as in heartbreak

I’ve been waiting for the day
the sky picked up all my 11:11
wishes and sent them down
slowly, silently.

I’ve been waiting for the day the
sky told me I could relax and
forgive every person who has
wronged me because there’d only
be space for love then on and no
more space for the tension in my
back, so I could maybe fall back
and never look back.

I’ve been waiting for the day
the sky picked someone and
said to them, “She’ll never tell
you, she’ll never ask you, but
please take care of her just like
I do,” and stars would rain like
angels from the sky because
who wouldn’t listen to the sky?

I’ve been waiting for the day
the sky passed on my letters
and my notes and my tapes
to someone who’d read them,
someone who’d listen and
maybe they’d come, maybe
they’d say, “I’m here, I’m finally

Nobody, nobody.

Nobody ever knew what the sky
always knew. The sky always
heard and the sky always listened
so I’ve been waiting for the day
the sky’d finally tell all my truths

Who wouldn’t listen to the sky?

—  Lakshmi Nagaraj // Secrets and the sky.
I felt like a single warrior against a multitude. How I loved you with every inch of my being. I used every weapon I could to defend you. But unfortunately the crowd was right. You left me heartbroken and empty.You hurt me without even flinching.And I stood there feeling foolish; for defending someone who wouldn’t even fight for me back.
—  Choosing Battles // Conee Berdera
Give and Take

I’m beginning to see
Many don’t get reciprocity.
It’s not feasible to expect
Split-down-the-middle even,
But one side shouldn’t always
Have to bear the whole load.
Relationships need give-and-take–
That doesn’t mean one gives
While the other takes–
And as a giver, I’m about to
Return what you give to me:

the kids I’m babysitting started talking to me about D.onaId T/rump today (we’re Australian) and one of the things the 5 year old said was “if I was there, I would get the FBI to say ‘no that’s bad that’s illegal you can’t do that’ and arrest him!” and I’m just like son…………… they did, and he fired the head of the FBI

We forget how fragile life can be. We take everything for granted (health, family, security, food, shelter etc.) until one day it goes away. Life is precious. Humans, what you have today, you may not have tomorrow. Rise (with love).
Love the ones, who have less, a little harder.
Hold the ones, who have less, a little tighter.

i’m tired. it’s exhausting giving your all to a person who continuously breaks you. i’m mentally, physically, emotionally worn out. chasing you drained me. putting my all into you drained me. i stay up until four in the morning thinking to myself how crazy you have made me. you did this to me. what hurts the most is that we both know you are hurting me, but neither of us want to do anything to stop it.
—  how can i love him without hurting myself?