as if your life depended on it

If you continue to sit down in your room, doing nothing, No job, No school. you dont do anything all day and have passion or motivation. You are totally dependent on your parents and you are 20+………….but you constantly claim one day you will “make it”. You need to make some changes in your life. Yall need to stop talking shit up and start showing what youre about by your ACTIONS. Use full force to get what you want. Stop sitting on your ass constantly complaining about how life is unfair when youre making no effort at all.

Change how u live fam

I am working on not only doing self-care, but also on not feeling guilty about it. I have many very supportive folks in my life who rock at encouraging me to take care of me.

However, there is an unfortunate theme in their encouragement.

Not just “it is good to take care of you so you feel good and are refreshed/renewed” but almost always with a closer of “and if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.” Now, I get it. I do. I have dependents, and it is a very “put on your own air mask before helping others” kind of thing. But at the same time it quantified my self-care as still not being for ME, but as being another step in the process of taking care of other people.

I want to latch into the idea of taking care of me because I am worth taking care of, regardless of the care I may or may not give to others. I am worth taking care of because of and for me. Just me.

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When Eugene jumped into Rapunzel's tower after escaping prison, and found her chained by that b**ch, I thought what went through his mind was: his regret for taking Rapunzel out and probably blaming himself for Rapunzel's current state, that's why he just found it ok to die so Rapunzel can be free and not have her fall for something he was partly responsible for

I don’t agree with you. I don’t think Eugene blamed himself for how Gothel acts towards Rapunzel.

It wasn’t guilt that made him ready to die for her, but love, plain and simple. Just, “Your freedom is more important to me than my own life.” He and Max had quite a trip out to the tower, and he had time to put more things together. It was not his fault that Rapunzel was in danger. It wasn’t even Rapunzel’s fault. With a personality like Gothel’s, Rapunzel was always in danger, but to a different level depending upon how she was acting. The less Gothel could control her, the more danger Rapunzel would be in. And Eugene knew this.

Listen. Listen. Listen. When you’re a vulnerable lonely teenager, you can depend on older and more experienced people, you can give yourself to them because they’re nice to you and seem like they’re giving stuff back. You can do that to cope and be ok and it’s not your fault that it’s too easy.
But when you crawl a bit out of that hole and those people start carving themselves out of your life without any of your input whatsoever, let them go. They’re not worth it, never were. And you’ll still be lonely and you’ll be hurting but you’ll be just a bit less vulnerable than before, and all those open chinks in your armor where they were feeding off you like leeches will scab over and you’ll be smarter, know better.
And you can go find the people you actually want to be with, even if it takes time and effort, because now that time and effort won’t kill you, at least not as badly as it would have back then when you really really really didn’t know better. It’ll still suck, hanging on by your fingernails waiting for the good things, but it was gonna suck anyway and it’s better than just accepting that you’ll have nothing but bad-but-ok-if-you-cover-your-eyes things.

One Word Tag

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Where is your phone? Holding

Your hair? Ratty

Your dad? Human

Your other half? Otome

Your favorite food? Shingen-UH I MEAN CHICKEN YES CHICKEN

Your dream last night? Empty

Your favorite drink? Water

Fear? Ants

Favorite shoes? Barefoot

Favorite way to relax? Sleep

Your mood? Chill

I love? Rain

Where were you last night? Bed

Something that you aren’t? Burnette

Muffins? Gimmie

Wish list item? UnlimitedpearlsinSLBP

Where you grew up? Everywhere

Last thing you did? Eat

What are you wearing? Black

Something you hate? Cliché’s

Your pet? Old

Life? Depends

Regrets? Probably

Missing Someone? Yes :’(

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hi! just wanted to clarify, psychedelic use cant 'ruin your life'. the only negative long term psychological side effect it can have is hallucinogenic persisting perception disorder, where you randomly start to tripping for a little bit (and a lot of the time, its not in a bad way.) i heavily used psychedelics and unless you have constant bad trips (which if you do, you should be using drugs ever), it absolutely cant have negative effects psychologically, which has been scientifically proven too

I have read of a number of cases where using psychedelics just once can cause psychotic symptoms (which I suppose can be often confused with “tripping out” or whatever). Psychosis CAN ruin your life. It totally depends on the drug and individual reaction to said drug. 

However, I understand what you’re saying. I personally would not recommend drug use to anyone, but if that’s your thing all I can say is keep safe. 

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How do you know if someone's "The One"?

Sometimes it’s not that simple.  Some people are lucky enough to meet “The One” and know for the beginning.  Others take time growing together before they figure that out.  And other people may have numerous “The Ones” depending on where they are in life. 

I think “The One” may be as simple as someone that you can’t wait to see and spend time with.  Someone who is the foundation and a steady ground that you can feel safe with even if the rest of your life is crumbling.  Someone that has the same values and direction in life.  Someone that’s worth giving more chances to when you have no chances left to give.  Someone who’s supportive and makes you a better person.  That someone may be there forever or may not be so appreciate the present and your life will be better for it.

Little Muse Things

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WHAT DOES YOUR MUSE SMELL LIKE? Depends on many factors, including what time in her life we’re talking about what what she’s recently been doing. In later years, when she spends time gardening, there might be a scent of damp earth or green things hanging around her. If she has been writing (which is often and always) she’d smell of iron gall ink and parchment, particularly around her hands of course. But one constant is the scent of honeysuckle. She buys or distills honeysuckle oil and uses it to scent her soap; she brushes the oil through her hair after washing it. 

HOW OFTEN DOES YOUR MUSE BATHE/SHOWER? ANY HABITS? Every day, if possible. Her body, at least. Her hair, being thick and unruly at the best of times, she washes more seldom…perhaps once a week… and allows to air dry, after brushing oils through it to tame and condition it. Depending on her circumstances, she will either take a full-immersion bath (in Umbar, in Gondor, in any situation which allows for that luxury) in a tub or pool; or merely use a basin and cloth to wash herself piecemeal if there’s no soaking tub to hand.

DOES YOUR MUSE HAVE ANY TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS? She has a single piercing in each earlobe and one in her left nostril. When she was sent to Gondor, she removed the jewelry from all three and the piercings closed up eventually. Once she left, she found a piercer in the Haven of Umbar to recreate them. All she wears are thin, small rings of silver usually, even now.  She does not have tattoos, though they are traditional in her mother’s culture. But she doesn’t feel she has a right to them, having not been raised in that culture. 

ANY BODY MOVEMENT QUIRKS? (E.G. KNEE SHAKES?) She’s… well, feline. A lot of her movements are, fittingly, catlike. When angry or annoyed, her hands tend to clench and flex at her sides, like a cat’s claws sliding in and out. She alternates between slow, languid, slinky grace and sudden quick bursts of activity, or even playfulness.

WHAT DO THEY SLEEP IN? Naked, by preference. That being specifically at times when she lives alone, or is sleeping with a partner she’s chosen of her own enjoyment. (Her canonical husband Tarannon is not among these.) When traveling, whether she’s sleeping rough in a camp or in an inn bed, she’ll sleep in the underlayers of her clothing (or in all of it, depending on how cold it is out!) In her time in Gondor, while married to King Tarannon, she slept in a long chemise of undyed and unembroidered Harandorim linen.

WHAT’S THEIR FAVOURITE PIECE OF CLOTHING? Despite her general preference for black and silver, her favorite item is actually a shawl of very finely woven wool, dyed with indigo. The first of these was her mother’s. Eventually, it grew too fragile to wear and she folded it away for storage and replaced it with a similar item purchased in An Pharaz. Otherwise, she prefers silk in loose, draping shapes or in quite straight and simple cuts which skim her body; flexible and soft but durable leather; and linen. All in her signature black, of course, with silver accents.

WHAT DO THEY DO WHEN THEY WAKE UP? Depends greatly on verse and time in her life. At minimum, stretch and bathe. And then a very light breakfast, for preference. Toasted bread with butter and honey, perhaps fruit. Also Umbarim-style pancakes, if she is cooking for herself; whatever is traditionally eaten as a breakfast food where she happens to be, otherwise. Sweetened mint tea. Lots of it.  And after breakfast, again this depends. In her youth in Umbar, schooling is likely. In Gondor, there might have been court functions to attend; or what few visits with her handmaidens she’d have bothered to make. She spent a lot of time in the gardens, in both Umbar and Gondor. In her own home later on, she would get started on the day’s chores. Oh, and… feed the cats!

HOW DO THEY SLEEP?  POSITION? Alone? Curled on her side, knees toward her chest, with pillows piled behind and around her. She basically likes to make a little nest of cushions and blankets and sink down into it, with her cats tucking themselves in wherever there’s room. In company, she’d enjoy laying her head on her bedpartner’s chest, or being spooned. Or, depending on partner, spooning them. She’s very tactile, really, and as long as they’re touching, she’s happy.

WHAT DO THEIR HANDS FEEL LIKE? Very soft and smooth and warm. She uses scented balms and lotions on them to keep the skin soft and supple, even at times in her life when she uses her hands more for labor. During her years in the courts of her home city (An Karagmir, in Umbar) or in Gondor, of course she was seldom called upon to do things which roughened the skin, but even then she’d have used the same balms, preferring argan oil from Umbar over beeswax when she can find it. Her nails are generally quite long and sharp, but well kept and clean.

IF YOU KISSED THEM, WHAT WOULD THEY USUALLY TASTE LIKE? …Mint tea, probably. Or just… herself, if she’s not been eating or drinking recently. If kissing her skin, not her lips, she might taste of the oils she uses to condition her skin, or like the preserved lemons she uses in a lot of her own cooking for herself.

Mars Signs

Mars in Aries: Master of Aries, Mars gives the natives tons of energy, sex appeal to resell, and sometimes an explosive character that you will have to learn to control. Fortunately, your anger soon evaporates. Enthusiastic, assertive and bold, you are a natural leader who attracts attention even without looking for it.

Mars in Taurus: You are a nervous person, you work hard, you have feet on the ground. Determined, persevering, sensible and indefatigable, you can be distracted by the desires of the flesh, but when you engage in something, whether in a relationship or in a job, it is for the long-term - and the money. Born with great practicality, you pay attention to material goods and social status, often far more than you would like to admit.

Mars in Gemini: With the planet of aggression in the sign of the twins, you are fiery, contentious, nervous and irritable. Although you adore debating, you are not able to distinguish important principles from points of detail. Your energy rises and falls at a sometimes dizzy pace, but you have a keen and ingenious mind, and you are incredibly fun.

Mars in Cancer: You are a basically emotional person who needs to master his moods before he can successfully achieve his goals. If you do not understand it, you tend to make the head. You are extremely sensitive, but you may give people signs so subtle that many do not perceive them. In a couple relationship, you may be possessive and tenacious while you should be angry and take the door. You cook in your juice. You bury your emotions. You have to learn to be direct. But you are also awake, protective, devoted and imaginative, in bed and elsewhere.

Mars in Leo: Confident, exalted and indefatigable, you have passion, presence and continuation in ideas. When you are hired for a cause or an activity, virtually nothing can stop you. That’s right, you can be egotistic (which means you’re bringing too much interest to your own person) and arrogant, and your need to have an audience can be boring. However, your warmth, your enthusiasm and your eagerness to take the first step bring you many admirers, sentimentally and elsewhere. You create the excitement.

Mars in Virgo: Control is of paramount importance to you. You work hard, you are calculator and ready to look really straight in the eye. Sensible and methodical, you can detach yourself from your emotions when your success depends on it. This quality is advantageous for your career. In your private life, it gives you the amazing ability to turn on and off your sexual urges, at will like it.

Mars in Libra: In the best of cases, you are friendly, charming, you have class and you are incredibly attractive. You enjoy social life and you are willing to compromise, emotionally and in other situations. But you turn at a loss without a partner, professionally and personally. Moreover, you tend to conceal your uncertainties and insecurities by justifying your inconsiderate statements with more passion than logic, although you are proud of your rational mind. People sometimes feel compelled to say that they agree with you in order to simply put an end to the discussion.

Mars in Scorpio: You are courageous and cunning, determined, and you provide for your own needs. Gifted with a formidable will and unwavering desires, you also have a strong libido and are also intensely emotional. You can not stop yourself from succumbing to powerful feelings, and it is possible that you struggle with jealousy and the urge to seek revenge. It is not easy to adapt to changing circumstances, but you have a solid and reliable source of internal energy and a great deal of personal power. It is a beneficial position.

Mars in Sagittarius: Independent and enthusiastic, you have strong convictions, a love for outdoor activities, and a deep desire for adventure. But you may be negligent and provocative, and your crusades, begun with so much eagerness, do not always come to an end. You are also fair, direct, idealistic, and you can quickly gather your energy, especially if you have gone on an adventure.

Mars in Capricorn: Your desires, sexual or otherwise, are powerful, and your ambitions are targeted. When you feel recognized, your energy is reliable and you are persistent; But when you feel upset, your vitality drops. Effective, systematic and controlled, you respect tradition and authority, and you often reach the top of the hierarchy. You understand the hierarchies and you are, in different ways, a natural leader. But when you do not get the obedience you require, you can be incredibly cold. You usually try to hide your anger, but when it escapes, it’s unpleasant.

Mars in Aquarius: Whenever possible, you prefer the least traveled path. You are enterprising, impatient, unpredictable, and you are not afraid to take risuqes. Conventions bore you. Modern ideas captivate you and you appreciate the idea of ​​progress. Change makes you excited. You are independent, idealist and friendly. But emotionally, you can be rather cold, you even rebellion sometimes just to make you understand something.

Mars in Pisces: You fall deeply in love. You are generous, changeable, agitated and highly intuitive. But when emotional uproar exceeds your tolerance threshold, you tend to close. When this happens, your will evaporates, you have motivation problems, you can discourage your friends by your passivity, and your physical energy disappears. One of the main challenges in your life is to regulate your energy, which can often be the slave to your feelings.

Your life will depend on the decisions you will make. Everything is under your control. Who you are right now and where you are in your life was a result of your decision in the past. If you want to become successful, you have to decide, stand up and take over the steering wheel. Stop making excuses. No one will push you harder than you can do to yourself. Work hard and make it happen. Execute your dreams and the results will amaze you. Start deciding on something great today that your future self will thank you for.
—  E.J. Cenita

Overly strict parenting creates sneakier kids.
Punishing your kids for telling the truth creates better liars. Or people more afraid to tell the truth than to tell a lie.
Invading your children’s privacy creates lifelong crippling trust issues.
Over pressuring you child to succeed creates life long anxiety. And when failing those expectations destroys their self confidence.
Ignoring your children can create emotional dependency and abandonment issues.

What Your Favorite Achievement Hunter Says about You
  • Your favorite is Michael: The Play Pals and Off Topic series are your absolute favorites. You care deeply and feel deeply. You've loved Michael from the start and laugh so hard at everything he does. You probably found AH via Rage Quit.
  • Your favorite is Gavin: You've either just gotten into AH or have been here for so long you've lost count of the videos. If it's the latter you've had past favorites before but went back to Gavin for some reason, most likely because you have sympathy for the way everyone messes with him (because you're oblivious to how much you mess with other people first).
  • Your favorite is Ryan: You're a Basic Bitch™. You love the Minecraft letsplay's and everything Ryan does in them, especially his digs at other people. Depending on whether you like his gta persona or not, you a bit of a sadist. Or you have a daddy kink.
  • Your favorite is Geoff: You definitely have a daddy kink. You have a shit attitude and you like to piss people off. You love Geoff's laugh more than life itself. You enjoy hanging out with your friends but get easily angry when they start shit. It's likely you're a RT veteran.
  • Your favorite is Jack: You are the Mom Friend™. You tell silly jokes and laugh at everything. You feel like Jack is underappreciated and will fight anyone to the death who tells you otherwise. In fact, you constantly remind everyone how great Jack is. It's absurd. You love him too much.
  • Your favorite is Jeremy: You're a piece of shit and you know it. You also know Jeremy is a piece of shit and will admit it multiple times. You have dreams and love Jeremy because he's a walking success story. You love a good laugh and like inside jokes.
11 Bits of Wisdom from Eckhart Tolle

1. Doing is never enough if you neglect Being. 

2. What you react to in others, you strengthen in yourself. 

3. Attachment to things drops away when you no longer seek to find yourself in them. 

4. The past has no power over the present moment. When you surrender to what is and so become fully present, the past ceases to exist. You do not need it any more. 

5. Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose. 

6. You are not ‘in the now’; you are the now. That is your essential identity–the only thing that never changes. 

7. Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? Yes. Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; inner peace does not. 

8. Sometimes letting things go is a far greater act of power than defending or hanging on. 

9. Neither failure nor success has the power to change your inner state of Being.

10. You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life but by realizing who you are at the deepest level. 

11. I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. 

All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten. 


A Stupid Way to come up with Original Characters and Stories (That Somehow Works)
  • Find a character from a work you admire. Any media will do, but Children’s media works the best.
  • Ask yourself a few questions about the character in question. I don’t have a complete list, and the questions are likely going to vary, and most of this is coming off the top of my head, but yeah, here are a few suggestions.
    • Was there anything about this character that ticked you off? Maybe this character did something that you thought was ooc? Or maybe this character is too perfect and could use a few more flaws.
    • Does the medium or genre prevent the character from performing certain actions? Furthermore, do certain aspects of the characters life, including sex, gender, social status, and age prevent this character from acting in a certain way?
    • Is there something you want to see the character do that you know will never happen in the show?
    • And finally, is there anything you want to change about this character?
  • Rant to yourself or to tumblr about everything the show apparently did wrong. Constantly switch between getting mad at yourself for nitpicking a show you love and being mad at the work itself for not being 100% perfect. 
  • Scream into a pillow, make yourself some hot cocoa, eat a full dinner, and then take a hot shower. 
  • Get out a sketchpad or a word document or anything else you use to brainstorm and start drawing and or writing about the character in the show. But write the character the way you think they should be, as opposed to the way their presented in canon. 
    • Take into account that changing some aspects of your character will effect the story in some pretty big ways, especially if what you changed is an action the character performed. Maybe that Magical Princess ran away at a young age under the stress of becoming queen before joining a gang and ultimately becoming a crime boss? Maybe that Alien supervillain can be reformed by showing them the good things about the planet Earth. When you change an aspect of a story, justify the change by having it affect every other aspect of the story. Whatever you do, though, don’t handwave the change. Instead embrace it… those changes are where the heart of your story lies.
    • Don’t be afraid to add in elements from other works of fiction other than the one you’ve chosen. Most of the plot elements of Gravity falls and Rick and Morty, for example, are just similar enough to make a meeting between Ford Pines and Rick Sanchez possible. 
  • Look over your work and note just how far you’ve drifted from canon. If you’ve changed the idea enough, it should feel kinda alien to the original work. If it’s too similar, then if might be a good idea to repeat the previous steps.
    • Some of the things to note include tone, genre, level of obscenity, and target demographic. Considering how fanworks typically go, we almost unconsciously make dark shows light and fluffy and light and fluffy shows dark and gritty. This can be a good thing when done right.
    • The humour of the work will also depends on the type of humour you feel comfortable writing. Sometimes your humour will be almost exactly like the original work, and sometimes it’ll be drastically different. Aim for the latter.
    • If you added in elements from another work of fiction, then certain patterns are inevitably going to be formed. using the Rick and Morty/ Gravity Falls fandom above, one can’t help but make Ford and Rick foils of each other; two interdimensional science dorks, but one has a stronger sense of morality. The character reactions between the two of them is dripping with potential that we’ll never see in canon, because these two shows air on different networks and are aimed at different target demographics.
  • If necessary, repeat the process again, but this time apply this to your version of the character. Continue until your happy with what you have.
  • Finally, rename the characters, and if you’re an artist, re-draw them as well. The new names and designs should reflect the character you wrote, not the character you were inspired by. 
  • And bam, you just made something original. 

Now obviously, this isn’t the only way to make characters or write stories… artists tend to draw from real life just as often as they reference other works of fiction. But the great thing about this process is that it depends entirely on your own personal interpretation of not only the work of fiction in question, but also of how the world around you works. I believe that we, as humans, are natural complainers and nitpickers, constantly believing ourselves to be the sole authority on how the world should work. On one hand, it might be easy to just rant about it and call it a day, but I believe these rants hold quite a lot of creative potential. Writing isn’t about coming up with something wholly new and original… story telling is pretty much limited to the human experience, and we’ll always fall back on something familiar (note the tropeless tale)… instead, its about writing about the familiar in a new way.


You Make Me Feel...

Aries: Inspired! You’re so goal orientated and you’re perseverance inspires me to work harder and pursue my own dreams.

Taurus: Open. I can literally say anything and tell you everything. You have an open heart that I’m grateful for. Your trust in me is refreshing ily

Gemini: Safe. My Guardian Angel. I know I can trust you and confide in you without judgement. You’ll be there for me through anything and for that I’m forever thankful (:(:

Cancer: Stunned. You’re so unpredictable. One moment you could be happy and the next you’re roasting your ass off it’s hilarious. You’re anything but dull

Leo: Excited. Every moment with you is a memorable one. You make me want to be the best person I can be. I love you (;

Virgo: Timid. You’re so smart and outspoken. Around you I don’t really speak, I just listen to whatever you have to say 

Libra: Good. I feel competitive around you. I constantly want to be better because of you. Thank you.

Scorpio: Sweet. You’re appreciation for life inspires me. Your kindness towards others is beautiful

Sagittarius: Alive. There’s never a moment where i’m not laughing with you. With you, we took life by the hand and showed it love and fun

Capricorn: Competitive. You are so. damn. hardworking. You constantly want to be the best, inspiring me to be the best

Aquarius: Safe. You’re wise. Intelligent. I can always depend on you to be rational. You make me feel safe and empowered

Pisces: Happy. Your jokes, no matter how dumb they are, make me laugh. You have a happy soul that rubs off on me