as if you guys know what that means

A convo about zacks sexuality
  • Zack: So im pan you guys
  • Trini and Kim: *pause from their makING out to simultaneously say* DUH
  • Billy: the ability to be kitchenware is not one a human possesses yet but we are power rangers so who knows what could happen next i mean spiderman is a spider and man
  • Jason: i have something to say too
  • Zordon: *interrupting jason* what is this...pan??
  • Alpha: knew it, my headcanons were right
  • Trini: wow zack that takes a lot of courage to tell us. i guess you have boyfriend, girlfriend and partner problems *cornily
  • Zack: Thank you *blushes
  • Kim: *laughs at her girlfriend's terrible joke because she loves her
  • Jason: im gay too
  • Everyone *simultaneously: WE KNOW JASON!
  • Billy: so does he mean pansexual we still havent established that
  • Follow me for moar i take requests and do other stuff about power rangers
  • Convo #7

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12- juggie is jealous ;)

[Cheese and bad writing, on the train home now and just quickly whipped a little scene up to this prompt, you guys know this isn’t my usual caliber of work so don’t judge too hard!]


‘No!’ Jughead exclaimed in the quiet diner, the patrons around you briefly looked up to see what the commotion was before scowling and returning to their activities.

‘I didn’t realise I needed your permission!’ You retorted with a laugh.

Jughead cheeks burned under the awkward glances of his friends. Veronica stifled a giggle, however it fell from her lips once Kevin elbowed her ribs.

'I- you don’t- I mean-’ Jughead stuttered. 'It’s just- Reggie Mantle, seriously Y/N?’ His voice held itself a view decibels higher than usual.

Betty awkwardly glanced at you from the other side of the booth, she drew her lips tightly together.

'He’s a nice guy?’ You offered, Jughead scoffed at this.

'You do know that this the guy that has shoved me into my locker for the last - what nearly ten years, religiously?!’ He asked incredulously.

'Okay but-’

'No Y/N, if you go out with him we’re done. This is total betrayal.’ He sounded serious, really serious.

'You don’t mean that Jug.’ You whispered.

The guys around you had changed from stifling giggles to awkwardly removing themselves from the booth. Your heated words with Jughead meant that you didn’t even realise.

'Oh yes, I do Y/N.’ He stated bluntly.

'Juggie, it’s just a date. One date. You’re still my best friend.’ You muttered quietly. 'Please.’

'That’s just the thing Y/N, I’m your best friend - and, - and,’ he let out a deep shaky breath.


'I don’t want to be anymore.’

Your heart sank. It was as though it had turned to lead, and your body was the ocean, and your heart had taken a one way trip right to the very bottom of the seabed.

'Oh-’ Your words were stilted, almost stuck in your chest.

'No!’ Jughead exclaimed once more. 'I don’t - I don’t want to not be your friend, I just-’


'I want to be more.’

Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter Two

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: Liiiiiiittle smut smut (not much-it’s a slooow burn guys), swearing (It’s Negan c’mon now)

Chapter Summary: Negan and the reader get buzzed and have a little truth session (We may or may not find something out about Negan? *winky face*)

Word Count: 1,477

A/N2: On a more serious note, thanks for the support you guys! It means a lot to me <3 My asks/requests box is always open! :)

Chapter One

(gif not mine)

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When many people think of Twenty Øne Piløts, alot of people think of some "emo" "punk band" but in reality is these two amazing guys that have helped me stay alive. I mean Tyler and Josh have helped me Understand that it's okay to be down or "broken" but you'll get back up, and only you know what makes you happiest and only you know what is best for yourself. •• You account is amazing, and I literally have a new set of wallpapers to change with lyrics that i value. Thank you and Stay Alive |-/

this is so nice and i bet many people feel the same, thank you!


Rules: Use the same sim for both sides. Try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides, if u know what I mean. Please refrain from using clayified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and mm. Try to make everything different, not just hair. Things like skin overlay, make up, eyebrows, and eyes. Clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re doing a full body thing. Tag #alphavsmm.

I suck at Alpha sorry guys - I only specialise in those Alpha males ;)) 

I tag @thefoxandhersimblr @inquisitive-simmer and anyone else who wants to do it! I would have tagged more but i am lazy af - didn’t even edit the pic lol - so if you wanna do it and say i tagged you go for it :D

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Wait, how did Mr. Goopy die again? I didn't know he was dead until one of you guys said it.

((you mean what happened to void-gaster? we’ll have to find out what happened to him in the mainstory line, which i’m taking a break on since animating those are exhausting))

ok guys i just thought of something

you know what’s the funny thing about looking for life in space

ppl say that when we look at the stars, we are seeing the past. how come? well if the star is 100,000 light years away from us, her light will only arrive on Earth 100,000 years after it was created.

that means we are looking at something that happened 100k years ago

but think about planets. that is true for them too. if you find a planet 20,000 light years from us, and you look for life there, you are looking at how this planet was 20k years ago.

“if someone 65 billion years distant pointed a telescope at Earth, they would see dinosaurs”

another planets could have life now this moment.
we just don’t know.
because all we see is what it was, not how it is.

  • Juvia: Juvia does not know what to do, Erza-san...
  • Erza: What do you mean?
  • Juvia: Juvia feels her heart wavering... That man is too nice to Juvia. His smile is infectious and warm. He makes Juvia feel special ...
  • Erza: I know what you mean. I have one too. He is stubborn and childish yet steadfast, trustworthy and loyal. I trust him more than any other.
  • Juvia: Yours does not make you indulge in naughty thoughts like he does Juvia! *shivers* The things he does to Juvia's body...
  • Uguu, Juvia is unfit to be Gray-sama's woman...
  • Erza: Now now, a bit of fantasy never hurt any one. Even I do it once in a while. So who is your guy?
  • Juvia: Juvia is ashamed to say...
  • Natsu: Hey Erza!
  • Erza: Natsu, are you and Happy headed out?
  • Natsu: Yeah! We're just here to let Mira know. *sees Juvia* Hey Juvia, what's going on?
  • Juvia: He-hello, Natsu-san.
  • Natsu: Bah, stop being so formal~ *drapes an arm over her shoulder* We're buddies, right? Or do you want that punishment game we talked about...*smirks evilly*
  • Juvia: !!! *turns crimson and steam comes out from under her hat*
  • Erza: *perks up* Punishment game?
  • Natsu: I'm kidding~ *lets go of Juvia* Ready Happy?
  • Happy: Aye sir!
  • Erza: *watching a fidgeting Juvia* Are you okay?
  • Erza: 0.0 What do you mean by that?
  • Juvia: Juvia wants to play that punishment game...*sad pout*
  • Erza: Don't. He'll be too rough for you.
  • Juvia: Exactly why Juvia wants it...!
  • Erza: ...*smiles* I knew I liked you for a reason.

One thing that I love about David and Syd’s relationship is that even though it seems “rushed”, with the setting and mood of the show it actually makes it normal. What I mean by this is you have two characters in a mental hospital, as far as they know they’re not getting out anytime soon, so they have nothing left to lose. They are both mentally unstable in one way or another to the point where they understand each other. And also, I’ve never been to a mental hospital but from what I’ve heard, dealing with them, is that two people can tend to become very fond of each other and actually start “dating” really quickly because when they’re stuck in there, time outside doesn’t really matter. So you see this cute couple that are now basically inseparable and maybe the way they work things out is a bit weird to some but it’s perfectly fine to them. Now like I said I’ve never been to a mental hospital, so I could be wrong about this, but either way I just really love David and Syd’s relationship.

300+ followers, and it’ll be a year next month :O since I arrived on tumblr. I probably don’t say this enough, but thank you guys for being so wonderful. When I first came here, I never thought I would have met the beautiful people that i’ve met today. Having had such a bad experience in Roleplay before I came to tumblr it was hard for me to open up, but you guys were so welcoming and so bloody fantastic at writing that each and every one of you talented writers are so inspirational. So thank you for making this experience wonderful for both on here and on my Damon blog.

I love you guys:

@scartissueex​ : For dragging my ass on here, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. I love you so much! You have no idea! You mean the world to me, words couldn’t even describe.

@omniacerebrus : I wouldn’t know what I would do if you weren’t here, you’re one of my closest friends on here and I truly think you’re wonderful and amazing and uh…Kolena RP is epic!

@eldestsalvatore : You! what do I even say about You?? You’re amazing! the way you write Damon, our rps, spot on, I love you! You’re so talented and amazing… No matter how many RP’s we have, I just can’t wait to write with you! Delena <3

@seesgood : Been here since day 1 I’m sure! I love you girl, our RPS are epic!!! I always get excited when I write with you, so much talent and beauty! Makes me want MORE MORE MORE!

@davoidxx : I really hope you start coming on more, experiencing the wonderful world of tumblr and the people in it. I Promise it’s worth it! You’re such a talented writer and I love you so much, to pieces. Stiles to My Elena <3 always.

@bittersalvatore : I miss you so much!! Such a talented and lovely person, I love our character rps equally on both Damon and Elena. OTP!

Shout Outs (there’s so many of you :p) but I want you guys to know how talented you are and I cannot wait to write MORE with you!:

@criimeboard @xinebriated @alaricsaltxman @xxrebekahm @tomxvery @anditsxsorrows-deactivated20170 @elevenmccall @amongthcwreck @scarlctspeedster-a @dcdgymorals @ladyofspells @regenmerc @icountonme @thequeenofhcll @siinnerstobesaints @caoinxbas @classicrockcassettes @yrkvinn @unlockinglahey @cvptaingiordano @hisbattles @icybluegaze @lockpup @brokenbrxther @idontlikelivinguptoexpectations @multimuse100 @cutetownwitch @ofanescapist @complexitiies @deceivingfacade @henrymikaelscn @gcminikaii @eightholyterrors @theblueeyedvampire @hellobrcther @beautiifulmonstrosities

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I’ve been working on a story and I’ve come to realise I need one big ‘act’ between where I’ve stopped writing and the very last conflict with the bad guy. I need that to get the characters where I need them to be to talk the villain down, but I’ve no idea how to add a new act to give them that time. Everything so far has been organic with events leading into each other. But now I don’t know how to insert more. And what can keep their growth that’s already happened going. how do I fill this hole?

Do you mean “scene” rather than “act” by chance? Because an “act” is a whole bunch of scenes. Most stories are told in two, three, or four acts. So, my guess is that’s not what you mean. ;)

Assuming you meant that you need to add a new scene, are you sure you need to? If you just need to get the characters from one location to another, you can just use a scene transition:

Accounting for Lost Time in Scene Transitions
Using Transitions to Skip TIme
Scene Transitions

If this doesn’t answer your question, feel free to write again with more clarification. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)


i was expressing to my boyfriend how I get nasty comments about my writing and how I feel sometimes like a bad person because of it and this was (part of) his response. he has absolutely no interest in true crime but he’s still so supportive of me and my work, no matter if it’s imagines or poetry or “real” art. he’s proud of me for doing what I love and for loving all of you guys. he understands and knows how much you all mean to me.

I’ve gotten so many messages from you guys thanking me for my writing and telling me I’ve helped you through rough times and honestly, truly, that has been one of the only things keeping me from falling back into a really bad patch. I’ve definitely had more troubles lately, but you guys give me a reason to get up and do /something/. even if it’s just writing a poorly worded scene or blurb or acting silly with you guys, I’m still doing something. I’m still creating when I want to decay.

I will never be able to tell you guys how much I love and appreciate you all. thank you all so much for being so kind and supportive. I love y'all.


I want us to play a drinking game but I’m concerned that it’s disingenuous that I know the movie inside & out so I’m basically SCHEDULING TIMES FOR US TO DRINK and I’m also concerned that I MEAN, WE’RE GONNA GET ALCOHOL POISONING???????????????

Here’s what I got so far and please let me know if you have other suggestions so that I can pick a few:

  • Louis sets something on fire.
  • Lestat laughs at his own jokes.
  • Armand says something medium-indecipherable with his thick spooky vampire accent.
  • @monstersinthecosmos starts crying over something really random because of deep VC feels and subtext.

And that’s it, that’ll do it, we’ll be hammered. 



BUT LIKE TBH IDK IF ANYONE WILL PICK UP ON THAT EXCEPT ME. But this would be helpful cause it’ll get us through the first like 20 minutes before Louis sets something on fire. 

Anyway give me ideas so that I can come up with a few that won’t have us vomiting and crying by the end of the night. I’ve done VC BOOK DRINKING GAME BEFORE cause I enjoy drinking alcohol all by myself while i READ BOOKS /loser lol. But this is TRICKY! 

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*Pickles Voice* too drunk….. too drunk !

Ok listen to me for a sec, you guys know that Jedi pharah fan art I reblogged like ages ago?

What about bounty hunter pharah??? Like it makes sense with her jet pack and whatnot, I think she’d be a cool mandalorian. She doesn’t have to be one of the barbaric ones, but she could be one of the chill ones like Torian Cadera from Old Republic

Yeah, Jedi pharah’s cool but.. but bounty hunter pharah….

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Can you tell about other characters? Like not Jefferson and Hamilton, but like Laurens or or Madison.. Or whatever you want!

sure doods :D

  • John Laurens - close friend of Alex, he’s the guy who provides Alex the good stuffs if you know what i mean ;). He and Alex often hang out together but most of the time he can be seen working different jobs
  • Eliza Schuyler- Ex girlfriend of Alex but the 2 still remained close friends. Eliza is the one who often take care of Alex, mostly when he is under the influence, she feeds him and sometime takes him in which Angelica often finds disturbing considering Alex’s situation
  • James Madison- Thomas’ Best Friend/ right hand man, he is never seen without Thomas by his side, friends since childhood, he is the only one that Thomas sees comfort to
  • Aaron Burr- Thomas’ supposed to be rival

more of them will appear but im still thinking about their roles

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Hey, Noah. Just another Canadian trans guy here. I have a question that could be taken the wrong way, so I'm going to do my best to avoid that. In regards to the anon you made mention of fetishing, may I ask why it came across as fetishing to you? For myself, I worried about not being accepted and loved as I'm trans, so when people say they love and accept trans guys I'm quick to see it as a positive thing. Kind of like acceptance, you know? I'm just wondering how our opinions different. Thanks!

Hey, i totally see what you mean. Let me explain: 

So in regards to trans fetishization, theres a lot of stigma around trans men especially. People see a lot of us as cute little things. They think we’re“better than cis guys” because according to some of them, we were “girls” once and therefore now supply fetishizers with a “best of both worlds” scenario, now that we have come out as male. This is all very similar to the “i want a gay best friend” cliche. Fetishizing becomes offensive because to me, it turns my life and the life of other trans individuals into a show for cis people. It also separates us a lot from the actual male identity. So despite the fact that I’m a guy just like anyone else, I’m forced into this entirely different section of gender because people see transgender as this identity to stereotype and take advantage of, instead of just the adjective it is. 

When people say “trans guys are so much more attractive/the most attractive” it appears fetishizing/transphobic even because it’s encouraging the act of separation from the rest of the male population. It also raises the question of why? Why are trans guys more attractive? Because we look feminine? because we look more androgynous? because its “the best of both worlds” so to speak? Trans guys are not better than cis guys for their trans identities, in looks or otherwise, and vice versa. 

I’m proud of my identity, and i appreciate the acceptance, but the whole point of transitioning for me is so that people can’t tell I’m trans. I don’t want to be called cute because i still look fem. I don’t want to be told “I’m so much better” than cis guys. I don’t want to be separated or seen different than my cis male friends, because I really am not that different at all.  

I hope this made some sense, this is just how i feel about comments like that. I def get that it was meant with kind intentions, and i appreciate it. 

Red Dragon con 3 recap part 5

PART 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Ellen and Demore Q&A panel summary (Sunday)

-What did Franklyn say about Hannibal to Tobias? “He’s hot. I mean, you’re hotter but…”

-”I know you guys like it when I go deep” and the whole audience is like “oooooooh” :D

-Demore about Ellen’s height “you’re like three apples high”

-What show would you like to be on? Demore: “I’m already on every show I want to be on!”

-Do you hate anything about Tobias? “It’s important not to judge a character, it limits your performance”

-What would be your favorite way to die? Demore: “FAVORITE???”. He’d like to go by doing something really heroic. (His “funny” answer was in his sleep haha)

-Hannibal outtakes? Franklyn: “What are you doing here?” Tobias: “I just got killed by the FBI” “That doesn’t make any sense”

-Favorite Mads role? Demore: Casino Royale. “Who is this guy? He’s awesome. How does he bleed out of his eye?”

-The usual what dishes would you like Hannibal to turn their characters into? Ellen: Georgia would be charred barbecue, Demore: a brain dish, so Tobias can still show he’s smarter.

-What kind of killer would you be in Hannibal? Ellen: I’d kill rabid animals and then feed them to people to give them rabies! (Ellen is then shocked by her own answer :’D). 

-A question about loneliness & their characters? Ellen: Georgia was living in a prison of her own mind. Connection to Will was the first one she’d had in a long time. Georgia believed Will was also dead, or had some superpowers to see her. She was really confused when Mads/Hannibal handed her the scissors. He could see her but had no connection to her. She wasn’t bothered Hannibal framing her though, because well, she was dead. Demore: Tobias satisfied his appetite for connection by killing people. Tobias had become numb in his loneliness, but was also seeking connection in his own way, with Hannibal. According to Ellen, getting sympathy for your villain is a great achievement for an actor, Demore agrees. 

-About working with Hugh (Ellen): Hugh cared for her character, and his performance made hear tear up and feel safe. He brought out more vulnerability in her character than she had expected. “When he put his hand out, mine just fell towards him”.

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                i wish i had a better excuse but the truth is i’m unmedicated bipolar
                  & i’m just in one of my lows rn. i don’t have the will to write anything.
                  it’s frustrating,  because i know what it is,   i know the science of why
                  i feel this way but it doesn’t make it easier.          it doesn’t mean i can
                  control it,  even though i’ve tried.      i’m sorry, you guys.     i really am.