as if you guys know what that means

Another fangirl thought/idea that I had while I was on the gym today:

Since SH is confirmed, remember when Damon Baker told Lili “you’re next”?


Damon includes Cole in the photoshoot with Lili (I was thinking that Cole is one of Damon’s muses)? And theeeen we will have an almighty beautiful photoshoot pictures of SH?! All coupley and cute af and high fashion af and model af you know what I mean???

Guys what if… WHAT IF!!!! 😂✨💖


                Only  a  few  months  passed,  and  so  many  people  follow  me  ..  I  just  don’t  know  how  to  express  how  happy  I  am  for  making  this  blog,  because  I  love  Mairon  but  I  wasn’t  sure  enough  in  myself.  But  here  we  are ! ….  Yes,  there  were  some  negative  comments  but  never  hate  on  this  blog,  not  only  because  it’s  forbidden,  but  because  I  am  not  that  person,  who  knows  how  to  hate,  because  only  the  weak  hate.  And  what  made  me  stay,  even  though  there  are  so  many  others  with  a  muse  like  mine  was  YOU  —  you  friends,  you  and  your  talent,  your  respect  and  the  friendship  that  we’ve  created  together.  Of  course,  there  are  a  lot  of  new  ones  and  even  ones,  that  I  haven’t  spoken  for  so  long  with  (cuz  I  am  a  shy  potato),  but  that  doesn’t  mean  we  won’t.  I  want  you  to  know  guys,  that  I  am  not  only  your  plot  partner  but  your  friend  and  you  can  ALWAYS  come  to  me,  if  you  need  someone.   

  🔥    Now  I  present  you  the  people,  who  made  me  stay  and  I  really  admire  them  and  if  you  don’t  see  your  name  on  the  list,  don’t  be  sad  –  it’s  just  because  I  have  a  limit  on  my  computer,  not  because  I  have  forgot  you !! 

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I seriously contemplated this week not posting a Tuesday selfie, but then I took a step back and realized something: I’m always going to support the twins, Tuesday will always be my favorite day of the week, Tumblr is still my home. I may be pretty dang sick, and who knows if we’ll hear from the twins tomorrow, but it’s STILL Tuesday. It’ll always mean something to me.

Here’s my favorite photo of these silly boys. I know they have the strength to get back to this, it always takes just a little time and strength. Their positivity, their goodness, it’s still there; it just has to make its way back around to them. The same goes for you. It may take a little time, and it may take some strength, but we’ll get there. I love you guys, it’s a happy Tuesday no matter what.

A Quick Disclaimer

Just because we’re giving out dadvice, it does not mean you kids have to follow it. We’re here to support you, not tell you what t do. We love you kids and want you all to be happy, but be safe. You know your situations better than we do. If it’s not safe to follow our dadvice, don’t follow it. We can’t help you anywhere passed giving a little dadvice.


-Dad Steven

I honestly love all my followers so much. Like you might think I don’t mean you particularly but no I keep tabs on my followers and I pay attention to you guys. Realistically I can’t keep perfect track of 2.5k people but I know enough to know what kind of people follow me and you’re all really kind and respectful and I’m so so proud of you. Thanks for being here.

Edit: I have gotten an apology, though I will keep this post up as a reminder.

Hey @guys-positivity(can’t @ you) this is a trans woman formally calling you out: you are a transmisogynist. You very obviously do not know what a TE-RF/ra-dfem is nor what they mean. Stop using those words and trying to remove the meaning from them and their history, especially since you are not a trans woman and have no way to gauge the damage they have done to us. A trans man may also run that blog, that’s great, but the experiences a man and woman face are extremely different, and that’s the same with TE-RFs. They specifically target trans women to exclude us from feminism, women’s rights, our bathrooms, etc, even going to the extent of doxxing us, causing us to commit suicide or threatening to murder us(which is something they actually want to do). This is massively only towards trans women, especially trans women attracted to women.

Don’t use those words anymore. Neither of you are in a place to be using them when you have no idea what they really mean. You are a transmisogynist and unless you apologize for your usage of TE-RF/ra-dfem, that’s how you will continue to be.

If somebody could @ them, I would appreciate it.

Do you guys think that when Zeno’s full body turns to scales do you think that’s when Zeno will be the weakest?

What does he mean Kija and Jaeha can activate their powers after Zeno’s uses his powers.

And how does Zeno even know this… he never been able to showcase his powers when he was with the original dragon warriors.

Unless he knows it by

A. When he was ordered to take Abi back to the castle since he was unconscious. Zeno had to fight off the enemies by himself and that’s when i think was the first time his body was fully scaled. But since it was Abi and not Hakuryuu or Ryokuryuu i dont think it did anything.

  • After the DW’s all left the castle… Zeno has been fighting and protecting Kouka for 20 years. So Im sure he had a numerous accounts where his body was fully scaled. The most significant part was when Zeno was in battle and Guen died. When I rereread that chapter i found it odd and strange that at that specific time Guen died was when Zeno was in battle. I think something happened here because it was Hakuryuu. One of the dragon warriors powers that gets activated after Zeno’s power. Zeno is  also covered in scales.

B. he tried it with one time with the dragon warriors.. most likely a different generation of Hakuryuu & Ryokuryuu. He said he never experienced Seiryuu’s power before.

sword and shield:

That extra chapter where Hak mentions about the shield that can block anything and the sword that can shred through anything. But when battled against one another ???… Yoon mentions he always wondered who was stronger Kija or Jaeha. Kija was interested while Jaeha seemed very bothered. Which was weird because he always loved showing his strength. Jaeha was interested in Hak in the beginning because he seemed strong.

Since after Zeno then can Kija and Jaeha’s be activated means it could be related to the sword and shied. It has to be a while before it comes.. maybe Zeno’s powers takes a while to do…. or Zeno’s is able to do his powers easily but it will take time for Jaeha and Kija to fully activate their powers.

Alright so, since vagueing is “mean”

Let’s go guys

Look at this.

First of all @actualsystemhelp great formatting there. Not important though, but Tumblr looks like it’s angry already pff

Second of all, what the actual hell?

Here are the criteria for schizophrenia

Wow, it’s almost like hallucinations aren’t entirely required for a diagnosis. “At least one of these must be (1) [Delusions], (2) [Hallucinations], or (3) [Disorganized speech.”

You can have schizophrenia and not have hallucinations. Good job buddy

I’m not gonna argue tons about NPD buuuut, ya know, to cover the bases

“…as indicated by five (or more) of the following…”

Wow, looks to me like lack of empathy isn’t required for a diagnosis either. How bou dah…. 

The reason I’m not arguing about that one as much though is because, well, low/lack of empathy is not just extremely common but is pretty much an Expected Thing and is present in at least 75% of people with NPD I’m sure. But, you know. Not a required diagnostic criteria. Sorry.

Oh and y’know there’s this bit, here, that everyone tries telling y’all but you never listen

Trauma isn’t in the criteria for DID :/

So if you’re going to preach ~science~ and the DSM at least get your stuff right. Because seriously, who’s spreading misinfo now? Hm

That’s not to mention that “endo” doesn’t even mean “spiritually identify as” or “spiritual” at all so, again. nice job buddy

@ing again in case someone skims and misses it: @actualsystemhelp come on


Maggie asked her older girlfriend for some help on her homework, even though she didn’t really actually need it but thought it might cute to get help from Luan who should for sure know, how to do right? I mean she passed the Seventh grade once before. By the end of it, Maggie ended up teaching Luan how to do the homework she was suppose to be helping with and her own Eight grade homework as well. Also let it be know if you hold a text book at a certain angle, the answers you seek will be revealed 

I gonna be frank with you guys *puts on a name tag that says my name is Frank* this drawing right here, yeah I didnt actually mean to draw it. :/ I was trying to make a comic strip for once in the Loud House style buuut this happen instead so…I sort of drew what I had in mind but not really ._.

Unpopular Opinon

Both sides of this argument are right.

Melissa and Jeremy have a right to be angry.

BUT you know what? that doesn’t mean the Supercorps were treated fairly by them.

Ever heard of kill ‘em with kindness? It’s something I struggle with every single day.

Personal story time: My mom is losing her job she’s had for 30 years because some new guy doesn’t agree with her and has started this huge uprising. Do you know how angry that makes me? Do you know how badly I want to run up to this guy’s face and condemn him for being a lying, destructive asshole? But she tells me every single day that my anger isn’t going to fix anything; it’s only going to make this guy angrier and push harder. So she looks at that man anyway and all she can say is “I’d like to agree to disagree… but that isn’t enough for you… so I’m gonna leave if that means this company will be happier…” You think she or I actually ENJOY having to relocate our entire lives? I’m amazed at how my mother has chosen to use kindness instead of hatred and anger. And you know what? Because of her selflessness and choice to be kind, her co. workers are in awe of her and are pissed that this guy is running her out, even if they’re on his side. This story isn’t happy, because, guess what buttercups? Life isn’t always happy. “that’s not health, that’s crap” (Meredith Grey). But at least my mother’s conscience is clear and she can be satisfied finding a new job and be excited that a new family of co. workers awaits her.

Okay, back to Supergirl.

I’m not coming out here saying “Katie was visibly uncomfortable and is the hero of this story!!!!!!” b/c ya’ll she was busting up laughing. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact upon watching the video.

But Katie used kindness. She was basically like “Your opinion is not mine… and you know what? That’s okay”.

And that was pretty okay to me.

Everyone in this fandom could stand to take a page out of Katie’s book. Disagree, by all means. But even if it hurts you down to your core and destroys your very meaning of life (which is too much pressure to be putting on a TV show cast tbh), you don’t have to accept it… but using hate is exactly what they expect from you and they are prepared to ignore you and complain about you when they get together privately.

If they are going to talk about you in a private setting… wouldn’t your conscience be clear if they had things to say like “they are a surprisingly massive force in this fandom, but they’re just a group of people shipping what they ship” or “the things they speculate are so interesting and fascinating”?

I’m ready for people to come at this post, saying I’m missing the point or that I’m hilarious for being so naïve, because, you know what? I expect hate from you too. That is the fate the faction of this fandom has created for itself. Eventually, we are all just going to get tired. We’re going to look at our anon hate, (whether we’re supercorp shippers or karamel shippers or sanvers shippers or karolsen shippers, etc, etc, etc) and you are going to be reduced to “THOSE people”; the people we, collectively, have become ashamed of.

So both sides are right, I’ve come to realize. Yep. We both are. Both sides deserve to be heard and both sides deserve to respect each other, because it’s a two-way street, folks. You won’t respect us if we don’t respect you, which I’ll admit, some of us haven’t, and I’m sorry for that.

I’m sure I’m missing something because it’s 2am and I’m exhausted and I’m 95% sure a mosquito just bit me on my shoulder, but if you have concerns or questions you’d like to address (kindly, respectfully), feel free to respond to directly message me. I’d love to get to know you and comfort you and build a stronger community with you.

Side Note: if any of you comment about my mother using any hate whatsoever, I will come for you, make no mistake about it. I will be respectful, but it will be hard. You are warned.

Gala Update!

So the Gala is actually approaching faster than I had anticipated, and might begin in early August. Which means I’m going to need those cameo refs much faster.

So you guys know, I have a LOT of spaces left, contrary to what some of you believe. So many in fact that the amount of refs i have already won’t cut it alone.

So please, if anyone wants to feature in the Gala, please send me your reference pictures IN PARTY ATTIRE! (I can’t stress that enough, I had to delete a few applications just because no one paid attention to that little detail.)

Applications go to!

I can’t believe that they passed 3 years…
3 years!
I mean… what? Time passed pretty fast since I opened the rp blog in 2015 and they has been 3 years full of experiences, full of good time and full of entertainment. I don’t know what to say…
Oh wait. I actually have got something to say…

Thank you

Again, thank you for everything. Thank you new followers, thank you old followers and thank you followers that (sadly) deactivated your rp blog or don’t rp anymore. I love to rp with Mio and I really have fun with her and with you. In these years I improved myself and I changed myself and I’m really happy of that. Also, I hope that the writing “3 years on Tumblr” is visible in the photo! (Used a dark blue, shit) But I don’t mind.
I want to thank you guys. A lot.

I would like to thanks the people who followed me from the beginning (the italiacized nicknames are those followers who now are deactivated, in hiatus or moved…) With some of them I still RP:

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I would like to thanks people wherewith I still and I continue to Roleplay and wherewith I talk with them!

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And for last (but not less important) I want to thanks all of followers wherewith I roleplay, I talk, I plot ect… but also new followers wherewith I have to interact yet! If you aren’t mentioned here, it doesn’t mean that you are less important! You are very important for me, and I couldn’t forget you!

Thank you for everything!


GUYS. I NEED HELP. I graduate from college on August 5th and I need to decorate my cap. I want to incorporate HxH. These are my ideas. Let me know what you think!

1. (not pictured) やった!in big characters with Gon and Killua being all cute and happy. It is pronounced yatta and it means “I did it!” or “yay!”. Gon says it a TON and I’m graduating do it’s appropriate.

2. The left picture. Needs no explanation. Hisoka. And the quote.

3. The right picture. I’m thinking of fitting the quote on my cap. Glitter gold letters of course.

Ș̳͇͌̈́̓̒́̑́͡ū̟ͥͧ̀̒p͕̟͙̳̏ͮ͂̀́̒͞p̴̶̼̯̒ͭͣͭͣͣͩ͡r̘͉̼̘̩̠͔͙̜̓͗͋͌̈̎̄́e̸͔̩̋̌̊̐͜͡s̊͏̷̵̖̭͚̤͕ͅs͇̜̞̠̙̭̳ͭ̿̇͋̾̋͊͐͘ȩ̣̮ͮ͞d̨̼̻̹ͮ͊́ͮ̓͂ ̞̜̪̗̦͔̺͛̐̂̔̓͆ͪ͜͝Ḭ̷̧̮̘̠͓̱ͧ̇̍̏ͅg̨̞͖͚̎̇͠nͦ͆̎͛͊̉̾͟͝͏̮͍̱̞̗͍̜o̩̮̪̽ͣ̅̓ͅr̳̫̮͈͇̺͛̏ͭ̒ͪ̋́̃ͮ͞e̛͙̣̩͉̻͛̅̅̏͊̍̍ͭ́̚d̲̰̗̝̞̯̉͌͌̉̌͊̅͞ ̴̸̖̘͙̱̰̲͒ͫU̞̥̤̪̔̈ͥ͞͝͞n̓̍̉̂҉̳̻̼͙͚̠͞ṕ̴̠̱͉̘̙̾̀ȓ͙̯̿̀͒̒ͧͣ̏͟ͅe͕̽̓̈́̽ͭͥ͌̎͌̕͟d̰͐ͨ̑͑̌̄̏͒͞i̶̟͇̹͓̳̼͖͔̪̅͋̾̒͑̆͘͢cͮͦ̽̋͊̏̒͏̳̤̣͇̮͉̥t̶͖̥̦̗̞̦̖̼̫͐͊̿̐ͤ́ả̩͕̱̞̺̓ͣͪͭ͜b̪̞̝̪̘̩̅ͪͮ̑̓̊̋̂̌̀ḻ̵̘̜̀͌̎̋̉͝e̫̼̱̦̤̰͗̔ͮ̈͟͠͡ ̛̝̜̯̝͓̰̹̩̊̑͊̇ͯ̈̂̏͜͞

Hey guys! It’s Reality here, and today I am going to do a theory.
You know how jack has said the phrase “Ș̳͇͌̈́̓̒́̑́͡ū̟ͥͧ̀̒p͕̟͙̳̏ͮ͂̀́̒͞p̴̶̼̯̒ͭͣͭͣͣͩ͡r̘͉̼̘̩̠͔͙̜̓͗͋͌̈̎̄́e̸͔̩̋̌̊̐͜͡s̊͏̷̵̖̭͚̤͕ͅs͇̜̞̠̙̭̳ͭ̿̇͋̾̋͊͐͘ȩ̣̮ͮ͞d̨̼̻̹ͮ͊́ͮ̓͂
̴̸̖̘͙̱̰̲͒ͫU̞̥̤̪̔̈ͥ͞͝͞n̓̍̉̂҉̳̻̼͙͚̠͞ṕ̴̠̱͉̘̙̾̀ȓ͙̯̿̀͒̒ͧͣ̏͟ͅe͕̽̓̈́̽ͭͥ͌̎͌̕͟d̰͐ͨ̑͑̌̄̏͒͞i̶̟͇̹͓̳̼͖͔̪̅͋̾̒͑̆͘͢cͮͦ̽̋͊̏̒͏̳̤̣͇̮͉̥t̶͖̥̦̗̞̦̖̼̫͐͊̿̐ͤ́ả̩͕̱̞̺̓ͣͪͭ͜b̪̞̝̪̘̩̅ͪͮ̑̓̊̋̂̌̀ḻ̵̘̜̀͌̎̋̉͝e̫̼̱̦̤̰͗̔ͮ̈͟͠͡ ̛̝̜̯̝͓̰̹̩̊̑͊̇ͯ̈̂̏͜͞”? what if that means that he’s putting a end to something, jack ignoring Anti, and he is unpredictable? Also notice some of the video titles.. like this one from 3 weeks ago “IS JACKSEPTICEYE DEAD?| Googling myself” now this might be a coincidence or something, but he watched a video and then ‘SAY GOODBYE’ was next in the video bar and jack said ‘And here I am ACTUALLY dying, cause Anti killed me.” Jack said Anti so calmly like as in he was a friend. My theory is Anti has control, he has seen jack enough times to imitate him without glitching or zalgo, and is slowly growing stronger and stronger after all the hype about him. Recently we’ve seen him say the quote ‘Suppressed Ignored Unpredictable’ in zalgo text. This is the only time we’ve seen him use it in a caption since October.. I DUNNO all of this could be a silly coincidence and im crazy.. @therealjacksepticeye

anonymous asked:

“♂ = i am a boy who has a crush on you”

Oh sure, how can I…

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uh… wait;;;;

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I mean… There’s not even the remotely I could have done or given you something that made you had such feelings… I don’t even know what to say… No one never got a crush on me… EVER.

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Uhh…. Thanks Anon?!?!?!? I haqve no idea. YOU GUYS WILL NEVER FIND ME,

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Game of Thrones - s07e02.

Let’s start with that scene between Dany and Varys because… what the fuck? I mean, the guy’s been traveling with her for like… weeks? But NOW she decides she wants to know about his intentions? Now, she decides to wonder if the guy will stab her in the back?

“Betray me and I’ll burn you alive” or something. Good job Dany, you proved everyone you’re not your father!

Olenna trying to make Daenerys doubt Tyrion… I’m not a fan of Good Guy™ Tyrion, but he’s like… the best thing that’s happened to Daenerys? Have you actually seen Dany’s politic skills? Well, that’s because she doesn’t have ANY. D’you guys remember Meereen? Sure, she’s full of good intentions, but good intentions don’t rule a kingdom.

But well, okay, go ahead, make Dany rule by herself, she’s a DRAGON after all.


Was that scene between Grey Worm and Missandei supposed to be… romantic? Cool? Enjoyable? I mean it could have been. But no, they had to make it soooo long it became boring and embarrassing. Their relationship could be sweet, you know? But they HAD to add a sex scene because no soldier can leave for war before shagging his girl, right?

Back to King’s Landing… We got it, Cersei is the Evil Queen™ you don’t need to make her wear a boring black dress with shoulder pads for us to understand. She’s this season’s big meanie, we figured that out when she blew up the Sept.

Do I want to talk about how they ruined Jaime’s character by making him Cersei’s lap dog? Nah.

Hello Jonny boy, it’s your old friend the Imp, the Queen wants to see ya! Hey, the Queen’s got dragons, don’t dragons spit fire? Mmmh, that could be useful against the White Walkers!

Hello Jonny boy, it’s your old pal Sam, say, did you know that you can find a lot of dragonglass at Dragonstone? It could be useful against the White Walkers!

My, Jonny boy REALLY needs to go to Dragonstone now.

Of course, Sansa disagrees, because Jon and Sansa can never agree on something, it would be too boring to have two rulers discussing these matters in private and then give their answers to their lords, noooooo, they have to argue in front of everyone.

Anyway, Jonny boy’s going South to meet auntie!


Friendly reminder: I swear to the Stranger that if Daenerys and Jon fuck, I’ll stab my own chest with a spoon until I die.


Two bisexual women walk into a room…

Of course they HAD to fuck in front of Theon, they couldn’t even WAIT to be a bit more subtle because after all, they’re both badass women coming from places where no one gives a damn about homosexuality and where women can do whatever the hell they want!

Never thought I’d say this but thank the gods for Euron Greyjoy????

I won’t talk about that ‘battle scene’ because it was terrible and I shouldn’t even MENTION it.

Oh, well. They didn’t know what to do with Dorne’s plot so they used the “Sand Snakes” and “Ellaria” to tear it apart for good and now they got rid of them too. It’s a good thing, because I won’t have to wonder anymore how in the seven hells the Dornish let the woman who murdered their rightful ruler lead them. And I won’t have to look at these stupid “Sand Snakes” anymore.

They don’t have the budget for Ghost but they do have it for a useless scene between Arya and Nymeria that was supposed to be… emotional? Sorry, I was just angry that we haven’t seen Ghost for… ten episodes? Or something? When he’s supposed to be a part of Jon.

But eh, I suppose he’ll have his own dragon soon so who cares about the stupid direwolf, right?

Can someone kill Littlefinger?

Can they actually surprise me, and let Jorah die because no, Sam cannot actually find a cure for a disease in what? Two days?

If they have money issues and cannot show us Ghost and had to kill all the other direwolves, can they spare us Pirates of the Caribbean battle scenes and put that money into good use? Like…. Wigs that don’t look like wigs?