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Can’t Remember to Forget You | iv

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,147

Warnings: Language, Angst

A/N: Hopefully this chapter doesn’t hurt too much - I personally recommend listening to Helium by Sia + Song Cry by August Alsina while reading this (mainly b/c they’re the two songs that I listened to while writing this) // also big s/o to my wife Blade, just because I love her and am eternally grateful for her in my life || crtfy masterlist

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Dear Evan Hansen: Way Too Out of Touch

@amazingmsme asked: Could you maybe write a fic where Evan & Connor are watching a movie with a t scene & Connor squirms a lot during it so Evan sees what’s up with that

I combined it with a small idea from an anon. Very sorry that I don’t watch movies with tickle scenes very often, so insert your own movie in the fic XD Also this is hardly in character lmfao I suck at writing for these two

Words: 1,662

A movie at Connor’s house. What could be so bad about that? With a kind donation from Connor’s parents, they were able to order Chinese. With Zoe up in her room and his parents gone, Connor knew he practically had Evan to himself. And that was both wonderful and terrifying. They only started dating a week ago, so the two teens were getting used to being in a relationship. 

But oh god, what do we do? What do I offer? Fuck, he probably thinks I’m a moron for not knowing how to host somebody.

“Y-You wanna maybe, I dunno, watch a movie?” Evan suggested, wiping his mouth after chewing on some Lo Mein. 

Connor’s lip quirked up in a relieved grin. That’s exactly why he’s your boyfriend. 

“Sure. Anything you got in mind?” Connor asked. 

Evan thought, not wanting to make the decision since he was very bad at those, “Uhh… whatever you want is fine.”

God, they were hopeless. Connor sat back down on the couch with remote in hand, and he started flicking through some On Demand movie selections, “Stop me when you see something you like.”

Evan’s eyes darted through the titles as he continued eating his food, now enjoying some plain white rice. He saw a title he recognized and figured it would be sweet for them to watch, so he spoke up and pointed it out to Connor. The long haired teen had never seen that film before so he just went with Evan’s gut and pressed play. The two sat back on the couch to watch it, each with a carton of Chinese food in their hands. 

“Wanna try a sweet and sour pork? It’s really good,” Evan offered Connor with his chopsticks outstretched, cheeks puffed out because of the food he was still chewing. 

Connor smiled very softly at Evan’s overall cuteness and he took the bite offered to him, “Mmm, not bad.”

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Can I request from the prompt list 4,38 and 70 with tony stark x little sister? Maybe some typical brother/sister fluffy fun?

You can send prompts from here -  PROMPT LIST    

#14 “what have you done now?
#38 “I am going to choke you while you are sleeping “

#70 “You are a real pain in the ass.”

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On your toes slowly and silently you stepped out of Bucky’s room . You closed the door carefully hoping it didn’t make a squeaking sound . You only had Bucky’s shirt on and the panties you came in with . You couldn’t find your shirt in the darkness of the room and you didn’t want to wake up Bucky by turning on the lights . As you walked past the hallways and made way to the lower floor you knew you had to be even more careful .  

You resided on the same floor as your brother Tony . If he knew what was happening between you and Bucky , you were pretty sure he was going to kill you . You thankfully walked past his lab. He wasn’t in there and you left out a huge sigh of relief . You reached your bedroom door and put your hands on the door knob , when you hear the last person you wanted to hear call you.

 “Why are you walking like a thief? What have you done now?” He crosses his arms and waits for you to answer with a suspicious look  .

“Pfftt …What? Me?”, Oh god . That was so fake . He can definitely see through the hesitance.

“I was just …um…in the gym . You know…..just exercising , lifting weights .”, you say as you try to lean on to the wall to look cool and calm , but you misjudged the distance between your elbow and the wall and you fell . You looks stupid as fuck right now.

“At 3 in the morning?”

“Yeah , I wasn’t tired enough so couldn’t sleep . Anyways ..I am tired now  ,so I will go to sleep. Good night.”, you say in a peppy tone and turn around when he called your name again . But this time more sternly .You slowly turned around looking completely guilty . You looked like a child stealing chocolate from the jar .

 “Are you wearing Bucky’s t-shirt?”. He moved towards you , stalking you like he was waiting for the words to come out of your mouth so that  he could waste not even a second to scold you  .

“Ummm …What?”, you look down at your shirt to look surprised .

“Yeah ..It looked comfy so I wore it .No big deal .”, you say laughing  .

 You thought things couldn’t get any worse. But obviously with the luck you were running with today Bucky fucking had to enter the scene . But you couldn’t really blame him . Tony was towards the kitchen so if Bucky was coming towards you he wouldn’t be able to see him in the dim lights.

 “Hey babe . You forgot you shirt.” He said as he strolled towards you . “But you look hot in mine too .”

FUCK . You were dead . And so was Bucky .

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Tony’s voice reverberated through the walls of the floor . 

Bucky instantly froze . First at the sight on Tony and second at his tone and his expression . He looks like he could just pounce on him and eat him alive . Not that he could because Bucky was obviously stronger but it still scared him .

“Tony.”, you say calmly trying to diffuse the tension in the room but unfortunately that does quite the opposite . 

“You are dating Barnes?”, he growled . Not once has he ever been angry at you and today seeing that all his anger was being distributed between Bucky , was enough to make your whole body quiver .

 You just hoped that Tony would understand and not do anything to cause Bucky harm .You walked towards him and pulled him harshly into the room leaving Bucky confused and scared in the hallway . It took you complete 10 minutes to tell Tony about your relationship with Bucky and another 10 was spent just arguing over it . After a total 30 minutes you walked out of the room , Tony by your side , and a small smile on your face.

 On seeing you walk out Bucky instantly got up from his sitting position . You just stood there in awkward silence waiting for Tony to speak . But it was Bucky who opened his mouth first .

“Look Stark , I love ….”, but obviously he was interrupted . 

“Do you even use condoms?”To say that you were surprised at that question would be an understatement . The look on Bucky’s face confirmed that he too was confused.

“Yes sir .”, Bucky answered . You felt it a little comical that Bucky called Tony sir . It was like he was meeting your parents for the first time. But Tony was your only family left , so he was technically like a father . 

“Look Barnes . I really can’t do anything to change her mind because she apparently loves you . But if you do anything , and I mean anything to hurt her even remotely I will choke you while you are sleeping . Do you understand?”Bucky just nodded and firmly said yes . He walked back quietly up to his floor .

You are a real pain in the ass . You know that.”, you say smacking Tony on the chest . He pulls you into a tight hug . 

“I just want you happy and safe Y/N . I love you little sister .”
“I know Tony . I know . I love you too .” 


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The Snowball part 16

Hello, congrats if you’ve followed this so far, I really feel like you need a medal. This was supposed to be a one shot and now look it’s 16 parts long haha.

Link to other parts, X

Feyre entered the living room shyly.

“I made you some tea?” She said quietly.

Rhys looked up from the tv to smile warmly at her. Feyre offered him the tea and stood awkwardly next to the couch.

“Did Mor ask you to babysit me?” Rhys teased.

Feyre hesitated. “Sort of. But Rhys I wanted to apologise for all the trouble I’ve caused.”

Rhys immediately waved her off. “Feyre darling this is what family does, look out for each other.”

To Feyre’s horror she found herself beginning to tear up and her throat closing over. Feyre had her own family. But they had never made her feel so apart of something so intricate and wonderful like Rhys and his friends had.

Rhys seeming to sense this added soothingly, “Sometimes your family chooses you, Feyre. None of us really have our own blood families anymore, so we made our own.”

“What happened to everyone else’s?”

Sighing Rhys patted the seat next to him for her to join him.

“Cassian never really had a family, they abandoned him for whatever reasons. Azriel had a terrible step mother and siblings who abused him so he got away.”

Feyre nodded, suddenly understanding the horrible scars she had seen on Azriel’s hands.

“I’ve never really had the guts to ask about Amren’s family, all I know is that they are far, far away. And Mor…”

Here Rhys hesitated, a dark shadow crossing his face.

“Mor is from a powerful family, they saw her as only a political tool to be wielded and gain more power. They arranged a marriage for her, to a brother of Lucien’s actually.”

Feyre gasped. From all that Lucien had told her, his family sounded like sadistic villains from a film.

“One night she met up with Cassian, knowing if her… virtue was compromised, especially with an Illyrian like Cassian, Lucien’s family would disown her and the marriage wouldn’t go ahead.”

“She went to Cassian, not Azriel?” Feyre asked innocently.

“Ah. That is something I have never asked Mor about, and if you wish to keep your head, I’d suggest you not ask either. Those three will work it out.”

“So after that, her family let her go live with you?”

“Not exactly. They beat her for her disobedience. That’s when we got her away from them. We should’ve done it much sooner.”

Raw guilt showed on Rhys’s face and Feyre couldn’t help but reach her hand out to grip his.

“You did what you could Rhys. For all of them. For me. I think I understand why Mor hates Tamlin so much now.”

Rhys looked down at their intertwined hands with wonder in his eyes before replying.

“For the record we all hate Tamlin, but yes, Mor understands you a lot more than I think you ever give her credit for.”

“What about you?” Feyre asked curiously.

“What about me?”

“Tamlin… mentioned something about your mother earlier. What was that about?”

Feyre expected Rhys’s face to shut off. Block out what was clearly a sensitive topic for Rhys. But surprisingly he turned more towards her and gave her hand one more squeeze.

“I had a mother and father, they loved me very much, my little sister too.”

Feyre had to fight to keep the shock off her face. Sister.

“Where are they?”

“Dead.” Rhys said matter of factly.

Feyre didn’t want to probe for answers, but she so desperately wanted to know what had happened. Wanted to know why Rhys never mentioned his family. Out of all of his friends, Rhys had actually had a family he cared about, one that was taken from him all the same.

Feyre waited patiently for him to go on. When shadows had stopped haunting Rhys’s face and he had composed himself he continued, giving her hand another squeeze which Feyre was sure was a thank you for waiting.

“It was a few years ago. They were driving home from a dinner that I was supposed to be at too, but I had meetings. A drunk driver hit them on the freeway. The car flipped, killing everyone inside. My father, mother, and sister.”

Feyre had her hand over her mouth in horror. “Rhys, I’m so sorry-”

“There’s more.” Rhys quietly interrupted.

Feyre immediately went silent, wondering how this story could get any worse.

“The drunk driver… was Tamlin’s father. His family was in his car too. I don’t even know why they would have allowed him to drive when he was so clearly drunk.” Rhys said angrily. “Tamlin’s parents and brothers all died at the scene, Tamlin was thrown from the car and somehow didn’t die. He was the only survivor.”

Feyre felt like she was about to throw up. She couldn’t say anything. Offer up any condolences.

After several moments of silence she became aware that Rhys was tracing small, soothing circles on the back of her hand with his thumb, doing his best to calm her. After all he had just told her, Rhys was the one calming Feyre.

“I can’t believe he threw that in your face today.” Feyre said disgusted.

“I’ve had worse said to me about it.” Rhys said shrugging indifferently, but Feyre could tell from the tightness of his shoulders that the comment had bothered him.

“I’m sorry for bringing him back into your life.” Feyre added quietly.

Rhys laughed softly. “You don’t have to apologise all the time Feyre. Besides if it brought you to us, I don’t mind in the slightest.”

Feyre blushed as the intensity of Rhys’s stare hit her and she had to look away.

Rhys looked like he was about to say more when his phone rang. It wasn’t very loud but he winced and leaned away from the noise. Feyre grabbed it when he made no move to answer.

“Mor?” Feyre asked when she saw the caller ID.

“Hey Feyre, is Rhys okay, why didn’t he answer?”

“He’s fine, I was just closer to the phone.” Feyre said glancing at Rhys worriedly who now had his head in his hands.

“Okay, well I just called to say that Amren and I are nearly done packing and will be home soon.”

“Great! See you soon then.” Feyre said quickly before hanging up, not wanting Mor to ask questions and worry about Rhys.

“Rhys?” Feyre asked quietly.

Rhys groaned and rubbed his forehead. “I’m fine, sorry. I just have a headache.”

“Do you want some pain medication? The doctor gave us some in case you had any pain.”

Rhys nodded slowly.

Feyre scrambled off of the couch to get her bag. She read the label that advised he should have two tablets before handing them to him, which he gulped down with his tea.

“Thanks.” Rhys said smiling at her, when a funny look crossed his face. “Feyre, what did they give me before I left the hospital?”

“They gave you something before you left?” Feyre repeated.

Rhys nodded slowly. “Something for the pain.” He said.

Feyre quickly read the label again which had a very big warning on it that said you couldn’t take more than two tablets every 6 hours.

“Are you telling me you’ve had four of these in about an hour?” Feyre asked in horror.

“I mean probably? I forgot the nurse gave me something. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Rhys said waving off her concern.

“Rhys! We should probably take you back, these are really strong, they’re not just your average over the counter tablets!” Feyre said, a shrill panic in her voice.

“It’s nothing. I do feel a bit tired though, I might go to bed.”

“Oh no you don’t, Mor specifically didn’t want you falling asleep.”

“The nurse said I was fine to sleep.” Rhys frowned like a grumpy child.

“Only if you didn’t have any symptoms! And you have a bad headache.”

Rhys staggered to his feet. “You worry too much Feyre, I’m fine.” Rhys slurred his voice almost like he was drunk before losing his balance and careening into an armchair.

“Rhys!” Feyre shouted.

She moved forward to help him but Rhys had already straightened up again and was moving towards the doorway.

“Rhys, slow down. You’re going to injure yourself.” Feyre couldn’t help but laugh despite trying to sound serious, when Rhys bumped into the doorframe and then apologised to it.

Rhys made for the staircase with Feyre trailing after him like a lost puppy.

“Rhys please, you won’t make it up the stairs. Just come sit back down on the couch.”

Rhys ignored her and made it all of two steps up before he lost his balance and began windmilling his arms to stay upright. Feyre surged forward to keep him from falling. She sighed to herself, if Rhys was determined to go upstairs then she would have to help him.

She threw one of his arms over her shoulders and took most of his weight.

“Okay lean on me and I’ll help you get up.”

Rhys grinned stupidly at her as he realised he was getting his way. The two made their way up slowly, Rhys almost falling several times but Feyre always managed to pull him back in time, once having only a hold on his jacket.

When they finally reached the top of the stairs Feyre was flushed and sweaty from the exertion. Rhys seemed to find this endearing as he brushed away stray hairs from her face.

He grabbed a vase with flowers in it from nearby and offered it to her, Feyre wasn’t sure if he was offering her the flowers or water but she accepted them anyway, laughing.

Rhys, looking pleased with himself for making her laugh, grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hallway.

Feyre quickly found a place for the vase of flowers before allowing Rhys to drag her away. She had never been upstairs before. When she realised that Rhys was taking her to his room she hesitated.

Even in his drugged up stupor, Rhys could feel her hesitation so he stopped just outside what was presumably the door to his room.

“You can wait for the others downstairs if you like.” He said.

But Feyre knew Rhys would never leave her alone if she was in his state, and Mor had asked her to keep an eye on him. So Feyre shook her head and reached past Rhys to open the door.

Rhys immediately toppled in, catching himself just before hitting the ground.

Feyre laughed. “Maybe you should sit down.”

Rhys sat on the edge of his bed, lifting a suggestive eyebrow at her, “Only if you join me Feyre.”

Feyre laughed again at how ridiculous he sounded, trying to flirt while not being able to keep his eyes focused on her. Nonetheless, Feyre moved to sit next to him.

Feyre looked around his room curiously. It was mostly minimalist, decorated with dark furniture with flashes of silver. There were a few photos of him and Mor or with Cassian and Azriel, and one of a young girl with dark hair like him and piercing violet eyes. Feyre looked away quickly.

Rhys leaned back into a mountain of pillows and closed his eyes with a content smile on his face.

“Oh no you don’t. No sleeping!” Feyre said, pinching his arm.

Rhys screwed up his face in mock pain but opened his eyes to watch as Feyre took off her shoes so she could also lie down. She was close enough to feel his body heat, but not close enough to actually touch him.

“Well if I can’t sleep what can I do?” Rhys asked.

Feyre pondered this seriously before her eyes lit up. “Read to me.”

Rhys huffed. “All the books are downstairs.”

“Then tell me a story. Make one up.” Feyre teased.

Rhys smiled back, closing his eyes as he began a story about a girl who married a prince, never seeing his face. Every night he would come to her in darkness and warned her that she should never look upon his face. But one night the girl became too curious and lit a candle after he fell asleep, revealing the form of a beautiful man.

Feyre felt like she was in a trance, listening to the soft tone of Rhys’s voice who was telling the story expertly with great memory, as if the story had been told to him many times.

Rhys explained how an evil faerie had cursed the man to remain in an animal form by day, and becoming human again at night until someone loved him despite never seeing his face. When the girl saw his true face he was forced to return to the evil faerie in a castle east of the sun and west of the moon.

The girl managed to track the castle down and was tricked out of meeting her prince several times over but eventually after completing a task, she wins back the prince and the evil faerie is killed.

At some point Feyre had begun yawning and her head had dropped until it rested on Rhys’s shoulder.

“Am I boring you that much?” Rhys laughed.

“No! That was a great story, I’m just really tired.” Feyre rushed to assure him.

“I mean it’s not like I’m complaining about this.” Rhys said, looking down at Feyre and reaching an arm around her to pull her closer.

Rhys seemed to be holding his breath as he waited to see if Feyre would pull away, but instead Feyre rested an arm on his chest and turned her face closer to his shoulder so her voice was faintly muffled when she asked what the story was called.

“East of the Sun and West of the Moon.” Rhys told her. “My mother used to tell it to me when I was young.”

Feyre desperately tried to remain awake but exhaustion lined her every limb after all the stress and worry that had happened that day, and Rhys was so warm next to her. She lost a fight to contain a yawn and Rhys smiled at her.

“You can sleep if you want.” He said softly.

Feyre shook her head. “Mor… told me… to watch you.” She mumbled tiredly.

“I won’t sleep. I promise.”

Feyre sighed as Rhys tucked a blanket around her, keeping himself on top of the covers. He began quietly telling her a new story, and this time when Feyre’s eyes closed, they didn’t open again.


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Description: October is always a month filled with odd happenings, but the weirdest thing by far is a bloody man showing up on your doorstep. 

Warning: Blood/Swearing

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You hummed softly to yourself, fixing yourself a warm cup of tea in the kitchen, preparing to settle down on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, and binge watch movies for October. The heat was up, the lights off, snacks were set out of the coffee table, and you were ready for a long night of not moving at all.
You had just sat down, remote in hand, when a loud rumble shook the house. Your face scrunched in confusion at the sound, like a way magnified bolt of thunder, but there was no storm on the radar for today, or any day coming up for that matter. The sound lasted longer than any thunder bolt you’ve heard and seemed to vibrate your entire body with the level of volume it carried before everything was silent again. Until the pounding at your front door rang through the quiet living room, making you feel uneasy.
“Please…” A rough voice said from the other side of your front door, belonging to the person knocking with urgency. “Please…I need help…”
At that, you jumped up, the tea you were holding falling to the ground, the cup shattering on the floor and liquid drenching the floor as you raced towards the door, unlocking it and flinging it open, shrieking at the sight that awaited you.
A man was crumpled on your front porch, clothes ripped, hair matted, blood seeping from somewhere on his back. He looked like he had to drag himself onto your porch, indicated by the drag marks of blood smeared across the concrete while the man laid on the ground, hand raised to knock again before you flung the door open.
“Oh my god what happened!?” You yelled, immediately falling to your knees and trying to help the man up, but stopped when he shouted it pain when you brushed his back.
“Don’t!” He gasped, clenching his teeth tightly.
“Oh my god oh my god!” You cursed, reaching for his arm this time, trying to lift the pretty much dead weight man, his weight making you collapse once before you managed to stand and awkwardly lean him against you.
The man continued groaning, gasping in pain with every move as you dragged him inside, attempting to get him to the couch.
Noting his back, you laid him on his front across the couch, stuttering to him, “W-wait here!”, and running off to find the phone to call 911.
Rushing back to him, you hit the digits, but his hand shot out to grab your hand, “Don’t! Don’t call anyone!”
“You need an ambulance! You need the police! What happened to you!?”
“Don’t call anyone!” He commanded through faces of pure agony, as he tried to sit up, taking the phone from you and chucking it across the room causing you to yell in protest. “Just listen to me! Get a first aid, and keep your mouth shut, okay?”
If he won’t let me call 911, first aid is the next best thing. You thought begrudgingly, and nodded before darting off to the bathroom, returning with the little bag of medical supplies.
“Where are you hurt?” You asked, eyeing the blood covered man, noting that the couch would definitely be cleaned after this mess.
“My back,” He answered, slowly undoing his shirt that was just a blood rag at this point. “Just my back.”
Nodding, you pulled some gauze and anti bacteria spray from the first aid, you waited for him to work the shirt that had dried slightly, forcing him to have to tear the shirt from the scabbing over wounds on his back, resulting in another sharp intake of breath from the man. Finally working the shirt off, he turned to give you access to his back, and it was your turn to gasp.
On either shoulder blade, two six inch straight lines were beginning to bleed profusely again after removing the shirt. The sight was shocking enough, deep wounds that looked like someone had sunk a hatchet into his back twice, open and red with agitation and blood. He’d definitely need stitches, no doubt about that.
“What the fuck happened to you!” You gasped, taking one of the gauze and stopping the blood trickling down his back from meeting your couch cushion.
“Please, I just need you to fix this,” The man swallowed hard, “And I’ll explain.”
Not satisfied with that answer, you couldn’t do anything but agree.
“You’re going to need stitches, you really should go to the hospital…”
“I can’t go to a hospital, just please…just sew me up.” The man pleaded.
Frowning, you stood to go find a needle and thread, returning and seeing the man looking over his shoulder at the damage, a grimace on his face, “Don’t look at them.”
“I’ve seen worse.” The man replied, flinching when you gently began dabbing his skin, trying to get the dried and fresh blood off his skin before you went any further.
“It looks like you just escaped a murder scene,” You said, shaking the anti bacteria spray, “Hold on, this’ll sting.”
You could see him take a deep breath, holding it before you sprayed his wounds, but he still let out a loud yell, his muscles tensing at the pain.
“This is going to be worse.” You mumbled, not happy about the next part. You carefully threaded the needle, and counted to ten in your head, while the man clenched his fists in preparation for the feeling to come.
His fingers dug into his covered thighs when the needle pierced his skin, each move more painful than the last as you tried your best to close up his gaping would with sewing thread. His shaky breath was all you could hear when you sprayed the one side again before covering it in gauze.
Doing the same to the other wound, you found yourself holding your breath just like the man as you repeated each step carefully to avoid hurting him more than he already was. When the last gauze was taped to him, his breathing was heavy, body weak from all the strain it had just went through.
Before you tucked everything away, you brought him a cup of water and a couple pain pills, which he accepted with a shaky hand.
“Now,” You said, sitting on the coffee table and observing the man. “Are you going to tell me who you are and what the fuck happened now?”
“I did say I would,” He nodded, “My names Ten. As for what happened…you likely won’t believe it.”
“Try me,” You said, “Was it an ax murderer?”
“Not quite, no.” He shook his head.
“Then what?” You asked.
“I fell,” Ten said bluntly. “I’m an angel, and I fell from Heaven.”

Did Ongniel die?

This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we discover the facts into the burning questions; What happened to Seongwoo? What happened to Daniel? Did Ongniel die together? How about the rest? What is their story? 

Before I get into it proper, I just wanted to say a few words about the music video. It was definitely a little more on the mature and depressing side of Wanna One, with a key feature of its genre meaning to capture a slice of life. It starts off simple, showing the close knitted bonds of orphaned kids and how they stuck by one another even as they grew up. However, after some plot twists and turns, Wannables ended up with a very much confusing and uncertain ending between the two main characters, Seongwoo and Daniel (aka Ongniel is Science). Nevertheless, it was still a music video that managed to tug on heartstrings and definitely gave the audience a feel-d trip. 

[Theory and story will be under the cut because oh boy, this is one lengthy post]

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Spooky sleepover // Joe Sugg

Ello ello. I might not be up to scratch with my writing as of soon… because I’m staring my English assessment. We read a novel called ‘hatchet’, and I have to write 3 journal entries from the point of view of the main character, Brian Robeson, after he returns home. It’s going to be at least 3 pages, since each journal entry is at least one page of writing. 

Can i have 14 with Joe? Thank youu! I love your blog✨💕


The feelings were there, everyone knew it. Even Joe knew it, it was obvious. He had unmistakable feelings for her and her beauty. She was the definition of perfection. Her hair always flowed amazingly, and her eyes shone like the diamond on a ring. There were no imperfections anywhere where Joe could see… and he was sure there were none where he couldn’t see, either. Her smile could light up the room, and her singing could bring you to tears. Everyone loved her and her ways.


“Joe. Y/N. Shut up!” Oli scolded as they were trying to watch the movie. All the boys were over, and they were watching ‘It’. It was a scary movie, and the jump scares got to Y/N a lot. She was sat, snuggled into Joe’s side, watching the movie. He had an arm loosely wrapped around her, enough to be comfortable. Y/N usually sat like this with the boys, as they were like her brothers. But with Joe… it felt different. She felt some sort of connection with Joe, and she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the idea of dating him. Joe playfully rolled his eyes, after the scolding of them both. There was silence between them all, besides the common crunch of popcorn or chips.

Pennywise came shooting out onto the screen, scaring the wits out of Y/N. She squealed, hiding her face in Joe’s chest, under the blanket. He ran a hand up and down her back to calm her down. The boys all either screamed, or laughed at Y/N’s reaction.  Conor’s reaction was nearly as bad as Y/N’s… if not, worse. He fell off the couch, as he was reaching to get some popcorn when it happened. Y/N eventually came up, being weary of the next scenes, in case there were any more jump scares.  She still had her face leaning on Joe’s chest when she came up, but high enough so she could see what was happening. “C-can I hold your hand?” She whispered to Joe. Joe didn’t reply, only grabbing her hand softly. He traced small circles on her hand with his thumb, and it seemed to calm Y/N down a lot. She relaxed, and continued to watch the movie.


Everyone began to clean up after the movie, organizing who was going to sleep where. Joe and Byron were going to sleep in their own beds, as it was their apartment… but they still had to situate 4 other people. They decided that Oli was going to sleep in the other spare room, and Y/N, Caspar and Conor were going to sleep on the couch. As they began to lay out all of their beddings and pillows, Joe went over to Y/N. “Hey, do you want to come and sleep in my bed with me? I don’t mean it in any like sexual way at all… the couch just isn’t very comfortable and I thought that you might not want to sleep with two boys around you. We can sleep like on opposite ends of the bed I don’t mind, or I’ll even sleep down here if you want me to,” he rambled nervously. A small smile crept onto her lips as she accepted.

“Thank you, Joseph, that would be nice. You don’t have to sleep on the couch, if anything… it would be better for me so I don’t get as scared.” She replied. They both nodded, and Y/N went up the stairs into Joe’s room as he helped set up the rest of the blankets. She put her pajamas on and climbed onto her side of the bed. She knew that Joe like to sleep on the right side, so she snuggled into the left. Just as she dozed off, which wasn’t long after she got in, Joe quietly walked into the room. He slipped off his shirt and slid into his side of the bed, trying his best not to wake Y/N. He found some courage after a while, and eventually slipped an arm around Y/N before falling asleep himself.

Inside your eyes or Azanina talks [5]

Despite all despair, I really like the last episode. I like this smell of character development. We got a big hint for future Azanina dynamic too. Their relationship takes another step forward, a painful, but really necessary step. How it was? Let me share some of my thoughts with you.

Azazel kept losing everything. His rage was the last thing that made him fight. However, it didn’t help, it even made him weak, cause he didn’t care about his life anymore. It’s better to die on the battlefield than carry a heavy load of guilt. Unfortunately, the fate punished him again for this selfish thought and didn’t give him a chance to run away from his mistakes. Mugaro was in danger, again because of him. It can’t get any worse. In this moment, Nina came on the scene.

A true shock. That’s how Nina felt. Mugaro was captured, Bacchus and Hamsa too. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice. Azazel called her by the name. At the first time.

It could be weird, but it’s a really big step for demon like him. It’s this Azazel, who treated people like insects. Who used the names so rare (Mugaro is a nice exclusion). It was a true begging, even again without “please” and other stuff. Nina became his last hope in this despair. He asked her not to save his life or kill the king, nope! He asked her to fix his mistakes, to save Mugaro, to help the demons (I felt so bad for him at this moment, like it’s too late to help them). Azazel destroyed all his pride in the name of their life.

Nina still was so shocked that she didn’t get at once what he’s talking about. She looked at the corps, then again in his eyes. It was the longest eye contact they ever have. Here I see a clear progress. As long as Nina was a blushing girl because of Azazel’s handsomeness, they couldn’t look at each other. They weren’t able to understand each other; they always were victims of their misunderstandings. The eye contact finally happened. Moreover, Nina understood everything. She saw his pain, his anger, his desperation. She knew the reason of those feelings, she decided to help.

Nevertheless, her try failed. Her eyes clearly said “sorry” to Azazel. She tried really hard. Why Azazel cried, as she was knocked down? This question you already asked me. Azazel’s tears were a result of his whole fall. With Nina he lost his last hope, that’s true. However, I like to think that Azazel cried cause he put her in danger too. I mean, all people who trusted him, who cared about him in this situation were killed, captured or arrested. Nina was the last one. Maybe the mix of his defeat and guilty feelings is the most right answer.

By the fact, I see some parallels between Azazel’s case and Nina’s speech to Charioce. They both were pressed to the ground, couldn’t move, but still didn’t give up. The resistance were inside their eyes. Unfortunately, Azazel’s soul was broken, but Nina keeps fighting for sure.

Nina’s inner thoughts, her “sorry” towards Azazel were really touchable. As torture was mentioned, she even flinched. Nina worried about him, she asked what happened to the Rag Demon despite it was more rational to worry about herself at this moment. I guess, it’s a real hint that Nina and Azazel will be closer in the future, they have the one wound that they can heal only together.

However, Azazel’s fate bothers me a lot. His redemption started with many suffering and clear parallels with Amira’s torture. What will happen next? He made Favaro and Kaisar fight each other in “Genesis”. Guess, what the new spoilers show? The fight between Kaisar and Azazel in the gladiator arena. Oh, guys, the redemption should take a long time. However, I still hope that Nina will help our poor demon to find his own way too. It’s interesting what Azazel thinks about her now. Well, keep waiting for next Azanina moments~

Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe:

Part 1 (Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole)

Part 2 (The Tres Spades)

Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

I’ll admit that “game” Eisuke had always turned me off. I found him far too arrogant for my liking and borderline abusive in his behavior towards the MC.

However, standing in front of the “real” Eisuke Ichinomiya, I finally got what all the fuss was about.

Unlike the others, Eisuke was far more handsome than his sprite ever let on. In our world, there’s no way he would ever have been a hotel mogul - he was far too beautiful for that. He would have been given a reality show like the Kardashians, and toured the world making appearances at clubs, all the while promoting his male skin care line or clothing brand.

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Mushy POVs and Narrative Sloppiness:  How To Ignite a Fandom War in Two Steps or Less

I read this post on Glee last night and it’s been rolling around in my mind ever since, because as someone who passively watched a few seasons of Glee and then bounced (and never got involved in the fandom) it reminded me of one of my main problems with that show, which was a mushy narrative POV.  When Glee started it was clearly taking place in a heightened, alternate reality– Finn’s mom dated someone who like, spray painted lawns for a living? Or maybe that was his dad? idk, I all I remember is it was NUTS and also not something that people would do in Ohio, where it rains pretty regularly– so people could do/say things that would never, ever fly in the real world, and it was fine because it wasn’t the real world.  But as the show went on it started taking some things Very Seriously while still also being a universe where a temporary school nurse can pump students full of amphetamines with zero lasting repercussions. (Yes, that’s a very early example and it happened when the show definitely didn’t take place in the real world but honestly I only really remember the first season and then bits and pieces of other seasons so don’t @ me, the point of this is not actually to deconstruct Glee but to tie it to the problems fandoms face when a narrative doesn’t actually know what it’s saying.)

The post I linked to (which is well worth a read) is about the fandom ship/character wars, and it notes the problem of what to do with a very inconsistent canon– do you take a throwaway punchline seriously, or do you treat it as just a throwaway punchline and move on?  When a show vacillates between “This is a Very Serious Real World Problem” and “lol who gives a shit” from moment to moment, it becomes difficult to sort out what “counts” and what’s just a line meant to make you chuckle and then forget it.  This mushy POV problem gives fodder to any side you want to take in a fandom war, because there is no clear side.  Granted, fandoms are going to fight about shit– that is an eternal law of fandom– but the mushier the POV of a show, the more ammunition there is for fighting.

Which brings me to the mushiest narrative of The 100, which is Bellamy’s Massacre in 304 and the Blake Sibling Incident of, idk, 309? (Whatever, you know what Incident I’m talking about.)  The core problem of Bellamy’s massacre is the show itself wasn’t sure how bad it was supposed to be: it was simultaneously Very Very Bad and also NBD.  I personally suspect (based on zero evidence, so YMMV) that it was originally a massacre of a scouting party/guard, or simply of a much smaller army (or as others have suggested, of the Ice Nation Army and not their allies).  I think they decided that wasn’t splashy and ~edgy~ enough, so they made it into a ginormous fucking war crime, but then didn’t really adjust anything else in the story. So you have Bellamy (led by Pike, but honestly, even the show seemed to forget it was Pike’s idea) committing this terrible act– and it is portrayed as terrible in the moment– and then immediately being like “okay but everyone else has done terrible things too and he had his reasons so whatever.”

Except in previous seasons when someone did something really fucking terrible, the show was much better at a) framing it so it seemed necessary from that character’s POV (see: Clarke and Bellamy torturing Lincoln or pulling the lever in Mount Weather) and b) treating the morally-suspect decision with the proper weight (see: Kane on the Ark, post Culling).  You could argue about reasons and methods and shades of grey all day, but the show knows what it is saying in those cases and makes that clear.

So in 304 Pike convinces Bellamy to do this thing that the audience immediately perceives as really fucking awful, and the show’s narrative response is basically “idk that was bad, I guess???”  It gave people who disliked Bellamy’s character a rock solid reason to hate him, especially since the show didn’t “punish” him for it (well, it did, but I’ll get to that) and it gave those of us who wanted to defend him shelter because the narrative didn’t seem to care that much.  Hell, even Clarke in 305 isn’t *that* mad at him for the massacre– she’s pissed, yeah, but it’s because he upended her attempt to negotiate a peace and not because what he did was wrong.  For the rest of s3, the massacre is treated as both a Really Horrific Thing and Just Something You Do When You Feel Threatened, and the result was a goddamn mess of a fandom.

Again: people are always going to find shit to fight about and literally no amount of perfectly tight writing and crystal clear POVs are gonna fix that.  But this sort of sloppiness is like pouring gasoline on a bonfire.

Which brings us to the Blake Sibling Incident, which also suffers from the “this is really bad but also never mind it’s fine because one of them thinks it’s justified” problem of the massacre.  It was a terrible thing that is presented as terrible, but then completely dropped and not adequately addressed because the show itself wasn’t sure just how terrible it was supposed to be.  It would have been an awful scene no matter what, but with the massacre lingering in the audiences’ mind it became even worse. Because what was vaguely framed by the show as “Octavia is unjustly blaming Bellamy for Lincoln’s death” was perceived by large swaths of the audience as a horrific form of “justice” for the massacre.  (And I’m not even getting into the racial implications of all of this, which are vast, and, I suspect, completely unconsidered by the writing staff.  Which is a big fucking problem and warrants a totally different meta.)  But look, you could take any side you want in this disagreement and you’d at least be partially right because the show doesn’t know what it’s saying either.  The writers scrambled in s4 to redeem Bellamy because they realized people did not react to the massacre in the way they intended, but that in some ways compounded the problems of the mushy narrative POV in s3 because you cannot make surfaces patches on a building after it has completely collapsed, you know?  (No,  Bellamy is not a collapsed building, I’m just struggling for metaphors right now.)

Anyway, the point of this is the fandom gets caught in a möbius strip of wars and arguments and circular disagreements, because everyone wants the show’s POV to back them up and if you look at it from one way, it does, but if you look at it from the completely opposing view…well, it also supports that too.  For a show that prides itself on tackling difficult moral issues in a nuanced way, the lack of a consistent narrative POV was the writing equivalent of “here, hold my beer.”   


i really loved this episode, especially that it was so luke heavy. but it also focused on the political side of this world and it was interesting to see how everyone acts in such situations

- even though magnus understood that it was the right decision to keep his and alec’s professional and private lives seperate, he was still hurt. their decisions are already being questioned, on both sides. so it’s not easy to make this work, especially now when they are both leaders of their people
magnus is still in so much pain and his insecurities are even more visible now, that ‘have i done something wrong’ absolutely broke my heart. because he just blames himself for everything, even when none of it is his fault

- even though i know alec and magnus are dating, every time they mention it, i live. alec calling magnus his boyfriend, i need more of those small but important moments

- MR. LIGHTWOOD AND MR. BANE I SCREAMED they tried so hard to keep it professional but they managed to sound flirty even in such a situation. they’re so in love and they can’t stop themselves even for five minutes

- magnus congratulating alec on his promotion and then supporting his decisions… I LIVE. power couple af

- and magnus’ face when raphael called him out was amazing haha ‘son, i don’t need this right now’ ‘dad, please’

- alec being the head of the institute is everything. he’s been waiting his whole life for this and finally it has happened
and izzy being a proud sister? i have so many feels about this, i love it

- alec and izzy tried so hard to keep straight faces when jace said book club… bless their solidarity

- alec reaching out to luke specifically to show him respect was such an important moment
alec is trying really hard to unite everyone, even when the clave is so unhelpful (to say the least) and he realises it too well, he knows that luke has every right not to want to attend those meetings or cooperate with shadowhunters more than is necessary

- alec being there for his mother, making sure that she’s doing okay… i just love alec so much. because no matter what happened between them in the past, he’s still making sure that maryse is somehow dealing with her situation and he reminds her that he’s by her side 

- i loved the scene between alec and luke. alec knows he needs to do A LOT to gain luke’s trust because so far shadowhunters were only failing him and he suffered too much because of them. even though alec doesn’t approve it, he understands very well why luke wanted to kill valentine on his own 

- it was a bad decision to go to valentine’s cell. but honestly? i really can’t blame luke. he tried to give the clave a chance, he tried to let them handle it. and how did that end? the clave doesn’t care about the downworlders and luke has lost too many people, he suffered too much because of valentine. of course he wanted to kill him 

- jace playing on the piano was such a beautiful scene. and that comparison to him and sebastian playing at the end. showing just how similar their lives were when they were kids, yet so different. valentine using angel and demon blood on both of them but destroying lives of both of them
(no, i’m not trying to defend sebastian in any way. but he could be a normal person if it hadn’t been for valentine… who just killed his first son and created a monster) 

- jace’s smile when maia’s name was mentioned is the most beautiful one and i loved every second of it
even though i know they could never be an actual couple, i still love the fact that their relationship or whatever it is, it brings both of them happiness

- can we talk about the fact that jace didn’t want to make another move on clary just because she had a boyfriend? because jace would never want to do something so horrible like stealing someone’s girlfriend, he didn’t even want to think about his own feelings

- jace was so worried about his boyfriend when they were about to go to the seelie realm, it was just so adorable

- 'that tree almost tore simon’s pretty face off’ 'you think i’m pretty?’ please tell me how either of them is straight, i’ll wait 

- all those cute things jace said about simon… yeah, tell me how jace isn’t in love with simon 

- maryse congratulating alec on his promotion and supporting him, i love everything about this. and when she mentioned alec writing his own memos in crayon when he was a kid, i was in tears. i love when she mentions all those moments from the past that show they are family, a real family 

- maryse trying to fix her mistakes, make things right with everyone she hurt… i can’t wait to see that. she’s always wanted to do the right thing but in doing so she hurt a lot of people. and now she realises this. i hope we will get to see more of this, especially that her situation with luke still needs more work on her part

- izzy supporting maryse, telling her to leave robert. yes, i cried a lot. even though izzy has always felt like she wasn’t enough, she still loves her mother deeply and wants her to be happy

- maryse acknowledging alec and magnus’ relationship, FINALLY realizing that her son is happy and in love and FINALLY she understands that. this means everything

- i cried even more when maryse was actually behaving like izzy’s mother. she apologised for everything wrong she’s ever done to izzy and she wants to be there for her daughter
it was one of the most important scenes in this episode

- izzy’s training scene… oh boy sign me up
but it hurt a lot to see izzy thinking that maryse wouldn’t accept her. it did happen way too many times and now izzy thought it would be the same. izzy deserves people who will love her for being her

- but can she just throw me like she threw sebastian? please and thank you

- no matter how horrible izzy feels, she’s always there to support clary. izzy is the best friend anyone could ever ask for

- seelie realm is so beautiful and all seelies that live there are just so much different from the ones who live in the real world. i hope we’ll get another look in the future 

- seelie queen is AMAZING. you can see she’s at least 10 steps ahead of everyone and she has just began plotting

- it’s really interesting that the seelie queen wanted simon to be her ally. makes you think what exactly she is thinking about

- raphael hating sebastian from the second he met him is my aesthetic 

- 'all shadowhunters look the same to me’ meliorn delivering iconic lines

- i honestly couldn’t care less about that clace kiss. the only thing i actually think about when it comes to this scene is what a huge impact it has on simon. not only was he betrayed and cheated on right in front of his eyes but it also proved everything that the seelie queen had told him. and it’s that the shadowhunters will always choose their own. whether it’s true or the queen was just using the situation, nobody can deny that this will break simon into a million pieces 

- clary needs to finally leave simon alone, she doesn’t deserve him. she needs to let him move on because she’s never loved him, at least not romantically 

- rizzy is finally dead and i love everything
it’s clear that raphael still cares about izzy but in the end, he knows that they could never be truly together 

- sebastian needs to leave maia’s name out of his evil mouth

- sebastian was freaking scary when he talked to raphael. and even though he was correct, he had no right to say any of this to raphael. sebastian is a million times worse ugh

- the last scene with sebastian was freaking scary… and also, who did he kidnap?

- sia and bjork are seelies, i love name dropping on shadowhunters

- ollie is adorable but she needs to stop snooping around or she’ll get herself hurt… or worse

- 'i’m all for unity, but does he have to bring them here?’ sounded so much like 'i have nothing against gays but can they just not do it in front of me?’
and it only proves further how horrible people most of shadowhunters are

Inferno - 01

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader ft. Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin
Genre: Smut
Rating: Mature
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt. Being a brat is one thing but provoking and poking the viper is another. Did you learn your lesson? Probably not. Four scenes to make you crack. Four long scenes. You earned some respect that night while also being the newest sensation to be talked about.

Your boyfriend Yoongi had come to pick you up so you could attend a new event at Club Inferno. It was a new place in town and everyone had to talk about it. So the two of you had checked it out that evening.

On the way there you were getting anxious. In fact, you were a little frightened.

“Babe, you have to save me!” You exclaimed only earning a chuckle from your boyfriend that was focused on driving. “I will reward you with anything you want!” You bribed in a begging tone.

Yoongi only shaked his head. “It’s too late to apologize. I’m going to throw you into the wolves and watch you receive your much needed punishment.” He explained to you in a teasing but serious tone. “You fucked up by being a brat to a sadist. You really fucked up Y/N.” he said as he put his blinker on to get off of the expressway and on to the new road.

You pouted beside him in the passenger seat. “Okay but listen!” You started. “You have to play with me first!” You said as you saw that he was nearing the club itself.

Yoongi only smiled mischievously at you as he pulled into the parking lot for Club Inferno.

The both of you excited the car and headed to the entrance and opened the doors. When you walked in it was loud with a cool breeze and a man sitting at an office desk with a computer and card machine. You showed your IDs to the man and earned a stamp on your wrist by the lady that sat beside him. You turned to look at Yoongi as he receives his stamp and the both of you walked into the main area.

The room was open with various different furniture types. The room was crowded while some people played and others stood to mingle.

Being new to such an event can be intimidating but you licked your lips in anticipation. Yoongi was talking to a boy as you stood next to him eyeing some furniture. It wasn’t long before your boyfriend wanted to have his fun with you.

You picked a table that near back of the room and tools spread on one side of the table. You got onto the table, on your hands and knees as you waited for him to strike.

He didn’t strike immediately as you anticipated. Instead, he ran his across your back sending shivers down your spine until he reached the end of your dress. He slowly dragged the bottom of your dress up to hang out on your back exposing your pantied bottom.

As he ran a hand across your bottom he leaned up into your ear, his breath hitting your ear. “The safe word is Red.” He whispered. “Understand?” He questioned.

Your voice hitched in your throat. Before you could form a sentence, his hand made contact with your left cheek.


“Do you understand me?” He questioned again with more venom. His hand rubbed the place he had just hit.

“Yes.” You said loud enough for him to hear.


He licked your ear. “Yes what?” He questioned as he rubbed the spot again. Slowly and teasing you.

You whimpered closing your eyes. “Yes daddy.”

As soon as you finished your sentence he rose off of you and the real games began. In your peripheral vision you could see him look through the tools laid out on the table behind you near your feet. And then he was gone as if he knew you were watching him. “Eyes front Y/N.” he said in a stern voice.

Eyes faced forward as you looked into the other scenes. You yelped.


You held your composure as you he struck you again and again.



Your voice began to shake and sit still. He laid the toy in front you. A horses whip. You gulped. But the worst was yet to come. And you still had to face the wolves.

When Yoongi realized you weren’t moving, he came to whisper in your ear again. “Are you okay?” He asked in a whisper for only you to hear. You nodded your head.


You yelped at the new smack of his hand. “I asked a question Y/N. I expect an answer.” He whispered sternly.

“I’m fine.” You tell him in a composed state.


You jerked and clenched your bottom. You looked at him then. He smirked at you, waiting.

“I said I’m fine daddy.” You say in a tone.


“Drop the tone little girl.” He warned.

He had his fun until the wolves decided to interrupt your fun. You were about to safe word out before they interrupted. Yoongi was talking to one of the dominant’s that you had gotten sassy with prior to the event.

Probably talking about their plan that they didn’t tell you about. You hated not knowing things.

Yoongi pulled up a chair and held your purse as you tried to bribe your way out of this. Not only did you mess with Namjoon, a sadist with twenty years of experience; but you also messed with Jimin, a bratty switch. Jimin may have been younger than you but compared to you, he was a pro and you were the new brat.

“You deserve the punishment jagiya. Get on the table.” Yoongi instructed you.

You pouted as you stood beside Jimin as the two got on your hands and knees, side by side. A crowd of an audience was forming around you. You looked at Jimin who was smirking at you.

“You’re going down brat!” Jimin said to you.

“Dream on little boy!” You taunted back.

Namjoon raised the bottom of your skirt up and pulled Jimin’s shorts down to reveal his bottom. “To make it fair, the panties are coming off.” Namjoon said to you but more for the crowd to hear.

Namjoon was circling the two of you like caught prey as he started talking to the audience. “These two brats made a bet. A brat face-off to see who bails first.” He informed the crowd around you before he knelt in front you and Jimin. “Are the two of you ready? You remember our safe word Y/N?” Namjoon asked.

You tried to look up at him but he pushed your head down. “What was our safe word again?” You asked.

Namjoon chuckled. “Your safe word is ‘I’m sorry for being a fucking brat.’” He said loud enough for everyone to hear as if trying to embarrass you.

You laughed. “I will never say that.”

But just like that it started. Whatever happened to Jimin, you got it harder. Namjoon started easy using his bare hand. You didn’t flinch as much either like the poor boy bedside you who was already a whimpering mess. You lost track of time as your body started to go into a defense mode of shivering. You weren’t cold, you were just nervous.

Nervous shivers meant that your inactive mind sends a message to all your body parts without telling your active mind to control the normal functioning of your body.

You couldn’t see what was being used but it sure hurt like hell. You were getting lost in your brat/sub space. You couldn’t form any sentences no matter how hard you tried and the next scene that was now before you, you couldn’t believe it.

Jimin’s dominant, Hoseok, knelt down in front of the two of you.

Namjoon handed Hoseok a bag of cookies and said, “Offer them some cookies.” He teased.

This was embarrassing.

You finally looked up to see Hoseok get out a cookie and hold it up to you. You refused. You didn’t know what was worse. The fact everyone could see your naked ass or the fact another dominant was feeding cookies as you were helpless and vulnerable. You refused.

Mistake number one.




Your head was pulled back and you were forced to look at Hoseok and accept the cookie. So you took one small bite.




You yelped and tried to get away but then Hoseok volunteered to take some hits on your bottom and and his subs.

You were in terrible pain. You didn’t want to lose the bet so you endured the pain. Hoseok had been a dominant switch for thirty years and liked giving pain. Compared to Namjoon, this was it. You were about to safe word out.

“Red! Red! I can’t do this anymore!” Jimin yelled beside you as he stood up on his knees pulling his shorts back up.

Thank God.

“What?” Hoseok and Namjoon asked in shock. “Are you seriously quitting?” They asked.

Jimin was whimpering. “Yes I quit.” He lost.

You won. You actually won.

You stood up in pain and shivers. You group hugged with Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin for aftercare.

Your immediate thoughts were to find Yoongi because he wasn’t watching anymore. Did he get jealous? Was he uncomfortable? You were internally panicking. Where was Yoongi?

In the process of looking for Yoongi, you were stopped by some men who were commending you for taking such hits especially when you had never done anything like that before.

“How long have you been doing this?” An older man asked completely intrigued.

You tried to focus on the older man and not be rude. “Uh I’ve never done that before.” You uttered out.

“Well I am really impressed. A lot of us were impressed.” He said to you still amazed.

You chuckled. “Well thank you.” You say as Namjoon grabs your attention and asks what’s wrong.

You tried to sound normal. “Where’s Yoongi? I can’t find him.” You asked Namjoon.

“He walked away to get a drink.” He told you and you went off to look for your boyfriend.


Reader X Michael Gray

(Photo not mine, credit goes to its respective owner)

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

A/N - here’s a cute and awkward Michael for y'all. Sorry it’s a bit shit, the ideas weren’t flowing much for this one.

“Holy shit Tommy! Who is that woman over there?” Michael whispered as he nodded his head in your direction. At that moment you were currently serving a family of four across the way from them.

“Her? That’s (Y/N) she’s one of the main waitresses here.” Tommy said nonchalantly while reclining in his chair.

“Fuck she’s hot! Could you introduce me?” Michael asked as he attempted to loosen his increasingly tightening collar around his neck.

“Yeah she’s smokin’ Mikey.” John winked at him while elbowing him in the arm.

“Fuck off Michael! I ain’t got time to be playing matchmaker between you and a bloody tearoom waitress. Grow some balls and do it yourself!” Tommy snapped while pointing a belittling finger at him.

Michael huffed as he sat back watching the way you danced in between the tables, your hips swaying as you navigated oncoming obstacles. Despite watching you intensely, he failed to notice you approaching their table.

“Good afternoon Mr Shelby.” You greeted Tommy and John before turning and nodding once at Michael. “Sir.”

“Please call me Michael Gray…I ….I mean call me Michael.” He stuttered as he hastily stood up to make your acquaintance.

John muffled a snort at Michaels miserable attempt to introduce himself.

“Its lovely to meet you Michael, I can’t say I’ve ever seen you here before.” You smiled brightly holding your pencil and pad ready to take orders.

Silence. He just stood their staring at you completely oblivious that you were talking to him, it took a kick to his shin by both Tommy and John before he came too. “Oh erm it’s my first visit……. You’re a very beautiful woman (Y/N).” Michael blurted out like projectile vomit, sudden and unexpectedly. Tommy pulled him back down to save him from further embarrassment.

“Oh thank you.” You blushed profusely looking down smiling at your pad as you pretended to scribble notes.

“So erm what can I get you gentlemen today?” You asked your usual spiel as you tried to regain some composure.
Upon gathering up their orders, you skipped off back to the counter feeling equally as flustered as Michael.

“Well that was the single most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time.” Tommy chuckled.

“Yeah it was bloody embarrassing, that’s what that was.” John joined in the mocking.

“Give me a break you two! I’m perfectly aware I just ballsed that up.” Michael groaned as he began to rub his temples.

“Oh God here she comes again.” John sniggered as he placed a hand over his eyes attempting to avoid the embarrassing scene.

“Here we are, 3 cups of tea and a plate of biscuits.” You recalled their order as you placed them on the table.

Just as you were about to walk away you felt a hand grab your wrist.

“I was wondering if I could buy you a drink after you finish work.” Michael asked, after deciding to just bite the bullet thinking it couldn’t get any worse.

“Sure, meet outside at 4pm.” You giggled.

Frenemy Pt 2

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,451

Warnings: None

   The EMT’s were just about to load Danny into the ambulance when Scott ran up.


   “You, too, McCall? What are you doing here?” Danny asked.

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Steam Awakening (M)

Originally posted by thehouseofkpop

Genre: Smut, Comedy(?), Mature Content

Sneak peak(?): He was too close. You felt everything emotionally and physically. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that that was a dick brushing against your thigh

You felt yourself roll over to your side, facing away from the window where the sun beamed good morning through the shades. You felt the coolness of the fresh sheets from where your body hadn’t made contact with as you begin to stir from your slumber. As you began to stretch, you felt your foot brush up against another. Confused, your eyes began to flutter open as they adjust to the view in front of you.

Your best friend Taehyung was passed out next to you. It wasn’t that unusual. But where were his clothes? Come to think of it, where were yours? Your eyes begin to widen as you let out a panic scream. If you weren’t awake before, then you sure as hell was now. You watched as he winced at your loud voice before rubbing his face, getting rid of last night’s bad decisions.

“Did we-”

“Relax, if we did, there’s no doubt you’d remember,” he said before rolling over, away from you.

Ignoring his comment, you lifted the thin sheet that was covering both your bodies and noted that both your underwears and your bra were still intact. You let out your breath you were holding, feeling the tension vacate your lungs until you realized another problem. Why the hell were you both naked?

You swing your pillow, connecting with his head as if it was nothing. “Then where the hell are your clothes”.

“They’d be on if someone knew how to handle her own liquor,” he glared at you.

You sank under you cover feeling embarrassed but still objective to some damn answers from him.

“Why are you even in my bed?”

Tae rolled over onto his back, letting out a frustrated groan as your never ending questions continue.

“Would you have rather me sleep on the floor after I carried your ass all the way here,” he huffed.

“Sure or the porch, your choice”

“Listen Y/N it’s 7 in the morning I don’t have time for your shit ok?”

Two drinks. When Taehyung forced your ass to go out with him and the guys last night, you swore to yourself that you’d only have two drinks and then head back home. Well, two drinks turned into five and the last thing you remember is taking a jello shot off of Namjoon’s toned chest before Taehyung dragging you off and your memory went blank.

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Eric cheating Pt3

{[this part is seen mostly from Eric’s POV]}

As Eric watched you storm away from him yet again, the realisation that he might have truly lost you hit him hard.
So hard that he leaned against your car before punching it in anger.
How could he have been so stupid?! He’d had everything he’d ever wanted yet he still chose to chase Brandi.

Over and over in his mind he’d thought about all the special things you did for him. Like when he’d told you that he didn’t like you wearing those clothes because other guys would stare at you, you’d happily stopped wearing them to school. When his family were riding his ass for this or that you’d always been there to comfort him, make him feel worthwhile and like a king. They way you would kiss him when the jocks gave him a hard time just to shut them up.

He ran his fingers through his hair as he watched your bag disappear through the schools doors. He couldn’t lose you! But he also knew just how much you fucking hated him right now. Hell he was half surprised you hadn’t run him over.
With his head low he headed back inside, word was you’d gotten an internal suspension so he couldn’t exactly try to get you to talk to him at school for the rest of the week. But it also gave him a whole week to try and figure out how’s he was going to get you back. Hopefully…

Eric headed to his 4th hour, and just his fucking luck. It was history with both Dylan and Brandi in that class. As he entered Dylan simply glared at him. He avoided his gaze and took the seat next to him.
Dylan was mad as shit at him. And he was pretty sure the only reason he hadn’t kicked his ass was because you’d told him not to.

“How is she dyl?”
“….how the fuck do you think man?!”
“Mad as hell. I just tried to talk to her again.”
“She basically told me to go fuck myself or Brandi”
“Why she’s STILL being civil to you is anyone’s guess REB…”

Eric cringed as Brandi turned in her seat and winked at him. Dylan visibly tensed as he watched her too. Slamming his book open and muttering under his breath. Eric swallowed hard, as Brandi turned back around he tried to remember why he’d cheated in the first place. Sure he was drunk as shit the 1st time that alone wasn’t an excuse, but he just kept going back. Was it the thrill? Was it the mentality of being superior and that he was entitled to stick his dick elsewhere? Or was it his own toxicity of destroying anything and everything positive in his life. Constantly trying to trap him a endless cycle of self hatred and violent fantasies.

Once class was over he decided he’d had enough. He quickly dumped his unneeded textbooks and headed for home. Just as he was passing the west entrance he felt his arm being tugged. Pulling him off to the side. A pair of glossed lips smashed against his and hands roamed under his shirt, tugging at his belt.

“I need you baby, let’s go under the bleachers. I know it’s your favourite spot”
“Excuse me?”
“Get off me Brandi! I told you not to try that shit anymore!”
“But you and that dyke split up! I thought we could finally be together now!”
“Don’t fucking call her that ever again! Your delusional if you think I’d ever want to be with you Brandi! I love y/n! And only her! You were…”
“Just what?! How can you say that! I love you! I thought you loved me too?!”
“You were just to see if the grass was really greener on the other side but guess what? It ain’t, it’s a festering pile if shit on the other side!”

Eric held his stinging cheek as Brandi loudly burst into tears after slapping him. She screamed that he was a liar, and how could he have done this to her? That she loved him. Eric felt his face burning as people stopped at stared at the scene she was making. He tried to shush her but it only made her cry even louder. He groaned in anger before pushing through the crowds of people and headed for his car.

Could this day get any worse? He thought to himself as he sat in his car. He sat in silence, the pain in his chest was intensifying more and more each day. He knew though he deserved so much more pain though. He missed your touch, he missed hearing you say his name as you smiled at him. Always so fucking happy to see him no matter what.
He quickly wiped away the stray tears that fell from his eyes, as he headed for his home and his cold, dark, lonely room. Hugging tightly at one of your shirts you’d left behind. Inhaling your scent as his world began to crumble around him.


You stretched out kicking Dylan’s feet in the process. Old Mr conquest was droning on about some calculus problem. Dylan grinned and kicked your feet back making you sway in your seat.

“Ms. y/l/n do you mind?!”
“Sorry sir…my chair slipped”

The teacher muttered and went back to the lesson, you mouthed ‘you dead’ to Dylan and in return he blew a kiss at you. It had been two weeks since you’d split with Eric. And it still hurt every time you saw him.
The day after him finding you in your car, Brandi tried to pick a fight with you after school. It took both Dylan and Brooks to pull you off her, leaving her a bloody mess in the schools lot. That earned you another suspension but out of school that time.

When you’d returned it seemed like every fucking jock was making it their mission to either irritate you or to try and get into your pants. Once or while when you knew Eric was watching you’d flirted back with some of them. Knowing he’d seen because you would always hear a loud bang of him punching something nearby.
He still tried to talk to you at every opportunity, but you simply either walked away for told him to fuck up and fuck off. You missed him so much though. His voice, his dark humour, his cheeky nature.

A few times you’d been tempted to take him back. To ease the constant sharp pain in your chest. It was like your very soul was burning without him. Each time though a vision of him with Brandi entered your mind, them groaning and moaning together in his bed and as you unhappily found out in the freaking school too. That pain was quickly replaced with confusion and rage. But…Something else was toying with your mind too. You’d put it down to stress and lack of sleep though.

Nether the less you wanted to be sure. You’d never felt so scared in your entire life as you bought it. The minutes felt like hours before your began to sob for a new reason. Two lines had just confirmed your worst fear. You were pregnant…..Fucking pregnant with Eric’s baby.

Saving your ass

I’m currently working on a series but it’s more like a book atm and I have no idea were it’s headed so it won’t be out for a while so enjoy some random Bucky x Reader. It’s a bit short but oh well.

Summary: You are Bucky’s girlfriend and you see him on the news in the black panther chase scene and you go pick him up.

Warnings: Like one swear word.

“Another.” You say as you slam an empty shot glass onto the bar stand. “Are you sure that’s your twelfth one?” The bar tender said but you just gave a Seriously look, “Alright another coming right up. Long week?” He asked before setting down another shot in front of you. “More like long month.” You laughed before looking up at the news in the corner.

“Breaking news, The winter soldier, Captain America, The falcon and an unidentified person have been seen running through the street. No news has be reported as to why but Shield have said they have it under control.”

Your face went still. As if your week couldn’t get any worse now you have to go save your boyfriends ass. “Another?” The bar tender asked noticing your sigh, “Nah I got to drive.” You said throwing fifty bucks at him, “Keep the change.” You said standing to leave. “I think you are well over the limit to drive lady. I could call you a cab if you want.” This guy was starting to get on your nerves, the longer you stood here the more time you were wasting, “It’s fine. I’ll call one myself.” You said walking out of the bar. You tied up your hair before hopping on your motorcycle and speeding to the street the lady had said on the news.

“Come on, come on, come on. Could this thing go any slower?” You mumbled trying to speed up even more. You were close to the scene but you knew he could have run miles in that time, or worse they could have captured him already. You could see three figures running and one flying up a head and you took your best guess to bet that was them. There were cars backed up you were never going to make it to him before they did. Crap you thought, you twitched your fingers knowing you would have to just use your abilities to get to him. You closed your eyes and just before you were about to hit the car in front of you, both you and the bike were miles ahead. The only problem you were also ahead of Bucky as well so you had to skid to a halt. “Get on!” You shouted and he jumped on before you could speed away.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You shouted and you could see the other men getting closer. You were already tired from teleporting both you and the bike, it was going to take a lot to get all three of you now. “I’ll tell you once we are in a safer place babe.” He said, checking to see if the man named Steve was still following along with the unknown chaser. “Y/N Wall!” He said as you sped towards it without stopping, “Hold on!” You said accelerating a little more before disappearing miles down the road. The movement was too much for you and you passed out leaving Bucky to guide the bike the rest of the way to an empty alley.

“Y/N Are you alright?” He said shaking your head. When at first you didn’t move he started to panic, “Oh god this is all my fault.” He said running his dirty hands over his face. “Yeah your right it is.” You coughed out sitting up again on your bike. Bucky let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when he heard your voice. “What were you thinking trying to teleport the both of us and the bike?” He whisper shouted, “What was I thinking? I was thinking I had to save your ass again because you can’t stay out of shit!” You shouted back. “A thank you would have been nice.” You sighed leaning your head again the wall behind you. “Thank you.” Bucky whispered, planting a kiss to your lips. “Who were those guys anyway, and why were they chasing you?” You asked and Bucky looked around before answering, “Well one of them was Steve but I don’t know the other two.” He said and your jaw dropped.

“Steve as in, Steve Rogers, Your old best friend Steve?” You rapidly stated, “Does he know that you remember him?” he shook his head. “Steve came to find because there was an attack by a man who looked like me. Shield is after me.” He said and you pulled his head to your chest. “You scared me half to death Buck. I thought you were gone again.” There were tears now forming in your eyes at the thought of it. “So Steve knows it wasn’t you right?” You said as you pulled away again, “I think so, but everyone else doesn’t seem to think so.” Bucky said running his metal hand through his hair. “What am I going to do? They will find me Y/N and if Hydra knows that they will find a way to get back in.” He said, all of these doubts flowing through his mind.

“Hydra is gone Buck, and if shield take you in they will have to take the both of us.”

That was the last thing you remember before waking up in a glass chamber opposite Bucky.

13 Going on 30 (USA, 2004)


Plot: Tiny Jennifer Garner is a 13-year-old who loves reading fashion magazines and, as a result, wishes she were 30. (Weird, because, in our experience, people rarely specifically wish they were 30, but okay.) Her best friend is Tiny Mark Ruffalo, who is very sweet and not cool, but she wishes it were Tiny Judy Greer, who is aggressively cool and not at all sweet. Anyway, it’s Tiny Jennifer Garner’s 13th birthday party, and Tiny Mark Ruffalo gives her a beautiful homemade dollhouse – seriously, wtf, it’s amazing – but all Tiny Jennifer Garner wants instead is to be cool. Sigh. After an unfortunate Seven Minutes in Heaven prank, care of the charming Tiny Judy Greer, Tiny Jennifer Garner locks herself in the closet and desperately wishes to be 30.


Jennifer Garner wakes up one morning, no longer tiny, and finds herself leading an extremely glamorous 30-year-old life. Way better than most 30-year-olds, we’re pretty sure. She’s now an editor at her favorite fashion magazine, she’s dating a New York Ranger, and she…owns? rents?? a massive Manhattan apartment in what is clearly a really fancy building. And she’s best friends, apparently, with also-no-longer-tiny Judy Greer, who also works as an editor at the same magazine. Totally confused, Jennifer Garner tries to get ahold of her parents, but they are away on a cruise (gasp! Without her??).

Out of sheer desperation, her next move is to track down Mark Ruffalo, now a photographer living in the Village. He is…startled to see her, as they have not been friends for many years, and yet not nearly as startled as you’d think he would be. He eventually takes pity on her, this seeming weird amnesiac, and catches her up with the aid of their high-school yearbook. Why aren’t we friends anymore?? she asks hysterically, and he’s like, well, because you ditched me, nbd. And she’s like, HEY what if this limo-filled life isn’t a dream?? and he’s like, welp, crazy person, if you really got everything you ever wished for, you might as well enjoy it. So Jennifer Garner does! For a while. But, soon enough, it becomes clear that a) the magazine is in trouble and b) her adult self is a terrible person, leading a truly reprehensible life. Sabotaging everyone she knows, sleeping with other people’s husbands…you get the idea.

Nonetheless, Jennifer Garner adapts shockingly quickly to her grown-up life, her bizarre quirkiness and seventh-grade education working out surprisingly well at work. She quits doing things like sleeping with other people’s husbands, becomes friends with her assistant and with the neighboring actual!13-year-old (SUPER WEIRD), and hires Mark Ruffalo to take some pictures for a magazine redesign. Obviously, within like a week and a half, they are each super into the other, and they eventually share a kiss. HOWEVER, Mark Ruffalo actually has a fiancée – although he and Jennifer Garner seem to be constantly forgetting about her, and she conveniently spends most of her time in Chicago, allowing him to freely work late with Jennifer Garner, gallivanting about town, eating Razzles, and making out under swing sets.

But of course, their quasi-illicit happiness cannot last. One day, Mark Ruffalo stops by to probably talk to Jennifer Garner about his feelings, and instead he runs into Judy Greer, who is just as evil as she was at 13, and she both snakes his photographs to destroy the magazine and implies that Jennifer Garner is still with the New York Ranger. Which really shouldn’t be a problem for you, Mark Ruffalo, since you are ENGAGED. :|

Anyway, he leaves sadly, and later Jennifer Garner returns and is alarmed to discover what Judy Greer has done. She takes an extremely expensive cab to pursue him to his parents’ house in New Jersey (next door to her parents’ house in New Jersey), where he is soon to be married in their backyard. She confesses her love, but he’s like, hey dude, sorry, I have to marry the person who’s been in my life more than two weeks. Which is the appropriate response, to his credit, though he shouldn’t have been gallivanting in the first place. It’s good you’ve come to your senses, Mark Ruffalo. But he has the dollhouse still, and he allows her to take it with her. She sits down on her parents’ stoop and weeps away her regrets, wishing she had not made such a huge mistake as to abandon her friendship with him when they were 13. “Oh, Mark Ruffalo,” she sobs. “If only I had known you would grow up to be so hot, I never would have thrown your love and this dollhouse masterpiece back in your face.”


Due to some magical pixie dust with an awesome shelf life + Jennifer Garner’s sincere regret, suddenly she is 13 again, in that closet. She bursts out of it and kisses Tiny Mark Ruffalo, fulfilling all his 13-year-old fantasies (ummmm, the chaste ones), and then they run upstairs and lo! It is the future again???? and they are getting married and buying a pink house. What does Jennifer Garner do for a living, in this alternate universe?? Unclear. The end.

Best Scene: Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are both hugely charming in this movie, and they share a really lovely, believable chemistry. So any scene where they’re together, but probably especially their falling-in-love montage, in which they take all those gorgeous seasonal photos for the magazine, and then are hanging out and, oops, kissing (shhhh, it’s fine, his fiancée’s in Chicago????), and the whole thing is set to Liz Phair’s “Why Can’t I?” So wonderful. So 2004.

Worst Scene: Um, obviously when Jennifer Garner’s co-worker’s sleazy husband shows up at her office, and he is neither pleasant nor attractive, and you’re like, WHY HAS SHE BEEN BANGING HIM???? Even in her previous, superficial life, it seems…confusing. She’s pretty hot. She could do better, if she’s really looking to cheat on the New York Ranger.

Best Line: “Beaver? You lost all your baby fat! How does the Beav stay warm in the winter?” – Judy Greer to Mark Ruffalo, referencing his unfortunate middle-school nickname. Poor Mark Ruffalo, but boy, is this a funny line.

Worst Line: “I – I have felt things these past few weeks that I didn’t know I could feel anymore.” – Mark Ruffalo, minutes before his would-be wedding, being just a shade too much. The rest of this rejecting-Jennifer-Garner’s-love-confession speech is okay, but this one sentence is dreadful. Also, seriously, man, get it together; you are getting married to ANOTHER PERSON, who is, like, probably downstairs and could come in at any moment.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Trying to apply logic to this delightful but very weird film. Why doesn’t Judy Greer take Jennifer Garner, who is behaving EXTREMELY strangely, to the hospital for a possible concussion?? Why do Jennifer Garner’s teen neighbor’s parents just allow her and all her friends to have what appears to be a sleepover with this adult lady?? How exactly does this whole wishing-dust situation work???? So many questions.

How Many POC in the Film: There are actually a whole bunch of black people around at the magazine and parties and stuff, but nobody important, of course.

Alternate Scenes: This movie is pretty much perfect as it is. However, we are also extremely interested in the movie of the alternate timeline in which Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo date as teenagers, then probably break up, then get back together. That movie would also be really up our street.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. The poster is fine – not that any poster could ever really describe the ludicrous premise of this film – but the movie is a joy. It surprises us every time we watch it what a joy it still is.

Score: 8.5 out of 10 time-traveling smooches. This movie is funny, we buy both the romance and the obstacles, and Jennifer Garner has a REALLY good reason for being “not like other girls.”

Ranking: 5, out of the 73 movies we’ve seen so far. Very high on the list, as it should be. Though not as high as we would think Jennifer Garner was, if she were our friend and suddenly started behaving like a time-traveling 13-year-old.

4/ Remnants of Time

Chapter 3 | … | Time | Chapter 5


Word Count: 4.932 
Song Choice: Fade Away - Zack Hemsey
Special a/n: music is for the beginning; please also read the accompanying piece Time

The car ride after Nat’s arrival was a chaos. Steve drove, but couldn’t concentrate because he was asking way too many questions at once. Natasha was hurt but didn’t respond to anything. A lonely tear ran down her cheek and while Sam tried to calm Steve down, she just looked out of the window with an expression they couldn’t read.

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