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Yup, you’re not dreaming! This is the 2016 Klance Secret Santa! The fandom grew so fast and so many things happened (Klance week, appreciation weeks, etc.), it was kinda hard to keep track. But there you have it, your very own Secret Santa!

You can find the FAQ here!


1. Signs up start on October 20th and end on November 20th at midnight. 

2. You can find the form here. Please make sure your tumblr username and email are correct or we won’t be able to contact you.

3. The assignments will be sent on November 21th and you have until December 21th to make the gift (we need some time for Secret Santa backups).

4. When the gift is done, you have from December 22th to December 24th to post it and send us the link to your work. On December 25th, we’ll post a huge masterlist linking to all the gifts!

ALL GIFTS HAVE TO BE NEW! If it’s a fic, you can’t write a sequel or a prequel of something you’ve done before.

  • fics have to be over 700 words.
  • fanvids/AMV have to be over 50 seconds.

Well that’s it fellas! We hope you’re gonna have fun with this!

December 15th: Release the promo please.
December 16th: Release the promo please.
December 17th: Release the promo please.
December 18th: Release the promo please.
December 19th: Release the promo please.
December 20th: Release the promo please.
December 21th: Release the promo please.
December 22th: Release the promo please.
December 23th: Release the promo please.
December 24th: How about releasing the promo today?
December 25th: It is Christmas!!???
December 26th: Release th— I cannot.

Healing Wounds - Part I [ft. V]

Originally posted by shitjeon

“In front of my eyes everything that’s not you is poisonous, pitch black.
Like a bad habit
We can’t make it
But I still pray
Even until the end, if I’m with you I’m okay.”

- BTS, House of Cards

Genre: Two angsty christmas cookies with sprinkles of tears

Part(s): 1 & 2

Word count: Shorter than a shortcake

Requested by: @faithhchongg

A few days before Christmas Eve

 It was a great mess of emotions, rushing through your body, leaving every single cell itching and one damaged heart. His words had been careless and by the way his face was coated with sorrow and guilt as an aftermath of realization of what he just had said, it was clear to you that the guy wanted to take it back.

You had never been great with words, never knew how to satisfy other people with praises and because your lack of expression and unhonesty, there were only a few people in this world that you could fully trust and Kim Taehyung was one of them. However, just because you were struggling to express yourself did not mean that you weren’t affected by people’s words.

And now, his words.

It all started with you finding him pressed up against another girl right in front of the door of your very own apartment. As it was all planned, just as your gaze landed on the two bodies, your boyfriend of two years, leaned in and pressed his lips against hers.

Everything after that felt like a never ending nightmare. Although your heart felt like it was bleeding inside your chest, tearing your ribs away as each second passed by, you somehow still managed to keep a straight face as you walked by them and let yourself through the door, into the embrace of your safety, your home.

It would definitely been a lot easier if it wasn’t for the sudden act of your dear boyfriend, one of his hands suddenly shot out to stop you. But he never stopped kissing her and the girl was way to focused on the pleasure of having his tongue down her throat to care about you.

Seconds passed by as you stood there, watching your significant other getting hot and heavy with someone else.

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