, his voice shaky and uneven. Exchanging confused glances with Jeff, you see Harry turn to look at you. He’s crying. “Just a second. I love you all.” Harry shouts into the mic, jogging over to where you were stood quickly.

“Harry what-“ You start, being cut off by Harry engulfing you into a hug. He holds onto you tightly for a couple of seconds, like you’re liable of slipping out of his grasp somehow.

“I’m really sorry.” Harry sniffles and further nuzzles into the crook of your neck. You could feel his heart thumping against his ribcage and you squeezed him tighter. “I know you can’t drop everything for me, I just missed you so much. It gets a lot sometimes, you know?”

“I know.” You sigh. You pull away and press a sweet kiss onto his plump lips. “I love you. Now you have people waiting for you to give them the show of a lifetime.” Harry chuckles as you wipe his cheeks quickly.

“I love you.” He mumbles quickly, turning around and eliciting a loud cheer from the crowd as he makes his way back out.

Jeff raises his eyebrows at you and shakes his head. “I knew something was wrong. I should quit my job and become a psychic.”


It’s time to have a talk.

Hi everyone. You may have noticed recently that I’ve been a little off in posting the Oha Asa regularly; some days are quite late, whereas others, I don’t post anything at all. You’ve been wanting answers, I get it.

Here’s what’s been going on. I’ve moved to a new city and a new job, halfway across the country, and gained a whole lot of new responsibilities. I’ve also been in and out of the hospital for a couple of weeks now, trying to resolve some of my health problems.

When I first started this tumblr four and a half years ago, I didn’t think it would grow all that much. It was something I did for fun, because I felt like I could share something with fellow fans of kurobasu. Now, looking at the growth this tumblr has experienced since then, I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting such a huge response. 

You guys have been with me for a long time. But I’m getting tired of opening up tumblr and seeing the pages of fanmail and asks, demanding that I keep posting. Those times I didn’t post? I was sick, or had no access to internet, or I was too plain tired to even log on to tumblr. And out of the 1,656 days that this blog has existed, how many times has that happened? Twenty days?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m only human. And, like any other human, I have limits. I’m starting to reach mine, in regards to this blog. I’m not calling it quits, not yet. But believe me, when I say I’ve had enough of people being rude because I missed a day or two, I’ve had enough.

So please. Try to consider that there is a human being behind all of this. And to everyone that has sent in messages of encouragement, I cannot thank you enough. 

Thanks for reading.

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Bechloe prompt: The Bella’s are at CR’s wedding and Chloe accidentally leaves hickeys on Beca’s neck. And they are secretly dating. Maybe a little side staubrey in there as well?

Here you go sweet Anon! This took me a long time to write (I don’t know why, I absolutely loved the prompt) but I do hope you enjoy!

Also, for some reason smut ended up in this story, so consider yourself warned. 

Rated M

AO3 link

“You think anyone will notice?”

“What, that we’re gone?”

“No, that you’re fucking me not even 10 feet from everyone else.”

“Oh.” Chloe says. “No.”

The redhead adds another finger, causing Beca to moan loudly. “Okay maybe. If you’re not quiet.”

“Chlo, I- I can’t stay quiet.”

“You better, if you want to come. Besides, you started this with your little speech earlier. I can’t believe you said that, Bec.”  

Four hours earlier

“Alright okay, so remember-“

“They don’t know, yes, I remember. I can behave myself, Chloe. I think it’s you we have to worry about.” She gestures to where Chloe’s hand has found hers once again, automatically. Chloe immediately pulls it back and starts fixing her dress.

“Tell that to drunk Beca.” The redhead shoots back, knowing how her friend can get when she’s had a couple of drinks.

Chloe and Beca have been secretly hooking up for two months now. It had started one night when they were laying in their fold out bed together and they had both had a couple of drinks. Amy wasn’t there, of course (thank god for her).

Suddenly, and without any real warning, Chloe had leaned forward and kissed Beca. She’d wanted to, and even though she had for a long time but had never done anything about it, she suddenly did it. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Beca and to her surprise, the other woman had kissed her back. And then she’d kissed her neck, and other places that made Chloe feel things she’d never felt before.

They didn’t really talk about it the next day. Beca had pressed a simple kiss to her lips, so she knew she didn’t regret it, but they also didn’t talk about it. It took a few weeks before it happened again.

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all eyes on me

a/n: hi, so this is really long because for some reason writing on my laptop makes everything i write so much longer. Anyway, I was in a fluffy mood so that’s why it ends like it does. Enjoy :)

tag list: @shawnsassymendes

– word count: 2,960

– warnings: none!

Shawn holds the gift bag out on one finger as you twirl around, about to ask if he had seen it. You shake your head, a smile tugging at your lips as you take the bag from him.

“Okay, I should be back around five…maybe a little later because I want to catch up with my sister for a little bit.” You say, giving Shawn a quick kiss before grabbing your keys and heading to the door.

“See you when you get home. Love you.”

“Love you too.” You say as the door swings shut behind you.

You hadn’t been able to properly hang out with your sister and her son in what felt like forever, so when your nephew’s birthday came around you absolutely had to go. The thing is, everyone knows who you are because your relationship with Shawn is so public. It makes it extremely difficult for you to go anywhere alone.

When you reach the place the party is being held you park and grab the gift bag and your phone, heading inside. As soon as your nephew sees you a huge smile grows on his face and he runs to you.

“Auntie (Y/n)!” He screams excitedly.

“Hey, buddy!” You say as you scoop him up in your arms, giving him a big hug.

Your sister walks over, giving you a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ve missed you, sis.” She says hugging you again.

“I’ve missed you too.”

Your sister leads you over to where everyone else is as you hold your nephew in your arms, his head on your shoulder.

“You aren’t tired, are you, bubs?”

He shakes his head, “Nuh-uh.”

“Good. We’ve got a party to get going.” You smile at him.

You put him down before putting the gift you got him with the rest of them. As you turn around your sister makes her way over to you, giving you yet another hug.

“Gosh, you must have really missed me with all these hugs I’m getting.” You joke.

“Well, this is what happens when you’re out on tour with your popstar boyfriend and I don’t get to see you. It’s been six months (Y/n)!”

“Ugh, I know,” You frown, “but, since the tour is over we can hang out a lot more. Our new place is really nice. You haven’t gotten to see it yet have you?”

She shakes her head, a grin on her face, “No, I haven’t, but I don’t know if I want to since the tour just ended not to long ago.” She raises an eyebrow at you, softly hitting your side with the back of her hand.

“What do you mean by that?” You ask, entertained.

“It means you two are finally getting some uninterrupted alone time. I don’t know where all you two have had your ‘alone time’. Might have to sit on the kitchen counter if I do stop by.”

“Nope. Not even the counter is safe.” You grin.

She begins playfully punching you in the shoulder, repeating something about there being children as you laugh.

“Hey, you brought it up!” You hold your hands up in defense.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d let the conversation take place! You usually shut that stuff down!”

“I guess being stuck on a tour bus or in a venue with a bunch of guys, especially Shawn, has changed me.”

“I knew he was a bad influence.” She shook her head as she looked down to her son, who is now repeatedly poking her leg, asking when they can have cake.

You laugh, “Boy, he’s gonna be a handful for the next eighteen years.”

“Eighteen? He’s already four.”

“You really think that boy is gonna be out of the house by eighteen?”

“You’re right. I am his mother.”

“Oh, right. Forgot about that. Maybe he will be out by eighteen.” You grin.

“Oh, shut up.” She hits your shoulder again.

“I don’t see a ring on your finger yet.” Your sister jokes.

“Hush.” You warn, smiling, your thoughts briefly being taken over by what it would be like if you and Shawn got married and had a couple of kids of your own.

“Mmm…I know that smile.” She grins.

“Stop.” You drag out the word, a smile still adorning your face.

“Do I need to step in and bring loverboy to his senses?”

“Nessa! Quit it!” You laugh, pushing her shoulder gently.

Your smile fades when you look out the window and notice the numerous fans and paparazzi standing outside taking pictures of you. You cover your face and turn towards your sister and nephew, trying to shield them from the cameras.

“Hey, what-” Your sister starts before she looks outside.

“Are you serious?” She spits.

“What do you mean?” You ask, your eyebrows knitting together.

“You’re just going to let them stand there and take pictures?”

“Do you think I want them to be here? I’m trying to have a good time with you and Connor. It’s not like I asked them to come.”

“Then ask them to leave.” She starts walking away, ushering Connor in front of her.

You follow close behind her, anger boiling up inside of you.

“It’s not that easy, Nessa! If it was I would have done it a long time ago!”

“You know,” She starts, turning on her heels to face you, “I understand that Shawn is a very popular guy and all, and that you’re becoming pretty well known because of him, but I don’t want the paparazzi taking pictures of the whole time we’re together.”

“I don’t want that either. Do you think I want them to be invading the personal time I’m trying to spend with you and my nephew?” You lower your voice, trying not to upset Connor.

“From the looks of it, you aren’t doing much to stop them from doing so.”

“Vanessa, that’s not fair! If I could snap my fingers and make them leave, I would. Sadly, they don’t care about what we want and they won’t leave no matter how many times I ask.”

“Con, say goodbye to aunt (Y/n). She has to go.” She says looking down to him.

“Are you serious right now?” You ask, looking at her.

She nods, “Yeah. I don’t want you to be here right now if it means the paparazzi is going to be out there the whole time.”

You shake your head and crouch down to your nephew’s height to give him a hug.

“Bye, buddy. Maybe you can convince mommy to come see Uncle Shawn and I later.” You force a smile, glancing up to your sister, who shrugs, before giving Connor a kiss on the forehead.

“Bye-bye. Mommy, can we go to their house later? I want to see Uncle Shawn.” He asks looking up at her.

“We’ll see.” She ruffles his hair slightly before he runs off to join his friends.

“Please, even if you’re still mad later, at least let him stop by and see Shawn. You know he adores Con.” You plead, standing up.

“Maybe. What’s your new address?” She asks, pulling out her phone.

She’s clearly still angry, but she was taking in Shawn and Connor’s feelings. You give her your new address before giving a quick goodbye and leaving. You cover your face as you walk by, the paparazzi shoving their cameras in your face. You walk faster as they start asking you a million questions.

“Can you guys please back up? I’m really not having a good day.”

That only urged them to continue, asking you if you and Shawn split. They kept throwing a bunch of questions at you, making you contemplate yelling at them.

As soon as you close your car door, your tears start falling and you wipe them away, only for them to quickly be replaced by new ones. The ride back home is one you were wishing would take longer because you know Shawn is going to want to talk about it.

You walk through the front door, wiping your tears as you hang your keys up. You kick your shoes off and line them up against the wall as you hear Shawn’s footsteps. You turn around and lock the door when you hear him get closer.

“Babe? What are you doing back so early?”

You sigh and turn around, making Shawn move in, wrapping his arms around you.

“Hey, what happened?” He asks, running his fingers through your hair.

“The paparazzi happened. I was trying to have a nice day with my Vanessa and Connor, but they had to show up and ruin everything.” You wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest.

“What’d they do?” He asks, one of his hands running up and down your back.

“They were standing outside taking pictures and it made Vanessa mad so she told me to leave. I didn’t want to ruin Connor’s party so I did and when I walked out they started asking me so many questions. I asked them to back up because I was having a bad day, but that only made them move in and ask even more questions. They even asked if you and I spilt up. They’re probably going to take those pictures and turn it into some story.” You hold onto Shawn tighter.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He says, kissing the top of your head

“I don’t even know how they knew I was gonna be there.”

“Maybe because you said something about it on your livestream and twitter. I’m guessing they took a lucky guess on location and you just happened to be there.”

You nods, sniffling, “Yeah…I guess you’re right. I just want to be able to go out in public and do things like this without them breathing down my neck the entire time.”

“I know, baby. I know.” He kisses the top of your head again, pulling you towards the couch.

“C'mere. Let’s watch a movie and take your mind off things.” He says, grabbing your favorite movie and putting it on before lying down on the couch and pulling you on top of him.

“(Y/F/M)? I thought you ‘weren’t too fond’ of this movie.” You ask once the title screen pops up.

“I know it’s your favorite and I thought it might make you feel better.”

After a while it comes time for dinner and neither you or Shawn feel like cooking so you just order some pizza, continuing a movie marathon.

The doorbell rings and you get up, jogging to the door, grabbing the money that was set out on the table next to the door. You open the door to see your sister standing there, Connor right next to her, holding a balloon. You smile down at him, setting the money down again.

“Hey, guys!” You say with a smile.

“Hi!” Connor says excitedly, holding the balloon out towards you, “Mommy said you were sad so I got you a balloon. It’s your favorite color.”

You take the balloon, smiling down at him, “Thank you, bubs. I’m gonna go put it in my room.”

You walk towards the bedroom, stopping by the living room.

“Your best friend is here.” You say, leaning over the back of the couch to talk to Shawn.

“Connor?” He asks, starting to get up.

You nod and Shawn bolts up, running to the front door, swooping Connor up in his arms and spinning him around.

“Uncle Shawn!” Connor shouts, making you smile.

You pause the movie before walking off to the bedroom, putting the balloon on the floor. When you turn around and see Vanessa.

“I’m really sorry about earlier.” She says, rubbing her forearm.

“No, it’s totally fine.” You half-lie.

“(Y/n), stop. I saw you ask them to back off and I saw them move in closer when you did. I also saw you crying. I really am sorry. I just hadn’t seen you in a while and I’m still not used to the fact that you get followed by paparazzi too.”

You nod, “Thanks. I really didn’t know they would be there. I miss being able to hang out like we used to.”

“Yeah, but now you have Shawn. He’s an amazing guy and I can tell he really loves you. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t made you his wife yet.” She grins.

You smile, sighing happily, “Who knows? Maybe he will someday soon.”

“He better.” She smiles, leading you back out to where Shawn and Connor are, already digging into the pizza that must’ve arrived while you were in the bedroom.

“Boys, leave some for us.” You say while jogging over and gently pushing Shawn out of the way to get some since he was holding Connor.

You grab a slice and take a bite when you hear Shawn chuckle. You look over to see your sister whispering in his ear when you notice the blush on Shawn’s cheeks.

“Oh god. What is she saying?” You ask, moving closer to them.

“Told you I was bring him to his senses.” She raises an eyebrow at you.

“Nessa! You didn’t!”

“She did.” Shawn interjects.

You groan and take the entire box of pizza, walking to the couch and plopping down. When Shawn walks over, still holding Connor, with Vanessa following right behind them you shake your head.

“I hate both of you.” You grumble, swatting Vanessa’s hand away as she goes to grab a piece, only for her to take your piece.

You stare at her, your mouth open as she grins, taking a bite.

“You may be saying you hate me now, but that’s definitely not what you were saying  last night.” He whispers in your ear.

You can hear the smirk in his voice as you shove him away.

“Shut up, Shawn! There is a child in the room!”

“He didn’t hear me.”

“How do you know?” You raise your eyebrows.

“Con, did you hear what I said?” He asks, looking at him.

Connor shakes his head and Shawn grins, pointing at him, “See? Didn’t hear me.”

You shake your head, playing the movie again. After a minute you lean against Shawn and he wraps his arm around you.

“(Y/n)?” He whispers so only you can hear.

“Hm?” You hum in response.

“Let’s get married.”

You look up at him, your heart beating a little faster than before, “What?”

You weren’t whispering anymore so you caught Vanessa’s attention, making her look at you.

“Why don’t we? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and Vanessa was right, there’s nothing stopping me from doing it.”

You stand up, so many things going through your mind, “Are you serious right now?”

You stare at him in disbelief as he stands up, telling you to hold on as he runs off towards the bedroom. He returns and stands in front of you before dropping to one knew, holding out a ring you recognize as his grandmother’s. Your eyes instantly start watering as you look down at him. You notice Vanessa reach over and grab her phone, holding it up to take a video and a few pictures. Thankfully, you and Shawn still looked nice, having both been doing things previously in the day.

“(Y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n), these past six years with you have been the best years of my life. Every day I fall in love with you all over again. You are the most unbelievably caring, beautiful, strong, talented, and overall amazing woman I have ever met. You do these little things that make me wonder how I ever got so lucky to have you,” He pauses, his voice cracking as tears start falling from his eyes, “Like the way you leave little notes if I sleep in late and you have somewhere to be or if you’re already asleep when I get home from the studio. Or the way you draw smiley faces with the condiments on sandwiches. The way you love so endlessly for your family, and mine. The way you drop everything if Aaliyah says she needs to talk to you. Everything you do leaves me mesmerized. (Y/n), when I met you I never would’ve thought that I’d be lucky enough to be in this position. I love you with all of my heart and can’t see me spending my future, and starting a family, with anyone else. So, (Y/n), will you do me the incredible honor of marrying me?” He finishes, taking a deep breath and wiping his tears.

You smile down at him, ignoring the tears running down your own face as you nod, “Yes! Of course! Of course!”

Shawn jumps up, a huge smile on his face as he slides the ring on your finger and Vanessa and Connor clap and cheer.

“I love you so much.” You say as you wrap your arms around Shawn.

“I love you too, baby.” He smiles, kissing you.

“Aw, I’m so happy I was here to witness this. I think that speech went better than you planned, Shawn.” Vanessa says once you pull away as she wraps you both in a hug.

You look at her, “Wait, you knew?”

“Yeah, that’s why I was teasing you about him proposing.” She grins.

“What? How long have you been planning this?” You turn to Shawn.

“About two or three months.” He grins down at you.

“Mmm, so is that what all those ‘business calls’ were about?”

He nods, “Oh, yeah.”

You look down at the ring, now on your finger.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” You smile.

“A beautiful ring for a beautiful lady.” He grins.

“Shut up.” You grin, kissing him again.

When you woke up this morning you had never expected to end the night being engaged, but you couldn’t be any happier.

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Hi!!!! I really in love with your writing!!!! OMG!!!!! Virtual hug to you!!!!! Can i request minific like rfa+saeran lost their wife MC in their anniversary night because of car accident? Like MC die on the spot? Thank you! I love u soooo much! Muah!


Did you miss me? Cos I missed you all a SHIT TON. LIKE OMG. So I’m like the absolute worst because of my two-month hiatus. Honestly, guys, life has just been sucking. Welp, I’ll go more in-depth later buuuuuut I am posting once again. I want to apologize because my writing is SUPER DUPER RUSTY. So I apologize ahead of time if the ficlets suck :( BUUTTT YA GIRL IS BACK. So without further ado the request :3 It was a GREAT prompt but ya girl can only do so much with car accidents D: Leave me some comments guys, critiques anything you’d like to see me do, or anything :)

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Oh, and if I were you guys, I’d uh prepare your hearts for some major angst >:D

Wanna know why I was MIA????

Need a master list? I gotchu


It was your first anniversary together as a married couple. Four years of having your beautiful soul in his life, Yoosung was thankful for the fateful day you staggered into the RFA chat room.

In the beginning, he didn’t think anything of it, he knew he thought he was just attached to you because you had filled Rika’s spot. The differences between you and Rika were colossal. He loved you more and more every day; he couldn’t believe his ears when you accepted his marriage proposal.

You were his and he was yours. He had finally graduated school and now he couldn’t wait to start a family together with you. He bolted out of work, excited to meet you. You guys were celebrating your first anniversary together and everything had to be perfect.

He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He grabbed a bouquet of flowers, sunflowers, your favorite. You always thought roses were super cheesy and excessive, in his opinion he thought that it was fitting to you. Like the flowers, you made his life much sweeter and brighter by simply existing.

He began walking to your rendezvous point when he spotted you. He felt his heart skip a beat and his breath lightly catch in the back of his throat. You were beautiful. Feeling his eyes on you, you glanced over at him, smiling brightly and Yoosung just melted. He felt his pace quicken, the need to have you in his arms overwhelming him.

 You quickly made your way over to him, not paying attention. That’s when it happened, a car ran a red light and smashed into you. Yoosung froze. He couldn’t register what was happening. The world was spinning and he couldn’t seem to hear anything. He was your limp body lying there on the pavement as the car sped away.

He saw blood pool near your body and that shook him back into reverie. He ran towards you, tears streaming down his face. This couldn’t be happening. It was your anniversary, the first of many. You were his happily ever after. How could this happen?

He gingerly lifted your head, his tears slowly falling on your face. There was no movement or reaction from you. Cold realization settled over him. He became hysterical, “MC? MC? Open your eyes babe. Please” he broke down sobbing.

Darkness clouded over his eyes and the next thing he knew was he woke up in a hospital bed. Seven sitting in the corner noticed the movement and quickly was at Yoosung’s side. “Hey bud, how are you feeling?” he asked tentatively.

Yoosung groaned, “I don’t know what happened dude, I just had the worst dream that MC was in a car accident.” He clutched his head and let out a breathy laugh. “Speaking of, where is she Seven?” he asked.

Seven just looked at Yoosung, heartbreaking in his eyes. The color drained from Yoosung’s face. It wasn’t a dream after all. His life was a living nightmare. Tears began running down his face once again. He didn’t know what to do, what to say, he just needed to see you, one last time. 

He walked into the solemn operation room, the hum of the machinery just clawed at his ear drums. He knew what exactly the ominous sound meant. He walked over to the bed, a silhouette was draped in white cloth. Its funny, a year ago seeing you draped in white cloth brought tears of joy to his eyes, but this white cloth was the antithesis of that.

This white cloth signified the end, happiness being wrenched from his arms. With shaky hands, he removed the cloth to see your face one last time. He couldn’t do it. First Rika and then you; he couldn’t bear to see your face. He covered your rigid cold body once more and slowly kissed your forehead. Tears streamed down his face as he made his way out. 

He walked out of the hospital into the night. He never did show up to the funeral. He didn’t think his heart could take it. You had managed to glue the pieces that Rika has shattered but how could he ever get over your death? You were his everything. He lost contact with the RFA, moving into a quiet rural area, practicing animal husbandry. He vowed that he would never fall in love again. It was much too painful and he simply couldn’t move on from you. You were his soul mate, his life partner. He just lived his life quietly and alone, waiting for the day he could meet you again.  


She never really knew what her life would be without you. Honestly, everyone has a life but until the day Jaehee had met you she hadn’t really lived.

Her days previously were dull, focused on working and becoming a successful, thriving member of society. Now she looked forward to so many silly things. Waking up in the morning next to you, sharing a simple meal with you, stealing quick glances at you, your little inside jokes and so much more.

She found joy in everything that involved you. In the beginning, she was hesitant. She didn’t know if this was friendship but she knew it was something deeper. Never in her life, did she have such a connection with anyone and she was grateful that you had the patience to wait until she realized her true feelings.

She loved you. It was as simple as that. You two had tied the know two years ago and were celebrating your two year anniversary. You both didn’t like doing anything too extravagant. Just spending time with each other was more than enough.

Jaehee was lost in thought, as she walked alongside you. Admiring your beauty, she didn’t know how on earth she was able to live before. Looking back at how she used to be, she seemed so dull and serious. She was grateful having you in your life.

She heard skidding, and she saw a car barreling towards her. She froze, finding herself unable to move. “Jaehee” she heard you screech. To her surprise, she felt herself hurtle over and a sound of a crash behind her.

No,” she thought to herself. “Please, it can’t be” She turned to see your limp body lying on the side of the road, smoke coming out of the assaulting vehicle. A whirlwind of emotions flowed through her, but she got ahold of herself. She dialed 911 and reported and accident with casualties. She then sent a mass text out to the RFA, alerting them of what happened as she sidled up to you.

You appeared to be unconscious. That’s a lie. She didn’t need to be a doctor, but she knew there would be no way you could survive with your body laying like that. She had faith though. She knew life couldn’t be so cruel. 

She felt numb as she climbed into the ambulance with your body, not responding to the EMT. She couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t feel anything. She sat in the waiting room of the hospital as the members of the RFA hurriedly shuffled in. She looked up with blank eyes, “Everyone, it seems that MC is no longer with us,” she stated as calmly as she could. She heard the boys break down in tears, holding their heads in disbelief.

Jumin walked over to her, and bent down, “Assis- Jaehee, are you alright?” She wanted to laugh, how on earth could she be all right? What an asinine thing to ask? She looked up at him incredulously ready to fight, but her eyes met with his grey irises, his heart breaking in them.

He knew she wasn’t all right, he wanted her to stop pretending that she was. Her eyes filled with tears and her body shook as she let out a cry, “It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. First father and then mother, I tried so hard to protect my heart but she wheedled herself in and now she was taken from me as well. How can life be so utterly cruel?!”

She buried her face in her hands as she felt arms around her. Everyone loved MC and it broke their hearts to see such an abundant expression of sadness from Jaehee, the stoic ex-employee of Jumin.

She held the wake for the funeral for MC at the coffee shop, she knew its what you would’ve wanted. Your family and friends showed up, everyone loved you. Jaehee smiled bitterly, it was so hard for her. She was so used to having you in her life, being the center of her joy. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She was grateful. She was happy that she had the chance to get to know you and fall in love with you. She was grateful that you showed her how to truly live. She would never forget you as long as she lived, she felt eternally indebted to you. She closed her eyes as she slowly wiped the trickling tears from her eyes, “Goodbye MC, I love you.”


He was handsome, that was common knowledge. What Zen loved the most about you was how down to earth you were. All his previous relationships were so incredibly shallow; it’s no wonder that they ended. Actually, that’s wrong, it was destiny. They ended because he was waiting for you.

You were always there for him and so supportive. When you had mysteriously joined the RFA, he had joked about being single. Sure, you piqued his interest. He thought you’d go running when you saw how narcissistic he was, to his pleasant surprise you saw right through him. You saw that it was simply a coping mechanism, seeing that he was actually really insecure and he just “faked it until he made it”.

Zen was sure he fell in love with you in the chat room, even to him that sounded silly. How on earth could you fall for someone you’ve never even met before? He just felt such a strong connection to you he couldn’t help you. When you had shown up to his apartment, he was absolutely floored. You were just as beautiful on the outside as you were in.

He knew he was moving fast, but when you were almost kidnapped he realized that he wanted to be with you. He knew, that he had gotten it right this time. Here you were celebrating your first year together as a married couple, two years together in total.

Everyone said you two were moving too fast, but you didn’t care. Zen loved you more than anything in the world and he knew you loved him just as much. He was still so insecure; you deserved everything in the world, the absolute best. He was still climbing the ladder to fame but you never ever voiced a complaint. Was he doing a good job loving you?

He made sure that your first anniversary together would be special. He picked you up on his bike and tossed you a helmet. You grinned as you put it on and hopped on the bike behind him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He felt your warmth against his back as he revved up and drove.

He took you to your special place and you were pleased to see a blanket laid out with all your favorite foods and a bouquet of flowers. You looked up to your movie star as he bashfully laughed and lead you over to your feast. He loved this, these little moments, spending time together. He kissed you deeply as he asked you to close your eyes. You looked at him skeptically as you obeyed.

You felt him reach around you and move your hair to the side. He placed something around your neck and you opened your eyes. You held up your phone to get a better look at the necklace as you saw a simple pendant with a gold star.

He blushed, “I know it’s nothing too fancy, but when I’m a huge star I’ll get you a proper one. I just wanted to give you that so you know that no matter how famous I become, I am always your star first. ARGH, I’m being too cheesy” he said as he buried his face in his arms embarrassed.

You grabbed his face and kissed him deeply, smiling as he returned it appreciatively. “Zen, unfortunately ” you said breathlessly, “I love you more than anything, don’t ever forget it please.” He was on cloud nine, as he peppered you in kisses. You both cleaned up and started to head back.

He zoomed on his motorcycle, carefully maneuvering his way through traffic when he heard a loud honk and just silence.

Zen found himself gaining consciousness in a hospital room. He smelled the stale air in the hospital and he heard Jaehee stir as she cried out, “He’s finally awake.”

He groaned as he held his head and felt bandages. His leg was in a cast and his shoulders were throbbing. He opened his eyes to see the members of the RFA in front of him, well except-

“Where is MC guys?” he asked as he clutched his head once again, “Yoosung, why are you crying I’m fine?” he exclaimed lightheartedly.

Everyone was silent for a minute and then Zen heard Jumin break the silence, “Zen, I am sorry to in, unfortunately, did not make it. You two were struck by a drunk driver and she was pronounced dead at the scene,” he said stoically.

Zen snorted, “Very funny guys, where is she? Hiding in the hallway?” He started to get up from his bed. The RFA members just looked at him solemnly as it slowly dawned on him. They weren’t joking.

That’s not possible though, there is no way you could be gone. You two were destined for each other, made for each other. How could this happen? “I need to see her,” Zen said forcefully as he abruptly stood up, pushing the members away. 

Seven blocked his path. “Zen please, she’s gone,” he pleaded with her. Zen grew aggravated, “Get out of my way,” he roared as he shoved the red-head to the side. He found Jumin standing in front of him.

“Zen, I understand you are upset but please, you need to rest, you were also badly injured.” Zen couldn’t take it anymore, he felt all of this emotions and frustrations bubble over and he punched the chairman’s son in the face. “MOVE.”

Jumin gingerly touched his lip and swiftly raised his hands to calm his bodyguards down, “Let him go, he’s grieving” 

Zen hurriedly made his way down to the reception desk, “Excuse me, can you tell me where my wife MC is?” The nurse led him over to a room, void of any light. There you lay in the middle of the room, lifeless. Your body was covered in cuts and bruises but you were still as beautiful as ever. No wonder the room was dark, lifeless, you had taken it all when you passed. Just like this room, his life would be reflected like this dull, lifeless.

There was no him without you. He felt tears stream down his face as he began to sob. Everything that he had, it was thanks to you. All of his efforts it was for you, hell he even forgave his family for you. How could he possibly go on? He went to check out of the hospital. His wounds would heal, at least the ones that he obtained from the accident. However, his heart would never heal. Zen knew you were his one.

The funeral was small and quiet, just family and members of the RFA came to show support. Zen was devoid of all emotion; you had taken his heart. He approached your open casket to say some final words when he felt his breath hitch. You were wearing the necklace he had gifted you and everything flowed out of him. He lost energy in his legs as he fell to the ground sobbing. To his surprise Seven and Jumin came to his side, squeezing his shoulder supportively. He recollected himself as he held his fingers to his lips, kissing them tenderly and placing them on your cold blue ones, “Goodbye my love, until we meet again.”  


“Money can’t buy happiness” When Jumin had first heard that, he simply thought it was something commoners used to say to not feel so inferior to people like him who were better off. He foolishly believed that he had everything, and then he met you.

Sure at first he had his suspicions. Would you be another one of those gold diggers that liked him for his brand and money or would you be like his mother and break his heart. You see, he had very little faith in women. His stoic nature was a product of his upbringing; he couldn’t exactly help it.

Yet you understood him at a deeper level than anyone else had. When he lost his mind when Elizabeth the 3rd went missing you were there for him, you understood him and the pain he felt, the loneliness he felt, the fear he had of giving himself to someone just to have them break his heart. You accepted all of that and in turn loved him, the man he is today is all thanks to you.

For once in his life Jumin Han, could say he was actually happy. He had a beautiful wife that gave him everything, including a family. You two had gotten married pretty quickly and when you told him you were expecting twins he was ecstatic but terrified. He wanted to be an amazing father, fill the voids he felt when he was younger and you assured him that he would be amazing. Not only that but he wouldn’t be alone, Jumin had finally found a home.

You had been married for five years now; life was amazing. Jumin woke up every day with a smile. You had given birth to your youngest son two years ago and life was blossoming. Jumin felt blessed every day to wake up next to you. Sure your Elizabeth, your two sons, and daughter sprawled across your bed ruined the mood a tad, but he loved every second of his life.

Seeing you tackle being a mother to all three of his kids and be the poised collected wife of the C&R Heir, he was awestruck at how you managed to do it all. Every day he found himself falling deeper in love with you. 

Because it was your five-year anniversary, Jumin had made sure to have his father watch his children. He needed time with you alone and he loved his kids but this was his day with you. Money was never an issue with Jumin, but he knew you hated all the extravagant presents. So he took you to a suite in a hotel and made you dinner. Candles and all, the table filled with your favorite foods. 

He loved it because to him, the little things were what made your bond stronger. He rested his head in your lap and you just enjoyed each other’s company. Sure it wasn’t lavish and expensive but this was exactly how you two loved it.

Jumin abruptly sat up and turned to you, “MC, if you would please be honest with me my love. Have I done a good job as a husband, loving you, caring for you?” 

You grabbed the poor man’s face and hugged him tightly, reassuring him that yes, you were the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Jumin closed his eyes and breathed in your scent, his heart pounding, tears threatening to fall. It’s odd, everyone teased him for being robotic and stoic, but you stirred all types of emotions in him. 

It was getting late and you two knew that the Chairman had probably had his fill of his grandchildren. You two made your way down the stairs and settled next to each other in the car, cozying up to one another. The driver started up the car and made its way down a busy intersection when your vehicle was stuck.

Jumin felt his body fly forward as he lost his grip on you. He awoke outside the vehicle, lying on the cold hard ground. He groaned as he grabbed his head in agony, his skull was throbbing. He heard sirens in the distance and he looked around and finally spotted you.

He made his way over to you, but he knew. You had not made it. Not with your body at that angle. He clutched your lifeless body and sobs escaped him. He cried out your name over and over again. Screaming. “Please god, I’ll do anything, please don’t take her. She is the only thing I have ever truly wanted, PLEASE”. 

He cried out, but it was futile. You had left him. What was he going to do? How was he going to survive? You were his everything, his only reason to live, you understood him like no other. What was he going to do, oh mc? He let out another loud cry.

The funeral was painful. The magnitude of despair in his eyes was enormous. He took one last look at you. Hair, that you changed every day, always making you beautiful not matter how it was styled. Your eyes, that captivated him, the mischievous glint, how they sparkled when you smiled. Your smile, that gave him warmth and solace. Your arms which embraced him, finally giving himself a home after all these years of being alone. He couldn’t, he didn’t want to go back to the cold loneliness he felt before, the abyss of darkness he felt of being devoid of any emotions.

He turned; he was going to let Assistant Kang know that he was going to pour himself into work. Not to be bothered, he couldn’t deal with emotions they were too troublesome. He saw his three children, your three kids, in the arms of the RFA.

You hadn’t left him alone after all. He broke down once again as he embraced his children. How could he forget? How could he abandon them?

Emotions weren’t troublesome. After all, all three of your children were born from the love you two had. He wouldn’t regret a second, not one moment of him being with you. He wanted it all, the good, the bad, the heart-wrenching.

He kissed your forehead for the last time, “Thank you, my love, for everything you have done and everything you have given me. Words can’t begin to explain how much I love you, but just know that I do. Don’t worry, I will take care of the kids properly and love them just as much as I love you. Wait for me my love, for I will be forever yours.”


He didn’t deserve you. Seven knew that he knew it better than anyone in the world. The problem was he was madly in love with you. From the second he had laid his eyes on you on the security camera, he knew he was in trouble.

He also knew that he was no good for you. But the more you two talked the deeper he fell for you. You were perfect for him; he wanted you. This was him though; he didn’t get a happy ending. He was sentenced to a life of misery.

He pushed you away; it hurt him more than it hurt you. You, however, were as stubborn as ever and he was happy you were. Every step he took back from you, you took ten forward. He didn’t want to hurt you, he wanted you to be happy and safe, even if that meant that he had to be mean to you and show you better options.

He couldn’t do it though. At the end of the day, he loved you, more than anything in the world. To his disbelief, you loved him too. After the whole debacle with Mint eye and his brother, you two could finally be together.

Everyday Seven had to pinch himself, to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Surely there wasn’t a catch, right? There was no way he could be this happy without any catch? There wasn’t though, it was simple you loved him and he loved you. 

You had gotten married after a year and were celebrating your two-year anniversary. He couldn’t believe it, he had spent two years with you as his beloved. To be with him through sickness and in health, through good and bad, he would do it all as long as it meant you would be by his side.

It was your two-year anniversary but he planned to do the same thing every year. He packed up a fulfilling lunch of HBC and Ph.D. pepper and you two hopped into one of his babies and made your way to the countryside. Stargazing was your favorite pastime, sure you weren’t able to get married at the space station, but you would take a look at the stars every anniversary.

You lay on the blanket giggling gazing at the stars, as Saeyoung looked at you. You were so beautiful; he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find someone as amazing as you in his life. You were there for him when things were rough and he was so lucky. He felt his eyes fill with tears and drops trickle down. “Fuck,” he cursed.

You looked over at him, worried at his sudden sadness, “Saeyoung, what’s wrong babe?”

He pulled you into a tight embrace and kissed you. “Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong as long as you are going to be with me forever.”

You giggled as you wiped the tears from your redhead’s face. “I plan on being here forever mister, so don’t try to get rid of my any time soon,” you joked. He laughed as he grabbed you to cuddle. 

It was nearly dawn; you two began packing your stuff to get ready to head back. In the distance, Seven saw a vehicle, which struck him as odd since this area was extremely deserted. He saw the vehicle zoom closer and recognized it, as someone from another intelligence agency.

He yelled at you to get down, as he sprinted towards you. It was too late, you turned and he saw the confusion etched on your face as your body was thrown into the air. You hit the ground with a sickening thud. He pulled out a gun from his car but it was too late, the perpetrator had gotten away.

He sprinted to your limp body, praying with everything he had, that you were ok. That God was not so cruel to take you from him. He pleaded, bargained, begged him, saying that he would leave your life forever, that he should take him instead of you.

It was too cruel. He was the target, why had they come after you. Why did this happen to everyone he loved? Was he cursed? Damned to roam this planet, forbidden to get close to anyone or anything. Please God, if you’re there, don’t take her away from me. She is all I have ever wanted. I will do anything, anything you want me to JUST PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. 

He sobbed ad he lifted your lifeless body into the car. He saw a tiny box wrapped up sitting on the passenger seat, which belonged to you. He opened the box carefully, wondering what on earth you could have gotten him.

He held the note and read it in disbelief, “Dearest Saeyoung, now my love you can make all the stupid dad jokes you want. I love you.”

His hands shook as he held up the positive pregnancy test. Tears flowed out of his eyes as he screamed. You were pregnant. How could the world be so cruel?

He cried and punched his seat until his throat was raw and his fist were bloody. There was only one emotion running through him now. He drove back to his house, contacted the RFA and held a small funeral; halfway through he disappeared, he couldn’t take it.  God damn it MC, I told you, I told you I was no good. Sure I would be heartbroken, but I’d rather that than have you dead. 

He went off the grid; his bloodlust was the only thing that he felt. He didn’t stop, he hunted day and night for the people who did this, for the people that took away his one source of happiness; the people who robbed him his wife and child.

Vengeance was the only thing that was on his mind. He finally found the perpetrators and exterminated them. He felt nothing; he had accomplished the final thing he had to do. MC, I can’t do it. I can’t live without you or our baby. I’ll see you soon.

He lifted the gun and held it to his head; he wasn’t scared. He was going to see you, and finally be happy. With a pull of the trigger, he made the ultimate profession of love for you.


He never said, “I love you” to you. Which seeing that you two had been married for a year, seems odd. Sure he felt it and you conveyed it verbally more times than he could count.

He did love you. He didn’t know why he couldn’t say it. It was your one year anniversary and Saeran was determined to say it to you today.

He chalked it up to nerves but honestly. Saeran had no idea why you were with him. You were beautiful, smart, kind and patient. It seemed that everyone in the RFA loved you, but you wanted to be with him. Was it because you felt bad for him? Did you pity him?

As pathetic as it was, even if that were the case, Saeran would take it. You made every day bearable. He loved how warm your embrace was. How your eyes seemed to light up when you spotted him in the crowd. How you always did all the talking but always remembered the little things he would say. He loved you. It was as simple as that.

Being with him wasn’t a walk in the park. Sure he had gotten better but you had been with him for five years. It took him four years to open up to you and even then he couldn’t say those three stupid words. He knew, that you knew how he felt. It was nice to hear it though, just like how his heart swooned every time you told him, he wanted you to melt as well.

He began walking over to your usual ice cream parlor for your annual date when he spotted you outside. He groaned inwardly, how was it possible for you to be this cute? You turned and spotted him, lighting up immediately, and he felt the heat rise to his face.

You excitedly grabbed his hand as you grabbed your ice cream and made your way to the park to cloud watch. You were happily chatting away as Saeran began feeling down. You deserved everything in the world, someone to tell you that he loves you every second of the day, someone affectionate and kind, someone that was the complete opposite of him.

He felt a pang in his chest. Maybe you deserved better, maybe he should let you be happy. Was he holding you back? He dropped your hand and began walking the other way 

“Wha- Saeran? Where are you going?” you called as you chased after him.

“I can’t do this. I need to go home. We need space,” he said as he began crossing the street.

“Saeran, a break? I love you! What do yo-” you were interrupted by a loud honking sound as you were flung into the air.

Saeran hearing the commotion, turned around only to see you sprawled on the ground. He broke out into a run, his feet pounding the pavement. No. NO. NO. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You deserved better. He was giving you a shot to be better. You were right behind him how did this happen. He shouldn’t have turned around.

He finally made his way to your body, as he lifted you onto his lap. His hands were wet and matted with blood, he let out a sob, “No, MC, babe I’m sorry you can’t leave me. I’m sorry please, say something anything please.”

Tears began flowing down his face. He called and ambulance and then his brother, “Saeyoung, I don’t know what happened she was right behind me and now she’s bleeding, please oh god.”

He broke down crying hysterically. He couldn’t do this. He had never loved anyone like you. He never wanted to love anyone else but you. He heard you groan, “Sae- Saeran? Don’t cry love, I’ll be fine.”

His body shook, even now you were tending to him. He cried, tears flowing freely down his face, a siren in the distance alerted him that help was near. He saw your eyes flutter lightly, “Hey no, no. MC stay with me. I love you. You hear me you idiot, I love you so you can’t leave me ever.”

Your eyes fluttered, the ghost of a smile played on your face, “You finally said it… I love you too Saeran. I lo-” and with that, your head lolled to the side. He kissed you, saying “I love you” chanting it like a mantra that could possibly bring you back to life. 

He watched as the EMT’s lifted your lifeless body into the ambulance. They pronounced you dead at the scene. He saw his brother and broke down in his embrace. Why didn’t I tell her that I loved her sooner? Why didn’t I tell her I loved her every second of every day? Why is life so cruel?

He couldn’t even attend the funeral. He saw your face and locked himself in the bathroom to cry. He spent his days at your grave, and he spent his nights awake, often crying himself to sleep, just to repeat the cycle the next day. He loved you more than anything in the world and he couldn’t believe you were gone. He didn’t know what to do without you. He was empty. The only thing he seemed to be able to say was, “I love you MC”. If only I had been able to say it to you before it was too late.

WOW. Holy shit this was a loooooong one and hella depressing. OMG, I like low-key cried a few times while writing this. Worse because I played this song on a loop while I wrote this D:  be warned kiddies. But um hello? Who is amazing for reading this long ass ficlet, that is a bit rusty because of this ol’ writer, YEAH DAS RIGHT YOU BABY GORILLA <3
Just a friendly PSA- so just like in the fic, driving can be super dangerous. Please make sure that you all drive safely and responsibly because it’s not only your life that can be affected. Let me know which fic broke your heart the most >:D As always I love you guys <33333333 MUAH <3


if you liked yesterday’s upload, you should love this one :) this is a full set of recolors of #2 from yesterday’s set. all 18 ea colors are available as defaults and facepaints, and all 18 add-on colors are available as nondefaults and facepaints. you can have all four files in your game at once and it shouldn’t be a problem.

i kept the colors pretty natural (i think) with a couple of more intense ones. there is a huge mix so there’s plenty to choose from :) available for all ages and genders.

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Fakes Family Reunion

So with the Let’s Play Family Reunion ensue, all I can really think about is what would happen in everybody (FAHC, Fakehaus, FakeChop, Screw Attack, etc) all got stuck in a safe house together after a fairly large and spectacular job? 

The house isn’t small, but with what? 20 plus people in one fucking house? Even the main penthouse can get cramped. And we’re talking a four, maybe, five bedroom safe house. 

It’s fine for the first couple of hours, they attend to their wounds and Geoff, Jack, and Adam all make dinner.

But it just explodes. There’s a brawl for who gets the two queens. (Lindsay ensures her and Michael are one of them), another for who gets the single beds, another for the couches and arm chairs (Aleks puts a lighter to the couch when it starts to look like he’s not gonna win) and fists are thrown for the couple of air mattresses Ryan and Geoff pull from the closet. They’re fairly sure Lawrence and Jeremy get on the roof to get away. Trevor ends up falling asleep at the dining room table and they think Ryan might have slept outside in the hammock? 

And of course they managed to get the safe house with only one bathroom. The first few days are actual warfare, Ryan bursting through into the living room, hips wrapped in a towel, snarling with a pistol in each hand. “Who ever used all the fucking hot water better pray to their deity of choice.” 

Gavin’s prone to being touchy, but have we talked about the Killemses? Those three don’t know how to function properly without touching one another. 

Geoff pulls a live grenade because someone drank all his scotch. 

Aleks sets the toaster on fire. 

James, Adam, Jeremy, and Michael break through the coffee tables wrestling. Ryan brings up the spare from the basement and a drunk Jack (egged on by Bruce and Elyse) smashes that one with a hammer. 

Trevor, Lawrence, and Chop!James watch quietly from the sidelines, sharing disappointed looks as the house is slowly destroyed. 

I could go on about what happens for the three weeks they’re trapped. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. They wrig together three circles of computers and spend two days doing just that, ranging for Gmod to Siege to Golf It, doing all sorts of weird tournaments. 

The pool is large and they’ve got an almost endless supply of alcohol and Diet Coke and they can make as much noise as they’d like. They learn Chop!James is a pretty great cook, alongside Geoff and Adam and Ryan. 

They learn who gets angry playing Monopoly (also, only play with like five people, unless you’re ready for a fist in the eye) and who’s fucking phenomenal at checkers. 

Everyone’s got their nails painted by the fourth day. It started as all the girls seperating themselves from the disaster the boys are up to, but ended in five different lines and “Oh, I want pink Lindsay!” “Really Brett?” “Shut up, Aleks!” 

Just imagine all of them stuck in a house together, making stupid videos of themselves diving into the pool or grilling out, the counters unable to be seen under all the food. 

And at the end of most days, they’re all draped over each other (a gigantic ball of arms and legs and not needing a blanket cause oh, there’s Ryan burritoed around you. Need a pillow? Not anymore, Jeremy’s got a very squishy tummy!) in the living room, having passed out throughout movies and being to comfy to go to their respected sleeping spots. 

I think I need to write this out.