as in actually harry


Alan Rickman as John Gissing in “The Search of John Gissing”, Alexander Dane/Dr Lazarus in “Galaxy Quest”, Antoine Richis in “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, Severus Snape in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, Harry in “Love Actually”

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Honestly I want to cry. I love Magnus so much. He's honestly such amazing bi representation and poc representation- very specifically Asian- and Harry himself is an actual angel. I just... want him to get more love and respect? And I'll be honest I'm white and bisexual and it breaks my heart and I honestly can't imagine how much worse it must be for fans of color and LGBTQ fans of color. I just am sad, sorry for this ask.

i’m just going to be brutally honest and say that white ppl can criticize this show and walk away and still find their rep elsewhere; as a queer se asian i … can’t. like i don’t. have much else?? this is it for us. this is all we get

so it’s uncomfortable when i see the criticisms from white ppl leveled @ the show as if they somehow get it, as if it hurts them just as bad or they’re just as disappointed. like…no, you don’t get it. you just don’t. and it isn’t a slight against white fandom i’m happy you guys are lucky enough you can look elsewhere but please remember that you are in fact lucky enough to be able to look elsewhere

15 Facts

@fatmaninalittlesuit tagged me to post 15 facts about myself :) Here we go!

  1. Though I was born a US Citizen, I was actually born in Sweden.
  2. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and run with the Hogwarts Running Club.
  3. Though I love fantasy novels and films, I don’t like Sci-fi.
  4. I have watched all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so many times that I lost count.
  5. My first job was at Baltimore Bagel, which was shortly bought out by Einstein Bros. 
  6. People often think I am ten years younger than I really am.
  7. I get genuinely sad when I think about how great season 3 of Veronica Mars could have been.
  8. I’ve dated someone I met through tumblr.
  9. I was an only child until age 20, at which time I got two younger step-brothers.
  10. My step-brother is Zirene the League of Legends shout caster.
  11. I am an avid gamer, though I really only play single player RPGs like Skyrim.
  12. I learned to sew this year and am committed to eventually making all my own clothes.
  13. Ghost Adventures is my favorite thing on television, and I have even read all of the stars’ books.
  14. I was captain of my high school cheerleading squad.
  15. I love really bad jokes and puns!

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Is the 4th season coming?

The hope for S4 is certainly alive and well! Personally, I’m very optimistic. 

Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, & Mads Mikkelsen have all repeatedly declared their dedication and willingness to revisit another season (or more?) of Hannibal— so as far as the interest of the cast goes, we’re (beyond) set.

Bryan has also mentioned that, in his mind, there is more to be told of this story and that he has plenty of ideas about where it could be headed (though the S3 finale could easily be read as a series finale, if need be).

However, the main issue lies in certain legal issues involving some of Thomas Harris’ characters and who Bryan can actually utilize in his version of events. Because of streaming rights w/ Amazon, we are unable to move forward with any other company (such as Netflix or Hulu— it’s important to let these guys know that the Fannibals are hungry for more).

If I had time I’d dig up some interview excerpts to make this more interesting, but I’m a little busy at the moment! Fear not: @existingcharactersdiehorribly is a great source in my opinion and holds a Meat is Back on the Menu countdown chronicling when the discussion for S4 can really begin. 

Someone actually posted smut between Harry and Matt and im honestly so disgusted right now?? Like that is incredibly disrespectful to both of them , you should never ship a relationship between the actors THEY ARE BOTH IN HAPPY LOVING RELATIONSHIPS.

Write Smut about malec , that’s perfectly fine. They are fictional, and canon.

Do not ship real people, its uncomfortable, and messy, and so wrong on so many levels.

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relationship status: single (and ready to mingle omg someone love me)
favorite color: blue
pets: 2 kittieeess <3 
last song I listened to: The Greatest - Sia
favorite tv show: Once Upon a Time
first fandom: Twilight… DON’T LOOK AT ME
hobbies: drawing/painting, reading, listening to music, screaming into the void
favorite book: Baker’s Dozen
worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: one of them Every Flavour Beans from Harry Potter world. Shit actually tasted like vomit, and it made me gag.
favorite place: depends on the day, but maybe Disney World?

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Harry’s Actual Dialogue

“Excuse me, waiter?”

“Has my boyfriend arrived yet? His name is Louis. He’s very small.”

“No? Okay.”

“He should be here…I’ll text him.”

Boo Bear..where r u? All the love, Sugar Bear .x

“That kale-dodging, Peter Pan motherfuckin hoe better have left the house by now.”

“Is that h-”

“Wait, no. That’s just a three year-old on a scooter.”



Yeah. Sooooo. I compiled all the Malec kisses (including the almost one) thus far, because why not?

anyways how cool is it that the main character of a movie in the harry potter franchise is on the spectrum