as if we dont tell you that enough

i feel like we dont give lena enough credit for standing up for herself and telling lillian how she feels about being manipulated by her and never actually loved, it took her a lot of time to actually admit that to herself first (she is 24 after all), but to have a conversation in which you Tell that to the person who has been emotionally neglectful/abusive towards you? it’s hard even with ppl you know love you, let alone someone like lillian…so idk, s/o to lena i guess

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Can you feel ✋🤷 my heart beat? 💖😜💦💦Tired of feeling never enough 😒i close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams 😩👌👌 will come true 🙏🤛There'll be no more darkness 😈 when you believe in yourself 👏👏💪 you are unstoppable 😤💯💯 where your destiny lies on the blades ⛸⛸ you set my heart on fire 😍😜💦💦💥dont stop us now 👊👏 the moment of truth 😩yes we were born to make 🥇🥇💯 history 😩😤💪👌👌💦

[tiny tim voice] good morning, EVERYONE

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*deep breath* we know this was coming. Yuya

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite | LOVE BEYOND WORDS

i’m so

conflicted rn

cuz i know you wanna see me write out a whole entire fucking essay or something as to why i love him so much

but i literally don’t feel like i can put it all into words like legitimately i dont think i’ll ever be able to.

let’s just say just, personally, i relate to him so much somewhat in backstory (i was bullied as a kid too, tho for different reasons, etc.) but mostly in personality. like even before arc v, my most fav thing has been making people laugh & happy so i kinda did the same thing he would do at the beginning of arc v: hide my real feelings thru a smile and laugh along with those laughing at you. (i’ll admit that happened to me more often before going to college, so before arc v ever happened). so his story kinda really hit home for me in that respect. seeing his growth and overcoming his fears and learning to believe in himself and respecting himself more. but his character isn’t just all believe x believe & smiles either. he’s realistically flawed. he tends to think in his own little world a lot til someone snaps him out of it or bring others to his attention. he’s stubborn and reckless as heck. and he’s incredibly dense. but i think the most… inspiring thing about him imo is he displays all these qualities and flaws that are so relatable but also shows that, by his own will, he has great potential to become anything in his own way. plus he makes me really smile and always has a surprise up his sleeve that not even his friends expect. that’s a true entertainer right there, even if he or anyone else would say otherwise.

also he’s super goddamn fucking cute and pretty and i could stare at him all day.

*cries* uGH I’m telling you i could go on forever (and trust me i want to so badly but i’m controlling myself i need to stop) but either way it wouldn’t be enough like this isn’t even the half of it not even close.

rebuilding genji’s body

mercy: alright these are all the organs we could salvage
genji: cool thanks
genji: dr. ziegler i need you to do me a favour
mercy: of course genji, what is it?
genji: ok can you go find my brother hanzo
genji: you dont have to bring him in or kill him or anything just find him
genji: find him and find out how tall he is
genji: keep it in mind when you make my legs
genji: because i need you to make me one inch taller than him
genji: exactly ONE inch taller
genji: just barely enough so you can TELL im taller than him
genji: no more no less
mercy, who has been working for 10 hours straight:
 [inhales deeply]
mercy: [exhales slowly]
mercy: [pinches bridge of nose]
mercy: …aight dude

Tips for Nuerotypicals when a borderline they may know experiences a breakdown (edited)

• WE ARE HAVING A BREAKDOWN!!!!- Im so sick of seeing posts were people get angry with mentally ill people for this. It’s so important to understand that people cope differently some of us may need someone to talk to, a hug or if you’re like me you just need some space to recollect. This doesn’t mean we hate you it is just how some people cope.

• Making us feel guilty will not stop negative coping mechanisms but will only further push us to them as a way to seek comfort and ‘safety’.

• You cannot save us. We have an illness just like any other, please don’t become frustrated if your efforts to pull us out of this funk don’t work! (However your efforts are really appreciated) if doctors got frustrated at patients for not feeling better immediately this world would be messy af.

• Sometimes the only explanation for why I’m feeling like this is that I have emotionally unstable disorder. Not everything needs to be assessed Freud style.

• SPLITTING IS NOT A CHOICE!! YOU DONT PICK WHO YOU SPLIT ON!! please don’t be offended if we split most of the time we won’t let you know because must of us beat ourselves up for feeling this way. P.s. We may not actually be splitting because you’ve done something wrong in some cases it could be a projection of how the individual is feeling about themselves.

• If we have split and we tell you about it, please, please refrain from making us feel guilty I really can’t stress this enough!!

• Having borderline personality disorder means that our ability to maintain positive and healthy relationships is very difficult.

• Please respect the coping mechanism of a borderline. Especially borderlines that just need space, however difficult this may be understand that this is someone’s mental health rather than a way to spite you or hurt you.

• Be patient!! I assure you that once we are able
to feel back in control of these feelings we will be able to interact better.

• Do not expect an apology. You wouldn’t expect a person with a broken leg to apologise for cancelling plans due to the leg you’d almost even expect it; so please don’t expect borderlines to have to apologise for the way that they feel. ONCE AGAIN IT IS AN ILLNESS AND WILL BE TREATED AS ONE.

• Some borderlines have no empathy. For example my levels of empathy depend on how I feel at the time. Right now for example
I have no empathy. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about you or about what you’re telling us. Most of the time borderlines switch their empathy off when they have to much on their own plate.

• Most importantly, we still love and value you. And even though we may have difficulty expressing this when our mood is like this please don’t forget. We are working on it and we are trying but please be patient with us, bpd is such an exhausting disorder.

If you have bpd, feel free to add your own these are just some of things I feel like I needed to point out. I am going through a really shitty time and I thought this may help others explain to people around them what they need.

okay also we dont talk about the 2006 black parade era reading performance where the guys get the shit bottled out of them enough. like they got bottled pretty much the whole show but by helena they managed to win over the crowd by basically telling them to go fuck themselves (especially in venom lbr ‘you’re running after something that you’ll never kill if this is what you want then fire at will’ KILLED they all got so smug) like that’s such a punk fucking performance it’s actually one of my favorites and like the very ending part?? where G tells everyone to put their middle fingers up and like.. they do and then hes ‘repeat after me: we are my chemical-’ and the crowd FUCKING FINISHES IT with a resounding ‘ROMANCE’?? like that was fucking SICK im so shook every time 10/10 

At my funeral
  • Memorial service dude: we are gathered here today to commemorate the life of this person. Their final request was for this song to be played.
  • *opening yoi theme starts playing*
  • *my coffin slowly opens*
  • *everyone stares at coffin in fear*
  • Me: can you hear my heartbeat?
  • My bff: *whispers* t-tired of f-feeling never enough
  • Me: *sits up* close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true
  • My mom: *crying* they'll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable
  • My dad: where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades, you set my heart on fire

a lot of young girls dont consider the truly intricate association between a woman’s femininity (and expression of it) and her personhood. when you’re raised to perform elaborate methods to look presentable (makeup, skin care, shaving, waxing, etc) you see them as the norm and can very easily forget that your natural state is your ideal state. its easy to grow up hating your natural self and developing a dependency on make up, and often it does genuinely make you feel good to buy new makeup, try new products, try new looks because you’ve developed this relationship with looking a certain way and theres no quick way out of it. this “good feeling” doesnt stem from an innate need to put on concealer or feel terrible if you didnt have the time to and still have to leave the house. the need to have unnaturally clear skin, dark long lashes, blushing cheeks- it has eurocentric origins yes , but its also very much a reminder that our self esteem is very closely controlled by a select group of industries that heavily profit from our dependency. It’s more than that though. Men find ways to associate femininity with our respect. Punishments to misbehaviour always include threats of taking that away from us- when I was a child my father would threaten to shave my head, and I recently found out this isnt an uncommon occurrence. Shaving a womans head and parading her naked is something that was done by the French, the Spaniards, and probably all over the world. Men believe that this conformation to femininity is what makes us women- which is an extremely disrespectful theme that is being carried forward by mainstream liberal feminism. Womanhood is not defined by a set of beauty standards imposed on us by men to begin with, it is being born with a vagina and having that affect you every day of your life. It is all the unique experiences that negatively impact the quality of your life solely because you are a woman. There’s no need to defend the choice to wear makeup or be feminine. We need to step up for the butch women, the gnc women, the women brave enough to tell the world that they dont care who is watching or what anybody else wants. They have taken their personhood into their own hands. They are the ones who need our support and respect.

random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know

ok so Skam is not about people intentionally hurting people (except Douchehelm and Nico) so here’s what i think will unfold from this clip:

1. We will find out that Noora didn’t know Sana had feelings for Yousef. Say what you want, but Noora and Yousef do have chemistry in every scene they’ve had so far and Noora made her feelings known to Sana. Sana didn’t trust her friend enough to tell her how she felt. That being said, I think Noora was being a little willfully ignorant and with the eva/jonas, isak/jonas, noora/wilhelm stealing pattern this is getting redundant and they can’t end up together, its just too boring.  Noora should have dont a group text “hey does anyone like him before i smash” they all should be wise by now

2. Yousef will have to be thinking that Sana is not interested. She doesn’t ever make a point to talk to him (even at the karaoke bar!!) and defriended him on FB and even though they talked about the religion thing, it ended in a cliffhanger: “why does religion tear society apart” for which she had no answer. Finding that answer is going to be part of her character growth imo.

3. Isak has a temper, we all know this! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he found out that Even knew balloon boys which gave him a shock (”What? my baby hiding things from me?”), and someone said something off the cuff like all the homophobic stuff we’ve forgiven Magnus for and things went off like that. I don’t think we should be shitting on Balloon Boys for no reason when we legit watched Wilhelm smash a bottle into someone’s head pretty much unprovoked and then we were all like “no he shouldn’t go to jail! you have to understand!” Also, Elias clearly has shit going on. He was blackout drunk LAST FRIDAY. Something more is going on here and we’ll find out soon enough

4. Vilde is fucking dumb, ok. She says homophobic and sexist and islamphobic things all the time and says them like they’re fact. So she probably did not realize at all that pointing out that Elias called Sana a slave would be taken so seriously/hatefully. Yeah, she needs to account for being so omfg so freaking fy faen so problematic! (her character traits are like: optimistic, problematic, airhead, organized— it’s driving me nuts). No but here. She needs to grow up. Her and Magnus are like a perfect problematic bundle, it’s a shame they’re probably breaking up, but that’s a subject for another post.

5. People have gossiped and said erroneous shit all the time on this show so I still don’t trust PepsiMax but I’m willing to bet it’s not as simple as them wanting her off the bus just like that. Also, you know fucking Chris and Eva (who’s already been burned by PM) are NOT going to take that happening to Sana without a fight. And for that matter, neither will Sana. When shit gets rough, they band together despite whatever infighting is going on. They rock. Don’t forget that. Give them a chance to have a “vilde is pregnant”/“noora was assaulted” moment with Sana.

6. Don’t worry, Isak and Even went home and snuggled and Even sang songs to cheer Isak up it’s gonna be ok for them. They’ll talk through everything about Even’s past and it will be ok.

7. Sana is strong. She’s been through shit from every person (except Chris) in every season. She’s gonna get through this kicking ass.


Hello everybody, I know that this post wont get a lot notes, but I am still gonna tell you, what is going on here in Serbia right now, my county, the country I’ ve been living in for 22 years, my favorite place ever, MY COUNTRY, sorry patriotism kicked in. lol. But right now, for about a week since “ we” elected a new president, protests have been going on, every single day since he was elected, we’ ve been protesting, and we wont back down, we wont stop until the new president is gone! We have decided to protest against dictatorship and media censorship, and it saddens me that my dad used to protest for the same thing when he was younger, we go through this thing over and over again, people of Serbia are angry, we had enough of it, we dont want be treated as a working force, we wanted to be treated like HUMAN BEINGS, and it saddens me that NO SERBIAN TELEVISION OR NEWSPAPER IS COVERING THIS, NO FREAKING BODY, AND WE ARE ANGRY AND SAD THAT WE HAVE TO PROTEST, BUT WE HAVE TO THIS IS OUR RIGHT!! So what I want to do with this post is to tell you and send awareness about it. The protests are very calm,but loud, and we hope that our loud voices, and our loud instruments will be heard!!!! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

My 3 brothers have submitted to the power of yuri on ice
  • - bro#1 finished half of yoi
  • - bro#2 finished everything
  • - bro#3 is same as bro#1
  • *walking up stairs after dinner*
  • Bro#1: *singing softly* we were born to make history...
  • Me: *aggresively hums the beat drop*
  • Bro#1: oh crap that was from yuri on ice, wasnt it? I've been singing it in my head since this morning ugh
  • Bro#1: uh no
  • Me: can you feel my heartbeat, tired of feeling never enough I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true-
  • bro#1 joins and sumbits himself to yoi: WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY!!!1!! *beat drop is aggresively hummed by everyone*
  • Me: congratulations you have submitted to yuri on ice
  • Bro1: oh no i have to kill myself now *opens hearthstone app whilst humming history maker*
  • Bro1: fuck this song is too catchy

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I feel like with queerbaiting the charcters' relationship just plateaus after a certain point, but supergirl keeps developing kara and lena's relationship and we know theyre not even close to being done, hmm

I KNOW. like the thing with queerbaiting is that you can tell its people wishful thinking. usually, it’s not really there, ya know? more like a reading between the lines kind of situation. 

they don't really go on dates, don't have lip bites, don't say things that sound romantic, don't give each other flowers, dont constantly say thing like “always” and keep repeating “friends” to the point of it sounding sarcastic. queerbaiting is usually two characters sharing a couple of glances. but with supercorp every scene is them staring at each other like they are about to blurt out “I love you” or start making out. it’s glancing at each other’s bodies and lips and lip bites. it's teasing in a flirty way, eyebrow raises, blushing, flustered laughs and shy smiles, etc… its these things that the writers have also written in the canon romance (lena also did the teasing, flirting and eyebrow raises with jack. kara also laughed nervously in an exaggerated way with james, and blushes) and even the canon romance for kara is lacking most of these. 

like supercorp has more canonically romantic moments (not read between the lines but in the actual lines and actions shown) than karamel, that is the canon romance right now. because when it comes down to it being flustered, nervous, blushing and going on dates is much more romantic than fighting and kissing.

so lmao people can call it queerbaiting and maybe it is but you can’t deny that this queerbaiting is more like canon romantic interactions and not a product of people’s imaginations. even if it doesn’t become canon. especially when their relationship has evolved and unlike most queerbaiting it isn't the same throughout the whole thing with no actual explanation for those gay vibes you get. so we are getting a whole bunch of actually visible facts (it’s right there on the screen and the audio, you can’t deny what is being shown to us. its not fanfic, its canon) that show us there is something there (even if they don't make them a couple) and not all ships (especially when they are supposed to last on tv shows) are made canon right away. 

to me, it just feels a lot different to any other queerbaiting I’ve seen. considering they would get the same effect without going through the trouble of making it so obvious that even the media noticed it. and without making people start questioning kara’s romantic interest for her canon bf. so lmao why do that when you could create a read between the lines queerbaiting relationship like most shows do? also they already have sanvers so no need to queerbait 

I found her and I trust her


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To all anime lovers

So I know that many people already know this, but if you are new to anime, or if you have been living under a rock, then let me introduce you to this magical LEGAL site called

I have seen waaaaay too many people watching anime on illegal sites like kisscartoon but when I tell them about this site, they always make the excuse that they don’t have an account. 

first of all




Show support for your favorite anime by watching it on crunchyroll. The reason why so many animes don’t get second seasons or have to end early is because they don’t get enough of an audience and they don’t receive any profit. How can we fix this? WATCH IT LEGALLY!!!

here are some animes that you can stream RIGHT NOW on crunchyroll:

these are only some of the HUNDREDS of anime that you can watch FOR FREE

Wanna watch it in DUB? THEY HAVE THAT TOO!!!! 

Here’s some of the anime that you can watch in both sub and dub:

this has been a p.s.a

side note: I was not paid/endorsed/etc by anyone to do this. I just did this to show support to anime and to make people stop living under rocks

edit: So I know there’s adds, and that can be a pain but lets face it, without adds, how the hell are they gonna pay animators? How are they going to continue to produce the content that we love so much? Would you rather have to sit through an add or have an anime cancelled due to lack of budget?

Laying it out on the table.

I’m used to losing friends because its human nature. You grow apart from people. You stop talking. But I didnt think I would lose a friend over speaking my mind. This is the second time I have lost a friend because I was telling them the harsh reality of being a black woman in America. I love all my mutuals no matter what color you are.

I fucks with everyone if they fuck with me that’s my motto I go by. (Thanks Cardi B lmao)

But the fact people cannot understand that society has made it hard for black girls like myself to feel beautiful and attractive baffles me. The fact it’s always downplayed by some of my nonblack friends. “Oh its not that bad. All men suck” “You shouldnt seek validation in men” Excuses. All bullshit.

This is why half the time I dont say anything about this kind of stuff because I always lose friends. They refuse to believe anything I’m saying is true. As if Im being over dramatic. Its in statistics. Black women are the least desirable. 

We are going to ignore that Im a light skinned black woman for a second because yes Im lighter than alot of black women but I face the same issues.Call me a light skinned cunt or yellow/red bitch or whatever but truth is: I will be looked over for a white, Latina or Asian woman. 

Same shit.

Let me talk about my first year of college. I spent my first year chasing Black guys. Yes the racist/antiblack bitch people think I am…I was checking for black men! But guess what? They werent checking for my ass! And guess what? I’m light skinned with an ass. Shocker. Because you know we get everything apparently. 

Anyways. The black guys at the school would sleep with black girls but they wouldnt date them. They would just date mixed and white girls. From then on I realized I should look elsewhere when it came to dating.

I’m not saying its better or anything but Im glad I dont care about black guys. Because I know I will never be who and what they want. And that’s okay. 

The point is why when I speak the truth people get defensive and think I dont care about you? I’m telling you this shit because I care enough to tell you.

I’m bitter because of my bad experiences that keep happening over and over. I just dont cry as much as I do now because its the same shit.


Shout out to @kpop-sweetie because we been through alot and she understands that she’s a white woman and she is the standard of beauty verses me and she understands me when I say I dont find myself beautiful. 

Tumblr can be all body positive and black girl magic stuff all they want but its not the reality I face. 

I’ll go back to kpop now. I just wanted to lay it all out for yall.

Different Slytherin

She was perfect. No, she wasn’t … She is perfect. The way her ssmile is so bright, the way her perfect hair bounce everytime she moves or the way her laugh is so loud.  She screamed Gryffindor or even Hufflepuff, she screamed fun,love and everything that poets love.

The first time  he saw her it was in the Great Hall, in the line that he knew very well,  she had arrived and everyone was so excited to discover which house she would belong, which house everyone there would belong.

She was one of the lasts. She was there, when almost everyone was sorted, smiling and with her arms crossed. And when her name was called everyone in the room hold their breath and no surprise she just smiled and somehow he knew the she would go to Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. She is so bright of course she belongs there.

Everyone was paying so much attention. It was impossible not to when she was smiling so big while sitting in this chair where everyone seemed to be so afraid of. It was the big time of everyone life include hers.

When the hat was placed in her head, above her mess of hair, everyone was in silence.

The girl was moving her feet and just smiling while her eyes was looking at everyplace she could.

It passed longs minutes when the hat screamed the name of house she would belong. The house where she would made her friends and maybe even met the lover of her life.

“ SSLYTHERIN” The hat screamed and she smiled again,  cause even if everyone just met her she seemed to be the type of girl who is always smiling.

She jumped out of the chair and walked to the very green table. She sat and then he lost her in the middle of a lot of Slytherin students.

He was not happy with that… She was so beautiful, so shinning and how that kind of girl could belong to a such horrible house. How could that happen?

- Are you okay,  PadFoot? - James asked looking ate his friend that still had his eyes at Slytherin table.

-Yeah, I am okay. Just so surprised that this girl is a Slytherin. -He said shrugging his shoulders.

- And You will never guess. -One boy, the one that was jut sorted like the beautiful girl, said.

-What? -Peter asked curious.

-She is not a pureblood.

-What? -The marauders screamed, even Remus who was quiet before. - That’s impossible. -Sirius completed.

The boy just nodded his head and turned to listen Dumbledore speech and letting all the boys still shocked and a Sirius with wide eyes looking at the girl talking to Severus and Lucius and right after smiling  at the boy besides her, his brother who was sorted a few moments before her.

Some years passed anyway, and the girl still was the girl who always smile, but now it was a little more private. The smile was smaller and her long and black hair now was short and so much more curlier, lot of locks of curls. She was a example to everyone.

The girl that Sirius didn’t know the first name after all this years was polite and always classy, wearing the most perfect clothes and her hair always perfect. She was almost a angel in the middle of lot demons.

- (Y/L/N) did it again. - Peter said sitting next to his friends. - She defended the Hufflepuff’s first year from Malfoy.

- Why the hell she is a Slytherin? - James asked confused. -For the first time I think the Hat made a mistake.

- I think that too. You are here after all. -Remus said rolling his eyes and trying to pay attention to his book and his homework. - Why are you talking about this girl again?  She a Slytherin, get over it. Now can we back to our homework?

-But Moony, she is a angel. How can she be there? -Padfoot whispered

- Lucifer was too. - Remus said smiling. - Look, no one here even know her first name, we just know that maybe she is not that bad but hey, we don’t talk to Slytherin any way, so why we should bother?

Pads just sighted and went back to his book but his mind still was in the different Slytherin. He didint know why but that girl just confused him. She intrigued him so much with her eyes showing a fire but still having the sweatiest smile ever.

The day the Marauders descoverd her name it was a week after, when they was joking around Snape, giving him names that he didint like and laughing so laud that anyone near could listen.

They were having fun when James felt a tap on his shoulders making he stop laughing a little to turn around and face the Slytherin girl wearing a beautiful smile.

- Hello, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. - She said with a big smile and then looking at Snape who was on the air without any pants. -Hey, Severus. - Said waving her hand ate him. -How are you all?

- Good? -James said _ asked _ looking ate his friends confused.

-That’s very good,I was excellent a few minutes ago, if you minded. - She said sighing - But then I saw you all making fun of my very dear friend and that’s not a very polite thing to do,guys.

- And who says we care to being polite? -Peter said laughing and gaining a very sharp look of the girl.

-Well, Lucius told me that you, Gryffindor,  are not very polite but I wanted to believe otherside and now I am just regretting that. -She said looking a little sad. -If you don’t let my friend down I will have to do something that none of you would appreciate.

- And you,a Slytherin,think that you can do something to us? - James asked laughing loud and then looking at his friends. -Did you see that? This little girl think she can harm us.

- (Y/N)! You don’t have to do it. -Snape shouted.

-Its not a problem, Severus. Lucius said that I should practice a little more anyway. -She said with a smiling and then looking at the four boys in front of her.

All the boys lost their doubts about her being Slytherin when they saw the smirk on her lips and her eyes with a fire. None of them could actually tell how all of that could happened but the just blinked and they were hanging in the air, all of them, while Severus was outing his pants besides the girl.

-What the hell do you think are doing? - Sirius shouted looking at the girl who just laughed -Let us down.

- Look, Severus, They don’t think that joke is fun anymore. - (y/n) said taking of their pants. - Do you think I should let them down?

- C'mon, Snivellus, You know we were just kidding with you. - James said.

- I don’t think he will let us down. - Moony said just to his friends listen.

- Let us down now!

- Or what? Would you tell you mom, Sirius? - Snape asked.  - Wait, your mom doesn’t care about you. -He laughed

- Severus. - (Y/N) shouted looking at her friend. - That’s not a thing that you should say! - She told him while throwing the boy’s pants at the lake.

-Why that? Its not like we are their friends anyway. -He shrugged.

- Okay, guys,I think I had enough. - She said letting all the boys falling hard on the flour and walking to them. - And Sirius, you can’t have a mom but that doesn’t mean that you dont have a family. -She said smiling at The black haired boy. -Oh, please, dont meses with me friends anymore or I will do worse than that.

- She is a weirdo . -James said looking at the girl who was walking to the castle with her friend. - Who is nice and a demon at the same time?

- Yeah, a weirdo

What Sirius never told anyone that moment it was that weirdo had, maybe, stole his heart.

Mr.Solo - Modern!Kylo Ren x Reader

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Request: can you do #4 of the school au prompts with kylo? I feel like Han being the teacher would work so well lol!

A/N: Okay so I used first movie Indiana Jones Ford Harrison as Inspo for how he looks okay, He was fine af in that film. Also this is the first time ive written a ‘x reader’ & kylo ren fanfic so hopefully its okay. Not my best work but ya know, it is what it is. not my gif.

Warnings: Language + Implied sexual stuff + Major fangirling over a middle aged man by a teen girl

Word Count: 2.1k+


First order high was the definition of boring, there was nothing special about the brick made school. The school colors were shades of grey and dark maroon and no teacher was younger than 45. The only thing that really sparked interest among the school was the football games - though the team was utterly terrible - and any little secret or lie they could turn into school wide gossip.

It was an average monday morning in Mr.Hutts eleventh grade math class. Students were conversing with friends at one another’s desks or rapidly trying to finish last night’s homework before the bell rang. Everything was normal. Except Mr.Hutt - aka the most punctual teacher at F.O.H.S - had yet to arrive to his class.

With a loud ring, the bell signaled class was beginning and still no Mr.Hutt. The class was unbothered with his lack of presence and continued on with their excessive talking.

“That’s a little weird, huh,” You leaned in to speak to your math class acquaintance, Kylo Ren. Though you never spoke much out of class, you wouldn’t be able to survive this class at all without the tall male.

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This might be true, yes. But that’s the point of the story tbh. We can all be selfish and seriously, if you have not yet felt so angry and sad to the point of badly wanting to get back to the people who hurt you and put you through so many horrible and emotionally and mentally destructive things, then wow. But hey i’m not saying you should do it. get revenge?Kill yourself?

I think most people miss another one of the points the story’s trying to make, or reach people with. This is not just about showing how your words and little actions can affect to some people to the point of killing themselves. This is also about people like hannah. Her “revenge” did worse things to the people on the tapes, guilt, fear, regret and soooo much more, and if that’s what her goal was then she succeeded, but that’s not all, her parents were hurting, not knowing why, or where did they go wrong? Now, is this what she wants? Maybe not. The show ended with implying that alex committed suicide, and maybe justin too, and tyler planning something not nice at all, probably school shooting, idk? Is this what she wants? Maybe not too. The show is trying to help suicidal people not only by stopping other people from doing horrible things to a person but also showing those who still has suicide thoughts how they would change everything in a bad way. That they matter and if one person didn’t care, that does not mean there won’t be anyone who’ll ccare. im sure their parents would be soooooo sooo glad if they just sit down and tell them everything. It’s hard but it will be worth it. And right now there are helplines, if telling their parents is out of question because of personal issues and things i dont really know, then helplines would help.

Hannah had been selfish, and so are we. Hannah made bad decisions and so do we. Hannah wanted revenge, and sometimes we want that to.

Maybe for you hannah’s reason is not enough to put her parents thru that much but for hannah its all already too much to handle to the point of not caring about anyone at all. She said it. She doesn’t care about everything aanymore.
Maybe 1 mile run is bearable for you but for some people half a mile is already too much.

The Universe

“And now, on the show with us, we have a very important guest, a certain attractive scientist. Hey, Carlos!”

“Hey, Cecil.”

“Now, listeners, Carlos has some interesting news today about the ever present lights blinking in the sky above the Arby’s. His science has uncovered something interesting about these lights. Carlos, can you tell them what you told me?”

“Oh, yeah, of course. So, I was Cecil just last night by the Arby’s.”

“Oh yes, I remember that! It was our first date in a while, I think. We dont get out enough.”

“I completely agree, Cecil. So we were just sitting on the hood of my car, gazing up at the unforgiving dark void, and I saw the blinking lights. And of course, everyone had thought that they were normal. Or, at least, generally accepted it as another weird thing in Night Vale. But I just couldn’t understand what is was. I just stared into the abyss pondering the size of the universe. The universe is very big.”

“The universe IS very large.”


“But not to me. To me, the universe is Carlos-sized.”

“I love you too, Cecil. But that is a very scientifically inaccurate statement.”