as if the world needed more caps of her

Someone write this who isn’t me since I don’t have the chops to do it justice:

Darcy gets kidnapped sometime after Age of Ultron but more than a bit before Civil War and she’s taken underground.  Like completely isolated from any sort of society.  So she has no idea what is going on in the world, especially what happens with the Avengers, how they break.  Eventually this underground base/bunker or whatever is abandoned, but they somehow leave Darcy behind.  Still, Tony searches and searches for her (headcanoning that she’s his daughter), and he thinks he’s got her, but he needs backup.  And Rhodey is still recovering.  So he finally uses that phone to call Cap.  They rescue her, and just as she passes out in relief, she keeps whispering “I knew the Avengers would come for me.  I knew the Avengers would come for me…”  Which breaks Tony’s heart because the Avengers are really no more.  So, once again, he enlists Steve’s help, to pretend that everything is fine, that the Avengers are still a team (since Steve is so good at keeping secrets).  To protect Darcy while she recovers.  Insert FEELS here.

A Civil War fixit?

A record of things said by Stucky and Staron shippers...

Staron shippers

  • “While Sharon is underdeveloped as it is, there can and should be more room for her to grow”
  • “Sharon does a lot in CW, she aids Cap on his journey to find Bucky and risks her job for it.”
  • “Sharon is fantastic woman and she deserves none of this petty hate, we need to appreciate the few women we have in the MCU.”
  • “She’s not JUST the love interest.”
  • “Sharon is not disrespecting her aunt, Peggy does not want Sharon or Steve to mope about over here, the world will not stop for Peggy. She want’s both of them to be happy, especially Steve- #proudaunt.”
  • “Staron is a lovely couple.”
  • “It’s not that we hate LGBT representation, we are for it- but there’s no need for the disrespect.”

Stucky shippers

  • “I hope that bitch is thrown against a wall.”
  • “Sharon is nothing but a love interest.”
  • “Sharon has no place in the MCU.”
  • “Sharon is a manipulative bitch.”
  • “Why have her when you have Bucky!?”
  • “she’s icky.”
  • “Bucky hated that kiss you can see it in his face.”
  • “Peggy is rolling in her grave.”
  • “Sharon is just a “no homo” character.”
  • “Steve should not have kissed Sharon.”
  • “straight ships are gross.”
  • “There’s so much sexual tension in that elevator.”
  • “Sharon used that speech to push herself onto Steve.”
  • “Sharon fans are bitter lmfao.”
  • “No, i’m bitter, I hate women, and my white cis male gay ship is better than you.”