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How we need another soul to cling to - Sylvia Plath

It takes some time to put them up at home, and they have to go on the ceiling because his room doesn’t have beams to accommodate them, but Akira stretches up on his tiptoes and presses another little star onto the ceiling above his bed.

There are two quick knocks against his bedroom door, and then his mother is peering in. “We’re going out to–” She stops, looks at the stars on the ceiling as Akira carefully climbs down from where he’s standing on the mattress. “Akira. Don’t put those up. They’ll leave residue when you take them down.”

“Sorry.” He sits down on the edge of the bed and looks up at her, hand curling around the remaining stars lying on his bed.

Her lips are pinched into a frown, and she sighs before continuing. “We’re going out. We won’t be back until late, so don’t wait up.”

Akira nods. “Have a good time.”

She leaves the door open when she leaves, and Akira waits until he hears the car start outside before he goes to close it. She doesn’t do it on purpose, he’s sure. She just hasn’t lived with him for a year. She doesn’t know what he’s been through. She never will.

He looks across the room, looks at the stars scattered about his ceiling. He has no intention of taking them down.

He finishes putting them up instead, and turns the light off when he’s finished. They’ve been collecting just enough light that they glow faintly in the almost darkness. It reminds him of Leblanc. It reminds him of the planetarium. It reminds him of the place that has come to feel like home itself, and the people that have come to feel like family, and more.

Why is it, he wonders, that that almost feels better than what he has here?

He misses them, that’s all. He had missed his parents and friends here at first, too. The hollow feeling in his chest will soothe over in time.

Besides, it’s not as though they’re gone forever or anything.

Akira reaches for his phone off the desk and snaps a picture. It’s of him, in that almost darkness, with the stars barely visible in the picture. He tests out some filters and decides against it, sending the photo as is. It’s imperfect, but honest. No more masks. Of any kind.

He’s barely settled back into bed to gaze up at the stars before his phone chirps. He picks it up from the bed and pushes his glasses up his nose to read it better.

Now that IS a true work of art.

He only just stifles his laugh.

No, they aren’t gone forever. They are still with him, even after the end. Even after they have no reason to be, they are still there. He is still there.

Akira smiles, closes his eyes. Rests his phone on his chest and places his hands over it protectively.

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Hello Cassie! I adore your books, and I read them often; I wish to thank you for all that you've written, and thank you so much for each and every character. The character Alec helped me out through bad times, and he's the reason I was brave enough to come out :) I have a quick question, and I hope you can answer! Are there any minor details about Raphael that weren't in the books (like, ideas and such, or headcanons as fans call it)? Thanks for reading this, have a lovely day! ~Tommy

*hugs* There’s more about Raphael to be said, but fortunately we haven’t seen the last of him. One of the bonuses of writing in different time periods is seeing characters again, even if they died (assuming they don’t come back!) — for instance, The Lost Book of the White is set before Raphael’s death, and since he and Magnus were friends…I guess what I’m saying is that there are more details about Raphael to be learned and you can look to future books for them! 

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Ok so I've seen some Kataang shippers admit that Kataang was forced and one sided, but they also say that they see no possible way of Zutara happening either at the end of 3 Books, I disagree with them of course I still think there is enough moments b/w the two where they could've been made the endgame couple even if Ehasz didn't get do his Book 4, plus even if they weren't end game at the end of Book 3 they were gonna be together by Book 4 if Ehasz was able to do it, what are your thoughts?

It will always be my opinion that Book 3 held more natural zutara development than kataang development. 

Outside of the Headband, I cannot think of a single episode in which Katara shows feelings towards Aang that don’t breach the motherly realm. And, from other criticisms, we know that the Headband was a last minute episode thrown in to make kataang seem less forced in the finale, and it replaced an episode giving us further backstory for Aang.

Additionally, the dialogue between Katara and Aang, outside of the Headband, takes a downward spiral. [All screenshots by @araeph; if you click the link, it will take you to the better, original images ]

Aang becomes increasingly belligerent as she tries to help him:

He becomes more and more expectant of her returned feelings: 

And, he shouts at her before vanishing in the face of his responsibilities, when she was simply trying to help him and vouch for him: 

Believe it or not, this screenshot is their last conversation before the finale!

This spiral is even worse (and abusive) when you include the dialogue and behavior from Love Is A Battlefield, a comic set during their time at the Western Air Temple, after Zuko has arrived. [Love is a Battlefield starts at page 190 if you want to see more than my bits and pieces below.]

Do you see that? He explodes on her because she doesn’t want to address the kiss or her feelings for him… and then pouts away and says he’s the one who should be scared of getting burned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aang is the boyfriend who doesn’t hit you…. he hits the wall and smashes plates to show you how bad it will hurt if he does hit you. 

So, yes, you and the few kataang shippers are right… this relationship was extremely forced, one-sided, and down-right unhealthy by the end of Book 3. 

I disagree with you, however, that making zutara as obvious a couple as kataang in the book 3 finale wouldn’t have been forced or out of left field. 

They did have a lot of cute, shippy moments: 

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And some major emotional development together: 

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However, in total, we saw Zuko and Katara together as friends for only a handful of episodes. In order for Zutara to not seem forced at the end of the series, we needed one of three things: 

1) Zuko joining Team Avatar earlier, giving us more bonding between Zuko and Katara, more conversations, and more subtle moments like those pictured above and in this post I did. A finale kiss between them would’ve seemed reasonable if we’d had an entire season of Zuko and Katara together. 

2) Book Four, like Ehasz wanted. Book Three could’ve ended with everyone single, then picked up in the next season with Zuko and Katara spending time together outside of a war-torn environment.

3) If Book Three had to be the end: a moment where Katara expresses with finality that she is not interested in a romantic relationship with Aang… followed by a moment, framed very similarly to the kataang finale kiss, in which Katara joins Zuko on the patio of the Jasmine Dragon, and says a lot has changed. He agrees with her, they briefly touch hands, which morphs into a hug, and the scene fades out. 

For me, any of these possibilities would’ve made zutara a natural endgame, whether it was confirmed in Book 3, or post finale with comics/Book 4.

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#onlyingotham I'm pretty sure that Nightwing and Superman just came through the drive-thru during my shift at McDonalds... technically they weren't driving, Nightwing was piggyback on Supes, so I shouldn't have let them use the drivethru but I'm not paid enough to tell Green Lantern no, let alone Bluebird and the Boy Scout no, come on. #theyactuallywereverypolite #managerwasntevenmad #lastweekitwasredhoodonabike #nowitsSupesandNightwing #whatismylifeeven

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okay but Felix meeting Alya for the first time and realizing Alya is literally the ultimate best friend

i’m going with super sassy fashionista alya from back in the 2D-era concept art for this one!

i feel like her “ultimate best friend” approach would be intimidating the hell out of felix and even blackmailing him into spending time with bridgette, expecting he’ll come to terms with it all eventually and just date her.

she also 100% knows felix is chat noir (he ain’t slick), but they aren’t close at all so she just brings up incriminating bits of information now and then to secure his co-operation with her plans.

he did take bridgette to the school dance and actually had a nice time. alya was watching through binoculars from behind the snack table.

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May I ask you for a one shot about what Ignis or Nyx would say or do to make their s/o be less hard on themselves? Their s/o would think they didn't deserve their bf, always thought that they weren't good enough for anyone, not putting enough effort into their jobs and didn't think people truly liked them. (I just have to say that you write bloody amazingly <3)

I decided to just write Nyx for this one, because I am in desperate need of more Nyx content. Don’t kill me for where I left the ending! That’s all I’m gonna say. Read on!

You watched him as he laid next to you on the bed, summoning fire idly in his palm. He would call it forth and then make it vanish, and you could feel the heat warming your skin. You wondered what it felt like to caress the flames.


The fire died, and he turned to look at you. “Yeah?”

You stared at him for a second, soaking in all of his features. The blue of his eyes, the angle of his jaw, the light fuzz that ran along the lower half of his face. You looked away.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

He cocked an eyebrow, rolling over to his side and leaning up on his elbow to look at you. “Do what?”

You sighed and made a sweeping gesture. “All of it. You’re part of the Kingsglaive, you’re a hero, you save lives every day. You’re…you’re just so loyal and kind hearted and perfect.” You sank a little further into the bed, pulling the sheets up to your chin. “I don’t know what you see in someone like me.”

Nyx sat up and tugged the sheets down so that you couldn’t hide.

“Don’t say that.”

You turned away from him. “It’s true.”

Nyx brought his hand to your face and turned you so that you met his eyes. “What’s got you thinking like this?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Your breath started to hitch. You couldn’t help it.

“I just…you’re just so perfect. You’re a hero, Nyx. And I just…I’m no one. Half the time, I don’t even know if the people around me even like me or are just using me because I don’t know how to say no.”

Nyx was quiet for a moment. His eyes were so clear, so honest in their truth. “I like you.”

You blinked back tears. “Why?”

Nyx smiled at you, tracing your jawline with his calloused fingers. “Remember that time we went to go get ice cream at that place close to the palace, and you saw those two kids in the shop who couldn’t afford to pay?”

You furrowed your brow. “Yeah…?”

“You bought them each so much ice cream that I thought they were going to turn into sugar cones and roll away. And then you invited them to hang out with us and bought them balloon animals in the park.”

You shook your head. “Anyone would have done that for those kids. They looked so sad.”

Nyx shook his head. “No, not everyone would have. But you did. You have a beautiful heart and you care so much about the people around you. Hell, you care about people who don’t deserve it. That’s how someone like you got stuck with someone like me.”

You frowned. “Nyx—”

He cut you off with a kiss, his hand on the back of your neck as he pulled you to him. His lips were always so soft, and you let out a quiet moan as his tongue slid against yours. He finally pulled away, leaving you breathless and panting.

“I love you,” he said, looking you right in the eye. “I don’t want perfection. I don’t want the pomp and frills. I just want you. I’ve always wanted you. Don’t ever for a second forget that.”

You gave a meek nod, and he kissed you again. This time though, he rolled so that he was on top of you, and you gasped against his lips as you felt his erection poking the base of your stomach.

“Now, why don’t you let me ease those worries away, babe?” he grinned wolfishly, nipping at your neck before running his tongue along where his teeth bit into you. “I’ll make you forget everything except my name.”

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Lydia comes running when she hears Stiles screaming over the phone and comes running to his house. Turns out his screaming weren't for reasons she thought.

It’s early morning when Lydia awakens due to a familiar scream. She jolts up in her bed, still half asleep, and questioning the boundaries between reality and dream. The scream echoes throughout the house once more, however, and Lydia instantly goes on alert. 

Spending the night at her boyfriend’s house had become a pretty normal thing for them. Normal enough that Sheriff Stilinski set an extra plate aside for Lydia nearly every morning. Of course, Stiles groans when his father starts spouting out small talk, his cheeks tinting red from the embarrassing stories. Honestly, it’s probably one of her favorite parts of the day. 

But today, her morning started out much less pleasant. Rubbing sleep out of her eyes, Lydia bounds up from her place nestled underneath the covers and hurries out of the bedroom, stumbling as she pulls Stiles’s sweatshirt over her head. She then rushes down the stairs, footsteps pounding in beat with her heart. Skidding into the kitchen, her socks slip on the tile, but she soon regains her balance. 

“Stiles!” She shouts, maneuvering around the corner through the doorway. He’s staring at his laptop, entranced. 

“Are you okay?!” Lydia gasps, grabbing his hand and checking for injuries worriedly. “Why did you scream?”

The answer is not what she was expecting, to say the least. She though she’d see him bleeding out on the ground, mauled by a werewolf with that loud of a screech, but that’s not even close.

Stiles clutches Lydia’s arm like a lifeline, practically jumping out of his chair. “This is it, Lydia! It’s the new Star Wars trailer. Oh my god, I think I might pass out! I need to watch it again!”

Lydia pulls back. “Are you serious? I thought you were dying!” She purses her lips at him angrily.

“Well, I mean, I am technically dying. Dying of excitement!”

She glares at him. “You woke me up because of a movie trailer.” 

“It’ s not just a movie trailer–” Stiles pauses, noticing the look on his girlfriend’s face. “Uh, I’ll make you some breakfast?”

“Pancakes. And coffee.”

the signs and why they're judging you
  • !!!!! NOTE: CHECK BOTH SUN AND RISING SIGNS; if you don't know your rising sign, find out @
  • aries: they do not always judge people, even though they might seem intimidating. if they're judging you, it's because you seemed opinionated or pretentious to them, or tried to be domineering.
  • taurus: since they may be opinionated, they can come across as super judgmental even when they're trying to be supportive of you. once they've grown accustomed to things, though, they don't judge you at all and are super chill with you.
  • gemini: if you seem boring/bland to them, or if you don't have a good sense of humour, they're definitely judging you. they also judge you if you're not open-minded enough; they like people with whom they can have a good debate, and with whom they can discuss their various ideas and perspectives.
  • cancer: they try their best to be non-judgmental, but they absolutely hate people who are nasty and cruel for no reason. so if they're judging you, it's because you came across as a generally negative or pessimistic person.
  • leo: they judge people who are unoriginal; they appreciate creativity, uniqueness and independence, so they hate people who blindly copy others. they also judge you if you waste too much of your time on insignificant or trivial issues.
  • virgo: they judge you if you're careless with your actions and words - that is, if you don't think before you speak/act. they also judge you if you're too disorganized, unprepared for important events or too laid-back. they admire people who work hard for their achievements and detest disorder.
  • libra: libras and libra risings are usually open-minded and friendly, so they don't judge you often. but if they are judging you, it's because you seemed too impulsive and rushed to make a decision too quickly without considering other options. they may also judge you if you're unfair or untruthful; they respect justice and honesty, and dislike being misled into thinking the wrong thing.
  • scorpio: they're judging you if you're fake, or try to pretend to be someone you're not; scorpios and scorpio risings don't like people who seem untrustworthy. because of that, they may also judge you if you seemed to share too much. they are usually secretive as a rule, so people who are too open seem unreliable or disloyal to them.
  • sagittarius: they're one of the least judgmental signs. if they're judging you (which is rare because it's likely that they don't care enough to judge you), it's because you were overbearing and tried to push them around OR because you were selfish and didn't allow them their independence.
  • capricorn: they're judging you because you seemed lazy, or weren't interested in doing anything productive. they're judging you even more because, on top of all that, you choose to spend your time on irrelevant gossip or other uninteresting things.
  • aquarius: often considered the least judgmental and most open-minded sign of the zodiac, aquarius and aquarius risings only judge you in very rare circumstances. firstly, they're 100% judging you if you tried to confine them to some sort of routine, or tried to take away their independence, or if you tried to force them to do something they don't want to do. they also judge you if you seemed egoistical - not proud, which is something they can admire, but egoistical and boastful.
  • pisces: they're judging you if you criticized or seemed to belittle someone's dreams, especially their own. they're also judging you if you tried to pressurize them into doing tedious, boring work, or if you forced them to come to terms with reality.

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My friend and I went to a zoo (that I don't wish to disclose) that we didn't know was not AZA accredited until after we went. The animals seemed generally okay, and there weren't any outward signs of problems, but there weren't many info plaques and they seemed to have a LOT of cheetahs, and there were those coin operated pellet feeders, which made us suspicious. When we got home we looked up stuff about it and we found some articles about sketchy incidents that occurred there. (1/2)

It was the first time I’d ever been to a non-AZA-accredated facility and I feel incredibly guilty over paying entrance fee and supporting them because enough of the stuff I eventually found about them made me not want to. The website for the zoo was professional and sleek, and so was the actual zoo’s outward appearance. The animals did not display behaviours that worried me, but now I know to look for the AZA seal, I’m still worried I’ll be fooled again. How can I make sure I’m not? 

Well, that depends on why you feel fooled. Is it because they’re not AZA, or because you feel like their public front was covering up something bad, or because you just didn’t know what you paid to support?

Here’s the thing. AZA accredits the ‘best’ facilities, in the sense that they’re accrediting the more monetarily stable urban zoos who can afford to sink a ton of money into all the myriad requirements you need to get that accreditation. Yes, with that you get a pretty decent guarantee that a facility is following all the best practices and guidelines for animal care and welfare and education and conservation involvement (except, y’know, everywhere can have issues and I know of places that do). However, as much as AZA would like you believe that there are only two categories - “AZA” and “burning dumpster fires” - that straight up is not the reality of the field at this point. A facility not being AZA tells you some things about it, but it doesn’t tell you everything; they could not have the money to partake in conservation efforts to the level that AZA requires, they could be in the middle of the multi-year process of improving with the goal of being accreditation, or they could even have been previously accredited and chosen to split from the organization over politics or policy differences. I know examples of all of these in real life. So what becomes more important is really what other accreditations they might have and why they’d choose what they did… and as a member of the public, honestly, that’s really hard to parse and you’re not likely to be able to find access to that information. 

So. What to do from there? If you want to go, go. Google it first next time - but even with that, you have to figure out what lens anything you find has been filtered through. Look at how old events are, look for patterns of events, try to find alternate sources with a different spin and see how things are presented before deciding to believe anything. See if it looks like anything you don’t like is recent, see if older things appear to have changed, that sort of thing. It’s important to remember that the zoo field has grown massively in the past couple of decades and that ethos of animal management is still evolving so things that were issues in the past are not guaranteed to be practices still in place today. 

If you decide to go to a zoo you’re not sure about, do exactly what you did. Look around critically and ask questions about what you see. Talk to the staff and see how you feel about their responses. Ask them about accreditation status and why they made the choices they do.  You can’t learn everything online so, honestly, I think visiting in person is the best way to decide if you want to support a facility in the future. 

I don’t know if you got duped, without knowing the facility. If you saw a nicely upkept public side, animals that didn’t appear to be displaying behavioral problems, and the only things that were uncomfortable were history? Probably a pretty good chance you ended up at a decent facility. 

(Cheetahs are one of the big endangered species conservation projects that is managed outside of AZA control, and their population is booming in captive settings recently, so I’m not surprised you saw a bunch). 

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This is a big "fuck you" to the group of people that came in one evening and ordered food and smoothies during a dinner rush and then proceeded to get mad at us for not serving them quickly enough, slapping their hands on the counter telling us to hurry up BECAUSE THEY HAD TO GO SEE SOMEONE IN LABOR BUT DECIDED TO FIRST STOP AND SIT DOWN AT A RESTAURANT LIKE THERE WAS NO HURRY AND THEN BITCH AT US WHEN WE WEREN'T GETTING TO THEM FAST ENOUGH DURING A BUSY TIME. FUCK YOU.

my favourite example of Goodnight and Billy being blatant husbands is in the dinner conversation where everyone is talking about women, women they’ve been married to, women they’ve slept with, women they want to sleep with…

and Goodnight and Billy spend the entire conversation practically in each other’s laps, slung all over each other and sharing cigarettes, and just generally putting out vibes of “I am enjoying listening to this conversation, but don’t in any way expect me to be straight enough to actually participate in it”


Corporal Badass Dwayne Mothafuckin' Hicks

So Pacific Rim gave us Raleigh Beckett, who is a fantastic example of a manly man character who spends the majority of his screen time being a good, loving, supportive friend/partner to the protagonist. (shut up, Mako is so the protagonist; she get the Hero’s Journey) Hooray! Glad this is a thing. Especially glad it’s enough of a Thing to be in a big summer blockbuster movie as one of the leads. 

But I’ve been thinking.

You know who else is a surprisingly good example of a macho male character (albeit not one of the protagonists) who is actually really supportive of the female protagonist and at no point acts superior or shitty to her?

Motherfuckin’ Dwayne Hicks.

At no point is he anything but supportive, and at all points he listens to Ripley because she clearly knows what the fuck she’s doing (which puts her rather out in front of all the other chucklefucks down on LV-426). When she takes over, he overrides his superior officer (asshole though Gorman is and always was) in her favor. If Gorman’s out of the picture, Hicks ought ostensibly to be in charge. Hicks immediately and consistently defers to Ripley. Why?

Because Hicks thinks with an actual mind instead of a lifetime of macho bullshit conditioning. 

When Ripley wants to bug out and nuke the entire colony? Hicks is on board. He’s not visibly frightened or panicking like Hudson. He’s cool under fire. He remembers that Ripley’s encountered this lifeform before, and he fucking listens to her advice.

When Ripley is finally doing something that could be construed as less than optimal- going after Newt inside the melting-down nuclear reactor that is full to the goddamn brim with horrible hostile alien warriors has to be a freakin’ suicide mission if there ever was one -Hicks grabs her and physically restrains her from just straight going after Newt right then and there.

But only so he can pull out the tracker he gave to Ripley earlier (presumably because he’s got a bit of a crush on her- and it’s also cool that he noticed she gave it to Newt and didn’t be a big baby about that but was like ‘cool, Newt matters to Ripley, I’m glad I was able to help them out’) and say “We can find her with this!”


…I really like Corporal goddamn Hicks, okay? Ripley is the best character in those two movies by far (yeah I said TWO movies shut up she and Newt are safe and happy on Earth and Hicks is either a cool friend of theirs or he’s with Ripley and a good dad to Newt) and lots of people (myself included) have spewed vast quantities of words about how awesome Ripley is. 

He’s loyal, he’s sharp, he’s not here to prove anything. His masculinity is in no way threatened by Ripley being smarter than he is or in charge of him. What the fuck does he care for your patriarchal bullshit preconceptions? This is a man who is so absurdly badass that he literally falls asleep on a turbulent combat drop.

I ain’t gonna write a thesis about Hicks or anything (I could probably write one about Ripley) but I did feel this was worth a text post.